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    Hearken unto me, oh brothers and sisters. For in these perilous times the lands of Wurm are afflicted with a great pestilence! It driveth the farmer from the field, the smith from the forge and the merchant from the market. Dwellings are open to the sky, the land laid waste, streets unpeopled, crops rotten, cattle straying, and savage beasts roaming without check. And wherefore is this desolation? I shall tell ye. The fickle children of Wurm have turned away from the true gods. Seduced by the wicked wiles of heretics, they have forsaken the faith of their forbears. For evildoers have of late brought alien idols into our realm, false gods with outlandish names as Nahjo and Paaweelr, that are but puffed-up men from the Epic isles. The old gods have looked upon these trespassers and been sore vexed. And in their wrath they have ordained an abomination to dwell upon the lands of Wurm till the citizens renounce the false gods and throw down their altars. Thus I have spoken. Repent of your damnable heresies, oh children of Wurm, and embrace the blessed Fo, Magranon and Vynora - nay, even she that may not be named - for the hour is at hand!
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    There once was a troll king, he was very angry, so so angry about the fact that the angry condition does not show on troll kings, you might ask how he originally got so angry to get the condition to know that he does not show the condition but to that all i can say is shut up you're ruining the story i forget the moral of the story but he's getting killed because he bit my unicorn not coastal, one loot roll per person, H18/19 ingame. can sail up to almenly and walk from there if you follow the path, or just walk across the wilderness
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    I think it would give wurmians a chance to add color and help individualize deeds if we had blank kingdom banners we could dye. we already have flags and the short banners would be nice to have the tall ones as well. This would allow us to add a splash of color to all those tall buildings.
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    Fasta Åland, Åland Islands (1024x1024) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator, terrain.party, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here Island of Hawai'i, Hawaii (4096x4096) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator, terrain.party, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here Okinawa, Japan (2048x2048) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator, terrain.party, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here Long Island, New York (4069x4069) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator, terrain.party, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here Puerto Rico (4096x4096) Google Maps View Made with WGenerator, terrain.party, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here World Height Map (8192x8192) Made using Trangram Heightmapper and Gimp. Image below is only a preview. The actual height map is 128MB. And with it being so large, I had a hard time creating a map using this and testing that map on a test server. So I'll just post this here. If you notice, Antarctica was a tricky one. I decided on taking Antarctica's actual form and using that instead of a large landmass that covers the south. Download from Dropbox: Here
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    Hey Indy and other Wurmian communities. We need some help. There is an invasion on the Independence Server. There has been a rift that has spawned. A team of us went over today and got access to the rift area. However, there was an issue. With this rift, it is on the top of a mountain. There is a path all the way up to the rift and we made a road down off the top of the mountain to the edge of the mountain that the rift is on. But once we hit the edge of the rift and where unable to continue making the path down we decided to walk down into the rift area. That was a bad idea because once you climbed down you cant get back out without climbing out. The edges of thee rift go down the cliff and up the side of the mountain. Both of which are to steep for horses or carts to climb. So we where unable to kite mobs to the edge and kill them one by one like with the other rifts recently. So to make a long story short we need some help. We worry that this rift is going to remain unclosed. It is currently sitting at Wave 2 with 0 hearts saccd for wave 2. We had to bee summoned out of the valley because the combat didn't stop long enough to climb out. Below is a bit on information on how to get to the rift. When traveling to the rift use the highway system and find route to Wright Harbor. From there go west past the grapes grove along the main highway and follow the cobble road up. Follow the red line below on the Albia map. The second picture is what the road looks like when you come to the bottom of the road as it can be a bit hard to find. The easiest one to see is a gravel paved road going up the mountain. Once you find that go to the left 2 tiles and you will see a cobblestone road. that is what you are looking for. it leads all the way up the mountain. Once you get to the flat top go to the opposite corner and follow the road down. If we dont get a tea, of archers, fighters and fo priests (for light of fo since you cant leave the rift area) this rift is going to remain open. If you have any questions please ask. Map of the road leading up from Albia Roads Map Look for the cobble road within the red circle on the other side of the pens and grape fields on the west side of the main highway.
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    Small chests are mailable, as are small barrels believe it or not. You can mail items to yourself but the catch is that items sent to someone(yourself included) arrive instantly at the server their recipient was on when the items were sent, then they wait X amount of minutes depending on the courier cast of the sending mailbox before they are available for retrieval. So it is useless to send yourself items.
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    Edited link to make it show the right link always maybe?
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    But also except that those answering here are 95% the same ones answering in CA Help. And the larger pool is in game, not on forum The mechanics are changing now and then, so the searchability is somewhat limited. Anyway, it was only an advice; you are free to use whichever method you prefer, if you like forum better, please use it.
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    And for much faster answers, you can ask in CA Chat, where fellow players can help you understanding the game mechanics.
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    But like, couldn't the eaglespirits just have flown you there?
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    Neb and Gumbo After a few recent enquiries into some past events and history, a very old and rare tale of my youth was recollected. This is the story of two great pals, Neb and Gumbo, and their wondrous journey... Years ago, in the time of only 4 Gods, one day Neb and myself were magically whisked away to a beautiful place of Worship. The original Gods were in all in attendance at this magnificent holy site. The intimidating Magranon, Fo, Vynora, and even Libila mesmerized us with her presence. The four Gods gathering together was no mistake, they were there for a meeting and they had all come to the same agreement. The uprising of the Demi-Gods needed to be shut down immediately. The four Gods were wise and aware of the impending Doooom!!** that these Demi-Gods would create. So they gave upon Neb and myself a dangerous task... Take this, the one golden ring to the fires of Magincia. It is the source of the Demi-Gods power. Find the destruction vestibule atop the marble spire, then drop the ring into it. This will destroy the ring, forever putting an end to the Demi-Gods evil rampage, before it gets out of control. A moment later, my eyes opened, Neb was there, we were in a forest on a path. To the north I spied the Dragon Fang. Magincia Islands' last know whereabouts was floating to the east somewhere in the Bearshark Bay. Darkness was beginning to settle in, we decided to make camp where we were, then head out come the morn. Neb, did not surprise with his latest rare campfire, we chuckled about how his Doctorate in Alchemy was really paying off once again. After which, we arm wrestled and the loser would have to clean up the hazardous rare ash that would otherwise poison the area. A few moments later, I took out the ring handed to me by Magranon himself, to examine it a little closer by the rare firelight. One could feel the strength and power of the ring, it warmed more and more knowingly absorbing the heat of the flame. As I peered upon the inside of the band, some lettering started to appear in a scarlet colour. My heart began to race, eyes widened, here, here is a message, maybe some hidden piece of wisdom not seen in countless ages. The words all came to a blazing light, I could read it now... "A E R ... Aeris.. it's here, all of it ... "Aeris has a Supreme Posterior". Truly the Gods are incredible and we slept peacefully dreaming of their wise words, in our pitched tents. *cough* The sun awoke us early in the morning. Our journey east had brought us to the coast, with Magincia approximately a 42km swim away. Lucky for Neb and me that as young'ins, we were able to hold our breath forever and swim countless distances without ever having to take another. Five hours and a record breaking 684 shark attacks nipping at us later, we made land, without damage. Not too far off, we could see the billow of smoke rising from the lava pit. We headed down a road that oddly seemed familiar. The hills there, that open rock face terrain, I know this place, this is where I grew up. Look down that road... my first home was there... and yours over there... the lava pit! This is Southport! I ran towards the lava, up the side, right to the top of the edge. We were home... This is the lava pit we subverted then contained, right before it laid waste to that village over there. It's been decades since any maintenance has been done to control the flow of this lava. Over to the side, where we changed the course of the lava those many years ago, the land there, it's now been melted away to uncovered the ancient marble holy site. This must be the place the Gods instructed us to find. Neb finally managed to climb up to where I was, but had to pound back our last two jars of wine to do so. I'm pretty sure he was fibbing about being out of stamina tho. As he crested the peak, he saw the marble holy site and the receptacle that was placed majestically atop by the Gods. It was somehow perfectly balanced on the very tip of the spire. That was our goal. A rare BSB glowing brighter than daylight, it shone and sparkled like nothing I'd ever seen before. I looked close upon the BSB, it had a message embossed on the side. "Deposit Rings Here". I reached into my pocket, taking out the golden ring given me. With the ring in one hand, I quickly touched the brilliant BSB with my other hand to make sure it was safe. A tingle of goodness ran up my spine, so I lifted the lid of the destruction BSB, held the ring above the opening, then paused. An overwhelming feeling had taken grasp. Is it right for me to drop this golden ring into the BSB and put an end to the Demi-God way of life? It was a huge responsibility, I realize that now. But I must, must drop the ring into the rare BSB and put an end to this, as the Gods have instructed. It's the right and only thing to do. I slowly release the pressure of my grasp, the ring dropping towards the opening... But wait, somehow it's stopped, it didn't go in, something seems wrong, it's not going in. Look, the message on the side has now changed, it reads, "The Ring Would be Destroyed". So again I tried to drop it in, the same message, "The Ring Would be Destroyed". Great, great.. that's just what we want, destroy away! But nothing happened. The ring is simply refusing to go into this large, empty destruction receptacle set up by the Gods. I don't understand it. That's when Neb piped up and suggested using my other hand to drop the ring. When that didn't work, he suggest spinning around 3 times anti-clockwise first, then dropping it. Hmmm... Maybe if we pushed this BSB over onto that spot over there it would work? No... Well how about you dig down that side of this sacred ancient heritage alter, and I'll use the dirt to raise up this side of it. Then the ring should slide right in, if we get the correct slope. Neb, please keep quiet with the suggestions, I don't feel like having my heart ripped out today. It's probably just something simple that we're overlooking, let me think about this for a minute. *Neb pokes out a small knothole on the rare BSB with the butt of his sword, then looks at Gumbo attempting to entice him to try to drop the ring through the knothole* - *Gumbo tries, then frowns*. Well Neb, We're in the right place, have the correct instructions, doing exactly what we were supposed to do, but it's just not working. Do me a favour, tell the Gods what occurred and let them know they'll have to find another way to stop those pesky Demi-Gods. See ya around Neb o/ *Gumbo puts on golden ring* /Gumbo vanishes **this adword sponsored by Darwin
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    Finally sat and made enough lavender dye to color the marble in my mini-castle
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    Looking for a place to rest your head and wash the blood off your armor? Looking for a temporary residence while you learn the way of the Wurm? Looking for a dedicated (and probably insane) group to call your friends? Do you just want to learn the way of the samurai? Maybe you just want to hug trees and plant flowers? If you answered yes to any of the above then Fortress of Death is the village for you! *Disclaimer: if you answered yes to the last one we will laugh at you for several days What do we have? that answer is easy... 200+ 1x1 cells with bsbs full of rockshards so you can make bricks! or maybe not... you'll never know until you get here!! Kidding aside, there is no requirements to join us or stay with us We do have a barracks for 'Fresh Meat' (newest members) and plots for permanent villagers to build on! fully stocked warehouse with lots of... junk that you can make various doohickeys and thing-a-ma-jigs with! a dock with lots of.... seals (and maybe a boat or twenty) the usual bs: archery targets and horses and cart parking lots and some fields to grow useless garbage in the important stuff: Our village is located on O18 Celebration (the island that's almost... kinda connected to the mainland) If your still interested in joining us then send me a message ingame: Reaping or join us on discord: https://discord.gg/r6w5SXY Current available barracks rooms: 3 thanks for visiting our village recruitment board Reaping
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    With Wurm Unlimited (currently in Beta) user resource packs have been added. Resource packs can contain textures, models and sounds which will be loaded by the game in place of (or in addition to) the ones already in the base game. Instructions for both usage and creation of those packs is placed below. Resource pack end-user installation: Resource pack creation: Converting textures for usage in resource packs: Converting models for usage in resource packs:
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    Delet dis Description: Fo commands you to sacrifice 525 decent brass ribbons. To make such amount of ribbons it is required to use 15.75k of brass lumps in case of no fails and making everything above 30ql.
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    I am unaware of mob counts on other servers but I would like to see an increase in mob counts or a faster respawn on Deli. I have spent several days "hunting" and literally have to do alot of traveling to find a decent amount , barely justifies turning on SB.
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    Browsing through some screenies from my adventures. This one, from south Exodus, near the settlement of Black Pearl, came up. Its from 2017.
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    My little rock Finally got around to climb out on the look out point
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    I can only give one Like to this, but in my heart you won The Day!
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    I spy with my BIG wurmie eyes something in the sky!
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    If this had come out maybe 3 years ago, I would be throwing a party right now but alas time has passed and I have pretty much moved on from the game. Good luck to all utilizing this as adding new models and textures to the game could be fun.
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    Try visiting the SW quadrant of the map. Usually a lot of mobs in my area lately. But I do agree that the lack of hunting grounds is problematic and 50% of my SB is just wasted trying to find stuff to kill. Would be nice if we had a pure hunting server: can't build on it, can't mine, but you can drop tents, hitching posts and make camps.
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    Browsed the forum, found a post from 2017, still nothing has happened. Rice should be usable in baking! Sure rice wine(sake) and sushi is a thing, but rice bread is so much more widespread. Release the fluffy potential! Sign. -Any wurmian who loves rice
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    Still an absurd mission. I always felt the math was really badly scaled for most missions when it comes to difficulty vs. reward. Would be nice if missions took weekly player population into account and scaled them by that. It would make more sense than "complete x mission then next mission is more difficult because of that".
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    Mallorca, Spain Google Maps View Made using WGenerator, terrain.party, and Gimp. Map size: 2048x2048 Download from Dropbox: Here
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    Adak Island, Alaska Google Maps View Made using WGenerator, terrain.party, and Gimp. Download from Dropbox: Here
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    I'm sure the point is that these keys are not mapped the same way (or at all) on some Finnish keyboards, so Sam_J was helping people out by showing which Finnish button each Java keyword represents.
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    Yakushima island and Kuchinoerabu Island, Japan Google Maps view of the island Made using WGenerator, terrain.party, and Gimp. Map Size: 1024x1024 Download from Dropbox: Here Edit: Got the wrong link for map generator. derp...
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    A peaceful camping trip alongside Samling Fjord in North Independence
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    A few things to watch out for: Be sure the liquid (whatever step you are not getting) passes through YOUR inventory before creating the next step. For example: Don't open a barrel and drag the liquid from one container on the ground to another container on the ground. When this happens, the game sees THE GROUND as the owner/maker of the liquid, so you as a player do not get credit. Try the ones you are missing again and be sure to have the liquid in your inventory for the steps each time, do not drag from cauldron in the oven or barrel on the ground to another container.
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    This is one of my all time favourites from Rush, and over all in general. Difficult to play as a drummer indeed.
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    Jackal Rising in the Mist
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    Yeah? How so exactly? This idea would remove player control and give everyone equal opportunity at loot at a determined time, exactly as the Rifts are today. Most importantly, it would remove drama that destroys the community. There would be no need for new rules, aka "etiquette guide" attempting to reduce GM intervention and drama. The uniques were never intended to be penned. Some years back a mechanic was added where they would break out of donut houses. People then discovered that they can be kited into a mine and penned by collapsing the entrance and covering with one dirt. Technically this is cheating. According to the game rules, "Obvious abuse of any ... method of gaining .... items that is not as intended" This is not even a true sandbox game because of free roaming uniques. If I pen a unique, I can have a GM make anyone in local leave even if that person is not griefing or coming near to the unique. This has been publicly announced in Courtesy #1. This happened to me once when I was just standing in a mine 20 tiles away from a captured unique. One member of the slaying group, called a GM on me, bashed my mine door, starting bashing my epic portal, telling me to leave local, and while the GM did tell them to stop bashing my stuff, they did tell me to leave the area. I was even falsely accused by the game's Public Relation's employee, Retrograde, for harassing other players. "This is an attempt to frame being told to leave for harassing players as something related to the unique " After Enki researched this, he did tell me that I did nothing wrong. " In affect its true you violated no rules, and should not have to be removed form any part of the wurm world not occupied by another. It is not a GM's desire to push anyone around, but at times when we are dealing with a crowd we have to treat the entire crowd and not the individual to maintain sanity." But the reputation damage was done. Retro made his statement to all of Wurm community with a false accusation against me. This is the tip of the iceberg on how free-roaming uniques destroy the community in this game. Just recently on Jackal, Klaa confronted Oblivionreaver about healing a unique the MR group was trying to kill. Tuga curses at me when I'm in his local looking for uniques. The P/R group was never really happy because Pristine folks wanted to keep an item from the slaying, and the group eventually disbanded because not all could agree/abide by the rules. Odynn and Velvetsun have some resentment for some group that freed a unique from their deed and used that as justification for taking my penned unique. I have more examples, but the point is that free-roaming uniques should be changed to provide equal opportunity to all of Wurm's community in a fun and drama-free way.
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    Selecting this is enough, it should now prefer to use the Nvidia card. So unless the setting in the control panel changed on its own, you should be all set! If you were in wurm while doing so, it might be wise to quit and start the game again, although I personally think a system restart (if the driver install did not do this already) would be a decent idea too before you try to log in again Let us know how it goes!
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    Before you start, it might be necessary to have the official Nvidia drivers installed (from the nvidia / geforce website, as you mentioned before) To prefer Nvidia over the intel integrated graphics, do the following: 1. Rightclick anywhere on an empty spot on your desktop and go to the Nvidia control panel. 2. Click on the "manage 3d settings" on the side. 3. Set the "preferred graphics processor" to "High Performance Nvidia" picture: If it looks different than this, you can do it the following way: 1. Rightclick anywhere on an empty space on the desktop and open Nvidia control panel 2. Go to "Manage 3d settings" on the side. 3. Set the "primary OpenGL graphics processor" to your Nvidia 555M picture (sorry for the different language, but it should still make sense / location is the same) I hope this helps!
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    Now that Wurm celebrates it's 10th birthday I have been pondering what were my best moments during the three years I played... It's hard to choose, there has been so many great or beautiful moments! It is probably when I got my first animal or when I was gifted a MR wagon on the day they came out and I had gotten some horrible personal news in rl. Or when someone I admired suddenly started talking with me like we were friends. Or when I went to my first hunt as a healer. There has been so many moments, I wont tell all mine, I wanna hear about yours! What were your best moments?