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    imagine telling someone not to bother and then crying when they dont bother and then getting upset when they log off after they're finished on their gm account
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    Do you honestly think that you’re communicating well or appropriately right now?
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    I did reset it but you gave up [16:49:44] <Retrograde> I placed it on the other side of the road [16:51:58] <Retrograde> I did place it down the hill, cant see why someone would do that [16:52:01] <Retrograde> I'll reset it [16:52:24] <Retrograde> maybe I was lagging, has me last touching it [16:52:30] <Finn> doesnt matter.. I quit on this.. took enough time
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    Crafter update/fix Download Metal lumps of special types were becoming bugged when they were low weight. Missed Hire question in previous fix. Added remove_donations_at option to .properties. Set to a whole number (positive, zero or negative) to have crafters destroy donation items when the item reaches the ql plus the value relative to their current skill (Default disabled). For example, at a value of 10, items will be destroyed when their ql reaches 10 or more ql above the crafters skill for that item. e.g. With 30 skill in Blacksmithing, a shovel will be destroy when the ql is greater than: 10 - 40ql -10 - 20ql 0 - 30ql Fixed. This was caused by special metal lumps having a low default weight, so that larger items consume the entire lump. I was so certain I'd sorted that out, but it must have been for something else. Shouldn't require any extra work on your part. Whoops, I missed the Hire question in the previous update. I've added a new option that should help with this.
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    I miss the old fishing system. Nothing like taking a break from grinding and do a little bit of fishing.
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    Our beautiful market is now open to the public. CLUB Market~Crystal Lake's Utmost Buys~ is a collaboration with multiple players who wanted to create a comprehensive market where people could go to find whatever they needed, but to also provide a relaxing place to visit. I think we've done a pretty awesome job at it too! Currently we have masters in several skills : pottery, leather working, blacksmithing, fine carpentry, and bowyery. We also have runes, bulk goods (bricks of various materials, mortar, and clay) with planks and concrete to soon be added. We have champion animals, hellhorses, bison, and 5 speed horses. All our bulk goods and animals are self service. If we don't have it, and you want it, we can make it! Future plans are for a chapel where sermons can be held. Salacia is always on site to help or answer your questions. Located at P-20 on Indy, it's just a minute walk west from Haven, right on the water. Ample parking on the water, and on nearby enchanted grass. There is also a public use large cart with bulls to haul your goods to your ship. A few screenies to show off our beautiful market:
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    Just like there's a Bulk Cotainer Unit, there should be an equivallent for Food Storage Bins. Introducing the Pantry. This is what Kitchens have to be designed as in order to save space and still have access to your veggies when you try to sort by quality. Having a single unit (a Pantry!) with 4 separate slots for food would be incredibly convenient, would save a lot of space, and allow for proper placement and decoration. It would be an incredibly good addition to any kitchen in Wurm! Lets have a pantry, shall we!?
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    ''For now''. For how long? At this state, why not just revert it back to the way it was? It's already low pop, why prevent people that still have interest in epic from enjoying the game like they used to? At this point it's more like 1 pvp server and 3 freedom servers as you can't sail between them and raid. I thought it was a PVP cluster. Devs look into that please.
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    You've done it again! And this time, i'm not seeing any immediate issues. Thank you so much. You are a beautiful beautiful being~ If you're still open to suggestions; I'd think it'd be wise to log trashed donations(Unless it already does that? My logs seem to be blank, so i can't tell if so). It'd be cool to get statistics as well, like how many actions have been made in the crafter's lifetime, or how much total quality the crafter has created per skill in its lifetime, etc. Otherwise, i think you've perfected Crafters! Congratulations~ I look forwards to any future mods you find the time for!
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    Items were in the SMC which was in my house.
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    Fleeing creatures would have to include stamina drain and slowness. In Ultima Online it's one of the things that can be very annoying, majority of mobs will try to flee when their health goes down below certain point and while it adds some realism, it can get old very fast. Especially for non-casters. In Wurm, mobs never seem to run out of stamina but players do. We only get FS gains on mob's death, combat drains stamina as well. New players could have a hard time trying to kill anything because player runs out of stamina to chase the mob while mobs can run at their maximum speed seemingly forever. Add the fact that mobs ignore slopes and can flee up a mountain (even when trying to catch a wild horse, every single time!) and we have new players trying to catch that sheep who is running away up a 100 slope rock face. They get no FS gain unless they manage to deliver the killing blow and still have to heal their wounds after the unsuccessful hunt. Poultry would be the only viable option for new players to raise their FS high enough to single-hit-kill something bigger, like a sheep or a dog. I would like to see fleeing mobs in Wurm but only if they had similar limitations that players do and that probably means messing with code more than it's worth and introducing more "surprise features".
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    We got a fishing tutorial, I'd kinda like a fighting one telling newbies about stance and focus, what they can expect to fight at what skills without dying completely and the like
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    I'm not sure if this addresses your concern, Baloo - but our last rift on Pristine spawned on top of Tundra, the opening of the rift did not convert the tundra tiles to dirt. Grass tiles within the tundra area did convert to dirt, but the tundra itself was unaffected.
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    Everything SOLD.
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    I run a 8k map om my server, it's a bit large for most I think. The problem I have run into is after a year, the SSD can't keep up and there is lots of lag. Adding lots of ram and running it off ram-drive solved this though.
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    Welcome to the Crazy Crop Circles thread. A bizarre phenomenon has been noticed by the farmers of Wurm - strange patterns appearing after the first harvest. The following are true pictures of genuine crop patterns left after the farmers have harvested the first of the ripe crop, before the rest of the crop ripens. Is this happening to you? Feel free to post your pictures of strange crop patterns in your fields! - real or fake!
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    Such wonderful news about your forthcoming wedding in May! Congratulations and may you have a lifetime of happiness together. So sad that the 2 of you are leaving the game - hope you will come back one day.
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    Downloaded the crafter update today. Seems there's still the issue with setting can_learn=false and trying to hire: "Skill cap value was invalid." I briefly fiddled with the new item donation system. It definitely feels much better, though i'm still not all too sure about an NPC potentially being left to skill up indefinitely. I don't think i'll set them to be able to learn unless they eventually trash donated items, or something like that. I'm sure that's just me though, maybe it's not as worrying as i expect.
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    Also while being "undroppable" (but still tradeable) was in itself a royal pain in the arse, that was certainly better than if they were in fact droppable, meaning you could accidentally lose ownership to a full caravel or a house full of valuables such as dragon armor or enchanted weapons, if you happened to lose or misplace the writ or even just die with it on a lootable/decayable corpse that you could not recover. I've had more than a few of those over the years. I am pretty sure the GM team would be the very first to oppose an introduction to droppable (ie mailable) writs granting ownership to the possessor. The current "Permissions System" is one of the greatest achievements ever of the dev team.
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    ^ This, so much this.
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    Will there be cliffnotes that summarize things said in streams for people that can't hear well or do we have no choice but to be confused and not know anything until news are released once or twice a month
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    Hello, so im using the crafter mod, and another mod that drops tools of different materials, and when the crafter is about to improve a supreme bronze pickaxe, it gets stuck, using a gm to look in its inv i can see that the bronze lump is bugged, and stuck on refreshing when right clicked, is this something i can fix myself or is this an actual mod bug? (it creates a 0.10kg bronze lump, everytime, and same thing happens everytime, i've tried to remove the crafter and replace it, and restarted the server and nothing works) this is what the console is outputting when i righclick the lump thanks in advance Zeafaw
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    Retrograde, can you please next time you run an event be specific it is for freedomers only, would save some time for the remaining epic players running around with silly hopes to find stuff thats not there, as now your saying "servers" implement as it includes all of them. Just saying, as silly mistakes like that do not credit you good reputation as Community Relations Coordinator.
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    same thing every year.. some smartass makes alts and runs around with them than mails the stuff to his main.. fun stuff
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    Suggestion- Add links to those VODs or youtube videos to your news posts or a thread so people that don't generally watch them or have the ability to watch them see this kind of stuff easier
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    i'm talking about p/r before xanadu, not xanadu. where did you even get the idea that i thought xanadu was a good idea, the only mention i have of xanadu was that it was the end of pr/re being a populated seperate cluster. they've been making the game better with new features all these years and the population is still dropping at a constant rate, and new servers give them a big boost that eventually fades away. minor QoL changes don't bring people in, major changes and new servers (Literally all of the new maps had massive playerbase jumps, how many players resubbed because they can plant things underground?) saying that steam isn't some police state drm = loving drm defending it as the holy graal? you're making up some weird strawmans lol, i'm suprised you don't boycott wurm online because they don't give refunds on stuff bought on the store and that's not consumer rights or something you're a weird guy mr patreus, you seem like an ancap to me, you should really stop being angry and making up weird conspiracy theories because they went with a platform that you didn't like.
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    If a hitched hellhorse is fought back and the hellhorse do a bad move it will be hit, and may die if it happens more than once. Same result with 4 hellhorses hitched to wagon tried all 4 , both on and off deed, i couldn't hit them. all 4 branded. Tried with no branded hellies still no luck hit them. Hitched to cart branded :
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    I miss the very scary huge champ crocs. And the colorful blue (slow) large spiders. The ones we have now are also cool but a bit toned down.
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    Leading a rooster while hunting collecting hens and chicks for lols
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    "Back in the day" you started with 10 QL gear. You were dead before you landed a single hit on a pheasant. It wasn't fun - so much so that they bumped up the starting QL of the sword, shield and armor.
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    Aliens ate my garlic! The cause of the problem has been found! Garlic-munching aliens - ready to 'reek' havoc at a farm near you!
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    No we dont want to reuse the temple model for this.