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    ... and now for something completely different... The Church of Magranon at Albia Bay View on Indy - with Gothic Cathedral style Flying Buttresses. https://prnt.sc/smkdqm Night time view http://prntscr.com/smlq03 Day time view. http://prntscr.com/smlqyd Closer view of the Flying Buttress layers In our 7 years of mapping Indy, have yet to see them anywhere, so thought I would give it a try. Enjoy, Cheers, Hughmongus
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    Sure, we've all run around with a chair equipped for the fun of it, but what about the more mundane objects that look absurd when equipped in the hand? I'm simply asking for the grasp point to be updated so they look a little less crazy. As an example, here's my priest with her picnic lunch waiting for her ride.
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    I have had several black lambs born in my breeding efforts and was disappointed to find that black sheep do not produce black wool. This makes little sense to me and I was hoping for a fix. I'm sure there will be an argument for black dye making in this but that still will have many uses besides wool products so I don't see the harm in the utilization of black wool. This has probably been mentioned before but as one seems to be labeled a "necromancer" for delving to far back in the suggestions I've opted to simply start a new post.
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    if you werent forced to do things you despise would it really be a wurm online journal
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    The main purpose would be to have option to make black wool items without making high ql black dye which us incredibly hard to make... And to reward breeders with that option as animal husbandry is severely lacking in some exciting content. But yeah, like you said considering hastle with double recepies it's probably not worth it sadly.
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    Wurm Pirate Hats. Ahoy wurmian mates! it has been frightfully apparent, to me, and most of my fellow wurmians, for a long time that the wardrobes and closets have been very empty, the clothing options are very limited, to say the least. i believe its time for a change of clothing! i offer a few ideas to kick it off, ive been brewing these for a while and since this seems to be the season of change so i offer these for your consideration. Pirate Hats there are a few possibilities for this one. One option would be to give the adventurers hat the option to use a string and fold the rim a tailor could do it up to three times and every fold is a different look. the second option would be to add new models and recipes to tailoring skill for a Cavalier Hat and a Tricorn (Pirate) Hat. Jesters cap this one will require a model i'm sure but would love to see it just to add some fun i know one of my alts would ware one of these forever Capes someone else has brought this up here is the link to their post i mean we have the item slot for it and its just filling with dust soooo.....? Priest Robes this image i found was perfect for what i was thinking because the robe would replace the chest item be it a shirt or jacket it would be dyable and seen in this image is a long tabard that is worn over and would use the tabard slot, it is cinched with a rope belt the two items that would need a model is the robe and the tabard because the hood already in game would work for the hood for the outfit already. if anyone has any more idea i encourage you to post here. thank you
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    Hi! A great QoL thing for all kingdoms on Chaos would be if the current King / Queen could set up Jarls / Council members etc. These in return would have the same permissions as the king without the CR bonus, in order to be able to kick people from the kingdom etc.
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    [17:59:05] <System> This is the Community Assistance window. Just type your questions here. To stop receiving these messages, manage your profile. [17:59:37] <Ironmaiden> (Xan) You're a Dwarf. As long as they haven't cut off both legs and arms you'll live. (and end of chitchat. ) [17:59:53] <Arthurhawkwing> (Xan) heh was down one arm and both legs [18:11:02] <Glamour> (Xan) work some bonusses on titles? [18:12:00] <Almostsolitude> (Pri) no, only to improve armors, horse gear [18:12:34] <Glamour> (Xan) and y must wear that bonus to work? [18:12:49] <Almostsolitude> (Pri) first title, yes [18:14:22] <Adruidiazkane> (Ind) which title? [18:15:31] <Ningizhida> (Ind) how does one improve gear? [18:15:41] <Almostsolitude> (Pri) When a title has an effect on improving (for example, improving armour), only the first title has an effect. [18:16:01] <Ironmaiden> (Xan) By using the tool or resource showing up behind the item at it. [18:16:05] <Adruidiazkane> (Ind) How do you know if the title has an effect? [18:16:31] <Ironmaiden> (Xan) Metal items and the lump need to be heated up in a forge or campfire up to glowing hot, before you can improve the items [18:16:59] <Ironmaiden> (Xan) The gear you start with CAN NOT be improved. [18:17:16] <Glamour> (Xan) because someone look onto WU code time ago Any chance to make any of that a bit more reasonable and making sense? TL:DR: Make titles that give some bonus like QL improvement with armor titles, show an icon with description what the title gives, similar to the event icons for 10/30% skill bonus/path passive bonuses and such
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    Hi fellow Wurmians! Fine enchanted items I have for you ? I aim to offer mainly a large range of enchanted goods. Taking custom orders also. 98 channeling, 63 soul depth Vynora Priest and a Fo priest for LT casts. PM with your request and I send you a quote. Items are located on Independence, Tree Huggers Eden (62x, 23y on the map) Most can be mailed though. *** Fo and Vynora priests casts available! *** 2s per 90+ Mind Stealer Cast, or 2 s per 90+ Life Transfer cast. 1 s per 90+ COC /WOA/Nimbleness Demise of choice: 20 c. Your item should have 90+ ql to reduce risk. (Even with best preparations and 98 Channeling, casting in Wurm is still a random thing and may result in losing the item if it is low ql) Best to send me your stuff with your nameon it and post here which casts you would like, or send a notice along if it won't fit the naming window of the item. We keep the free pizza with every order up another while! So, order away! ? *** Special Items *** Currently 3 small Trader deeds for sale. more info here: Rare small anvil, 71 ql, iron, unenchanted, 4 s pickaxe, 80 ql 71 woa, bronze rune of Libila has been attached to it, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) - 1.5 s Shovel, tin, 92 woa, 75 coc, 1.5 s Supreme Champagner - 3 s Rare iron lumps - 20 c each Rare Receipe "goblin liver and onion" - 20 c Rare Adamantine lump, 87 ql, 0.35 kg - 2.5 s Items sorted alphabetically. *** For more weapons scroll down to bottom of post! ** ****NEW! Merchant in Glasshollow Market called Luxury_enchants, contains all my 90+ casts**** It is conveniently placed close to the token and mailbox, along the road between harbour and glasshollow starter deed. Complete stock: (not merchant) Awls awl, 13 ql, 67 coc, 25 c awl, 12 ql, 83 coc, 60 c awl, 24 ql, 92 coc, 1 s awl, 36 ql, steel, 90 coc, 1 s Bows bow, long, willow, 61 ql, 72 coc, 30 c Buckets bucket, oakenwood, 40 ql, 72 coc, 30 c bucket, oakenwood, 39 ql, 80 coc, 50 c bucket, oakenwood, 32 ql, 95 coc, 1 s Butchering knifes butchering knife, 3 ql, 65 coc, 25 c butchering knife, 3 ql, 66 coc, 25 c butchering knife, 3 ql, 74 coc, 30 c butchering knife, 3 ql, 84 coc, 60 c butchering knife, 50 ql, 90 coc, 1 s Carving knifes carving knife, 22 ql, 71 woa, 30 c carving knife, 50 ql, 82 woa, 60 c carving knife, 50 ql, 71 coc, 30 c carving knife, 50 ql, 82 coc, 60 c carving knife, 48 ql, 91 coc, 1 s Charcoal charcoal, 77 ql, 73 coc, 30 c charcoal, 77 ql, 86 coc, 60 c Cheese drills cheese drill, oakenwood, 30 ql, 73 coc, 30 c Chisels chisel, 50 ql, 81 coc, 60 c chisel, 52 ql, 69 woa, 76 coc, 50 c chise, 48 ql, 78 coc, 30 c chisel, 49 ql, 90 coc, 1 s chisel, 71 ql, 91 woa, 71 coc, 1.3 s chisel, 35 ql, 92 coc, 1 s Clay clay, 52 ql, 70 woa, 30 c clay, 52 ql, 72 woa, 30 c clay, 52 ql, 76 woa, 30 c clay, 52 ql, 77 woa, 30 c clay, 52 ql, 80 woa, 60 c clay, 52 ql, 81 woa, 60 c (clay can be combined and will keep the enchant if you activate the enchanted piece when combining, same as with lumps) Clay shaper clay shaper, oakenwood, 7 ql, 69 coc, 25 c clay shaper, oakenwood, 7 ql, 76 coc, 30 c clay shaper, 31 ql, 95 coc, 1 s Eyes eye, 48 ql, 74 coc, 30 c eye, 48 ql, 80 coc, 60 c eye, 54 ql, 82 woa, 60 c eye, 64 ql, 101 coc, 3 s Files file, 23 ql, 68 coc, 25 c file, 71 ql, 79 coc, 40 c file, 49 ql, 83 coc, 60 c file, 71 ql, 84 coc, 60 c Fine Fishing Rods fine fishing rod, willow, 30 ql, 75 coc, 30 c fine fishing rod, willow, 30 ql, 81 coc, 60 c Fruit presses fruit press, olivewood, 22 ql, 68 coc, 25 c fruit press, olivewood, 32 ql, 73 coc, 30 c fruit press, olivewood, 24 ql, 86 coc, 60 c fruit press, oakenwood, 30 ql, 83 coc, 60 c fruit press, oakenwood, 28 ql, 88 coc, 60 c Grind stones grind stone, 30 ql, 67 coc, 25 c grind stone, 30 ql, 72 coc, 30 c grind stone, 4 ql, 79 coc, 30 c grind stone, 30 ql, 80 coc, 60 c Grooming brushes grooming brush, 16 ql, 50 coc, 20 c grooming brush, 16 ql, 60 coc, 25 c grooming brush, 16 ql, 80 coc, 60 c grooming brush, 16 ql, 83 coc, 60 c Hammers hammer, 71 ql, 80 coc, 80 c hammer, 71 ql, 83 coc, 1 s hammer, steel, 35 ql, 86 coc, 60 c Hatchets, iron hatchet, 13 ql, 67 coc, 25 c hatchet, 12 ql, 74 coc, 30 c hatchet, 11 ql, 80 coc, 60 c hatchet, 11 ql, 83 coc, 60 c hatchet, 13 ql, 84 coc, 60 c hatchet, 4 ql, 93 coc, 1 s hatchet, 81 ql, 75 woa, 80 coc, 1 s Hatchets, steel hatchet, steel, 9 ql, 66 coc, 25 c hatchet, steel, 16 ql, 82 coc, 60 c hatchet, steel, 10 ql, 92 coc, 1 s Horse shoes horse shoe, 85 ql, 98 woa, 1.5 s Keys key, copper, 10 ql, 70 coc, 29 c key, copper, 5 ql, 74 coc, 30 c key, copper, 10 ql, 80 coc, 59 c key, copper, 10 ql, 99 coc, 2 s Kindlings kindling, 35 ql, 75 coc, 30 c kindling, 35 ql, 82 coc, 60 c kindling, 30 ql, 97 coc, 1.5 s kindling, 30 ql, 101 coc 4 s Knifes (for cooking) knife, 6 ql, 78 coc, 30 c knife, 30 ql, 82 coc, 60 c Large Anvils large anvil, 50 ql, 63 coc, 25 c large anvil, 50 ql, 77 coc, 30 c Large Iron Shields large shield, 10 ql, 89 coc, 1,5 s Large wooden shields: large shield, oak, 53 ql, 70 coc, 30 c large shield, oak, 53 ql, 73 coc, 30 c large shield, oak, 54 ql, 92 coc, 1 s Leather knifes leather knife, 26 ql, 84 coc, 60 c leather knife, 31 ql, 94 coc, 1 s Leggats leggat, oakenwood, 40 ql, 60 coc, 25 c leggat, oakenwood, 40 ql, 77 coc, 30 c leggat, oakenwood, 39 ql, 86 coc, 60 c leggat, oakenwood, 39 ql, 90 coc, 1 s Lumps lump, copper, 71 coc, 30 c lump, iron, 46 ql, 80 coc, 60 c lump, iron, 90 ql, 92 coc, 1 s lump, steel, 18 ql, 71 coc, 30 c lump, steel, 47 ql, 75 coc, 30 c lump, steel, 18 ql, 82 coc, 60 c lump, steel, 25 ql, 83 coc, 60 c lump, steel, 50 ql, 84 coc, 60 c lump, steel, 45 ql, 93 coc, 1 s Lye lye 1 l in a barrel, 15 ql, 88 coc, 80 c Mallets mallet, birchwood, 85 ql, 86 woa, 62 coc, 80 c mallet, birchwood, 85 ql, 94 woa, 1 s mallet, oakenwood, 95 coc, 1 s Meditation rugs meditation rug, 6 ql, 53 coc, 20 c meditation rug, 6 ql, 65 coc, 25 c meditation rug, 6 ql, 72 coc, 30 c meditaton rug, 6 ql, 77 coc, 30 c meditation rug, 6 ql, 81 coc, 60 c Metal brushes metal brush, 19 ql, 59 coc, 20 c metal brush, 19 ql, 69 coc, 25 c metal brush, 19 ql, 76 coc, 30 c metal brush, 19 ql, 88 coc, 60 c metal brush, 19 ql, 90 coc, 1 s mortar, 6 ql, 81 coc, 80 c Mortar&Pestle mortar&pestle, 21 ql, 62 coc, 25 c mortar&pestle, 21 ql, 66 coc, 25 c mortar&pestle, 21 ql, 74 coc, 30 c Needles needle, 27 ql, 55 coc, 20 c needle, 22 ql, 73 coc, 30 c needle, 27 ql, 90 coc, 1 s needle, 44 ql, 101 coc, 4 s Paws paw, 59 ql, 78 coc, 30 c paw, 59 ql, 80 coc, 60 c Pelts pelt, mountain lion, 83 ql, 68 coc, 25 c pelt, mountain lion, 78 ql, 77 coc, 30 c pelt, mountain lion, 73 ql, 83 coc, 60 c Pendulums: lurker in the woods, silver, 30 ql, 62 LITW, 30 c lurker in the woods, gold, 30 ql, 83 LITW, 90 c lurker in the woods, gold, 30 ql, 76 LITW, 50 c Pickaxes, iron, with coc: pickaxe, 50 ql, 76 coc, 30 c pickaxe, 14 ql, 84 coc, 60 c Pickaxes, iron, with woa (& coc on some) pickaxe, 81 ql, 73 woa, 83 coc, 1 s pickaxe, 81 ql, 79 woa, 50 c pickaxe, 81 ql, 84 woa, 80 c Pickaxes, steel 15 ql, 64 coc, 25 c 11 ql, 65 coc, 25 c 12 ql, 66 coc, 25 c 12 ql, 72 coc, 30 c 14 ql, 82 coc, 60 c 11 ql, 86 coc, 60 c 13 ql, 92 coc, 1 s Presses press, 50 ql, 84 coc, 60 c Puppets puppet, libila, 11 ql, 85 coc, 60 c Rakes rake, 18 ql, 69 coc, 25 c rake, 18 ql, 72 coc, 30 c rake, 19 ql, 82 coc, 60 c rake, 19 ql, 90 coc, 1 s Ropetools ropetool, oakenwood, 30 ql, 64 coc, 25 c ropetool, oakenwood, 30 ql, 73 coc, 30 c ropetool, oakenwood, 31 ql, 90 coc, 1 s ropetool, oakenwood, 30 ql, 100 coc, 3.5 s Saddles saddle, 70 ql, 79 woa, 1 s Saws saw, 50 ql, 82 coc, 60 c saw, 50 ql, 77 woa, 30 c saw, 50 ql, 76 coc, 30 c saw, 30 ql, 95 coc, 1 s Scissors scissors, 50 ql, 70 coc, 30 c scissors, 51 ql, 86 coc, 60 c scissors, 42 ql, 82 woa, 86 coc, 1.2 s scissors, 35 ql, 92 coc, 1 s Scythes scythe, 66 ql, 93 coc, 1 s Shovels, iron: shovel, 50 ql, 86 coc, 60 c shovel, 70 ql, 73 woa, 77 coc, 90 c shovel, 50 ql, 91 coc, 1 s Shovels, steel: shovel, steel, 24 ql, 77 coc, 30 c shovel, steel, 26 ql, 100 coc, 3.5 s Sickles: sickle, 30 ql, 71 coc,30 c sickle, 30 ql, 81 coc, 60 c sickle, 50 ql, 90 coc, 1 s sickle, 30 ql, 93 coc, 1 s Small anvils small anvil, 18 ql, 78 coc, 30 c small anvil, 18 ql, 85 coc, 60 c small anvil, 24 ql, 67 coc, 25 c Spatulas spatula, oakenwood, 7 ql, 61 coc, 25 c spatula,pinewood, 21 ql, 72 coc, 30 c Spindles spindle, pinewood, 9 ql, 78 coc, 30 c spindle, oakenwood, 94 ql, 80 coc, 2 s Steel & Flints steel and flint, 19 ql, 79 coc, 30 c steel and flint, 19 ql, 82 coc, 50 c Strings of cloth string of cloth, 50 ql, 98 coc, 1.5 s Teeth tooth, 64 ql, 72 coc, 30 c Trowels trowel, 50 ql, 76 coc, 30 c trowel, 51 ql, 75 woa, 30 c trowel, 50 ql, 86 coc, 80 c trowel, 19 ql, 91 coc, 1 s water water 2l in a barrel, 74 coc, 30 c water 2l in a barrel, 86 coc, 50 c water 2l in a barrel, 90 coc, 90 c Whetstones whetstone, 78 ql, 63 coc, 25 c whetstone, 85 ql, 64 coc, 25 c whetstone, 90 ql, 76 coc, 30 c whetstone, 80 ql, 81 coc, 60 c whetstone, 74 ql, 89 coc, 60 c whetstone, 95 ql, 72 woa, 71 coc, 60 c whetstone, 91 ql, 90 coc, 1 s whetstone, 100 ql, 101 woa, 90 coc, 3 s And here some random other stuff: Star Diamond, 21 ql, 2 s Star Diamond, 24 ql, 2 s Fireworks 80 ql - 1.5 s supreme green grape - 20 c rare iron lumps (currently 4 available) - 15 c each rare cordage ropes (currently 6 available) - 15 c each rare small tackle - 15 c There is also a merchant called "Smilingcat enchants" in Freedom Market on Independence with some other enchanted items. Another few Merchants can be found in Glasshollow Market (Slovenia) on Xanadu, it is named "Enchanted goods", one right outside New Springs, one right outside Linton, one right outside Esteron, and one right outside Summerholt. All on Xanadu. LT Weapons merchant called "Smilingcat Weapons" in Glasshollow Market , Dragon Market section: (only available until sold, if still available, items can be mailed though, just post what you like sent!) axe, iron (83N 85FB 83 coc) , 1.9 s hatchet, 71 ql, 92N 92LT 91COC, 5 s hatchet, 71ql, 81N 76LT 75COC, 2.2 s hatchet, 71 ql, 75N 64LT 83COC, 2 s Huge axe, 71 ql, 90N, 91LT, 96COC, 82MS , 5 s Large Maul, 74 ql, 100N 77LT 101 COC, 6.5 s Long spear, steel, 70 ql, 74 N, 74 LT, 81 COC, 2.5 s longsword, 70 ql, 87N 93LT 84COC 78MS , 4.4 s Maul (medium), (78N 77LT 92COC 83MS), 3 s short sword, 70 ql, 63N 53LT 69COC, 1.2 s sickle, iron, 71 ql 80N, 85LT, 86COC, 79MS, MD, 3 s sickle, iron, 71 ql, 77N, 78LT, 80COC, 100MS, MD, 4.5 s spear, steel, 70 ql, (97N 76LT 73COC), 3.3 s small axe, iron , 71 ql, 75LT, 60 COC, 51 MS, 1.2 s small maul, iron, 63LT, 61COC, 50 ql, 1 s two handed sword, 70 ql, 71N 57LT 85COC, 1.6 s two handed sword, 70 ql, SD 80N 81LT 71COC 95MS , 5.5 s Looking for something and don't find it here? PM me for a quote on your order! ? PM me if you have a market opened elsewhere on Xanadu and would like one of my merchants with skiller and speed enchanted items. Check back regularly for new items or ask for custom casts if you need something not on the list Legend: coc = Circle of Cunning = helps with skill gain woa = wind of ages = makes the task you are doing with said item go faster c = copper coins s = silver coins ql = item quality aosp= aura of shared pain = deals damage to the attacker when they hit you. LT = Life transfer = heals you when dealing damage to an enemy MS= Mind Stealer = has a chance of stealing knowledge/skill from an enemy once it is killed by this weapon N= Nimbleness = weapon hits faster SD= Selfhealer's Demise (works better against Trolls for example)
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    Would love to see large beautiful white tamable dire wolves. Actually there are quite a few animals I would love to see in wurm from small game like rabbits, foxes otters and beavers, and larger game like elk and moose, to fowl like owls, crows, woodpeckers, peacocks and song birds and even more mythical ones like imps, pixies, fairies, and minotaurs. All with their own benefits and deficits of course. Personally I feel we need more variety and less mass production of the same old thing. Really would love ideas and input on these.
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    Please return rifts to 3 waves only and stop mobs from teleporting, this has done nothing to "enhance, make more fun, or add to the pleasure" of rifts, but has instead served to annoy, aggravate, and waste the time of 95%+ of the players I have talked with at rifts. For example, the typical rift: wave 1+2 take 15m, wave 3+4 take 90m+. This is HORRIFIC game balance not to mention design. Why should I bother showing up to anything but wave 4 for the journal ach which is what most people attending rifts need. Why are rift mobs so incredibly difficult to hit even with good to great combat skills? What was the reasoning for giving rift mobs 100CR ? When summoners don't teleport away from us at rifts and we can kill them without needing to chase them down at least once or twice, is this a bug or a feature? When will rifts be revisited/fixed/done?
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    Please before you add the game to steam add some kinda customizable banners/tabards for alliances. Its been requested for a long time. There needs to be a way to show our affiliation. PVE is where you will make your money on STEAM. This is a feature in most mmos and its there for a reason people like to have some kinda colors to bind them. The reason i only mention tabards/banners i intentional. That will mean less work for art team and and maybe can make an uploadable template. You could make the center of the freedom tabard have the default freedom kingdom image. make it dyeable on the outside. Could do the same with tall and short banners and thats enough for a pve kingdom. And dont even put pvp wagons and tents on steam its not right to sell stuff on one server you cant make. I mean if that is your methodology for pvp servers making money you might as well let them make fountain pans and bags of keeping. Alright thanks.
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    Beastwolf is both mine and Virementals pet, we love him dearly. He leads us to our deaths often, we play fetch with him with random boats across chaos he never fails to bring them back to us. He is capable of many tricks including video editing, being bad at pvp and being the best toaster pawner this side of Valrei. In summary he is the greatest pet either of us have ever had.
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    For one thing it would make the differentiation in having black sheep as a rarer variety of the common white sheep mean something, especially for breeders. Another, it would enable the means of having black wool items (and materials) with no dyes involved and no requirement to produce high quality dyes for using sheared wool that matches the visual colour of the animal the wool comes from. I don't think there'd be any complaints from players if in their bins there'd be a seperate 'wool, black' line instead of just white 'wool' (or 'wool, white') in the future. The ability to customize from a variety of choices generally is a good thing in crafting games such as Wurm Online, and it'd work the same way that sheep's milk comes from sheep and not just generic 'milk'. 'Wogic' is not a complement with reference to shearing white wool from a black sheep. I think it's a great suggestion and one I'd been pondering all along since the introduction of a black variety of sheep myself.
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    dump rifts entirely and give us goblin invasions like we wanted forever
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    I believe Indy's first church with European Cathedral style Flying Buttresses. http://prntscr.com/smlryz Cheers, Hughmongus
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    Congrats Joel on your 1st deed and Welcome to Wurm. The Map image is very much appreciated. It will be on the next update we issue on May 31st.' Kindest regards, Hughmongus Cartographer of Indy Co-Administrator - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Made a lot of different barrels of drinks like vodka, whisky, moonshine, gin, brandy and all that, white, red and rice whine. Then a thought wouldn't it be nice to be able to make [bottles] with a [glassblowing kit]. Materials for glass could be charcoal and sand, maybe a little bit of metal for different colours. Or colours of the bottles could be defined by temperature they are made also, in a [glassblowing oven] ? Glassblowing could be a skill or subskill( pottery ?) and to be able to make own bottles and fill them with beverages with your Name on them (Reskal's Moonshine)could need a certain skill level in beverages. Labels would be used in the process of making bottles also. Placed on tables the filled bottles (if clear glass) could show the liquids colour too, same for glasses. In a [bottle rack] you could store filled and labeled bottles to let them age further. Just as an idea, there are for sure more things in this to have.
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    I don't think real change will come here; it's an issue with two clearly valid sides. On the one hand, the uniques content could be considered well designed as it provides endgame content that requires hard work from players. You put in the work, you maybe get the reward. On the other hand, it is the only real endgame content of note, and this is bad design as it punishes players who can't, or won't, no-life. It has become a focus of contention because the rewards are so powerful, and certain players are gated from this content by RL. The real solution would be to add different endgame content linked to incremental actions which offers rewards of a similar magnitude.
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    Oh and Madnath if I happen to come across a suggestion I like I really don't care how old it is I will still like it!
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    make uniques rift based. They dont leave area ...cant build on them cant modify terrain cant deed them. Give everyone a shot at attending.
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    Put together a pretty little potting bench today
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    Just add an icon for the effect. Also maybe have 2 groups of effect icons to reduce clutter. Long-term passive effects (meditation, title bonus, tomes, etc) and temporary effects (spells, food affinity, links).
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    I never said that. It would be extremely silly of me to say so considering all my mods are open source with a very permissive license. This is a lie. There are other examples of my work that benefitted WO in the very post you edited. My narative is not and never was "my ideas were stolen", my narative is "we as a community did everything to help CodeClub and got screwed over in response". EDIT: And i'm sure you know that, that's why you had to delete half my post to allow you to put a strawman narrative in my mouth.
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    Rolf very clearly stated in his WU FAQ that the game will be developed in parallel with WO and all features and code will be shared between them. Those statements were why we bought the game in the first place. Stop trying to spin it. Moreover, the WU community and modders contributed countless hours to making WO a better game. About half the updates WO got over the last few years started as WU mods, stuff like placing things on tables was said to be completely impossible by the devs for years before WU until i figured out how to do it and released it as a WU mod. Stuff like archeology journal, creature cages, colored creatures, priest rework, etc... all started as WU mods or were heavily inspired by them. Critical bugs in WO were fixed because some WU modder sat and did codeclub's job for them. Stuff like rubberbanding on cave bridges that plagued WO for weeks was fixed the next day after that code was added to WU because i spent an evening debugging movement code then chasing WO devs on IRC to tell them how to fix it.
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    That have nothing to do with certain groups yoinking end game content that nobody else gets to experience for one or another reason. It's bad entertainment for the majority in the end, un-fun content. --edit rites if you're persistent - you can yoink one easily; sermons or channeling grind you can gimp on your own also in addition anyone able and willing to.. can spend a bit more to pop a mini sermon on it's own and spam faith grind at a certain cost, that have nothing to do with end-gaming or anything.. just spending more to sermon at own rules and times; many able to.. just do that and skip the "social aspect" that's intended; with uniques there's no alternative
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    Everything was sent, but i couldn't find the Rare needle Sorry for the huge delay, i couldn't play for a few days, if it was too late for any of those, feel free to return the mail
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    Rare Mallet Head Oak (1.8s) please COD to Odahonorata
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    cod to trazz QL92.3 Rare Mallet Oak - w103 c99 (5.3s) please and thankyou
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    I'm interested in this one, if it's still available. COD to Taganogg.
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    Yep, the wrong date is definitely going to tip them off as Wurm being dated. Not the screenshots or anything.
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    Honestly NO a big fat no you want the economy to function better so that you can line your pockets with virtual currency at the expense of people's enjoyment and rl currency? Lets break it down why turning decay time from a few months to a few weeks would leave wurm a barren wasteland 1. You suggest a 2 week to 6 month decay rate on buildings based on quality, You know what this will do to newbies who dont have a deed yet? they already worry enough that their stuff will get stolen by some long time player who is a ass and decides to troll newbies(it happens far more then you would expect) 2. You want boats to decay between 1 week and 3 months off deed? What about those who park their boats off deeds as they live further inland are they not allowed to have boats? Or should they pay more money to fund yet another deed just to park their boats? 3. You want to increase tool damage but have you ever done a 20 hour mining session and watched the quality of a supreme pickaxe drop from 98 down to low 80's if not way lower? Same goes with other tools 20 hours of actual action time usage will degrade the quality a lot. The reason you don't see a active economy in tools really is because there are enough people who can self maintain their high ql tools and those who cant know someone who can already so the only market that exists is new tools for new players or replacements/upgrades with the occasional imp for a random person Anyway you look at it it wont help the economy it will just make wurm more of a grind for those who can self sustain and more costly for those who cant while offering nothing much in return but annoyance and anger for newbies and casuals and only really benefiting a small tiny portion while pissing off a bigger part You want a better working economy? Get more players now with the reselling of accounts gone the old joats will die out in time and if we can keep getting the slow but steady supply of new players we do in a while it will balance out where supply will drop and demand will go up in comparison So in short the idea itself only serves to line the pockets of those who spend countless hours trying to make silver and grind skills for the sake of silver while it will ruin it for the majority of players who dont park everything on a deed or dont have a deed yet or cant self sustain And ill leave you with a scenario just to show you how bad it can be if say that whole idea thing becomes a thing Our lovely wurmian bobby is still new to the game and he just build his house and is working on getting his skills up while building up his little place while foraging for food and hunting easy mobs while running from spiders and trolls and such After a few what seemed like long days of work he finally has a 2x2 house with a small garden where he has some vegies and cotton planted and a horse he found/got for cheap He has a mine a cart dragged by bulls is working on his rowboat because he lives a few minutes walking from water so he build a hut there as he is afraid someone will steal his row boat A few days go by he gets distracted of his almost finished boat and low ql 1x1 "shipyard" as he grinds some more skills kills some more things gets some coin from killing and butchering and buys some better gear as he notices how quick his starting gear gets down in ql and asked in ca help and got told thats just how fast tools decay which irks him a bit but hey its a new game maybe its always been the norm He harvests his crops makes himself a bed expands his farm he is now 1 week into the game his 1x1 shipyard is already high on damage and so is his boat He comes back to his boat in the weekend works on it some more and notices it needs a lot of rope so he plants wemp and continues on with his day not knowing his starting house and shipyard and boat will disappear soon as he doesnt know that he only has 2 weeks of time to repair his newbie stuff So he tends his fields mines some ore skills away hunts away slowly expanding his place logs off for a day or so to play something else and comes back and finds his house with open walls or gone and the tools he had bought and stored in a chest taken away he freaks out runs around checking up on stuff and finds his boat gone too and for most that would be the quit wurm and dont come back as why bother Even if he doesnt quit he will be pissed off and upon learning that unless he buys silver to buy a deed and premium time to grind his skills higher then 20 he will go "why bother i need to pay a sub sure thats normal but pay to keep his stuff safe from a game mechanic designed to line the pockets of a select few that wont go over well for anyone and will most likely make him quit there and then tldr increasing decay and damage in an attempt to increase the sale of objects will not work and only drive away new players who can not benefit from the high quality/deeds to protect their assets it would only serve to destroy the economy more by imposing a game mechanic that tailors to increasing transactions vs a better game to play for all and in the end of the day this is a game we play to play not a game we play to hoard silver for what ever reason so no i dont want any of those changes at all as it will ruin the game on the grand scheme of things and is bad for the economy long term
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    I switched to Linux with Ubuntu 20.04 and also need to run client with sudo from terminal, also the sound of everything else isnt working anymore, which i could not solve with the old forum thread and is quite the worse problem. As Linux noob i might be doing things wrong on many fronts, but any news on the deb installer (or snap)? Will steam help with a better install? I installed wurm unlimited on an old laptop with steam on ubuntu (18.04) and that worked fine.
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    Personally I ALWAYS hated the Player god mechanic. It was always broken and unbalanced, I think it's just a shame that it's taken the devs to realise this was terrible idea in the first place. Ongoing a focus on just 4 major gods makes complete sense and hopefully result in a better balanced game in the long-run both for PvP and PvE. Whilst I can understand some peoples frustrations on not being able to access some important spells (because certain player gods were more blessed than others). The fact that one god has so many crucial spells for your everyday stuff is a perfect demonstration that some were OP and others vastly irrelevant on the basis of the order of the algorithm that they were generated under. I feel like Wurm is going to be making many more of these unpopular and hurtful changes in the lead up to releasing on steam. However, looking forward. It's better to make these changes now than continue to pretend its not an issue and have continued impacts hurting the game. (This applies not just to player gods but also to many other factors of the game I hope to see changed.)
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    By silly I mean difficult to understand for players and does not match the lore around the gods we wish to return to. Balance wise there was a ton of issues and if we want to focus on a balanced pvp server then removing so many factors through there helps. Sorry if the word silly felt condescending
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    Welcome to the Artisans Bench! This forum has been dedicated to the graphical formats of art related to Wurm Online. Think screen shots, paintings, video and more! Hope you will find this sufficient! Jberg (Lead Forum Moderator)
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    As a follower of Fo(former PRIEST of Fo) and loyal pet of Cornydog(ECONOMY EXPERT) he requested me to post this for him. "These is my pets Beastwolf, Necroedarkslayer, and Viremental. They are very faithful and tend to my lands."