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    I am actively working on laying the ground work on the new rules regarding this. I hope to have something to show soon. edit... or I WILL have something to show soon actually. It is surprisingly not that easy to write it!
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    The problem with RMT, is that the act of depositing money within a game (buying coins from player/system), then withdrawing it (selling coins to players[/system]), effectively turns it into a bank. Criminals funding their cartels from the proceeds of in-game sales, or cleaning money through the game itself, are now the responsibility of the Game Developers who're facilitating it, thus legal action can be taken should they ignore it due to a) thinking it's fine by ignorance & b) not having satisfactory prevention systems in place. Obviously, the levels are presently marginal so no one cares, but Steam care. And if Wurm joins Steam for marketing/exposure, we have to care because they need to fulfil their regulatory obligations. So although I don't really care about this, & black markets will exist anyway (how stringently cracked down on is a different matter guys... unless you're literally slapping it in their face, an UO/EA blind eye will probably occur...), the rationale makes sense. A game developer is more likely to lose money from the fines incurred from allowing a criminal exploit to fester as opposed to the lost revnue from RMT itself - it's primarily a legal concern. At the end of the day, the move to Steam is to increase Wurm enjoyability (& revenue) by increasing the player base (alone, hence the Silver price reductions) - surely that's the real appeal of a game over making pocket change. The same as a kid throwing a few punches gets a scolding, but as an adult gets prison time for the same act, Wurm is no longer able to get away with being a kid - it has Adult responsibilities now, joining the big league with Steam.
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    Hello and welcome to crafters legion merchant ad ! Latest update: 2/21 Our crew: Elwood Martynas Mrcoolman Ahsesino Richtje To order item post here or pm crafter ingame. Currently thread is WIP, if you dont find item you need tell us. 10% discount on items with crafter's signature ! Alchemy: Carpentry: Hot food cooking: Masonry: Smithing: Tailoring:
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    Happy Valentines day everyone!
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    RMT restrictions are for Player to Player transactions, not Player to Publisher. There absolutely is a difference.
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    Sure does seem like sermon alts come up frequently when discussing the sharing of characters. Would be nice if there was an alternative mechanism to sermons that could eliminate the issue.
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    Trying to keep it short and sweet. Absolutely useless as is. The main damage bonus is only once every 18 hours or whatever and CAN BE DISPELLED. Suggestion? Rage -Change to increase damage to player and structure PERMANENTLY to 10%. All the others have a full time buff, why not hate? Fear - not terrible as is however, wurm combat is slow so possibly increase the 3 minute timer to 45-1hr? Spell Immunity Immunity to offensive spells for 45 minutes to an hour? -Need to protect against AOE spells
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    Epic battle for a mountain lion
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    Personally I think it is not a good idea to throw AML into the debate. The AML hysteria is widely about geopolitics (full spectrum dominance) and big brother style mass surveillance and curbing civil freedoms by removing cash. Apologetics are misplaced, and such controversial stuff should be hold off forum debates. Insofar phrases like "Wurm is no longer able to get away with being a kid" are mere propaganda and inappropriate. Rolf and CCAB made an absolutely grown up and defensible decision when allowing and even encourageing RMT. Withdrawing it now has to do with the changed economic situation and the need to join steam. As I wrote before, CC/GC had not much negotiation leverage about Valve's contract conditions, so they had to sacrifice RMT for the right decision to join steam. That is all. RMT was not liked by everyone, but it was a legitimate albeit bold choice by Rolf and CCAB. And it worked for quite a time.
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    I always felt that hate should have been the counter to insanity with both having equal permanent buffs that offset each other. +1
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    The best piece of equipment for fighting trolls is a horse.
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    Hi everyone, With the upcoming Steam release there’s been a lot of questions and discussions around the future of RMT within the game. We know Steam will not allow RMT within their platform and there have been many questions about what this means to the original servers, given the talk of merging at a currently unknown point. We will go into detail below about not only what we plan on doing but also why we plan on doing it, and what you can expect from here on out in regards to it. Real Money Trading When Wurm was started, it was started with the belief that players should be able to profit from their time invested in the game. This core belief helped build the economy into what it is today. Many players have relied on this system in converting ingame assets into real world money but it does cause issues within how players interact with Wurm, and what they expect from it. With a direct, open translation of silver/goods to real world money, many players took prices dropping as views of direct loss of income, similar to being told your boss is paying you less because they hired more workers. It built many expectations of the trade in Wurm and a major focus on maximising profit even if it was not needed ingame, the excess could be sold. Value of items was inflated because they were seen as investments that could be sold off should the need arise, and unfortunately was the core reason behind a large amount of macroing cases the GM team has handled over the years. It also provides an issue where we ourselves are competing for sales with our players, with players able to sell their currency for cheaper than we could due to no overheads and taxes on it. The landscape of the internet and online gaming has vastly changed over the past sixteen years, and many parts of Wurm have remained in simply because changing it was too big a step to take. With the steps to Steam it gives us an opportunity to re-evaluate many aspects of the game that have felt a little too daunting to touch, and offers us the chance to make major changes in order to provide a welcoming environment and reduce premium and silver costs as well. Currently having RMT on the regular Wurm Online servers we would not be able to have any connection with the Steam servers, and the existing client would not be able to connect to the Steam servers. With this in mind we have made the tough decision of no longer allowing any and all RMT and account sales effective March 1st, 2020. This will include sales of silver, items for real life currency and account trades. Account trades It has been raised in many threads that account sales mean high skills never truly leave the game. This causes a huge top heavy system where high skilled accounts are sold and resold and we want to encourage new players to gain skill and take part in their community, feeling accomplishment for gaining their skills. This also occurs with accounts shared between a group of players, such as a highly skilled weaponsmith or priest that can be accessed 24/7 We want achievements to be individual based rather than adding value to an account, and as such we will also be placing a ban on account sales for ingame silver AND Real Money Trading. We will be adjusting our stance towards shared accounts. Your account may be shared on a personal basis (i.e. a family member or a close friend) but sharing your account with multiple people will be against game rules. We will also not be providing ANY assistance with account ownership disputes where the password has been shared in ANY way. Trader Mechanics Traders have long been a contentious point, with Xanadu and Jackal both disallowing traders. Initially launched as a means of offsetting the high upkeep costs of large deeds, traders have since been used as a means of farming silver from the coffers on a large scale, using minimum size deeds which goes against the original intention and is not ideal. Trader items have their benefits in being sold, but the ongoing ability to use them for means other than their directly intended purpose is something we are taking the opportunity to address. After the end of February update traders will no longer pay out silver earned from the kingdom coffers or give a portion of sales back. Instead they will now grant a percentage reduction on the upkeep of the deed they live on which cannot stack with multiple traders. We will be discussing the actual percentage over the month and have the final decision before the launch. We will also be revisiting trader prices and reducing them to account for these changes. In order to accommodate players wanting more traders on their deeds we will be reducing the minimum range between traders to 20 tiles. Traders will no longer be able to operate on land without a deed, and if they are on un-deeded land at the time of the update they will disband immediately. We know these changes may affect some who rely on the silver but we feel the deed upkeep reduction will still provide significant value while removing the ability to farm multiple traders. We’re aware these changes are major changes to mechanics and our stance on Real Money Trading. They have been controversial mechanics with many suggestions about removing them, and with the Steam launch coming up by mid 2020 we feel this allows everyone to have time to adjust to it prior toit, meaning there will be no confusion about whether we allow it. Changes to store prices This time is also an opportunity for us to adjust our store prices for both premium and silver. After the shop maintenance today our store prices will be: 5 silvers - 6.49 euro (1.3 euro per silver) 10 silvers - 12.99 euro (1.3 euro per silver) 20 silvers - 21.99 euro (1.1 euro per silver) 40 silvers - 43.99 euro (1.1 euro per silver) 50 silvers - 49.99 euro (1.0 euro per silver) 100 silvers - 99.99 euro (1.0 euro per silver) Premium time 1 month: 7.99 euro 2 months: 15.99 euro 3 months: 20.49 euro (85% original price) 6 months: 38.39 euro (80% original price) 12 months: 67.19 euro (70% original price) These prices will be the same across Xsolla and PayPal and effective after the store update. Steam server connections These changes allow us to announce something else we have been working towards, and that is how the Steam servers will integrate with our existing servers. The Steam servers and the regular Wurm Online servers will be available via BOTH clients, and simply be disconnected via mail and travel. This will mean that all servers can be accessed from Steam, as well as the Steam servers accessible via the regular client. This will still require separate accounts. Moderation This does mean that selling silver or any other ingame goods and accounts after the cut off date (1st March 2020) will lead to moderation penalties including suspension of accounts. During the last update we included several new logging tools in order to help GM’s track items and silver trades, we’ll be using this period to test it out and make adjustments if necessary. As Real Money Trading has been in the game for such a long time, we’re aware many merchant threads do mention sales of silver, as well as official comments, so we’ll be spending this month updating all of our documentation to remove it. We will also be working with players in ensuring their forum market posts are in line with the new rules, such as hiding or editing threads that include it. This is a big change for all of us, and while we've done our best to address the issues you might raise already, we will be here to answer all of your remaining questions, and Retrograde will be more than happy to discuss it during our live-stream on Sunday at 9pm UTC as usual. Regards, The Wurm team
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    After much debate I've decided to sell my main char-Zoranah. All of her fancy stuff has been sold separately already so she comes in a basic plate set with some enchanted tools. [21:22:41] You entered through the portal to Wurm on Luck day, week 2 of the starfall of Dancers, 1057. That's 1366 days, 8 hours and 35 minutes ago. [21:22:41] You have been premium a total of 36 months since Dec 2013. You are currently known as: Mesmeriser Zoranah [Feisty Swami] You have a total of 159 titles. You have 39489 karma, how would you like to spend it? Journal mostly finished, can see whats left HERE Overview of important skills: Body Strength: 65 Fighting: 94.9 Blacksmithing: 99 Digging: 95 Platearmour smithing: 94 Carpentry:95 Mining: 91 Meditation: 92 (PATH OF KNOWLEDGE) Chain armour smithing: 92 Shield smithing: 90 Weaponsmithing: 70 Jewelry smithing: 92 Masonry: 93 She has the ability to recall home. She has 19 affinities. Marks used up. Vynora follower. Used tome Blood of angels. If i forgot to mention something , or you want more info PM Zoranah ingame Plan on keeping this post up for a week and see what offers come up in that time then wrap it up. Also TAKING OFFERS IN EUROS ONLY feel free to offer in comments or PM Niarja skill dump : https://www.niarja.com/universes/online/clusters/freedom/skills/Zoranah
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    speaking for the rest of the team we thank you
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    "Don't play game and discuss politics.. it drops your fps.." I agree "right decision to join steam" we're yet to see if that was anything near right; instead of having a bit better thought solution, we're just scratching the steam lotto ticket, lets hope there's new 1-2-5-10k online number on that scratch card. Nobody can make me believe wurm couldn't just split worlds and keep old cluster as it was.. for years to come... and have a completely new one on steam where rmt is a no-no, while nothing like last priest and rmt changes bled into the existing world with *actually unsure how much history ~10-15year old so far?* i'll pass on the comment about economic changes.. just don't want to get me started on explaining how much things have changed for players and the game. Results from last changes still hurt the game and will doing that in the next 2 weeks, than a few more will quit for one reason, and even more will quit the main cluster to just start over on steam side. I do not think any of that is a good result of any decision for changes into the game.
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    if hate damage bonus was changed to permanent, to be inline with the other paths it would need to be higher than a 30 skill level
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    Sandhill was atleast indeed a multi-merchant market. Dont know if still is. Bellieve there is several merchants in Black Pearl selling stuff also, south Exodus. These are not set up in the common market grid way tho, they are set up in more «neutral» looking ways. In a shop window towards the street in the basement of a castle and such.
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    This is actually quite interesting!
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    I'll bump it up to 20 just to save some time.
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    @Themystrixnot bs.. read the last line's (TEXT), says what you're explaining @op nubs can hunt bears/wolves/spiders/and such... no need to nerf the game for them.... that's the whole point of having a good weapon/armor/enchants and guard towers/deed-guards or friends to help and bother for help until your skill and gear gets better.. worst thing a nub can meet in the wild is a hound or troll... or trying to kill some of the champ mission mobs... goblins bring nothing to the game.. just more skulls and recipes.. they are all common now... devs should have considered adding 1-2 new ones every season or at least do it bi-yearly(actually more common) with the 2x journal goals to collect 500 recipes in your book.; we could settle on 1-2 seasonal recipes that vary throughout a wurm year.. to keep things a bit more interesting... with their drops butttt that's probably material for another suggestion(I'm not going to start)
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    +1 to having both and the choice to choose which one you feel like doing at the time.
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    The problem with it was when you pushed someone they basically teleported half a tile back. When you teleport you reload and re render the world as if you just logged in, if you have ever used the karma teleport or a farwalker twig it’s the same thing All it resulted in was a whole bunch of people pushing the one dude around and he would be completely lagged out and unable to defend, in many cases they would outright crash or their client would lock up, also people who were known to have poor internet connections and/or computer hardware were targeted and anyone who used dialup, mobile or satellite internet were basically excluded from PvP (remember it was quite a while ago, but even today we have quite a few players on 3G internet which is only marginally better) From memory there was all kinds of rubber banding issues too where you would get stuck and be unable to move The feature didn’t last more than a week or two iirc
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    No, you dont. Blunt ppl think "oh i need 70fs and an end gear to kill a troll, they are annoying"... All you need is a mediocre longbow, train your archery on an archery target till its maxed at 40 archery and 30 longbow skill, make yourself some 30-40 ql arrows, that are easy to do and wuolia!.. pew pew all the troll from a safe distance. mega boost your fighting skill in no time, your body control and archery. little you know you can go head on head with a troll at ease.
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    I would like to see more of a warning for all players that a troll is near, maybe some sounds that change as they get nearer. This would be nice both for players trying to avoid them and those out seeking them.
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    I'm not permitted to point put how dumb this paragraph is, so I won't.
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    Because without introducing unsafe stuff you cant introduce fun stuff (pushing mobs off the cliff)
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    Logic Rope can be used to drop down a single border, whereby if long enough (20 dirt gradient for single rope, + 15 for additional attached rope) a player at the bottom could climb/be pulled up. One person at the top initiating, one person at the bottom reacting. Rationale The amount of times I (early on) died from falling into a pit, or digging at too deep a gradient, then lacked the ability/stamina to get out. That horrible day I resigned 2 years ago because some high level player trolled my mines by clashing them, whereby I fell some absurb value down with no hope of climbing out. The ability to hoist someone sneakily over a wall, or up a steep plateau instead of walking ten miles around to reach him. Mainly because I have an irrational fear of falling into pits now.
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    Was the tutorial server. Hasn't been used for any kind of tutorial server since Haven's Landing was created on Independance to provide that function. No new characters can be created on Golden Valley, now. It's basically empty except for those characters who were created there before it was cut off for gameplay outside the walled tutorials that chose not to go through the portals to what's the 'real world' now of the Freedom Isles.
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    It's likely going to be a combination of things; daily hours of play, sudden login location changes, hardware ids, etc. People thinking they'll be able to cheat the system easily are mistaken. While it may take a bit of time for account sharing to be noticed or proven in some cases, you will eventually be caught on to. People just need to accept that it's no longer allowed and start playing normally again.
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    I am not just starting but I'd like to extend a hand if needed. I have an established village in Xanadu where currently @Ayunaand myself are staying. She's pretty active and I come in almost every day to help with whatever is need. If you need a place to stay, either permanently or temporary, let me know. Welcome back!
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    Wurm tries to set up port forwarding for your server using a protocol called UPNP that in your case isn't correctly supported by something in your network. If you set up port forwarding manually (or if you don't need it and only connecting locally) - you can safely ignore that message You can also disable that part from wurm.ini file by setting AUTO_NETWORKING and ENABLE_PNP_PORT_FORWARD to false
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    Jackal finally attached to my tower.
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    Found a place for my corpse. Turned out to be a good fit.
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    Arghhhh more of them.....
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    What about a crude altar and mailbox instead of portable. That would eliminate the balance issues of having a portable item which would be maxed out and replace the need for regular stuff. Build out of simple materials, stuff you can easily gather (woodscraps/branches, but no nails so you dont need forge, consider priests - Fo can’t do planks/logs solo, but can do branches) Allow people to receive mail if unenchanted, and send mail if it gets casted on. Make them decay in 2-7 days or make them bashable in 2-3 maul hits. Also maybe a fence type that decays quickly. Those wooden fences stick around for a while and don’t look to great.
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    I know this area! It's very close to my new(ish) deed ^ ,^
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    Near Estert, Exodus, this delightful chess game, enhanced with the additions of unicorn and templar (as umpires?) http:// and a deer, who was apprehensive about being taken our by the knight (horse): http://
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    Seal (as choreographer): Now girls, all together now, point those toes! http://
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    Being able to mail items COD.. Reduces or eliminates market emergence. Trade chat is your market. I don't like this, but asking for removal of mailing items would cast you into the Leper's hole I'm sure. Were there more markets before mailing? or was mailing always a thing? EDIT: I've thought on this more - I don't think Mailing Items is a major culprit for low-market emergence, its lack of need to purchase goods, i.e. demand is too low - back to another one of my arguments regarding "not-enough" item sinks (consumption) being the main culprit for the low velocity of monetary exchange.
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    i agree with the OP and will be pressing /like from now on instead of adding plus 1 (unless i have something more to say) well written Yldrania