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    Picture of the day Knarr island is a part of Grizzly Traders on our server Novus and consists of an awesome main building with 25 knarrs of all wood types parked around. A very creative building.
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    Okay Retro.... you attempted to explain the changes (albeit poorly), so my questions are as follows: I would like you to elaborate here. What "spell spam" is a problem? Pillars? Healing spells? Direct damage spells like shard of ice? This is an unobtainable goal. You could nerf every single spell into the ground, and dedicated PvP accounts will all just become Magranon priests for the 25% damage buff. This is the reason people go Mag, not for uber powerful spell casts. Who is "we"? What two three people think they know what the entire PvP community wants? I'd seriously like to know what qualifies you to know what changes are needed for PvP, based on a freedom spar in 1v1. Also before the priest overhaul, a boat captain could take his foot off the gas, regain stamina, then continue sailing. The resulting change to your precious sailing update is that boat commanders are SUBSTANTIALLY more vulnerable to all attacks (even archery) because their ability to block attacks with a shield are 99% compromised once they have run out of stamina. Go to the skirmishes thread and watch Ciray's recent video that shows multiple players dying to archery in under 20 seconds on a knarr. Easily circumvented by rotating personnel. This does nothing to solve your issue. So...the answer to spell spam in your mind is to reduce our ability to stop spell spam? Clear as mud, got it. Vynora is, and should be, the epitome of "spell spam". Shard of ice, ice pillar, damage spells.... it's 100% all a Vynora priest can do (that isn't doable by every other priest, that is). Zero PvP utility spells, no healing spells, and coupled with your recent "unification" of spell damage types, Vynora priests bring NOTHING unique to the PvP table. Your PvP changes, as you can see from the responses in this thread thus far, share little sentiment with the members of the PvP community. I place no value whatsoever in your opinion of necessary changes for PvP, or even the game as a whole, and it boils my blood to see sweeping changes made to a system that is FINE the way it is. Stop catering to the needs of your friends and start thinking about the community as a whole.
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    From my testing with a 103 venom weapon, glance rate was around 20%. if i was to use a salved fa/fb weapon instead i'd have 25% glance chance against leather studded leather chain and scale, and 35% glance chance against plate and drake, all the while doing 33% more damage. you've made venom a 100% meme spell and i congratulate you for completely ruining it solely because archaed lost a spar. Literally nobody was using venom in pvp anyway lol You can still use focused will to do the same thing. Mag is now a better healing priest in boat fights then the actual god dam priest dedicated to healing.
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    I like the part where he says this. Can we have more updates like this? Then can we just have two games? A PvP game and a PvE game? Then neither will be held back by the other. Could add all kinds of QoL to PvE and QoW (quality of war) to PvP. Just a thought. I know the answer, but I like to dream.
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    Quit Nerfing Healing D A M M I T. Hard enough to want to go and learn PVP and now you Nerf Healing even more. Knock this crap off whoever is thinking it needs done or your going to drive off one of your long term player. I have had enough of the healing nerf bull crap. Somebody is listening to a very small minority and it needs to Stop and STOP Now. You try this crap or apply this crap on Steam Server and you might as well quit the development now. Keep pissing the community off, were going to find new games. Sounds Like time for me to go play Gloria Victis awhile, they have great combat, maybe you should look and learn from it.
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    The overall silence against all counters is a bit...strange. I'd say this is the exact kind of change that really shouldn't have happened until a significant amount of work can be done on PVP mechanics, since as has been said a million times, this has just kinda went the exact opposite way it needs to
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    As someone who has worked in construction irl off and on since my teenage years a 5 gallon bucket full of rocks or sand is probably close to 70ish pounds. I'd like to see someone "sprint" with one in each hand. I would consider myself pretty stout and walking with a full 5 gallon bucket of sand/water/rock ain't easy lol. My character can carry almost 500kg which is 1100lbs, the current world record deadlift by a human is 500kg and Eddie Hall (said record holder) nearly died from it. Yes this is a game but I believe Rolf said somewhere he would like to keep a hint of realism. Be a good guy and suffer like everyone else and use a cart or horse.
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    Rest in peace Venom, I really liked having multiple choices. Back to BT meta. Oh wait, I forgot, I don't play anymore because devs keep jerking around people like this, so I don't have to worry about anything. Still, miss Wurm for the memories. Not what the game is now.
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    The spell spam argument comes from a group of like 10 players that remain in T......panda....sorry all the same nowadays. If you would have looked at the problem like you described, you would have found focused will like oblivion said and changed that aswell. Boat fights have a far greater problem at the moment, which you should know about due to the numerous complaints. You can't reliably take boat fights with the new furling system and the fact that you lose stamina while sailing no matter what (apart from drifting), oh and yeah, embark bug is back btw. We haven't heard a thing from devs if it's getting fixed or being worked on. Venom was okay like it was, but whatever, you saw it once in a spar and deemed it OP, all good. It did 55% less damage for the fact that it had a 5% glance rate, now with 20% it's just useless all together. Oh and the fact that we don't get another faith change just shows that you don't even know how significant this "minor" update was. Tangleweave has a 5min cooldown now, 3 MINUTES LONGER than Light of Fo. Real question is, when are the NEEDED changes coming? Why work on healing, mostly in boat pvp, that no matter what will remain a dumb mechanic since I don't see you changing your praised sailing system? Next time, at least start a discussion thread, jesus.
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    The moons aligned for Kasumi's birthday party and Mitzie's 10 year wurmiversary :D Was a fantastic day, including special guests appearances :D
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    I can't say I imagine a "Run" of any sort being appropriate when you're weighed down. The whole idea is that you move slower while carrying too much, implementing some way to "tough it out" underneath that weight just doesn't seem right. I mean, if you're trying to push or pull something yourself in IRL and you get yourself a "running start" at it, you're most likely going to wind up hurting yourself before making any actual progress with the matter in the long run. You can always stash those backpacks in a small-cart behind you, you'll move faster that way than trying to carry those backpacks on your person.
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    Cold winter Pristine night saying goodnight to Seris
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    You basically just have to look at the venom change and put 1 and 1 together. This game became one guys playground, sadly.
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    Since there are unannounced priest changes again that are pretty significant can we please get another priest transfer ? Good job on letting us know about the changes hours before the old transfer expires..
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    This is a GREAT change for the newbies!
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    Hello fellow Wurmians! Welcome to the East Indy Neocorp. Here I will be selling my Carpentry products and imping services. All purchases of the Carpentry and Fine Carpentry variety comes with a free re-imp. If you send it back at a lower ql than it had when sold, (and it has my signature on it) I will re-imp it to the at-sale QL Remember to rename it so I know who to send it back to after imping In the post below, you'll find my current stock. Will update as needed. Give me a shout in game or reply to this thread if anything could be of use. A quick forum PM is also appreciated if there's something you want to discuss. I also take orders on carpentry items. Prices in the spoiler. For now I will only be pricing mailable items. I have a runed mailbox in my house, so fishing rods etc. won't be a problem. For larger items (items needing travel and taking max log per action (0,5kg) I will require a PM to agree on price. Carpentry/Fine Carpentry Leatherworking Coming soon(tm)
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    New: The title for 100 rake has been added New: The title for 100 Papyrusmaking has been added New: Added /servertime command for easier access of the local server timeNOTE: This will dictate the start and end time of events Change: Tangleweave changes as listed below:Cooldown increased to 5 mins Favour cost doubled to 30 Cast time increased to 7 seconds Change: Added a low glance rate bonus to all armour against poison.It now has a low glance rate but is still consistent and low across all armour types equally Change: Prevented all hitched creatures on PVE from being labelled enemies by village guards Change: Changed rowing boat creation requirement from mooring rope to regular rope Change: Disabled the /snipe feature Change: Changed the colours of butchered Valrei Items and Valrei mission items and their icons to tell the difference more easily:Valrei mission items have retained the bluish colouring Valrei items looted from epic mobs are now reddish in colour Bugfix text: Fixed messaging when finding a Valrei mission item while digging/investigating to more accurately describe the discovery Bugfix text: Fixed examine description of unfinished item parts list:Changed metal item names to “metal” instead of specific material Fixed item plurals Use ‘and’ on last part needed only Bugfix text: Removed ‘iron’ from improve messaging when a needle is needed Bugfix: Fixed mission traitor creatures and trees to keep their glow effect after a server restart, and the effect will properly vanish when they are killed Bugfix: Prevented cave wall tiles being converted back to rock salt after being mined and collapsing back into rock Bugfix: Corrected many item plurals, names of some always-plural items, and adjusted descriptions where needed:Corrected the names of all presumptive-plural items (acorn, wemp seed, etc.) Adjusted the plural names of many items that were wrong, excessively generic (especially important for things like missions), or that could be ambiguous in the future Updated some item descriptions to match, as well as one or two item descriptions that had errors in them Bugfix: Removed potions from the Marks store gift box which are not currently implementedRemoved Ointment of Masonry Removed Potion of Waterwalking Bugfix: Fixed crossing borders on boats to properly eject offline passengers Bugfix: Removed death sound and death notices from creature load location when the creature dies while on another server Bugfix: Fixed items moving slightly on server restarts causing some to move above ground PVP Change: Healing has been changed in the following ways:Cure light/medium/severe are only cast-able on wounds, not the body directly when the caster is riding a vehicle on PvP servers only Heal spells on PvP servers now increase resistance at 150% the normal rate PvP Change: Allowed Black Light kingdoms to have up to 3 Libila champions Client change: The screenshot file format option has been added back into settings with jpg being the default Client change: Reduced default sound and music volume Client bugfix: Fixed an issue when holding alt while placing items on other items
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    Please keep discussion directly related to the changes at hand. You're welcome to disagree or offer alternative suggestions, so long as you do so in a respectful manner. Please take creative endevours to other threads. Pandalet (LFM)
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    yes! Exactly this. I go down to the lake with a pair of 5 gallon buckets to get water (in winter) for the toilets (for flushing). I can run down with empties, but when full, I can't run back. I can only walk slowly back. However, I could walk Faster if I really pushed myself, but I would end up splashing water all over myself and the ground. It would be a big fail to attempt going fast. So maybe add sprint, but for every second of sprinting, you have some inventory loss? JK. Nobody wants to have that feature! Reality is, I want to have go faster options ALL THE TIME. Anything that can make the game faster is fine by me. In WU, with mods, we can farm from our carts. Impractical in RL it would seem, but then look at any modern farm. They are farming from vehicles. So not really such a big stretch after all. Farming in WO is one of my least favorite things. Farming in WU, I do all the time, because the biggest hassle is gone. When you get up in the morning, think about logging into your game and if that game makes you heave a sigh, because of the mind numbing slow chores you have to do, it is entirely worth considering some QoL improvements.
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    Heya Could you please add my deed to the map: Havensfield, 47x, 50.5y There's a little black boxy-looking tangle of small roads pretty much right on the grid line between 50y & 51y (it's pretty obvious when you look there). That's the current "center" of my deed! Thank you, Amata, Lady of Havensfield, Independence
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    Then I can only argue "transport your harvest with large cart" then? You're already losing more stamina as you move with a weighted inventory, so that part is already a mechanic. And our varying speed is already a thing based on how much we're carrying. We already "Run" with an empty/light weight inventory and progressively get slower with the more we carry. I just personally don't feel we need a "Run Button" as a "running/speed function" is already there, it just doesn't quite provide a "weighted boost" of digging your heels into the ground as you grunt along with heavy backpacks and buckets. I find myself using a Small Cart quite often actually. It helps me keep my dirt nearby when terraforming larger areas, carrying the bricks I need for large area fencing and farming.. So to say that no one uses it and that it's useless is incorrect. In fact I never use it early game and only after I've settled in somewhere. And if we always used the argument of "It's a game", give me airplanes\flying machines too This argument is always so abused and overused.
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    love this whole idea of npc villagers some with fuctions and perhaps even stories given to them by the player about the village, and what if in certian npc options they could have a quest giver option, or even have the "quest giver" npc. i know il working on a project that something like this would be perfect for
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    what you suggest it kind of the opposite of what I initially show as a 'problem' with the above... I do not think a naked "noob" alt horde running at 40/+ speed is what anybody wants to see
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    Great thing there are people like you out there. I was trying to get this "Legendary creature" kill for months (Journal task). Thanks a lot.
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    I'm aware my thoughts will be irrelevant and not taken into account, that's apparent now. I am pretty disappointed in your reply. So I suppose this will be final thoughts on the matter. My original stance is, I'm confused on WHO makes these choices? Does a dev just float over a battle and go, "huh they are casting A LOT I'ma fix that." or what? I don't see a single discussion about this. I never saw it discussed in discord, I know I have no life and stalk it. Is pvp really the pocket dev environment that everyone talks about? I just really would like to understand how the obviously very closed door topics for discussion on updates comes on the table? Once again, I'm not trying to complain I am trying to understand. Mainly because it gets me very worried.
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    Most people on chaos wear leather, which has 68.76% total DR (58.46% dr, 24.8% glance) at 90ql to acid, and 66.18% resistance to poison ( 64.40% DR, 5% glance). So even with just an imbue vs venom, they're about equal in terms of raw DPS. then you add on 33% from fb/fa, or even 33% + -10% glance chance from BT, 5% from jewelry, the extra stun chance from BT, the fact that you get webbed less with non-venom weapons because you hit less and harder, as web is based on hitting not damage, the fact that you can truestrike harder with fb/fa/bt, the fact that finding a high channeling vyn is 100x easier than finding a high channeling fo. venom was extremely niche in pvp, and now its worse than RT which was before this patch the biggest meme enchant. Venom excelled in killing plate users and scale users without web armor before the change but that's about it. delete acid imbue and cold imbue ty
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    Pvp needs to be more like fortnite and minecraft. I want to be able to paradrop from a flying dragon and be able to crossbow MR while in the air. Meanwhile consuming bangers and mash to give me my banger damage bonus. Dropping down to the ground so I can pull out my sword and shield. I'm a hard blocking noob so I camp that right click and spam my left click as often as I can. Also what are the rumors regarding the diamond armor?
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    I don't quite understand that post, but if you think they're all spawning near my penning deed - they're not. Had to lure this one across a nice chunk of the map, and it's not even the furthest I've had to lure one to get it in that deed.
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    Crafter update Download Added restricted materials list, found on the management screen. If left blank the Crafter will accept all item materials as usual, if not they will only accept items made from a material that is on the list. Added single_crafter_skill option to .properties. If added and set true Crafters can only be assigned 1 skill, instead of allowing multiple. Already placed Crafters will continue to finish current jobs in other skills, but will limit all new jobs to 1 skill. Which will be the "first" skill in the order I use in the mod, it can, of course, be changed if it is not what the owner wants. Tagging @Cley
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    Logic Rope can be used to drop down a single border, whereby if long enough (20 dirt gradient for single rope, + 15 for additional attached rope) a player at the bottom could climb/be pulled up. One person at the top initiating, one person at the bottom reacting. Rationale The amount of times I (early on) died from falling into a pit, or digging at too deep a gradient, then lacked the ability/stamina to get out. That horrible day I resigned 2 years ago because some high level player trolled my mines by clashing them, whereby I fell some absurb value down with no hope of climbing out. The ability to hoist someone sneakily over a wall, or up a steep plateau instead of walking ten miles around to reach him. Mainly because I have an irrational fear of falling into pits now.
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    aww hell yeah Stanlee is the hero wurm didn't know it needed. THANK YOU for all of these public slayings!!
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    [21:06:55] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [106] will attach to it rune of your choice (i recommend glimmer rune of libila for 10% usage speed, but can be any ) starting bid 20s min.increment 1s sniper protection 1h
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    PVP Change: Healing has been changed in the following ways: Cure light/medium/severe are only cast-able on wounds, not the body directly when the caster is riding a vehicle on PvP servers only Heal spells on PvP servers now increase resistance at 150% the normal rate This seems a bit unfair considering the amount of time left on the transfer..? This is a fairly serious combat change.
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    Ok, i have to say these priest changes is the direct opposite of what the game need. We need to make ppl be able to live longer in fights, not the other way around, nerf overall damage instead. Please reconsider that change and reverse it asap. This will make pvp even more hit and kill fast. I beg you with all my hart. DO NOT DO IT.
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    Can you give us percentage glance rate for venom change? We have it on wiki for other damage types.
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    I actually love the ideas in some of these comments. In particular, the idea of a bard to put in our taverns is adorable. Even if we can't have ones with complex interactions, some very basic ones would be nifty. I would imagine pathing would be an issue for them, so we'd need some stationary options that link to an object in a similar way the merchant links to the merchant stall. Bard: links to a stool on a small platform. Will play music autonomously or can select 2-3 options through interaction. Barkeep: Linked to an oven model. The merchant for food and drink. Inventory is limited, serves bread, cheese, stew (hot), and ale. Prices are static and foods must be filled by owner, but foods do not decay as though placed in an FSB. Follower: Attaches to altar of chosen god, then will quietly kneel in reflective prayer.
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    This is a discussion that by now I think it's been 10 years at least in the making. Wurm Online is probably the only mmorpg out there that doesn't have many NPC's. I get the idea of wanting to be "different", but there is good "different" and then there's just the hardcore mentality of "players" should fulfill the role of nPC's. While this worked well when we had 2000-3000 monthly players, right now most deeds look empty. Personally I'd expand on the idea of NPC's that can be "bought" as decoration and NPC's that can be Earned. You can buy various NPC's from a trader, such as "regular citizen" or "decorative guard", but specific NPC's should be earned through skills. 1. Earning NPCs through skills Let's say you grind blacksmithing. You earn 50 BS skill, you get an "apprentice blacksmith", as an inventory object. Place said NPC either at a forge or at a large anvil. a) Assign to NPC action : hammer, stand still, ocassionally curse about the serryl ceiling in game and wanting better wages. b) At 70 BS you earn a 2nd NPC called Blacksmith. You can place him as well at a forge to do whatever action you select. c) At 90 BS you earn a Master Blacksmith. You can add a minor function to him such as = refuel forge. Master blacksmith can act also as a small crate where you can dump 150 logs in him and he'll use it to refuel the forge he's "tied to" . Other NPC's can be Gardeners = they can wander around deed with a bucket pretending to water flowers. Priests : Assign to altar, have him hold regular sermons for religious banter. Farmers: assign them to plant a "decorative field" which they'll always tend, but the field doesn't give any output. Gives the nice view of a plantation going. Woodcutters, Miners, etc, same idea, give them "emtpy actions" to do, similar to other NPC's in other games. 2. Managing NPC system. NPC's can be managed via a similar system such as houses or animals. a) Manage - > NPCs > List of named NPCs appear. b) Select for example Jack the citizen. Possible orders include : i ) Go to token ii) Pray (such as in a chapel) iii) Meditate iv) Patrol from pre-defined points, such as around the deed. c) NPCs at token can be picked up and re-placed, same as you'd place a flowerpot. 3. Bought NPCs As previously mentioned you could buy NPCs from a trader. Guards could have a cost of = 2 silvers Regular citizens = 1 silver You could even buy guards with specific outfits such as :plate armoured guards (more expensive) , leather armoured guards, etc. P.S. I'd love to see the trade chat one day looking like a slaver's auction : WTS 10 citizens , 2 guards, 1 farmer, etc. Maybe make some "character bound" so they aren't tradeable, at least those "earned".
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    You'll get various opinions from various people on all servers.... it all depends on what YOU are looking for in a deed.
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    The brave adventurers full of cheer, cake and booze before getting devoured by the Puzzle Labyrinth on Xanadu (Thank you to my awesome friends for making my lockdown birthday so so special <3)
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    Could you please list Calico Harbor on the map at 44x30y thank you Kaitlin
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    Picture of the day Brave warriors of Sklotopolis travelling to an event on our untouched hunting server Caza to fight an army of monsters.
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    Hello, can you update the map please: Thank you for your work!
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    I have been making sure to log in at least every 30 days for years, because even when I'm off doing totally different things I know I always want to be able to come back to my deed on Calysto. Money is very easy to make here, with great bounties and treasure hunting. The mods are fantastic, with some that can't be found anywhere else. I hope to continue playing here for years to come.
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    Except "within your minimum skills" is the issue. You cannot ride a horse, drive a cart, sail, load or unload, remove walls or fences (at a time when you are much more likely to get it wrong and need to do exactly this), carry more than 140kg. You are not trialling the game, because you are not experiencing the game, just a bit of a whistle-stop tour of it. You cannot become a priest, brand animals, accept other citizens on your deed. Those are bonuses you get when you pay. Nope. In Wurm, if you pay you gain and advantage. If you let your premium lapse, you do not simply stop progressing, you regress (although, yes, the regression is limited). You are at a disadvantage. You need to pay to regain you advantage. Pay to win. It's not an odious form, like some games, but it still qualifies.
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    Right. So I am not here to speak for everyone, but I look at it this way. 1.9 Release April 2019 New Beta/End of Life Announced November 2019 Date of this thread: April 2020 Beta has been in beta for five months. Radio silence about it after numerous complaints from modders about the way the beta was packaged. I do not anticipate to ever see the new beta materialize into an actual release. Big enough to admit that I could be wrong about that, maybe two minutes after I post this it will go live. The obvious focus of Wurm is to promote the Online Retail and Steam development. It's all fine and well to say we are putting WU in the modders hands publicly, but then sit on your ass and do nothing to materialize that for 5 months. The consistent optimism of hopefully they'll do the right thing from people who have not actually watched mod after mod be ripped off and pushed into the retail game, watching former staff get booted for not falling in line or having an opinion of their own, and seeing long-time modders stop publishing things because there is no point of writing code that could go bad at any given point when they do another 1.9 push it out with maybe 12-24 hour notice and/or having their mods ripped off and pushed into retail is the probable collective reasoning why modders aren't publishing code anymore. At this point, and it is not an attack on you or anyone, but if you want to run a server and have dope mods, download IntelliJ, decompile 1.9, learn through the already published code, and keep your gits private. There is no benefit to making them public anymore. If you are even more paranoid, start cloning gits for when the authors remove their repos entirely. I cannot speak on behalf of certain authors, but there is a whole hell of a lot of 'new features' in retail that are just WU mods and since they gave us the finger on the situation dumping further support, I cannot imagine being one of the authors who actually made those mods public and now are being told sorry, we are done with you. As stated, I cannot speak for other modders, but given the absolute decline and almost deadness in the WU modding discord since end of life/beta announcement was criticized, aside from long-time modders who will help point you in the right direction but not write the mod for you I would not consider it a lost cause, just something you will have to spend time to learn on your own. Furthermore, you do not even see updates on popular repositories on github, let alone new forum posts. This is not to say there are not improved versions of existing mods or mods that servers keep private to keep their servers unique; i.e Sklotopolis has always had a pretty straight-forward policy to keep their mods to themselves, which I do not disagree with or criticize, Riviera implementing a Rift mod, or expanding on the VoteReward mod by implementing voting tiers for how often you vote and keeping that private which I do not disagree with or criticize, or any of the many mods that exist on old servers that are not public anywhere. These are just examples that come to mind off the top of my head. There is no value in publishing public mods so the retail game who dropped support can rip off more content while they have not given anything back in a year which honestly broke more than it added, and despite immediate and numerous bug reports prior to the merge with whatevercorp owns Wurm now, were ignored and laughably had to be re-posted when the beta came out and the issues were still not fixed. That is my opinion, if readers take offense that are WU server owners I apologize, otherwise if you take offense I do not apologize and do not care.
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    A visitor at night at Peaceful Harbor (Celebration)
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    Client Changes New: Third person camera view added. An optional 3rd person camera view has been added. Default keybind is V to enter 3rd person view. The Minus and Plus keys will zoom in and zoom out. New keybindings mapped by default: ZOOM_OUT (minus), ZOOM_IN (plus), CHANGE_VIEW (V) V keybind toggles some camera views, the keys + or - zoom in/out and holding left click and using the scroll wheel also works patch notes here :