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    A visitor at night at Peaceful Harbor (Celebration)
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    Right. So I am not here to speak for everyone, but I look at it this way. 1.9 Release April 2019 New Beta/End of Life Announced November 2019 Date of this thread: April 2020 Beta has been in beta for five months. Radio silence about it after numerous complaints from modders about the way the beta was packaged. I do not anticipate to ever see the new beta materialize into an actual release. Big enough to admit that I could be wrong about that, maybe two minutes after I post this it will go live. The obvious focus of Wurm is to promote the Online Retail and Steam development. It's all fine and well to say we are putting WU in the modders hands publicly, but then sit on your ass and do nothing to materialize that for 5 months. The consistent optimism of hopefully they'll do the right thing from people who have not actually watched mod after mod be ripped off and pushed into the retail game, watching former staff get booted for not falling in line or having an opinion of their own, and seeing long-time modders stop publishing things because there is no point of writing code that could go bad at any given point when they do another 1.9 push it out with maybe 12-24 hour notice and/or having their mods ripped off and pushed into retail is the probable collective reasoning why modders aren't publishing code anymore. At this point, and it is not an attack on you or anyone, but if you want to run a server and have dope mods, download IntelliJ, decompile 1.9, learn through the already published code, and keep your gits private. There is no benefit to making them public anymore. If you are even more paranoid, start cloning gits for when the authors remove their repos entirely. I cannot speak on behalf of certain authors, but there is a whole hell of a lot of 'new features' in retail that are just WU mods and since they gave us the finger on the situation dumping further support, I cannot imagine being one of the authors who actually made those mods public and now are being told sorry, we are done with you. As stated, I cannot speak for other modders, but given the absolute decline and almost deadness in the WU modding discord since end of life/beta announcement was criticized, aside from long-time modders who will help point you in the right direction but not write the mod for you I would not consider it a lost cause, just something you will have to spend time to learn on your own. Furthermore, you do not even see updates on popular repositories on github, let alone new forum posts. This is not to say there are not improved versions of existing mods or mods that servers keep private to keep their servers unique; i.e Sklotopolis has always had a pretty straight-forward policy to keep their mods to themselves, which I do not disagree with or criticize, Riviera implementing a Rift mod, or expanding on the VoteReward mod by implementing voting tiers for how often you vote and keeping that private which I do not disagree with or criticize, or any of the many mods that exist on old servers that are not public anywhere. These are just examples that come to mind off the top of my head. There is no value in publishing public mods so the retail game who dropped support can rip off more content while they have not given anything back in a year which honestly broke more than it added, and despite immediate and numerous bug reports prior to the merge with whatevercorp owns Wurm now, were ignored and laughably had to be re-posted when the beta came out and the issues were still not fixed. That is my opinion, if readers take offense that are WU server owners I apologize, otherwise if you take offense I do not apologize and do not care.
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    Woody in my hand, chair in another. Ready to smith on my forge, sponsored by my Sonic The Hedgehog movie forge
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    I wonder why we need this? "Birchwood will burn longer than an equal weight of other wood; however, it cannot exceed the burn time cap so mostly this bonus is wasted." I think birch should just use fuel 2 time slower than other woods. So just extend burning time 2x The Birch knidling also need a fix when i use one to light still they burn like normal knidling. burn time should be 2x normal knidling.
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    1 of the problems is.. official website.. is not used for anything.. news gets dumped on forums, links on the website used to get me throw 3 hyperlinks until I get to the news thread(or not).. At first I 'complained' about it, eventually stopped caring and opened forums directly when there are news/patches, same thing with launcher it used to open a series of hyperlinks to follow to get to actual patchnotes/news. Usability is in the background for some reason, value your time, value player/customer's time, supporting more content on the website that leads to dead-ends wasted everybody's time: for example launcher's latest news currently is: https://www.wurmonline.com/2020/04/17/wsa-free-faith-transfer-expiring/ and opens a link to the website, no link to forum post with literally same news/announcement, but in the forum announcement a guy writes 'oh cool, so there are transfers, but how do you use that?" and than another reply follows with explanation how to actually utilize the feature the announcement reminds of(I'd call that VALUABLE and USEFUL information, but link between the two places is missing. Obviously.. not all news or announcements need to have comments or player opinion(example: enki banning pvp on chaos for a few hours or a day, but whenever the discussion is open for the news/notes/announcements - such links could be useful and make the website a go to resource. (if synchronizing the links etc, like making forum post, getting a link, opening a new post to format for the website etc... TAKES TIME, come up with something that is easy to manage and keeps things useful, there must be a win:win, but current format could improve) Website still uses the old pictures, none of the new steam profile gallery pics are in the gallery on the official website, idk why. One of the biggest issues of the website is it's completely useless to existing players, not sure how much use new ones find on it, but basics - work obviously - register new account, open the shop for silver/premium, besides that.. information is a bit chaotic, menu option like "More info -> Tutorials" leads straight to the wiki(there's no indication that the link leads out of the website into a wiki) Website's graphics are generally a bit outdated.. for example https://www.wurmonline.com/features/skills-and-characteristics/ have a screenshot from 2014 (judging by the wp-content upload link to the image), Sentimental value, sure, but graphics look 'a bit' better now, why not show the improved version? (it's what sells the game for many) Jackal/rift rewards and skins could be shown somewhere.. 'kids' love collecting items, let them see the rare/unique things they can collect in the game. Along the steam update work, website is going to be used more or less to check the game's state and information.. and it could use an update for few old images, idk about information*, but rethinking and implementing actual usability of the WWW space could make it a useful resource.
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    Would be useful if we had the same group mechanics we get for the inventory for containers like, chests, coffers, backpacks, satchels etc. So not affecting item count limit but allowing us to organize our items better. This can be used for stuff like grouping like suits of clothing/armor in the wardrobe, grouping imping tool kits (tool kits for skill, one for quickness) etc.
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    (I wrote this article for a witchy discord I moderate for, but I think it widely applies to all people...I hope that this will hope people cope with these uncertain times) This era is a once in a century adversity that may not occur again in our lifetimes, but will likely drastically change all things that have been familiar going forward. A particular set of tools will be required to give birth to this transition. That tool set is called Resilience. Resilience is defined as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” In essence, this means that, though adversity is an ever present part of life, it is unnecessary to experience long term suffering with the building of magical, psychological, and social parachutes to help ease any and all hardships by acting in a nature of high personal efficacy. We can’t change what happens, but we can absolutely change what we do about it. The following skills, if practiced consistently, can aid in the magical art of changing consciousness at will (roughly described as a mundane act by the American Psychological Association). Make no mistake. These charges are difficult, essential, and life building. They are not temporary fixes or bandaids to be used in times of great need. Skills are built over a lifetime of practice and commitment to stay the course. We have the responsibility to ourselves, to each other, and to the future to survive this pandemic as best as we are able so that we may emerge on the other side ready to move forward in grace. Connections - Relationships are a garden you tend. An untended garden goes to weed. In this way, so does our willingness to connect to other people. Choked out by the weeds of our isolation. We are isolated together right now...the best option is not to personally isolate online as well. Though it's not safe to visit people right now due to the global pandemic, utilize any and all technologies at your fingertips (zoom, Kast, video games, skype, telephones, letters, emails, memes, youtube, snapchat, whatsapp). This connectivity makes it easy to be reminded that we’re not alone just lonely due to the isolation at hand. Self-Care - The first and most important temple is yours. Do things that feed personal competence and build you up. Take good care of yourself: drink enough water, sleep, exercise, take medications as prescribed. Keep yourself clean and well kept. The ritual of getting dressed every day and going through the motions of leaving even if you are not, is important to our mental health as a collective. It’s a hope that things will return to some semblance of how we remember normal to be. Meditate. Find quiet moments for yourself to hear yourself think. Journal. This will help sort thoughts and give them form. Dance. Find Purpose - Take a personal inventory and find out who you truly are. Volunteer online or teach a class to your peers on zoom. This too will help build a sense of competency and ability to ask for help yourself if you need it by understanding that needing help is human. Help is absent of shame. Address things in your life as they come up and they won’t pile up in the back of your head waiting for your attention. Keep on the lookout for opportunities to delve into learning about yourself by utilizing vulnerability as a sacred tool. Listening to other people can help you to get new perspectives about yourself. Embrace Healthy Thoughts - Stay hopeful about the future. We don’t know what will come, but we do have the facts that thoughts can manifest form. Rumination and fatalism is absent of the faith in the Universe (or whatever Higher Power you relate best to) providing for and doing exactly what we need right now (even if it doesn’t feel like it at first). Learn from the past. Avoid repeating old mistakes or abusing drugs/alcohol. This only puts a damper on healthy thinking. Acceptance - Change is part of life and though things are hard right now, they are in a constant state of ebb and flow. Control what you have control over and release the rest. If your dreams have outlived reality, use that personal inventory and reassess your goals based on your history and experience. Prayer. Asking for help - The wildly resilient soul knows when to reach out to get help from a professional to help with anything you cannot handle on your own or if you need help building resilience. Do not be afraid. Needing help and asking for it is greatly vulnerable, but yields gems that help the entire planet heal through your ability to ask for it when you need it. Vulnerability is sacred and you’re never alone--even if you’re lonely. We have the power to change the world and we will, by changing our own. If you or a friend is in crisis, please reach out to a licensed professional. Resources: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (USA) 1-800-273-8255 International: https://www.befrienders.org/
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    Like probably others, I have a few creatures (5sp and 5sp+ horses) which are cared by other, absent players. It is always possible that one of those players returns to the game and/or the server and recognizes the occupied care for spot thus uncaring. As far as I see one may recognize that only when inspecting the manage->animals list for such a change. I would like a notification similar to that when receiving mails "The venerable fat Soontodie has been uncared by <player>" on login or, when online, in the moment it happens. This would allow to decide whether one may care for the creature oneself.
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    It really all depends on what you use for your water flow mechanic. For example, this one could be easily modified to prevent griefing:
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    Wurm combat is boring and not challenging. It need to be more interactive so you as player have to make choices that changes the outcome of the fight. Group combat is more or less non-existent. Pve needs a lot more challenges to make it interesting. As player you do not need to use your brain to create strategies and give each player roles to overcome the challenge. Spell casting could play a much bigger role in combat.
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    As in another suggestions thread... To avoid screwing over people that have used it on Chaos for skill, move the warhammer skill itself to being under the mauls weapon tree, and add an actual weapon you can craft, nothing complex, called a warhammer, 2-handed of course. Nice and simple.
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    just an old photo of when i was king on first elevation. we had a park with benches thats a chair haha and the crown made me bald thats silly
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    Posted on behalf of Gaffer, from his stream - a toilet in wurm, finally!
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    My skill grinding area/living room. Included in image is grinding stations for: Toy Making, Papyrusmaking, Leatherworking, Cloth Tailoring, Paving, and Weapon Smithing.
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    oof, used to be an adventurer like you but...
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    April News! Greetings everyone! Not being a fan of the plain old 'bump,' but also recognizing the need to keep this thread where people looking for a home can see it, my plan is to be making a monthly post containing any big news about what is happening at Lunar Order Academy and our allied settlements. Any other important news that comes in April will simply be added to this post, but May will bring a new post hopefully full of more interesting information! Tpikol has been granted the rank of Lunar Knight! I would also like to formally recognize his efforts in the completion of the local highway network that currently connects all of the Lunar Alliance settlements at this time, extending all the way down to the end of our peninsula! Msgerbs has been granted the rank of Lunar Citizen! Airbornease has been granted the rank of Lunar Citizen, and the title of Jarl of Brave Stone Ville! I would also like to recognize his expenditure on the wagoner camp for Brave Stone Ville that will be a boon to our alliance as a whole, thank you Airbornease! Aeliar has been granted the rank of Lunar Citizen, and the title of Lord of King Hill! Raza has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Settler! Raza's promotion also qualifies as the first to effectively follow the new system of formal advancement that has been outlined in our introduction post, so check that out! April 10, 2020: A Couple Policy Updates... This was a part of the original "Lunar Order Academy" recruitment thread that I did not want to have to include, because I felt that it came across as unnecessarily hostile, and I felt that such things could be reasonably discussed as needed on a case by case basis. Well, jokes on me, egg on my face. Since it needs saying: no whining, and no trolls! So, why the update? Short answer, I just had to boot two recruits because they were not willing to take the hint when I tried the reasonable-discussion-stuff mentioned above. They were asked to stop whining, and they responded it was a joke; when told the joke wasn't funny, they responded that their jokes were meant to get 'reactions,' not be 'funny,' which sounds like a troll to me. The full story is more complicated, and more generally there has been a history of behaviour that has undermined trust to a degree that, while I don't necessarily think they mean harm, I no longer believe them to be a good fit for our community, though I would reconsider that stance if my fellows thought it warranted. On a more positive note, this is something that I have been meaning to include for a little bit now, but keep forgetting. One of the features of the Lunar Order Academy is a stockpile of materials available to all of our members, somewhere you can dip into if you're short of something you need for an important project. While obviously we would like people who use the stockpile to try and eventually replenish any goods that they use, it is in everyone's interest if the stockpiles are expanded as much as possible. So I am finally making an official announcement of our recommended Tithing policy, where members producing bulk goods contribute a portion to the Academy stores. Having wanted to replace the old April News post with a new "Policies and Guidelines" section, I've made a new April News post; some content has been moved around, a few minor edits made, but most of it has been preserved in transit. Lunar Order Academy, and our allied neighbours, have been added to the Xanadu Community Map! I am pleased to announce the return of Essios to the Lunar Order Academy! A member of the Lunar Order when I was still just a newcomer, Essios has been granted the rank of Lunar Citizen! Adog has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Warrior! Hawks has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Settler! Shunmoore has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Settler! Thethibeau has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Warrior! Silverclaw has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Warrior! Solveig has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Warrior! Meeritsein has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Settler! Tpikol has been kind enough to create a forum where members of the Lunar Order can discuss our plans, set up polls for voting on important matters, and ease communication across different timezones! (I have removed the link to the forum that Tpikol created because we never ended up using it, instead communicating primarily through Discord now. I remain immensely grateful for his contributions, however, in this regard and others!)
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    My suggestion is bound down to making it easier to either change a mailbox enchant, remove it or have duplicate mail enchants. 1: Be able to cast dark messenger on an already enchanted courier mailbox, and vice versa. If the mailbox already has 90 courier and your dark messenger hits 91 the dark messenger will succeed and change to that. - This would be my favourite, as it will remove the lesser enchant and apply the best one automaticly. It also keeps the feature where you cant dispel a mailbox. 2: Be able to remove a mailbox enchant. - This is also fair as dispel is cheap. It will also include the risk of people dispelling other mailboxes than their owns. 3: Be able to have several mailbox enchants. The highest will be the active one. - This one can probably get messy in several ways, but it will get the job done. It also keeps the feature where you cant dispel, which i think is nice. If this, for some reason, would be bad on PVP servers - make it a PVE change only.
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    If anyone is interested in attending Libila sermons, there will be a regular event happening on Independence. All Libila followers and priests welcome. For practical and timing reasons I would like any priests wanting to conduct sermons to let me know beforehand so we can do this in a somewhat orderly fashion. If you don't let me know beforehand then you can still do a sermon but would be added the end of the list. Proposed time: Sundays at 23:00 GMT (15:00 PST / 18:00 EST ) Location: Temple of Libila, The Grand Steppe just north of The Four Oaks In-game cords: i/21 Community map cords: 49x / 27y
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    I have a lib priest that can come hang out. He has 100 Faith, but could use sermons for the journal. If the sermons fill up, I'll let people that need faith bump ahead though.
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    As one who started WURM with only a knife and flint, I don't think we need more starter items (other than perhaps a few extra free Sleep Bonus events). For the Steam release I really like the idea of increasing Pelt creatures for a period of time. This would really help progress the initial player base. For a limited time only on the Steam release server, have designated areas ("rat swamp" or "cat hill") where a GM could spawn a few dozen of these "pelt producing" creatures when they feel the supply is low. I remember when I started there was an influx of new people on Indy and it was pretty hard finding pelts at the time.
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    I don't think this is the main reason for the low number of active players. Wurm Online suffers from the entire design of Wurm Online, where it's supposed to take AGES to get anything done. In a fairly large guild of gamers I was once a member of, over 100 people, only one other member could stand to play the game at all. Sitting in front of a stone wall in a mine for three or more minutes doing nothing but hitting the same hot key over and over until the wall finally breaks, or sitting in front of a forge, or a pile of logs, etc. NOBODY wants to do that in a game, other than a very very tiny select few. Even I hate that aspect of the game, but I enjoy the freedom of a sandbox game with terraforming, etc. So I suffered through the incredibly boring parts. When Wurm Unlimited came out, and the action timers could be increased to a point where most of the game was fun, I never went back to WO. Even that didn't sway the members of the guild. It's just not a fast paced game, and that's what 99% of gamers want, in my opinion.
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    The purpose was returning the god system to it's original design, and along with the follower changes, creation of actual distinction of flavour, lore and balance.
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    I have a lib priest that needs some ticks of faith. Can come hang.
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    With serverpacks mod, you add how many you like. No need to replace. You can play them whenever you want using the mission system in game.
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    Will do that tommorow
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    This weeks community stream screenshot competition is brought to you by Grifos Seal based moisturiser, It'll seal the moisture right out! Simply send a screenshot of your best view, with a chair showing in the picture! Three winners will be picked, receiving 30 days prem time each! Good luck
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    Waiting for coffee and breakfast on a Sunday morning
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    The riff raff from Ruin Ridge Farm on Indy
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    Gonna see if I can raise the bar a bit
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    my first deed in worm home sweet home https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EWASGyHXsAQOKGH?format=jpg&name=large
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    Inspired by the thoughts of a webpage design improvements Finnn was suggesting above, I was going to reply directly here but considering topics, etc, I posted under Suggestions instead. TLDR (regarding the link) the main Wurm Online webpage needs an option clearly labelled 'Downloads' or something along those lines to click directly instead of the unclear 'Play' button alone. Suggestion: download link on main Wurm Online webpage BTW regarding advertising. Am I the only old-timer that remembers that Wurm Online under Rolf once had a very short cable television commercial? This was about 8+ years ago. I only viewed it perhaps once, very late night on what my memory recalls was on the old G4 gaming network. It was a single image with a professional voiceover advertising Wurm Online. Really short on recalling details, I know, and sorry about that, but the advertisement was only about 10-15 seconds or so. Maybe one of the other early generation of Wurm Online gamers can post more info if they recall or find data on it?
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    We have a press kit available that will be on the website in the future too, the codeclub SE link has always been hjit and miss, I asked about just adding "about code club" to the website but we'll see how it goes. A full media package exist and it's shared with many sites and review sites, a good time to do a fresh run will be after the most common complaint is addressed.
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    I am not going to assist you until you type "Help" or "Guards!" no matter how injured you are
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    Well, i hope they aren't reworking that much stuff before fixing half the bugs and so called "inconveniences" and won't cater to like 5 players only.
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    In the 10+ years of me being around Wurm Ive only seen advertisement the couple times when Redbaron did it and Wassoo before him. This game has always relied on things like "Hey we made some new shiny stuff that old players might like..." and it spams out a few emails to us old players. Im curious to see how well they handle this second launch of Wurm to Steam. Im sure that company that bought owners share of Wurm wants to get their money back, its evident by the changes that they're about to try and bleed the community (both old and new). So will they throw a decent marketing budget to the steam launch in order to get any sort of ROI, well I sure hope so. A lot of changes, very good ones at that, have gone to the new player experience so I hope like hell they're not banking on just STEAM, steam tools and wishlists being the only marketing tool...
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    More on FB Page https://www.facebook.com/Thallspring/
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    I remember when wurm had massive community deeds with many people contributing and working together rather than every man for themselves being hermits. I think there needs to be more villagers in general.
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    probably a dozen years too late, but its great to see wurm becoming a game again instead of this "investment" b.s. wurm is much cheaper than most other games out there that require monthly subs, and people who threaten to quit over this is great, i'd rather have 1 brand new player dedicated to wurming as a game than 20 gold farmers with purchased accounts
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    I would like to see this, especially with the third person camera option coming now, could be a nice change to how the game feels imo
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    Just curious, for the Resource Pack Creation, if we haven't altered a texture in any way from how it default maps in the game, and that it isn't a new one, just replacing an existing one, will we be still required to have the mappings.txt for it?
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    Glad to see the modloader myself, will help with my work on a texture pack for WU ^^ Just also sad that we won't see content updates, especially some of the recent stuff WO has gotten