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    Wait why terraforming? Im with Brash on this. Nothing currently wrong with it other than not auto digging to pile but that is fixed with a keybind
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    Greetings Wurmians! This weekend is a HUGE Valrei International, and it's a big moment for us too. This edition is where we unveil shots and features of the new UI! This UI is long-awaited and long-discussed and has gone through several iterations before being revealed today, and will likely be adjusted before live launch too. Feel free to give feedback, but keep in mind that it will probably be different once it's in your hands soon! New Windows! The first and most visual part of the new UI will be the various windows and tabs, with multiple changes including skins and functionality. Visually, the most notable change will be the removal of the existing ironwood skin, as well as classic and classic light skins. We will be replacing these with two versions, a light version and dark version shown below: (The text is scaled higher for this for easier reading, it is not the default size) Improved Tactile Feedback Along with this, we'll be providing more tactile feedback with various UI elements. Buttons will glow slightly and provide audio feedback when moused over and clicked. Inventory Search! A long wanted part of this is the ability to search within your inventory for items. The search bar down the bottom updates the inventory window dynamically meaning you can quickly type in a few letters and find that tool you need. Better Tab Control! We know that the existing tabs have been quite clunky to work with, so with this, we took the opportunity to break them all apart. All tabs will be able to float individually, dock with others, and arrange in different orders giving you total control of what you see at any given time. Improved menus We've also taken efforts to revamp the right-click menus, giving them a rounded look with a colour palette similar to our new logo design, and moving permanent context buttons to an icon slot at the top. This shift cuts down the text on each menu and provides better contrast. In-World Text! We've also been reading through many suggestions for UI updates, including the in-world text for local chat and examining items! Rest assured, this option is up to you and can be enabled or disabled in the client! Default Action Key! Another popular request over the years has been a default action key which is context-based. This addition means you can have a single key-bind change the action based on what tool you have activated, and what your mouse hovers over. In-World Interaction! Last, but not least of this is the expansion of dragging an item into containers without having to open them. We are adding the ability to interact with objects in-world and drag them into other containers, no longer needing to open a pile to move the contents it to another container, you can operate with fewer windows and a more unobstructed view. Scaling And of course, one long-requested issue is the support of 4K monitors and resolutions of varying sizes. I'm thrilled to say that this will all be coming with the ability to scale, fully supporting 4K resolutions or any personal preference! There are more features regarding the UI in the works before its launch, including showing enchants on mouse-over, a potential "repeat last action key", and much more coming soon! These are all huge changes, and we hope that these elements we have showcased here show that we are listening to what you have requested over the years and are working on improving how you interact with the game every day! We will be opening up this UI via a preview client for public testing within a month, so you don't have long to wait at all to get your hands on it! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    From the wiki, regarding toons that hasnt been premium: The deletion happens after 90 days of inactivity.
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    -1 to this being a jackal skin
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    Hola , somos una alianza pequeña española del server Deliverance, actualmente somos 5 asentamientos o aldeas en la alianza, yo aparte recluto a gente nueva en mi asentamiento o deed, si eres español o hablas español y vives en Deliverance y quieres pertenecer a la alianza eres bienvenid@. Por favor contacta conmigo en el juego o a través de aquí para poder unirte a la alianza mi nick es el mismo en el juego o a través del canal discord de la alianza: https://discord.gg/mz9GBJf6yx No hay requisitos especiales, sólo que tengas buen comportamiento en el caso de unirte a la alianza y que aparte seas activo en el caso de querer unirte a mi asentamiento. Todos los que formamos la alianza somos gente que ya llevamos años jugando al Wurm Online te podremos ayudar en el caso de que seas un novato, sólo necesitas tener tu deed o asentamiento en el server Deliverance y podrás unirte a nuestra alianza. Si quieres pertenecer a mi aldea sigue este enlace: In english: Hello, we are a small spanish alliance from Deliverance server, actually the alliance have five deeds and also I am recruiting new people for my deed. If you are spanish or you speak spanish and lives in Deliverance and if you would belong to our alliance you are welcome. Please contact with me into the game or in this forum for be able join to our alliance , my nick is the same in the game. There are not special requeriments, just a good behaviour in the case of joining to our alliance and also if you want join to my village you need to be an active player . The people whom form the alliance, are veteran people playing Wurm Online since several years ago, and we could help you in the case you be a newbie. IF you want to be a member from my village follow this link:
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    That's it, really. Add feathers to the recipe for making arrows. If you ask a non-player or a newbie what materials they think would be required to make arrows, you'll surely get "feathers" included in their list. So, it makes sense that they would use feathers now that we have them available as a crafting material. Perhaps balance the fewer sources of feathers by requiring 1/4 the weight of a feather for 1 arrow, and/or increasing yield from birds.
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    Only change needed for terraforming is flatten and level borders with dredge.
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    Pretty sure its how many times you want.I used one once and still have the option to buy again.
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    Well, no, that one never was premium but, it remains a member of the deed and it did not then create a new toon, it just blocked me from the final log in screen/stage. I'd think if a toon was erased it would make a new one? edit: it may have been close to 90 days since I last needed it. I am going to assume this is the answer. I know I used it in early January so it may have just been erased. Time has flown. Thank you all.
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    On a serious note, i think Jberg made it, not sure...
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    Climate changes! Global warming! yada yada
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    If you were never premium....ever.... your toon gets erased after not logging in for several months (although I don't know exactly how long).
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    in my case, there was empty room in the place where letter was supposed to be, like somebody typed a space instead of letter
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    @heirothis looks like map size mismatch or corrupted bridge. I can take a look at the map file and manually fix it if you would like to send it to me here or via private message.
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    It's such an emotional place it shows how much people thought of Tich. I'm sure everyone who visits has a tear in their eye. Thank you for sharing it with us and congratulations on your art dev role I'm sure we'll soon be seeing some more of your beautiful graphics in Wurm.
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    Great job to everyone that is working on this update! You can tell a lot of time and talent has gone into creating this for us. Thank you! Since it is a complete rebuild, will we be able to also adjust the column widths? Sometimes my text gets jumbled in the weight column, etc and it would be nice to be able to make that clear. (I use the weight column on a stack of unfinished items to keep track). Will item order be changeable by drag and drop? I've noticed that I can currently do this in some containers, with some items. But I honestly haven't explored which one I can and which I can't beyond knowing that sometime I can and sometime I can't currently. As has been mentioned a couple times in this thread, a way to save a window's inventory sorted by how user wants to sort it would be fantastic. It seems now that windows remember the order items are placed in them when they are reopened. Perhaps a way to save windows to be opened as it was last sorted? Then if people wanted it alphabetical, they could open the window, hit the name column and the window would sort items alphabetically, and then they could save and window would open next time with items in alphabetical order. Conversely, people could drag/drop items (or place items in containers in specific order if drag / drop not available) to sort how they want, and then save and window would reopen next time in the order they saved. This would also fix those times when things get all jumbled in a window, since could close window without saving, and reopen to get previous sort setup. Also, it would be great if things like log & logs, sprout and sprouts, etc would be grouped together. A sprout is a sprout whether there is one or 99? Having 2 catagories for same line item creates confusion and easily lets user make mistake sorting inventory and mix items accidentally. Just my 2 iron on some of the functionality :) Thank you again for all your hard work! Have a great day!
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    Amazing memorial, thanks for the Trip Kat even i welled up!
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    wtb archery target skin
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    like this? +1 i'd buy this
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    This stream was a very special one. We went to visit Tich's memorial.
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    5x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w93 (65c each) 3x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w94 (70c each) Pls COD the horseshoes to pagwani ty
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    Yay Bookwurm has been found! Thanks wurm staff
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    This statement is actually quite important. People, kids or not -since most adults I've met were childish in their own way- who like "fast paced, action games, no patience, give me satisfaction and dopamine now" would never get or stay in Wurm for long. Doesn't matter how Wurm's interface is. The core of the game is 90% grind, that's the basic fact of the game. No amount of polish, UI tweaks or anything will change the reality of spending a big chunk of the game doing repetitive actions. I don't know to what extent the statement "this new generation has a shorter attention span" since from my own work experience, doing support, quality control, revisions, procedure updates, etc. I can say old people can be just as impatient as young ones. From a lot of old people i often get "But I don't want to learn what button does what, I just want to get X information, or Y payment done, etc." It's more of a personality issue. Wurm is a game targeted at patient people and that's the psychological variable in play, not age. I started Wurm when I was 21-22 or so. I could have played it when I was 15 just as well, but that's because I have a personal fascination with games that offer a complex range of possibilites for creativity. Taking that into account, Wurm still has to showcase itself as a game that requires patience, same as any City building game filles with many factors, or complex-economy-based RTS games (like the old Settlers games). Wurm will never be able to present itself as a fast paced action game. Its main target and this should be delineated in its marketing, is the vast range of in-game possibilities you have but also that they come with effort. It's not p2w. It's play to earn, as it should be.
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    After my recent move to Indy, I have started to work on my deed. Named it after the deed that was here originally back during week 1 of Indy, Mystic Valley!
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    I service(well did before all this virus stuff) a bunch of schools their IT needs and i never saw the kids hit caps but use shift still a lot of kids actually didnt seem to like the over simplified menu's when they are a bit older and keep saying "oh this is the kind of stuff my younger brother likes i like it this way more" when we would talk with kids about what they like and dislike about the games they are allowed to play on the school ipads and pcs(as i would be the one left in charge of deploying it all) This might again just be because kiwi kids are different then most kids from elsewhere and a lot of the schools also run classes to learn how to type properly(so shift vs caps is something that is taught) and a lot of schools(sadly not all) run "how to efficiently use a pc" class once a month where the more tech savy teacher or IT guy(thankfully not me) sits down with kids trying to teach them how to handle devices and how pcs function and so on and the different OS's(this includes the poor schools too) But teaching kids patience goes a long way to making them accept right click vs big buttons that show up in the middle of the screen as well lets face it the developers behind those games are the reason why everyone wants to dumb down everything to make it faster and faster Id say wurm's right click menu in the way it looks with this update is fast enough as it is and i think a lot of kids would think so too plus i dont think anyone here wants to win over the mc generation of kids as they would not like wurm at all no matter how fast in interacting the wurm dev team makes the ui to be
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    Looks great! What about crafting window new look ? Is it getting some new functions as well ?
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    And of course, one long-requested issue is the support of 4K monitors and resolutions of varying sizes. I'm thrilled to say that this will all be coming with the ability to scale, fully supporting 4K resolutions or any personal preference! Added that in!
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    Is there going to be any icon scaling for 1440p/4K users? We can scale fonts but icons look terribly small and unusable as-is. Windowed Fullscreen WO seems to use our desktop for its UI resolution reference so trying to bring the res down doesn't work for us.
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    The UI is starting to resemble something of a modern game now Looks good
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    Right. Technically correct would be the term Login Server, which is what Golden Valley is. Basicly everyone logs into Golden Valley and is forwarded to the correct server instantly. So I guess mentioning GV as a server is still somewhat right but not as a tutorial server. There are also some people still living there.
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    Tich's Gone Fishin' Memorial (Release L-25) An introduction by friends of Tich. Logging into Wurm, looking at our friend's list to see the first name not online to be Tich pressed those close to her to create a memorial, not only for others to see, but also to leave their own memories about this wonderful person for the rest of Wurm to enjoy. This project began in early November of 2018 and served as a cathartic focus for hearts and minds that were still struggling with Tich's passing. Though the work took only about 2 weeks to complete, with a subsequent few weeks of fine tuning to follow, by far the most difficult task was/is to write on opening introduction to the people of Wurm for the memorial. It is our hope that those touched by Tich or her works in-game will make the journey to Release, at L25, and bring with you a bit of something that ties you to Tich and her works, to be left in perpetuity as your own addition to the memorial. (Feel free to contact Daciana or Pomona by forum pm for help in placing or securing your personal additions, or adding personal anecdotes or stories to the Tich's Gone Fishin' Memorial) What began as players seeking comfort in remembering a friend, transitioned into co-workers yearning for an opportunity to show what she meant to them, and what we all hope will evolve into a community reaching out together to put the wealth of impact Tich made upon us all on exhibition. While here, please take the time to explore every aspect of the memorial. You will find a multitude of surprises made available through substantial background help from the Wurm Online Team all of which were especially close to Tich. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the memorial.
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    Thank you! The skill renames were a group effort - in some cases, we had multiple possibilities and the dev team voted on the best. Glad you're enjoying them
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    Exactly the same as last year Skill renames: I sleep Ovens are microwaves: Real sh*t?
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    So currently arrows are capped by the creation ql being skill / 5 Removing that cap would allow creation ql to vary wildly, with skill and ql of parts playing an important role. This would mean that high quality parts would create high quality arrows from the start as opposed to each arrow being under 20 ql and needing to be imped individually. Adding feathers to this would be another part that can boost the ql. It's actually a long requested idea.
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    I would argue that by making feathers more useful, pheasants and chickens become (at least slightly) more useful animal spawns. As they are now, they are taking up creature spawns without being terribly useful beyond the few feathers one might need for fishing, and a tiny bit of meat. In my head, I imagine keeping a few hens in a coop for harvesting feathers. Although, to be fair, I've already got stacks of feathers just from killing the occasional pheasant I pass. While I get what you mean, there is something to be said for making things as intuitive as possible. I didn't mean "Wurm should do it like X other game"; like I said, it's something even non-gamers would consider as part of an arrow. I understand not wanting to make an item more complicated or material intensive, but I think just the concept of familiarity is important. That said, as a hunter, I certainly relate to the concern about the effects on creature spawns; that was why I tempered the suggestion with increased yield and the use of little feather material. I also understand that arrows are boring to make, but I guess with the crafting screen now, I never thought about that part as being a real issue. Thanks for the feedback, guys!
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    I quite like what Sindusk described. (I feel like I'm repeating myself... just said the same thing in another suggestion thread) As long as there is an option to prevent it from happening. Pave the sides, for example. Eventually the pavement will disappear so something that has long been abandoned will be subject to this erosion, while spires that see active use remain unaffected. Making your "permanent" mark on the landscape is a stretchable concept anyway. At any point a player could come along and change it. Sacrificing this aspect, which only works depending on your definition of "permanent" is a small price to pay for the ability to actually move around in certain areas in my opinion.
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    Me da gusto saber que hay alguien mas en el juego de habla hispana. Por mi parte yo estoy ubicado en Xana. Mucha suerte y si ocupan ayuda en algo mi nic es igual en el juego.
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    <Sheffie> oh wow.... just tried Skittles that were a year out of date