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    I don't get why those who are so negative continue to post on the forums. If you hate the game so much, move on. There are some of us who truly love the game, and appreciate the work they put into it.
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    The NEXA clan was saddened to hear of the passing of one of our own, Rapidron, aka Jakesully, back in October. Obituary Ron was founder of a "Day One" Xanadu deed, Port Heidoho, named after his chihuahua. He was an important member of our community, with a noble spirit exemplified by kindness, generosity, and wisdom. Within NEXA, Ron was always happy to lend a hand on member projects or participate in our community events. The knowledge of his death came as quite a surprise, and only a few days after his deed fell from upkeep. (Rot in hell vultures..) We know that he loved Wurm Online, because he kept coming back, much like the rest of us. We loved you too, Ron. Rest-in-peace, Brother. 2019 October <Rapidron> lovely today I am
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    New: Large Planters for item based farming above ground and in caves.70 carpentry skill is required to create a large planter. Uses on deed farming permissions. Only one planter per tile. Cannot be picked up or moved, only transported or turned. Planter is locked to the tile it resides on, to move it to a new tile transport it. You cannot load a planter with a crop in it. You can only plant things in the planter when the planter is on the ground. Mushrooms can be planted below or above ground in the large planters. You cannot plant Rice or Reeds. You cannot harvest if the crop is not ripe. Crops can be tended every 24 hours. Planter name will be appended with (Untended) when it is time to tend the planter. Growth stage will also be appended (numerical < 5), with (Ripe) being appended when they are ready to be harvested (5th stage). There will be no tending on or after the ripe stage. Tending will add 1 to the yield, with a minimum of 5 and max of 9 (absolute max farming skill / 10) if you tend each stage. Quality is your skill in farming. It takes a crop 5 days to become ripe. If the crop is not harvested within 24 hours of becoming ripe there is a 50:50 chance the crops will wilt on each re-occurring day. You can cultivate a large planter back to dirt if it has something planted in it, using a shovel or a rake. You can only build a planter on the ground. You cannot sow, tend, nor harvest a planter that is below water. New: Sail furling and unfurling and other ship mechanics changes.Instead of just going forward and back, you now have several sailing modes: reverse, stop, no sail, half sail, full sail. (This does not apply to rowing boats which have no sails.) Furling and unfurling sails is done by tapping the forward and back keys. Mooring anchor can now be inside the boat hold and you can just right-click the boat to moor. On raising the anchor, it checks if there’s room in ship’s inventory – if there is, then it puts the anchor there instead of player inventory. You can see the anchor model on the ship when it’s moored as well as see the different position of the sails as they are changed. A sail state graphic has been added below the health/stamina bar for the commander to see the current sail mode. Change: A merchant will now insist that you collect items and coin from their inventory before they agree to being dismissed. Change: The number of pages a book will now hold is based on it’s quality, similar to the archaeology journal. (See below)Book quality 1 – 22 will hold 22 pages. Book quality 23 or greater will hold the number of pages equal to it’s quality. Change: Paper, papyrus and reports will no longer decay inside books. Bugfix: Puppeteer grammar fixes. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with deed disbanding email not being sent. Bugfix: Fixed a journal bug which triggered for Receive a gem through praying when the item was something other than a gem. Bugfix: Fixed the place for some large items which had place in the context menu but failed to work with the keybind. Bugfix: Fixed a bug with getting teleported out of a cave when stuck in a cave wall Bugfix: Fixed v-sync not working in Fullscreen Windowed Bugfix: Fixed stars not showing up at night Bugfix: Fixed one frame delay on moving the camera (affects responsiveness) Bugfix: Fixed holes in terrain near cave entrances
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    I think it not a good way to have combined sail control on ships with movement key. W and S key should only control movement of ship like it used to. Either right click to control sail or new key bind. It is annoying and not very intuitive to have to press W key 4 times every time you want to start sail. Now If you want to stop you have to press S 3 times example to regain stamina then 3 times W to start sail again... Before you just press once. Key press not queued so you cant just press 4 times on w then go, because on every action there is timer bar you have to wait for. In practice I have less control over the boat as I had before.
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    so i love the planter boxes we have now. thank you so much. but now this gives me an idea. what about tree pots. planter pots for trees. so they be large planter pots that only small trees can fit in. no wide trees like oaks, chestnut, etc. and no tall trees like maple, ceder, etc. this be mainly fruit trees and even bushes too. they would give fruit at the normal times of the seasons. they cant be moved if they have a plant in them too. they can be in caves as well too. though i think they shouldn't be able to be in houses if there is a floor above them to close like maybe three or four stories high above them. i like to see all bushes be able to do this to even the lingonberry but i understand that might make it to unbalanced too. this could leave some room for a chance to make dwarf trees too. they wouldnt produce as much fruit as there regular sized trees. but if chopped down make woodscrapes instead of logs too. just my thoughts on this new and great patch.
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    I like that people hate Wurm enough to post about how they hate it and it's dead, but also love it enough to keep coming back (sometimes for years!) even after they've stopped playing. It's THAT good.
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    Stam drain on boats has always been puzzling to me. It is one of those game mechanics that make no sense unless it was made for a very specific purpose (PVP related probably). But to make the whole world put up with it for the sake of one purpose is, well, typical Wogic.
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    Please remove Hitching post disease so i can get more cow in my little cowshed !
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    Well, I love Wurm in all its guises, have voted for it in as many sections as I can and will do anything I can to try and entice more players to these wondrous lands.
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    whether the dev team had it planned already or took my suggestion from the valrei post, it doesn't matter thank you sooo much, just that one simple change made sailing that much better.
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    May be intended, but feels so wrong.... Previously we could choose if we wanted to boost the sailing speed by activating autorun, with the associated stamina drain, or sail by the wind along and not have a stamina drain. Now when sailing we loose the ability to choose if we want autorun on or not.... I assume the issue with the bottom of the FPS/Speed text getting clipped has been raised....
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    Yes stamina drain is intended. And if you are kicked off the boat for any reason, the boat will still be on the same spot you are (even if it's visually not) There's no need to move.
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    Please let us preselect the desired sail furl level by clicking on the corresponding icon and/or with a keybind to avoid repeated keypresses to gains ship speed / stop it. Imagine when * you want to pick up another player from the water in the dark of the night * you need to do a lot of server crossing and need to speed up after each of those * found the only kraken that ever existed and want to take a picture of it this would be so handy. The timer could of course be the basic time by the level of the sail must pass.
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    one third were murdered during 'geddon. one third are riding the wave. one third of us love the game and what it tries to achieve call us caretakers and wurm a defiant grave if u must, perspective is a relative thing. it's my understanding that half of those two thirds have moved onto WU and are still loving the game.
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    yellow mushroom... hotfix and 5 hours sb please
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    That is intended, the wording meant they cannot be built in a container, like a cart.
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    After commenting on a recent topic concerning what needs to be fixed in the game, (one of those points being the new player experience), I thought it would be a good idea to write down my own experience as a new player, and comment on some observations that I have made (from a relatively un-biased viewpoint), to shine a light on what it is like for a new player, so that whoever can do whatever they want with that information. A lot of the info here will be useless, although it may be a good read, but I'd like to point out that I don't intend this to be a blog of sorts, I just put down everything that might be interesting. And If you just want to hear what I think, skip to the end. You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Wurm, week 4 of the starfall of the Digging, 1084. That's 177 days, 1 hour and 46 minutes ago. I started my journey in the tutorial courtyard of Haven's Landing, Independence, and familiarised myself with the Game. Then I set off looking for some land to start a settlement. I found some fellow noobs(I think?) around the area, who's names I wish I could remember, but can't. I completed the first few journal tasks and based my purpose on that. I eventually started making a small shed north of the Landing, but I got curious, and explored a bit further north and fell off a cliff. And died. I can't remember for sure, but I think that after that I died a few times trying to get my body, then took it as an opportunity to teleport to The Howl. Not really understanding just how old the game was, I made the trek across the north inland coast to the east of The Howl to find a place to set up; I saw some un-claimed land in the far distance. But alas, that's just how the renderer works. The entire coast was built on and flattened. It was really cool to see all this history, but I couldn't build on it, because it might be important, or owned by someone! So I headed inland to look for a place to build. I can't remember what happened after that, but I think I died at one point and went back to Haven's Landing. Then I found it: The Fantastic Huge Glimmersteel Portal. I thought, huh, this is neat, so I decided to be really stupid and take it to the middle of Xanadu. I don't recall there being a warning that the portal was one-way, so I was more than a bit annoyed when I arrived in Greymead with no way back to anywhere, "but oh well," said I, and not learning from my past experience, started my adventure to the east sea from there to find some land to settle on. I did find some, on a mountain plateau nestled in the trees. Someone had been there before and cleared out the area and left a forge, but They were long gone. I started building a house and a farm. I even tried getting some friends into Wurm, but they didn't seem interested (too busy playing Fortnut). Then a troll showed up, and I took my tent before it killed me for the last time and respawned at Whitefay. I'd seen H19 on some maps and it looks like an alright place to set up. But there were tons of monsters and not enough guard towers to protect a weak noob like me on the journey It was at this moment I realised that Xanadu is Huge. Like, Massive. I nearly got there, too, but there were scorpions... Anyway, I think I ended up and Glasshollow after that and started building a boat with my low skills, but then I went back to Whitefay for some reason. I sort of got bored of Freedom, not enough spice and no way to get off Xanadu, so a few weeks after the reset, I hopped over to Elevation in Jenn-Kellon. You know, as you do. I thought that PvP would be the thing for me, and it is, but I didn't really know what to do, Mainly because of the lack of stuff in general compared to Freedom in the new map. At first I thought that that was just because Elevation was new and It would fill back up eventually, and the glory days would be restored, or something like that. I didn't realise that there was just nobody there. I always wanted to be the mayor of my own settlement, so I started building a house (again), and It was really nice having a blank canvas, before I was nearly killed at the hands of a horrible Blacklighter, who only spared me out of mercy for my feeble situation. Some of the guys from the nearby stronghold suggested I come and train there, so I did. They were really nice and helpful, and things were starting to look good, but then my computer broke. When I finally got back to Wurm a while later, the deed was all but deserted, and the Kingdom seemed that way too. I went back to Freedom and got myself killed to find a place on the shore to get out of Xanadu from. It was there that someone messaged me from the global chat over something I had said about PvP on Chaos. I said yeah sure, sounds fun, and so they took me to Celebration where we trained(a tiny bit myself), then left for Chaos. We originally got ourselves into HOTS with one of his accounts, but after weeks of trying to find a way to get rid of the current ruler of the kingdom, who apparently doesn't even play the game anymore and not being able to a) do anything too close to capital deed and b) get any new players in to help out we were approached by some players in Pandemonium who were offering to take us in. After thinking about it, My friend and I chose to go over to Pandemonium and continue our adventures to this day. So, what do I think of Wurm Online? I think it is an incredible game, with so many amazing features and things to do, and I see it as a tragedy that there are so few people playing it and that it has so much untapped potential. My experience as a new player was great, but It still could have been a lot better. I suppose communicating some important things like the need to train skills and work with others are some things that would have been really good to know in the beginning, because this game is so much more than the game. And I know that this gets thrown around a lot, but the game really needs some basic advertising. I found it on a 2011 post on Notch's Tumblr! Meeting more people in the world as I was exploring it who were in my situation would have made the game feel so much less... empty? I have also made some observations, that I won't spend too much time on because they are touchy subjects, but I think the team really needs to listen to the players a lot more, and maybe credit ideas that have been suggested by players and implemented by the team to highlight that yes, we are listening. Anyway, I hope this has let people see this awesome game from a Newbie's perspective. Make of this what you will, I just thought it seemed like a good thing to post. Cheers!
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    I'm not going to try to fuel this as we have with `best housing` (feel free to) but it deserves the attention of its own flag. credit to@Explorafor iterating the relevance. https://massivelyop.com/2019/12/09/massively-ops-2019-awards-most-underrated/ <- vote footnote;
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    I like the improvements on the sailboats, haven't see what it is like on others. But I noticed when you sail at full, the stamina drain seem to be pretty high. Any chance lower these numbers tad bit? So I wouldn't have to stop every few minutes to regain my stamina. Seem when you go fast or really fast, those numbers goes down quickly too. Also would like to see wakes while moving.
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    repairing is 53+, but the scythe hasn't even dropped .01 in over a half dozen failure repairs. Will try what you suggest a little later Repairing use damage does drop QL (.01on .11 damage), but can't tell if that .01 drop includes the accumulated damage on the half dozen imp failures (running .03-.04 damage each) that together didn't tick a drop. I'm guessing you're right Finnn and my expectation for how hitting the imp limit would actually play out was wrong (net regression), since I hadn't ever hit it before.
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    I'm sorry, but I do not agree with this idea, that would have us having to hunt for hens and roosters and pheasants, not all of us enjoy killing them, on top of them being hard to spot and having to spawn way more than now, removing much more useful animal spawns. And no, it doesn't really matter what new players know from other games; them, us, I are here to play Wurm, not ..whatever game where feathers are needed, none comes to my mind.
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    I am really confused as to why this is not an option. If I can buy another named account, and no one is the wiser, whats the difference? How can so many other titles offer this service, but not Wurm? What is unique in our situation that makes this so unfavorable? Opposition seems to be based on the preferences of the individuals NOT wanting to change their names. Their feelings of wanting to know who they are dealing with. Anonymity still exists the first time the rolled a character, and for most people, it still exists no matter how well you think you know the name on your screen.
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    so.. pick x86 alternative to raspberry pi? Or have some stuff rewritten.. options, options, so what exactly do you need from steam though? thought java was normal from the steam console... just downloading the wu server and running it on whatever with java... what am I missing
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    Addy glimmer or seryll, doesn't matter. QL enchants runes etc doesn't matter, i only care about the rarity pm me offers
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    https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5180504/ aired
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    With a bit of delay due to RL work: [10:48:34] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Mac
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    He was such a cool dude, he will be greatly missed.
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    Sad tidings, Rest in Peace! <3
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    do you still have a client running? or possibly the java process still running? If not just close and start the client and see if that works.
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    Vale Rapidiron What we are, you once were What you are, we will all be
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    Kind of clueless if I created a meme there.. but still.. can't care less if there's still "sadako" code in the game or not.. Plot-course did mess up transport hire's work/business.. but opened A LOT FASTER movement around the maps.. which saved days, probably lifetimes in terms of sailing for everybody around... compared to old crossing whole map's length.. to get where you wanted.... just thinking about it... you can remember the horrors or.. new players... could imagine adding several hours to do simple things... if that included a trip through Xanadu.
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    He'll be sorely missed by us all. He was always there, happy and cheerful. He was generous with his time and skills. There will always be a hole in our community where he was.
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    @BattaRead the top most threads in the forum City Hall. It's a lot of reading, so I'll try summing things up a bit, as I understand it. It's been clearly confirmed that there are absolutely no plans on shutting WU down at all. The devs don't have time and resources to keep the WU product updated with new code. Instead they plan on helping modders develop WU, and then they will focus on the main product, which is WO. Please correct me if I'm wrong Retrograde, but as I understand it we will have very free hands to develop WU with modding as much as we like; each server will have the potential of becoming a completely new game. The next update will support loading of mods, because Ago's mod loader will be built in, so instead of patching servers and clients, mods can be installed more easily. How exactly the update will work remains to be seen, but I'm feeling quite optimistic about it, from what Samool has said
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    Love this up date. Just one small question. Seeing my priest has no prem at present. Does WoA affect furling timer? I know it affects anchors
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    Great to see paper no longer decays in books! Time to see some grand libraries
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    You need to tend in order to get that yield. Personally, I'm not sure why planter boxes don't just use the normal mechanics you'd use when farming tiles. Why have different mechanics between tiles and planters for determining QL, yield, etc?
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    If I understand the OP clearly, his suggestion was that FREE TO PLAY players could choose one class that would be unlocked with no restrictions to it. Premium players would have access to all skills at no restrictions. Only free to play players would fall into classes that they would have to choose at some point early in their game. Not sure how I feel about the OP at this point, but felt like that needed to be clarified.
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    A little somethin' somethin' I've been building for an upcoming Wurm video: EDIT: In my Wurm Roulette stream I was showing this area, if anyone wants to see video footage of it.
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    that dragon was me (thanks to retrograde) and I was riding a horse.. so technically...
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    +1 to reaching into each others pockets at social events in search of mushrooms...
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    For this weeks social Throwback Thursday I went and recreated the first shot from this thread, kegan standing outside his house!
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    +1 to a stocking that generates a coal every 24 hours
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    The "false information" alleged to is about your claim that key selling is strictly forbidden. A claim that you asked to be fact checked on, may I remind you. Keenan furthermore did not vouch for Gamethrill to be legit, but merely suggested that there are often misconceptions around the practice of key selling. He outright said "not to know their inner workings". If anyone is making a claim about their legitimacy, it's you with your "guess" - which is no more valid than Keenan's impression about perceptions surrounding key selling. That means the burden of proof falls onto your side. Bulk purchasing hundreds of keys from the publisher sounds a lot more realistic than buying it from hundreds of individual players if you ask me like that.
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    WURM NEWS Ich versuche demnächst zwei neue kleine Maps anzuschliessen. Meine Vorstellungen sind: Die Standard PVP Map (Adventure) ohne Rückreisemöglichkeit Ein Vanillaserver ohne Mods für die hartgesottenen unter euch Eure Meinung ist gefragt ?
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    Wer genau jetzt überlegt mit Wu anzufangen oder wieder einsteigen will hat jetzt die Chance. ? Es gibt einen frischen jungfräulichen Server im Cluster: Sundal
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    on one hand +1 to giving more options to use stuff not currently having much use...on he other hand -10 for adding an elite only item that only a few people will be able to get unless paying out of this world sums of money to the few who hog all the kills...
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    Not a bad idea. As long as it fits with the 5 minimal tiles going all directions from the token(5,5,5,5 for the minimal deed), then I think it would work well enough. +1