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    Winter is gone, but the Snowman Revival continues at the Vynora altar ... HD version TeeeBOMB screenies.
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    We aren't looking at that at this stage.
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    +1 me and Jake need this
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    I'd like to offer a simple addition to the game- Ice fishing. Not sure how complicated it might be to enact this, but it sure would be fun to have it. Something a little different to look forward to in the winter months. Allow small lakes and small bays on larger lakes to freeze over in the winter time. No ice at sea or in tunnels. Do not allow any vehicles or animals to be ridden out onto the ice. Player walks out on foot, cuts a hole, sits down and fishes. Player cuts a hole in the ice with a hatchet or axe Player fishes using a pole. Player sits down when fishing, and fishing is done largely afk, a lot like the old fishing system sounds like to me. (I was not in the game for the old fishing system, but it sounded pretty afk simple). Increased chances to catch certain species of fish when ice fishing, and maybe add a new species just for winter ice fishing. Allow camp fires to be built on the ice surface. Maybe have fishing holes freeze over faster if no campfire is built in a neighboring tile. If the devs felt up to it, add an ice fishing shanty to the game- built using light weight materials. A structure comprised of wood shaft frame tied together with rope and covered in animal hides to block the wind, for instance, that resembled a teepee or a small yurt. Maybe have options to suit player's differing taste (We all like options in such things ). A small campfire should be able to be built within it. Ice fishing holes would never freeze over when covered in an ice fishing shanty. Players could secure them for use over the winter, allowing for supplies and harvested fish to be stored there during the season. Any ice shanties left on the ice when spring arrives disappear, and anything left in them falls into the lake and begins decaying. Ice fishing shanties should be collapsible like a tent (though much heavier). They could be loaded in a large cart or wagon for transport. Just an idea I've been thinking on a bit. A search on the forums did not turn up anything when I looked for "ice fishing", so I'm not sure if this has been suggested before. Either way, I'd love to pause everything in the brief winter spell and travel to the nearest small lake or bay and throw up an ice fishing shanty for a week of ice fishing and other shenanigans during Wurm's wintry season. Humbly submitted... ~TH~ Hermit of Hermitage
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    I just love building highways and other roads, it's my main occupation since I started playing. For fun today I traced most of the actual highways I built in southern Xanadu on the community map. Most of those highways I built just to link central south to other places. Included is an image of it, also an image of a crazy scenic trail I'm working on and a pic of The Observatory Tower on the peak. Legend : Red is already built, blue is the part I am working on now, yellow is approximate of what's left to do :). It starts at my deed and will end at the Sandstone Slumber Inn I built on the highway to Lormere, the whole trail will be all pretty high up. The main idea at first was to start at the Inn just to reach the desert high up on the mountain, where I'm sure either nobody's ever been or maybe very few. But since I had already built this crazy road up the mountain behind my place, with a deed on the peak named World's End, I decided to continue from there all the way to the inn :), If you ever come to Xanadu S 18 come visit me, I'll take you see some crazy scenic view of Xanadu. Not sure why I'm posting this, for fun I guess.
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    So I have let this go far too long without an update of about any sort and I greatly apologize folks! I have been blazing away at a ton of things for this year: The Impers: The Games: The Beds: Lastly, I plan this to be the final Impalong I host here at Blackmoor. It has been a wild 4 years(almost) of hosting, but alas a lot of factors have contributed to this decision Front and center is that I am getting married next September, and simply cannot devote the volume of time necessary to ensure the Impalong is up to snuff so to speak. I do spend most of the year on these things! Next is the financials. When it comes to Wurm I simply let myself get carried away with spending, mainly supplies for more construction of the deed for the Impalong, along with everything from prizes to Impalong materials. The reason why I spend on the Impalong rather than prod the community is that I can better ensure the quality of volume of material when purchased, and leave it as one less thing to worry about come Impalong time. What I have encountered at far too many Impalongs was a shortage mainly of resources, or of prizes ect, and that is something I simply never wanted to allow. Next is time/sanity, as I said I work on these things year-round, and especially come Impalong time, I devote quite a lot of that precious resource towards it. I enjoy doing it, to give back to the community, but it s quite an affair to solo host an Impalong on the scale that everyone deserves; and especially last year I was quite at the end of what a single person could manage/run. Sanity, that would also be nice to have a bit more of! Lastly, I have no clue where Wurm will be in a year from now population wise. I really just do not know where the population will stand following the Steam release but I know for certain if it does not go well then I do not want to be the last memory of these Impalongs to be that of a small population attending it, but to rather go out with a bang, and have them looked back upon with fond memories for all such as how I view the first Impalong I attended. I would not necessarily be opposed to trying to organize something on the new Steam server, but there are a lot of factors involved there, and the possibility may arise to continue hosting at Blackmoor in the far future, who knows? I would also gladly assist other would-be Impalong hosts, should they wish me to; and I still plan on just generally attending Impalongs as well, but the cards are not in my favor at this point for me to continue to host right now, who knows what the future may hold though in succeeding years. On a lighter note, however, don't forget to join our Impalong discord channel! https://discord.gg/QeQRWK6
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    Would it hurt to give this information in the original post? Also would be nice to know if it works exactly the same as if it were actual farm spot, so you can tend it as well to give more yield. Or is this against some policies that you guys love just to keep players begging for information? I dont understand why you guys want to keep everything as a secret because its gonna be asked pretty much instantly or reported as a bug. Give the proper details when you introduce stuff... We can say its a new QoL thing. Thanks!
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    Finally tried out the new fishing system and have a suggestion. An option to "release" fish from your inventory. Functionally similar to discard, but only works on fishing catchables near water (if you care enough to actually code the near water part, I could probably live without it).
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    Right now, hitching posts work like vehicles, requiring a certain amount of Body Strength for an animal to be hitched. For a hitching post, this is roughly 15 Body Strength, based on the hitching post's weight. Unfortunately, this means many domestic/common animals cannot be tied to them, including: Pigs Hens / Roosters / Chicks Pheasants Foals Calves Lambs Human children (For the sake of brevity I've only listed domestic animals; there are other tameable creatures that also cannot be hitched.) I was really hoping I could use hitching posts for some of these, especially hens and pigs, since the trough would help out a lot, and the post itself helps position the animals to avoid overcrowding without having to use tons of fence posts. So, why not just disable the Body Strength check, either for domestic animals only or for all animals? The gameplay argument: There's no real detriment done to the game by allowing things like hens or pigs to be hitched to a post, or for Body Strength to be the limiting factor, and expanding the number of animals that can use it would make it more convenient to raise animals like pigs and chickens. Moreover, when a player attempts to hitch an animal to a post, it's not really clear why it would fail. The realism argument: You can tie off damn near any animal to a post if you really want to. People even walk hens on leashes and harnesses (or you could tie a rope around its leg if you were desperate). It doesn't really depend on how strong the animal is, although it's obviously a bit trickier for smaller animals. Either way, it's certainly more obviously realistic than some other things we can already do with animals, such as hitching a giant insect to the yoke of a cart. So basically... it's unintuitive on multiple levels why it works this way, and removing the Body Strength check would also improve gameplay applications without causing problems, so why not?
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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recruitment board of The city of Astrix ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Independence A fresh city, by decently experienced and active players looking for more members counting 7+ active and few ocasional players willing to recruit anybody willing to just enjoy the game, no hurry, no grind if you dont want to, no need for excuses only thing needed is your good will and good spirit the more people run up and down the streets the merrier ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Plots ready to be settled,farms ready to be farmed animals to be cared for, and anything and everything you would enjoy doing you can supplies and tools ready to be used, anything you need we can help you get or give to you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Located just off the Diamond highway on Q20 In-game contacts: Silphius, Silphidude, Mietax, Benalish, Firedragon Discord contact - benalish#2257
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    I don't really want to, but I am taking a break from Wurm because RL attacked. I'm not sure how long I will be gone, but it will most likely be measured in months or more. I've really enjoyed every aspect of Wurm. The players ( even the GL Trolls ), the game itself, being a CA ( even for as short of a time as I was one ), even dropping random stuff off at deeds because they gave me unload permissions... all of it. I hope I was able to help people in my short tenure as a CA, bring a smile to someone or make them chuckle with my stupid jokes and image/video links or even help someone outside of being a CA - be it with a project, a random question in GL or Freedom, a desperately needed item or even just a conversation. Sorry, this is getting depressing. To keep it from ending on a depressing note, I'll post my last bit of graffiti on @PandyLynn's deed. I hope you all like it and Pandy, I hope you love them and cherish them PS: The screenshot does not give their color any credit at all. They are a truly blinding pink even without snow on the ground.
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    But here is my question wouldnt it be better to have steam marketplace integration ready for launchday and start of with only silver being traded on it with future content maybe added later on? vs 6-1 year down the track when most players would have left? Going of current history the wurm dev team isnt really business focused on "hey we should grow the player base and introduce ideas that will make us money without pissing off the playerbase" they rather withhold things like the golden mirror for a "future" shop and other items like that instead of letting players buy them sooner There was talks for a long time about a new shop where we could buy certain cosmetic items(like the golden mirror) and this was talked about time and time again and then because steam news came out this lost all traction and no one is asking about it but to me its like this is the perfect chance to release these items and release them onto steam first as some incentive to go there next to the alure of a fresh start and steam and its store page and marketplace are the ideal locations to setup these new items and get the funds together to make that long promised store for normal wurm Which is why i hope that they will change their stance from "its currently not something we are thinking of" to "we really should think about this as the possible extra income we can create during our launch window will be a nice boost to revenue" and best of all it wont impact any player in a negative way edit: i had to add this Now imagine you got your marketplace setup and the art team makes a bunch of new jackal skins that you can buy with your jackal points but oh look you can now also put them on the marketplace and sell them for a few cents to a few dollars for the popular ones and all the sudden more incentive to go play jackal for the player which in turn means better player numbers and more people engaged with new content which will look good on the dev's side of "is this project a success or not" You throw the players a bone with stuff like that and they are more willing to engage with trade and content for rewards like that Sure the current player base most of them are not part of that group who play games in that manner where they engage with such a market but a majority of steam players do seem to interact with the steam marketplace sooner then later and with a huge number actually actively engaging with it even for shitty games which is still a boost to population numbers and a boost to the economy of wurm as a whole and a boost to revenue income for wurm so how can this not be a good thing for a business?
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    ok so still nothing other than assumptions about the hyper ultra mega dirty meta grind, do you mean just COMMON KNOWLEDGE? some people actually spend some time to find out how grinding works, and is it really that suprising that they can do it a little bit faster than a total noob? look at the top accounts on jackal niarja, I dont see anything weird there btw did you know that jackal skillgain is different than freedom? plz link the dirty tricks I want my body to be strong let me get my pickaxe
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    there is only 1 tabard in-game and that is for every tabard out there, you have to be in the said kingdom to have the tabard and it only works in chaos. once you come to freedom servers, you are instantly part of freedom kingdom and you will show its colours.
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    Feels like some people forget that RMT will not be a thing on the Steam Servers. What market is there to dominate or worth to be dominated in whatever way if there is no real gain for those people who so far dominated markets. I assume their biggest motivation to date was to make silver and turn that into RL money. With that reason being gone, money will only go into the game, sure people could dominate the market but the silver would just pile up and pay their deed costs and maybe some subs but then? Unless ofc they sell it by shady means... which risks a ban. I am sure CC would raise an eyebrow if silver (specially larger sums) is transfered without any evidence of a product or service being offered in return. Not saying there wont be people who with the right skillset can "dominate" a market, but that happens all the time in any MMO that starts fresh and is just worse in MMOs where "clean servers" are launched cause people have a vast amount of how-to knowledge by then. (even though in Wurm I would have a hard time to pick a skill or two to master first, maybe Blacksmithing or whatever but there is so many good and required skills to make good stuff!) I don't see it as a big deal with RMT being removed from those servers and new people interested would just get a small glimpse by that then as to how it is on the older WO servers, it is an aspect of the game. And if someone is afraid of new people not getting the same amount of help, I am sure there will be a CA chat where people can ask stuff and I am sure there will be plenty of vets who want this to succeed for the greater good of Wurm and help out a fair bit too (I will anyhow if the chance happens). And if you consider spoiling new people with free armor, weapons or great tools they could not get there until later on "help to make them stay or interested" - why would a new person seriously want that aside from the current way MMOs work? QUICK to the endgame! And then? Quit the game. People, also new ones, should enjoy the time they spend here... if they need high end equipment to do so then they wont last very long to begin with. Wurmians are a very special kind of people (not in a bad way either, we just have a acquired taste ), I think that was established by now, it will always be a niché game - I just wish the population was more stable, that steady decline in the graph makes me sad. Maybe burnout, other adventures, who knows... not like Wurm has a "Cancel the Subscription" and then gives the person who cancels the sub a chance to give feedback of why they do. Then again the forums have plenty of posts of why people leave, but gathering that information... well idk if anyone does, but I don't envy that job. I hope Wurm gets it's act together, polishes up in a decent way with the new UI and remains among the living for a long time, my mains sub is still going even if I only play 4-5 Months of a year, simply because Wurm - even with the ton of sandbox games out there - is still a very unique game.
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    That is strange... I've also notice that the lag get noticeable when I've been imp'ing beacons, and have had others in local also complaining. Though not so bad to get kicked out, but then I'm not imp'ing beacons to such a high level yet. While the lag graphs don't show anything significant, I wonder if the changes in status of tiles is getting updated by the server, and the changes sent to the client, with each imp/repair action. The server traffic graph shows some spikes, but... So, maybe something in the way the client is handling the checks for the change between desolation/freedom as the beacon quality increases, and so the area being checked expands. Maybe doing this check with each imp/repair action, and not able to keep up...?
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    WOW good service very good no extra fee charge.
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    "That's 2022 content.. being able to live on your boat.. collecting rain water, gardening, fishing, crafts.. decorating rooms on the boat and so on? No? Well the year after that than!"
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    i agree while the ideas are awesome and would be cool to see cannons and planters on boats are a bit much. I also love the idea for pirate sail, skins, or even flags but that's for another forum post all together. However i stand by the idea that the anchor slot either a craftable like the fish keeper or just an update to the boat code, is quality of life addition that would make seafaring just that little bit better. I know having to have your inventory open and the anchor selected then clicking the boat to moor, and currently with the wind-speed always affecting the boat (soon to change) if you don't hit it just right parking and mooring is just flat out frustrating including the need to disembarking and push the boat around. Furthermore if a persons inventory is full when embarking and raising the anchor (this happens on row/ sail boats more often than anything ive noticed) it gives the inventory and weight restriction warning, and will not allow a person to raise the anchor without having to drop things, and if the boat is full the person will not be able to pick those items they had to drop back up because the anchor wont fit into the boat. So to improve this the idea is to have a slot on the boat you can put an anchor in, so all a person has to do is click the boat and have the option to moor or raise anchor automaticly in the menu..........oh and a dyeable tricorn hat
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    A great concept and of course most enjoyable to watch on YouTube after a spell in-game.. Looking forward to the wheel taking you to Pristine.
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    So 10-20 people compared to 100+ in the beginning - most of which quit jackal, and some even quit wurm due to burnout, low reward and bugs. Now its just a handful of people that have to destroy hundreds of beacons, i think its jus a matter of time untill they quit too.
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    See... that's how it works. They introduce raising and lowering sails and next thing you know, people want to add planter boxes on them, anchor slots and mounted artillery. And we don't even have the sails going up yet! That's why we can't have nice things!!
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    If everyone is disappointed after round 1, who's gonna play round 2?
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    Well this topic is mainly about necroing threads that has been happening for the last few days, seems like theres a competition for finding the oldest post on the forums and people are bumping threads from 2009, absolute mad lads
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    *sees a reply in a thread from 2009*
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    FO came to visit. I invited him to the village but doesn't talk to lowborns.
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    I bought it (full price) under the premise that was advertised which was that WU would receive WO's core updates, albeit not some features like rifts. It was not advertised as "will be updated for <x> years at which time we will evaluate whether to continue updating it or not". Nice try, though.
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    My hope is they do something like the following: change skill gain, make it more like WU, i do not mean faster, just change it that it pays to use the highest QL tools at all time. the thing with the skiller crappy tools has always bothered me. ----------- Make it Free to play but also offer a subscription option. free to play can do anything they want but is limited to 1 character. subscription comes with 1 additional character and the ability to purchase additional character upgrades (one time purchase, but not playable if subscription ends) subscription gives a flat 5 % skill gain increase and some vanity options maybe like "no passive decay on items in your inventory" or something thats usefull but not game breaking. --------- NO RMT! NO ACCOUNT SALES! ------------ make a decent shop, give it its own currency ( shop coins) and give people with a subscription a few coins a month that are only useable in the shop and can not be traded. and sell shopcoins for RL money. in the shop: sell skillgain potions (2 hours or 100% ) lots of skins for characters and walls. maybe things like 1 time gender chance, 1 time character remodelling etc vanity items like a skin for a fountain. do yearly new themes in the shop. like a medieval theme for year where most new skins have that theme to it ----------------- servers: make servers special, give them a theme of some sorts. have a server with harder terrain, more brutal animals and as a reward for that better ore vein quality or something. maybe let some servers have unique animals with unique hides that make unique and new armors, not good perse or way better, just different looking and other tools and skill requirements. spidersilk and willow bark armor.. i dont really care about the names just give more variety, have one that has almost no red animals but way more blue ones, maybe prebuild the highways between the starter towns and make it feel more like a kingdom that is safe, some guard towers etc. build some monuments with a purpose that cannot be claimed or terraformed around . for example a huge mountain peak that is named and gives an achievement if climbed. a pvp server and jackal ish server though without the skill reset. just limits all skills to 50. ---------- trade: please fix trade and just make a server wide auction system where if i have the requirement building or deed upgrade or a central DEV build deed with an auction house but lets take trade to the games of NOW and not need forums, or emails. --------- EVENTS! please make more events. oooh and on the faith and sorcery and meditation, you are starting a new game, so you want to think about doing some real changes now, since no one can complain about losing hard work yet. maybe just combine all these things into one new system without the channeling skill but with skills for spells and wisdom, books or tomes, or something needed to learn the spells. i dont know but i feel like everything was added on top of each other and not always with to much thought on the long term consequences. you can change this now. thats its . ###### dudes i just a wurm 2.0 please take my money and go make it!
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    After a few months of digging and leveling, I've moved the highway abit around my deed Havilah. It has a turn less now and is a bit smoother traveling (you can autoride a bit longer now autowalk, for that keep your eyes on the road, cause the southern part is 20 slope steep going up, the view is rather amazing tho). https://imgur.com/y8uI5MT The red line is the new highway, I've outfitted it with catseyes and it connects everything back with where I broke out the old highway (blue line). The yellow line at the bottom is a bit of the old highway I left in, to still keep Havilah connected to the highway network. I'm going to make the sides of the new highway a bit nicer (paving and such) to keep trees from growing over the highway and hindering visibilty (I'm thinking of putting some fencing in on one side to, but thats still in the works). The old boatbridge road is in the process of being reconnected to the new highway I made (tho I havent seen people use it in many years, I'll still reconnect i, so for now, anyone still swiming over will have to go swim/walk abit around havilah harbour, but it should be an easy terraform to reconnect so it will only take a few weeks of digging) (edit: I might even straighten it out while I'm at it, tho I'll have to poke around how the rocklayer is and the slopecount. Should the slope be against me, then I'll work something out to make it run through the harbour of Havilah) Edit: Later I'm planning to iron out those turns in the south on that picture, so it doesnt do that turn-straight-turnback thingy down there. This would basically make it possible to autodrive/walk for a very long time if you come from the north or go to the north Edit 2: @HughMongus The old highway is still accesable from the south, so if you plan to move the samling-highway-lamps from the old part to the new part, feel free. If you dont have plans, I can make some new ones to to plonk on the new road I made, no prob, just give a yell
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    Funniest change and day I had yesterday . So I decided to use my two yellow potions on Jackal and then went running around as a barrel at first though the prime smith was away. Then I used my next one and got to run around with a backpack on my feet and a large mallet on my feet as a goblin running away from home for 33 minutes. Was quite funny the little picture and the neat little things it got . Here you go for a good little giggle.
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    Hi Syhl, We'll get you on the map for the next update Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Update released on 2019-11-03 - 14:50 GMT (November 3, 2019) Mainly deed information updates to the map this week, plus 1 small update to the highway names in the area of Northeast Samling Fjord. As always, we have removed disbanded deeds and added those submitted to the Albia Roads Map of Indy forum. Wurm is waiting.... Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Hello, Can you add "Syhl Nolife" deed please ? Coords are 14x 48y Yellow cross is the deed location. Thank you in advance !
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    The warmaster is stupidly OP. He hits, casts, summon and have a really high resistance, way too high for the current amount of players attending rifts. Due to all the above, it would also be more logical to have the warmaster on its own wave. The 4th wave is also taking forever, making the time spend vs potential rewards quite inadequate.
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    Single-target damage from mobs is pitiful. I've seen a champion rift beast struggle to bring down a troll, and saw a rift jackal fighting a spider up on some cliffs for a wave and a half. The constant cleaving and other AOEs going on seems to stack up and bring the damage closer to what it was before the overhaul, but it still feels strange: on Noizhead I'm in even less danger than before, while my priest seems to regularly fall below 50% HP from catching random hits. If we're wanting rift mobs to act "smarter" then maybe they should consider the number of nearby foes when choosing to AOE or use single-target attacks. Mobs do not pull at range now. I've tried with both shafts and bona fide war arrows, and in both cases the rift mobs just stand there and take it. This is bad because it forces small rift groups to potentially pull tons of mobs at once, and opens the door to weird tricks--could I solo a rift in safety with a giant pile of war arrows and a murderbow? The warmaster's post-invulnerability shield leaves him with so much damage reduction that it can approach impossible for small groups to kill him, which has led to a number of recent rifts ending with the warmaster still alive but ignored while everyone burns hearts. I'd suggest making the invulnerability drop down to the Oakshell lookalike once the turrets are all defeated, and scaling the warband/turret spawns to the number of players at the rift so that he's not a pushover for big groups or impossible for small groups. Waves 1 and 2 can be merged. They are boring speedbumps and the heart-burning downtime between them just makes the new rifts drag on that much longer.
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    I think wave 4 is a bit much. I understand it's staggered but I feel like rifts in general are still too long. I think making removing the 4th wave but making wave 3 just a little bit longer would only serve to make them more accessible and appealing to players. Asking people to sacrifice about 2-3 hours of their time is a big thing really. I'd say drop wave 1 entirely, as it's pretty much just a quick pushover round. Then I'd be happy with the length of the rest of the waves. Also please make rift mobs a bit more aggressive.
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    In a sense, Rolf has not one but two "target markets" to make happy. One -- and decidedly the most important one -- is the current playerbase. These are the players who never dropped out, the ones who continued to put money into the game for 15 years, who have maintained multiple subscriptions (sometimes dozens) and multiple megadeeds (sometimes dozens) without protest even when subs were hiked. These are the ones who often buy high level characters from other players, who invested heavily into the old "trader" system, the ones who think nothing of buying $100-$200 in silver from the cash shop, the ones who love "end game" content, the ones who have spent YEARS perfecting the perfect deed and have ZERO interest in starting over. This group must never be betrayed, because if they leave the whole thing not only can, but WILL collapse. This is why Rolf will NEVER have a server wipe, and probably never force-merge servers. It would be seen as a deep betrayal, and the ones who kept Wurm afloat for years would eventually walk away because who knows what will happen next? On the other hand, the needs and interests of this group are not necessarily identical to the interests and needs of "new blood." One person who wanted to force all new players into the existing server system, noted how great this would be for the "market." Yes, if you have a high level crafter, this IS the ideal result for you, and has always been the ideal result of new players. But a handful of high level crafters can easily meet the needs of a vast market, and the result is newer players never get the chance to sell their own wares, and except for a few who can grind hours on end, can never develop their own markets. That only makes sense -- who wants to spend 30c on a 40Q item, when a 90Q item costs half that and can be made 3X faster by the master craftsman? No matter how low the new crafters cut their prices, the master craftsmen can always go lower. New players do not want to "admire and be inspired" by the older playersbase's constructions and towns and massive monuments to themselves -- they want a chance to make their OWN monuments, from a pristine environment with challenges and rewards suited to their own efforts. This is why I think the "showcase tutorial" with fancy buildings and 100 glittering sparkle signs was such a failure. Wurm is not about being impressed by someone light years ahead of you, who will always be so -- it's about making your OWN world. It's about HANDS ON experiencing the world. It's about living in a dangerous world, maybe finding a wild horse (not given a 5-speed by an existing player), carefully crafting and improving a sword they made with their own hands (not getting a 99Q admantine 2hander with LT enchants). Not every one wants to actually make their own sword and armor -- but they all want to make their own stories. Not live in a highend world created by others a decade earlier. This is only one of many reasons why a "fresh start server" -- uncontaminated by veterans jumping in a boat with their gold and builders and sailing over to terraform it all in the first two weeks -- is necessary. Every time in the past the game has howled for "MOAR ADVERTISING!!!" what they really meant was they needed fresh blood with pockets of fresh money to keep the traditional Wurm market economy churning for the high end crafters. This market economy is actually a deeply flawed system -- its super duper fun for those on top, and much much less fun for those on the bottom. The ones on top will never be satisfied and always want more and more. In their generosity, they will often give crates of high level tools armor and enchanted weapons FREE to new players thinking this will encourage them to stay, when all it really does is spoil the game for the newer players. If Rolf limits the Steam version of Wurm to nothing more than an advertising gimmick, giving them a "free client" that they essentially have had access to anyway for more than 15 years, and a "demo" where they can see only a landscape littlered with what other people have done, as they already had access to for the past 15 years, then a Steam launch is simply going to be a failure. I think Pristine and Release (quarantined, fresh start only servers) actually were a successful model -- maybe in fact one of the last successful risk Rolf ever took. Wurm's population numbers actually went up without immediately declining again a month later. I think the current server system, players, characters, deeds, communities, should always be maintained, respected, and cherished -- but the future of new blood is not in that current system. Yes the ideal end result is to eventually meld the two communities together into one big giant community, just as happened eventually with Pristing/Release. If that is done looking primarily at the needs and wants of the current player base, however, it will fail. But if it is done WITHOUT considering the needs of the current player base, it will fail much more spectacularly, much faster, and Wurm will indeed be pushed further into a death spiral. Good luck with that, Rolf! I mean that with utter sincerity. You HAVE to move forward, the game always needs to take new risks -- but the least misstep could be fatal. You have always done well at taking risks however -- sometimes even changes I personally hated. Sometimes you make massive mistakes and fall flat, but you always get up again, and you always move forward.
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    Wurmrise, the far reaches of Jackal
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    Last year I tried to run events a bit earlier on the weekends in my own timezone so that I could catch as many folks online as possible. I work a full time job so the earliest I am ever able to commit to a game is 5pm my time during the week, which misses many people there. This is a problem I was looking to correct this year, the current times for the various games are simply place holders at the moment, and I've got a few other games I must flesh out before posting them up where I hope others can run them as well. The Impalong being a Gamealong was never the intention, and more a byproduct of my trying to incorporate more games into the mix purely for entertainment purposes, as an Impalong I feel incorporates a number of events, not just imping. As a whole, I am more than happy to address problems seen by folks, rather than them feeling unwelcome.
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    Pretty epic landscapes on Jackal
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    Valrei over the Rainbow - over Dragon Mountain, The Southern Steppe, Deliverance.
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    You know something went terribly wrong when the spiders are taller than the trees...
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    Rainbow on Inde the other day
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    Secrets revealed: the arcane watcher!
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    I think the problem with WU pvp servers is that a lot of the WU code and calculations and stuff happens client side. So people can simply make hacks that will allow them to do things you wouldn't be able to otherwise. This ruins the experience. For example, I think ESP is game breaking and it diminishes the pvp experience. Yet everyone on pvp servers use them. Sure you can rule that players cant use ESP on your server, but good luck enforcing it if you aren't there 24-7 to oversee it. So the only thing it does is put legitimate players at a disadvantage. So people join a new pvp server, have fun for a few days, then wander off when the cheaters show up. I personally havent found one that doesn't suck and I think that's why.