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    TLDR: We believe it's hardware issues, but it waits until we confirm some of the latest AWS changes are stable for our setup. If they are, we'll be going ahead with moving Celebration there, and likely getting rid of that nasty lag, otherwise we'll be looking into other ways to address it.
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    dont know, dont care as long as it stays away lol
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    I know that many people really dislike the winter in Wurm and complain about the 'reflective light' affecting their enjoyment and I totally get that. I am a person who enjoys a snowy winter in real life. I also love winter in Wurm and for me, it passes too quickly. I love the stark mountain crags of my Pristine fjord with the blue sky and water contrasting with the green of the pine trees. I love the the sun reflecting off the white blanket of snow that is so useful for my larders. I especially like looking down at my little island at night-time lit up by what appears to be the extra lighting effect of the combination of snow and lamps. I do not think there is any significant call for winter to be extended but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in your enjoyment of the Wurm winter.
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    I spend my wurm winters underground where the snow can't blind me. Very glad it only lasts 3 days.
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    Wurm winter \o/ I love the way the lamps look and how calm everything looks. As always, a vote for a longer winter (and spring) in game.
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    Hello everyone! A few of my neighbours and I are looking at setting up a new deed in southwestern Xanadu, in the east-northeast corner of P8, at the southernmost tip of the peninsula. There does not seem to be much sign of habitation in the area; no one visible in Local any time that I have wandered through in the last little while, and the nearest deed where I have seen an active player is located near the centre of O8/O9/P8/P9. All the same, I wanted to post in the forums and see if anyone might be active in the region or know anyone who is, try and avoid stepping on anyone's toes before we roll on up and start building stuff. We're friendly people who are cool with chill neighbours or anyone who might be interested in joining our community
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    You brought up PvE vs PvP population... he didn't. You also blindly see 400 people on freedom and 50 on Chaos (give or take) and automatically assume that only 1/8th of the population is involved in PvP. Some of those 400 people are directly supporting PvP on Chaos (myself included), some of us playing multiple accounts even. TL:DR - Population is both a weak and false argument.
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    its a bit more than just effecting enjoyment, winter in wurm causes me physical pain if i don't mess around with my monitor settings, i wouldn't mind it being as long as it used to be if it was possible to turn it off client side
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    my concern is when everyone has to load 200 different textures made from cringy stock images how will it affect game performance/usage and the extremely poor method of adding textures to wurm. no one loves having to relog all of their accounts to get timmys new hot pink wagon with corndogs in the game
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    Hey Peeps. Hope this works Just a shout out to my facebook page if anyone is intrested in seeing a History of my deed Thallspring , still getting used to the page tend to post updates there. https://www.facebook.com/Thallspring/ More updates and more albums. Been around for a while but have never posted much on forums until recently Rather than make seprate posts, i'll post any updates / streams here that relate to Thallspring or Exodus. Hanging out at the Deed, Friday Night at Thallspring, and Captain of the Scouts will be here. Thallspring Scout's 1 to 4's adventures are in their seperate server areas to make it easier to keep track - well for me at least lol Link to my youtube channel below, if you like what you see please think about pressing that subscribe button. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDrs5-73Nu1Cc-YgkwLzx9A From Sept 2022 Friday nights are our scheduled Twitch stream times normally around 10:00pm UK time Twitch channel www.twitch.tv/josuhacalvert We are now also on instagram www.instagram.com/thallspring/ Regards Josuha
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    Today I held the first Random Enkounter of the new decade. The Randomizer dropped me off in the presence of Quelon on Xanadu. Today he faces three challenges! Challenge #1 Where will you find the biggest crab legs in Wurm? Well now... He guessed on a champion crab.... Nope! There were 2 correct answers to this one, and he only got it 1/3rd right, but not right enough to win the Hammer of Awesomeness. This supreme hammer had multiple functions. First and foremost it could build a wall of any type using only one piece of material and one hit. Second, no Ogre in its right , or left, mind would dare come near you because of the sheer pain this hammer would cause on its toes which would drop an Ogre's health to half in one hit. And thirdly, and most awesomely, it would improve any item to 100 quality in one hit! Oh well, into the void with the Hammer of Awesomeness.... Challenge #2 ......... And Quelon had business to attend to .... Well that was a short Enkounter, but he did end up with some pizza and a round table, and a short sword for playing. He will never know what else he could have won for missing out on the second and third Challenges. Keep your eyes open people! You never know when I might pop in and drop a 1000 ghouls or 388 Iguanas on you. Well, alright so you do know that it won't be within the next 14 days!
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    Currently merchants can be placed in underground dwellings but traders cannot. Apparently this was to protect against misuse from the old days? Now after the recent changes to traders, would it now be possible to also be able to place them underground. I'm hoping to create an underground shopping mall and would like to have a trader there too, now that we can have them on Xanadu. So I thought I'd suggest this.
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    Ruin Ridge Farmstead is looking for more people we are starting to grow! Can offer food for the new members until you get on your feet! we have a 3 more open spots open but have plans to extend deed after everyone gets settled! No requirements play when you can! we are chill folks just enjoying Wurm! we are located on Elysian bay across from the great Mad Hatter Fort! Come by for a visit or come by to stay! Reach me via Forums, Discord or in-game (Ruinier)
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    Weeks ago I made a post about it, and was told they will monitor it for a week.. never heard back, no replies, lag is still there for many people. 20s spikes sometimes less, at times chat doesn't even go through after the spikes end. Can we get some word on what's going on or being done about it? I for one am tired of nearly walking off hills or into the lava pit on our wand island.
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    If Wurm offered a service to produce banners and wagons for players on the freedom servers, I would glady pay for one for my deed.
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    Ahh, the snow all over the amazing landscape. It really was an incredible sight, and then it was suddenly gone too soon. Was discussing with friends how beautiful is was, how much easier it was for them to get around, etc and then suddenly it was gone. Just curious if it is totally random how long it lasts because it seemed like last wurm winter, the snows and serenity lasted a lot longer than this one and I for one and I know others would love to see it return again before another 3 real life months. Just my 2iron :) Have a great day!
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    A relatively small suggestion, bottles would be a pottery item that acts like a jar, but can be sealed with a peg like barrels can. Maybe make it hold 3kgs to make it a bit more distinct. I'll be honest, the main reason I want this is so I can play brewery master and hand out bottles of hard cider on special occasions.
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    It was actually gamma adjustment we needed and didn't get. I personally don't mind the snow anymore, unfortunately WU didn't get the update, fortunately it has a nosnow mod. As for WO, there's about 15 or more snow shovel suggestion threads present on the forums, u can tell snow's been improved because the number is no longer growing.
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    +1 for the trader and +1 for the deedtoken idea
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    my and my friend come from china, we play game 5years ,looking for chaos kingdoms
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    There was a change some time last year .. I THINK..... that changed the ANNOYING BLINDNESS winter used to provide, additionally back than and now.. you could just lower your brightness, that makes your screen lose a bit of color(or so it seems) but at least you wont be blinded if that still happens for you because of monitor settings.(?)
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    traders had bad habits when placed up in multistorey buildings to warp down to the first floor... not sure if the restriction was due to that bug or if said bug still exist... still a +1 for more freedom... same goes for the underground token (or having a secondary token on the same tile underground)
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    Thanks a lot for this, really do appreciate it
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    while at it, also allow placing deed token underground. Id like to make a dwarf village
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    Added to the list. Thanks for the report. Added tomatoes as well.
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    Yes, it should be allowed now, after the changes.
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    Added to the list. Thanks for the report.
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    you can unload it next to the lava and push it onto it, at no detriment to your armor wagon or health haha yikes i didnt realize they weren't pushable
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    Yeah, that would be good. Having the full description only on Examine would be fine. (I would also like to rename horses, and do away with Old and Fat descriptions in the name.... they cut a bit close to the bone )
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    Heeey what i hear here xD ho to Chaos and make your own PMK to bring your design? not so long time ago, i did that, and so much people was upsad of it, now same names suggest this xD haha That's really funny However i always was +1 for idea to give deeds / alliances prems to make they own graphic.
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    If this is on pvp servers, I cannot help as I'm not really familiar with pvp things. However, on PvE, even though you give alliance permissions to do things, the actual ally deed must give their citizens permission to do things on ally deeds. This is a blue permission under roles at the very bottom. For example, if I'm in your alliance and you give ally permission to dig, unless I check the box to allow my citizens to do things on ally deeds, they will not be able to dig. Check the deed permissions of those having issues to see if that may be an issue. I'm not seeing any permission issues at this time.
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    Oh yeah so it was, those were fun times
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    Some times you have no choice but get a name change because of there account setup . ....
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    +1 - fun idea, which if the walking stick is in inventory - and ofc not too heavy, e.g. under 0.5kg - would automatically give that little speed boost to walking, riding a horse or a cart - would only need a mouse click to use it for a weapon on small annoying mobs, like rats. Very nice suggestion for us old codgers.
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    In the OP's examples above, I would rather the objects just say "Tools" or "Dirt" upon mouseover. We've been playing the game for 5+ years, we know the wooden box is a bulk storage container.
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    Between all the "but the reputation attached" discussion, I on the other hand would welcome name changes precisely so that I can start on Steam as "Flubb" again if the new account holder is willing to change the name, which I'm sure they would anyway. Just my personal take on this, perhaps a bit niche, but something to consider regardless.
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    game makes money from anybody spending 1.35 or whatever amount letting you bring your own design in the game... * downside - pvpers cannibalize kingdoms and kill other/new/ pmks to reduce competition and leave only their t-shirts as option on the market it's not like making a new kingdom on chaos is an option for somebody who just wants to get a thing into the game What currently works as limitation is how many variations or good/bad/odd/etc.. designs you're able to see on the market is again that same downside*.. as if you can't protect your t-shirt factory.. you're bound to lose it, making it questionable investment to even start a pmk on chaos.
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    Quick update as folks have been asking. So we had a rather rocky start to Jackal being in AWS. We picked too small of an instance size to start with. Samool made some server-side optimizations to help with a bit of lag and resource usage. There were configurations required to run a production-level Wurm server that did not show up in testing. This lead to crashes, lag, and more crashes. Jackal couldn't remain up for more than a day without issues. Fixes for all this went out earlier this month, but then we had a rather rocky update last week which resulted in several restarts - not enough time to measure performance and stability of Jackal to any reasonable degree. Our next patch is scheduled for this coming Thursday, which will be over a week of up-time for all servers - including Jackal. That will help us determine if we're stable enough to bring Celebration into AWS. If we're not, then we'll consider other options for the server, such as relocating it on the Hetzner side of things to see if it's hardware.
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    Thread Locked, The situation in regards to the new rules has been explained. Regards Shakys (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
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    And it deserves discussing again; because each time it has been discussed the only argument was "but PvP needs this to be unique". The main argument behind this was PvP was expensive so PvP needed a revenue stream. This was not a good argument.
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    Please don't flood suggestions with ideas based on your PMK. There's a suggestion already here: Feel free to suggest it in the thread
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    Yep, I'd pay for that as well.
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    Finally my Libila colossus is in place:
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    +1 but would love them from glass and with glassworking skill
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    We'll be looking into this as we're not against it. It wouldn't be free and would have a cooldown for sure
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    So the problem boils down to "skillgain in these systems are timegated compared to any other skill and I don't like it"? We didn't just use "players complaining on the forums" but going through the hard data, about 80% of all purchases were for alts, and from the remainder less than 10% stayed prem. It's a big enough number to point out that it wasn't serving the retention OR trial benefits we had hoped.
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    The wagon is special, enough that I made a little display of it, sorry hehe