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    Deed still under construction, but flowers were important to start!
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    1/1000 spawns as one of these rare variants instead (only done through natural random spawn, not "spread" spawn or cast induced spawn). When a flower is rolled as rare during a normal harvest, one of these is awarded instead with the appropriate rarity modifier. They look distinct from regular flowers (new textures). Why add them? Because they're something nice for people to look out for when exploring, and a nice surprise for players out picking who roll a rare. Yellow flowers -> Yellow Crysanthemum (https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.healthbenefitstimes.com%2F9%2Fgallery%2Fchrysanthemum%2FChrysanthemum-Yellow.jpg&f=1&nofb=1) Orange-red flowers -> Orange Lion's tail (https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fobovate.files.wordpress.com%2F2014%2F07%2Flionstailflwr2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1) Purple flowers -> Purple Monkshood (https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fferrebeekeeper.files.wordpress.com%2F2011%2F10%2Fmonkshood-aconitum-bicolor.jpg&f=1&nofb=1) White flowers -> White Lily (https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftse1.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DOIP.ZRkmXIaGkTHBR9gJxXH6QwHaFS%26pid%3DApi&f=1) Blue flowers -> Bluebells (virginia) (https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fsindianavisions.files.wordpress.com%2F2012%2F03%2Fvirginia-bluebell-2-2012.jpg&f=1&nofb=1) Greenish-yellow flowers -> Daylily (https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fs3.amazonaws.com%2Fcdn0.dutchbulbs.com%2Fimages%2F500%2F89644.jpg&f=1&nofb=1) White-dotted flowers -> White wolf (https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2F1.bp.blogspot.com%2F-FC21d__njJI%2FTV6g3s7m7pI%2FAAAAAAAAAOM%2F7osoN-hndS8%2Fs640%2FWijayakusuma%2Bflower.jpg&f=1&nofb=1)
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    To be fair the post for adding a PMK graphic never said anything about being allowed to change them nor did anyone actually change theirs for quite some time, originally kingdom designs would even get overridden by new kingdoms too when the kingdom was no longer around, it happened to a few epic kingdoms but it wasn't changed until freedom got upset. At the end of the day the choice belongs to the people who actually paid to found the kingdom and continue to pay for its survival, not a few silver for a decoration.
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    I know I put some flowers in there somewhere..
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    The brave adventurers full of cheer, cake and booze before getting devoured by the Puzzle Labyrinth on Xanadu (Thank you to my awesome friends for making my lockdown birthday so so special <3)
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    I didn't quite understand how a Path of Love tile is made But I sure tried
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    [21:06:55] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [106] will attach to it rune of your choice (i recommend glimmer rune of libila for 10% usage speed, but can be any ) starting bid 20s min.increment 1s sniper protection 1h
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    If internals are allowed then I'll submit my houses' bedroom with 3 rare white-dotted flower pots.
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    This week's community stream competition is brought to you by zombie boars and hell horse foals! For this screenshot competition, there are two requirements: 1. Provide a picture of your favorite house on your deed 2. Somewhere in the screenshot, include flowers (purposefully planted; ex. flowerpot, valentine's pottery vase, flowerbed, etc.) Simply post your screenshots here, and winners will be chosen by the end of tonight's stream! 3 winners will be picked for a prize 30 days of premium each. Good luck!
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    One screenshot makes it hard for me to show my house, so I'm doing my dumb entry again, this time spyglassing to one single spot because that's all I can do. Enjoy my Feng Shui. For the sake of the entry, open the spoiler please so I can point out the flowerpot and Feng Shui.
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    Logic Rope can be used to drop down a single border, whereby if long enough (20 dirt gradient for single rope, + 15 for additional attached rope) a player at the bottom could climb/be pulled up. One person at the top initiating, one person at the bottom reacting. Rationale The amount of times I (early on) died from falling into a pit, or digging at too deep a gradient, then lacked the ability/stamina to get out. That horrible day I resigned 2 years ago because some high level player trolled my mines by clashing them, whereby I fell some absurb value down with no hope of climbing out. The ability to hoist someone sneakily over a wall, or up a steep plateau instead of walking ten miles around to reach him. Mainly because I have an irrational fear of falling into pits now.
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    Gud'day Zach, Sound like a great idea and good luck with your project. For those who may not know... ..... Highway Lighting Etiquette .... Back in 2016 when CE Hwys were 1st introduced, my good friend, the late Zorako, and I worked out a lamp spacing Etiquette that has been applied to all of the major Named Hwys of Indy on which we have put blessed street lamps. We did this with keeping in mind that folks like Wurm for the challenge AND the element of risk, danger when traveling. SO to keep the element of some danger at night, Zorako and I came up with the following to ensure Hwy lamps show where a highway goes...... ...... but are far enough apart so as not to put a heavy burden on the graphics engine for those folks operating with older, slower computers, as well as keeping night travel slightly dangerous. Lamp Types used. It is recommended that Lamps with big Lantern style heads, like Iron Lamps, are used. Their lamp heads are more easy to see at night as small yellow blobs in the far distance then the fancy "genie" style hanging lamps or Torch Lamps, or the enclosed bronze lamps, which are nearly invisible when looking 40-50 tiles off into the distance to see where a road goes. Blessed lamps are must OFF Deed. When Planted on Cats Eyes Highways they do not take decay damage and do not need refueling. That said, you do have to Fuel them before planting. An empty blessed lamp will Not self light at Sunset. So.. how did we do it.... 1..... 50 QL for the lamps is good enough. Gives enough illumination to see where the highway goes but low enough to still keep the challenging with pools of darkness between. As experience has taught me, making 60 lamps up to 50 QL is about a 6 hour job with two alts who are 85+ Black Smithing. (this includes lunch and bathroom breaks). Even spacing is important... 2.... 10 tiles apart on North- South Highways and East-West highways AND 3... 08 diagonal tiles apart on diagonal highways Of course not all highways are spaced with even counts of 10 between intersections. In these cases one adjusts the last few lamps to 9 apart or 11 apart to keep the visual spacing even to look at, to give a good visual distance interpretation. On twisty winding hilly roads with limited visibility front and behind, one can shorten the spacing by putting one at each turn so the lamps ahead and behind are visible. 4... Marking Major Junctions or Intersections with other highways, both CE and non CE. 4a .... One lamp goes in the middle of the intersection (Off set from the Way Stone please so its directions are readable) 4b ..... AND then single lamps are set 5 tiles out to each side of the intersection, so as to make the intersection more visible, so someone does not miss the corner when running from a Troll with large dents in their plate armour. (grin). Then you start counting 10 tiles between lamps. 5.... We NEVER put lamps across any of the open steppe or tundra Hunting Areas. Hunters like it Dangerous!!! This rule Zorako and I developed in response to requests from Hunters to keep those areas dark and dangerous. This rule has been applied to The Grand Steppe, the Eastern Plains, the NE Praires, the SE Steppe, Gurubears Crater, Western Deserts and the south Inner Sea Tundra, located at the NE end of the Kinoss Cave Canal. There is an Exception... YES, you can put in Intersection or Junction markers at major intersections with other major routed junctions in Hunting Areas. Examples of how this is done can be found at 4 Oaks Corner on The Grand Steppe as well as the north Grand Steppe junction and at two mid- NE Praires highways intersections. Finally IF you have a name for a major Highway, PLEASE do let the Albia Map know via the appropriate forum. "IF" there is room on map, as deed names do take priority, we will attempt to anoint the map with the highway's name, but we can not guarantee to add every highway name submitted. ... AND please put the Highway Name on the Street Lamps. Helps travelers to stay "un-lost". Good luck with your CE Hwy lighting project. Kindest regards, Hughmongus Co-Administrator - The Albia CE Hwys Map of Indy
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    The moons aligned for Kasumi's birthday party and Mitzie's 10 year wurmiversary :D Was a fantastic day, including special guests appearances :D
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    Sorry for not replying to your PM, I did read it. I was busy with the bugfix and I'm busy today, but will look into it soon. Should be possible.
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    I live in a cave..... bah cant get this to work.......
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    My very nice friend's house i helped building! his first actual bigger house we built citizens of the village of Ruin Ridge Farmstead in Independence! more prepared than last week! haha He says the house is weirdly colored because he was feeling really silly that day, i giggle a bit every time i see it, hes such a lively guy sorry for meme material!
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    This is our house.. Scorpion photobombed
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    Fur clothing would be cool to have ingame, seeing as now it seems the devs are focusing on stuff like that. There could be a fur cape that would be worn on your back and on part of your sides. For fur cloak, it would be bigger than the the cape, but not be wrapped around the whole body. For the coat, it would surround your whole upper torso. Not including neck and hear. I think it'd be good to have another use for furs. Requirements: Fur Cape: 4 Pieces of Fur, 6 string, minimum Leather Working skill of 10, created by activating a needle and right clicking a fur with a piece of string in your inventory. Fur Cloak: 7 pieces of fur, 10 string, minumum Leather Working skill of 15, created by activating a needle and right clicking a fur with a piece of string in your inventory. Fur Coat: 12 pieces of fur, 20 string, minimum Leather Working skill of 30, created by activating a needle and right clicking a fur with a piece of string in your inventory.
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    I'm sure this has been visited repeatedly, but here goes: Hunting is lacking the excitement of discovery. There's a thrill when you kill a humanoid and get a recipe. That same thrill and hope could be applied to other creatures through Wurm in small ways in order to create a greater level of excitement around killing creatures. Yes, this also introduces TAXIDERMY, a skill that should be a new subset of tailoring. This involves several changes, I'll separate into spoilers so this doesn't just look like a wall of text. Random Drops Lore and Skill Journals with Alternative Crafting Recipes Taxidermy
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    Hey all! So I discovered that this lovely strip of highway has yet to be lit up. I will be lighting up the section my deed overlaps but would love to maybe see if anyone wanted to help light the rest of the highway! I roughly drew where the highway is below. It is shorter so we could get this done fairly quick. https://imgur.com/gallery/4bo44Wi
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    i need something to waste money on
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    And if we do get to a real overhaul on roofing, PLEASE do ceilings at the same time. Our fancy houses look like barns or storage buildings with their unfinished ceilings.
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    Thought you should know that this one is actually June 2015 from the date in its top right corner. ... and Thank you for those very early maps. Some we were missing from our Collection of Indy Geo maps across the ages. Cheers, Hughmongus
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    All works smoothly now. Strange feeling, when you go through the doors without any resistance.
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    This is actually a new house on our deed, and it's kind of doubling as a sneak-peak to our new video that Kichi is currently editing.
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    So turning of suffix means the info is still included, just not pushed to the suffix. Definitely drop "wood" from these. Nobody talks like that. Fruit woods maybe get used like that sometimes, but generally it just isn't used. You have an oak door, a pine table, a cedar chest. Actually, the ordering and display of item descriptions needs a rework. Say I have a large crate, that was made out of birch, and I have renamed it "Bricks" because that's what I have in it. Anyone can see it's a crate, and a large one, and nobody cares what kind wood was used. The only important thing not immediately visible is the "Bricks" label. It should either show "Bricks" on hover and then maybe on examine (or in a window), "Bricks", Large Crate, Birch. If it isn't name, then it just says "Large Crate".
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    Think he was suggesting that you could purchase prem and use the loyalty rewards system to get affinities. Either way there's technically an exchange of money for affinities.
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    Yes, please. The roof, too, would be nice. Don't know about other parts of the world, but here the colours of floors and of roofs are a function of preference, not the material used.
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    The spirit eagle and drakes get a alpha value sent from the server for some reason, which the client renders as 100% transparency. A fix can easily be modded for all ghost creatures by replacing the sendAttachEffect in the VirtualZone.addCreature method. Spirit guards don't have the same alpha setting, so they are visible. Still working on a fix for the beams, the rift and xmas beams are visible but the altar beams are not - possibly they have different transparency settings considering they are not pulsating like the altar beams, or something like that?
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    Turn them into nazi zombies. Everyone like to kill nazi zombies.
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    Only certain people? Last I checked, the borders of Chaos were open to all freedomers, not just the ones that aren't scared to cross.
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    Nearly done..... More on FB Page https://www.facebook.com/Thallspring/
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    I was saving the bigger announcement for our hosting status update, but yes - AWS is not a viable solution for us. While in testing it worked fine, once we put more load on the system we ran into bottlenecks on the disk I/O that not even raising IOPS would resolve to a satisfactory condition. I'll give more information in another post over the next few days. I will say that I'm in the middle of testing one provider and in talks with a second.
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    I am pretty sure that this is impossible with the current physics and rendering, but it would be wonderful to have water that sits on the landscape instead of merely being a stationery flat layer permeating the entire map. On the other hand, lava flows, so shouldn't water be able to as well? Using lava as the "model" it would be good to have fresh water flow from a source and then over ground seeking the lowest level. We already have water sources and can create wells and fountains over them (sidetrack: why is a well so much more involved to craft than an ornate fountain? ) so what about having a new construction, a spring-head or something, or even have it as something that can be added to well or fountain, for run-off. Obviously it wouldn't run over sand but would disappear, but over rock, clay, tar, etc it should run downhill fine. Fountains take time (notionally) to fill, so you have a feed rate, maybe different tile types could "absorb" water at different rates (i.e. a natural increase due to feed and a natural decrease due to absorption). We could have streams and waterfalls cascades; ponds and pools at elevations >0. High craters could become lakes, unless they can drain. We could have actual rivers. I know, 'tis only a pipe dream (see what I did there?) but would it not be a richer environment?
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    I know the deed was somewhere north of the howl (I found it back when I was traveling to Ultimarus)
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    I may have a few..... Collected with both extensive forum research and the Indy Community, for use in my pursuit of Archaeology Early Indy - Circa July 2009, deed locations and map lines are highly inaccurate Last Updated Project FRAM map - Circa 2010, low res First Draft of New Map Project - Circa Early 2011, low res New Map Project - July 2011, Map admin - Darkmalice New Map Project - Circa 2012, Map admin Mamadarkness New Map Project - Circa 2013, Map admin Maximusi/Wraithglow New Map Project - Circa 2014, Map,, admin Archaed Since i was interested in "Old" deeds from our past i didnt ask for any newer ones than these, tho im sure there are players with them.
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    +1 It might need a special rope to be crafted, eg "mountaineer's rope", from a rope or two, and a hook and a large nail or so, the latter made from steel for example. should allow some stam regain when hanging passively on the rope without climbing skill active. would be fun