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    It's pretty foolproof - our shop won't allow you to purchase items for a Steam account, and you won't be able to buy from the Steam store on non-Steam accounts. At the start we'll be using the Steam microtransaction systems that require you to be logged in to your character, if we also use the Steam store through DLCs (like EVE does), we'll make sure it's clearly stated that it only applies to those accounts.
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    The time has come and so have I. The JK Coast Guard will sail again. Also definitely make horses grow slower. It'll be more fun to kill them all when we break in.
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    It depends on the reason you have been banned. Accounts banned for macros and such are informed they are welcome to make new accounts to play. Players specifically removed are not welcome back, and we will not be changing this.
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    Hi! I was wondering if you could add the ability to make fish oil in Wurm as a way to add more recipes and grind Natural Substances. Also would make ppl want to fish more? We could use the wood pulp press to get the fish oil instead of a fruit press.
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    +1 Would be another use for fish. I would like to see whale oil as an option as well and blubber/fat from butchering whales too.
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    LOL - Was using an Iron Staff not a wooden one - all good now
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    The new Whispering Bay. North Deli
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    Chatting in Freedom, I really miss the up and down arrows on the old scroll bar - I am finding it really difficult to accurately move the scroll bar up and down using my laptop touch pad, and I am struggling to keep up with chat. PLEASE can we have some up and down arrows at each end of the scroll bar on chat windows? Thanks!
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    I feel that the target and fight boxes should form a more unified "whole piece" when docked to each other. With some quick photoshopping.. Perhaps add the collapse option on it, same as selection box has now. If nothing targeted, collapse the target window (toggle auto collapse on/off) And when expanded, same thing. Remove those unnecessary side margin spaces
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    Hi everyone! After a few solid months spent on polishing the UI, I’m happy to say we’re at the point where we feel it’s almost ready to go, and as such we want to invite you to try it out. Below you can find a list of most of the additions and changes compared to the old interface. Changelog: Hotfix 1, July 4th - changelog: Hotfix 2, July 8th - changelog Hotfix 3, July 22nd - changelog Update, September 11th - changelog How to access the UI Preview client: We’re mostly looking for feedback regarding: Visual changes and the scaling functionality New features Default and repeat action keys and possible improvements to that Any missing functionality from the old UI Anything else that sticks out to you and affects daily gameplay Once we’ve ensured there are no critical issues, this will be replacing the old UI client, so make sure you try it out before that happens!
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    Has anyone of the wurm team thought about adding different materials for the spiral staircases? I know I for one would like to see anything other than brick or wood used for them, Marble, Sandstone, Pottery, Rendered, Rounded Stone would be nice. Ruriko
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    When I butchered an old tortoise, I got some meat. The meat read 'seafood' - a tortoise is not a sea creature! A turtle is a sea creature, a tortoise is a land creature - I think we probably need to make a clear distinction between a tortoise (a land creature, with stumpy feet, which is what the graphics for this animal look like) and a turtle (which has flippers and swims in the sea). [14:30:31] You butcher the corpse of old tortoise. [14:30:31] You produce some meat. It would be nice to know which animal the devs had in mind when they designed this creature.
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    I got the achievement "Giant fish" today. It's not listed on the wiki's achievements page. I got it after catching a 186.95 KG, 93.47 QL huge white shark. It's gold, and the hover text reads "You caught the rare one".
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    Not sure if this is helpful, but the suggestion I have is to make any option we can choose in a right-click menu on the objects we interact with "checkable," in doing so choosing the default option that would happen next time you mouse over and press the "DEFAULT_ACTION" key on that item. Hope I explained this well enough to understand what I mean... -amsedal
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    Hi Jotz, Please send to Ursu on Xan, Thanks again 85.21QL - Longsword, Iron - 104N 88LT 95MS 85C - 3 silver
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    That would be a harder way to attract new players because the word "steam" when attributed to games is a competitive phrase on Google. Steam players looking for an MMO would probably search by tag within Steam (which is terribly flawed, sadly). Google does not look for true statements, it looks for words and phrases. For example, you can search for asherons call steam and get 500,000+ result even though the game was cancelled and was never available on Steam. And now this page will be added to those results the next time the Google Bot crawls this page.
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    Overall, I like this "first draft" of taking the GUI in a new direction, more in line with current gaming standards & expectations. Are there problems to sort out? Yes. But I expect these to be fixed, if not now, then eventually with future iterations and updates. That's just how these things work. Heard a rumor that moving to a new UI format is the first step toward eventually allowing for player-made skins; would very much like to see that option That said, I definitely want to give my 2 irons about the good, bad, and ugly: THE GOOD • F and R keys. I know some players hate them already... but a standard, dynamic "action" key is pretty much de rigueur in MMOs and games these days. I mentioned the R / repeat key to some gaming friends of mine, and they just about lost their minds with envy. Change is rough, Wurm players will eventually get used to it. • new combat box is very nice - much easier to understand at a glance • we like the new ability to reorder, move, undock, and rearrange tabs and windows.... please make sure the game remembers our preferred layout between log-ins, yes? • ability to scale UI is good - but pay attention to the fact that everyone's first reaction was to scale the UI down • the trend toward modular UI elements that can be individually moved, arranged, scaled, and locked is a very good thing. ... More please? (I'm looking at the action bar stuck under the event window, specifically) • thank you for changing the "throw" icon on the fight bar... much easier to understand now that you aren't toggling between melee & archery, but toggling between using a weapon & throwing whatever is in hand THE BAD • would like to see ability to further scale UI size - perhaps as small as 75%? • header font is now serif. sans-serif would be a better, cleaner choice • fonts, in general, should be unified. one font and font style for chat text, one for menu text, one for header text. maybe one for subheader text. no more than that. bonus points if the same font or font family is used for all the text, with only font style changes marking the difference between text level. • UI elements that have multiple size options really, really need a middle / medium option. Examples: toolbelt, compass • not entirely a fan of the right-aligned "tab" with the minimize and close buttons... could we have a toggle to show/hide.... or a toggle to have those icons up in tab / displayed down "inside" the box? • old UI (picture below) had ability to define the anchor of the fight bar. I used the bottom left corner as my anchor and "docked" the bar above my target. With the anchor defined, the fight bar would expand upward to show the fight window when in combat. With new UI - when docked with target bar, element expands downward but hits the bottom of my screen & subsequently pushes entire target/fight bar up the screen to fit. Target/fight bar does not return to desired low-screen position after combat. Even when "locked." When not docked (and placed above target bar as per my old UI arrangement) fight bar expands downward and fight menu covers up the target bar. Possible solutions: re-enable ability to define fight bar anchor point.... Or... create toggle option to dock fight bar below/above target bar.... Or... allow fight bar to show/hide outside of combat & I can place it where ever on screen and just hide it. . THE UGLY (Prioritize these please) • mailboxes / COD have been broken. Fix ASAP as economy depends on it • allow for various text levels to be sized or scaled independent of each other, AND independent of the UI scale (for example: I like a slim, minimalist UI, but need bigger chat text sizes to prevent migraines) • make F: and R: onscreen text smaller, and if possible, allow for players to set preferred text size for this element specifically • where is the ability to define F-key keybinds? • lost ability to see rename with item name on mouseover and while dragging & dropping items into containers ... bring that back ASAP
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    Hi, as a construction worker in game, I find them currently pretty useless, and there are several reasons for that: 1. Can't be planted, which makes any off deed work hard, as people tend to take them (no idea why, probably intrigued by the item they never seen before), you can plant even chairs, why not the markers? It is a pesky issue especially where you have a complicated construction such as a highway and you need to mark several carefully surveyed template tiles. 2. Decay is way too fast, there should be an ability to repair them or improve with such a high decay rate, even at the cost of difficulty of doing so or creating them. 3. Colour - green blends too much with the environment, there is a reason why IRL construction markers tend to be red.
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    with the server being isolated to just the one pvp server for items, there is plenty of opportunity to get your gear back, I don't understand why full loot wouldn't be a thing. iv played 100s of games that are full loot and tbh many of the gaming industry is going to games like this for pvp. it is higher risk, which makes the game more of a thrill. removing full loot would be a drastic mistake. I do have a suggestion on those people who refuse to wear good armor and so forth and hide it on alts so it isn't lost, why not increase decay rates of items that are stored on a player alt, the more the character is not active the faster the decay rate will increase...this would force the items to decay that so many people try to hide away on an alt for fear of loss. like their could be a criteria such as said character must be premium to not have decay rate if its non prem there is already a penalty to storing on it. and say the character must move this many tiles in said time or decay rate will increase. or they have to be within enemy range of like 50 tiles or something...just a thought for those who hide away their gear. on same note since people will argue about it such items like armor equipped wouldn't be subject to this decay it be inventory itself. might be a bad idea might not, but its an idea to force items into the pvp fray that everyone refuses to use.
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    When you eliminate full loot, you'll also have less people pvping because they won't be able to get loot off of people. Myself included. I won't even bother with pvp if there is no full loot. Revenant on WU sort of removed full loot and still nobody pvped because it was boring. People will just grief others non stop, and everything would stagnate if people wouldn't lose their gear, as they could just re-enter the battlefield immedietly It's clear that many of you complaining about full loot never PvPed. Part of the thrill, and the point of pvp is that you can lose your gear any time. If you don't like that, then PvP is not for you, and we don't need you. I've lost hundreds of euros worth of gear in PvP before, yes it sucked, but that's just the way it is. It's like gambling, you might lose big, but you might also gain big. Now that RMT is removed, gear value will matter a lot less, and since you won't be able to bring gear between PvP and PvE losing good gear will matter even less and gives you a bigger chance of getting your gear back from the enemy, since they can't move it off server. A highly skilled, highly experienced person with average or bad gear will beat a non skilled, non experienced person decked out in the best gear. Usually PvP is also a group effort, highly coordinated, very rarely you get 1v1s unless you specifically seek it out. A person with bad gear but good skills/experience can do just as good in those scenarios as anyone else. There is no economy on PvP servers, if you are an active pvper or active in the kingdom, you will be given free gear and enchants if you ask for it/if people know you lost yours in battle.
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    I would suggest letting non-premium characters, that were premium at least once, to choose one skill that will never be capped if their premium time runs out. Of course some requirements and restrictions should be applied to prevent abuse, like it being a final choice and cannot be changed, you need certain skills (all? all except PVP ones?) maxed or do some arduous and time-consuming quest to receive this right. Why? The answer is simple - let those let fortunate, with money to get a profession which will let them earn silver coins to buy premium and enjoy the game in full, and as these coins come from richer people it shouldn't affect the total revenue.
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    Been looking for these videos for years, saw them back when they were kinda new on youtube. Definitely something alot of wurm players might find interesting to watch, thanks for posting them here.
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    Thank you very much! Received them this morning!
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    I've been grinding my Mag priest yesterday from 17 to 40 standing on a shallow cave tile. You will not catch anything but minnow and a few clams - but minnow is great as a bait for marlin later on when you go for the journal goal to catch a 75kg fish. If you are after that goal, grind fishing to 60+, I've been successful on a 62 skill toon and a few other 60ish ones already (time varied from 10 mins to 3+ hours hunting for the big marlin).
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    Windowed Re-sizeable Client, 90% UI size Health Bar: When I load the game, the health bar panel flashes up and down for a while. It looks like it's trying to expand over and again until it finally settles. I have it set to fully expanded, with name, FPS and speed all showing. The health bar panel is currently not locked.
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    When the chat window runs out of room for tabs and therefore a new tab gets placed atop the other tabs, it shrinks the window downward to make room. I'd rather the new tab simply get placed above it without altering the size of the chat area. Or perhaps there should be a choice in settings for "shrink chat box when adding new tabs" so that users can decide.
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    Sort by price function on trader seems to not sort properly.
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    Reposting this with a working gif: In the skills window, you're unable to drag the window using the gap in the window between the Skills tab and the minimise/close tab. However on the chat window, you can drag from this area. I'd personally prefer it if you could drag any window using this empty space.
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    I finally managed to free up some time to get in this month's Random Enkounter, so without further adieu I unleash the June event upon some unsuspecting person. Today's Enkounter will be based up on Dr. Gangrene's latest monstrosititious veggies! Oh no.... Nobody noticed me ;( I was sooo looking forward to the bloodshed and carnage. I'll just have to slip this 800Kg marlin back in the water... Look forward to July's exciting Enkounter!
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    Love the new UI but.. Could you add a setting that allows me to set a timer for when the new tooltips show up. Like when I hover my mouse 5 seconds over an item the tooltip shows up, not directly. All other mmorpg's have this setting as far as I know and it's needed for imping.
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    Mmm, what RGB has the house to the right? (the blue one)
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    Been playing around with it for an hour. Surprised I like it so much, so, hats off to the devs for this one! Only suggestion would be: Allow chat windows to be scaled separate from the other UI items. I can imagine those with poorer vision would be frustrated with the inability to scale the text without making all the other UI elements larger too. That would quickly clutter a screen.
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    Sure, but if they are banned they have violated the rules somehow. I would much rather prefer a game without players who are that "hardcore". That said, there are old time players still around.
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    Thank you all for the entries! We have now closed the entries and will review them, with the names ready to announce on the 10th!
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    Probably worth reminding those running on macOS the "Choose client" dialog is shown by holding the `cmd` button while starting the launcher.
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    Been forever since I've been to an impalong! I'd love to come.. I'm bringing myself (Stargrace in-game) and can help with BS, WS, Carp, Fine carp, (70+) Also going to drag along an alt for a spare sermon body (Blesse in-game, Fo) and maybe a few more bodies depending on how many alts I prem before the event..
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    Boats will be really important early servers because there will be no roads and it means safer travel. To believe boats would be useless because it's not connected would be a real mistake.
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    That is all correct Nordlys. Updated the first post to explain that better and added some other answers.
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    Steam accounts will only be able to buy silver coins and premium time through a new in-game store that uses the Steam store as the back-end, and possibly some options on the Steam store itself. You can't use our existing shop for Steam accounts, and you also will not be able to link existing non-Steam Wurm Online characters to your Steam account. That will always be buying directly from our shop on the website, using a regular Wurm Online account As others mentioned, Steam does take a cut from all the payments done through Steam's services. We'll work on updating the FAQ with some more of the asked questions.
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    It means that both clients do exactly the same thing. They both launch you to Wurm and they both will allow you to connect to either "Wurm Steam" servers or the Freedom servers. The thing is when you create a "Wurm Steam" character, you can use either client to log in, but it will log in its own server (Wurm Steam) and will have absolutely no contact to the old servers. You can't mail to it, sail to these servers, or meet your new character face to face. That means there is no way for you to send your already purchased currency to it. The servers are completely separate. There is no connection to them. The characters are completely separate. There is no way to mail/meet your steam characters. Think of it all as being Freedom vs Jackal with no way to cross over. So no, there is no way to give your new characters your old silver.
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    This is a great point. Whats going to happen with all these mobs now that Jackal is dead and inaccessible? I would guess it would be another six months to a year before another round of Jackal. Which begs the question... What about Valrei mobs? Its been over a year since I've seen one. They are never on Chaos anymore snd are extremely rare on epic. Why are all these fun mobs gone from the game? With all the work put on the valrei mob AI recently, its sad to be unable to even find them anymore.
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    Does wurm suffer from this? HAH YES Im sure you can see me often hammering away with long responses criticizing decisions that get made and quite often say "maybe next time they wont do this again" and things like that its because in all the years a lot of us have played wurm we have suffered from the same type of mistakes time and time again from rushed releases to badly thought out patches(fat=cant hit/skinny=100% dodge chance anyone?) that are thrown in on a whim or based on 1-2 people's view of a mechanic There is a reason why the last 3 years many people especially long time players started to be way more vocal then the years before and it isnt because the current dev team started to screw up more its that the same mistakes started to happen again in the past we got told "we will be more open and clear about certain things" for example pvp related changes and what not and it works for a bit and then its forgotten about again a few months later suddenly a random patch happens that just rubs people the wrong way. Or a mechanic that doesnt need changing suddenly gets changed to something that is arguably worse then before or vague patch notes with the devs saying "no we wont be clear about this we want players to find out about this" when a week before they said "we will be more clear about the upcoming patch" This cycle has been a thing in wurm since its start it was the case when it was just rolf and notch working together(although notch was a lot better at catching mistakes and quickly fixing them and making sure they would not happen again even if it meant postponing features) and after notch left that oversight was gone for a while so it happened quite a bit but things werent as bad then the dev team grew and with more people it becomes easier to forget mistakes add in a lack of care and we have promises that are forgotten past mistakes that are repeated time and time again and over time that led to a more vocal community that we have now So yes wurm really is plagued with this but id say in wurm its a 2-3 year cycle vs 5+ if not shorter on certain topics now this isnt to say that the devs are bad at their job its just that there is no person who is focused purely on making sure those mistakes dont happen again and makes sure that the quality of each patch is up to standard and that official responses are of a certain quality sure that role is filled but its filled by many vs 1 so its not as effective But end of the day i just hope that some day the current team will sit down and make a list of things that go wrong instead of hide them under the rug and try to forget about them and then repeat them after all we have to learn from our history or we are doomed to repeat them again just look at certain countries around the world who are doing that exact same thing right now
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    WU was dropped because it required separate dev time away from WO on top of taking away money. Demonize a company all you want but at the end of the day they've got to make money lol. Exclusive content for steam makes no sense as they're the same game; no extra dev time to update.
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    Release and Pristine were merged as a result of a player base vote. It wasn't a horrible imposition, it was a necessity, since both servers were quite different than the ones you see today. Picture every bit of easily accessible coast deeded (I had to raise up land from a lake to plant my first deed), anything that could be monopolised being monopolised (wild oaks were always cut down because certain players wanted them kept rare, all uniques were penned, and only the "old guard" offered decent gear), and a population cut off from impalongs and events In the end, those of us from Release and Pristine wanted the merge; especially with Xanadu coming out. If history repeats itself (which it invariably always does) then (if wurm online does not get nuked by "not free to play" reviews, which is the case for a lot of "free to try" games) a join is inevitable in a reasonably short timespan if the servers are successful.
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    Worst idea ever for a game like Wurm. I have goals to achive for my character for the next 20 years and i'm actively playing for 6 years, why would i want my effort to be wasted... Also don't understand people not wanting ever to connect servers, in 3-4 years won't make any difference at all lol. If you want that kind of fast paced casual fun i guess smthng like challenge server would be more in order, or some other game I bet half of people wanting new start and comming back for that to Steam will quit after half year - 1 year like they quit in first place
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    pretty much all of the people i've talked to that played the game years ago and still own top level characters would rather start again in a fresh environment, especially for pvpers.
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    By "hard to make" I mean "high skill required". I haven't failed at any because my carpentry is 40 so I can't attempt any. I am not complaining about that at all; it's just a standard part of most games to gain access and abilities with skill or level progression. I am just trying to understand this particular one, why a basic no-frills box of a certain size can be made at 10 but a bigger version of the same thing needs 60. It's a big jump and a box is basic. It just seems, I don't know, disproportionate? Yes, my skill is low, for a number of reasons, one of which is my propensity to just go exploring, which doesn't seem to enhance any skills. I don't play the game to advance skills so much as vice versa. This was never meant to be a complaint about "I can't do ...?" I am just trying to understand the why of it.
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    Maybe have it apply a global healing potency on all wounds, as if the player were on enchanted grass, and the potency / duration be decided by the quality.