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    Afraid so, I gained ptsd after the brief period we were hunting uniques. Not so much the uniques themselves but the people that we encountered along the way. Wurm used to be a mysterious place that I loved exploring and so many people I admired, respected and wanted to meet. Sadly it turned out to be a cess pit of toxic, full of selfish individuals in sad little cliquey groups, most of my friends stabbed me in the back and now Wurm will never be the same again to me. On the plus side I get to take away with me the most amazing thing, a diamond in the rough, Zorana. We met in the game and have both realised that we found what we were missing in our lives. All the proceeds from sales are going to our wedding which is in May. Therefore, I am not bitter, I thank Wurm for what it has given to me over the years and now with the final piece I shall go and live a happy life. I shall do my best to stay in touch with the few that remained true.
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    I came into this world to search for someone, one person in particular - my brother. My brother had entered into a strange world which he called "Wurm" and had been almost missing for several months. One day I found myself in Real Life completely alone and wondering where my brother was and how I could find him. I so wanted to talk to him about this strange land he had visited and the exciting things that had already happened to him there. He had previously told me he was planning on building an inn, and was going to offer healing for travellers and hunters of strange and dangerous creatures. Real Life was for me, safe and secure, but I was alone and missing my brother, so armed only with a few scraps of information and the name of the inn, I entered the world of Wurm. All went fairly smoothly in the tutorial until it came to the point of going through a daunting portal. At this point it seemed I had to make a big decision - where was my brother? I knew if I made the wrong decision I would never find him. I did not know how to contact him in the game, I only knew I had to try and find him. I hunted around Real Life and found something he had left behind - a paper map labelled "Pristine" - bouyed with renewed hope, I selected Pristine and entered the portal.. Pristine was a cold, bright, yet empty place on my arrival. Looking at the map and the few directions my brother had given, I knew I had to aim South. I tried to keep to the road, but of course I didn't. Back then there were no cats-eyes, and it was easy to stray from the paved paths. I lost my bearings and came down the side of a hill, only to come face to face with a giant rat! It was fenced in - someone's pet. Unsettled by this I corrected my direction and headed south again. I eventually found myself at a crossroads, got alarmed by a giant spider in the road, and called for "help" in CA Help. The person there was kind but I found they could offer me no physical assistance, and they did not know where the inn was, I believe they mentioned something about 'Freedom' tab but I did not know how to open this, and I was probably too embarrassed to ask any more questions. I set off alone again, and of course went east instead of south. Heading up hill (towards what I now know to be Mount Caldera) I saw ahead of me a bright orange raging Unicorn - this was back when animal conditions had bright colours. Something about its bright colour and angry text made me think that maybe this wasn't the right way to go, and I turned and headed south again across the icy tundra. I saw creatures towards the top of the mountain but they were not near me. I kept running south, and looking west down towards the bottom of the valley. I later found out that a road runs down this valley - the road I should have taken, but I could not see it in the ice and snow. Soon I saw a large building at the bottom of the valley. It was wooden and several stories high. Something about it told me it was my brother's building. I can't say what told me this, but I headed down towards it. Soon I saw my brother's name in local! I called out for help, I had fallen. It was impossible for me to see a drop in the terrain in all the ice and snow back then, there were no shadows, bump maps, or occlusion in those days. I had damaged my ankle badly. My brother said there was cotton in the bsb in the inn, and to go upstairs if monsters came. So I had found my brother, and with him I had found what seemed to be the only safe place in this world. "How did you find me?" he asked.
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    You know I always had an immense amount of respect for the work and attention to detail of this deed. I always loved stopping by your place on stream and showing this to people who haven't played this game before to show people what the "endgame" for Wurm really looks like. I'm very sorry that you're leaving and I really REALLY hope that someone purchases this deed. It's such an incredible place which has served as inspiration for both myself and many other players. To have it decay away to nothing would be a huge loss. I am chuffed to hear your Wurm love story though and I wish both yourself and Zorana all the very best in the future. For any potential buyers, say hi since we'll be future neighbors!
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    Farewell to the both of you. I hope you return. I have always enjoyed dealing with Zoranah, and I wish I could have got to know you better also. I don't know much about the world of unique hunting, but in the world of Wurm Online, you will both be missed. Take care, and I wish you would both return to us after the honeymoon!
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    Which video on youtube would this be in, at about what minute mark? I wish there where crib notes for us folks who just can't stand to watch streaming/other people playing games.
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    So much of what you say ring true. Unique hunting in Wurm always seems to be a very dangerous pursuit, and definitely not because of the in game spawned monsters. I wish you both a happy future filled with wonder and joy.
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    without a doubt the most impressive deed i've ever stumbled across. congratulations and good luck
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    Good luck to you both! Sorry to lose good players but sadly, it happens... be happy!
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    Hell horses unhitching when they reach certain age and more stages of aging. I could go a couple weeks away and come back and go hunt, move some stuff around knowing they would still be hitched now have to wait a couple weeks until new ones a re bred etc. Terrible change.
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    Decrease in player's count. TBH I enjoy interactions with the community the most.
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    Essentially, unify the action of making paper, and the various books/journals/almanacs under papyrusmaking and rename it to bookbinding. It'll round out the skill nicely, and they'd still need to deal with leathermakers/tailors for their leather/cloth. It leads to less confusion from the player perspective. Optional extra:- Unlock this skill for all priests (because, in terms of lore and history, priests were your main bookbinders/keepers of wisdom before the printing press).
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    If you approach some buildings in the distance, first visible things are banners, crate racks etc., secondly after some distance, buildings. For one, it looks very bad, secondly, it shows where people have storage areas etc. First approach: Dozen tiles closer:
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    Well, I made a slight typo, 130 times... Last year we started the Auld Lang Syne tradition around new years, and this year has it too! Special rare chests containing unique named items (unique as in there's only 130 of each). across the servers, mostly along highways! As usual Xanadu has them closeish to start deeds. If you do find one, be a good chap and leave the others for others to find! And as always, Happy New Year!
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    Hey guys. Yet another rift appeared here on Indy. It is south east right near Lorath. There is a guard tower and ruins of an old deed right near it. It is right in the bottom middle of the 40x 30y square of the Albia Roads Map. It starts approximately, according to Niarja, 2020-01-04 04:42 PM. I will be at work that time but please, everyone show up and close it! Enjoy! P.S. can someone make a timer? i couldnt figure it out.
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    Devs, you promised not to put rifts on tundra - months of hard work went into restoring tundra on Mount Tundra Exodus. So this must be a mistake - please could this be corrected as soon as possible? http://
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    https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Server_administration_(Wurm_Unlimited) https://steamcommunity.com/app/366220/discussions/2/133259227517358904/
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    I second that. Please be aware too that Wurm is an international game, and not everyone playing is equally proficient in English, much more in spoken English where not every speaker is articulating as clearly as Malena, and to wide extent, Emoo. There may even be some who don't catch much if any of the conversations, and many who, despite understanding well, do not follow every word with equal attention over the full length of the stream.
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    They used to have paper writs for deed property. I can't recall now if it was at one time for houses, too, long ago. So many things have changed. They were actually a complete pain, and this "fiddling with permissions" system they have now instead is a huge improvement. If you want to trade a cart or a boat or a house, you can now do in through the MANAGE permissions without needed to sort through dozens of "writ" papers. You even can do this "COD" if you have one party send a "bill" through the mail (woodscraps are common for this) then the seller can change ownership in the Permissions management panels. It's a huge huge improvement over what they used to have. Nobody wants to have their inventory cluttered with "papers" any more. Or keys, or tokens. We did that once, and it sucked. edit: I double checked and yeah we used to have them for houses, as well as for deeds. Trust me, they were really no fun. You were always searching through your pack and all containers looking for the right one, and you could never "drop" a backpack or any container that had a writ in it (although you could trade them in the trading window). No one who has ever played under both systems, would ever want to go back. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Historical:Writ_of_Ownership
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    Good thinking, I think a thread in the showtime theatre of each VOD as well as clips/highlights of the actual important bits may help too
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    It will have zero to do with consecutive premium.
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    Chests have been placed on Affliction, Serenity and Desertion! The contents are the same, just not 99ql
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    First you need the Mission Ruler. This can be created with the GM wand. Then you need to figure out how the mission system workes. You can use the forum for this or you can message me an I'll try to guide you the way. I have about 1000 missions created so I should know a bit or two on how it workes.
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    Its cool, part of the posts were deleted/edited by Pandalet so i guess you didnt see any. I was just saying that if would be nice if you could specify freedom only, epic only, all servers. Said that me and a friend wasted couple hours each looking for stuff that does not exist.
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    Suggestion- Add links to those VODs or youtube videos to your news posts or a thread so people that don't generally watch them or have the ability to watch them see this kind of stuff easier
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    i'm talking about p/r before xanadu, not xanadu. where did you even get the idea that i thought xanadu was a good idea, the only mention i have of xanadu was that it was the end of pr/re being a populated seperate cluster. they've been making the game better with new features all these years and the population is still dropping at a constant rate, and new servers give them a big boost that eventually fades away. minor QoL changes don't bring people in, major changes and new servers (Literally all of the new maps had massive playerbase jumps, how many players resubbed because they can plant things underground?) saying that steam isn't some police state drm = loving drm defending it as the holy graal? you're making up some weird strawmans lol, i'm suprised you don't boycott wurm online because they don't give refunds on stuff bought on the store and that's not consumer rights or something you're a weird guy mr patreus, you seem like an ancap to me, you should really stop being angry and making up weird conspiracy theories because they went with a platform that you didn't like.
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    Movement Enhancements Move around with much more weight, including when riding animals. Base movement rates for running and riding have also been increased.
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    except you know, the pristine and release servers being super populated until around when they got re-linked with the main servers the market being taken over is a bit less of a concern when theres no RMT (btw thats why servers are steam only lel, you can stop the conspiracy theories). if you don't like steam don't play on it, and if they fail they'll get merged into the main servers and you can sell your boats to them again
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    Also add the canal over there, goes all the way to the east edge
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    Would be nice if that stuff was in the news
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    would be nice if we got credit for all the premiums we've already paid... *looks at 300+ yellow potions in chest*
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    I miss a lot of people who have removed themselves from the game.....
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    You know, pve exists on pvp servers... But sure lets split the community even more, thats gonna be great for the game!
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    i would like to see like small outposts from goblins, imagine coming online one day, and see that they settled 30 tiles from your city making a comunity much potential in it
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    Hey... maybe glitch, maybe not. But I just planted my 1st new large planter on the 2nd floor of a building under ground. Should we tell the developers? or keep it on the down low for a while? That's the 2nd floor. Not on the ground floor. Maybe when they said, 'can only build a planter on the ground', they meant you can not build it in ur inventory or in a cart or some such as that?
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    Unicorns are white again! But with rainbow features... so the varieties show through much better.
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    [08:24:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks!