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    So it's been a while since I have been able to play Wurm. After the computer issues I had, it's been a busy summer and autumn. I bought a sailboat in Chicago in April, have been focused on getting it ready to live aboard. At this time I am heading south, very slowly. About 5-7 knots with my little 6hp outboard motor. A very good day I make about 30 to 40 km between daylight with so many locks and dams on the rivers. Often times about 20 kilometers because the commercial traffic gets priority through the lock system. Current location is just outside of Ottawa Illinois where I will stay in harbor until weather permits on Wednesday. Brutal cold, icy decks are not exactly safe conditions to proceed currently. I post my updates on Instagram along with photos of my adventures. Joseph Ogburn on Instagram if anyone is interested in my crazy river cruise. Been interesting so far, nearly came to an end on November 5th when a barge hit me. Several groundings, my built in depth finder (keel) likes to find 5 feet. 😂 the channel is narrow and not always marked well.
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    As the title says, looking to sell off a full set of the old model statuettes (one of each of the template deities, plus one regular 'statuette'). I’m looking to get 16s for the lot. If you're interested, shoot me a pm or post here. *Note: the Orange statuette is dyed and the color can be removed with a wire brush.* *Sale Pending*
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    So, as a project, I have decided to make a trailer for one of my favourite games, specifically Wurm Online (Surprise surprise!). I am not sure if I have the skills or determination to do it, or if it's even possible, BUT as with most things I do for no particular reason, I am going to try and do it anyway. I have zero experience with editing, so I'll be learning as I go, but I do have some ideas. Then I thought it would be a good idea to get some more ideas form some of you, since I don't have an incredible imagination like some people I have seen around here, and make this a somewhat community-sourced project. Then I could add them to a list and start recording them once I have enough ideas. The background music will be the old "Wurm is Waiting" song by 21st Century Blues; I think it sounds really cool and has a nice beat that I can do transitions with or something. Just figured that would help get a feel of what I'm going for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyTrp7ll0DI I don't mean to be lazy or scabby; I just think it would be really cool to involve a bunch of people in this. Anyway, If anyone has any ideas or tips, post them below, I guess? I'll leave a list of current ideas and probably add some from the comments every now and then, and give updates on my progress, too. Cheers! List of Ideas: - An EPIC 32 second clip of the player approaching an EPIC building of EPIC proportions for that start bit. Was thinking Stronghold of New Hope on Elevation since I am already there and It will probably be one of the first and easiest things to film. - I think that the parts where it comes up with the text "Wurm is waiting" in this ancient trailer I came across is noice. Will probably do that. But not too much mid-video text, though. it's a bit intrusive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QEC4bf5NQM - Digging/Construction at 1:39? A PvP battle scene at 1:47? If you listen to these parts of the song, you'll get why these parts of the video. I'm thinking of doing a lot of stuff like this, where the graphics match up with the song, It's pretty convenient that the music was made by players back then (probably, I think? It sure sounds like it.). Just gotta think of some more. - More to come, stay tuned!
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    Prems, and you aren't incorrect. Everyone knows that people generally run 2-3 toons per person. And yea, you've got the occasional me that runs upwards of 20 at times, generally hovering around 10 premium at any given moment. But you can still get a pretty good indicator of the games overall health by premium numbers. I'd wager we have somewhere around 400 people that actually play the game, with about 120 of them being dedicated players. Hell, half of the people posting on the forums aren't even WO players lol.
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    Server first. Nov 11, 2019 11:27:54 PM Coldie founded Retirement Home
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    Dear Wurmians, We have very recently lost someone very dear to us here at Wurm Online. On the 30th of October, Tich a.k.a Pifa a.k.a Epona passed away after a battle with esophageal cancer. Tich is a prolific individual in the history of Wurm Online both first as a player, and later as a developer. Tich’s mastery of the shovel was second to none as evidenced by the massive highway and infrastructure projects throughout the years. Tich’s work brought us bridges and led to the evolution of the highway system of waystones and catseyes that we use today which freed us from a lot of rules and regulations that none of us were too happy with. As a player, Tich also mastered fishing to become the first to 100 in that skill. Tich also took part in various major construction projects including the Great South Mountain Highway on Independence, major bridge and highway projects on Xanadu, and the building of Rockcliff Cathedral. It would take a lot of effort to even try to list every way that Tich has touched our lives here. From moderation to the everyday situations that all of us encounter, Tich had a hand in making things better and brighter for all of us and not a day in Wurm goes by when we don’t use a system that Tich influenced. Everyone of us uses tools or mechanics that Tich developed for us, as an example in no particular order; Bridges Support ticket system The new permissions systems The overhauled cooking system, trellises, beekeeping The chat system with global messaging and trade Addition of new wall types and staircases Cave buildings and underground reinforcements Terrain modification above and below ground Wide mine entrances New paving styles The Wagoner system ...and much more….. Tich touched just about everything that we enjoy using every day in our experiences and was still working on new features before passing away. Work on a massive overhaul of the fishing system is mostly complete and we will be working to ensure that it is finished in Tich’s honour. Tich was with us since 2005 and a lot has transpired in the years since. We will actively feel Tich’s presence in our lives for a long time to come as we get to enjoy the fruits of Tich’s labour in our time here. Tich will be deeply missed by us, especially anyone who came to know Tich as a friend during their time together. To commemorate and memorialise Tich within wurm we will be adding a statue of Tich’s character, sitting in a chair and fishing, which was one of Tich’s favourite things to do in game. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Tich’s family and loved ones both in real life and in Wurm, we are sure Tich will not be forgotten as we have made many memorable memories together over the years.
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    Very few people have enough pigs or other animals to make use of lots of food. After the first week or so of playing, most people can pump out far more food than they can possibly have a use for. Well, here's a passive use for food! Designate a larder for guards. Put food in larder. Any templars from the same deed, or tower guards with territories overlapping the guard larder will passively consume food and gain minor buffs. The better the food, the better the buffs, but never anything good enough to make them ridiculous.
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    Today, I lost an old friend who has been with me through most of my characters life in Wurm. Its not much, but here is a small memorial for a horse who gave me so much and took so little in return. Rest in peace, Swiftgage.
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    need some nice ethnic armor - Viking - making the axe great again, Samurai - make the sword great again , Aboriginal (for Fo priest) Make Sickles great again, and so on...
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    ** BAH, I just realized the post above me was replying to a 4 year old thread >.< and the pertson they were "replying" to hasn't been around in years ,,, (Coldie's) building skill mod This mod adjusts how much carpentry skill is required to plan buildings, in the properties file is 1 simple value to adjust skillfactor this is a whole integer, so 2 or 3 or 4 etc. basically times your carp skill by this. So a 13x13 plan would normally require 52 wall + 169 tiles = 221, obviously impossible with default, make the skillfactor 6 and you could plan it at 37 skill. Extreme example obviously but that is how the factor works. Default value is set at 2, halving required skill. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjnBltNOSFjCgj_Jz3qiuOh1jjmD
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    Is that graph from different IP addresses or just premium characters? i mean that graph is easily divided at least by 2 for actual player count since most if not all players has 2 characters and then there is people like you with 30 premium alts and more normal is 3 characters per player. So actual player count would be drastically lower. If its from IP addresses then i guess people just like to be hermits.
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    greetings individual known as lowborn do you happen to be related to wimble? lemme know bby ❤️
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    Maybe it would be good if, for a start, there was a console command that could blacklist specific sounds by their internal ID or whatever. The sound engine would then just not play any sounds on the blacklist. This would let people customize away the sounds they hate the most without needing everything in the GUI. Then later, the sounds or sound combinations that get blacklisted the most could get their own GUI toggle for easy access. But anyone who has very specific wishes could still get what they want with a startup script. Also if new sounds are added that someone hates, they can filter it out immediately without having to wait for a toggle to be made.
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    Hello, I have a strange mental problem called Misophonia... and eating noises in general cause me a "fight or flight" response where I get really annoyed/irritated instantly. It SUCKS. I tried messing with all the sound options but there doesn't seem to be a way to disable the eating noise.... Can you please add that option? its frustrating to have to mute my sound every time i hear someone eat in game or myself eat in game. It sounds crazy I know, but would be greatly appreciated... thank you.
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    Just port all the existing servers to Steam, do not split playerbase more and more.
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    Haven't tried it because: Would have to interrupt my current projects. Would have to travel. Would likely enjoy it more in a group, and I mostly solo. If I could simply teleport from my deed, I probably would have just to check it out... JS
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    Was just thinking of you the other day Cerb! As with the last time you posted an update, offer still stands if you make your way out to Oregon!
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    Misophonia is a real thing, it really sucks. It impacts my life daily in a negative way, i've gone to all the Drs and there is minimal treatment options at the moment. If I had the option to trade 10 million dollars or no misophonia, I'd go no misophonia in a heartbeat. I don't expect a bald redneck who sh!tposts on forum suggestion threads to understand Misophonia, but here is the lowdown, for a lowborn. A miswiring in the brain above the right ear - people have related it to Autism or SPD but it's neither because it gets worse as you age. People can be eating downstairs loudly, and I could be sleeping upstairs in my bedroom and I'll wake up aggravated. It's not a choice we make, I personally don't care how people eat, I regularly give my friends popcorn and chips then regret it later because I keep conflicting between not caring how people eat and my Misophonia. One major common thread for Misophonia sufferers is parental abuse as a child for eating loudly or bad manners. In my case, I had an extremely abusive mother who would inflict me physical and mental harm when I ate loudly at the dinner table - now as I age, I feel a reaction like someone is hurting me (imagine getting sucker punched outta nowhere) when I hear eating noises. My case may be that as my brain was growing and forming neural connections, the PTSD from those traumatic events miswired those noises in my brain to another feeling of pain. You know how annoying and strange feeling it is to eat loudly yourself and then get mad at yourself? lol I do for 90% of the time I've been playing WURM have had my sounds disabled, more many reasons - but it's hard when im on jackal combating rift beacons and need those alert noises.
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    crap 139 pages of what we look like. Well you wont spend nights at home alone with me. notice the reading glasses and the half hair. My nose Is bulbus and what a big forehead. You asked for it.
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    I really don't think many are talking about shutting down WU and removing it from Steam, not sure where that's coming from. What people are upset about is the broken promises of always supporting WU, that it was to be a sister game, not an unwanted stepchild, and that it would "always" get "all" updates except a few features that would be held back like rifts. It was also promised that it would "always" get all graphical updates. Now it's just being dropped like a piece of trash. There was a lot of skepticism in the beginning and a lot of questions about the potential for this sort of thing happening and everyone was assured that it would not happen. Oh, and we get a final " bugfixing update?" And then you're done with us? Since when has a bugfixing update ever fixed all the bugs? lol. Thanks, I needed a good laugh in the midst of all this. Speaking for myself of course, but I know a lot of others feel the same, my trust has finally gone completely out the window. I've tried to believe in this company for so long. Sure, I believe you (collective you, the company), will be making an "official" statement. Like all the "official" statements that were made before? What I don't believe any more is that we can put any stock or faith in what's being said. Quite honestly, I doubt I'll believe a single word. You now say "...it won't be getting any of the new WO updates......." Interesting that back when we were all sold on WU in the first place it was "it won't be getting all of the new updates." Big difference there. To be perfectly honest, I'm starting to really regret that I've continued to support WO all this time by continuing deed upkeep and premium in WO even though I've been playing WU. Now I honestly don't know that I care to continue giving my money to a company I can't trust anything they say. Look at my signature. It's something I live by.
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    I really enjoyed it to start with - the newbie experience of carving out a whole fresh deed and starting everything from scratch was good fun. But once you're set up, you're basically just grinding the same stuff you already ground once before, and that gets stale quickly.
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    Graphics are dated. Subscription/payment model is dated. This includes the rather backwards account/character management. The UI was probably never even contemporary to begin with. The mentality of limited mobility that induces hours of travel time as if anyone has the time for that is long gone. Even contemporary games that released in the same timeframe already ditched that concept of disguising auto-walk as a feature. And Wurm failed to innovate on this in 13 years. Wurm was originally conceptualised as a PvP game, and it's painfully obvious in the type of PvE content that was plastered over that gaping hole. Not to a great effect, as this contents availability is also hampered by the backwards mentality this game is stuck in. I imagine a modern game's take on Jackal, with everything else being the same, would have been an instanced raid on a Jackal village, requiring loads of endgame materials and collective effort to open a portal, with a party all joining the same instance. Could be a village or the whole alliance, and the instance might aswell be up for a week (remember, everything else being the same, such a raid would take a lot of preparation when on Jackal regardless.) But of course, "that's not very much like Wurm, Wurm is different", and with that mindset, people will still be surprised why Wurm is conceived as dated.
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    at around 1s so far of the 4s 21c needed to deed, decided to stop hunting and work on building a guard tower for now. So will be a few more days before I get deed up and running. Around 6 of us have all gathered in same spot to work together so far, nice group of people 😃
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    I have grinded up skills on a PvE server for years. Then suddenly, Lo and Behold, there finally comes a new PvE server, but Im not able to go there with my skills and do PvE! I have to skill up again. No thank you. Also, why must every PvE thing in wurm require large groups of players? Rifts, unique hunts and Jackal all seem like they were lazily designed. "Lets just make one big thing and let everybody come there" What I want is a hunting server on the Freedom cluster. No travel restrictions. Some new mob group mechanics so you have to fight several mobs at a time. Higher spawn chance of champ/green etc mobs. Let some mobs be able to wreck buildings/walls. If you want to spice things up, add in rare low count glimmer/addy/seryll veins.
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    Change: Renamed “Tie off” to “Hitch” on hitching posts New: Added title for 100 repairing. Bugfix: Fixed being able to rename not owned items Bugfix: Hitching posts will now use permissions for the Open option Bugfix: Fixed excessive rarity shine on armor Bugfix: Fixed dyed armor looking incorrect Bugfix: Fixed incorrect hair color Bugfix: Face skin tone should no longer differ from the body
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    uncle grinch, you dislike christmass too?
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    mods y u do dis.. y u no let others use colors..
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    In my personal opinion, I don't think we have to. This game does not need to be saved. It's doing quite well on its own. Sure, it's nowhere near the popularity or the fan base of World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV, the latter of the two I happen to play. Wurm Online is a special place and it gathers a very niche and understanding group of people who enjoy the game for what it is. And yes, this is a game and it should always be treated as a game. I do not login every day or even every week thinking, "Dang, this feels more like work. I should get paid for being here." And for reference, I am a child of the 80's, born in 1980, not far from the GenX people and I have to agree with elroth and everyone else here in that I do not share your views just because I was born during a certain era.
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    It's not me or Devil...like how that person had to pick a similar name... I played Wurm since 2013 sure there is alot that has changed and that will change and alot that could be improved and hopefully will be improved but I don't get that huge post...it don't matter what year you were born (no offense) or whoever else was born...there are still the odd players who has been here since 10 year's + that this game exist and I'm not going on Steam once it's out there... I play while I work it gives me something to do between call's and when it's down it sucks because I don't know what to do until the game is back up...I'll be here until the game dies more than likely because I can't see me stop playing anytime soon!!!
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    i was born in 78, you do not speak for me. its the most common mistake people make, that they think that what they believe or are convinced by is shared among everyone that shares a some characteristic like age, social background etc. I completely disagree with almost everything you posted. i want RMT completely removed from this game and the game made easier and faster.
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    My first reaction to your post was: "I do not want that to happen to wurm because that would threaten how I enjoy and play the game" It would also make me leave the game. I come to wurm to either zone out or to relax or even to talk to some people. I think that alot of people play wurm when they have finished work and just want to unwind. Bringing all of the investments, having to play for a certain time frame, getting rid of npc guards to be replaced with hired people, 20 - 30% skill loss on death...etc...etc is just bringing in far too much stress and well.....making things just far too risky and hard. It is changing so much stuff and would force people to totally rethink how they interact with the wurm world and each other. Your ideas would be good if the game did not already have a player base and was instead starting from scratch. Now you could for example suggest that this is how their steam version could be though I'm not sure how cypto currency and all of that jazz would go along with steam. No clue. I play games to zone out, de stress, maybe create drama, mess around, be social or not, explore and be creative. I am not a competitive gamer - I am not your ideal user for your plans. I reject your suggestions for this version of wurm that I play but any version of wurm that I do not have any sort of investment in...well.....Knock yourself out - Change that version however you wish.
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    I'm with you on this. All the arguments in favor of improving "markets" would be all well and good if it really was just for in-game fun and wasn't based on Real World Money. Those who enjoy making profits for the "fun" would enjoy it just as much if the real cash value wasn't there. But this is Wurm. Any measure or game feature in Wurm, designed to supposedly improve the "market," in turn merely goes to the real world Paypal accounts of those who profit, at the real world expense of others, which makes the game more expensive for those not into making "profits," and in my opinion does exactly zilch for the game itself.
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    What inspires me to keep coming back to this game isn't just the people that play, but the dedication of the developers. This is one game that can honestly say listens to the concerns and desires of their player base and goes above and beyond to exceed their expectations whenever possible. Month after month we see changes and updates implemented that can be linked directly to requests on the Suggestions and Ideas forum. Sure, some things take longer than others, and some improvements don't fall into place until just the right team comes together to make it happen (placing items on surfaces!!), but in the end, our requests are heard and implemented. Details are improving, we can really sink time and creativity into our deeds thanks to new wall finishes, object placement, new hedge models, new statues available through the archaeology skill, and so much more. All of these changes have happened in the short time I've been playing this game. And still, the developers continue to surprise us with improvements that we ask for but seem impossible with some of the coding restrictions, like animal cages. Quality of life changes are quietly added in without huge fanfare until you realize how amazing the changes are, such as dig_to_pile and harvesting/sprouting while embarked/mounted. A few times I've walked away, but the wonderful new features that are being added bring me back to Wurm. Where many other games focus their efforts on cash shops, loot boxes, and pay-to-win boosts, Wurm has stayed true to being a sandbox where you can create everything. Thank you Devs. Your hard work is appreciated and has not gone unnoticed. That's what inspires me to log in day after day.
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    May your path ahead be filled with deaths of your enemies, join to embark on the path!
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    Even though I've known this might come for several months things escalated so quickly in the end and left me shocked and very sad. I am grateful that we had time to discuss the statue design before things got too bad to log on to chat. Tich you were fun, quick witted, always helpful and benevolent when things were confused and stressed out and you managed to touch many of our hearts both personally and with all these ingame features you implemented. I miss you a lot. See you again when we are thrown back into the light, Tich!
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    I've come back to this thread at least a dozen times. Tich and I didn't always get along. I didn't like her coding style, and I thought she just didn't like me at all. We kept a professional working relationship, however. On some level we both knew our goals were aligned toward whatever was best for Wurm. Still, I find myself really not happy with things I said to her or about her over the years. I don't usually have regrets, but I do right now. I regret my stupid opinionated self and my assumptions. See, it wasn't until she shared her health situation with me that I realized none of the words we exchanged were personal. I've known for a few months - I think I said six, but I know it was shorter. I think that was the original time-frame, and I feel robbed that we didn't get longer. It's amazing what happens when you find out someone is not long for this world. All the little things disappear. I wish I had more time to talk and get to know her beyond Wurm. To know the person who brought so much to this game. That's what is making this hard for me. I don't usually have regrets as I said, but holy hell do I have so many right now. I didn't come back to active playing because of Halloween. I came back because I noticed she was gone from our chats and I had a feeling in my gut that she had left us. I hate that I was right, but at the same time I think I spent these last 5 days or so doing what she would've wanted. I dove back into this game and I wanted to experience all of the things she brought to us. I went back into cooking. I paid particular attention to every bridge out there. I even played with the thought of fishing, but I had to pass on that. I started looking back at what all of you have done with what she's given us. How silly of an idea to build in caves, but you all proved just how creative you could be. Whole cities, underground. No one is going to care about paving in mines. But how glorious you've made things look! And cooking, who cares? You all did, most of you. Sure there were bugs, but in the end it made Wurm better and more in depth. Farewell Tich. Sorry I was such a pain over the years, but thank you for keeping this game interesting and for putting so much of yourself into it. You truly inspire me to do whatever I can to see that it lives on... so that you, too, live on.
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    You can enable verbose logging by adding this line to your .properties file (It outputs quite a lot of information to the server console, and is only intended for debugging/testing): verboseLogging=true There isn't a 'starve to death' mechanic. Wear wool/cloth clothing of high quality. Take hot food and drink with you - eating/drinking these will warm you up. Always carry a hatchet, steel & flint and a little kindling. Use these to make campfires every now and then. Try to avoid going outside during night time, or when there are strong winds or rain. Also the seasons change gradually, the closer you get to summer, the warmer it will get.
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    Pics of my Inn on Xanadu, the bar proved a little disappointing but got the overall feel I was after anyway
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    I think this is just a wordplay - wurm is German for worm, and worm is digging a lot - one of main Wurm Online features is terraforming.
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    We have wild cats. They're awesome. Their tiny balls of fluff and rage. But they have to stay caged because they're wild. Then there are the dogs. They're nice, but if you tame them, they sit perfectly still and do nothing fun. I want domesticated cats. I want to get annoyed by them knocking objects off of tables but instantly forgive them because they're adorable. Dogs roaming around and curling up in front of random fireplaces would be cool too. So, here's the idea: Domesticated Dog - Created by branding and taming (25 skill required) a dog. The dog is connected to the deed and will wander no farther than the perimeter. It can freely go through doors and gates on deed unless locked to prevent passage. Every 18 hours the owner can send dog hunting with a small chance to return with a large rat, pig, or wild boar. Domesticated Cat - Created by branding and taming (50 skill required) a wild cat. The cat is then connected to the deed and will wander no more than 5 tiles from the deed, but has free reign to go through doors and slip through gates. Every 18 hours the owner can send the cat hunting with a chance to return with a hen, rooster, or pheasant. Special feeding dishes are made with pottery that reduce decay of pet food placed inside (chopped meat or pet food). Pet food (mostly meat) recipe is added to the cookbook. Pet Bed - Tailoring 30 - creates a bed that pets will return to regularly.
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    A beautiful colossus of Vynora has been built to watch over the market and guide the way! Thank you to my wonderful friend Toecutter for building this monument!
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    +1 Also, Dogs should bark when an aggressive creature shows up on deed, cats hiss. Makes them handy to have around. They would also like to hang around where people are, and possibly greet someone who enters the deed. JS
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    That's a fantastic idea. Same concept, but it can be altered to be a portion of the taming process instead of burning off their fuzziness and still marks them as a part of the settlement.
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    I like the idea of domesticated cats and dogs but from a role playing perspective I would hate to brand them. How about... say, equipping them with a collar instead?
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    +1 for this! It would give more of an incentive to taming creatures Should make bred domesticated ones have different colors as well, like horses do.
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