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    I've dont this several time to myself. miss clicked on get info. So my small QoL is simply this. Have our hand activated in order to use get info. This why there is no miss click
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    How deep the rabbit hole goes?
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    I would love to see more species of trees, I know Haven and Hearth have 47 species, each with its own skin, would love to see more fruit trees like peach, pear, plum, quince. Maybe more soft woods like Silver Fir, Blue Spruce, larch, Cypress, Juniper, Sitka Spruce, and more hardwoods like Alder, Elm, hickory, beech, poplar. Also bushes like black current, huckleberry, maybe some like holly and such that would have berries for brewing poisons.
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    I'm really happy to see that much more goblins roam around the servers than before. Although I'm too much a newbie so never it seen myself but I've heard that once upon a time goblins helped each other to survive the big evil bipedals who are either wearing dead creatures' skins as disguise or who are surely just animated meat preserved in tin cans. I have no idea what happened in the goblin society that now they are fully ignorant of each other. A poor lonely goblin is not a match to the intruders. I suspect this social cataclysm made them easy prey was leading to the point where goblins got almost non-existent until lately. They definitely should once again call their nearby kin to arms and help each other before they get near extinction again. I suggest to send a godly mediator to the goblin communities to iron our their hard feelings to each other and make them care for their close neighbours again.
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    In retrospect, relying on armour over fleeing was my biggest failure, and it inhibited me from experiencing more of Wurm early on. Picking a server felt like a monumental decision that lacked any sort of guidance. Once on the server, finding resources - mostly clay - without trespassing (or fear that I was inadvertently trespassing) was arduous. Probably the single most frustrating experience was dropping my tent on a paved area near water - and encountering the infamous tent bug. (Thankfully, this has been fixed!) The second most frustrating experience was a bug death. I mined an iron ore tile, backed up - and died. I had no idea what happened or what I had done wrong. Years later, I read that a bug in the movement code while underground was the cause. The early, post-death experience was confusing. It was not at all clear to me that the respawn location was a drop-down. I just saw where I was going to respawn and assumed it was a mechanic of the game. Once I joined a village, far to the north of the starter area, I assumed the game would automatically change my respawn point. Nope! My wife - bless her heart! - ended up almost literally on the opposite corner of Xanadu before I could get out the words to warn her. Special kudos to the light breeze blowing that day, giving me lots of time to savor the journey across two sides of Xanadu and back. Honorable mention to having my small cart stolen in the first couple of days. This was before they came with locks or even could be locked. I didn't lose much, but man, that's why it was all the more disheartening. Stuff like a small anvil, a few nails, foraged junk of terrible QL but some cotton, a few logs. Literally, a "petty" crime. And here I am, five years later. The bugs are patched, the lessons are learned, the molehills no longer seem like mountains. I'm glad that I stayed.
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    I started back in 2007 so a lot of this doesn't apply any more. Back then I looked at the map and saw a nice, remote, coastal area that I wanted to check out. So I made myself a cart (in hindsight I shouldn't have made one at that point) and set out on a journey to that spot, hoping it would still be free (the population back then was pretty low, so my odds were good). At first I could follow the roads on the map and back then the tower guards actually killed things within their territory, so most of the journey was quite safe. Only near the end did I have to go through a piece of forest without guard towers and then after that I had to mostly swim, but it still went fine. The area was indeed free. Then came my main difficulty, putting a deed down back then was both quite a bit harder (you had to go to a trader as the deed stake didn't exist) and a lot more expensive, so I didn't put one down. We also didn't have a tent, so dying would result in having to travel back to that spot for a good 90 minutes again. Thankfully I didn't die, and I think it was a few weeks later that I joined a nearby village which I had passed on my travels, just so I could respawn there upon death. After that it all went smoothly, until one day a troll bashed my walls down and called me (yes, they could do that back then and they were thus an actual threat). So suddenly the place where I lived became incredibly dangerous, as trolls were way beyond me. But as I mentioned earlier, tower guards automatically kill hostiles within their area, so I set upon myself to surround my home with 3 different towers, while trying not to get killed by the trolls. After that it was smooth sailing and it really felt like an accomplishment. Other difficulties I had early on were digging related, the spot I had chosen was pretty steep, so it was slow going to turn it into a place that I could live on, but that made the result all the more satisfying as well. Iron was never an issue as a mine entrance was pretty much the first thing I made, I lived in that mine for a while and iron was found pretty quickly. So difficulties were: Deeds were really expensive and you needed to get the writ from a trader. Trolls actually bashed your walls down if the walls were between them and you, just so they could kill you. The solutions to those problems were: Join a nearby village for the respawn option, added advantage was becoming part of a very nice community for the next decade or so. I doubt I'd still be playing if I hadn't done that. Protect myself by building guard towers, which at the time kept their areas clear of hostiles by actively hunting down and killing them. Comparing that to the current state of the game, you can now put down a deed a lot easier with a deed stake. From one point of view that's great, from another point that might result in new players not interacting much with others and then eventually dropping out due to a lack of the social aspect of the game. I probably wouldn't change much on that end, perhaps make it possible to join alliances more easily/remotely and really point that option out to players when they put down their deed? As for the guard towers, I feel the way they worked in the past was a lot better than how they work now, as the guards actively kept their area safe. Thus new players wouldn't get ambushed by mobs unless those players actively stepped out of those safe zones. I believe this was removed at some point for performance reasons, but it happened so long ago that I don't quite remember. I think bringing this back would really help new players.
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    It doesnt take decay dmg? And is it confirmed that xmas version gives 100% SB?
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    I don't know the reason why you have too many domestics, Brash did list a few things to check out. As for dealing with the after effects of the problem, manually deleting creatures from db can cause more issues, I added a mod (Creatures DB) to deal with that if people do manually delete from the creatures database. I also have a mod that lets you set specific numbers to all creatures (Max Mob Count) and the game won't spawn any more than what is listed by admin, of course breeding is a different issue, this only affects natural spawns the game does.
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    Before and after. About a year difference, and a whole lot of marble bricks and mortar! Left is the Chapel. Far away is the stables.
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    Yup happened a lot of times. Either confirm window on it cuz of long timer or like op suggested...
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    Oh I dunno. Venom is just true damage, and it isn't really useful in PvE. Poisons with more interesting properties (extra stamina loss per attack, random stuns, hallucinations, fear...) would add a lot to the game.
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    +1. 99% of my uses for this have been accidental ones, had this prevented me from the remaining 1% I would have been pissed because of the wait timer for it.
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    part of the reasons people didn't want to get into pvp was because of the idea that it's hard to get into pvp because there's so many hardcore vet players, that it makes finding a spot and being effective almost difficult. like angel said, it's not a good idea to bring old accounts to what is meant to be a fresh start.
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    was dropping before the price increase, and months after the price increase it started growing again, so no.
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    A lot of interesting points, Torgrim. I would like to comment on the last two. I absolutely agree with the first one - dividing the player base. It seems to me that most attempts to revitalize the game usually involve some form of division. While new servers - for instance - were always meant to drive new players in, in the end they just segmented us. I understand that it's not easy to promote the game without showing some glitter, but I humbly believe that any promotion or revitalization of Wurm needs to ensure that the population concentrates, not divides. Xanadu, Epic, WU were all monumental achievements, but they segmented us more and left some of those new ventures rather empty. I will, however, respectfully disagree with your second statement. It is my experience that games with simple game mechanics appeal to the masses but for a very short time. Simple-mechanics games drive people in in droves, but they are quickly mastered and easily forgotten. Almost everyone moves on and the game relies on the revolving door of people to stay alive. Now, I fully understand the irony here - Wurm is complex and we are still discussing the lack of players in it - so complexity doesn't always guarantee big player numbers. But in my experience those players who like to stick with games (as opposed to players who simply rotate through them) value complexity in their experience. So, while cooking in Wurm is a game in itself, it has enough variety, challenge and longevity to appeal to those with desire to find a home on the Internet. I think our problem is - and I believe many already brought this up - the market itself. There are SO many games out there... so many choices. The chipmunk-level attention span of an average gamer out there has never been more indulged. It's infinitely hard to capture enough attention out there to establish a solid playerbase without resorting to periodic hypes. And our hypes in the past - while well meant - left us fragmented more. Still, being competitive out there is hard, these days. Wurm is unique, but that doesn't guarantee exposure. I wish there was a magic pill here. So, as much as I personally really dread the Steam direction, for fear that our current WO servers will simply become a second-rate land of the remaining holdouts, it may just be the solution we need. I hope Steam won't mean that the current WO servers will become bare, as everyone flocks to the Steam version of Wurm instead. We will see. But if low population is indeed our problem - as many seem to suggest - than we need to go where the players are.
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    Just a random picture taken during daily commute.
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    did rolf finally start drinking water
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    Pretty epic landscapes on Jackal
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    I need to process change slowly these days But behold! It does look fantastic, thanks for getting me to sort it out
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    Just got back from Jamaica. Me and my daughter out on the water Me, my daughter and an old friend we hadn't seen in 30 yrs at a great eatery called Chill Out Hut. Coconut Rum!!!!!!!! What can I say? lol Daughter in the Luminous Lagoon. Ok, not me but a great pic worthy of posting.
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    +1 for great attitude quick delivery on horse shoes !
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    Friendly bump! Great attitude, buy all his concrete!
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    A couple pictures from a photoshoot taken on a beach in sunny Queensland.
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    New picture because I got glasses!
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    Animals tend to float up floors when they are attacking someone or have someone targeted who is climbing down/up a ladder below is a video of a troll who was constantly trying to attack me while i was on the 3rd floor but couldn't So my suggestion is make animals not have the ability to float up floors and not target things on other floors and make them recognize floors are a thing Next to this also please disallow embarking while on a different floor from when the wagon/cart is on(doing so makes the object warp up to the new floor)