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    Personal opinion here, and I know most, if not all of this has already been said, but the more people the better I figure.... 1) I think ALL information needs to be conveyed on the forums. The streams are great for showing upcoming features, and I still encourage that, but you are probably only showing them to less than 10% of your audience. Most people are not going to be watching your streams or watching them afterwards because it's not as easy as reading a forum post whenever they want. 2) I think important things like priest changes need to be the highlight of the forum post and not as an "oh, by the way..." part of the post, which is what was presented here. It's literally the single most important thing of the update. 3) I think more time also needs to be given between a major announcement like priest changes and the actual implementation. Perhaps something like 2 months instead of 2 weeks. 4) I really want to see this game succeed and I love the priest changes. I'm all for it. But keep in mind public relations are important. They will likely make or break your game. This is not a post directed at anyone. This is my opinion to you guys in hopes that you at least listen and consider all of this in the future.
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    Here's my take. I'm glad that they are moving to steam in a way. The Wurm community is old and there are characters that have existed sold or passed down for a decade. Wurm tends to be top heavy by nature, one example being how things over 90Q get seemingly exponentially more resistant to decay/damage. If they don't want the whole issue to happen just the same with steam, they need to get some improvements in with the decay code. Problems (PVE... IMO): 1) Too little decay on off deed items - mainly ships. Ships last forever and it's been a huge problem, they need to take damage from sailing and from time off deed. Let's face it - even new ships of that era leaked, and had to be maintained constantly. You can't have someone new get into the game and actually make any coins off of fixing/building ships when Shippy Shipmaker has been doing it since day 1 and every ship he makes at 90+Q lasts forever. If it lasts too long it kills the game. 2) Rare but critical damage to weapons/armour. Perhaps when a weapon is used on a target with better armour Q than the weapons Q, the weapon has a chance for a critical break, and vice versa. Too much stuff lasting too long is like cancer to this game. I can hear all the crybabies now... whiners who want their stuff to last forever. Problem is it kills the economy - and all those things everyone has forever BECOME worthless when 100 people have a rare huge axe - it's nearly worthless. I tried for weeks to sell a rare steel axe I made, can't sell it for the imp cost!? That's what happens when the market is saturated. How did it become saturated in the first place? Crap lasting too long. One answer - critical breaks! 3) Too much protectionism. Too much crap is safe with PVE... just because it's PVE doesn't mean that there can't be actions that allow for some healthy adventure. This is a touchy one for a lot of PVE whiners, they want everything to be safe all the time no matter what. Sorry that kills the fun. So here are some suggestions: a) allow off deed / out of house lockpicking on ANYTHING that is locked. Why?.... why no! no ... that's scary for the pve babies. haha. Firstly, it makes locksmithing a viable profession. Secondly it adds some suspense and risk to an otherwise boring perfectly safe situation. Want to keep your wagon or chest out in the woods safe? PUT IT ON A DEED... PUT IT IN A BUILDING... maybe use a BETTER LOCK, maybe you can't lockpick where there are guards - that would also be okay. b) All things that plant, off deed and not in a building should be BASH-able. Again, if you want to protect it DEED or HOUSE it. Is that too hard for people to understand? If it's locked and planted, then it would have to be picked to be opened then bashed down if you wanted to take that container. SIMPLE. Things are boring and too much protection has been given because of baby whiners who can't stand to think logically. No your wagon shouldn't be lockable - how can an open boat be locked? So then they allow them to be locked but that's not good enough? Let's open it up a bit and make sure there is a place for LOCKSMITHS in PVE. 4) Wood. I've said it before and I'll say it one more time, wood needs some love. There is NO POINT in having forestry as a skill. People just cut whatever wood... la de daa.... then use that STUPID hack last bit wood type to change the entire object to cherry. WHY is that horrible? It literally kills the industry for wood, really it's nonsensical. One answer? Objects need to be made of ALL or 51% MAJORITY the same wood to get the bonus for a wood type. If they are made of maple, then last bit is oak, sorry that's not an OAK ship... that's a maple ship with Oak veneer (looks like Oak - but no bonus). Now here come the cry baby whiners again... But it will take forever to get all the cherry for a knarr... it will be too hard.... YES, Yes it will be, and that's the damn point. If everyone has a cherry knarr, then it's not special anymore. Imagine this!!!! If Sven wants to make a cherry knarr, there's a guy who FARMS Cherry wood and stores it.... WHAT? Yeah there is a guy - Sir Cherry... he grows cherry orchards! NO WAY! Furthermore to this, you can't last part seryll a tin sword - this gives the metals a value that can't be diminished. For some reason they thought making it EASY to change the wood from one type to another was a way to stop the crybabies from whining about it all the time. In reality they killed forestry and the ability to make money farming trees and selling items from rarer wood types. Change this before the STEAM launch!!! Well I'm going to wrap this up. In summary, when something is not on deed or in a house it shouldn't have protections beyond what a lock can provide. Allowing lockpicking isn't PVP, it's PVE... something left out without a care becomes part of the environment and part of the fun/challenge. If you're travelling with a cart maybe you want to park the cart at an Inn with either a deed or a building, or near a guard tower. Maybe you want to invest in a good lock! Hey the locksmiths need work too. This makes travelling a tiny bit more risky but way more fun! If we can count the number of skill industries which can make a profit on one hand, we know there is room for improvement in the use of other skills in PVE. Find ways to make all the skills worthwhile and this will increase the enjoyment for all. Stop making everything last forever and EASY to attain, cherry caravels aplenty does not end well. In my humble opinion things need to be a little more realistic for balance to work and to keep the economy from getting to the point that the WO economy is at now. Hopefully someone who makes decisions reads this - fix the root of the problems now.
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    I've swapped my Nacho to Mag and kept my current Fo. Whilst it is a shame to loose some of those spells, definitely think this will be good in the long run I hope. Take the pain now on tough decisions that are in the best interest of the game and it's vision now rather than after you've brought in potentially 1000's of new players which are much less likely to stick around. I would say it's the best way to approach this in the lead up, and it wouldn't surprise me that we'll see more things like this in the coming weeks and months. You understand right that you're saying that your chosen player god filled the role of all 3 priests that originally existed then in the same breath blame PvP balancing as the reason for this change. The fact you could get one priest that could "do it all" in PvE was not good for the game and was not balanced. So realistically when you break it down, the reason this changed was made is the same reason you find yourself upset. Hopefully in time you'll see that this change will mean that there will be some amount of renewed enchants market within the game since people can no longer do everything with one account. You hopefully in time will see a renewed emphasis on collaboration within the game and peoples priests. All of which was common place before players gods became such a focus.
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    I really wouldn't call this a PR/Communication Disaster. It roughly went like this over the years: Some Players: "Player gods are broken, please get rid of them." Other Players: "No, we got used to them; it's unfair that we can't access all content with a main and an alt." Devs: "Ok, we are not removing player gods; they are broken but a lot of players would be angry if we did. We want to keep our player base happy, and surely a little bit of imbalance can't break too much" Some Players: "Wow, the devs never listen to us." <Time passes, most of the player base leave, wurm is essentially planning a relaunch> Devs: "Actually, you guys were right. We're going to remove player gods because our attempts to balance them just have not worked and we REALLY don't want that stuff being shown to the new audience." Other Players: "Wow, the devs never listen to us."
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    So i was trying to fill low book shelf just to find out to my great sadness that maximum amount of books(items) that can be placed is 11 It looks really empty and not very useful for storing books. Would be nice if amount of books that can be placed can be increased as clearly there is plenty more room Also would be nice if we could flip almanacs and journals verticly so they can be stored this way too
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    Data privacy is problematic on Amazon? Maybe for misconfigured systems... You're stepping into my professional wheelhouse here. I know all about AWS security, data privacy, etc. I'm responsible for ensuring PII is well-kept at work, which far exceeds what Wurm's data is. You can't attribute the debacles with Ring and what they do with Amazon's shopping front with AWS. They may be owned by the same person but they're entirely different organizations with AWS being vetted by regulators.
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    you mean when my visions of the priest overhaul are coming closer to fruition
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    Been making some time lapses recently and just want to show them to the community! Unsure where to exactly post, but I hope you enjoy!
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    I'm the mentioned friend, and I seriously believe that dyes have been broken. Cart before HDR: Cart after HDR:
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    I'd like to see this brought back: "Shader adjustments: In the coming update we’ll also be adjusting how dyes act with wooden items, if any item is dyed the wood type will not show, meaning an oakenwood cart dyed the same shade of blue as an orangewood cart will look identical. This should help return the vibrancy of dyes as well as make it much easier to colour match!"
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    Ah, I thought as much. Then I only partially disagree with you. The current matters have been heavily discussed over the years between players and devs, but perhaps more details would have been nice. In terms of "valuable ideas", you could always use the suggestions forum.
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    The points you mention are what happened, you simply disagree with the timeframe given which I get. There's a lot that needs to be done in short timeframes and we're working with monthly sprints. The goal will be to announce what is happening in the end of month update, and then follow through on that. Whether its one month or six, we still expect some discontent, and the only benefit would be longer use of the broken mechanics within it.
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    I don't see why the dev's complained that the player gods made the old gods watered down and that it is time to return to the lore of the old god. What lore? There really isn't a story or lore in the game, unless you hunt in the forum for it and let face it people are not going to go do that really. Now if there were quests or stuff that told the story in the game, then the switch would make more sense, but there isn't any of that either so I don't see what "lore" the dev's would be wanting to get back to honestly. May be someone can enlighten us since the game has had a lot of features that seem to be slated to be taken out that have been here since the start of the game and are now (over 12yr later) being addressed. I mean shouldn't these have already been addressed if they needed to be fixed unless no one really knows how they actually want the game to function. It sounds like the dev's tried to placated too many players that are not here any more and are now doing the changes since the players are gone. I think they are trying to fix it all and hope the new Steam release will get the player base they want since all the new changes may kill the existing player base for the most part. After all those on Steam will play the game and many may not even be aware of the baggage that came with the game that existing player know about. Basically it feels like they are trying to make the Steam release a "clean slate" and not caring to much about the existing player base. I mean how long have we been gripping about concrete and that still didn't get fixed and chicken coops where ask for for more than 4 yrs and finally got that done but have to have a Carpentry skill of 60 to be made, I mean really 60! I could go on but it seems like the dev's are preparing for the Steam release and not caring to much about the existing players, it almost seems like they are hoping to replace them with Steam people and try to restart the game like a new Grand Opening. I feel like the Wurm Online now was just over 12yrs of testing for the game they actually want to release on Steam. Will we face the same fate as WU, where it will end up becoming to much to keep the original WO and Steam updated at the same time and so they will just go with the new and shiny compared to the old and broken? I was thinking about going to try the Steam stuff but now I am not so sure.
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    I think his gripe is that Mag has microscopic utility outside of Strongwall itself. And he isn't wrong.
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    on the topic of saccables, mag and vyns kinda suck. lib can farm black mushrooms which are 15 favor at 100ql each, and you get a whole bunch of them from planters, fo can use cloth squares which can use tailoring imbues on both making strings and making the squares and ends up being a very nice alternative thats easy to make, and any rare+ ones you make have a variety of nice things you can make from them, mags skill is creation only which means its 3x slower than a normal skill, around closer to 5x slower than grinding an imping skill if you're sweet spotting it, it's absurdly hard to raise compared to the other ones. mag and vyn can only use imbues on the gathering of materials for door locks and yoyos, and neither of these things can be put into a bsb, and have no extra value rare+ except as a meal. cordage still sucks until super high skills too, 70 skill 70ql tool+mats gets you 2.18 favor on average,using a 90 skill 90ql tool+mats gets you 6.5 favor per rope on average, 90ql/90 skill fully imbued rope tool gets you 9.2 on average, and 99ql tool+mats 99 skill fully imbued gets you 12.5 favor on average. pre-veggie saccables are extremely heavily weighted towards higher ql and therefore higher skilled characters, whereas chopped veggies didn't have such an absurd curve due to 1ql = 0.05 favor. even with chopped veggies being a thing, many people find casting to be an chore due to how long it can take to get the materials together to do some casting, making it worse doesn't help.
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    You know i really want to be happy about the loyalty system having the golden mirror and all that but i really cant that post just screams "here is all this fluff to cover up the fact that we are removing something that a lot of people love from the game because a tiny small group of people lost their kingdom on the pvp server due to not being able to understand 2+2=4" With that mentally of "its to difficult to balance it lets just cut it" i just have 1 question whats next in the next 2 months what else will be cut? also jackal any progress for j2 yet anything in the works? or is it dead in the water and going to be forgotten and scrapped now that the cash grab is over?
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    I had the pleasure of wandering around your deed sometime in the past couple of years. Such an amazing place, really, truly impressive. Imo, needs to be a heritage site in wurm. Best deed ever!
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    I was delighted when conditioned animals got their colours back but since an update a while ago the colours have been faded on them. It's especially visible on the unicorns, so much so that I've thought I've "lost" my slow unicorns a couple of times now. It seems especially bad on blue / purple tinted animals (slow, hardened,etc); the greenish doesn't look as severe, for example. The issue is not just limited to animals - I've noticed it on some cloth objects as well (chairs, lounge chaise) This however does not effect cloth barding, which does seem to be displaying the colours correctly. Modern renderer even adds a tiny bit of oomph to it. Marble statues also seem to display colours accurately. If this can be fixed like the barding that would be awesome Examples below - Left hand side is legacy renderer, right hand is modern : Slow unicorns : Fierce unicorns : Hardened unicorns : Greenish unicorns : Lounge chaise (R=231 G=19 B=19) Barding 01 : Barding 02 :
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    I will be updating this thread with everything left I want to sell, with links to threads/auctions etc. Weapons: Rare and supreme lumps: Helms: Very rare item! Horned gold helmet which is actually steel. Auction: Rare Glimmer helms for sale: Price reduced to 15s each Scale and drake: Red scale set: 0.033 Black dragon scale 1s 0.136 Black drake hide 3s
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    Here is laid out the real fix to wurm's magic issues, and thence a hope of resolution. The ideas below aim to integrate magic fully into wurm, rather than it being a "bolt on system" that forces the use of alts (be it a crafter alt, or a priest alt) upon players. These notions should, in theory, fix the problem as priests as alts, resolve player god loss issues, and expand game mechanics for both casters and crafters in a way that fits game lore. 1. All priest actions should be accomplishable by player agency of some form; i.e. in the case of genesis there is the need to cull, but for stonewall there is only a VERY long wait and prayer to RNG which isn't player agency, high skill crafting recipes for stub skills would be a good solution. There should never be a *need* for a priest, just as there should never be a *need* for a crafter. Thus all crafter actions shoud be accomplishable by a priest in some form; remember, high QL tools are just QoL, they are not a neccesity. However, cutting down a tree is a neccessity, as is digging dirt or mining. Cap it at 20 if QL is an issue. 2. Magic efficacy needs to be linked to skills other than channeling, and to give ticks for those skills. At the moment, grind faith, grind channel, insta-priest powerhouse. Channeling needs to play a strong role (maybe acting as a hard cap to spell power?), but it should not be the only role. Link healing spells to first aid, link enchanting spells to weapon/armoursmithing/jewellery smithing. Make them something to grind in and of themselves. 3. New enchantments/spells that offer QoL are needed; things a priest can trade that act as QoL for players, and these need to be spread over ALL priests (lib included). Again, QoL, not actions that are impossible otherwise. 4. Currently we have one god capable of terraforming, and this mechanic really should be extended to the others. Allow Fo bountiful forests, Vyn rich oceans, and Mag plentiful caves, all sustained by follower/priest prayer. More prayer = faster domain terrain spread, domain removal = terrain reversion. Give Lib the same option, bring mycellium to freedom with a different spread mechanic. 5. Balance follower abilities (there is a thread for this already), and allow more meaningful follower/priest interactions (a random 24 hour affinity for your first confession of the day for example, possibly linked to your god of choice). 6. Change the way enchanting works, make enchanting an item over a certain amount require a material component of some kind (see 7), 0--50 casts no item needed, 51+ gated before an item is applied (similar to slotting a rune except no chance of failure). 7. Extend Forage, Botanise, Milling, Milking, Forestry, Fishing, and Tracking. Add in rare reagents only findable with high levels in these skills, specifically for use in enchanting. 8. Flesh out the alchemy skill line with a new skill "unnatural substances" aimed to complementing priest abilities (putting things like transmutation fluid, and dragon blood potions under it), giving extra use to materials from (7). 9. Remove shatter; it is a mechanic with no purpose other than to randomly punish players. Replace it with severe item QL loss (based on roll fail amount).
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    It really seems like the sudden shock of changes is really a root issue, as well as what some feel is a kick in the sensitive parts with changes to priests. Simple communication might help solve this. For all the talk of better communication and explanation in the past, we really aren't seeing that. It would be great if there was just some kind of rough plan that players could see, call it a 'roadmap' maybe, that helps us all see the glorious light at the end of the tunnel rather than the tunnel behind us collapsing. Beyond that, I'm really regretting the timing for me personally, having depriested from Lib to Nahjo primarily because I wanted strongwall. Will Libila be given Strongwall in PvE with this update? Please, let us know.
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    What about "get value" if it gives both price and favour value?
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    You're intended to use the 3 zones found within the main "courtyard" of Havens for the tutorial, however the digging tutorial does specifically state Dirt despite the digging zone containing Sand. That should likely be changed lol
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    Fully agree. Nearly every time I've ever used Get Info has been by accidentally being off a few pixels in the menu. As Armyskin points out, it's very frustrating to accidentally use up this 1xday skill at a time when it isn't useful.
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    Let me try to understand this correctly... Less than one month after the groundbreaking (and exciting!) introduction of large planter boxes, now is the best time to nerf favor gains from veggies by up to 60% AND trivialize the newfound ability to grow our own mushrooms? I demand a better explanation from the devs than "it's for the best". I also feel that the various conversations going on in this thread.... removal of player gods, nerfing chopped veggies, post-removal balancing discussion and third person camera.... need their own threads. Because posts like this one are going to get buried quickly.
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    Even If we get sleep powders mostly, still better than yellow potions. Everything is better than yellow potions.
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    I truly hope those that are mad and promise not to re-sub their priests.... WILL KEEP THEIR PROMISES! The priesthood is way too top-heavy anyway. Seriously, nobody like change but sometimes change is the ONLY way forward.
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    Obviously they do not understand how much of a blow this is. The main reason people went with the player gods is because they were not stuck in a completely idiotic box with spells that had NO VALUE, they had ones that had quite a few spells of value and they could have fun with the absurd amount they have to pay for a game that barely adds anything. I saw no poll, I saw nothing to alert people to raise up and voice their opinions and the ONLY two things I can think of are as follows: 1. Devs that helped shape the original gods threw temper tantrums because people wanted useful gods. 2. Pure laziness in trying to balance for PVP when that is the LOWEST POPULATION in this game. I scratch my head and wonder, who in charge makes idiotic major changes and thinks they are not going to lose quite a few people who play the game. I for one will not premium my priest now because being stuck vynora (the others are equal parts worthless) and only being an equipment enchanter is completely worthless to me because I have to follow the asian grindfest logic this game is to get high enough tool making to actually be worth a few copper. The game is designed to not allow new players to make it in the market and now you push older players out and refuse to make changes to some I have seen people talk about specifically skill gain speed, increasing it just a bit.
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    Just some thoughts and observations: Wurm cuts a deal with steam, steam requires or strongly suggests certain things/changes. Wurm sells out their loyal players for the possibility of a new player infusion via steam aka dollar signs. Looses loyal players for maybe some new ones on steam and possibly whatever Steam may be paying them. To see such a great game that I've been loyal to for many years go down the tubes over the past few years has been really difficult to watch. Unfortunate decision after unfortunate decision resulting in Wurm bleeding loyal hardcore players for years. It's like your favorite movie (thinking of the three original star wars) that they make a sequel to and then they ruin it by trying to appease the masses by adding a cheesy love plot or some "cute" idiot character that everyone hates (jar jar). Wurm has fallen into the same trap. If you're going roll something back maybe it should be the skill oils that make you able to get 100ql ore with 78 mining skill, or make it so that people from chaos can't come and screw up your server. Roll back all of the beautiful wood textures that so many people loved instead of the current ones that all look like the same bla with slightly different shades. Or maybe roll back the nerfed hell horse hitching feature. No amount of rewards or giving out of tomes for finishing quests will fix the fundamental damages that have taken place over the past few years. And while I'm on my soap box, I want to lament the publishing of WU, it fragmented the Wurm community which has never recovered. In the end I appreciate that Wurm is a business and that there are many competing voices advocating for what Wurm should be in the future. It just make me sad that a game with such potential should turn out the way it has, not unlike many a great movie. Rest in peace Wurm, follow in the footsteps of other once great games like Ultima Online. PS. And if you're thinking "well if they were loyal they wouldn't have left" I'm sure a lot of the people who have left felt betrayed that the Wurm they loved is no longer.
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    You could also nest it inside a menu Meditation > Get Info
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    I totally understand the concern and I shared it for a while - first person perspective has always been an innate part of Wurm, and it's contributed plenty to the immersion. However TPP is a very long and often requested feature and the lack of it is a dealbreaker for many potential players, so we felt it was a necessary addition. I think you'll like where we ended up with third person though - the perspective provides a bit of freedom but the zoom out distance is not even close to what you'd see in WoW and such, which helps to not make the first person mode irrelevant, tactical advantage wise. Additionally it's as Jaz says, you can't really peek much through walls as it detects that they should obstruct your view. It's still quite immersive really, and I don't think this addition means everyone will switch to third person exclusively - also swapping back and forth between the camera modes is quick enough to use both perspectives interchangeably.
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    I share your feelings, I really like to be in 1st person in Wurm. I've just hopped over to test to check the 3rd person view. It *seems* the camera is clever enough to not clip through walls, it simply gets outside of the wall if I try to get through it, even to the point dropping back in 1st person view. Same with floors above. We'll see how well it will work at awkward and complex scenarios but still better than what I expected. On the combat - yes I can roll the camera around and that way see what's behind me and still facing my main opponent, this is a minus for me. The max distance from yourself is not high so you won't get a wide angle picture of your surroundings, surprise attack may still happen if you put the camera above your head I suppose. That is a minor plus. Is 3rd person view needed? Not for me, I feel more comfortable and immersed with forced 1st person view. I do understand the possible need of 3rd person view to attract crowds used to it. So... who knows? I'm more concerned about the -still unknown- overhaul of the UI, I will hate if I need to use the mouse for my actions...
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    Are you drunk? google a bit to find out how many anvils do blacksmiths need prior to suggesting such none sense. I would so much like to see you blacksmithing a needle on an anvil like this With a hammer like this Once you tried, let me know how it went for you...
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    Philosophically, I always thought of player "gods" as the height of egocentricity. To elevate a player to that status within Wurm seems a very strange idea to me that only serves that individual's mindset and diminishes the status of the true central gods of the game. Now it seems that the Devs have finally come to the conclusion of at least realizing the part of this concerning the main gods debasement from these other pretenders. Good riddance to them I say and yet changes that will have a positive impact further down the road often evoke dissatisfaction and pain in their initial implementation. Such is Wurm life where only the strong survive to weather these storms..... =Ayes=
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    My god so now my Nanjo will have to choose strongwall or Genesis, and my Paawelr that I changed from Vyn to Paawelr will have to convert back again. I officially hate you guys now. Sorry but this means fewer premed toons. You are kiling the game faster than you can release a VI. Are you removeing the spells already cast also?
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    This has been added to the list for dev evaluation.
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    Had it happen to me off-deed. There was enough space in both my own inventory and in the boat. The anchor was in neither, and wasn't on the ground either. Just gone.
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    Seems mooring from inventory still works btw. No damage in over a week on my iron anchor after I re-moored.
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    I found my first day very disappointing and was debating if I really wanted to give this game a go. As a new player on Exodus 7 years ago, I felt there was no way to leave the starter town without being killed by something or getting lost without the benefit of an in-game map to find my stuff after being killed. When you accumulate meager possessions and then lose them within an hour of leaving town, you start to reevaluate your life, lol! I've played other games that at least give you a fighting chance to get started. If the grind of the game doesn't get you, striking out on your own may ruin your experience. If it wasn't for a chap named Lawrum that found me frustrated in the starter town trying to build a small cart, I am positive I would have passed this game up. I still have the large cart he built for me. (7 years ago!) He got me setup in a nice area near their alliance and several other folks nearby helped with the learning curve and mob clearing. The bottom line of this is, I have never felt that the new player experience is possible without a community in your first days. Unless you get very lucky one day and logged on to an area that had its mobs cleared and found a quiet spot to setup shop, the environment will kill you. New player buff or not. I could not see how I would have continued as a new player without help from other player(s). I'm forever grateful for that. I have since paid it forward with other new players I have encountered in Wurm and WU servers. Some have stayed with the game and were grateful for the help. It doesn't always work but at least it saved a few players from leaving the game.
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    So much of what you say ring true. Unique hunting in Wurm always seems to be a very dangerous pursuit, and definitely not because of the in game spawned monsters. I wish you both a happy future filled with wonder and joy.
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    Merry Christmas smile at face, many sunny days and everything the best! for Old and New Wurm players Best regards Torreto
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    There are people who love the game, but hate what happened to it.
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    its not only that if a post lets the game or a staff member look bad, then also coming from a player you guys personally dont like, its immediately removed the "abuse" you speak of is critic in most cases, just cause you cant take it doesnt mean its abusive i am banned in your very own twitch chat cause i said hello, literally that you dont like me and some other pvp'ers is clear and i couldnt care less, but dont say you are transparent the gallows section was made cause there was a huge outcry about not being transparent enough you caved in at first, posted a little bit in it, acted all good and dandy but where are all the other "missing person" cases? right, just swept under the rug like it or not, and i am pretty sure you know by now and you are just trying to secure some milk in your fridge in the last minute, but you are doing a horrible job the last person that got swept under the rug just a few hours ago was @Gladiator may he rest in pieces... am i next daddy? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Oh I agree games change, I left because I don't like the direction the game took. Starting with changes to archery, then adding armor nerfs when doing archery, culminating in Sindusks priest changes without the necessary balancing. And to be honest I won't come back unless major changes to pvp are either balanced or reverted. It is a sign how much people are passionate about this game though that us ex players still comment and frequent the forums - it IS because we care about the direction of the game and the game itself
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    Hey jackal was advertised! On this very succesful site that everybody totally knows about and reads daily https://massivelyop.com/2019/08/30/wurm-online-just-launched-a-new-time-limited-repeating-pve-server-called-jackal/
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    Rant time. My train of thought is at risk of not being the most coherent here. Just my general impressions and realisations of the last months dumped into some paragraphs. But never anything innovative. Just more layers of the same old stinky onion, overcomplicating things more without adding to them in essence. The cooking update was fine but just added more carpal tunnel induction for the few who are into cooking. Then came the fishing update that noone asked for. We got Rifts, which most of the people cannot even attend because of its terrible scheduling. These involve hours of "combat", after hours of travel, and both components are completely mindless. The only reason Rifts got me excited was for multitasking 3 toons on a cart in it. But taken by itself, who would want 3+ hours of "Stand next to this mob and wait"? The combat system doesn't warrant an event like this in the slightest. The trend I see here is that CCAB is completely out of touch with anything a player with moderate to decent standards would wish for. If I explained to anyone that the biggest PvE event consists of travelling up to 2 hours ingame, just to stand next to some mobs barely doing anything for 4, and then returning whence you came, they'd think I'm insane for playing this. And in retrospect, I don't see what kept me except the illusion that the grind will go anywhere some day. But it doesn't. This game is nothing but potential that the devs are unable to bring out. Once you realise this, it doesn't matter how wonderfully grindy it is, you're grinding for the sake of grinding. In between we finally get quality locks, but CCAB took it way too literally, like a genie twisting ones wishes in the most malevolent way possible. Hitching posts are finally in the game, years after it had been simply modded for WU. Still no way to utilise highways for fast travel in any way despite numerous requests, because pressing X and tipping your vehicle with A and D for well over an hour to get anywhere is supposed to be fun? Basically, what is considered QoL, and how it's implemented, is way behind the modding community or, again, completely out of touch with the playerbase, where genuine wishes are ignored for years or finally implemented in a way that doesn't even get confused clapping. Just irritated shrugging about why it had to be this way, leaving one to wonder what bet a dev must have lost to stick to such a decision. And then there's the flimsy attempt to make a new server hoping the landrush will draw new people in. Yes, Jackal. It's barely more than just a new server. There were no new people though. Premium player graphs show there wasn't nearly a dent, so it was just veterans being forced to reskill all over again. This could have hit some mark at least if it weren't just veterans, but news of Jackal has seemingly never left the Wurm Information sphere - if there was ever a failure in advertisement that could be attributed to such a narrow window, other than the general "there aren't enough ads for Wurm", this is the prime example. I don't want to dwell on that dumpster fire any more than I already have since it was the straw that broke the camels back for me, but it's the culmination of all the mismanagement that happens around Wurm right now. Underdeveloped, off the mark in design, and no word to be heard about it outside this echochamber. And of course it was buggy and required loads of fixes afterwards like so many things recently. QA has noticably gone down the drain this year. In this latest instance, with the Jackal skill transfer, some people even were effectively unable to log in and play. This is bad enough on its own, but iIn a subscription based game, that is completely unacceptable. People pay for this time, it's not yours to waste with endless field tests. And on the notion of "this is the ultimate sandbox game": It's not that, either. The building options are too severely limited to hold a candle to anything contemporary. Instead it has this amazing breadth of skills and things to do, but none of them can be put to any actual goal other than what you set yourself. And with a dwindling player base, and the game giving no incentive, no narrative, no goal to aim for anything...what's the point? Before I quit I started a tunnel project but when I thought about how barely anyone will benefit from it because there's noone left to do so at this point...well, it soured this last attempt to keep myself in the game, to say the least. I can do ridiculous projects in sandbox games. But if noone is around to share it with and it's done in the most passive, uninteresting way possible by watching a bar, I might aswell play Minecraft and save myself the cost for multiple characters and a deed, and enjoy many, many more degrees of freedom over Wurm. Apart from romantic involvement, this is exactly what caused the friction to grind down my illusions about where this game (and by extension my efforts in it) are headed. Anywhere but the gutter. I hate to say it, but I start to agree with ol' Gladys these days. Not for his precise reasons, but the sentiment that PvP makes a lot more sense for Wurm as it is is finally dawning on me. There's no proper PvE and I've come to the conclusion that there never will be. And as a sandbox game, it is extremely lackluster. As for something to grind, yeah, it does that "best", because no other game has the balls to make such demands from the player as Wurm does, for good reasons. Too bad full loot PvP in a persistent world just isn't for me, and it's dead here anyway. But if I had any suggestion at all for the Steam release...focus on either one, probably leaning towards PvP. Wurm has an identity crisis between what it tries to be (PvE) and what it originally was conceived as (PvP, this shows in how many skills are still completely moot in PvE). But currently it's doing neither properly. You're probably closer to being a decent PvP game at this point, since the PvE part hasn't really developed anywhere, and with the snails pace development is going, the effort it takes to make Wurm a decent PvE game is likely out of scope since that would require an interactive combat system or better AI and more involved ways to fight it. Fix the PvP meta for Steam, and this might get anywhere. As a PvE game, I think it will just flounder against the competition.
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    Steam WO will hopefully eliminate character trading. I wholeheartedly agree that it has pretty much ruined the state of the game. It isn't exactly P2W but it is heavily contributing to the stagnation of the game that is currently happening, by making sure that the old characters will always be around, and they will always be dominating the market and the servers. The number one problem with Wurm is the lack of advertising and terrible PR