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    As in title. For people that have increased sleep bonus to 6h etc. Currently, even if you have capacity of 6 hours max, bar is already full when reaching 5 hours.
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    So, it is time for Wurm Devs to recognize Votip's iconic artistic ability. Give us a Tapestry that showcases our very own Votip! @Votipshow your art below as evidence of your artistic ability!
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    bonus damage is only if they haven't logged in for 84 days, putting it in perimeter doesn't do anything if they still play apart from prevent repairs.
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    [02:04:20] Using an old Kelatchka Nomad-loophole you once heard of, you plant your deed stake and quickly found a casino.
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    Said token does not replace the real payment, it only symbolizes the delay for the real, tangible payment. That in itself makes it a tangible thing by proxy. So no, it's not the same thing. So no transaction is made. No payment is made then either, however miniscule. It only reads as agreement if you twist and wind yourself out of your original premises, which was to ask if this substitutes as payment. And by this decsription, I don't see how it would. If deliberately misunderstanding common concepts with rather reaching statements to frame them as points on a "grand spectrum" when there are quite commonly understood nuances to delineate them further constitutes a "philosophical" discussion to you, I guess I just don't see enough use in it to humor it to the extent you'd like us to, no offense.
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    3D house and deed design tool DeedPlanner is a free, open source, easy to use design tool for rapid house and deed planning for Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited. Download DeedPlanner 3 Browser Version Supported on DeedPlanner Downloads Page and Changelog Want to never miss the latest release? Follow me in this forum thread, Facebook, Github or Patreon! Program features View and edit your deed in 2d, 3d or isometric perspective! Edit ground tiles, floors, walls, roofs, heightmap and decorations like trees or chests Use the program anywhere you want - desktop or web browser, with mobile version under development Load and save maps to desktop or Pastebin Hotlink your Pastebin maps, to make them just one click away! Use large database with most of the Wurm objects added to make your DeedPlanner deed look as close to the in-game deed as possible Use undo/redo to experiment and recover from mistakes View your deed from Wurmian perspective in Wurm perspective simulation mode Known issues On some browsers (reproduced with Vivaldi, please report if problem exists in any other browser) web version will instantly close "paste text" prompt, making it difficult to use "Load from Pastebin" feature. Problems, errors, bugs If you found a problem, please use the following template to report it in this forum thread (replace text inside "<>" brackets with proper text): Example: Screenshots
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    I wonder what happened to the good ol' great sound of the large chest lid opening. The new one is much less fitting it for me and closer to a remote fart emote.
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    A must see for a (good) giggle!
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    New deed The continental = 1505, 401 I'll be joining it to the near highways soon
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    I think you have your memories mixed up. Jkh1 ceased to exist in 2009, 4 years before /snipe was added in 2013. The mute also doesn't last "for a day", it's one hour. Bakesale also existed long before snipe did
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    +1, his art is better than the existing tapestries (example: the Battle of Kyara)
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    Meh, there is too much stuff that has to be shown. Firstly i decided to make a thread with all my drawings But after it I realized that updating it every single time when new drawing appear would be kinda exhausting - so i decided to update it every some time. But I had to take a little break from the game and finally I didnt do anything lmao Few days ago ive realized that it would be great to update it soonish, especially because most of my drawings are being posted on PvP threads that arent read much by Freedomers. And now it seems that I was right and I will do it soon.
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    I caught a mighty red dragon! Thanks for the scare @Pomona
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    did you (or somebody else) just installed every single AMD graphics drivers you can possibly find on google? as you clearly did not download them from ASUS website specific for your laptop model (serial number)
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    What exactly is the point of this thread, and what are you trying to achieve here?
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    The liquor and violence are fictional. Nobody gets drunk of it, nobody carries bruises after a fight in WO. However, if someone has to pay you silvers, which may be paid for with real money, to participate in your raffle, real resources were involved and it very much is real gambling. False equivalence. But the outcome is based on chance, and that's what matters, not the way the decision is made. This is clearly sophistry, so I'll just answer this by extending the example ad absurdum: I shall not offer you smiles or happy words, I'll scowl and curse at your lottery for lackluster prizes to win, but participate anyway. Am I in breach of some "contract" now (except for common courtesy about gratitude and not looking a gift horse in the mouth)? If my positive sentiment is a payment requirement, is it really a "free" lottery as you say? Also, "smiles and happy words" are not expendable resources, they're a sentiment, something far more abstract, and are not subject to the concerns about gambling in any way. You can't (physically) run out of smiles and happy words. A payment is an investment of some sort, if you lose nothing for giving it, it's not really a payment. If this incoherent rambling is your attempt to shoehorn WO into being gambling itself: You are paying for access to the (full) service. Your attempt at reframing a gameplay mechanism into a service level issue that you pay for falls pretty flat considering that free toons are just as much subject to RNG as premium accounts are, demonstrating that these two things are independent from eachother.
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    Great server, enjoying it so far. One favor I would like to ask. Can you update the map? I have been working on the road to the White Light, and it would be nice to know where deeds are or now disbanded. Also planning on where I am going to put my deed down, and it would be nice to know where the neighbors are before I make a decision. Thanks!
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    To start this off I'm not trying to bait, troll or cause an issue with my questions. For the first time I decided to watch the stream for Wurm Online ran by our PR guy Retro. It was announced in my event window so I popped over and checked it out. I was expecting to hear news about past, future or current updates about Wurm Online. After watching for about 35 minutes the only thing Wurm related was his Wurm client playing in the background and the Twitch channel with the WO Offical name. Now as I tread lightly and being to approach the line in the sand, this stream didn't seem to pertain a whole lot to Wurm Online. There was discussion of ferrets, fun and silly self imagery painting that Retro did of himself and a lady who I was not familiar with. Entertaining to the right crowd who enjoys a chill and funny social stream. I was however disappointed in the lack of actual Wurm Online content that was shown or discussed in the roughly 35-45 minutes I watched. Once again, this was my first time viewing so maybe Wurm content is held later in the stream. So with that being said, it seemed to me it was more of a stream about Retro and not Wurm Online. I'm not knocking the actual stream, it seemed laid back and very chill which is a good image for potential players and current players. What I am knocking is the fact that this stream was announced in game to attract the attention of Wurm Online players to come into a stream hoping to see Wurm content or maybe have some conversations about Wurm Online and not random trolly questions that are asked in chat. Granted, my actual view time was less than an hour so maybe I missed the bits and pieces about Wurm Online. So now I move onto my question: is this stream about Wurm Online or is it Retros stream featuring Wurm Online?
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    Wait what? Are you implying that there is a PR team? That there are several PR people for this game? Surely you jest...
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    If I may, I'd like to suggest a more hands on approach from the developer streams. It seems that currently the devs have only two modes: Talking about upcoming content or nothing at all. I am going to offer you a new approach: Community Streams. In these, the Community Relations team could speak to developers, staff members and players alike about Wurm. No new content to talk about? How about past content? What motivated the staff to release the Cooking Update? What really happened with the Bridges? How did Hell Horses came to be? Who was the first person to deed Xanadu? Our game has been around for a very long time and it has a lot of history. A screen of Retro interviewing Shrimpiie split in the middle about why he chose to become a GM for example would be much more interesting an professional and has more to do with Wurm than Retro sitting on his chair scratching his bellybutton while digging clay and talking about what he had for dinner earlier. This requires preparation, work and interpersonal skills. We have a lot of talent among our community and a lot of rich history which a lot of new players dont even know about. It would also be an excellent way to release or hint at new content. Just my 2 cents.
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    I've always gotten a little annoyed at the event messages linking to the stream, only to get there and it be a Retro stream and not a wurm stream. The streams are generally still pretty good quality, no complaints there, It just seems unprofessional to have the channel be "Wurm Online Official" and use the game to advertise it in such an official capacity but not actually be talking about the game in any way shape or form.
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    I wouldn't even mind if he hosted his own channel with the official Wurm twitch but it's a little unprofessional in my opinion to use the official twitch as his personal. Nothing against Retro just my opinion on the matter. Though if this thread gets deleted that'd speak volumes lol
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    Because it was used before the people who haven't seen it used were staff which means it hasn't been used for years, it doesn't mean at all that it was used and went unnoticed as it is very obvious to staff when it is.
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    https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/89370-cave-levellingflattening/ 2020-2013=7
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    Around 11am CEST the Celebration server experienced an outage. The cause: MySQL 8 has a default of 30 days retention on binary log files, which in our case are of a substantial size. They filled up the data drive that stores Celebration's game data and resulted in errors from both the map saving and the database. The server seems to have shutdown cleanly as soon as this occurred. The resolution: We've reduced the default and increased the size of the drive. We do not need 30 day retention of binary log files due to our server backup method. Other notes: Max was unable to restore services due to the nature of the outage and I was unable to be reached prior to 8am Eastern US time. I will be working with Max on a direct communication method that will cut through my phone's Do Not Disturb time so that I can be reached. We enabled sleep bonus for Celebration only upon the restart due to the duration of the outage.
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    Just for the record, I locked the thread because: 1) we have decided to remove it 2) it was headed towards personal attacks and a fair amount of moderation 3) this was mass ignores leading to being muted, not the snipe function Ultimately, moderation tools such as mutes should be in the hands of the moderators; this matter was NOT an instance of abuse. Still, we have identified that it has significant potential to be abused and it's not game-play we want. The /ignore function will still work and serves any purpose of people wanting to remove others from chatting.
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    There is evidence in existence that the feature has not been abused. There is absolutely no evidence of the feature abuse. Still you think we should remove it because 'it's possible to abuse even though no one knows how and it has never been abused before"? If my 13 year old is playing the game and suddenly someone starts talking about religion, politics, or sexually mature content but there is no mod present to mute them, I would be glad for a feature such as this. Getting rid of it is irresponsible, especially when there has not been a single recorded instance of its abuse.
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    i remember when grifo asked the entire server to snipe him, i think we had like 30+ accounts doing it and it didn't work, crez managed to snipe himself once though iirc it was something like 5 + 10% of the population in your kingdom sniping nobody's anonymous to the guy that checks the server logs and sees who's using it 😉 tfw nobodys spammed alts to snipe me
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    I can only say that I appreciate that such lynching tool has been removed. I fail to see any point for. Admittedly, I am not seldom annoyed from all the pointless and sometimes disgusting babble on GL, and switch it off once I feel it too much depending on my actual mood. But I don't see why a crowd of anonymously ganging up players should obtain the privileges of a forum or chat moderator. In the recent case it may be that Finn has angered a couple of players by controversial but, to all of my recognition, never rule breaking forum posts. On GL, I did not even ever recognize his presence. So that onslaught has revealed the abusive and exploitative powers of that tool. There are plenty of ways to deal with chat abusers. First of all, /ignore, of course. Next would be to log the abuse and report an abuser, who might then lose the ability to chat for a significantly longer period of time, or even forever. If chat moderation were so much in danger to fail due to absence of GM/CA/CM, the dev/GM could consider to appoint a number of deputy chat moderators who could then take action if noone else were present. Such actions would be logged and the player enacting them would be accountable for. That would be more trustworthy than mobs ganging up and muting arbitrarily.
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    It's really bizarre that somehow staff doesn't know it exists? It's been used legitimately in its 7 years of existence, with no real abuse considering how hard it is to work as I've witnessed first hand as a mod. More bizarre because there's a staff thread to log snipe cases to watch for abuse, which clearly there hasn't been anything of note or it would have been attended to already. As far as I also recall in the last 7 years, the player base hasn't forgotten about snipe either. I've seen it mentioned countless times in global alone. Its use really is for when staff isn't there, considering majority of staff has predominately always been euro based as well as the smaller amount of active staff to go with the smaller playerbase, but even so there can be someone annoying everyone without breaking any chat rules - this is where some power to the player may help. Also why I wouldn't want it limited to just global, annoying people can exist in server chat too. Sure, someone might argue /ignore always works - this doesn't solve the problem, just makes an annoying person/rule breaker not your problem anymore, they still exist for everyone else. If someones spewing hateful stuff or being a total nuisance, it's probably better for the community to be able to stop them if a mod isn't around rather than hope someone sees their ticket soon enough as we probably don't want scenarios like that being seen as appropriate or customary to Wurm
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    Sorry, xxwoofxx, but what are you telling? A monthly sub as premium costs 6-9$/month ca. depending on the period of subscription (I prefer 12mth sub for 5.59€/mth), and 1.10$ (1€) deed upkeep for a deed of up to 15x33 ca. This does not take into account times where one chooses not to sub (no cost) nor the regular influx of coppers and sometimes silvers by several activities like killing mobs, burying corpses, foraging and botanizing and so on, and not sales to settlement tokens. All that highly exceeds the 1s/month for upkeep of a "minimum" sized deed. Either you did not visit the game for a decade, or are just talking rubbish.
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    Me, seeing someone standing in a large cart, old trees, old merchant model, old unfinished ship model (?), old pig model (?) Look, I'm not saying it to ###### on the effort of anything, but if you guys on team are going all out with this like you're showing with changes in the game, let's at least get a fresh trailer for the game. Shoot some new footage, show off the super good tree rendering, water, better models. Work with what you got now. Give this the best first shot you can possibly give it, because this trailer is autoplay and viewed by so many people who open the games store page.
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    copy and pasted from a pm i had from someone asking about how i grinded gau to 99 you can suffer through diminishing skillgain with acid protection till about 80 then swap straight to lurker spells if you find waiting for favor to cast dirt occasionally is annoying, dirts nice coz can always sell it to buy saccing materials later but its not the most efficient grinding spell. lurker is non-stop casting until about 95ish channelling with 10 links but after then you start succeeding the cast enough to use favor faster than you can regen it. making favor to grind will drive you nuts, as will spending fortunes on low ql gems. sermon alt links are the way if you're planning on grinding for other gods, easy way to find grinding spells is you want their diff to be close to channeling - 10 diff for the most part. going over 20 away from this point starts to drop skillgain. you want the spell to be as cost effective as possible, with the favor cost being either equal or lower than the time spent casting, but not over 30 seconds as anything over 30 seconds does not give skillgain. elemenal protection spells,lurker spells, courier, morning fog/light token are all great grinding spells depending on your current channeling. keeping alignment and altar ql low for grinding is good too as it lowers your average cast so you can stick with the lower diff spells for longer. Vynora has 10% skillgain which is good but Libila has 10% favor regen so if you're grinding these are the 2 best options, lib gets her bonus at 30 so even the sermon/link alts will have it the second they priest, and this 10% bonus combined with ccfp regen bonus and 10 links is enough to cast lurker spells non-stop all the way to 100 skill if you desire.
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    Thank you. I couldn't have said it better myself.
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    If I've got this right, and existing servers won't be affected, then this is just a great idea. More players equals more revenue equals more development. It's 100% win-win
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    I really like the idea of paying a sub to skill up faster after 20. The hardcap was always frustrating to me. I think this will be a really solid move overall for wurm. If it takes off and tons of people play can we please consider deleting/merging ALL the old servers and just starting over? Wurm with a healthy population on a fresh server sounds awesome. If you can't bring yourselves to cut the cord on the old servers, just keep them disconnected from the new stuff entirely. Also, you mentioned it would be a freedom server? does that mean no pvp at all for the steam server?
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    Yeah worth considering for sure.
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    Eve, Elder Scrolls, Black Desert kinda does, LOTRO, as well as a number of non-Steam ones of course, such as WoW, AO etc, Freemium is still a widely used model for many MMO games.
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    make it so you start with 10-15 in crafting skills at least, my god does having 1 skill suck, and first impressions of the game are big, when you fail to make kindling 10x times in a row it's just lol
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    elo. I noticed that a lot of people are interested in my drawings. I have a lot of questions on GL-Freedom or Private Messages when i will create new one. So I decided to create a thread for this stuff. I am not sure that Town Square is right place for that, but lets go My plan is to post there every single drawing that i created and will create. I know that a lot of people dont read Chaos threads where is a lot of my creations. First drawing was for my friend @necroe, it shows his Chaos deed that he build with his squad. I didnt want to post it, but i made a mistake and there was a leak xD That is also first drawing where i decided to try make some simple shadows. It is one of my best drawing, but after some time i see that there is a lot of mistakes, that should be repaired. Second drawing that i want to show you now is concept art of sandstone forge and fireplace. Sandstone is very beautiful ore, but a little bit useless. Someone created in Suggestions thread about adding more Sandstone stuff - that is a great idea. Same thing should happen with slate in my opinion. Most difficult thing with drawing is that sometimes human dont know what to draw. If you have any ideas, feel free to share with me More drawings soon
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    Had a visitor one day when my horses got stuck in my house! Also, 500 posts reached