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    I've considered making a PMK with no real chance of winning any PvP just to make a wagon "for the lulz". Its not that big a deal when it costs the same as going out for a dinner for two. Go on a date or buy a wagon in wurm, either way you're throwing away money. At least the wagon will last more than a night. =]
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    That's not lightning, that's Evening or Sandyar logging on.
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    Winter, just like night time darkness, could be cool and immersive if Wurm did it properly. I just dunno what needs to be changed, but winter/night in literally any other game is pleasant. Winter/night in wurm is miserable.
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    Lazy afternoon looking south on Pristine
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    Winter night looking south on Pristine
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    Lightning strike north pristine
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    my concern is when everyone has to load 200 different textures made from cringy stock images how will it affect game performance/usage and the extremely poor method of adding textures to wurm. no one loves having to relog all of their accounts to get timmys new hot pink wagon with corndogs in the game
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    Currently merchants can be placed in underground dwellings but traders cannot. Apparently this was to protect against misuse from the old days? Now after the recent changes to traders, would it now be possible to also be able to place them underground. I'm hoping to create an underground shopping mall and would like to have a trader there too, now that we can have them on Xanadu. So I thought I'd suggest this.
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    Since stone walls got some recent love, can we please also get some new wall types for wood? I personally like the Log Cabin Look. Not sure what other styles we could include, but this would be a really nice look. There are even some really creative wall images if you look online (vertical as well as horizontal log types). Please consider this as an option for future inclusion in the game! Some images for your creative inspiration!
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    Ahh, the snow all over the amazing landscape. It really was an incredible sight, and then it was suddenly gone too soon. Was discussing with friends how beautiful is was, how much easier it was for them to get around, etc and then suddenly it was gone. Just curious if it is totally random how long it lasts because it seemed like last wurm winter, the snows and serenity lasted a lot longer than this one and I for one and I know others would love to see it return again before another 3 real life months. Just my 2iron :) Have a great day!
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    We're aware of this as an issue, and will be introducing something to help narrow it down on bigger servers! Stay tuned.
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    No, they are not. They are suggesting that Freedomers can create own textures, as alliance or otherwise, which is not a feature. Don't be obtuse. What you are proposing is an alternative way of achieving the same goal. At which point I have to ask, what do you think of the Crow Kingdom? Oh right You were totally fine with a suggestion gatekeeping PMK stuff further so they can exactly not do as you suggest here. So, would you be fine with freedom banners if this had become a thing or are you just laughably hypocritical? In any case, the constant "you can already do it, except you cannot, really" is a poor rebuttal that is way too often employed on this forum. There are way better reasons why Freedom cannot have the level of customization as PMKs do, which stem from the vastly greater diversity this would spawn. There is the technical issue that MrGary mentions, and perhaps the aesthetic concern, though that seems like a stretch if the entry price is as high as on Chaos. The dev team would also simply not be able to keep up with the vetting process. I do recall a suggestion in this general topic for Freedom to not be able to submit a fully customized texture, but to choose from a primary/secondary logo with color modifications as many other MMOs do, which was also positively received, even as a "better than nothing". No submission process required, and no reason to gatekeep it further than some creation fee. Give an option to disable Freedom custom textures so you can enter an impalong without your dusty old GPU getting a heatstroke and I see a reasonable compromise.
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    I have only one thing to say to winter: Begone thot!
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    I find winter+night to work well. Its the only time I can see anything since even during the early and late parts of the "day" its still basically night because of the angle of the sun. I agree that non winter night is just annoying but I don't have too much of an issue with daytime winter. I just have a keybind for when dawn rolls around or I'm leaving a cave: bind Ctrl+Shift+F1 "setoption screen_brightness -0.6" bind Ctrl+Shift+F2 "setoption screen_brightness 1.0" I also don't run around with my physical display brightness cranked up. I tend to keep it about 1/3rd of the way up and only raise it on rare occasions when I need to. Because of this I too enjoy the winter and was saddened when it became shorter. The increased visibility is great and in general I find the theme of winter to be a favorite. Autumn on the other hand is second rate. Where I grew up autumn meant brilliant colors everywhere and was one of my favorite times of year. In wurm it just means the ground looks gross.
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    why would getting kills in pvp convert me to judaism
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    Same issue as this one: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/162656-bug-no-title/ and still on the list. The work around is to be sure you reset your titles to what you want when you cross servers so that server will 'remember' it. Of course, if you decide to change your title at any point, you'd have to do this again. Adding your report to the currently open bug.
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    The most basic house form - a log cabin. Should be buildable with only logs, in the way that palisades are built with only felled trees. (Maybe pegs as well, but essentially an all-timber construction, without nails etc). The next most basic, weatherboards (basically horizontal planks with each lapped over the one below - just in case that is a regional term). A very basic rustic form is posts made from logs planted in the ground and the boards nailed (or sometimes wired) to the posts. Roof can be shingles, or more boards. These would both be resource intensive, but it is the most readily available resource in the game (after water) and it would require little in the way of tools (hatchet for the logs, carving knife to make a mallet & pegs if needed and in the second case a saw to make planks). It would need only basic skills of woodcutting and maybe carpentry. New players could get a basic shelter up quite quickly, which might make them feel more invested in the game.
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    I have 2 blood but I have no idea what they are. Once I ID them I will send you a message
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    I strongly encourage people to get onboard with this .. Seti at home was the first, but there are now dozens if not hundreds of different public participation data crunching research projects going on these days, in all sorts of fields, from medical to astronomy, and everything in between. The idea is simply that when your not using your computer, it will run a screensaver program to analyse data, send the results back to the university (or whatever) when its done, and download a new set of data to analyse .. once its set up u don;t need to do anything, just leave your computer running (turn off the monitor to reduce energy usage if u like) No u dont need a ninja computer or a bit coin cruncher, any reasonably decent computer will do .. if it runs wurm its good enough I have been running this type of program for many years w no problems Seti at home is actually ceasing to send out new data units at the end of the month, so i will switch to folding at that time. Below are several links to boinc program from University of Berkeley Boinc home page https://boinc.berkeley.edu/ list of boinc projects https://boinc.berkeley.edu/projects.php cheers, Sam
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    I have mine running and have for about a week. My comp sits idle a lot of the day when I am at work or asleep, so it doesn't impact me much to let it run a bit more electric. Who knows, maybe it will help.
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    Yes to traders and token being placeable underground.
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    Please keep posts on topic.
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    +1 for the trader - and +1 for the underground token but only on pve
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    [12:41:34] Congratulations! You have now reached the level of Protector of the path of love! Was tired of failing to get the question. Rented a 95ql Rare Rug from Marty and got it on my first attempt. Thank You Marty for such a wonderful service! I will be sure to reach out to you the next time I have to advance!
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    I spend my wurm winters underground where the snow can't blind me. Very glad it only lasts 3 days.
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    even after the winter texture improvement i find wurm winter quite bland and painful to the eyes... though i wouldn't mind seeing it expended by a few days since it became more useful through the snow harvesting.
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    Wurm winter \o/ I love the way the lamps look and how calm everything looks. As always, a vote for a longer winter (and spring) in game.
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    its a bit more than just effecting enjoyment, winter in wurm causes me physical pain if i don't mess around with my monitor settings, i wouldn't mind it being as long as it used to be if it was possible to turn it off client side
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    I know that many people really dislike the winter in Wurm and complain about the 'reflective light' affecting their enjoyment and I totally get that. I am a person who enjoys a snowy winter in real life. I also love winter in Wurm and for me, it passes too quickly. I love the stark mountain crags of my Pristine fjord with the blue sky and water contrasting with the green of the pine trees. I love the the sun reflecting off the white blanket of snow that is so useful for my larders. I especially like looking down at my little island at night-time lit up by what appears to be the extra lighting effect of the combination of snow and lamps. I do not think there is any significant call for winter to be extended but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in your enjoyment of the Wurm winter.
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    As an 80% Freedomer who does dabble in PVP (so I understand BOTH sides, because I spend most of my time in game prettying up my deed), I can tell you that the only time I ever saw someone making a kingdom just to profit from their own design, was the crow kingdom and I'm fairly sure they did not even PVP one bit. PVP isn't about cannibalizing kingdoms and killing other/new/pmks. PVP is about the rush, the fun people have. If PVPers rushed to smash every other kingdom, there would be NO PVP because there would be nobody TO PVP. Also, the community on PVP I can tell you can be MUCH more rewarding. It forces you to act as a group, to support each other, to help each other. You have high bow-making skills but can't make a maul that'll dent a turtle? Make some kingdom bows and get a few free imps from others to equip yourself with some weapons. You aren't a priest? Ask one of your kingdom-mates for some casts, which they gladly do, and do them a favor by chopping some veggies in return. Do I think everyday people should get the option to make their own banners and wagons? No. I think that it's necessary to keep it to kingdoms only. Not because I don't love collecting these pieces. But because that would make the game way over-saturated in banners and wagons that may or may not be an eyesore, it would take away the opportunity for PVP kingdoms to make up the cost of creating a pmk and the pride you get from wearing your kingdom's tabard and decorating in your kingdom's colors. No risk... no reward.
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    [21:50:15] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks
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    Mine was the utter confusion and lack of a proper tutorial. The whole tutorial back then was a village with a bunch of signs telling you to do things you couldnt do because you had no permissions to do it. "Attack this mannequin!" which you couldnt target or attack because of permissions. Or loot weapons... Or dig or anything. So after like an hour of trying to understand the game, I walked out through the portal to "The Howl." I walked a few steps and went "eff this game! Over an hour in and I still dont understand what to do!" Next day my friend Arakiel logged in and teached me the ropes. I fell in love and here I am.
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    With the amount of artifacts available it would be really easy to locate a person carrying a certain artifact (for example scale of lib, which you're 100% gonna take when you're going out to pvp), so it would pretty much allow you to locate somebody on the other side of the map whenever you want, which doesnt really line up with the "recent" Locate Soul changes. Also it would be way too easy to find artifacts, isn't it supposed to be hard? Anyway thats a -1 from me.
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    I remember trying to fight a wolf. I died. Then I tried a Seal. I died. Then I tried a hen, I won! However, the first few days was so brutal I gave up for five days. Then I came back, and joined up with a village and it was good from there.
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    +1 but would love them from glass and with glassworking skill
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    [10:51:56] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks! : )
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    Yeah you have to read every comment on each thread and attend Retro's streams (or at least spend 20 hours a day in GL to catch the discussion about what was said in stream) otherwise you'll miss things.
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    Why? All this does is add another weird mechanic obscured by the game itself and make it harder to understand. If I have a 20QL item it should be a 20QL item. Not a 20QL item that acts like a 43.6QL item. That's just... why? If the point is to make the starter gear lower QL so players can upgrade them more easily with lower skills, there's much better ways to do that. Scale the math up on their use cases so lower quality items function better. This is a really sloppy change. While the follower changes make sense overall, it might be worthwhile to consider adding 10% characteristic gains across the board to all characters. With the changes made, Vynora followers get punished while everyone else gets bonuses. Instead, if you add the 10% characteristics skill bonus to everyone, then add these changes on top of what already existed, everyone ends up happy. By doing this change, you've essentially closed a "window of opportunity" that was used in order to skill accounts to where they are. Players from this point forward are forever slower to gain characteristics than those who had the Vynora bonus before. Instead of punishing people who want to play your game now and rewarding those who have been playing since the start, you should focus on trying to make it more appealing to play now than it was before. This change is an example of making the game less rewarding to play at the current time, and furthers the gap between accounts who have been playing forever and those who are just getting into Wurm now.
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    Newtown. Running past the steppe area then the treacherous road towards silent hill. Navigating past all of that towards Drago's place and then spend the next 30minutes dying cause me and mates killed a croc and I got a bad wound that we couldnt get a decent healing cover on.
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    You're intended to use the 3 zones found within the main "courtyard" of Havens for the tutorial, however the digging tutorial does specifically state Dirt despite the digging zone containing Sand. That should likely be changed lol
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    Tich Memorial Bridge at night (C18, Pristine), creator: Toecutter, Professional Bridge Maker and Master of Lovely Colours