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    How to Make Everyone Happy: A Guide Step 1: Use The Gallows to explain why players are banned. So many topics involve people discussing bans. Earlier this year, The Gallows sub-forum was created to provide transparency about moderation actions taken against player accounts. In the whole year, only four threads have been posted. Are these the only bans that occurred for the entire year? Even in the topics posted, the details are extremely sparse. No evidence is provided and nothing aside from "these people were banned and here's why." I was hoping for something a bit more thorough where a statement would be made. Take control of the narrative in these situations and provide your viewpoint and tangible evidence! This would be a good step towards satisfying the players who are upset with how these bans were handled, as well as reassure those who don't care that the game is being properly moderated. It's a win-win and it baffles me why you wouldn't use the position of authority to explain why actions were taken. Step 2: Stop dodging around tough questions and just answer them flat. Additionally, learn to actually admit fault when there is some. You'll never persuade someone that your viewpoint is correct if all you're doing is dodging each point after point. It's a miserable tactic that just leads to endless fighting (which is why this thread is 5 pages long). So enough with quoting someone and pointing out minor inaccuracies. Tackle the big picture! What's after Steam? What happened to the old projects that were mentioned in previous roadmaps? Are there going to be adjustments to systems that were released and were not fully successful? Make a nice, clear statement that tackles all of the big picture problems! It's also important to know when to take a knee. I'll start for you - the priest rework was a failure. It didn't meet the markers it set out for. It turned PvP into a spellflinging contest and needed significant adjustments to PvE balance, including some spells that were simply not useful. Sure, it can be argued that many of the goals for the priest rework was met. Casting combat spells is useful again. Healing exploitation was fixed, as well as significantly shaking up the healing-centric PvP meta that existed. There's significant improvements to QoL for enchanting and similar. But all of that good comes with the bad. For PvP, it felt like non-priests were useless. For PvE, healing in rifts was significantly nerfed and made doing rifts with few players significantly harder. Jewelry enchants were annoying to create for PvP purposes. If there's one regret I have from leaving the team, it's that I wasn't able to refine the priest system after significant feedback came through. Changes of that scale aren't going to come out perfect on the first try. It saddened me greatly that most of the work I did ended up being mostly abandoned, with just a few nerfs at the combat spells and some minor bug fixes thrown at it. However, time and time again after revisiting the forums every now and then, I'm reminded why I left. All of the reasons I outlined are still an issue. Jackal was essentially designed in secret and launched without public testing. The concerns I had for Jackal came true almost completely. People who wanted a hunting server didn't find Jackal satisfying, while new players had to jump through hoops to get there. Moderation actions are still being taken without properly informing the player why. For the most part, they're not even bad moderation actions. It's just the players not knowing why - that's the issue - and that remains the case today. The common theme here is communication. Improve the communication to the players. You'll have less questions to answer, and they'll have less anxiety about the future of the game.
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    In the far distance, the last popping sounds of the Blackmoor Impalong fireworks display could be heard. One by one, our friends departed Independence but not for home. No! For they came to Release. Far across the seas, their swords raised high and with the wind on their backs (hopefully). It was on this cold winter's night when every man, woman and child gathered for a sight not seen by many in their lifetime. 'Twas a great Raging Black Dragon and he had but one message... "Join me on Release for the Blackmoor Impalong Afterparty! A PUBLIC DRAGON SLAYING!" Well, who would turn down such a request! Location is the deed Knight's Rest, K18. See y'all there. Bring your party pants! *due to unforeseen circumstances of the RL variety the event will no longer be streamed on the Wurm twitch. location will be added Saturday - will be coastal location. Loot roll will be public -- one roll per RL person, must be on kill list (niarja/twitter). (ps please don't bring 3 million alts. We'd all like to be able to move, and actually leave with some scale. Please be reasonable ) Special thanks to finders and penners and live bait: Brainer, Malokai and Deri.
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    This thread is just depressing. The same people complaining about being ignored when they suggest stuff, then turning around and complaining about being guinea pigs. Pace of change is slow, but it's there - wurm now is so much better than it was when I started, and we take stuff for granted. My favourite thing that started out on the suggestions forum and got implemented is the dragging between bsbs - used to have to click and drag, click and drag, now it works like levelling, and is brilliant. And that came from a player suggestion.
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    I can get behind your post completely if we leave that struck-through bit out. With it in, it reads as though you are conflating various people's specific grievances into a single generic franken-grievance and at the same time suggesting a false dichotomy: that either the game's development / community involvement is A-OK or it's off the rails. The fact is, some changes deserve praise while others (or the lack thereof) disappoint. Strengths and weaknesses are not mutually exclusive, and both need attention for growth to happen. And to be fair, the thread is titled 'What is Wrong with Wurm' so it was never going to be full of sunshine and roses. All that being said, a separate thread focusing on positive feedback might be warranted. People have a tendency to tune us out or double down on their position when confronted with too much criticism, and this could quite possibly be contributing to the obvious communication issues.
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    Well the adventure is at a standstill at Peoria, Illinois. Essentially stranded. My free trial for my navionics app expired. It would be risky to continue down river without that. Unexpected costs along the route hit into my fuel funds. Fortunately I am at a free dock with electricity so I can run my heater and stay warm. Putting in applications for work everywhere. Hopefully I get something soon. My concern is that I will be here when the river freezes. So looking at hiring a trailer haul service to get south when I have the funds. Perhaps I should list my backup outboard motor for sale on craigslist or something. Though it has a crack in the cover, it still runs fine. But that would devalue it, perhaps can get $200 for it. Got it for $600, but a barge hit me and cracked the top of the cover. However a diver who just changed out the props on a river cruiser that ran over a channel bouy suggested that I keep the spare outboard in case anything happened to damage the one I have mounted. With my absence from wurm for a long time, I am not sure if I have anything in game I could also sell, I'm sure I would not get much for my scale set now days. I would have to get Aristia to login to my character if I get to the point where I need to sell items in wurm. I really need to get to a warmer climate and settled in long enough to get setup, find long term employment and get the electronics for my boat. Then I can return to Wurm once I get a new computer.
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    Ah, but I reckon we should subsidize Wurm despite the massive shortcomings we see in it? That's what your first post ending in "you gotta pay up, hun" awfully sounds like. And considering it sustains a failing business that can already not pay all of its staff, that's pretty appropiate to say. Eyesgood wagered that it could have more people stuck around, and as Lisimba reiterated, this results in more overall financial support. We don't need your condescending anti consumer rhetoric thinly veiled as an economics 101 to figure out that it needs money to continue. Nobody here has a functioning crystal ball to know wether Eyesgood's wager would have come true, but we're not blind to the fact that current modus operandi is failing, so spitballing alternative routes is the best we can do. Or at least give honest feedback to what would make the game worth the money. Because ultimately it's not our responsibility to make the maintenance and development financially feasible. You may be fine with CCAB running like a charity and a business at the same time, but that's a (quite frankly low) standard that most people won't adhere to and just play something more worth their while. Staff is already not being fully paid in the current status quo that you defend. Practically it sounds like you're the one expecting them to work for free, if you want things to continue as they are.
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    This is a dream of mine, but do to it on the English canals on a narrowboat. Currently saving for it, hopefully I can join you on the waters soon!
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    Toxic players who hate the game and each other. Toxic players who expend a great deal of effort and money to exploit and screw over as many other players as possible. Toxic players who justify their terrible behavior by saying they have nothing better to do. If you feel attacked by this post, you should probably examine yourself and your behavior.
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    Yeah? How so exactly? This idea would remove player control and give everyone equal opportunity at loot at a determined time, exactly as the Rifts are today. Most importantly, it would remove drama that destroys the community. There would be no need for new rules, aka "etiquette guide" attempting to reduce GM intervention and drama. The uniques were never intended to be penned. Some years back a mechanic was added where they would break out of donut houses. People then discovered that they can be kited into a mine and penned by collapsing the entrance and covering with one dirt. Technically this is cheating. According to the game rules, "Obvious abuse of any ... method of gaining .... items that is not as intended" This is not even a true sandbox game because of free roaming uniques. If I pen a unique, I can have a GM make anyone in local leave even if that person is not griefing or coming near to the unique. This has been publicly announced in Courtesy #1. This happened to me once when I was just standing in a mine 20 tiles away from a captured unique. One member of the slaying group, called a GM on me, bashed my mine door, starting bashing my epic portal, telling me to leave local, and while the GM did tell them to stop bashing my stuff, they did tell me to leave the area. I was even falsely accused by the game's Public Relation's employee, Retrograde, for harassing other players. "This is an attempt to frame being told to leave for harassing players as something related to the unique " After Enki researched this, he did tell me that I did nothing wrong. " In affect its true you violated no rules, and should not have to be removed form any part of the wurm world not occupied by another. It is not a GM's desire to push anyone around, but at times when we are dealing with a crowd we have to treat the entire crowd and not the individual to maintain sanity." But the reputation damage was done. Retro made his statement to all of Wurm community with a false accusation against me. This is the tip of the iceberg on how free-roaming uniques destroy the community in this game. Just recently on Jackal, Klaa confronted Oblivionreaver about healing a unique the MR group was trying to kill. Tuga curses at me when I'm in his local looking for uniques. The P/R group was never really happy because Pristine folks wanted to keep an item from the slaying, and the group eventually disbanded because not all could agree/abide by the rules. Odynn and Velvetsun have some resentment for some group that freed a unique from their deed and used that as justification for taking my penned unique. I have more examples, but the point is that free-roaming uniques should be changed to provide equal opportunity to all of Wurm's community in a fun and drama-free way.
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    Hi all. After getting the test servers running in AWS, I turned my attention to our build servers. While doing so I identified several areas where security could be improved and have been working on that. I've also been struggling to find ways to export our current Jenkins pipeline into a format that can be safely committed to source control and imported back without issue. I'm tempted to forego this in the interest of furthering our on-boarding to AWS though. If anyone has had experience with Jenkins jobs in SCM, please feel free to comment! Finally, I've been doing more research into some best practices regarding managing the Wurm server containers. One thing that test has shown me is that my current set up is harder to manage than I'd like. While it's better than what we had before on the test side of things, it's still not where I want it to be for us to go live. I'd like to build monitoring and alerts into this infrastructure as well. I look forward to testing the new infrastructure changes I've made in the coming weeks. Thanks for the patience and happy Wurming!
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    I would like to suggest a little texture/model change for the rose bush, the way it is now is sparse and meager, not at all like a real rose bush, would like to notice them more in the wild, they could have more sizes like low growth high growts, something like hedges, and yes i know there are rose hedges that fill in more, but they also are meager on the rose flowers would like some more abundant models for it,like oleander has, maybe leave the old model for the lower resolutions but add the better ones for the higher res? thank you for listening
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    Yes, I agree. It would be lovely to have rose bushes looking like proper rose bushes. http://
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    I get that. I understand Steam is the priority right now. But here is the thing, you guys will be touting steam for the most part of half a year to a year and then release it, and then work one one specific thing for the most part of the second half of the year and release it. And that's your development schedule. So a whole year goes by and what will we get? A couple new colored flower pots, cave farming (different shape flowerpot) and a hitching post. And nothing else. The current playerbase has no use for a steam release as we are already playing. The steam release does nothing for our population, our servers, our enjoyment. All it does is more revenue for the company, so it taking the majority of the development does nothing for the current playerbase. Things WE want: New UI, Bugfixes, advertising, Golden Mirrors, new systems, new content... Things devs are working on: Steam release that does nothing for us. Content. Content is big. Everyone has touted a new hunting server for years on end. Instead you gave us a half baked temporary server we cant even farm or skill up at because the skill transfer is mediocre, with literally nothing at the end of the grind to look forward to. Even that Stronghold was half baked. A team of 10 chaos players can do much better in a week without developer tools. Devs have dev tools and months to come up with that. You could had released a server the size of deliverance that you cant drop deeds in and with x10 the mob respawn rate, would had taken you 1/1000 of the dev hours it took you to do Jackal, and everyone would had been immensely happier. Hell, you can probably do that right now in an hour. Listen to your players, bud. Players know what they want and they have been telling you for years. Its definetely falling on deaf ears and it shows when you release stuff like Jackal, which seems more like my character ate too many sleep powders than anything resembling an adventure.
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    At this point you should just consider posting a weekly rage thread. Share your name and yell at the game!
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    So it's been a while since I have been able to play Wurm. After the computer issues I had, it's been a busy summer and autumn. I bought a sailboat in Chicago in April, have been focused on getting it ready to live aboard. At this time I am heading south, very slowly. About 5-7 knots with my little 6hp outboard motor. A very good day I make about 30 to 40 km between daylight with so many locks and dams on the rivers. Often times about 20 kilometers because the commercial traffic gets priority through the lock system. Current location is just outside of Ottawa Illinois where I will stay in harbor until weather permits on Wednesday. Brutal cold, icy decks are not exactly safe conditions to proceed currently. I post my updates on Instagram along with photos of my adventures. Joseph Ogburn on Instagram if anyone is interested in my crazy river cruise. Been interesting so far, nearly came to an end on November 5th when a barge hit me. Several groundings, my built in depth finder (keel) likes to find 5 feet. the channel is narrow and not always marked well.
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    Graz for find and very much thanks for making it public. Dragons and drakes are so rare for public ones (yes, we all know the reasons, no need discuss that again) just wanting to say special appreciation for this. Personally not sure if I can be there or not, but will try.
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    An issue has been identified and fixed for the next update! Sorry about this, it's to do with the servers sending the notice to Golden Valley to send the email.
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    Well done folks! I wondered where it had ended up. I shall be there with Christmas bells on
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    It may not have worked but (good or bad) it's why I'm still here. It was good to see one dev actually listening to the gripes so many had offered, and actually trying to fix them. Your work may not have been perfected, but it was appreciated.
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    We have seen three attempts (Epic, Challenge and Jackal) of making a server/cluster with special rules. Epic had some success years ago, but it is gone now as far as I can see. Challenge died very quickly. Jackal saw some pupularity in the beginning but is now slowly fading. I doubt that a restart will see the same player surge as it had on day one. I understand that Steam will get its own server which will be separate from the rest to start with so the noobs dont riot on the core servers (is that really a problem with deeds and permissions?) But I hope the devs have learned from this and will focus their effort on the core cluster in the future.
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    @RetrogradePriest's journal goal for rites still suck almost the same from beginning especially for BL gods. And yet you still keep blind eye and get into defensive mode everytime it's mentioned stubornly defending your vision of it which is totaly out of place. When are you going to realise that goal is not about player cooperation, its about spamming alts, praying like crazy and doing goal with your 2 100 faith batteries which you used for your sermon party in hope someone else doesn't snipe you. You can't force cooperation on people, nor you can put powerfull +5 spellpower gap for people that dont want or don't have time for cooperation... How many casts was there for BL since update? How many community organized events and how many solo actions or small group actions on other goods? Hmm?
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    its called rift but with out the buildings (?)
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    Thanks for the headsup and the instructions, will get my other half to have a go at it.
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    oakshell takes priority over cloth and leather armor, so you can wear either of them with oakshell/thornshell
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    You're missing the point. Promises are not reality. You can -say- you're working on all these nice things, but until they are released they don't count. So you cannot use them as an example of what has been done because it is not done yet. Its good to know something is being worked on, but Golden Mirrors and the cash shop has been in development for years, and still nothing. I am sure those 5 people playing on Jackal right now are having a blast and are the unbiased example of the success of the server. This is the problem. You cover your eyes and pretend everything is all right. You refuse to admit that a population of 5 a couple months after release on the newest and most hyped server is a total failure. You look at this as a success and tout it as such. And as long as you continue to be this blind to the reality and this tone deaf to your community, you will not get ahead. It isn't me who you need to convince about the greatness of this endeavor. Its the other 188 people that are logged in right now and the millions of potential players not playing the game. Of the 7.53 billion people in this planet today, only 5 are playing Jackal right now. Jackal has less people than any other server. Its not a success.
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    10 years ago the average MMO sub was around $15 (14.95) and you got multiple toons. Today most MMO subs are ZERO COST or $10 (9.95) and even more toons. 10 years ago Wurm was 5EU for a single toon. Today Wurm is 8EU for a single toon. See my point now?
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    Thanks again for all your digging on Pristine last week I found this picture from January 2013 the first time I visited the crater. You can see there were no trees except those players had planted with the west side all tundra and the east steppe. This is from the south west looking north east.
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    It's not 8 though. It's 8 per toon. You want to play seriously, you need to pay for 2+ toons, plus some more to either have or contribute to a deed. Depending on what you get exactly and how much you can commit at once, you're looking at EUR 15 to EUR 20 per month for average play. That doesn't compare favorably. You and me supporting it isn't enough. If we want the staff paid and servers running we need other people to support as well. And that's where the financial model comes in. The most expensive monthly fee based MMOs out there are about $15 / EUR 13 a month. That includes a few very big ones, with good marketing departments and financial analysts, who likely have a reasonable idea what they're doing. And that generally gets you the whole game, which one toon in Wurm isn't. That's the price the market as a whole is okay with, and even then only barely - subscription based games as a whole are getting rarer. If Wurm is significantly above that, which at EUR 15 to EUR 20 it is, that's something that needs looking at.
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    A kingdom on Chaos could have thrown out a better 'Stronghold' with their current numbers than what I see here. This project exhudes lazyness, not rush. My suggestion is in the future, let people test stuff and give their feedback pre release instead of trying to surprise people with shoddy, rushed work that will only piss off the community. You have a test server: use it! We could have told you long time ago this was going to fail. And dont say "this had to be done live" like you've said before. No it didn't. People dont want 'surprises', they want good content.
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    It was explained by Retrolf recently that they have tried both broad and targeted advertising and its simply not been financially viable. I'll add the source link when I find it. Edit, Could've sworn it was a post by Rolf, my mistake, was Retro and covers this.
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    If you want great performance don't host on any game hosting provider, rent yourself a linux box and make everything yourself.
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    Make Dragons BIGGER and all legendaries harder. Not that I get to see many dragons, I think only a select few get to have the hide
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    Moved to suggestions, as that's the correct place to discuss suggested changes. Which we do read, despite all the people insisting we don't.
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    Is there a way to make the Crafter follow the server's current skill rate or set its own?
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    The alts comment isn't about not being able to bring alts as preordained with your slaying group. It's about hiding alts in a slaying you are not welcome in in order to gain a share of the loot and lessen the spread between the people actively invited. We would rather not have these guidelines in place either, but there has been a rise of harassment and griefing with uniques to the point that we as a gm team need to know what action to take and our reasoning behind it. With that in place we have made it transparent so players know what to expect and how we will approach any situation. Hopefully it's never needed as Nd sits as strange fluff
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    personally i've tried this pack and i think it's great. never bothered with sphax in mc, too cartoony for me (LB ftw) but it works very well in WU, you'd be suprised. Simply replace your graphics.jar file (after backing it up or moving it somewhere) with the file in the zip. install directory - /wurmlauncher/packs
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    Is it any different than offering a reward for voting? People probably wouldnt vote if it wasnt for a reward. I dont think it is any different but i appreciate the feedback!
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    One of the best servers ive ever played on. Well thought out. Unique in self-made mods. Very friendly staff and player base.
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    Hi All existing and returning players! I've been an on-and-off Chaos player for a very long time, and just came back a few months ago to find the entire experience sticking far more than it used to. It's either me being more patient these days, or being too old/no interest in twitch gaming, or the fact I'm working at home and able to push 'mine' a thousand times a day in another window while getting on with other things. At any rate, the pace of the game suits me very well at the moment, and hoping to be around for a while this time. Chaos being dead, I'm currently hermiting in a deed much larger than I need in a remote corner of Xanadu, interesting terrain in that I seem to be building up the side of a mountain, but a rewarding place without too much bother, plenty of ore and plenty of guard towers in the surrounding areas from civilisations past. So without too much ado, if any new or returning players would like to join, don't heistate to get in contact. I always found that joining a village that had too much built already a bit boring, and there's plenty of potential things to do and build around here, whatever takes your fancy. There is no end goal here, just a good place to hermit and build up skills as well as enough deed to make a space for yourself. If you're new, I have enough skillage to ensure you don't starve and have decent tools while you get settled, if you're returning, there's plenty of empty space around to do what you want. I'm in EU timezones, but don't let that stop you if you're not. All easy going and do whatever you like while I keep the deed going. Few pics of what I've done so far and location on Xanadu... (cracking level spaces out of the rock ... fun!), if you're at all interested, let me know in-game or here.
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    So Im cruising Youtube looking for anything interesting annnnd... EDIT: And yes Im probably going to hell for laughing at nuns on fire...
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    Don't use curse words and have an idea/direction with the post you're making, will be like keeping a mod on a payroll to not touch your thread. (no proof for such practices have been observed, feel free to join this religion though, it's free and mostly harmless) To 'start' things off... It's not that easy to pull people into wurm, especially friends, also the market is so ****** saturated.. with all kinds of games.. and the triple A titles keep scrawling, 'damn E3' and such, "right". Besides that.. even the last few titles get your attention barely for a month to 2-3, 4 will be a stretch really.. than you're up for a new game to try unless you're 'odd'. That's where wurm comes in.... if you have found the game somehow, you're into sandboxes, survival, somehow whole wurm concept of subscription, deeds, building, maintaining and creation/improvement/spell mechanics feel right and well for you.. hmm so far good.. but what could hook you for longer is having a few friends, old or new ones made in the game.. SUCH things could hook you in a mmo prison for years, you can interchange friends and things that you do and than do not like in the game.. but as long you keep some balance.. such game could last you for a long time, imagine if somebody had a formula for such things.... Graphics keep getting better.. but, dynamics of animations and actions in the game are still quite stiff to make the game fun and interesting for a lot of players.. one of the few things that mmo gamers / RP-ers.. value are the small goofy stuff you could do when you're bored, you wait for something and start spamming dances or emotes, jump around showing some combinations of moves - fighting or emote/dances(in general read expressing yourself in another way while at the same time you're bored AF, but you've just found a new fun things to to kill the boredom); well wurm have just the weird fart emotes that 'special' derps keep spamming and force others to mute emote sounds entirely or the other special 'small bell jerks', none of that is fun, it's closer to trolling than fun time... but that's what you get when you gather bunch of people in wurm currently. Next closest thing to 'expressing yourself' is at gathering for impalongs/unique kills/rifts - you create a fun camp around your tent with the spare time before the event, could be fun, but best you can do is steal a screenshot of such creations or get ideas to decorate your yard if you're into that. How do you plan to pull friends in a game that just isn't for everybody, I mean.. it's not fast paced, it's actually quite slowly progressing you in the world and even at 99.99FS you're still a few bites or bashes from a random creature that's not even special as long you're versing a instant focused creature, etc.. You just need to somehow be won with the environment and be up for the challenges that the game offers, making sense or not, wurm have to click on you to become a long-timer.
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    Not quite as good as the last two personally; however, its worth a chuckle.
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    damnit christians, go away with your silly faith.