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    No rune is "proof" that the devs are turning away from priests. Runes consume limited resources, and require effort to obtain. Much more effort than walking to an altar, sacrificing 6-7 garlic and waiting 30 seconds on an unlimited basis. Oh and BTW, if you care for an animal, it never dies. No runes required, no priest required.
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    Just for the record. We have no intention of making deeds free, Deed upkeep is the largest money sink and an integral part of the economy.
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    @ArthurHawkwing I, too, buy premium through CC, and even my silver. I had bought player sold silver once before, but not anymore. I make well enough money irl to have no qualms about spending it to further enjoy this game. So the savings are negligible. On point 4... Something along those lines I had gleaned from other games, and other players ideas: So, with that, consider everything about deeds remains the same but with the following additions: - Villages, Towns, and Cities. - One a population of a deed reaches x number, a mayor may upgrade the deed to a “Village” - One time fee, that might also increase upkeep, that is permanent until disband. - Villages are allowed a single “focus” from harvest/nature skills (farm, mining, AH, woodcutting, fishing, etc.) - A focus offer a tangible increase to a category such as XP, action speed, or other suitable bonuses. - it scales up over time, and decays once pop drops below minimum. - Town is the next upgrade, and offers two focuses: an additional harvest or one harvest and one crafting skill (blacksmith, carpentry, cooking, etc) - City is final stage. Considerable cost and pop requirement. (Perhaps similar to founding kingdom) Offers three crafting focuses, and ability to build a monument (war, knowledge, religion, etc). - monuments could offer a unique area of effect bonus - adding a requirement to “fuel” the monument could offer new conflict. Cities could be marked on map, and perhaps a teleport location for new players similar to starter deeds These could be optional upgrades while leaving current system in place. Anyway, that is one example of perhaps encouraging purposeful deeds that aren't one player dust towns. I cannot sort out a manner that would make sense for kingdom quite yet. One idea is deeds in a kingdom, linked by highway, could have linked merchants. Village merchants are like they are now, but town merchants are combined with the villages associated with it, up to city, which link to towns (and by extension) the villages. Probably would be best to limit them per level. Since Chaos has no lively markets, and kingdoms aren't allowed on KI, then this is just a thought experiment. If you cant tell, I am off work but cant get in game. .
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    Make deeds free from decay. Buying for repairing is not the best .... Have Fun!
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    Blinkers, that when equipped, prevent the horse/hell horse from attacking things by themselves. they should still fight back if attacked, and for hell horses, attack someone attempting to ride/lead it as they normally would. useful for those hell horse carts that like to give you attitude for daring to stand nearby, or to stop your tamed pets from starting fights and getting themselves killed.
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    Not sure this the place to continue this discussion, but... 1st 1s upkeep included with premium + additional premium citizens add to upkeep (addl 1s) and on and on - else you will further encourage hibernation and one man deeds.
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    i had to google that one, I imagined horses with turn signals..... Blinkers=Blinders. +1 less HH bites for all
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    Seasons Greetings to you all. May your festivities be joyful and your celebrations merry. http://
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    So we have weapon skins for combat achievements. How about Architecture skins? Tiered at 30, 60, 90 Carpentry/masonry skill. Either enhanced versions of the stock versions - such as elaborate carvings, unique trims made from other materials, etc... Or just architectural styles, viking, greek, asian? I would love to have a longhouse with a nice roman temple nearby. Or would that gaudy up wurm?
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    My deed dropped less than 24 hours ago and some upstanding player came along and built a shed 3 tiles from where my token stood, just to steal a planted HOTA. Now, they've got the HOTA and I am left with a shed in the center of what was my deed so that I may not deed again. I've already put in a /support in, though I don't think it'll go anywhere. I've read here in the forums from others with similar thefts that have claimed that the team considers using a shed to circumvent anti-theft mechanics on PVE to be "fair game". Whatever. Another ridiculous decision in the long list of Wurm's ridiculous decisions... Standing here at the location my token once was, I am now over 3 hours in waiting for a response for my /support call. And when a GM finally does contact me, in the off chance that they're able to help and remove this shed from the center of my deed, the question begs to be answered: Do I really want to bother redeeding? Honestly, at this point, no. There are many reasons, including the ever-dwindling player base. No, I'm not rage quitting over a silly statue. But I am finally giving up, disappointed. How many are left playing this game? And out of those people, how many are not even giving a deed owner 24 hours to redeed before hawkishly building sheds inside of the deed to swoop down on valuables? And how many of them are leaving their sheds behind, as a big middle finger to the person they just stole from, blocking them from redeeding over their hard work? Please, I implore you (the remaining community) to take one thing from my post: This game is dying and doing scumbag things like tossing up (and then leaving) a shed in the middle of a village that has just disbanded, just so you can acquire a 5s item, is going to leave you with nobody left to play with. To all of those who I consider my friends, I will try to see you one, last time in-game. Some of you aren't very active so I don't know if I will get to visit everyone. For all of those that I've had good relations with, thank you for the 10+ years of fun gameplay and a great community. If any of you would like to keep in touch, feel free to add me on Steam. Send a private message if I won't recognize you by your Steam handle.
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    Submitted for peer review. I know it is bad form to create such a long suggestion, but after several attempts, I know of no other way to express the intent and reasoning. There is approximately 350 premium players on the independence server. There is 566 mirons on the same server (excluding shops and bodies) which total approximately 56,600 silver. In game premium purchase costs 10s so then currently the in game currency would pay for 5,660 months of premium. So, in theory, there is enough coin in game on Indy alone for 471 years of premium. There is no way in hell I would want money to exchange hands any more frequently if I was the publisher. The truth, I suspect, is further away than that. This is data we have access to, but what we don't see... How many players have what currency? How often does it change hands? How much money is resting in dead accounts? How many players actually use silver to purchase premium time? The argument against improving market viability stems from the some of Wurm's player base: "You do not need a market to enjoy Wurm". This is true, but it ignores human nature, and previous experience in MMOs. Any MMO that allows the trading of anything amongst players has a market. Simple, casual web browser MMOs that the developers specifically designed to not include currency - players invented currency. In MMOs, where bad design rendered in game currency worthless, players have used alternate forms to substitute. It cannot be wholly ignored. The fair argument is that enjoyed play mechanics should not be removed at the expense of another "versus" components. To tackle this, my first suggestion is replacing the manner in which we buy premium. Instead of using in game currency directly to buy premium at a token, create a new tradable commodity: "Premium Coin". This is not a unique idea, but one I believe would be beneficial. This token would be sold in 15 day increments, comparable to purchasing directly from the Wurm shop (5s each). It would be sold at Traders and the Wurm shop It can be consumed similarly to sleep powder, granting the player extended premium time. Additionally, it can be traded amongst players. Consideration could be made to allow any new player to receive a non-transferable premium coin (15 days) upon reaching a single skill to 20 (linked to tutorial journal). What I imagine this would do, would allow players who have larger volumes of spendable coin to sink them in to traders which would add to kingdom coffers. This would also allow newer, less skilled players to sell purchase coins from the website, which could be traded on the market for in game currency. Allowing them to receive a reasonable amount of silver at a slightly lesser expense. This would require removing the ability to purchase 6 coins, and leaving the minimum at 10 on the website. The demand signal can, and should, be manipulated in a healthy way through supply provided by traders. This is something that some wealthier players would want to purchase with coin, but not with real currency, and what poorer players could purchase at a lower investment to propel their game. It is more economical to spend money on two months subscription within the game store, where premium time and silver costs 1.6 euros (currently $1.77). So, purchasing game time with in game coin grants one month at the cost of two. As in game coin selling is often as low as .8 euros ($.89), it is just as economical in those cases to purchase both silver and in game coin without ever paying CCAB. By linking in game premium purchase to tokens, you then can promote that future premium purchases will begin using recent payments to CCAB and not prior purchases from years ago. The next step in this is to only allow traders at starter villages. This is a non-starter for a lot of players who depend on the traders for upkeep/premium/purchase power, and who have already spent real or in game currency to purchase one or more traders. If market stability revolves around this mechanic, then I am hard pressed to reason this as anything other than broken. If the market of selling goods/items were to improve, how necessary would this mechanic be? Considerations for recompense would be reasonable. If traders were limited to starter villages, I would imagine it would act as a sort of conduit for two events... 1. More deeds will settle closer to starter villages to harvest the traders. 2. Newer players might have more access to coins to throw at higher skilled players, which local deeds would most likely benefit first from their face to face and personal merchant transactions. The goal here is to move around "earned" coin amongst all tiers of players, increase the sink of old coins, and to tie in CCAB for more income at no greater financial expense to the player.
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    Apologies for the blurry image! Location is J19 on the in-game map, between Harmony Lake and Crystal Bay. It's right next to a highway, so you can find the spot by using "Find Route" to Lorath or The Vineyard at Crystal Bay Estates.
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    I really love your idea of differentiating between deeds, villages, towns and cities! It'd be cool to see the game recognize something like this!
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    It is certainly something that can be monetized, awarded as a prize, or perhaps function as an item sink for karma expenditure.
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    I think it may be time to talk about something that may upset some people, but that others may want a lot; That is the Auction House. I think this would actually be a good thing especially it is was tied into the wagoner or mail system. I think this might also help the economy some as well. I know I for one hate to go to the trade channel just to check a price or something because then I get a lot of PM's from pushy salesmen. I think an auction house could help this because then you could just look and see what is selling for what. Also since I think the auction house should be able to ship across continents, then you don't have to worry about taking a couple hours of play time to go to another continent to deliver to a place you may not even know the location of. This could also help new players since there would be fees associated with buying or selling and those fees would go into the kingdom coffers. Maybe if the quest system was updated a little, and the coffer had money, maybe new players could be offered a quest that would have money reward so they could make their first deed. I think that is why a lot of new players may not be sticking around, after all why pay for a deed if you are not sure you will even like the game. This way the first deed is payed for through quests and they may stick around longer. Also I hate to say it but a lot of games do use the auction house to help regulate a player economy and it has been very successful in most game (not counting WoW). This could also make it to where people could request thing by putting up an order with the auction house and paying a fee as well as the cost of what they want then the auction house fills it and send it to the customer. This could help people as well so they could see what people want and are willing to pay for an item. This is just a rough draft of an idea so please fell free to leave constructive (not destructive) ideas and thought about this. Another thought was that you could also have an auction place on your deed with an auctioneer contract and an auction board. The auction board would list what is on the action so you could have one on the deed just for that, but to put things on the auction house, you would need to visit an auctioneer or have a contract to have one on your deed. This way people would have to go to the newbie towns and it may make things more lively since people get to see others around. I think the fact that there are no NPC or other around in starter towns, this make them lonely so new players are intimidated because all they see is a starter town with nothing in it. For a lot of new players, this is intimidating compare to a lot of the games out there. Who knows maybe this would help with that since people would have to go to towns to put thing on the auction house unless they pay to have a personal auctioneer.
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    No, your issue, as it has been with every single suggestion you have made, is to in some way give more to priests because you feel they're gimped, not able to play the full game and somehow diminished by the rune system. Runes are a QoL thing. CoC is not. Next?
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    I think you are missing part of what was said let me put it differently Account being premium grants the bonus of having a set amount of money being added to upkeep per month for the sake of this explanation lets do the 1s thing a month so while zethreal is premium he does not pay for 1s of his total upkeep per month and if his deed costs 1s a month it is free Now the moment his accounts prem runs out he has to pay full upkeep cost like it does right now No other changes would be made This means the following Deed founding cost and deed tile purchase cost remain the same You still pay for upkeep over 1s What i mentioned does by no means make it free to make or keep deeds that are giant so what alt abuse? the fact that you have to prem up an account for 2 months and pay 16 euro for a 2 month free deed? It would be cheaper to pay the upkeep cost then to keep an alt premium to pay for it As for the owning multiple deeds being an issue? is it an issue now? no so why would it be an issue if we all get to have a single deed where 1s a month is added to upkeep This idea i have posted up before a few times and was pushing for this to be part of steam's release to entice people to purchase premium but considering that the issue of this topic has shown up multiple times this year this idea would actually do wonders for people in this situation So i do not see how this is a flawed idea that would help prevent things like this as 1 it does not promote alt spam for free deeds to clog up servers as deed founding cost and upkeep past 1s are still there and 2 it requires an account to be prem to gain the benefit of 1s a month added to upkeep but hey if you are someone crazy enough to pay for 20 alts then by all means have your 20 "Free" deeds even though they are costing you way more every 2 months then spending 40s every 2 months on all those deeds but you do you at that point
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    I buy Premium time through Code Club, I have enough silver to keep my deed up for at least a year or more. I have a few points I want to keep expressing: 1: Traders almost never have funds and if they do its at best at beat a few coppers. 2: With all the abandoned crap I would like to see off deed lock picking on Freedom or at least locks decay off deed. Again for those that complain, I already in the past suggested GM Starter Towns with Cavern Shipyards. Deed it or Lose it. Honestly I get tired of all the abandoned crap and having to watch rare ships decay, shove wagons off deed ect. Give deed owners more perms over abandoned stuff on deed, and maybe have a yearly "Clean WURM UP PARTY"!!!!!! 3: I would love to see more unique items so we can spend our shiny coins, more fountain designs, furniture ect, maybe add more to archaeology, its fun, about the best thing in WURM in a long time. 4: Hermit mentality everyone wants a deed, but that is not how medieval life was, I would like to see some kind of Deed bonus the more villagers you add, or some such. A bonus to encourage people to work together. 5: Instead of Impalongs, would love to see more hands on type projects maybe fixing bad roads or undoing bad terraforming, old deed area, fixing or help on canals, these could be combo events.
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    Its telling when the suggested solution to low player counts is to artificially increase perception. Sad, really.
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    Merry Christmas my fellow wurmians! Santa has arrived at Rivia to bring presents and love! Keep on keeping on and have a lovely christmas!
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    so i love the planter boxes we have now. thank you so much. but now this gives me an idea. what about tree pots. planter pots for trees. so they be large planter pots that only small trees can fit in. no wide trees like oaks, chestnut, etc. and no tall trees like maple, ceder, etc. this be mainly fruit trees and even bushes too. they would give fruit at the normal times of the seasons. they cant be moved if they have a plant in them too. they can be in caves as well too. though i think they shouldn't be able to be in houses if there is a floor above them to close like maybe three or four stories high above them. i like to see all bushes be able to do this to even the lingonberry but i understand that might make it to unbalanced too. this could leave some room for a chance to make dwarf trees too. they wouldnt produce as much fruit as there regular sized trees. but if chopped down make woodscrapes instead of logs too. just my thoughts on this new and great patch.
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    This is just what I was able to glean from the forums. I'm not going to debate whether users agree or disagree with it any longer. As written in the 2019 Financial Report by Game Chest Group, the direction is: "The first acquisition made during the past quarter was by the company Code Club AB and its platform Wurm Online / Unlimited. We have now decided to launch Wurm on steam in early 2020, so much focus is on this right now. Here, among other things, we have recruited a new production manager more experience of this process than before, as well as we have gathered the users' wishes and are now updating several components of the game's design while developing a new website to modernize ourselves before the big release on steam." If it survives it survives, if it dies it dies. At this point, I'm not worrying myself about the details any longer. I'm playing the game as I always have and whatever happens happens. I'm not going to sell my accounts based on "what if" scenarios. I can only hope the game survives and begins to thrive once more. That's all I'm going to say.
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    been busy in law school, miss my wurm folk
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    Vultures doesn't give a crap about the game, they just want to earn few silvers and turn it into money so they profit. Gone are the days of even some gentleman's code. "Deed it or lose it" mentality doesn't go very far anymore.. i mean.. who benefits if a player quits the game? There is no new players on sight, so you may rob a few players and make them quit the game, but there wont be others to rob soon. GG and WP is all i can say.
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    Also, "Take portion" on food "needs to be done on solid ground". I'm mounted and eady to go, just want to take a quick bite with me, why do I need to disembark first...