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    "It's the peasants, my lord. They don't like the name of the new server."
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    Let's get the names right rather than worrying about a competition. We are literally trying to revive the game and names can be more important than people think. If we take the competition over the actual names themselves, we have a potential losing situation with the game itself. The point should be to have 2 good names for the servers. That's it. It shouldn't matter the method so long as the names are good. These names were not good.
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    I think many people, including me, suggested names fitting in a current naming scheme. Such names as Independence, Deliverance or Celebration are beautiful. I think this naming scheme should be upheld.
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    Around 300-400 people online in wurm at the peak, and thats including alts etc. 332 votes on the poll (no alts) guess thats nothing
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    Ah right, I completely forgot how 297 different people, exactly 90.0% of people who came and voted, is only 'some people', and not an overwhelming majority of everyone who cares about the matter. What you meant to say is that one small part of the results will be changed if the vast majority of the community really dislikes it. You're just completely misrepresenting the situation, Amadee. This is a huge majority of the playerbase, and the winners aren't losing their prizes. They're still getting their 25s, their 6 months premium, and as champIAN points out, they're still getting bragging rights for naming the spawn towns. What is happening here that you are choosing to so plainly ignore, is that CCAB is actually being responsive to the playerbase, recognizing that a wildly unpopular choice may have been made, and giving people an opportunity to show whether that unpopularity is as you say, just among a few noisy people, or is across everyone who cares to have a say (which it is). The competition wasn't a joke, nor is the whole issue. The competition was a great idea, someone or some people at CCAB chose names they liked. The community expressed great concern that those names, one of them in particular, do not suit their intended purpose in the game, so CCAB listened, and allowed the community to help shape the legacy of wurm. That's all there is to it. As lotus said:
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    Meh. I am beyond caring WHERE they find the name. 2 problems with the proposal of leaving Wurm team to find a good name not otherwise suggested are 1) it may well be forcing them into an inferior name regardless and around we go again, and 2) they have already shown an ability to make extremely unpopular picks. The fact that nobody is begrudging the prem and silver prizes does I think show that this isn't sour grapes but genuine objection. I do think naming a starter deed would feel a little underwhelming - if not the server it should be a major element of it, like a largish island or major feature/region on the map, for example a large plain called Heartland and a volcanic mountain range called Rumble.
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    Aha! just dawned on me... this is boatymcboatface all over again. The pvp server will now be named - David Attenborough
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    [server is down, ty-all was fun ] Ultima-V Reficio heightmap can be downloaded here, feel free to use it: ------------------ Wurm-Unlimited - Ultima-V map and themed settings. No game-payment, no pay2win, pay2keep, just play4fun. Start in Cove-village, a relaxed-loving-peaceful place, with loving community. Explore a 4K map, almost-exact original Ultima-5 map (similar to UO map), with similar BIOM. Fight over a volcano-resources, find and unlock treasure maps/chests, adventure-missions and much more … You are invited to live a peaceful life in a dynamic-living medieval-village, or become a fearsome-fighter in the wilds. Our discord - https://discord.gg/bbxdUuw
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    You do not need to be playing to have a forum account. When the PvP discussions (sometimes dubbed as "forum PvP" ) raged in 2018/19, nearly half of the posters even bragged not to have played Wurm for some time, some for years, even some alts having forum accounts. So there is no proof how significant the voters` turnout is and how it is related to active players. Insofar, Amadee is right. I would suppose anyway that the backlash against the chosen names was widespread. I feel sorry for the winners of the contest and find the reaction overblown but would not have voted for those names.
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    Its ok people don't dislike you they dislike your entry, you still get the prize so what does it matter. Id prefer a team that can accept they made a bad choice than one that sticks to their guns and runs with an obviously bad decision out of stubbornness, like the rift changes.
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    They are listening to feedback which is good for the health of the game. It was overwhelmingly negative. You are still getting the prize advertised in the contest thread regardless.
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    I find it funny like many people point again names, they suggested, in hope that maybe those would be picked. Devs already have full list of names that were suggested before.
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    Wurm has grown graphically in leaps and bounds from my initial discovery of the game in early 2014. I would really love and enjoy a rework of the character creation options (and we do have some wonderful art members on the wurm team) to give more choices in hair styles, hair colors, facial features, and most especially skin tones. It's more than time for this to be added into the options when you make your character.
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    maybe put up the top 10-20 names and let the voting help bring it down to top 4 then devs decide
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    Make the timer for attaching lock on PVE 2,5sec long. No need for it to be up to 16 seconds long while attaching a lock to a door on PVE. Someone else may pinch in if this has any effect on PVP, but i cant make a suggestion regarding that.
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    Jesus christ its like a school talent show competition. The chosen names didnt please the overwhelming majority of the player base. Don't take it to heart, you still get your prize and the names will still be used for the starter towns. I know i must suck but hey ho, there were plenty of players out there who didnt win and arent complaining about not winning.
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    Well, I just have to add my own thoughts here since the whole thing is just so disgusting. The "competition" was a joke. This whole issue is a joke. The hold a so-called competition, declare the winners, and because some people don't agree, the decision is overturned. Wow. I guess they forgot to add in the fine print that the results will only be applicable if everyone likes it. The "winning" names may or may not be anyone else's first choice but that's opinions, no more, no less. To be honest those names wouldn't have been my own first choices, but again that's merely my opinion which doesn't make it right, nor should I have the right to demand that my opinion prevail. But as usual, mob-rule wins again. The "win" is taken away from the "winners" because some people are convinced that their opinions are fact, and it will be instead be given to another set of "winners." And the next names chosen may or may not trigger the mob again. What then? Yet another set of "winners?" lol. Everyone seems to think that their own opinion is the only right opinion. And the opinions of a handful of forum warriors does not necessarily constitute a fact, nor do they necessarily reflect the opinions of the average Steam player who never heard of Wurm or even bothers with forums. It might and it might not. Who's to say? The loudest, most vehement, and most persistent? And the names I keep seeing people posting, declaring that "something like this" would be the "correct" choices are no better or worse than the original names chosen. In fact most of them gave me a "groan" moment. (in my "opinion" of course, lol) So whether or not the original "winners" would have been my personal first choice is completely irrelevant. As it should have been irrelevant with regards to everyone else's opinions as well. Edit: For clarification purposes, and for the "intellectuals" in the room so you understand....... My "opinion" is not about a concern for the so-called "competition" itself, winners or losers, although those are an unfortunate casualty of a larger problem. My "opinion," which I decided to express, is on my disgust over the fact that people are deciding what is a "good" name or getting it "right," and insisting that their "opinion" is absolute truth, when in reality it is nothing more than their "opinion." What one or a few think is "good" or "right" does not constitute a fact. Quite the contrary. And they rationalize it with all sorts of altruistic platitudes while simultaneously & self-righteously demanding that their "opinion" prevail. My question to those people is this.... What if the next names chosen do not meet with your approval? What then? In my "opinion" the company should decide on names and tell everyone who doesn't like them to take a flying leap at the moon. The game will survive in spite of all dire predictions.
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    Any bragging rights or other fame you would have got, will dwindle the more you fight this Take it with grace
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    -1. Mailing and wagoner system are some features I personally like very much in this game. There are already players who offer cross-server deliveries. I visited 155 deeds during 4 months of playing without being forced to do so, but some other players dislike to travel and no one should force them into a game play they do not enjoy.
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    Maybe there are better names according to your place of origin, religion or culture but a competition is a competition and if the winners get 2nd prize then whats the point of running a competition that had no 2nd place when it was launched. If the Wurm team are going to run their competitions this way then they should state that winners might not be the winners if enough people complain.
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    just call the 2 servers chad and mega chad and be done with it id say
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    Oh ok I don't generally read posts I've already read and the forum doesn't show me
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    Just um, remove the timer altogether in PvE, there is zero need for it and it is only aggravating...
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    I have a hard time seeing how this would make the game better to be honest. If people want to get out of their deed, there's already the transport of bulk goods, hunting, visiting a friend's deed, straight-up exploration, archaeology, sprout gathering, etc. I don't really see how forcing the people that don't like travelling to travel (and there are people like that) would make this worth while. We're just not in a dire situation for this to happen.
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    So, here is an opinion: The poll is doomed from the start. When you have a choice between "a" and the other option being "infinite possibilities", people are gonna choose "infinite". There will always be better options. Worse ones too, but by nature, we are going to hope for better. So the second you decided to put this to a vote, you doomed the chosen names. If you had posted just one alternate name as the other choice (A specific name, rather than "other") in the poll, then we would have had a much fairer result. Please pick two other server names and redo the poll, only giving us the choice between the current winner names and the alternate names. I promise it will make this all go a lot smoother.
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    Might be just be a nationality thing but for us Yankee types “Rumble” as a noun doesn’t convey the gravitas that pvp type players are probably looking for. Heartland is more passable IMHO even though for me it invokes a Canadian show about horses.
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    if its sunny outside and i say i think its sunny, im right. if you say its not sunny then u are wrong.
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    If you think it takes a few hours to get *any* skill to 20 you just dont know what you're doing. Just because your idea of playing the game is exploring the server every day for 2 hours doesnt mean that's how everyone does it. Anyway IMO the 1 week free premium could really help to get people hooked, might be a good idea for the steam launch. I've seen a few games that give you some premium time just after finishing the tutorial, so you can see what you can expect from the game. People could check out the mark store, get their skills high enough to ride a horse or sail around for a bit, which might encourage them to prem up for real. Most of the WO players are gonna prem up anyway, so it would be mostly targeted for the new steam audience.
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    Be happy .) you get the braggings rights for naming startertowns instead, and those names will be used alot more then the servername .) gratz again to your both
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    It's Boaty McBoatface all over again! The devs are on the horns of a dilemma here. On the one hand, the competition ran its course as advertised and the winners are the winners. On the other hand, devs can't really predict what new players will think, so what the existing base has to say may well be representative and they wouldn't want to enshrine something that garners a broadly negative reaction. I do think what we may be overlooking is that there were not 2 prizes here (the prem and silver) but also a third (getting to name the server). I totally get that this feels personal and maybe even insulting, and for my part in that I can only apologize, but also please bear in mind that this is a decision that anyone going to the new servers will have to live with permanently. We have no idea of the discussion and arguments that took place before this pick, but I for one would really liked to have reacted with a MOI-like "Oh, yeah, of course!" and frankly never came near that. I think the approach of everyone submit and then the devs simply pick was probably flawed from the start. In hindsight, maybe it should have been devs pick maybe 3 to 5 finalists for each and put it to a vote.
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    I know it must suck seeing the name you picked be disliked by the community at large but end of the day community health is important to you the name might mean a different thing then to others but to most of us we just can not take it serious if the server was called rumble or heartland for that matter it does not fit with previous names of previous servers and 1 doesnt fit with wurm and the other is just a bad awful reminder of a show used to torture people End of the day you dont want the steam reviews and everyone who currently plays to be making fun of the new servers as it will lead to people not taking the game serious so be happy you got the price and realize that ya you won your name will still be used just not on the scale of what it was As for bragging rights like come on whats that going to net you? "oh look at that guy he named the server he must be so popular" just be glad the name still gets used a lot of others arent getting anything out of it so who cares in the end of the day the servers need a name that fits with the overall theme of wurm and previous servers unless its a event/place specific name like say jackal
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    I think they got it right 1st time round, wilds and home server please. kis approach
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    It'd be a good idea if we can just transfer our current account names to the new steam server then. Will be annoying to make a new account just for steam if it's using the same database.
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    Cross server bulk transport is still a thing. Something like this might be fine if you had 1 small server, but with how big everything is, spending hours to deliver something is not fun (just like the pain of traveling to/running rifts). Incentivizing personal transactions would be cool, but that’s difficult to come up with ideas that makes visiting places you don’t normally go interesting without forcing certain gameplay styles. Perhaps expanding the wagoner/highway system. Make it where if you have a merchant or wagoner, you can advertise on the highway signs with a short description of what you specialize in. Have a bulk trader. You list prices for bulk crates. Seller can dispatch a load or if offline, buyer can come by the deed and browse and send what they want back home via wagoner.
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    In game downtime message said updates would be posted here but the only thing suggesting its over is a random players feedback?
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    Greetings Wurmians! Today's Valrei International comes with special reveals and the winners of the server name competition! Besides naming the new lands, we have designated the new cluster as the Northern Freedom Isles, with the existing server cluster renamed to Southern Freedom Isles. What's in a name? And the winners are... *drumroll* Congratulations! These two players will go down in history with the ability to brag about naming these new, wild, lands of the Northern Freedom Isles. That's the key! With any great game comes amazing Key art, which is used as promo material, box art, and across social media! The lovely Malena a.k.a. Katspurr has outdone herself in creating this fantastic scene of a troll raid on a Wurmian castle! We asked her to elaborate more on her work as well as share some early concepts: Malena If you would like to use this as your desktop background, we have you covered! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18WH2AnZEPRDfg4EQAk-KNfSmNegfzZLf?usp=sharing We've seen a few other questions about the launch time and whether a map dump will be available so thought we'd answer them quickly below: Right now we don't have an exact time of day for the launch but expect it to be evening Central European Time. A map dump will not be available upon launch, but an in-game map will be. Target Window Icons Some of the target window icons came out early, and with the old UI looked a little... off. Rest assured, the new UI handles them much better, and we'd love to show off the full set! Check them out below: Wurm Launch Trailer! The launch trailer has been completed and is ready for release leading up to the launch of the game on Steam on the 24th, it's a fantastic trailer, and it even makes ME want to play Wurm! It's going to be amazing so keep your eyes peeled! If you haven't wishlisted Wurm on Steam already, you can do so right here! https://bit.ly/WOSTEAM Wurm keeps moving forward and we're kicking into the final gear in time for the launch on Steam, so hold on tight and keep on Wurming! Regards, Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    -1 The delivery systems are a way to connect people over far distances. If it were not possible there would be less bulk trade, or more concentrated to easy access points like harbours. I would rather advocate an extension to wagoner transport like a stagecoach system enabling players to travel relatively safely between deeds using a wagoner type transport. A due improvement to the wagoners would be the creation of more wagoner containers for public use. Especially for deliveries from other servers that would be handy.
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    As a short appraisal after a few hours: The move went fast and the server worked fine after start. Most of the in the last months worsened issues were either gone or ways less critical. After some time, maybe with recurrent population, some issues arose, such as synch troubles during sailing ("Your position .. bla .."). Still, after hours, the server feels ways better than before. To specify: I know Xanadu for 2.6 years circa, and lag has always been present. The last months, though, were among the worst. I hope the improvements are there to stay. I understand that the troubles by size and population are not addressed by the new hoster.
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    RUSH - Bastille Day - Studio version
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    I really like Harmony for pve too! And Tempest for pvp.
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    Heartland is kind of a weird name considering all of the servers are islands. Would be a good settlement name though. Don't know who suggested it but in the original thread someone suggested "Ferocity" for PVP and "Fellowship" for PVE. Love those and they fit in with the names of the existing servers. And the alliteration sounds nice.
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    Gotta give credit to the team for admitting their mistake and taking corrective action. Really nice to see.
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    I think most people's name suggestions that I've read are better than Rumble. lol
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    My vote goes toward Open as default when mounted. If I'm mounted chances are I'm on my cart, I open it far more than disembark it. Also checking if an action can be done for the repeat button would be nice. It's not great to see R: Drink(repeat) on every tile after drinking once. Repeat seems to be a bit wonky on walls as well, you don't get a repeat action on most walls you continue, continuing a second story wall from the ground is a guaranteed way to run into the problem. And last double clicking to target has caused more annoyance for me than not. If you have hellies attached to a cart or your bread any kind of agro. mob anytime you double click them to get info you target them. I slap my poor hellies with my axe enough without assistance. They rarely make it Other then that I think it's fantastic, I've been here since beta and this GUI has damn near everything I've ever felt I wanted in the wurm GUI. Damn fine job. Edit: Oh, an option to go back to the old font would be nice as well. I find it more legible, the smoothing on the current font makes me feel like I have to squint.
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    Not a fan of the new GUI. At all. I hate the huge fonts, and all the fancy window decorations. Even down to 90% scaling, way too big. Yeah, I get it... steam launch - you think you have to make the GUI look sexy... but this is *NOT* more immersive - it's anti-immersive adding lots of large fonts and window decorations that get between me and the scene. I think it's perfectly fine to offer this as a CHOICE to players, and even make it the default. But I think serious players get tired of all the "fluff" and want just the "stuff". I am in favor of a more transparent GUI, absent of unnecessary window decorations, and the option to use small fonts. A GUI that doesn't get between you and the scene, and/or add "artificial" elements to the scene gives more immersion, in my opinion. Darkfall had this - you could make the GUI (window decorations) almost completely transparent. Give me that option. Please I do like the filtering and search on windows. But I will rarely use that. Maybe on some full BSBs. But I like the option. Again with the "lightweight" GUI concept, maybe make that a button (or key bind) that pulls up the option for a window - maybe a magnifying glass icon up by the "X" to close the window. It really does not need to be there all the time. I didn't think I'd like the health bars in the scene (on mouseover). But I actually found that more immersive and engaging. I am not sure why I like it, but I do. It makes me want to go fight that mob and not just look at it. ;) But I hate showing the key presses in the scene ("press F for ..."). That should be a "tutorial mode" or such toggle. After a short look, back to classic GUI and small fonts for me. Please don't remove them!
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    I really like where the proposals are set at this point. There is no perfect system, raid window with the last iteration seems real good - attackers can also see the end of the window and save their ass.....ets. Social distancing or deeds and destroyable reinforcements should solve the windows-around-the-clock issues. Graves are even better than Epic proximity.
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    For those opposed to having to grind certain skills twice, consider that with the recent changes to Epic, players tend to play on freedom and only cross over to Epic when there's some PvP action happening. This behavior introduced a vicious circle where there's barely anyone on Epic to initiate pvp with to begin with, further reducing the reason to cross over. I think it's pretty damn important to prevent something like that from happening with the new PvP server. Having something like Epic portals to cross over between the two new servers already allows people to "teleport" in on demand when there's a PvP situation happening, effectively reducing the long-term reasons to actively play on the pvp server to deed maintenance and the odd armor crafting session. This makes clear the need for some other incentives. I think the few skills that currently don't transfer are a good start, but I think that either it should be taken even further (meditating and faith barely require presence, and fighting is a 1-week investment) , or an alternative reason for players to actively play on the pvp server if they intend to fight there as well should exist. Some other random ideas are: Simply only allow skills to sync once a year (quite drastic), Introduce a 1-2 hour significant skill debuff upon crossing (think 50% skillgain, and 50% effective skill for combat-skills and 75% for others). The former might be a bit too drastic, but I tink the latter could at least combat the opportunistic server crossing syndrome if tweaked right, although I'm not sure if it when deployed alone would be enough.