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    Somewhere, in the middle of Jackal, sits a small mischievous bag...
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    You absolutely can still amount to something. Here's the trick: Don't be a person who needs to be THE best at something. Be cool, don't be the kind of person who fearmongers alt use or some doomsayer of every possible thing that's done to the game. Do things at your own pace and own leasure. If you hit the game too hard, you'll fizzle out. My account isn't special at all. It's not even impressive in the slighest. Yet people still think I'm some high skill player or some people know who I am. If you can be a good person, if you can help others when you can, no matter how big or small the task, you'll get far in the game. Be part of the playerbase that helps others and doesn't just talk utter trash, and you will go far.
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    Man i feel like you post for the sake of posting.
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    Someone had to do it. Can we have MUGA hats made in game? But seriously, I've looked for other Sandbox games and I can't find one like this one. EVE Online is the only other sandbox worth mentioning in my honest, but its a completely different Genre. One scratches the back, the other scratches different jiggly bits. Why isn't everyone just dragging their friends kicking and screaming into this game? Or even better, why not hang around Havens Landing hiring newbs to do stuff, like anything keeping them in the game longer then a day or two? Not saying I won't do that, just haven't seen many people do it (or perhaps I missed it if they are). I feel like this Big-ole Steam WO release is F%^&*ng up everyone's ability to just dive in causing players to stay in limbo for fear of wasting their time. Give me some love, tell me I'm wrong. Cheers. Just wanted to rant a bit. c'est la vie
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    The Lunalong Building - Dracaa Greetings Wurmians! Retro here with the hottest of goss, the juiciest of news, the most scandalous of tidbits, aka the Valrei International! But first.. Patch Notes We'd be alright if the wind was(not) in our sails! No sea shanties here, but there is something coming very soon! That's right, the long wanted ability to furl sails and remove windspeed affecting the ships movement. This allows for better control when parking and also makes the docks a little nicer looking in my opinion! In the hall of the mountain farmer Also coming soon is the ability to farm underground! We'll be adding farming boxes for you to plant and grow any crop inside caves. These will be able to be built below ground as well as above ground in buildings. They are not able to be tended however. They don't need sunlight either, but that's wogic for you! UI works One of our goals with the UI update is to add scalability to text to allow for 4k monitors to be a lot easier to read, and with that we're working on allowing UI elements to be resized as you can see below To cut down on clutter within the UI the health/stamina bar will also be compacted, showing CCFP and sleep bonus when moused over Wurm Unlimited news As some have already stated, our focus for Wurm unlimited is shifting from content updates from WO to bug fixes and more modding support. We'll be adding the client modloader to the vanilla WU client which will allow for easier control of mods as well as many other features. We'll be working closely with server admins and modders via the Discord server in providing as much support as we can. While this does mean the end of content updates from us, our goal is to provide as much freedom as possible to the modders to continue to push what is possible in Wurm. Community Content The Lunalong is here! In the amazing underground halls of Kappa on Xanadu, located just near Lormere is the annual Lunalong by Dracaa, it's an amazing deed, with amazing people, and just, gosh, so amazing. There's even a maze...ing This Friday our very own Bloody Drongo will be hosting his annual fashion competition there too, so make sure to get your swimsuit body ready (or harvest one) and attend! There's a lot in the works, and our focus is on making Wurm the best game it can be over the next few months, this includes the loyalty system I have discussed as well as other features including improvements to Animal Husbandry, combat and a bunch of other things yet to hit the table. We're always looking ahead, and it looks great. Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Dog training- Would be a lot of fun and enhance the whole over all experience hunting if I could breed a dog that could let me know when he smelled something interesting in a certain direction while we were traveling down the road or walking in the wilderness. You hear him start barking and/or acting oddly, standing alert and looking in a certain direction, and a message of some sort appears in the local message screen. Cat training- Anyone with cats knows how much they like to leave "gifts" for their owners. Dead birds. Half of the mouse they caught in the night and felt like sharing. Would be fun to see what they could find and bring back to us with some training. And, as I mentioned in my comment on this OP, maybe they could finally track down those ducks and frogs that we hear all over the place but never can find.
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    Read over "Retro's Guide to Suggesting Good...", and realized my +1 earlier in the post does not mean anything, so... I would greatly enjoy seeing this in the game! One thing that I think is lacking to some degree (and I know others have said the same) is the need for more "life" in the game. More critters. (Those elusive ducks and frogs have to be around somewhere, right?) Taming a dog or a cat sounds great, and I did it once. He just sat there, pretty much, and eventually starved to death. The experience was sort of... blah. If I can only tame one animal, I'd rather tame something more useful. However, if we could tame and then domesticate dogs and cats and have them wander around the deed at will, showing up in odd and interesting places or maybe bringing us a stick to throw for them 'cause they want to play, (would be a laugh to see a wild cat do that), it would add an element of life to the game environment while we are working and playing around our deeds. Being able to train and send them hunting to bring back something useful from time to time would be a nice touch. Maybe even allow them to develop their own stats which improve their chance of catching something and increase the variety of what they might be able to hunt down. So, please consider adding domesticated and then breedable dogs and cats into the game world! Humbly submitted... ~TH~ Hermit of Hermitage P.S.- Just kidding about domesticated wild cats bringing us sticks. Maybe they could be trained to find those elusive frogs and ducks for us instead? Ducks make great meals when cooked right, and frogs make pretty good fish bait for some species of fish out there. A skilled domesticated wild cat could be something valuable to have around, aside from just entertainment on deed.
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    This game shines when there are more new players than older so i for one would like to see what happens on the steam release and if they can manage to keep the servers from crashing when they hit capacity.
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    Not letting us dye patchwork pants is an ongoing travesty.
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    we still can pack shrimpiie island for christmass! lol
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    The cope in this thread is too damn high!
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    Yes! Is there to collect all our tears:)
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    1s for rare baking stone? If you agree cod to Kochinac pls
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    I really enjoyed the first 2-4 weeks and the challenge that Jackal provided during this time. After that, it's settled into a grind, after seeing the first iteration of skill transfers that were bugged and like 1%, I stopped playing to see what would happen. I had the expectation that I could have fun playing on a new server, and have my time compensated - honestly I thought it would be a 1:1 ratio, where grinding one hour on Jackal would be about the same as grinding for an hour on Freedom. We need to pay for premium to get on the server, we lose all our gears, affinities, all our property that we make, instead we get skins and get to keep the skills we make, sounded perfectly fair to me. It takes the same amount of time to grind, I just don't have to do it in an insanely boring tedium like it is on freedom servers, with Jackal you have more challenges, which inevitably even at 1:1 timewise would make it slower, but spice it up so much more that I would play after a 4 year hiatus. I was even looking forward to the second iteration even if they just restarted with a different map - before I saw the skill transfer rate. Basically right now it's a complete waste of time to build your character at all, everything goes away, and the consolation prize is more a slap in the face, my main probably put in over 15 days playtime, 70fs, 50ws, all I'm getting is a skin out of it, so I thought I would get a nice chunk of WS, which I find mind numbing to do on freedom, not to mention my deed finally decayed after 3 years of just keeping it up for nothing. Any time spent on Jackal, should be spent going for points, anything else, a complete waste of time. I love the playstyle of Jackal, but the packrat in me needs to be satisfied. I need to be able to keep some stuff (stuff including skills.), why make Jackal such a waste of time? I want to play on a server with a lot of untouched wilderness, where everyone's not running around in drake sets and running over everything. I thought Jackal would just be an alternative, brilliant. I think it would be cool if we could keep affinities, maybe pick one item, we get all these cool rare items, it seems sad they will all just disappear. If not on freedom, then maybe on another cluster, where all characters go after each iteration, maybe even make it PvP. I thought the Jackal server was going to be our "Ladder" league, where we would all start fresh, and keep most of our work afterwards like in other games. We keep pretty much nothing though, I'm not sure I would even be interested in a 50% transfer rate. I was completely addicted for a month, getting that bed up and finding a pelt that first week, that part of wurm is the most fun for me, then striking it out, and getting up housing in the middle of a beast infested mountainside, having to be on your toes every second, that's awesome. What comes next though, is the grind, it was still engrossing, but the skill transfer rate totally kills any incentive to continue putting in the time to make a "Godly character", at this point, my character is where it is, 70fs, 50 body, it's good enough to get Jackal points, that's all I'm going to spend time on from this point. During the second iteration, there's no way in hell I'm grinding those skills back, knowing I will get just about nothing in return and I'm not going after points so I would very likely bow out next round. Plus you guys got rid of earning silvers from the trader, there's really no point in playing now. I will just get points for any skins I would want and that's all. I'm guessing skins are not even that expensive if one wanted to buy them as well. TL;DNR: Jackal is fun, but the incentive to play is not there, it's basically a trial server that you need to pay to play on.
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    modlauncher files and mods folder should go into Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server, not the later.
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    That is strange... I've also notice that the lag get noticeable when I've been imp'ing beacons, and have had others in local also complaining. Though not so bad to get kicked out, but then I'm not imp'ing beacons to such a high level yet. While the lag graphs don't show anything significant, I wonder if the changes in status of tiles is getting updated by the server, and the changes sent to the client, with each imp/repair action. The server traffic graph shows some spikes, but... So, maybe something in the way the client is handling the checks for the change between desolation/freedom as the beacon quality increases, and so the area being checked expands. Maybe doing this check with each imp/repair action, and not able to keep up...?
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    I played on jackal but not really the way I was supposed to. I did not really like the idea and concept of rifts and jackal beacons so when I started it was more to try it out, but mabe could have some fun and help out by play with my small group of friends from Freedom. I had to start from beginning to have a chance to skill up and so, so that I did. This is my personal opinon as a player. All from the start I struggle with bugs and bad game mechanisms. No proper hunting around start and nothing respawned Leading to very hard to get simple things like pelts and rugs Rift beast were more annoying in start than adding to fun, they came way to early before any had a chance to skill up to fight them Was depend on live near start deed because was only entrance back to Freedom Moved to area looked like good hunting an hour travel from start but as soon all killed nothing really respawn (south vs north spawn issue) I was to late to get beacons before the materials for lodestone decayed (bug), didnt want to use deeds to defeat them wanted to be able to fight them but spawn issue delayed me in that Skill gain for improving skill way to slow because of reuse of epic skill system but without curve you improve very fast and short action timer with reduced skill gain and no improved skill gain over skill level as on freedom I continued play because I used Jackal as just a new server and it was fun because a lot of things I could skip that does not make sense on so short time span server or very boring to grind. I skipped making roads, nice deed design, religion, meditating. Guess I also lost motivation on Freedom and nothing to do as high end player, especially with my friends (should be a focus point for further development of Wurm). If temporary server concept for pve should be repeated I think there should it would be beneficial with another concept for beacons more similar to pvp towers. Now you are allowed to settle far from anyone else but not allowed to get a deed. If beacons had to be placed within a limited range of other friendly beacons and enemy beacons blocked building it could have given a more interesting game play. I think Wurm should focus more on small groups instead of see everything as one big community. People have different interest and not all like each other or find it fun to play with random people. Coorporation as a big community will never work. Many medium and small groups can though game mechanism indirectly work together, example by have to clear beacon and build beacons to fight the Jackal. I also think it should be made so you cant use Templar and guardsr to defeat the beacons. It OK you had to build a lodestone with rare materials on freedom but I think it should not be a limitation on Jackal, go back via Freedom beacons should have been possible. Now my Freedom alliance more or less died out. Getting fighting skill should not be limited by a poor spawn system. I think it should be considered that we started with 20 skill similar to challenge server, no point in have to grind from 1 on everything or it should at least be a lot faster to get up to useful skill level. Jackal should have been a pve war with a front line. Then if creature AI were a bit more intelligent so jackal form groups to attack into freedom areas and possible attack freedom beacons similar to we attack theirs. Could make the community grow and start to coorprorate for a common goal.
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    It's more that the changes are on a foundational level and cannot be retroactive. So we need to sit down and work out how we can improve the next edition and what steps we will take to get there, major changes will likely take a month or two anyways.
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    If everyone is disappointed after round 1, who's gonna play round 2?
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    It's not designed to be faster skilling on Jackal than freedom, I don't think that's ever going to be the case. That said, there will likely be a lot of tweaking before round 2 regarding skills, changing our counter on jackal to accomodate coc and sleep bonus is one of them. Increasing skillgain on Jackal may be another.
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    "I'll agree" if you actually had a reasoning anywhere on that line.. but I still miss your point.. could you dumb that down and provide an actual explanation of your thought process? Is it better to create a meta server with 1:1 or better skill-gains.. where players will go just to get skills to transfer to freedom in the end.. that will result in a ghost main server.. for which you still grind to get skill on.. in the end.. Almost a fan of the RolfKappaHD.. but unsure if the wurm community is ready to handle such humor.
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    I've accidentally bought the huge axe skin, decided to give it a go. To be honest the default huge axe looks way better. (thats an adamantine axe) Also the handle is so big that it clips through the finger Both axe skins look like woodcutting axes imo, when the skins were announced, I imagined something more influenced by jackal, like embeded jackal crystals, new wood type handles etc. Meanwhile, as Wipeout stated all the weapons look like they came straight from the factory, and they're more like decorations than actual weapons. Also, the default huge axe skin is already a bearded axe, so its not really that much of a difference tbh, just a little bit different shape of the blade + an oversized handle.
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    Nice! Please allow the planting boxes on surface also
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    The scenario: You're happily pottering away, planting trees for your woodcutting mad deedmate to grind on in a month or two, and you have an idea! Why not have an item that holds sprouts and plants them without you needing to select? You rush to the forums and quickly make a post "omg put this in now!" "plant sprouts with a tool!" the thread sort of sits there, occasionally someone will +1 but it doesn't come ingame, what happened? We need to dial it back a few things first. The purpose of this board: Firstly, suggestions are a great place for players to post and share ideas about what they would like to see in the game, and we often spend a lot of time reading through them while discussing potential additions or changes to mechanics in the game. What this board is NOT for is voting in new changes, a popular suggestion or a well reasoned one may be great, and might be something we'd love to see too, but it does not guarantee something will be implemented. Often it's a matter of time, resource/manhour requirements, or simply not in our focus at this point. Look before you leap (to posting): Before throwing up your own post, take the time to quickly search to see if it's been suggested before. This allows you to simply add your thoughts to the post, keeps it all in one place and also has all the old discussion (or maybe even a post by a dev explaining why it can/can't happen). Posting new threads without taking the time to look means the discussion for/against is split up and quite a pain to view everyones opinions without a lot of running around. Elevator pitch: With that said, the best suggestions tend to have some things in common, the title is always very clear, state what your idea is in a quick single line, you can go into detail in the thread but avoid titles such as "devs please read" or "this needs to be added" (we don't think anyone posts suggestions thinking they don't need to be added) please also avoid claiming an idea is quick or easy, it's not always the case and can lead to feeling negative if it's not added (being hard isn't the reason things aren't added). Content is king: So we've got the title done, now we have the meat, the original topic! When writing your suggestion, it's worth expanding a little more than one or two sentences. We aren't looking for online recipes where you describe your life experiences leading up to this situation, but it would be nice to see what you want added, how you might envision it work. Some suggestions are more detailed than others, adding a sprout planting tool is far simpler than suggesting a new mechanic system, but always work on fleshing out your idea as much as you can, I've seen some suggestions of "add this, not sure how it'll work but that's up to the devs" which means that it's not a fully thought out idea and can't help us discuss and weigh up the ideas. If you can find reference pictures, or screenshots from ingame that help visualise your idea do it! This is your place to pitch your ideas, make sure you put in the work for it! Commentastic: Now you're sure it's the only post of that idea, the title is accurate and simple, and the post is great, now on to the comments! First rule of commenting, this isn't a voting system. +1 does nothing, we do not tally up votes of pluses or minuses to weigh out ideas, it means nothing to us and distracts from the discussion. What we do look for is meaningful contribution, if you want to say you like an idea, like the main post, if you have thoughts, feelings, concerns, voices telling you things about it feel free to post those. A paragraph about why someone feels something may not be good for the game beats a million +1's because none of those explain why someone feels it would be good for the game or their play. The comments section should be for discussion about something, pros and cons, if you feel something won't be good for your play say so! We see a few "+1 but only if I can turn it off" which means "I don't actually want to use this and thus I have no reason to support it" if you say "this isn't something I would use because x" means we get a better idea of why people might not want to use it. The suggestion spectrum: Types of suggestions that are good vs types that are bad Suggestions are for players ideas about adding features or changing mechanics, things you'd like to see in the game or feel the game could use. It's not for "fix x bug" (they go in server/client bugs). Another type of post that is not appropriate is the meta suggestion. The meta suggestion is not a suggestion about something in the game, but about the game as a business. Suggesting business decisions (such as pricing, patches, hiring and firing of staff) are not to be posted in here. If you want to have a discussion about those aspects you're welcome to use town square, but the suggestions board is not for that. There's been a huge amount of great suggestions, and many have found their way into the game over the years, and many more will in the future too. I spend a considerable amount of time working through them and finding things to help the devs when they are working on specific areas. Too long, got distracted by shinies: So to sum up in a little TL;DR: Make sure you're not reposting an already existing idea, take a minute to do a quick keyword search. Make your title clear as to what you are suggesting, help us know what's inside when we click. Flesh out your post with all the information you feel gives the best overview. This is your time to shine! Provide constructive comments, +1's and -1's aren't useful, we overlook and ignore them anyways, post why you like or dislike something. Bugs go in the bugs section. Sensitive bugs go in PM's to the GM team, myself, or Alectrys. Don't post meta suggestions, if you wish to discuss something about the state of the game feel free to open discussion on the town square. So I hope that all helps you formulate your post to get the best engagement from your fellow players, and also helps commenters be the best commenters they can be. Thank you for coming to my TED talk Retro
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    pop my name down to imp on Carpentry, Fine Carpentry, Masonry, Stone cutting, Leather working, Cloth Tailoring. I'm interested in setting up an area where people can come for forge/ oven imps if you're interested? lemme know and we can talk details on getting an area set up for it, can bring extra shards if needed. Also a bed, please
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    Also for the chess board lovers !
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    The friend-a-long at Friendship bay is winding down. Sometimes cleaning up after the guests brings an unexpected surprise.
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    Magic! Fort Allery on Deliverance
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    Sadly it works like that with new lighting system.
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    Already considered as an option and will probably happen at some point
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    Compensation for your entertainment? How much are you paying and to who?
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