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    Getting called out here! I've modtly been focusing on the links all on social media! I'll rectify that today for sure. Twitch doesn't hold vods for long and since I use YouTube I don't worry about forcing them to stay (done by marking the whole vod as a highlight) Thanks for taking the time to bring it up, It will all be up to date today!
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    Well, first I have to say I am sorry that this post doesn't sound as frustrated as it should, but I have cooled down a fair bit since I stumbled over... things. ^^ So, this first part of the post goes directly at you @Retrograde! I know you were at the Lunalong recording for the wurm twitch channel for at least one or maybe even 2 hours. While I haven't had time to watch it live that day I just made a bookmark to rewatch it later. I had another vod bookmarked to rewatch, I already forgot the title of that, sorry, which is also gone. Then, I had some time... so thought I might as well watch those 2 recordings. Sadly, the links I had bookmarked only took me to a twitch page telling me that I need a time machine to watch them (which I obviously not have). Now I thought, ok, let's just head to Youtube then as he has probably uploaded them there already... guess the journey just started at this point. :D So, as an advanced internet user I did the obvious first thing when looking for something: I asked uncle Google for "youtube wurm online", and it gave me some links to proper wurm videos by Emoo, Katspurr, Factional Fight, Gerugon, and some others playing WU. Nothing about Retrograde or any OFFICIAL wurm videos, not even on the second page! (I also checked via a vpn in case google is too used to what I normally search for, still only Katspurr, Factional Fight, a MMO-Hut video and a link to WO website and wurmpedia listed.) Ok, I thought by myself, can't be that hard, just go to the twitch channel, as I ofc already know where that is located and check the links there, as twitch streamers usually have ALL of their links set up in their description page. Well, not Retrograde ofc... found only Twitter, Facebook (which I both don't have or use), and at least a link to the official wurm homepage. Nice... Valrei Entertainment, yes, that's it... ehhh... listed are Emoo, Katspurr, Factional Fight etc, which I already had found by google but not the official Retrograde's channel. So @Retrograde: Honestly, I hate you! You are the worsed PR guy I have ever stumbled over in my whole life, I must say. You are not only NOT storing your vods for later watching on twitch as a proper and professional streamer should do, you are not even loading them up to Youtube (and if they are on YT, then WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?). Gladly, I was able to rewatch the latest video today, where you (Retrograde) were talking about that merchandise... ahh, right, I wanted to get a coffee mug and maybe a nice wurm pillow. Guess what... Where the hell are... there is a shop? Oh yes, there is a shop button on the website at least... oh, wait... ;P And this second part does not only go to Retro but also to the DEVS responsible for the website: Where the hell are... things? 1. Retrograde/Wurm online official twitch channel not listed on website 2. Wurm Online official Youtube not listed on website 3. Merchandise shop not listed on website 4. Employment ad for new PR guy not listed on website ^^ So, in all honesty, @Retrograde please sort out your twitch problems, at least ask Emoo or Katspurr how to store vods and make them stay there so people can rewatch them when they have time for it or load them up to Youtube and set a damn link to them on your twitch page! And for the responsible devs: please fws (for wurm's sake), get a proper button on the website so I can at least get my wurm pillow and not get nightmares any longer over this ######. And take in mind: I am a wurmian, so I know where what is or at least how to use google properly to find even my pillow. ;P But you want new players, so how the hell do you think they will be able to find even the most important things? If they have to go on such a big journey and asking left and right and in hidden places about where to find what when it comes to wurm, then there is something very wrong with you devs (and the PR guy). PS @Retrograde: If that vod about the Lunalong is still somewhere to be seen, please let me know where. If it is just vanished, the answer is "cheese" and I'd like to have a rare butcher knife send to me for all that hassle I've gone through. ;P Jade
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    The community has worked amazingly well together with Jackal. It's been an incredibly inspiring experience to see people working together for the common goal and reminds me of what I really enjoy in wurm. From the great feast prior to the opening of the stronghold to the many words of thanks and congratulations, as well as Phennexions inspiring speech: Jackal had its flaws and issues, but the one thing it got right is the companionship and people working together. And I'm so incredibly proud to see that happen
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    Hi Everyone! A late happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Wurm, we give thanks to you all playing and enjoying the game, and especially to your feedback! There's been a lot of upheaval and questions that right now we don't have answers to, and I know that makes things uneasy in your confidence in the game. I can assure you that we are here and going to be here for a long time, we know our goal of continuing to polish the game and address bugs and your suggestions and we are working towards it every day. Anyways, on with the news! New Keybinds Heading off from the pinned suggestion thread, we'll be adding the following keybinds next update! These are all aimed at making the game much smoother to play, and we'll likely be adding more as we go on! Hoist the main sail! The artwork for sail furling is now complete! Ships will be able to go full, half or no sail and will have models that match it's state, see below for all of them! The farming box art is also complete, with a few surprises included: This unfortunately won't be going live in this weeks update, but we aim to have it out before Christmas (Which is scary close!) The stronghold is revealed Last weekend the beacons were weakened enough to reveal the location of the stronghold, the hidden base of the creatures of Jackal! This led to a countdown of 144 hours, with a large fight expected. If that the end of it? Maybe not... The stronghold is revealed (Hey, they're not knowing for being the wonderful designers Freedomers are, maybe that's why they raid?) Shrimpalong! I refuse to call it a Christmas Impalong because it ends 10 days before Christmas, but it's on! Expect Shrimpiies usual slew of games, prizes, deaths and of course, impings! Last year we had the famous The Public VS Dreammaster trial, will the acquitted killer return? It runs from the 6th to the 15th of December, so plenty of time to celebrate with your Wurmian friends before the real world drags us kicking and screaming away... Wulfgar joins the dev team! You may see forum member Wulfgar with a shiny new developer tag on our forums (And I totally wasn't reminded by him posting beneath) Wulfgar has joined us to work on the game bringing a vast amount of knowledge on coding and has been working on bringing in quality of life changes including the new keybinds and the paper decay removal suggestion to come soon! Everyone give a big warm welcome to Wulfgar before demanding he fix things! What Retro is up to: I smartly decided to rebuild my PC, having purchased another 8GB of ram and a new 500GB hard drive. I forgot how difficult and time consuming it is to set everything up juuuuust the way you like it. What a pain! I also have a new keyboard coming and phone adjustable LEDs... for purposes My schedule is going to be long this week... That's it from us this week, I'll be on this weekend streaming on our official channel, taking questions from you and discussing the world of Wurm with you all Until then though, keep on farming, playing with daisies, and Wurming! Regards, Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    dominate is a meme spell that you only really use to collect animals for your zoo, i don't get all this op in pvp/pve talk pets are absolutely awful things that make you want to pull out your hair with how bad their ai is +1 to more fun spells on runes
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    I realize that the markets of old are a thing of the past, but I'd still love to see a few more icons added to the shop sign options. These would include: An oak or willow tree A fish A cow A sheep A candle An open book A crate or stacked crates What kinds of icons would you like to see added?
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    build a freaking bridge to mainlaind and get access to highway (?)
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    In general, more pictograms would likely break down player language barriers.
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    fun server to mess around on, friendly players, friendly owner.
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    Hi All existing and returning players! I've been an on-and-off Chaos player for a very long time, and just came back a few months ago to find the entire experience sticking far more than it used to. It's either me being more patient these days, or being too old/no interest in twitch gaming, or the fact I'm working at home and able to push 'mine' a thousand times a day in another window while getting on with other things. At any rate, the pace of the game suits me very well at the moment, and hoping to be around for a while this time. Chaos being dead, I'm currently hermiting in a deed much larger than I need in a remote corner of Xanadu, interesting terrain in that I seem to be building up the side of a mountain, but a rewarding place without too much bother, plenty of ore and plenty of guard towers in the surrounding areas from civilisations past. So without too much ado, if any new or returning players would like to join, don't heistate to get in contact. I always found that joining a village that had too much built already a bit boring, and there's plenty of potential things to do and build around here, whatever takes your fancy. There is no end goal here, just a good place to hermit and build up skills as well as enough deed to make a space for yourself. If you're new, I have enough skillage to ensure you don't starve and have decent tools while you get settled, if you're returning, there's plenty of empty space around to do what you want. I'm in EU timezones, but don't let that stop you if you're not. All easy going and do whatever you like while I keep the deed going. Few pics of what I've done so far and location on Xanadu... (cracking level spaces out of the rock ... fun!), if you're at all interested, let me know in-game or here.
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    After commenting on a recent topic concerning what needs to be fixed in the game, (one of those points being the new player experience), I thought it would be a good idea to write down my own experience as a new player, and comment on some observations that I have made (from a relatively un-biased viewpoint), to shine a light on what it is like for a new player, so that whoever can do whatever they want with that information. A lot of the info here will be useless, although it may be a good read, but I'd like to point out that I don't intend this to be a blog of sorts, I just put down everything that might be interesting. And If you just want to hear what I think, skip to the end. You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Wurm, week 4 of the starfall of the Digging, 1084. That's 177 days, 1 hour and 46 minutes ago. I started my journey in the tutorial courtyard of Haven's Landing, Independence, and familiarised myself with the Game. Then I set off looking for some land to start a settlement. I found some fellow noobs(I think?) around the area, who's names I wish I could remember, but can't. I completed the first few journal tasks and based my purpose on that. I eventually started making a small shed north of the Landing, but I got curious, and explored a bit further north and fell off a cliff. And died. I can't remember for sure, but I think that after that I died a few times trying to get my body, then took it as an opportunity to teleport to The Howl. Not really understanding just how old the game was, I made the trek across the north inland coast to the east of The Howl to find a place to set up; I saw some un-claimed land in the far distance. But alas, that's just how the renderer works. The entire coast was built on and flattened. It was really cool to see all this history, but I couldn't build on it, because it might be important, or owned by someone! So I headed inland to look for a place to build. I can't remember what happened after that, but I think I died at one point and went back to Haven's Landing. Then I found it: The Fantastic Huge Glimmersteel Portal. I thought, huh, this is neat, so I decided to be really stupid and take it to the middle of Xanadu. I don't recall there being a warning that the portal was one-way, so I was more than a bit annoyed when I arrived in Greymead with no way back to anywhere, "but oh well," said I, and not learning from my past experience, started my adventure to the east sea from there to find some land to settle on. I did find some, on a mountain plateau nestled in the trees. Someone had been there before and cleared out the area and left a forge, but They were long gone. I started building a house and a farm. I even tried getting some friends into Wurm, but they didn't seem interested (too busy playing Fortnut). Then a troll showed up, and I took my tent before it killed me for the last time and respawned at Whitefay. I'd seen H19 on some maps and it looks like an alright place to set up. But there were tons of monsters and not enough guard towers to protect a weak noob like me on the journey It was at this moment I realised that Xanadu is Huge. Like, Massive. I nearly got there, too, but there were scorpions... Anyway, I think I ended up and Glasshollow after that and started building a boat with my low skills, but then I went back to Whitefay for some reason. I sort of got bored of Freedom, not enough spice and no way to get off Xanadu, so a few weeks after the reset, I hopped over to Elevation in Jenn-Kellon. You know, as you do. I thought that PvP would be the thing for me, and it is, but I didn't really know what to do, Mainly because of the lack of stuff in general compared to Freedom in the new map. At first I thought that that was just because Elevation was new and It would fill back up eventually, and the glory days would be restored, or something like that. I didn't realise that there was just nobody there. I always wanted to be the mayor of my own settlement, so I started building a house (again), and It was really nice having a blank canvas, before I was nearly killed at the hands of a horrible Blacklighter, who only spared me out of mercy for my feeble situation. Some of the guys from the nearby stronghold suggested I come and train there, so I did. They were really nice and helpful, and things were starting to look good, but then my computer broke. When I finally got back to Wurm a while later, the deed was all but deserted, and the Kingdom seemed that way too. I went back to Freedom and got myself killed to find a place on the shore to get out of Xanadu from. It was there that someone messaged me from the global chat over something I had said about PvP on Chaos. I said yeah sure, sounds fun, and so they took me to Celebration where we trained(a tiny bit myself), then left for Chaos. We originally got ourselves into HOTS with one of his accounts, but after weeks of trying to find a way to get rid of the current ruler of the kingdom, who apparently doesn't even play the game anymore and not being able to a) do anything too close to capital deed and b) get any new players in to help out we were approached by some players in Pandemonium who were offering to take us in. After thinking about it, My friend and I chose to go over to Pandemonium and continue our adventures to this day. So, what do I think of Wurm Online? I think it is an incredible game, with so many amazing features and things to do, and I see it as a tragedy that there are so few people playing it and that it has so much untapped potential. My experience as a new player was great, but It still could have been a lot better. I suppose communicating some important things like the need to train skills and work with others are some things that would have been really good to know in the beginning, because this game is so much more than the game. And I know that this gets thrown around a lot, but the game really needs some basic advertising. I found it on a 2011 post on Notch's Tumblr! Meeting more people in the world as I was exploring it who were in my situation would have made the game feel so much less... empty? I have also made some observations, that I won't spend too much time on because they are touchy subjects, but I think the team really needs to listen to the players a lot more, and maybe credit ideas that have been suggested by players and implemented by the team to highlight that yes, we are listening. Anyway, I hope this has let people see this awesome game from a Newbie's perspective. Make of this what you will, I just thought it seemed like a good thing to post. Cheers!
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    When you guys teased the whole "after this many jackal beacons are closed a stronghold would spawn" i imagined it would be some nicely terraformed "stronghold" ontop of a mountain or a towering platform above a desert with dirt walls sky high and multiple walls reaching to a giant courtyard where the final battle would take place I wasnt really expecting a 5 minute deedplanner job that just screams "hey guys you know that stronghold we promised players? Ya anyone got any ideas of what to make for it? No? okay give me 5 min il come up with something simple" I just hope that the final fight will be worth it for those who spend all this time destroying beacons and arent just left with a "fancy" rift to murder with a overly tanky and buffed up warmaster at the end that is renamed to jackal king or something silly like that Sorry but this is just yet another nail into the coffin of what could have been a great plan but rushed out and poorly designed thing and yes im being negative not because im angry but because im sad i enjoyed jackal i did what i wanted to do on there even while being slapped in the face by the lack of content and lackluster skill transfer and repetitive beacons that once you seen one you seen them all(why not make higher ql ones spawn the towers the warmaster spawns and such) In the end it just seems like jackal was a cash grab with 1 new main feature being the reason why it even became a thing and its just a pet project blown up to be this big giant thing that looks great from afar but is empty from up close Sorry just sad and wanted to let this out maybe next time make the design of the stronghold be ontop of a mountain with dozens upon dozens of platforms all locked off by magical barriers that people have to fight through to reach the next stage and the next courtyard of this fortress slowly working your way up the mountain past buildings full of loot and monsters to kill and make it seem like your actually going to fight the endboss Something like that might actually make people be happy about jackal and be a unique experience but i know its more work and a lot harder to create something like that and spawn it in by scripts then a flat 43x43 mirrored design
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    You know they meant it for the videos not being on youtube yet, right?
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    Glad to hear this - I would enjoy this aspect to. Agree on all points. This is definitely a thing, only certain development battles can be fought. Limited time, limited people, and all that jazz. Noting, however, that MMOs should evolve over time. Existing Metas need to change, ever so slightly, and new metas introduced altering the environment in such a matter it changes and forces adaptation (which.. should be fun? Understanding that sometimes devs get it wrong and will need to alter course, all apart of the evolving sandbox experience). My lack of understanding here - what the game of Wurm wants to become - an economic trading simulator? A survival game in a harsh environment? A building simulator? A kingdom vs kingdom pvp arena? It is a sandbox - but - it almost seems like separate sandboxes are emerging to satisfy these different play-styles - Vs - One unified sandbox with all the play-styles interacting with mechanics constructed that integrate them. EDIT: I'm biased, I want them all under one roof - and I understand its hard to pull off well. Just thoughts. I'm probably off, but like a broken clock I could hit the mark up to two times per day.
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    Even just for the sake of ambiance in town- would be nice to be able to have more options for shop signs to place outside my buildings, workshops, and such. I'd very much enjoy having these additional sign options.
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    nonpriest cant enchant or teleport others, so there you have lot of advantage on pve and pve...
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    I live on an island, the Wagoneer system is irrelevant to me. Usually when I buy stuff it's out of convenience. Like if I need bulk materials and dont want to spend my limited free time on them then I'll just buy them, with delivery included. The people doing the delivery by boat usually use an alt for that, so they can still do something productive with their main. In those cases there is no real advantage to using a third party for the transportation. As for mailbox pricing. Several times I've simply made a new alt, spawned it at a marketplace, had it mail an item to my main for whatever amount of silver I need and then I buy stuff with said alt, invite alt to my village, teleport him home (works without the invite, using my priest, as well) and transfer the stuff. Remove the mailing part and I'll just buy the necessary silver from the shop directly and dump whatever is left into deed upkeep at the end. Either way I'm not spending my limited free time going to a market, and even if I did it would be with an alt using one of my boats. So for me it's a matter of time. I'd rather spend it doing something fun, travel by boat is not that.
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    I can see this as being brokenly overpowered in both a PvE sense and a PvP sense (troll bodyguards for everyone!). At least leave some useful mechanics for those who choose to actually play their priests.
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    Helps the village idiots like me hahaha, nice server and nice GMs
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    Very helpful staff, great map, awesome mods and great players! Played alot of servers, this is the best one.
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    In south Deliverance, markets seem to be undergoing somewhat of a revival with three market towns along the south coast as well as independent stalls. I think your ideas would be very welcome! I would like to see something representing archaeology such as a compass and map or scroll, and for foraging/botanising/planters, for example a picture of some herbs. With the new underground buildings and box planters I would like to see a miner's lantern or lamp and a mushroom! I can't remember if we have anything for tailoring, or the new dyable clothes - and one for dyes that would be cool.
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    Feast before the stronghold battle!
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    excellent staff, excellent players, excellent map and settings!
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    Yes and no.... starting out with decent stuff does not help. It simply puts off the "make your own stuff to survive" until it's impossible to make stuff that's good enough to be useful without hours of work. I'd much rather a tutorial help me craft my own ql5 stuff, and then be able to buff it up a bit in my first few hours of playing in whatever town I started in. Don't start me with good stuff, show me how to get started with making my own usable stuff. JS Edit: The Journals might be a step in the right direction here...
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    Ol'buddy'o'Paypal'o'mine At the moment there is a slight change with the Paypal system causing some shop purchases to not go through instantly. The issue is minor but causes the Paypal system to sometimes fail to instantly confirm purchase. This issue will be remedied pretty quickly with a planned hotfix. This issue does not affect our other payment processors. Until then, if you are one of the few who have made a Paypal purchase via the Wurm Online Shop and it does not appear on your avatar within a few hours, please send an email to payment@wurmonline.com with a quick description including the avatar name the shop purchase was for, the Paypal transaction ID, and the item purchased from the shop. We will get these few instances manually confirmed and taken care of very quickly, usually within a work day.
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    Perhaps you shouldn't treat your players as guinea pigs for the devs lacking design skills. There's "we're still improving" and then there's "we didn't even finish it and hope the players do it for us", the first leaving an impression of "this was cool, but next time can we do X?", while the latter spawns posts such as this one. And people would even do that and help you, as shown by wipeout's response. You have so incredibly much goodwill of the community and you're burning through it like nobodys business with your endless dismissal and deflection at every given turn, giving piss poor answers such as this that amount to "you mad, bruv?". It's like you haven't even read the original post. To recap the suggestions: Stronghold design is incredibly underwhelming, making for an unintruiging battle place that's too open and shallow. Multiple stages with different designs would mix it up, with intermediate loot Make the entry to the stronghold more difficult (dirt walls, ontop of mountain) Beacons are repetetive and could at least use ramping up difficulty more It's all in the OP, given by someone who had spent 3 months on your half-baked product and the best you can come up with is condescending OP with platitudes about being "bitter and angry helping nothing".
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    It is a good idea, and we have been discussing something similar!
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    As the leader of the most active deed since day 1, experienced burnout and seen alot of active great villagers (like OP, we miss you nygen ) quit i can say this about Jackal Pros - Mystery, fun figuring out the map - New challenge, somewhat new content alot of it recycled in a good way - Opportunity to play with new people who you wouldnt normally play with Suggestions - The terrain just f'n sucks, it's tedious, its not fun. Wetas constantly get hung up when trying to fight at beacons, tone down the steepness by 10% atleast - Skill transfer f'n sucks. If you're going to make it slow skill gain, atleast make it rewarding, or else give us challenge server skillgain at like 6x or something. People don't want to grind if the skill transfer sucks. We'd rather have fast skill gain and no transfer. But think about it, if you gave people a 1:1 skill transfer from Jackal back to Freedom, EVERYONE would be playing on Jackal, and thats what you want. Freedom will become the "dumpster" league like Standard in PoE, Which is fine, because everyone loves playing the new content anyway. For those of you freedomers who grinded to 95-100 (myself included), good for you, but know if you want your game to succeed, freedom ain't gunna cut it for everyone else in the world and help the game succeed. - 400-500'ish Jackal Beacons are repetitive and boring with this many people burning out. Do something drastic to revitalize the server, seriously. Get these people back. Increase skill gain to freedom? If there's real incentive like bonus skill gain there, people will want to move from freedom to jackal to grind. That's GOOD. - This whole - "Non sb, no CoC" skill gain relation is F'N STUPID. WE WORKED HARD FOR THOSE BONUSES, Why take them away from us?! You want to make people mad or make them feel rewarded and keep giving you money? Seriously you guys shoot yourselves in the foot ALOT. Don't give me the "If you want skill just grind on freedom" crap, FREEDOM IS BORING AND DYING, THAT'S WHY YOU MADE JACKAL. Alot of people are resubbing after not playing for years because they found no point in grinding on freedom anymore. Don't ruin your own efforts to revitalize a game by some ill-conceived rules. - Make WS and channeling skills faster, it's too much of a grind to decent weapons to entice people. WS Gains are SLOWER on Jackal (wtf?) Jackal is an opportunity to actually make WURM great, where you release meaningful seasonal content patches. This was a good start, dont scrap the idea just fix and improve. Alot of us are really enjoying working together on a goal that feels more then just "minecraft freedom wurm" -- EDIT OMG IM A GENIUS. Memory Stone - 1000 Jackal Points - Copy any 1 skill from Jackal to Freedom at a 1:1 skill ratio. Body Stone - 2000 Jackal Points - Copy all gains to body stats at a 1:1 ratio Mind Stone - 2000 Jackal Points - Copy all gains to Mind stats at a 1:1 ratio Soul Stone - 2000 Jackal Ponts - Copy all gains to Soul stats at a 1:1 ratio
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    the bed bugs grow large here
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    For the last hour I've been writing a Wurm song, which I named "Independence Anthem". It's really silly, but I thought it would be fun to share anyway. I don't know anything about writing songs and basically just counted syllables to get the rows to add up, so constructive criticism is welcome. It tells the story of when people first moved to Independence, in a slightly romanticized and simplified way. It's voice-only and recorded with the microphone on my webcam, but I wanted to show what kind of melody I had in mind when writing it. Pretend that a singer accompanied by a lute, a harp and a flute is performing it and it'll sound like I want it to (assuming you know how I want it to sound..okay the explanation isn't working). The song: http://aerisu.tumblr.com/post/53460060211/a-song-i-made-inspired-by-an-event-in-the-game#disqus_thread The lyrics: The Independence Anthem A kingdom once shattered in three pieces each Took sails towards the horizon, Well out of wars' reach They founded a home when the shore'd been reached Counted all their blessings, And Gods they beseeched: Please let us live here in peace in the woods! We'll live as pride tradesmen, And pay with our goods Oh, Please let us stay here forever, for good! We'll live by the God's rules, As best as one could Please let us live here in peace in the woods! The lands were so rich, but the mountains so high To find some little valley, Takes you to the sky They searched hard and said "this is where I will die" The kingdom rebuilt albeit without a king Lives happily in the forest, And they need nothing They took a look around them and saw everything Counted all their blessings, And still they're asking: Please let us live here in peace in the woods! We'll live as pride tradesmen, And pay with our goods Oh, Please let us stay here forever, for good! We'll live by the God's rules, As best as one could Please let us live here in peace in the woods!
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    I see freedom as a hippy community that broke away from the 3 way fighting of the kingdoms and declared themselves neutral.
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    Given the lots of gobbies now running everywhere (and having seen even a champ gob lately for the second time at all - first was on Pristine) I would love to have an opportunity to dominate some as a non priest. The electrum runes of Magranon and Libila are still free.
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    @Kingtrentold me to leave a comment for a BIG reward >.> so rude