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    Greetings Wurmians! We're back with a fresh new view of what's coming to Wurm, with major visual work being underway! New Skies Ahead Many have commented on rainbows and moons looking a little different, and there's a good reason for it! We're working on the new volumetric lighting system that we have mentioned a few times, along with breathtaking updated day and night skies! As you can see, they're gorgeous! (I hope Gaffer doesn't go mad trying to find constellations) Volumetric Lighting Volumetric lighting is a technique used in 3D computer graphics to add lighting effects to a rendered scene. It allows the viewer to see beams of light shining through the environment; seeing sunbeams streaming through the trees in a forest is an example of volumetric lighting, also known as God rays. And they're coming to Wurm! Part of this work on lighting is adding a lot more atmosphere to the game, improving the feeling of actually being immersed in the beautiful world we have all built here. As you can see, it adds depth to the world, and I can almost feel the warmth on my skin. Oh, wait, that's some actual sunlight creeping through the curtain, let me fix that) More UI Teases That's right! I'm here with more UI teases! This edition focuses on the new tooltips when you mouseover an item. As you do, you'll see it's material, item type, and enchants! Pressing alt while mousing over will display more detailed information. Z-fighters No, not the cartoon ones! Z-fighting is a term when textures flicker, caused by them being on the same level and the client not knowing how to display them correctly. Long-distance viewing has had a few issues with Z-fighting, and we've taken steps to address that for the future too! This fix means more beautiful views when looking out from a mountaintop across the land, and who doesn't love that! Before: After: The Team Expands! Katspurr There are many ways in which you may know Katspurr, A.K.A. Malena in Wurm. Whether it is through her work adding all the new horse textures, her VEN streams, her gorgeous encyclopedia of Wurm items and their visuals, or just her beautiful renditions of suggestion ideas! Katspurr is not just a dedicated Wurmian, she's also a games industry veteran with decades of art development under her belt, and we are THRILLED to say that she is joining the Wurm team! Katspurr has taken on a short term Art Developer role in which she will be handling various duties from new loading screens, those beautiful shots on the Wurm Steam page, and more! Darklords Darklords is a long term PvPer with a lot of experience under his belt in the world of PvP, and he's come a long way since I first met him. Late-night ramblings and testing catapulting changes, to building up the courage to join the dev team and work on bugs and tweaks and now joining as a contracted member of the developer team taking control of the direction of PvP within Wurm as well as other PvE content. Darklords is fiercely dedicated to making sure PvP is as fun as engaging as possible and will be working with you all via PvP discussion threads as he goes. The first thread is up discussing some of the changes that went live last patch, as well as discussing potential future changes too, so go check it out here: He'll also be taking on other aspects of Wurm and will be working on PvE content too. On behalf of everyone at the Wurm Online team, I'd like to welcome Katspurr and Darklords to our ranks and hope they enjoy their time here! LCM Changes This news also includes a few changes on the GM team. Firstly, after a long period as LCM Idony will be stepping down from that role. Idony has put in a considerable amount of work in ensuring that proper guidelines are created and maintained and that players and staff alike are supported. They will be continuing their role as GM, and I am very thankful for that, I'd like to thank Idony for their work as LCM and hope the post LCM madness passes quickly. Astarte Many of you know of Astarte as the GM who rescues you from a situation and promptly turns you into a sheep. Well, Astarte has taken up the now vacant role of LCM and will be working with all of the staff and players to create a welcoming environment leading up to our launch on Steam. Willow What a long history Willow has! Willow has been a community figure in Wurm for such a long time, starting the Impalong traditions, and building the terracotta army in the northeast of Independence. She has been a GM for a considerable amount of time as well, and has also had the role as Assistant Head GM, which she is now retaking! Willow will be assisting Enki on all Head GM matters, helping speed up our workload and ensure that EnkiBoT2020 continues to operate with minimal breakdowns. A big welcome to both of these fantastic and friendly GM's into their new respective positions, I look forward to working with you both! That's it from us this edition, we'll be hard at work getting things ready for the next update at the end of the month, so stay safe, excited for the future, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm Team
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    I've just started to build myself a new home in the southern part of Xanadu. So far I'm pleased with how it's turning out and it feels pretty cozy to me.
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    Unless you constantly watch your event tab and don't have much going on in local, or you're informed of a request via PM, it can be pretty hard to notice that someone is requesting to be your friend. Given that we have a friends tab already perhaps friend requests should show up there either in addition to, or instead of, the event tab?
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    Man... that volumetric lighting makes such a huge difference! Absolutely stunning! I love the sense of depth, and how it now makes the distant trees feel a little more natural. I literally cannot wait to play the game with this lighting! Also really happy to see the fix for the flickering distant areas! And thank you friends <3. I truly hope that my contributions will help making the steam launch a success. And a huge congrats to Darklords, Astarte and Willow as well!
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    I have suggested quite a few times a way to regenerate the landscape... not revert it to what it used to be but smooth slopes overtime as long as there are no paving /walls / deeds in their way. Wurm remains a living game and randomly reverting areas to what they used to be years ago wouldn't do it justice, though landscape regeneration (maybe at servers restart) would give new players the feeling of fresh land to explore while retaining some of the previous deeds and ruins aspects.
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    Heading Home after a hunting trip. Home sweet home
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    --- Hi everyone! To celebrate hitting 2,000 followers on Twitch we are holding a special episode of Wurm Wednesday on the 20th of May, 7pm GMT10+ over on Twitch. This will involve a whole bunch of fun giveaways, the winners of which will be announced on the night! --- The Giveaways will include: 1 Gold total in Ingame currency 3 Premium game keys of 30days 1 Drake Set Rare Tools Enchant Vouchers MORE! How can you enter? There will be 3 type of prizes drawn on the night. Those will be live key word giveaways, points giveaways and the screenshot giveaway! For the live key word giveaways during the stream you will be given "key words" which you'll need to type into the chat which will effectively be your raffle ticket prize to enter that specific prize - there will be multiple of these on the night. All you need to be eligible to enter in these is have a Twitch account and be able to type in the key word when given. For Point giveaways, from now until the draw you will be able to spend accrued "Emu Points" on raffle tickets which are redeemed through Twitch chat at any time (even when the stream is offline!) The idea behind this is to allow people who watch the stream but might not be able to make the night have a chance to win something fun. "Emu Points" are earned through watching the stream, you can enter as many times into each raffle as you like. These entry's will then be put into a numbered spread sheet which I'll then do an ingame /random roll to select a winner for live during the stream. If you're unfamiliar on how you can spend any of your "Emu Points" I've included some pictures below: For the Screenshot giveaway, I'm so excited to get this all done, I wanna get started now. As such I want you to all capture "Wurm made Cozy" in a screenshot and post it in this thread! Then on live on the stream we will choose our favorite screenshot based on the aesthetics, creativity and coziness. The person who manages to capture the essence of Wurm Coziness best will win a rare awl and 10s! (I've got some extra prizes for runners up too) Where can I watch and what will I be watching? You can find the stream in the spoiler link below. We will be going live at 7pm GMT10+ the Wurm Wednesday stream is an independently produced stream on Twitch where we discuss the Wurm Online experience, updates, showcase village builds and share our mutual love for this game. On the night we will be checking out a very special Village build, talking about some of the other wonderful content creators in the community and of course the Giveaways. Please note that Wurm Wednesday is for mature audiences. I hope to see a bunch of you there. This amazing community has formed the bedrock of my streaming audience and I'm looking forward to being able to give back and share some fun times with you all!!!
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    Paddling by the lake and feeling the peace of For
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    I second this, and um while your here. could you sneak the last of your amazings horses into game!
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    Finally, @Malena!! Most wanted Art Developer! Congratulations, and I hope your short term role will last for at least 10 years from now on!
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    oh my Libila! I can not wait to see my murder castle with that lighting work. Grats on the new positions folks!
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    I'll go ahead and submit the interior of my mini 3 tile house at the stream deed. That's probably the most cozy looking place I've made in Wurm. Included is a small album showing a few different angles of the outside and inside: https://imgur.com/a/NbNxkpP
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    I think terrain should gradually reset very slowly off deeds and highways. You could label this as a tremor, causing the landscape to restore it to normality. This may make the game more appealing to new and returning players looking for natural terrain not lived in by decade old accounts and plateaued hills. It'll allow for players to dig for gems and bones which can only be discovered digging below a depth never reached before on tiles.
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    rip release? --edit was farming and rip.. waited a bit.. but nothing else with network issues.. just the game.. ended the process restart.. launcher took a while to load.. and than checked server status url.. it was having tough time to load
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    I gotta say, this whole post is just Amazing! The new lighting is spectacular, nice work! And really, really pleased to see the additions and promotions to the staff Astarte was my first GM encounter, scared the living sh.. um, daylights outta me, lol, and have loved every interaction with her since then Katspurr/Malena - love your work and your streams, glad to see you officially on the team Willow, Darklord, don't know you but have seen you around, thanks for stepping up and helping out, greatly appreciated, and good to see Idony is staying in the game Thank you devs! Keep up the great work
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    i have extended sleep bonus +1h by loyalty marks and +1h by journal, and if have 5h or more bar looks full. It shouldns show full only when i get 7h of sleep bonus?
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    All sent! Thanks for business and enjoy your free bonus pizzas! *purrrrrr*
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    I like this idea a lot, have thought about it myself in the past, but it needs to be thoroughly thoght out. Not everything in Wurm is deeded and I'm not talking about people not living on a deed. Just think of the highways connecting everything or that sweet little meditating path location prepared by someone with hedges and other decoration. And what's with canals/tunnels for traveling? Mines already have a way to prevent them from collapsing - should we also have something to prevent that terrain tremor from happening or would that mean that nothing changes because everyone would use it off deed? It would probably need something like "x tiles away from existing structures or roads". Structures already decay off deed, so in time everything not tended to and not too close to where players want something to stay the way it is, it could slowly diminish and change. If that WU mod still exists I need to take a look :3
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    At this point we've not had anything constructive in the past 4-5 pages. Thank you all for taking part in the discussion, and as we get closer to the release we'll have an FAQ with details for the launch.
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    you really want your deed and lmc in pieces... right.. (terrible idea)
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    I believe Sinduk had a pretty compelling implementation of terrain decay as a WU mod, which I imagine should be easy to transfer to WO if not outright add it. Likely not on the existing servers though, people are used to the static nature of the terrain there. But I'd love to see it on the "steam server", it's an all new cluster anyway, if it could just be enabled there and disabled everywhere else; it would make the new cluster a bit more distinct and give the "fresh server experience" it offers over the existing clusters a bit more longevity. Alas, even a partially enabled feature can cause diverging requirements on code, and the plan is to basically just release the same game with a new server and client, so I don't see it happening is a distinct Steam server feature either. Which is a shame because deed ruins could be handled so much better with this, alongside "ruin structures" that could spawn from buildings decaying.
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    I didn't make or find this, but it was in a Wurm discord I'm in. I think Beastwolf found it.
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    Are you tired of dullard bridges? What about your grand design falling short of a bridge brighter than it is (and no ability to dye things lighter, seriously, that's not a thing, neutral is at 255, not 127)? Introducing the concept of DYEABLE BRIDGES With, like, the commonsense ideas like "only the creator can dye" (they're clearly tracked, only the creator can rename) and "why not include floors while we're at it" and "who even remembers what roofs are" Consider bullying your local devs into slaving away for hours so we can have this today! do not actually bully devs, consult common sense before use, terms and conditions apply
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    Left layered shoulder pad, steel, 75 ql, 1 s cod to trazz plz
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    New rift mob models maybe? Of course with new sounds ... Very good news all and I'm positive that all the team changes are leading into the good direction. Grats everyone - and thanks Idunn - no rest for you I can create endless work for GMs... I hope my 1050Ti Nvidia will be able to handle the volumetric lighting...
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    +1 And all those stuff to be imped with rock shards
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    As long as they now drop super special spectral scales for crafting invisible spectral armour and weapons. Higher the tier of rarity the more invisible it is.
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    The cozy place where I start and end my wurm days.
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    Excellent update- thanks to everyone involved. I must see if Orion can be spotted in the Pristine night-sky Congratulations to Darklords Congratulations to Malena- I hope that you will still be able to make some of your excellent videos whilst fulfilling your role in Wurm.
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    This is some very impressive work, no really applauds! I havent been this hooked on every patch for a long time, its a treat to read every valrei international as we get closer to the steam launch. Speaking of the steam launch will you still make it for mid summer 2020 or even "Midsummer" I can understand if you dont want to give exact dates to dissapoint anyone incase of delays but im just curious if its still on track! I hope we get the 3 classic kingdsom for the pvp servers, aint no wurm without our glorious banners! If thats the case I think somehow introducing the old anthems to the new steam community would be a great idea, it would be great to have them play as you choose which kingdom to start along with showing the banner in the background! Link to these songs for those who havent heard: Jenn Kellon: Horde of the summoned (aka BL): Mol Rehan:
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    In last scenario, Mag, Libila and Fo landed on the same tile. Libila had few items, and when she moved, Mag fought with her and won. Items dropped on the tile and Libila landed in home location. All, ok. Then Fo managed to move little sooner, before Magranon, and took all the items without any fight. Then I'am staring at this, thinking why I even bothered to put any effort into Mag missions to get him there. I do not know the code, but it is really so hard to change, that Mag and Fo would be hostile against each other on Valrei?
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    The new night sky looks gorgeous! It will be so much fun travelling around with all those beautiful changes. Thank you very much for your work and congratz to all with their new roles! Any news on when we will be able to test the new UI features? Last Valrei International mentioned a preview client and I'd love to take a look at the new interface
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    For the record:
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    Bdew, So I've spent a bit of time arguing this with you, but I'm going to put it to rest here. The mods added to Wurm Unlimited have stemmed from plenty of ideas on the suggestion board, and just because a modder did it too, does not mean we stole an idea. The only instance where an idea was directly taken was after Budda worked on the Archaeology journal work you did and asked your permission to include it in his update of it, which you freely gave. I have always appreciated your work on modding and Wurm Unlimited in general, and have thanked you several times throughout updates for the hard work you have done. What I will not tolerate is you continuing to push a false narrative about all your ideas being stolen when they were taken from the suggestions board beforehand, and we have spoken at length about this whole situation. I'm going to consider your attempts to further shed Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt as deliberate trolling attempts, as I have given you all the information counter to it.
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    Congratz Malena! Very happy for you. Good luck Darklords, you have a very challenging task.
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    OMGs I'm so excited about the new pretty lighting and that katspurr and the others congratulates and glad you not leaving us idoly. cant wait to start taking more screen shots for my desktop backgrounds lol
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    Beautiful. And welcome to Kat and congrats everyone on their new roles.
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    I'm excited for Wednesday so I can roll all my emu points and flood chat
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    My entry - little feast at the cozy inn, inscribing new discoveries after long day of archaeology work.
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    Can't find the origional PTO video...
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    Hi! I wonder if it would be possible to make premium account based and have each account with 2 slots: one for a crafter and one for a priest. Crafters and priests have own flavor and are dependant on one another so it would add each player the ability to experience more of Wurm's mechanics without having to prem another toon in order to test if they like having a priest or not. Wurm has not followed the trend of having a player account where you could play multiple classes/specs on the same premium and is fine but at the same time it loses money because people could play more if they had more chances to warm up on certain mechanics. Say someone decides to make a priest alt. They prem then grind faith and channeling for 1-2 weeks and might decide... meh when prem month runs out i will make this one a holding valuables alt. But if they had a crafter and a priest slot on same prem they might revisit it down the line since is there to have a change of pace from what they normally do in Wurm and slowly warm up to it and have more enjoyment in playing wurm. Could make some priests mechanics less frustrating if everybody had a more or less grinded priest of their choice ready to be used when needed. Could make the prem price higher than the single toon we have today but less than 2 prems so that is a nice compromise. Because in Wurm progressing your character takes more effort than the industry standard i don't think the in game economy will be too flooded with enchants since the people that are heavy grinders already heavy grinded their priest and casual players don't have enough time to grind it. As a matter of fact it would increase the enchant demand since everybody will be able to ahve a priest and cast some spells.. guess what... those spells will be poop... but they will know of their existance..and then they will go to Trade and look for someone to cast a really high spell that they want but their own priest can't land since is not grinded. It could also create an oportunity for people to invite a close one to play with them: have your significant other play the preist as you play the crafter, or ask a fam member or a friend. That would be a great way to attract new players also if they have a friend playing Wurm and they get invited to play one of the toons they might get the bug and decide to make own account and play with someone they like better All i know is that usually stuff gets popular and widespread if people ask their close ones to check it out so this would be a good way to please everyone: - current old players can link a crafter and a preist on same account and pay less than now (or pay more if now they just prem one or the other as needed then let it run out) -hermits can have a crafter and a priest they can play on same account and reduce the need to interact with all them pesky germ dispensers they call "other people" by 20% more! - people that never wanted to play as a priest could decide they might aswell try it now since is there and actually get to play content Wurm has but was not accesible to them and even if they dont grind the priest to high levels they will still be able in time to cast spells on their deed because even a low med priest can have good value. It would require another heavy round of priest balancing or 90% of people will roll Vyn priest it would have to be a crafter and a priest role lock so that people don't make 2 crafters or 2 priest and completely miss the point of having variety. This could be a problem with wanting to priest your crafter or waht hapends if you depriest your priest by mistake? Could make it so that if is an intentional player decision to priest the crafter or to depriest the priest then have it allowed to be 2 of the same kind on an account? Or could just make it 2 characters regardless of their role but then miss the chance of exposing the player base to a priest and a crafter role for the same ammount of money they pay to prem.
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    Would like to suggest repairable pottery with gold, would be a nice touch, tho maybe a bit hard to implement
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    And less important than walking near a crafted beehive on your deed since it doesn't even warrant green text.
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    With the place feature, we can already play mini-games had we just the right tools... er, in this case, items! Chess Board or Chess Table- Can be made from wood or stone of any material type. Takes up the entire space of a Square table. Chess Figures - Can make Figurines from any wood, stone, metal type, or through Arch/Resto skills. Pawns, Queens, Kings, Rooks, Bishops, Knights. Dye to change colors. Let people be their own masters, no other mechanics or skills required. No Chess playing or making skills, no mini-game skill. We move the pieces by placing. Wurm is what we make it, so I ask you... How about a nice game of Chess?
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    Hey that sounds like a good idea! I would be all for it. I've already made a version of chess in wurm at my deed but it is more for show then for playing. Maybe if I made the board bigger then I could play real chess but would take up quite a load of tiles. - Below in Spoiler is fog chess.
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    I've mentioned this before in GL a few times. Its a nice one because it should take very little work from the art team to make a set of chess pieces; That is practically the hello world of 3d modeling anyway. Every time I've talked about it I did so under the context of creating more utility to the toy making skill rather than just making more "pointless" (if chess can ever be considered pointless) things with no game mechanics function. Imping chess pieces to grind toys could potentially get the skill some more love than just imping puppets with CT. Still using the carp/masonry items for the different piece types of course and I had thought that wooden pieces would be the start and stone pieces would have a skillcap to be able to create. P.S. The "economy" would get a little boost too from trying to collect a full rare+ set. Especially if it had wood/stone/metal types too. How "cool" would you be to own a supreme slate vs marble set of pieces!! (I put cool in quotes out of jealousy for whoever gets this)