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    Would be nice if Thatching be came a more diverse skill. Possible Recipes. - Straw Hat - Straw Basket -Lobster trap -Fish Trap Would be nice.
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    My personal thanks to CA Amaranthe. You took a situation, caused by what I'll describe as a flawed game mechanic, that was on the verge of making me explode and completely defused me in a matter of seconds. By the time you were done, I was actually laughing. In my 35+ years of gaming, I've met few gaming staff members, volunteer or paid, that could pull off a trick like that. That is a rare talent. If you're not paid staff now, you should be. If you are, please inform your superiors that you deserve a raise. You just saved 2 paid premium accounts from the trash bin.
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    You fall into a trance. You think about the sea and the creatures that swim in it.
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    Its that time of the year. We need a rustic/wilderness graphics items expansion. - Log cabin walls (20 logs, 10 clay) - Pine bark paving (mulch) - Rustic bench ( like one log cut in half stacked on 2 parrallel logs) for chilling aorund campfire. - Bear Fur Cloak
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    Before picture of how we were originally going to have the deed, with slate buildings and various smaller ones for other jobs: And then afterward with picture being taken opposite side of the slate building seen above, from our dockside. As well as an interior of the walls that are still being worked on/decorated:
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    Yeah this guides more written more towards people who have the basics down, if you're a newer player just playing the game and getting skills as you go along will probably be more enjoyable than supergrinding. Imping timer is always 12 seconds regardless of ql, only stamina remaining and Wind of Ages effect it. If you're doing sweet spot imping or you're imping at/above your skill level you want your tools to be as high ql as possible, if you're imping things slightly under your skill you want to have tool ql approximately equal to your skill, and if you're imping things more than 30 points under your skill, usually if you're interested in body control gains, you'll probably want 1ql tools. The grinder thing is a bit tricky starting out but once you've used it a bit it's really easy, basically higher difficulty lowers the mean, and skill and tool ql raise it,
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    Hi Ya'll Not sure if this has been suggested before but I would like to suggest a new profession or feature to Wurm Online, dynamic map making (not a unique idea). The idea would be that an individual could create a small paper map that represents 1 single map tile, say N17. The paper map would get updated as the person journeys and travels within the N17 tile and would be based on view distance. As the person walks around the local area, the map would become more detailed showing the houses, roads and landscape. Locations far away within N17 would be less detailed until the person walks over. The single map tile could be duplicated, a copy feature, and traded to other individuals and joined together to create a huge detailed world map. Map makers all over the continent could trade, copy, maps with each other. The map could have restrictions where only if you have a higher map making skill then the original map maker could you update the map. If the map was made by a level 65 then only a level 65+ could add more detail to the map. This is to create an incentive for the map making skill and creates value for higher quality maps. The maps would then need to be updated by map makers as the landscape and towns evolve. This helps keep the profession "alive". Make mappers could add unique logos, lore history, town names, road names, and other map symbols to spice the map up. "Old maps" could have some historic value as they have updates/information that can no longer be created because of the landscape changes. Maps could be turned into villages to update a global map outside of the video game. This could be linked to wurmonline.com/maps or something. That way the community has an influence on updating the maps instead of devs creating a map (ruining the immersion).
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    A new map named “Nysa” is coming to Otherlands on Friday, August 14th at 17:00 UTC! (13:00 EDT / 10:00 PDT) Initially the server will be available to new characters only, and you will be starting completely naked. You can read about how to start without anything in wurm here: http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Crude_tools During the launch period travel and mail to/from Nysa will not be available from existing serves. There will be special unique titles, achievements and other rewards available during that time! The server will have 5 dragons spawned at launch, once those are killed (or a month passes without them dying) the server will be connected to the rest of the cluster and normal travel will be available by boats and portals. https://otherlands.bdew.net/2020/08/02/nysa-server-launch/ Hope to see you all there!
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    Try relogging for /lotime and if it's still missing then submit a /support ticket so we can investigate. We are also aware that this bug re-manifested. It's being investigated again.
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    Large order of lots of tools and chainmail sets, in addition to a few weapons. Very responsive. They spent a few hours getting my stuff ready and delivered in the region. Great group of people. Will definitely use their services again.
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    I went on an adventure a couple of days ago, traversing parts of southern Harmony in my search for more horses and to be certain of my deed's location. I was amazed by how many players I saw and how much work was being done to tame the land. I was a part of the Xanadu landrush years ago, but everyone was so spread out and I was so afraid to leave my deed for fear of getting lost that I didn't get to see the building and growth of the server like I am now on Harmony! Just want to share some screenshots of what I saw. My approximate route, starting on the east coast and rowboating south. Southern Coast Southeastern Mainland Returning Home from Harmony Bay
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    Some random guide i wrote up because the actual info around for grinding is laughable at best outside of like 2 good guides and some newbies might actually think thats correct This guide assumes you'll be using the skill grinder at https://www.dreamsleeve.org/wurm/grinder/ and have a basic understanding of how to figure out effective skill+tool ql vs difficulty for some parts, and know the basis for skillgain is a roll between 1.01-39.99 (will be reffered to as 1-40 so i dont have to type it out each time). If a skill has its own tab in the grinder, use it. Types of grinding Imping - Use high ql tools and imp one item to the sweet spot (skill x .77 +23), this will give double sized ticks when you are imping above it. If you can get someone with higher skill to give you something imped this high OR can create it high ql by default, it's a huge help. If you're imping it by yourself, you'll get about 60% ticks or so double sized when imping at this point, if you have a friend with much higher skill (or a single imbued tool) keep it slightly higher than this point 100% of ticks will be double sized. Do not let timer length go over 15 seconds when sweet spot imping as this will ruin gains. You either want to imp something you'd like rare/is valuable when rare, or whatever uses the least materials, or whatever you can create high ql without skill for sweet spot imping. CoC skillgain only effects thing being used, not parent skill. So if like you're doing fine carp vs carp, imping mallet you'd get 100% carp, but imping rope tool you'd get 100% fine carp 100% carp normally, with 100 coc it'd be mallet 200% carp vs rope tools 100% carp 200% fine carp. Sweet spot changes this to 400% vs 100%/400%. It's anywhere from 25-100% more overall skill to grind with the sub-skills than the parent skills, so if you're planning to grind both to a certain point it's more efficient to grind the sub-skill first. If you cannot make the materials required to sweet spot imp, you want to imp things that are around 15-0 under your skill, depnding on your tool ql. Tool ql equal to skill you'd want 10ql under. Use the grinder to find out the perfect spot. Creation - You want your create chance to be 75% if possible, 60-80% is fine but as close to 75% create chance as possible will get you the best skillgain. Some skills have CoC tools avaliable, some don't, some might be a little more hidden(for example, coalmaking you can grind with coc kindling+log by spamming unfinished log piles, but if you were making the actual log piles you wouldn't be using coc for the 24 or whatever logs you have to attach). By default these grind much slower than other skills due to the 33% skillgain on creation/continiung. Best skillgain is around 75% attach chance for continuing, same as creation, if you use equal ql mats to what you used to create it then that's the continue chance. Alcohol increases diff but is too much actions for little benefit here imho Creating houses is fine skillgain for masonry/carp but doesn't come close to sweet spot imping. Random skills that might not be obvious/don't deserve their own paragraph Nat subs - the potency of the cover (part 1 x part 2's potency) is the diff of the item. Coalmaking - CoC kindling + logs is best, making actual piles is worse. Firemaking - unfinished torches with CoC Tar. (thanks ping) Milling - Anything till like 70, corn after that Paving - imp catseye Prospecting - prospect with 1ql, tap w each time you queue up actions, if you don't you occasionally set off old anti-macro thing that stops skillgain. if you think skillgain stopped walk to another tile coz you might have set it off. Prayer - Praying on favoured tiles or 1ql altar all the way, prayer has super low diff, it's easier to grind as non-priest than it is priest due to faith bonus actually negatively impacting your skill tick chance so being 1 faith will help a lot weirdly enough. Exorcism - Low ql altars, a priest to heal you coz you will get wounds that can kill you. Ql of item you have activated is used as the tool. Ropemaking - imp fish keep net/net trap. fish one is easier to make, both use .5kg string to imp. Meditating - Start with like a 40ql rug and drop it over time to 1ql at 60 skill, don't meditate on special tiles as they'll mess with skillgain. you can get 11 at least a month before the timer for it if you're meditating 9x a day. Shipbuilding - small tackles are impable, 6.5kg, fit in inventory and can be bsb'd if you need to save logs, but a rare ship is a valuable thing you can sell for a sleep bonus fund so either are good. Cooking/baking/beverages/whatever uses cooking system - you want diff of thing being made to be as close as possible to 10 under your skill. Alcohol increases diff. Best way to grind is to get lots of forges/ovens/whatever, fill hundreds/thousands of items to be made, light them all at once and if using alcohol get yourself to good spot. turn on sleep bonus right as the ticks start flowing in. 30+ diff meals give the biggest skill tick size, anything less than that is smaller ( 1 toast which is 10 diff, has 1/3 the tick size of a 30 diff meal). Meat+veg for HFC, fruit bread for baking, spearmint tea for beverages. Shield bashing - you have to hit the shield bash for skillgain, if the bash does damage you chance to get another tick that's double sized. Low body control and starving mobs are easier to shield bash (most passive mobs, trolls have really low BC, can combine shield bashing training with pen shield training), so best way to grind in pve would be to pen a troll in a cave and keep it starving but not dead, as are enemy kingdom alts with no armor. PVP has a super bonus to skillgain iirc so bashing alts is the fastest way, but probably frowned upon by pvp purists. First aid - Bigger wounds - higher diff healing. should be 75% of bandages to actually heal for best skillgain, haven't tested in a while. Wounds on your hands lower your effective first aid skill which means you can use lower diff to grind. Repairing - Mallet to 50, Ring to 70, Large saddle seat to 85, chain jacket to 100 ( beaut med rugs are better 90+ but dont form piles, chain jackets are much easier to manage but you need a lot more of them). Lava is your best way of damaging to grind, 24 hours on lava gives 96 dmg so its a daily grind thing. Fishing - you want to balance fish diff vs skill+rod ql+ things on rod. Huge tick for hooking fish, small ticks every few seconds while it's hooked. When you get message that it's hooked, turn on sleep bonus then click to hook it, then turn off sleep bonus after it's caught/swims away. Balance rod ql vs fish caught so that you get around a minute of fighting on the line before it's caught/gets away. If you're catching 100% of them its too easy. Fish nets work until like 40 or so then gains drop off hard. Spear fishing is very good for grinding, but requires you to be watching the game, compared to using a fishing rod which you can set up a wurmassistant notification for when a fish is hooked. Farming - 1ql rake, potato/cotton/wemp/rye from 1-70, oats/pumpkin/cucumber/reed/barley/carrots 60-100. wheat from 70, cabbage/corn from 85. Garlic with 80+ skill 90+ql rake is good gains too but you need more land to make up for fast rake times. Anything harvested with scythe uses coc/woa for harvesting, all other plants dont coz they use hand to harvest. seed ql+farming skill = plant speed. Forestry - Harvest is best, pick sprouts if nothing is season Gardening - imp trellis Animal taming - (assuming venerable no traits) pig till 40, black bear till 65, cave bug till 75, unicorn till 95, hell horse till 100. You can combine this with other grinds like mining (queue up bunch of mining actions, when you start a mining action, do a tame, they'll both happen at the same time I think this got removed) or shield training+shield bashing. You can try all 3 at the same time if you want your apm to resemble a pro starcraft match. Animal husbandry - shearing sheep is great gains if you have lots of sheep, otherwise groom everything. Metallurgy - Brass/bronze till 60ish then electrum. Low ql lumps are a necessity. Jewelry smithing - imp iron bowls, if they go rare you can try for a rare altar vs ball which makes nothing Plate armor smithing - can imp scale which uses leather, or iron plate. Lockpicking - you want pick chance to be like 8% or so, skill + lockpick ql vs containers ql and lock ql. You can coc/botd the lockpicks but you'll break hundreds of them grinding. Lib basically gets free favor so if you have a good channeling lib botd all the picks Treb/catapault - Put treb/cata at base of dirtwall, wall on top of dirtwall, shoot the thing, rock lands on dirt wall next to you, pick it up, reload. Winches is diff, can't remember what diff is for trebs i'll edit it in at some point Thatching - imp thatch roof Climbing - make a drop shaft in a mine, climb up it until you run out of stam and fall down, climb up again (no fall damage in caves). Chest wounds reduce effective climbing skill which can make it easier to grind. Archaeology - diff depends on how many disbanded deeds are in the area, you'll need to test it out yourself, you want average frag ql of a stack of 100 to be around 25 or so for best skillgain. Around a 40ql brush at 90 skill was good for me, but that might not be good for you if you have more/less disbanded deeds in area than me. lowish ql chisel to do restoration afterwards Weapon skills - Weapon skill is based on damage dealt, and is capped at around 50% of the enemies health dealt in a single blow, so tanky mobs that you glance a lot against aren't good for skillgain whereas squishy mobs are. You want to avoid fighting trolls scorps anacondas etc *unless* you have a venom weapon and are reasonably strong *or* they're the only thing in the area, but they won't be good skill. Venom is the superior grinding enchant as it removes glance entirely means you hit more often which means more skill more characteristics more affinity chances. BT increases damage+skillgain but often takes you well over the 50% cap on skillgain, FB/FA do not increase skillgain and their damage takes away possible skillgain you could have gotten, RT increases skillgain but also increases damage dealt to the weapon itself so not good for skilling, ED is just bad and people make fun of you for having ED. LT is a contender for best skilling weapon if you're not that strong or there is a lot of mobs in the area that your natural health regeneration can not keep up with. A good skiller would be WoA (nimb if it's a 3 second swing weapon) - Venom/LT - CoC - MS. Good ql armor and weapons, a fast horse+geared up and high Web armor casts on your armor are all massive boosts to how much skill/hour you can get hunting, if anyone tells you WA doesn't work in pve or that you should use aosp in any form inside wurm online thats not a horse barding /ignore them. Shield skills - Shield skill gained is based on damage blocked, so blocking stronger mobs = more skill. Pen training you're limited to 15 minutes per mob until skillgain stops, this resets after 4 hours of not fighting the mob. Your CR vs theirs is chance for skill tick, so there's lots of variables so you'll have to play around with it yourself to find the best way. Ideally you want something you can tank for the full 15 minutes without healing, and if you're pen training, catch some angry/greenish trolls or hell scorps for high level. Use around a 50ql shield starting out, and once you get to 70ish skill drop it down. For grinding mobs, you want things with strong slow attacks, as you can only get shield skill ticks so often. Ideally you want to just get to 60-70ish by hunting in normal fighting and not worry about shield training until you can tank trolls/scorps for extended periods. If you get in a fight and target something else you won't attack but you can still shield bash, you can also repair your shield and cotton yourself, as long as you don't queue actions, if you do you have to leave combat to fix it. Gathering skills - using a 1ql Mining - rock(can flatten cave roof for up to 100 mines per click if you have stamina)/iron to 70, copper/slate/lead from 60- 100. you can start with silver at 80, gold at 90, sandstone 99, lower if you use above 1ql pick but since grinding mining at this point is so slow you might need to take a few pickaxes in the mine with you to keep your idea ql level, easier to just use 1ql the whole way. You'll most likely be balancing around your characteristics instead of your mining level anyway. Digging - Digging is special in the fact that 5 slope - 1 diff so you can grind to 100 digging on moss clay even dirt if you're digging at the base of dirtwalls but for this we'll assume it's flat ground coz its easier. Leveling is 33% skillgain compared to digging, dig to pile if you're dropping it into a bsb after can trigger an old anti-macro thing that stops skillgain so i'd recommend digging to inventory. Dirt/sand/moss from 1-70, clay from 50-100, tar from 85-100. Again you'll most likely be balancing around characteristics not digging and can make dirtwalls to change diff. Woodcutting - Chopping down diff is based on tree age, cutting up is based on tree type. Most common tree types are 2-10 diff, walnut 15 willow 18 oak 20, so 1-80 you can either cut down+chop up everything with a 1ql hatchet, or cut down with a high ql hatchet, load like 60 felled trees into a wagon/have dedicated storage boats for felled trees, turn on sleep bonus and go to town with a 1ql hatchet and crates nearby to chuck all the low ql logs into for coalmaking grinds or fuel or whatever. After 80 You either want to grow a huge walnut forest (takes irl months to grow to overaged) or have a fo priest wild growth oaks trees (if you're wild growth-ing you can have them all packed together, they only kill nearby trees when they age up naturally), takes like 15 casts or so to take an area to overgrown trees, chop em all down, chuck into a wagon, turn on sleep bonus and go to town with 1ql hatchet. I'd recommend getting yourself a nice wound to grind with, as getting trees to grind with is pretty hard at this point. You can also go around deforesting everything still, but skillgain for WC drops hard after 80 skill if you're cutting down birch/pine/whatever. Channeling You want diff to be 10-25 under your skill. You want alignment to be LOW (especially at 30-70 skill, past 90 skill alignment doesn't mean anything, in the 30-70 range high alignment will mess with skilling and force you to use much harder spells than you would with low alignment+altar), you can put on a single plate glove to get the casting penalty to lower the bonus that alignment gives you. You want another gods influence to be overpowering your own gods altar. Ideally you want linked accounts, 2 is max before skillgain drops off, alts are good but you can probably get 2 people to link to you at a public sermon ring. Each link adds +3 to diff, and therefore increases the range of skill that you can grind with a certain spell. You can have 1+channeling/10 links in total, which gives you 10 max links at 90 skill, but don't use over 2 for skilling. Libilia is the best to grind with as she gets +15% skillgain as well as 10% more favor regenerated, vynora is also good as she gets +10% skillgain and can cast wisdom of vynora on herself for sleep bonus. If you're using 2 links add 5 to max (ie morning fog to 40 instead of 35) Fo - Morning fog to 35 (50 if low alignment), acid protection to 50, dirt to 70 (can cast dirt till 80ish if you'd rather the dirt than a bit more skillgain), lurker in woods to 100 Mag - Light token to 35 (50 if low alignment), frost protection to 55 (can go to 65 with it, blaze is better skill/hour but uses more favor/skill), blaze to 70 (if linking only use to 80, lurker better favor to skillgain ratio), lurker in dark/woods to 100 Lib - Bless to 35 (50 if low alignment), Poison protect to 50, dark messenger to 70, lurker in the dark to 100 Vyn - Opulence to 35 (50 if low alignment), Fire protection to 55 (can go to 65 with it, glacial is better skill/hour but uses more favor/skill), glacial to 70, lurker to 100 ( can cast coc/woa/aosp and sell that instead for a more casual grind) Butchering For butchering the animal, diff for meat is parts already butchered x 3, so the first one butchered is 0 diff, the next is 3 diff, one after that 6 diff, and so forth. Around a 15 diff mark is where you'd want to balance your knife ql for. Use CoC+WoA/BOTD and be full health+stam as the butcher/filet time does not effect skillgain, only how many things you butcher. For fileting, diff = damage, so ideally you want to lava the meat to high damage and counter that with a high ql knife for really fast butcher actions. From 1-60 kill+butcher+filet everything with your lowish ql knife, past 60, butcher with a high ql rare+ knife to get the most meat, gather up thousands of it, lava it all at the same time then when you get the right diff turn on sleep bonus and go to town fileting. Pre-fsb meat can be 0.6-1.2kg whereas fsb'd meat is 0.3kg so you'll get way more use out of your time fileting meat before you fsb it ( a 1.2kg meat gives 4 butchering tick chances, a 0.3kg meat gives 1). Characteristics Characteristics work similar to channeling, you want the diff to be 10-25 under your characteristics, say you were mining rock (2 diff), you had 90 str, 50 mind logic, 20 stamina. You'd get a str tick on 1.55% of mines, a mind logic on 34% of mines, and a stamina on 53% of mines. Each characteristic does its check seperately so having super high str won't impact your stamina gain for example, but if they were that far apart you wouldn't be able to grind both at the same time effectively. For imping, the diff is equal to the ql of the thing being imped ( imping 90ql tool = 90 diff = no characteristic gain for pretty much anyone). For Melee weapons, its equal to the weapon skill (90 huge axe skill = 90 diff str check = barely any characteristic gain again). CoC does not effect characteristics, i dont care if you heard in ca help that it does because it doesn't. Best way to grind each characteristic, other ways are almost always slower/require too much input Body Strength - Woodcutting to 40(will give 2x strength 1x stam ticks when using a hatchet, but no way of using this effectively past 40), mining/digging from there Body Stamina - mining/digging always, woodcutting is equal with them up to 40 Body Control - Archery or Longsword+shield shield training in pen(requires your attention but great gains), Archaeology(afkable) Mind logic - Panfilling, Mining/digging Mind speed - Shield training, Hunting Soul strength - Mining Soul Depth - Panfilling, Farming Grinding wounds You can freeze wounds so that they never improve/worsen might have to examine wound if you dont have high first aid its around 6-10 depending on fat layers to freeze a bad or severe, depending on your fat layers and if you're fo or not you might have to do some trial and error. Frozen wound = stamina doesn't go up past that point = longer timers = less materials used, good for things like restoration, metallurgy or anything really if you're a path of power boi. Lava gives pretty consistent wounds as does jumping off a dirt wall, so they're a good place to start one. when you're finished and want the wound gone just sacc a rare/like 50 favor worth of things and the wound will instantly heal. Wounds in certain spots reduce your effective skill, so for example, if you're 70 body strength, and have a 60 wound on your lower back you can mine rock/cut down trees for great body strength/hour. Lower back or top of back = body strength, crotch = body control, face = mind speed if you comment below just to argue rethink life
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    Redbeard's Stables Where "negative traits" isn't even in our vocabulary! (Updated 09/20/20) 2 Speeds: Black, male, (CM, SB), Falconwarrior - 3s SOLD Brown, Gold, (CM, FM), Briskice - 3s Brown, male, (FM, SL), Rocklars - 3s Skewbald Pinto, male, (CM, FM), Greystrong - 3s SOLD Skewbald Pinto, male, (FM, SB), Hardgallant - 3s SOLD 1 Speeds: Black, male, (SB), Runfancy - 1.5s SOLD Black, male, (SB), Sadjack - 1.5s SOLD Black, male, (SB, KS), Silverwild - 1.5s SOLD Black, male, (SB, SH, CS), Starkrage - 1.5s SOLD Gold, male, (FM, CS), Wildhoney - 1.5s SOLD Piebald Pinto, male, (FM, SH), Clipwart - 1.5s SOLD Skewbald Pinto, male, (FM, SH, TB), Rainnorth - 1.5s SOLD White, male, (FM), Dancehard - 1.5s SOLD **Prices reflect pickup on site. Delivery can be arranged to any server for a fee **All horses in foal stage unless otherwise specified Trait Legend Find out what each trait does here! These horses don't fit your needs?: Check out Carbon <- Link to her thread
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    1 Kingdom PvP, No Champs, Hota enabled with some custom rewards and alot of other custom changes from wyvern mods! Notably, Random spawns until you have a deed. No need for towers, Drop a deed anywhere you like. Any player not in your village is an enemy. Also watch out for titans The only rules currently are no exploiting, Macro Allowed, and don't destroy the rivers. It would make @blinksy cry There will also be a guide/easy installation of client mods provided for those that don't know how to do so already Server Launching in the evening of Friday April 24th Discord: discord.gg/XCR3MRK Map: Mods: server-modlauncher spellmod serverpacks servermap scriptrunner inbreedwarning httpserver hitchingpost harvesthelper cropmod creatureagemod announcer ForageSprouts Bountymod meditatemod sacraficemod salvemod TreasureHunting pvpsurfaceminingfix fireburntime ashproduce pickmoresprouts copyitems gmcommands addmissionitems tabardmod addkingdomitems templarreplacer minipets bdewservermods taxidermy fixguards hitchlimits movemod movetocenter betterfarming betterdig chestclaim timerfix treefarmmod startergear servertweaks serverplayercounter treasurehunting discordrelay wyvernmods spellcraft crafternpc deliverynpc customtrader For those wanting to see the specific configs or a less annoying mod list to read, Please see discord under #wurm-server-info
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    The Panda's Merchant How to buy these items: Enchanted items will primarily be mailed from Chaos. This means, unless specifically arranged, mailed items will need to be sent to an account that has never crossed to the Chaos server. For items that cannot be mailed, such as tall banners and wagons, an arranged pickup will be required from the deed location shown below. For any inquiries pm one of the people listed at the bottom of the page. *NEW* A screenshot of wood types that compliment our wagon design has been added, see below! Payment Methods: Silver or bulk materials in trade. Bulk material list includes Bricks, Mortar, and Support beams. Ratio for bulk materials will be discussed on contact regarding a purchase. Pickup only! Deed Location: Richard's Halfway Inn, Southwest Celebration (T-11 in-game map). Boat tunnel to inner lake marked with a red rectangle and deed location marked with a red star below. Panda PMK Graphics: *Check the spreadsheet below for kingdom specials* Popular Wagon Wood Types: HoTA Statues & Color Runes: A listing of our current stock of HoTA statues can be found in the following spreadsheet. The second sheet lists pricing and how many of each statue are available, the third sheet lists the statue type and their respective colors. The fourth sheet lists available color runes for sale, 1s per rune. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k8uo5PTtraMEWnKWp7R7Ua4LL0X8Tx90DY064ynaibM/edit?usp=sharing Enchanted Items: 70-89 power - 35c, 90-94 power - 65c, 95-99 power - 80c, 100-104 power - 1.3s, 105+ power - 2s Panda Merchant: Contact: Evadaly (forums & in-game) | Ciray (forums) / Chubchub or Widnes (in-game)
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    Path of powers eruption/freeze abilities are heavily tied into faith despite being from a skill that otherwise is completely independent of faith. I suggest the removal of the faith conditions and make all meditation paths "neutral" to all kingdoms. The current faith limitations are... ERUPT: Can't be used on a tile too close (less than 2 tiles) to a Magranon altar. Only usable inside Magranon's domain, and in areas with no domain of any deity. FREEZE: Only usable inside Magranon's domain, and in areas with no domain of any deity.
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    At first this may sound like an obvious answer, well of course the core of the sun has a higher density than a shark! The core of the sun has a density of 33,000-160,000 KG/m³ according to wikipedia! Thats incredibly high. For comparison water is around 1,000 KG/m³, concrete around 2,400 KG/m³ and most metals are in the 5,000 to 20,000 KG/m³ range. It turns out that in Wurm, the volume of fish does not scale linearly like the weight of fish does. This means that the density also changes depending on the quality of the fish. So the true answer is that low quality fish are generally a VERY high density, a 1ql shark has a density of almost 2,000,000 KG/m³, give or take due to rounding errors. This is approaching the density of a white dwarf star. This also means that if you wanted to cook up a bunch of fish, and achieve the highest possible weight for the meal you should go for a low quality, while keeping within the 100 item limit. Note - All numbers gained in a WU server I hosted for testing.
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    Get the best Value for your tools, weapons and armour CHAIN SMITHING- we got it (up to 55ql)- Hog BLACKSMITHING- we got it (up to 60ql)- Jamoose WEAPON SMITHING- we got it (up to 50ql)- Phobosvertenari Janitor- we got it (does a good job)- Doktorschmerz HARD WORKING GERMAN BOYS-- we got it Contact us German boys on this thread or ingame to place orders. Merchant on the east side of Harmony Bay- we got it Names: Hog, Jamoose, Phobosvertenari, Doktorschmerz
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    Issue: Can't close the settlement size window using the red X in the corner. Title of effected window, Settlement Size (opened from the manage -> settlement -> resize). Expected Outcome: Clicking on the Red X in the top right corner to close the window. Current Outcome: Clicking directly on the Red X does nothing, Double click minimizes window. Current Settings that may effect the issue: Gui Scale set to 90% Dark Gui Skin enabled *note* Clicking cancel does still close the window atleast
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    The drag feature in the new ui allows dragging everything including the items that can't be lifted by the char due to weight capacity. This results in items dragged to cart/ships which can't be taken out by the character.
  21. 1 point
    Hi, I just got killed by a troll on my deed. I was carrying around a few sleep powders in my backpack. The backpack dropped on death. When I picked it up again, the sleep powder was gone from it, but it also didn't appear in my inventory. My settlement deed also vanished, but that returned once I relogged. The sleep powder remained gone however. Obviously, fixing this would be great. Getting the sleep powder back would also be great ;) Deed: Vanguard Northern Freedom Isles Harmony Char: Faerian
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    Friendly bump for the people that stole our gold coin provided us with excellent services! Highly recommended for anyone in need of HoTA/Banners or other goods that they provide. Reliable and easy to communicate with.
  23. 1 point
    Only if I can have a decoration of a map to put up against the wall too! Interesting idea for sure though in all seriousness. Wouldn't mind seeing this added into the game instead of needing to alt-tab to look at the community map, could just have an ingame variant!
  24. 1 point
    At least, you became bit more modest. 9 months ago circa, you spoke about a "model", now it is a "hypothesis". The "model" predicted under 200 players by end of the (last) year. In fact, old servers' population has proven fairly resilient and has even gone up significantly since. And if I am not wrong, you and a few others also predicted an exodus and bleeding out of the old servers because of the steam launch. Now the doomsaying concentrates on a lesser influx into the old server cluster. I do not say that the situation is ideal, but there are over 300 players online at a time on the old servers during weekends (granted, not every time of the day), which is a lot for the summer season compared to 2017/18, not to speak about 2019 when the situation indeed looked critical sometimes. There are other signs, rift participation for example. In 2019, rifts with less than 5 participants occurred fairly often, now there are not few rifts with 40+ players. The average time for completion significantly dropped. There are ways more active players on the old cluster than a year before. I am not sure about the retention of the large numbers of new players, but there will be quite some certainly. And it is well possible that more of them consider the old cluster with its developped infrastructure, especially since the visibility of Wurm has greatly improved, not only on steam, but also on Twitch and youtube. And reviews are getting more and more positive, the revenge reviews of disgruntled former players are buried under real experience reports, some of them critical but constructive anyway. But as said, admitting to have been wrong is not so easy. Edit: One word about Epic. Generally, I find that Epic still has potential, especially for avowed carebears who do not want to spill their hard won affinities to gankers, and therefore avoid Chaos. The main obstacle for some, maybe casual PvP fun on Epic for Freedomers is the lack of skill retransfer. I still hope the devs find a formula which is fair taking in account shorter timers etc. but does not render all Epic efforts useless.
  25. 1 point
    I know that you already know this, Brash - but in case anyone is interested: https://harmony.wurmonline.com/mrtg/villages.html Growth has definitely slowed, but not stopped or started to shrink. That supports the anecdotal idea that many folks are just relocating.
  26. 1 point
    Suggestions for a cartography skill -- we can always use more suugestions on it though! The more often it is suggested, the better the chances of getting it ingame! Plus new details and specific game mechanics help give others good ideas like these! And ... welcome to the forums! Always good to see new faces here!
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    5hr self-entitlement for everyone!
  28. 1 point
    Oh nice new map coming! Nysa is apparently launching August 14th! Looks like I'm coming back to Wurm just in time. See you guys there.
  29. 1 point
    1/5th on the older servers is to be expected, we just added thousands of new players to the Northern servers which YES are going to get the lions share. 300+ new players on the older servers within 3 months is probably NOT a reasonable expectation, and I wouldn't anticipate that. Reversing the decline is the first goal not suddenly going back many years in time overnight. There are many many many factors in the decline, and it is going to be a battle to actually grow the older servers again. Not impossible, not easy. Without the Steam launch and new server? Probably hopeless. Yes it is a gamble that starting a new server will actually make things better and not worse. But dozens of new settlements on the Southern servers is surely one very hopeful sign.
  30. 1 point
    I disagree. Before I went premium I had a house, a farm, livestock, a boat. I explored, hunted, looted, terraformed, mined, crafted. I made coin through foraging and selling rares. This is hardly only 1%, particularly for a sandbox game - for example, no pvp is no issue for me because it doesn't interest me. In any event after a couple of months of this I THEN subscribed for premium, without spending dollar one of real money. The limitations are circumvented by subscribing, but spending real money is not required to subscribe. That is the fundamental doubled fallacy in claiming that Wurm is not free to play. Yes, there are limits on non-premium play, but the game is quite playable within those limits and those limits can be removed without spending money. Hence - free to play. Having said that, I do think that "freemium" would be a more honest description for most "free to play" games, Wurm included. If "winning" was a thing in Wurm, I think a charge of "pay to win" (if paying was the only way to subscribe) would be justified, because premium does indeed give actual advantage.
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    Dear developers. I love Wurm even tho I've always been playing it f2p. I'm looking forward to playing on Steam servers and just want to put my word out for fellow Russians and Eastern-Europeans. Due to quite harsh currency exchange rate the sub fee of 10eu is ALOT and with the steam regional pricing policy we usually get prices adapted to our economic situation. Even big sub-based games like WoW have regional pricing. For example the current sub price of wurm is more expensive then my mobile plan and internet plan combined I can afford it, but it would be financially irresponsibe for any Russian player like myself to pay that much. I hope you've studied the regional market a bit and there will be an adapted sub for regions like ours. If you compare similar scale games, the sub fee is usually around 299-399 roubles per month. Thanks alot for what you do, I hope the game does well on Steam!
  34. 1 point
    My first language is gibberish. can we have dedicated chat in gibberish?
  35. 1 point
    Hi @Scythe I'm relatively new but I think I can answer this for you. The skill grinder is a tool / site that I believe is commonly used by those who know about it, as with the affinity cooking site / calculator. The rolls referred here If I'm not mistaken, is part of the fixed formula (therefore the random integers are picked from 1.01 to 39.99?) that determines how much skill you get. Sometimes there are no skill ticks due to the rolled integer resulting in the formula producing a number thats 0, less than 0, or so minute it isnt recognised, and therefore skill is not gained in that particular instance. (I could be wrong on this, so someone please correct me if I am.) Diff here is Difficulty: You want lower or 1QL tools as time taken to complete actions go down as QL goes up. Less Ql = More time = more experience, since exp is based on the time each action takes ( same reasoning as to why you want to have lower stamina for longer timers, but not less than 10% stam as there is a penalty to your exp past that point). Difficulty, however, is denoted in the chance to succeed at something. For example, if I make a wagon at 50 Fine carpentry (minimum is 40 Fine carpentry) with 50ish QL small wheel axles and a 20QL plank, my chance of making the initial unfinished object is only 6%. This is because the difficulty is very high comparing the material QL to my skill level, and so my chances are success are much lower. From this, we can see that because the wagon is too difficult for me to make, if I'm skilling using creation, I would not want to use the wagon at all, but instead something closer to this range of success. Of course, higher or lower QL materials will also affect the creation chance, hence you may need to play around with different qualities and find what's best to suit your skill for the item you want to create. The same applies for tools, their QL will affect the difficulty level of creating an item, as well as, I believe, improving it. (The latter I'm not too sure, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong). I'm not familiar with the exact formulas myself, but generally you want to improve or create items at a difficulty that is not too easy but not too hard, of which is easier seen in creation windows/ However, as I dont usually look at the formula or use the tab myself, a quickfire way to estimate a good QL to imp to would simply be your skill level + 10 (for the sake of simplifying the need to calculate an appropriate Ql every time your skill goes up). This will probably not work as well at higher grinding levels, but it does work until the 70s or 80s as far as I have seen for myself. Hope this helps! >.<
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    It is definitely free to play. It isn't a demo, it is merely a limited/capped game if you don't have premium, but you can have premium without paying real-word money. Anyone who reads "Free to Play" and doesn't expect a subscription based premium hasn't been paying attention to games. Freemium is an extremely common model. The fact that the premium subscription can be had without spending real money is a distinctive of a few games, Wurm included. You can play as much as you want without limitation and not spend a cent on it, but you may have to work at it.
  37. 1 point
    The sad part of it is that people are settling ONLY on the steam servers. New players aren't joining the old established servers. I've checked deliverance population and we haven't had any new blood. Why is that? How about part of the "server selection process" there's a text informing people that old servers have plenty of room (and honestly there is a s*** ton of room to play on ) so they don't overpopulate the new servers thus leading to more negative steam reviews? It seems this whole process leaves the old servers with the same < dying > population and everyone is joining the new ones. For me this feels like Epic 2.0. No new players here, but as long as Wurm is fine, guess old freedom will get a taste of what Epic experienced through 3-4 years.
  38. 1 point
    honestly, if they want to prevent pentraining but have this sort of system, just have pentraining only viable to be used until 20 skill similar to how some weaponskills can be grinded until 20 by chopping trees, and then have pentraining not give any gains past 20 sure, it was silly in the past where you'd need to sit afk for a few days until 70/90 shield skill but this in no way is any better.
  39. 1 point
    Eirwengale, thanks for a great and quick job. I'll be sure to be in touch again when something else comes up I need help with!
  40. 1 point
    Lemme ask you this, why does it matter that others are utilizing the game how they wish with it being within the rules?
  41. 1 point
    Are people saying the area where they are working is inviolate or is that the way it is being interpreted? Are they planning to only "tent-deed" as you call it or are they working on getting some skills behind them before going premium? Or perhaps working on building up a little silver before committing it to deed upkeep? Basically you seem to be unhappy with crowding, which is a natural result of a popular server launch, and the fact that people are setting up nearby. I am not sure if that is actually a problem at this stage. If by "tent deeding" you mean pitching a tent to keep stuff secure while doing some work that isn't on a paid-for deed, then yes that is indeed part and parcel of free play; as it should be.
  42. 1 point
    Honestly, while there could be some minor tweaks to free play QoL (a small crate in a small cart is a good one), this is a business, not a charity. If someone can't afford the premium, and isn't prepared to work to earn it in-game, then they're probably never going to contribute anyway. Making free accounts basically able to do anything apart from really high imps just means that more people won't bother with premiums - why would they? Running the game costs money, and it's a business not a charity. There are already freebies for people who were premium but aren't right now (higher stat cap, etc). There are plenty of routes to earn your premium in-game, if you really want to, both from other players and directly. If you can't afford it, don't buy it. That's it. The free intro is intended to be an introduction, a try before you buy, not a chance to play the whole game before you get bored and wander off.
  43. 1 point
    On the map size, Xanadu has always had severe lag because of the size of the server, while in the past Independence has handled 1200 with less lag (but yes, a little short on space). Also they were not *sure* how many people would show up. So an Indy sized map initially, with back up plans for additional maps the size of Deli/Exodus/Release etc , made the most sense. Which is kind of what they did, releasing the smaller server Melody a bit later. They are probably going to need a third mp the size of melody as well, as even mid week we are getting plenty of people and Harmony is still over populated. Not to argue with your frustrations, but the initial map size was appropriate if followed up with additional maps as it became clear space was crowded. The whole messup with login through Golden Valley and the tutorial, is another story. They did try to fix that as soon as they could, but I have no idea WHAT they were thinking.... I have to disagree with that. I walked four hours from spawn to get the the absolutely most remote spot I could find on the map. Luckily I was there early and got a great spot, but I see people wandering past hourly looking for space, many have been walking a lot more than four hours as places they passed were all full. Not next to spawn, not 35 minutes from spawn, hours from spawn. Pretty much the main coastline areas are filled with people. There are a few little areas I have spotted still open. If you are passing by boat, the tokens are often hidden by trees and since the deeds are not fully developed yet, you wouldn't really see them on a sail-by. So just sailing around does not give an accurate picture at all. I still get lag any time Harmony passes 800 population, which is pretty much all of the time. Melody is also usually pretty full with 300-450 (which is a lot for a celebration-sized island). In addition, both maps NEED to have large wilderness areas preserved so that players can explore and truly get the Wurm experience of man vs nature. Simply because there may be areas you CAN put more deeds, does not mean you should be filling all of those up. Some of the more remote inland areas still have space but that is actually as it should be, this is a "wilderness" map, not a freaking suburban housing development. A goal of 650-750 population for Harmony and 250-350 for Melody would be ideal, but both maps are well past that almost all the time, even midweek and off hour. I think another small Melody-sized server is both needed AND quite appropriate. As you can see we have new people leaving already for lack of an enjoyable gaming experience. We had 11,000 people put Wurm on their wishlist, most won't stay naturally since Wurm is a fairly niche game, but how many more of those 11k do we plan to lose simply by not being ready for them?
  44. 1 point
    As has been said already, it's worth at least trying to talk to the tent owner, especially if there's evidence that they've been there a while (pen, fields, terraforming, etc). Although the servers can sometimes feel a bit crowded, there is plenty of space on all of them, so just go a little further before you drop your deed, and a bit of playing nice and not ruining someone else's experience really doesn't cost you anything.
  45. 1 point
    give us the ability to pull 1 item with a keybind: alt/shift/ctrl + click or w/e of that sort that does not require any drags or selecting amounts, just a hotkey and clicks or keybind alone will also work Why? - pulling items from fsb in bulk when cooking is H E L L, this way if you need 5 thimes you spam that keybind over the stack of 100,000 thymes and it pulls 5 thymes out.. instead of dragging from fsb to inventory and selecting the amount you need, it's not much but it's lazy alternative Cooking needs something to speed up the pulling of ingredients from the fsb... +1
  46. 1 point
    @Norhiinspired me to be less lazy, so doing some more work on paintings. a nice wooden frame. currently the frame can be dyed, the white area around image can also be dyed separately to frame. changing the image file ie landscape10.png changes only the actual image and has no affect on the frame or border. My current train of thought is to just have 1 model/item for landscape and have an action to change the image. This may not seem realistic or logical but at the same time this is a game after all, a fantasy world and doesn't always need to reflect reality.
  47. 1 point
    With 4 alts in addition, thats only like a year of gaming. In 2034 you can look back to the amazing achievement you got back in late 2021 and smile. And think about how many lunchboxes you can make!
  48. 1 point
    Hey! This is on our radar to address, the new skies are awesome but there is definitely too much light around. Expect to see some tweaks with this as time goes on.
  49. 1 point
    I think the current official stance is that archaeology is 'sufficient fun' and the devs want to work on different skills, which we must respect. What I will say is that we all underestimated the capacity of archaeology to provide so much fun, inspiration and new ideas. In my opinion, rather than put a cap on this spring of enthusiasm, maybe it could be channelled off in different ways. I would like to see some of the other 136 skills used alongside Restoration in recreating artefacts in archaeology - perhaps those players with high fine carpentry could more easily combine some of those large furniture items, those with tailoring and leatherwork skills could perhaps have a gift for finding and piecing together fragile fragments of long lost tapestries, flags and capes, and maybe the smiths out there could have a better chance at finding and combining legendary weapons and armour. The devs are right - there is a need for balance to be sure - but I think anyone can by now see the appeal of archaeology, not just as a mechanic, but as an inspiration to design and most importantly for the players - a reason to keep playing. I think if more skills could be brought into play during archaeology - this could open out many opportunities for new content, extend the life of archaeology as a hobby, whilst maintaining a balanced skill set.
  50. 1 point
    I am recently new myself, having only started less than a week ago. Im really liking it so far, but here are the issues I am facing as a newbie. In no particular order. The skilling system seems very harsh and more than once I have considered quitting and looking for a new game because of it. - When wounded it is seemingly impossible to heal yourself. It is easier just to die and be more careful where you step next time. I had a wound that would not heal itself and was told I could forage for cotton to heal it, i died of my wounds before any of the first aid worked, which took over an hour. I have now started a cotton farm. - I like mining in other games, so I gave it a try on Wurm. Getting through the first rock was hard and it gave no indication of how long I had to hit it for. My assumption was maybe 5 times, turned out to be closer to 500. - the lack of population makes it difficult. I understand it is an old game and I accept that, but i havent found anything or anyone to trade with yet. - The in-game map is impossible to use without an initial reference point, which I eventually found through looking at the community maps and finding a nearby deed. - I got a message to say I have mail and should check a mailbox... i still have that message, having not yet found a functioning mailbox. I have no idea why I would have mail. - The area around my deed is littered with my corpses because I have zero hope of defending myself. Figuring out how to use the guards helped a lot - The tutorial was terrible. So many gaps. -- During the tree cutting it told me to cut down the tree then cut up the felled tree, I cut down 4 trees before i got a felled tree, I now know its because they were too young but that wasnt explained. -- when learning how to dig i didnt see any change in the tile so i kept digging... then wondered why I was moving so slow afterwards. Im sure I have many more things to come :)