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    i'd post crabs but we all know what happens when beast and a crab are left alone
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    It would be great if a link to the game rules was made available either in game or on the launcher. Maybe I missed it elsewhere but looking around I saw that there is a line in the EULA (which let's be honest, hardly anyone reads): It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself and abide by the Game Rules, Forum Rules and Chat Rules and all future revisions thereof that must be adhered to by all users of Wurm Online and are published on the Wurm Online site. From there you can click website on the launcher (found in the drop down). There are no links to the Game Rules in any of the menus. At the bottom there is a link to Terms and Conditions which just takes you back to the EULA. I don't think players expect to have to look in the forums to find games rules (I know that I didn't). If we want new players to abide by the rules, I think it would be advantageous if the rules were more easily accessible. Perhaps a "Game Rules" link could be added next to the "EULA" link at the top of the launcher? Or maybe a link in the main settings menu in conjunction with a short step in the tutorial that explains where to find the rules?
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    and it is K22 I guess and not H22.
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    Anything outside the game, they repeated it like 100 times. So no bitcoins, gummybears or dirty socks included.
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    There's only what... a few thousand "WTB/WTS threads for euros that have been closed over the last ten years? Have fun, Pandalet! R.I.P.
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    I was wandering the wilderness when I came across this curious object Now, you know what it is - the title gave it away. That's an Epic Structure, the temple to be exact. Not exactly Epic by any means. And I get it, it's a temple to the mighty error bag, a relic of our past. So I'm not going to ask for someone to model and texture a whole temple, all I want is a little visibility and reward for using something like 1000 materials Something like this Yes, yes that would do it nicely. Truly now it would be an Epic Structure
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    Event message: "You are not allowed to do that." when trying to take something out of my cart, which is already open. Yes, I am allowed to do that, I am just not close enough to do so. This is not only misinformation and confusing, but very annoying to say the least. Thus, suggestion: Please change this message to ready something like "you need to be closer to do that" or something similar. Even better would be to increase the reach into and out of a cart, so that: - if you can open the cart, you can take things out of it; and - if you can kill a mob and open it, then you can butcher and bury it, without having to nearer to it. - if you can open a bsb or a crate in a rack, you can take things out of it, etc. The reach into and out of carts is now completely out of sync and needs attention - please! These suggestion have been made many times, including the following:
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    ya this third person is not for me.. with that being said I am glad it makes others happy.... but as a steady typoist.. I am constantly hitting that dang button.... I would like to suggest being able to remove that keybind..... and please no console work arounds.. just please make it so in the keybinds... in the settings...... Thank you! Your local and profiant typoist
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    So, one can "take portion" of honey, and then place it on the ground (through hotkey, not availbale in menu). From the ground, one can move it , but cant' pick it up. Also can "fill" into the measuring jugs to make more honey portions out of big honey portion. Also pile of honey. Can't trade portions of honey though, they just don't drag to the trade window. Sad.
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    Come one come all for your for your tasty goblets of leather working blood! Alts are welcome but be warned the site is not in local from the shore! Location is in a potential dangerous place with being able to be thrown, don't forget your tent! Found by Nazir, Penned by Almostsolitude, Explora, Nazir, Whfawn, ooof, Serraphine and Deeded by Me (I think thats everyone?) Some lootz will be rolled as well. Kill Location: dock on the SW corner of K22, follow the signs and the packed trails to the site or look at this confusing map! https://prnt.sc/r9xrog Admission fee: [12:37:24] <Nazir> tell people to bring vodka, garlic, and cucumbers. (be sure to find Nazir and trade them to him, and its probably best not to ask why). See you there!
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    [20:47:36] You start to place some marlin soup. [20:47:37] You place some marlin soup. can't take portion of it though
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    The missing camera control keybind options will be added to the settings window with the nearest update.
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    should bump that suggestion to change the H and K's on the map
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    Thats a very low thing to say. For all the difference of opinions I don't wish Silas ill. Glasshollow was my first go-to place for supplies when I was new and I would miss it very much if it was gone. Posting on someone's Classified's thread to talk smack is a completely new low bud.
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    I updated my key bind in settings for V to Center View, as it was before 3D view. It worked.
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    Don't waste your time looking for it. He operates on projection, sophistry and cherry picking. If this were to be applied consistently, archery is circumventing weaponsmithing and able to kill most mobs even more than a slightly more in depth and better WF would be, but nevermind that. I don't know how good WF is, but if it's basically useless I see no reason it shouldn't be buffed a bit. I wouldn't even mind if a chuck norris level character would be able to take on a troll. Wasn't there a guy who got it to 100? Let him wrestle a dragon, the man deserved it.
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    I don't need a trader moved cross servers but it just seems odd that it's not "doable" to move one to another server. Delete the existing one, give the player a form, watch them plant trader ?? good job
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    I'll try to play along with this a bit. If I chose to take my priest monk fighter guy to a pvp server and get killed, that is on me. I lose all of his gear which would include his enchanted clothing/monk armor stuff, jewelry and anything else I had on him along with skill loss. I'm sorry none of that would probably be any real value to you unless you could find another monk fighter character that was interested in buying it from you- maybe even me if I found it valuable enough to buy back from you. I'll say again that weaponless fighting is already a thing, and there are a few players that have made that a fighting style for them. Heck, you can equip enchanted frying pans as weapons in weaponless fighting and go have fun with them. No weaponsmith needed there. My suggestion in the OP simply allows a weaponless fighter to go around wearing pants and fight using enchants while bare handed (wearing fighting gloves or bracers), and not having to equip frying pans or some other odd thing. I must admit, beating a hellhound to death while duel wielding frying pans does sound fun.... I still want my legit shaman monk fighter though. If I ever did decide to take him to try him out on a pvp server, I'll be sure to carry a couple enchanted frying pans as loot for you, should I bump into you and you kill me.
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    That's a novel concept around here lol
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    remember this old logo @Beastwolf
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    This needs to happen
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    Those little imping icons to the right of the items being imped should serve more than to tell us what tools to use for the next imp - they should provide a way of accessing them. I have long thought that we should be able to click on these imping icons to activate the best tool for the job in our inventory, including the hand. Use a tool-belt much? We should be able to add our hand icon to the tool-belt so we can select it with a key-press in the same way as a tool. Finally, (and I am not the first to mention it), I think one psychological problem with the use of the hand tool, is not the hand but the QL. Why do we have 90+ql tools but our hands remain 50ql? Surely with practice in pottery or the use of salve/balm our hands should increase QL so that they can add something positive to the end result.
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    Thank You so much Mthec, the custom trader mod is going to come in SO handy on our server. *****
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    This man stayed up past his bedtime to make sure I got what I wanted. Buy his stuff.
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    Wurm is gonna do a 180 and become more popular than minecraft, notch gonna be pissed.
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    rip source of funds for mcdonalds
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    +1 bunny had's and cats ears +1 +1
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    been almost 3 years, I would say this would be getting very close to a decision now, just a little bit longer for sure.
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    Truthfully, I'd be a lot more into it if it gave you a bonus to ship speed or to mindlogic so you could command a better ship or something. Then it has an actual function too. Of course then you'd need to have one for non-pirates. (I'm surprised there was no request for eye patches, shoulder parrots, wooden leg pants, hook gloves, and cutlasses sword skins to round out the look)
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    If we get pirate hats we should also have shoulder pads with a parrot built into the model.
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    Tranquility House ... Thallspring Exodus.... moi's home
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    Updated Account Rules section of Game Rules and updated EULA section. Account Security A ) Keep your passwords secure at all times! (You are solely responsible for the security of your accounts.) B ) You are responsible for all activity on your accounts Account / Item Sales A ) We do not allow account selling, gifting, or transferring of any kind! (Any accounts purchased pre-rmt will be considered owned by the person who purchased them) Own the email, Own the account! B ) We do not allow any bartering for out of game assets. C ) We do not offer support or service for any remedial action or loss that occurs for circumventing these rules. Punishment: Permanent ban of account! Account Access Sharing A ) At your own risk you may share access to your account with up to 2 other people without causing an account sharing violation. B ) We do not allow account sharing or contracting with groups of 3 or more people. (i.e. if you choose to risk sharing your account with up to two other people and one of them or yourself allows one more person to access your account, your account will be in violation of these rules and will be banned.) C ) We do not allow accounts to be shared beyond the original account creator. (i.e. if you choose to share access to your account with up to two other people and one of them allows one more person to access your account, even if you have stopped playing, your account will be in violation of these rules and will be banned.) D ) We do not offer support or service for sharing and will not be held responsible for any remedial action or loss incurred if you circumvent these rules. Punishment: First offense - 30 day account ban. Second offense - Permanent ban of account
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    I second this. Make the bridges, walls and fences match in tone (and texture, please), and then also allow dying.
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    I mean they definitely can. The company is allowed to do what they want when they want in terms of punishing an account, it would just take them getting enough potential evidence to avoid backlash. No mmo has a real system in place to detect RWT, but they can see signs of it, and continued signs would lead to action. Discussing how someone could be able to get away with RWT in the future isn't a great idea on the forums, but their main target is likely players who do it continuously. Someone dropping expensive items or 50s 3-4 times over the course of a few months is suspicious and likely grounds for them to take action.
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    Agreed, I have a single wide overly long, utterly pointless 80ql bridge by my deed that is making it impossible for me to hook up to the highway network I could do extensive amounts of terraforming to get around it, but it would still be there, still being pointless, when the land it's on is already perfect and good to go for highway-making. I could spend years of my wurm life bashing every last tile of it, but I should not have to when a catapult is supposed to work Someone please fix this. Pleeeeeeese
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    Skill checks have a "bonus", which is a totally separate factor from your skill and the difficulty of the action. It's granted by things like the result of a separate skill check for the tool, or by things like faith/alignment bonuses in the case of channeling. For reference, the maximum the "bonus" can ever be is 70, and you mostly just get that when enchanting due to alignment/faith/deed bonuses. There's no quick and concise explanation for exactly how much it affects the result, so you can't really think of it as "40% better" or anything like that. The important thing to know is that it improves the result on average, and that +40 makes a more substantial difference than the previous +20 did.
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    Using a VPN totally fixes the issue. I downloaded ProtonVPN and since using it, I have not had any connection issues at all. I even connect using a USA-based connection point in ProtonVPN and I can run as many clients as I want and they do not have any bandwidth limitations. Download ProtonVPN, install it, launch it, choose a connection point, launch Wurm, enjoy.
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    I still haven't worked out why a pottery jar plus an iron needle and olive oil make a brass compass
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    [20:31:56] <Tomatoes> when ever anything goes wrong ping is to blame, which is why i pointed
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    Honestly low ql stuff is no more a thing that is marketable. If those changes make new starters stay, these changes are welcome by me.
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    I don't really get all the skepticism in this thread...
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    I had very unpleasant experience sharing forum and game acounts with some of my friends before, wich led me to be punished for violations made by members of our comunity. Lost not only assets but some reputation aswell So now I had to start all from the begining. I'm working on my own new kitchen using my own forum account. Atleast I still have my filling experience