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    Jackal change: Jackal skill transfer has been tweaked and re-enabled Jackal change: Premium time and login: Jackal requires premium time in order to transfer to the server. If you lose premium time while on Jackal, you can pay for more time in the shop and then log in again. Plan ahead to be sure you have enough premium time if you wish to continue playing on Jackal and wish to pay with in game silver. If your premium happens to run out unexpectedly and you wish you pay with silver, you now will be able to log into Jackal and will have 2 minutes to pay for premium in game. If premium is not paid for within that time, you will automatically be transferred back to the server you were on prior to going to Jackal. Change: Signature added to additional items upon creation: Archaeology journal Armour stand Banner Beautiful meditation rug Bow rack Copper needle Dioptra Explorer tent Exquisite meditation rug Fine meditation rug Flag Iron needle Kingdom banner Kingdom flag Kingdom tabard Large saddle Meditation rug Military tent Pavilion Polearms rack Range pole Saddle Tall kingdom banner Wardrobe Weapons rack Quality of life changes and fixes: Enchanted Grass can now be cultivated. Lawn and mycelium lawn can now be be cultivated. Decorative pillars can now be transported so they can be hauled up / down. You can now attach mine doors to wide cave entrances (PVE only). Enchanted trees / bushes, will no longer age. Creatures getting branded will now remain stationary during the action. Trash Heaps are now transportable, they can also be hauled up / down. You can now plan a building with a trowel. Large Oil Barrel can now be planted / secured. Ballistae can now be planted / secured. Slabs made of rock shards will now be called stone slabs. Hitching posts have now been added: Any creature that can be hitched to a large cart can be hitched to a hitching post. Hell Horses can be “Tied Off” to a hitching post at any age that is not a foal. A hitching post can hold 3 creatures. Creatures can eat from the trough of a hitching post, as long as there is food in it, that they are normally able to eat. Untamed Hell Horses hitched to a hitching post are docile and will not attack anything as long as they have food in there trough. A creature will eat from a trough at the same rate as they would normally graze / eat from pile. A hitching post cannot be picked up it can only be transported. Hitching posts are lockable and spawn with a 1ql lock on creation. You cannot load or move a hitching post with creatures hitched to it. Hitching posts have 2 main permissions, Manage and Use. A person with use perms can unhitch any horse by either right clicking the horse and clicking unhitch (singular), or right clicking the hitching post and clicking Animals > Unhitch (All of em). Only creature edible items can be placed into a trough (seed, meat, veg, fish and so on). Bugfix: Fixed an issue where archaeological journals inside equipped backpacks were not found and updated when investigating. Bugfix: Fixed a few incorrect fragment icons which displayed completed item icons. Bugfix: Fixed a rare issue where archaeology caches wouldn’t be visible until you moved away from the tile then returned. Change: Introduced HDR rendering to fix oversaturation and improve visuals. Lights overlapping will no longer so easily oversaturate into a white blob. Winter visuals will now appear much more toned. Light range has increased with this change. Make sure to re-configure your deed's lighting setup. Change: Shadow rendering has been revamped for more detail and distance. New: Added Ambient Occlusion option to the post-process settings. This adds shadows in geometry creases and increases the visual fidelity There's Disabled, Medium and High settings - High should be left only to the best performing configurations, and is just a slight improvement over Medium This is turned on by default. If you experience worse performance after this update, try switching it to disabled. Bugfix: Rain occlusion (no rain indoors) will now work on Mac. Bugfix: Fixed animations of 2h weapons and bows.
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    Calm music, the relaxing sounds of the sea, sitting on a chair or bench or standing there chilling with your fishing pole at the shore, waiting for a fish to bite. Failing. Succeeding. Waiting. Chatting with your neighbors, with your friends. Relaxing in the game after a long day of skill grinding, bulk spamming and tedious building tasks, just taking it easy, letting the atmosphere of Wurm soak you up and calm you down and sometimes even help you fall asleep. Fishing used to be my favorite activity. It used to be my reward after a long day of doing things that aren't always enjoyable but necessary to achieve a goal. It used to be something that would make my day great again, even if it sucked beforehand. It just offered a chance to EXIST in the game world but not be forced to do too much or nothing at all. It was perfection. Perfect relaxation. Now, fishing, the way I described feeling it above, has helped me through many times of anxiety and depression with its extremely calming effects. I have huge respect for everyone who worked on the fishing update, and I do love the new versions of fishing as well. It's great variety and adds so much! However, I would REALLY like to be able to enjoy fishing the way I used to, and fact is, fishing is now just as tedious a task as anything else in the game. And no, this does not stem from laziness or wanting to be AFK, it is simply something I really used to enjoy and deeply miss in the game. The new system with the fishing net is great, catching smaller things or clams. I love it. The new system with the fishing rod is awesome, having to almost play a mini-game to catch your fish. I love it. The new system with spear fishing is so much fun, even if you don't catch very much. I love it. It's all very entertaining. But what's missing is the idle fishing that I've come to love so much over the course of the years I've been playing. Perhaps we can add a new type of fishing rod that would allow the player to fish in the old style. I've got a few ideas on how it could be re-implemented, so here goes: New fishing rod type, perhaps acquired via archeology since it's bringing back an old function, with which alone the old fishing is possible. A new sub-skill to fishing for this rod, to make it a separate skill and decrease direct Fishing skill gain ticks so that people can't just use it to grind Fishing and ignore the new system. More things, perhaps added as suggestions by the community? I will add things here that seem noteworthy! Again, I really appreciate what we have, but for the reasons I have mentioned, can we PLEASE have the old system back in some way? Not as an exploit, not as a shortcut, but as a feature that me, and I'm sure others as well, have come to love over the course of so many years and I know for me, I am still mourning it.
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    My character is upside down in the character window. The skeleton view is normal. I asked in ally but everyones character is normal... Im the only one there using Mac tho.
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    Jeston's deed - Deliverance Greetings Wurmians! Retro coming in early with the news because... well, I'm a little late really. Between all the news on the forums, a month absence while I went to Australia, and getting sick after returning I've been a little awol. I'd like to thank Madnath for his "valerie international" in the meantime, it contained just enough absurdity that I had to double check I didn't write it. But enough of Valerie, I'm back and getting back into the saddle, so onward! The big forum news While I was gone the announcement of Budda being replaced by Samool was made. I just want to take the time to publicly thank Budda for his friendship and all his work, from Archaeology to Jackal and including all his bug fixes his work will continue to be used in wurm daily. With this change the roadmap announced previously has shifted a little; some things have been delayed, other things added, and plenty of reworking of our goals for the game. The big goal listed is the eventual launch on Steam. This is currently slated to happen by mid 2020 and there's a lot of work that needs doing. We aim at spending the time between now and then polishing many mechanics, adding new things to improve mechanics and lots of tidying up. It's a long time until it does launch on Steam but somehow I feel it'll go by fast One thing that's been raised is the complete separation of the servers and the reasons behind it. There's a few reasons here and there but something that is a major issue is RMT. Steam does not allow RMT in the sense that Wurm does, the sale of currency, items, accounts for real world money is strictly forbidden, and would require us to do our due diligence in ensuring it doesn't occur. Wurm is a small game that logs every currency transaction already, we would be able to abide by these requirements quite easily. However, that impacts on many existing players, and I'm sure many would be hesitant at the idea of no more sales of accounts, silver or items. If we keep these completely separate it may be possible to continue as normal, but there's also the possibility that Steam will require we remove all RMT from both sides. Now it's possible to use the Steam marketplace to sell silver, but it's not in our immediate goals to add this functionality so we can't guarantee it would be part of the Steam game. As you can imagine a step such as this would be a tough one, and a bitter pill for many of you to swallow. This is why we have not made a firm decision on allowing the outside client to connect to Steam servers. As we get closer to launch midway through the new year we'll likely be spending time talking with Steam about this and what we need to do in order to ensure we meet the requirements, but hopefully you all understand the reasoning behind it a little more. Lookin' Good Coming this week are more visual upgrades to Wurm, with the HDR post-processing setting, new shadows, and ambient occlusion! These all add better distinction between items and the ground, improve the general feel of the game, and best yet, make winter bearable! Previously: With the new post processing tweaks: Getting hitched No not me, the animals! With this update hitching posts will be added to the game. I believe this was one of the first content oriented WU mods, but we finally caught up! Creatures that can be led will be able to be hitched to these, with 3 hitching slots. Hitching posts will contain troughs that hitched creatures will feed from at the same rate they feed from a pile on the ground. Halloween! That's right, Halloween is back, and many witches hats and troll masks are abound. It's currently the same as last year, hunter mobs drop the witches hats and pumpkin shoulders while trolls drop the troll mask. Could there be something more? Watch this space (because I forgot to check with Saroman) Continuing Development Along with the news on break our devstreams have also been a little quiet. That's going to change this week with the return to Under Development, where I will discuss the game as I play it with you all, so make sure to follow us on Twitch at https://twitch.tv/wurmonlineofficial so you can catch the action! That's it from us this week, there's lots to discuss and more to come but the thing I'd like you all to take away from this is that we may not have the answers yet as we simply do not have all the facts of the moment ready. Rest assured once we know them we'll let you all know too! Until then though... Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    In the new graphics update, all the old legacy horse skins (and other animals) look normal. However all the horse skins I did, now look like optimized GIFs with only a few colors in the palette.
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    Happy Halloween! - Vooch Mayor, New Festival Cove NewFestivalCove.com
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    You shall not pass! effective - Oct 31, 2019 - Nov 02,2019 (ENDED) Today's rollback due to certain undesirable things happening, has caused mine doors placed during the time between the update and the rollback to play a trick on their owners. Now they just sit there and laugh as the very people who very kindly and gently placed them onto their holes in the ground, try to pass through them and end up smashing face first into them. I get it, I get it... It's Halloween... why should the pumpkins get to have all the fun! Unfortunately, the mine doors forgot one thing... who their owners were..., and Since they do not trust a smiling face as proof of passage they let no one pass beyond. So... All PVP servers are now under a RAID BAN for about the next 24 hours to let the owners report their holiday prankster doors to the GM's for replacement. For everyone not on the PVP servers, if you placed your mine doors during this update and rollback window, you are affected to. Just send us a support ticket and we will help you out as soon as possible. Thank you, Wurm Online Team. update: This ban is now over as any who cared to report their deed lockouts have been given ample time to do so. We will still assist with messed up mine doors, but PVP deeds have had enough time to report theirs if it was urgent.
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    I like having the rods only available via archaeology. I'd say limit it to non-special fish and reduce the max fish size so you can't complete journal tiers with it ( since you want it just as something relaxing... ). Instead of a sub-skill, just make it really easy OR like a training dummy, only give fishing skill with it up to level 20, but it uses your main fishing skill for what you can catch, just with the modified loot table.
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    Maybe a hint that Wurm is putting servers in Australia?
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    I am around since 10 years, when things like rollbacks aren't over yet, steam will be the death sentence of this game. I got 48 sleep powder in my backpack, i could tell you what one can do with 5 hours sleep bonus, but i won't. Wasted enough time today with this ######.
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    The servers will still remain initially split, rmt removal would need to be necessary for a full merge later if that is going to happen, but we're looking at the next year of our shift to steam and the steam only platform at the moment.
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    New mod, pretty simple but useful. *NOTE* it changes items to cold combine, so if you say added rivets to list, even though rivets can already combine they need to be glowing hot to do so, if listed they will combine while cold. For anyone curious, the code for it is in spoiler, its very basic. Server.log will list the id's it is adding to combine list. [04:51:44 PM] WARNING org.coldie.wurmunlimited.mods.combiner.combiner: ID: 9 Name:log [04:51:44 PM] WARNING org.coldie.wurmunlimited.mods.combiner.combiner: ID: 436 Name:acorn [04:51:44 PM] WARNING org.coldie.wurmunlimited.mods.combiner.combiner: ID: 439 Name:cochineal [04:51:44 PM] WARNING org.coldie.wurmunlimited.mods.combiner.combiner: ID: 440 Name:woad For troubleshooting more than anything, just incase someone inputs in properties incorrectly.
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    I'm largely indifferent on RMT. I've bought from players before, but I wouldn't be particularly bothered if it were gone. I am however very concerned at Steam/Current servers being totally separate. I've put hundreds of hours into my current account, and I'm by no means a veteran with high skills, but the prospect of starting over to be with the platform actually attracting new players is pretty terrible. Having a hard split is just going to make the current servers stagnate as newbies join the hot new thing instead, I'd very much like to be able to actually play with and potentially recruit/support new players and if that means banning RMT... Fine.
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    I gather they were discontinued as people were abusing the no/reduced decay feature, but we don't need them to have that feature. It's just super nice to give people seasonal, birthday, thank you and 'just because' gifts and fosters community - and the giftwrap was a nice presentation feature that encouraged that. Would be nice to have them to use for what they were originally intended.
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    looking to sell about 10 gold, .9e or 1usd/s. pm me
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    After the latest update my light reflections are "odd" especially in caves.. here are screen shots and my client log
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    https://imgur.com/a/1i8ejFu character is upside down
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    there is a pool here with more than 45% saying that dont like fishing. the excuse was fishing was so much afk, like everything else on wurm, but leveling have even longer timers (depending of the slope) and that didnt changed into a crap minigame...
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    HITCHING. POSTS. Loaf likes.
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    I like this HDR update. Added a lot of detail to everything. I've always had Anisotropic Filtering maxed out and can really tell detail in rocks, wood, roads a lot more than before.
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    All PMK textures as well as landscape and trees are completely messed up the same way.
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    Same as carts, cannot be targeted and killed.
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    Thanks for the report. I added this bug when I noticed it on my ebony horses as well. will add your report to the bug.
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    The Jackal skill transfer stuff has gone wrong twice now though. Can't help but think there has been a lack of testing somewhere.
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    A rollback of all servers? So the 5 hours of hunting we did this day (what we do maybe 3 times a year) was for nothing, all loot is gone, all skill is gone? A little advice: before you take your game to steam, finish the fking Alpha first. Enjoy steam reviews after such "events".
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    Client hotfix out with a fix for the crashes. Jackal skill transfer did not go so well (again). We'll be doing a rollback and granting everyone 5 hours of sleep bonus. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Client hotfix with a fix for the crash out now.
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    Yeah that is normal behavior if your inventory is full with heavy stuff, as the item used is removed from inventory and the weight added to the item. Which let's the server think the same like when you dropped and took something.
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    No, You can use a shovel or rake to convert the tile to dirt.
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    Yes if there is no food in the trough.
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    That's how markets work though. If you don't sell fast enough to your liking, you lower your price. If enough people do that, the average price drops. If you believe 50c for 1k actions is underpriced you can always buy those up and resell at 1s, and make a 50% profit. But if you try that you'll probably just find yourself stuck with a lot of stock because there isn't enough demand at 1s to cover the amount people are willing to produce at 50c.
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    Twitch combat is simply not possible under a centralised mmo. Centralised servers create a ton of ping and latency issues. This isn't something that will be happening, the combat streamlining will not be to introduce this. What we are aiming to do is give more visual feedback about what you can fight and improve the general flow, it will still be based on server tick combat however
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    Items are lost no matter what they are due to decay(people place them in chests then forget about said chest) Drake sets are left behind on accounts on people who quit and dont sell and thus lost forever Master bag of keeping is a great example of a really really rare item of which only a few are around and even fewer are in circulation because most are on inactive or banned accounts Main drains for coins are as follows Upkeep(percentage is given to kings coffins and a percentage is lost forever) Trading with traders Paying for premium with silver Silver that people store and then stop logging in(I have a friend who sits on 2g+ in his bank and hasnt been online for a few years) Traders if on a deed can be controlled and a tax can be set so that a certain % goes to the deed its part of(originally traders where envisioned as the village trading market) I came across a chest not to long ago full of items with 80-90 damage on them so its safe to assume that all lower quality items had decayed already so i grabbed everything repaired it all bought it home and threw it into my chest for it to decay there in the odd chance i might some day use my 19th rake because i misplaced the last 18 So main money sinks are the % loss and players quitting Main item sinks are players quitting and careless behavior The reason wurm's market is at its point is because people who have no market understanding decided to go "herp derp im going to undercut this guy with 25c/50c/1s" and we dropped from 10s high ql high enchant tools to 90c in a few years while supply has stayed around the same(the amount of high end crafters that quit is a bit less then those who reach that point) A lot of people seem for some reason be happy to undercut each other just to try and sell their items quicker instead of stick to established prices and have slight changes there is this weird habit that a lot of wurmians have of halving prices permanently in an "attempt" to sell quick Eg the whole 1s for 1k actions thing that people that people decided to turn into 50c for 1k actions in hopes to sell their bricks quickly yet last time i sold bricks(2 weeks ago) i still sold 6k of bricks for 6s sure it took me more then a day to sell at a lazy rate but it sold within 2 days time and thats the thing want a quick buck sell at half price want at decent price stick to normal prices
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    Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder that our TREASURE HUNT starts tomorrow!! We are super excited about this and hope you are too! At 8AM tomorrow morning (server time), be on the lookout for where your journey begins. It will be announced in the *server-events* channel on Discord. Hope to see you then!!!
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    I suppose the definition of what is fun is defined differently. The argument here is fairly anti-market; which is fine to have when your enjoyment stems from building your own tools, farming your own resources, not looking to trade or sell, etc. I think a lot of Wurm PVE players will do fine with this. I would argue though, many other types of players enjoy robust game markets and regard it a challenge to find their niche and make a "profit". Profit is how one keeps score, that is all; it tickles the Dopamine receptors in the brain. Truthfully regarding Wurm, its economy is much better then many other games I've played. Wurm and Eve truly, for me, provide the best market challenge. My only purpose for the discussion was to understand the inherent workings in how money enters the game, exits the game, and what signals create supply and demand. I see a lot of people wanting to sell, but not many buyers. Its apparent there inst a money issue (too much inflation, too much deflation, monetary scarcity seems about right). I was surprised to discover there isn't much in the way of item Sinks to pull items out of the game (spiking demand). I may make more money foraging and trader farming then actual trade with players on a unit of time per Silver basis (Hours of work per silver). Foraging yesterday for three hours yielded just over 2 silver. On average, I think that's a bit high but .5 silver a day foraging for an hour seems a lot less work then building a boat and selling it. Either way the low population is more of a concern, and it may not be resolved until the "jinni" that's out of the bottle (Steam WO release) gets settled. Why play here when the population is much bigger over there?? This is assuming interaction with other players is part of the fun. If not, then there is always single player Wurm Unlimited. I am just starting so I hope WO makes it regardless. Cheers again.
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    So, what if tools never had their quality reduced from use? What if enchants on items never lost their power from use? Wouldn't this be better for those players who purchased these items for what is in effect real $$$$ and thus makes the game more expensive to play? Why should silver coins be "money sinked" out of the game? Would it not be better for players to pay less to play the game then, rather than create a system as presently where these things wear down so other players must pay someone else to re-imp or re-enchant them? Now out in that other world we mostly live in there is obsolescence built into items, which then creates profits for the manufactures of them and employment for others. New and improved designs also create a demand for those products with the same result as above. This is a real world "economy" out of necessity for people to be able to live. To attempt to design a game such as Wurm on this basis only makes it more expensive for players as there is otherwise no need to have this Wurm "economy" sustain anyone's ability to live in the outside world. I would much rather that in Wurm items always kept their original quality and enchants kept their power than to have the current system that benefits those who improve and enchant these items. Why should the game be setup so that they can make $$$$ from other players. Remember we are talking about a RL expense here being added into the playing of this game. In contrast, players draining Traders or pursuing the various coin drop give-backs cost myself and other players nothing since they are taken for a portion of the game's profits based upon deed upkeep percentage. Remember, some player will originally still have to create or enchant these tools and they will be purchased from them if the player is not able to do this them self. After that there is no real need to have these items degrade, other than the obvious desire of these producers to make more $$$$ by providing a further service that would otherwise not be needed. A game system that rewards other's greed(?) is perhaps not the best design to attempt to justify as a positive aspect of the game? =Ayes=
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    This months Random Enkounter is brought to you by the Nefarious Witch of the North, who happens to be far less wicked than that other witch of the west. But still mean! Oh I tell you she is a mean one! Today the randomizer chose to drop me at Havens Landing on Independence.... oh this should be good... Among the people there, Marcas was the first to respond to my famous "Greetings!" speech. Participants = Lluther, Marcas, Mushak, Superfint, Yuyukosaigyouji, Zaka They had to endure 7 random challenges! Challenge #1 - Where is Jackal? [15:43:15] <Enki> Okay... Challenge #1 [15:43:48] <Enki> Where is Jackal? [15:44:20] <Marcas> Thats another server [15:44:26] <Zaka> In space [15:44:28] <Yuyukosaigyouji> Jackal is a planet in the wurm sky. Unless you mean Rift Jackals, which are at rift sites [15:44:48] <Superfint> In the portal [15:44:57] <Enki> All are correct answers.... well except for thatp lanet part.... [15:46:09] <Yuyukosaigyouji> Oh yeah, it's glassed as a moon really isn't it? They all came up with good answers.... but Jackal is not a planet! They each received 4 scones! Except for Yuyukosaigyouji who received only 3 for that planet bit... Challenge #2 - Name a famous arachnid? Isolde wins and is the only one who came up with a famous Arachnid with the answer of Thekla! Challenge #3 - The Nefarious witch of the North sends her greetings! Defend yourselves from the wrath of the Nefarious Chipmunks! Okay okay, so the spirit templars protected them quite effectively... still was fun.. Challenge #4 - Retrieve a rock shard iron ore within 2 minutes! (that's what happens when you have an Enkounter at a start deed) 4 of them brought back some iron anyway.... they received an axe! Challenge #5 - The Nefarious Witch of the North sends a new message.. delivered by 15 Nefarious munchkins! They all ran for their lives! which proved to be a good strategy as they survived long enough for the templars to wipe out all the green monsters. Well, they mostly survived... might could use a few pints of blood... Survivors received a trowel Challenge #6 - What day is this? Some answered with Wednesday, and some answered even more correctly with Luck Day, and one answered extremely correctly with the Eve of All Hallows' Eve Challenge #7 - They must face the Nefarious Witch of the North herself! Mathilda has arisen! That was one big pumpkin! But they survived and minced her up into pies. For their winnings, they received a random tool or weapon or statue. They were fortunate to be on Haven's Landing... Chances are not so good for next Halloween!!!!! Muahahahaha
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    Awfully sorry, but there's really nothing I could think of. In a way Wurm is like the real world economy: money piles up for a few people at the top of the economy pyramid and the rest has too little of it. As to sleep powders, I already accept sleep powders as payment for my leather wares. I agree, I would wish easier trade of sleep powders. But be aware that it won't help much anyway, I'd just have more sleep powders piling up then.
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    dat stuff there... somebody go suggest having gm/dev/staff-chosen-target-person to show up and let the public know which topics have been considered or planned, or in process to get in the game.. maybe quarter goals announced if anything is already planned? Else we're just wasting breath in the suggestions.. well not really.. but it's some plus to know that something is on it's path to get into the game.. or have no chance at all.. lets people have hope.. or rethink their suggestion.. possibly improve it.. to make it more appetizing dev bait.. for future content/fix. --edit As for that... yyeeaa.. does make sense to fix things that annoy customers.. rather than shut them.. leaves positive.. everything pretty much.. correct me if I'm wrong.. Whenever a bad impression have been made.. there's a field for improvement.. and since we're in the entertainment section.. it makes so much sense to keep people happy, right.
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    The winner is the GM or MOD who locks this post , End Game ...
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    I have been told there is this capability in game....for those that aren't aware, manage>friends, click on the bar under their name, type note then scroll to bottom and hit the update button. Works a charm Please close thread
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    Hi Everyone, We at Expedition Team Bravo, have been making very active progress crushing beacons and bringing the progress bar up. As with any new map we've dropped from 30-40 active online to 5-10 active online at all times. I imagine other deeds are experiencing the same thing, and I believe it's time we consolidate other deeds into a new location near the "hotspot" as i've called it. One of our villagers, Whfawn, has noticed that she had to improve beacon quality higher and higher near the middle of the map, and now we've found a spot that she's imp'd a beacon up to 65ql and it still has not unlocked the freedom beacon powers. We have a few beacons about 500m away and they're unlocked (freedom powers active) at 61-62ql. It's my assumption that the stronghold will spawn where the freedom beacons will require 95+? quality freedom beacons to prevent ppl from deeding it's spawn area... We are still actively probing the hot spot radius with freedom beacons, and if you have 50-60+ masonry we could use your help! THE PLAN: I want to have many other deeds merge into 1 new big village near the hotspot so we can tackle more freedom beacons, and have a central spot. There are many boat canals to the inland to make this possible now. If people do not want to merge into 1 big deed, they can ally and place a deed near the superdeed. The aim is to have as many active fighters online when beacon crushing groups form. We have blacksmiths ql70+ tools, weaponsmiths 60+ and 70+ weapons, chain and plate at 70+, vyn and LT priests at 70+ channeling, knarrs, runes, all the goodies. We just need people to help win this map! PM me on forums or in game if you're interested in joining the team that will win Jackal! Thank you
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    yeah i love playing wurm on twitter and facebook
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    I wonder if this is the case with Carpentry and fine carp too, I've never really looked at a chair for a maker but I don't see why not | +1
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    Daaang, this boi rich as hecc! (Free bump)
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    So in total honesty I did not believe this was the case when I originally read it. I always assumed that it was generally the company ToS/EULA that dictated those restrictions, mainly for the reasons of keeping game integrity. I also didn't believe this because Valve games themselves via CS:GO, TF2, and similar allow selling items for real money (caveat being it's through steam wallet, but still). This prompted me to contact Steam support directly and ask them directly whether or not a game which allows players to trade items for real money would be allowed. Unfortunately sometimes it's hard to convey the specific details of a situation... so it ended up being a back-and-forth over the past week trying to get into the finer details that there was no in-game method by which to support trading in-game items (ex. Diablo 3's real money auction house) and that it wasn't linked with the steam inventory nor would that be realistic (because then steam wallet could be used to purchase/sell items between players). It also had to be clarified that the servers where the items were held was on the company server, and not a private one (where the rules change: see Wurm Unlimited and players having cash shops as a prime example). In the end, I finally got some clarification. I admit I was wrong with my initial assumptions, and here's a couple of responses to my inquiries that you can use if the topic comes up again:
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    Today, I Enkountered Karashishi on Xanadu! He did quite well, and I shall let the events transcribed above speak for themselves!
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    Troll King Slaying You've heard of wolf in sheep's clothing, well local villagers have been complaining of missing milk and cheese shortage. One day upon thinking I found the lost cow of ST. Angus de Bovine, I was rudely clubbed in the face when trying to milk it. We have a menace on our hands that is not ping for once, but instead a surly troll king that needs putting down. All are invited to the slaying to free the land of this monstrosity, as well collect its blood. Bone, skull, and corps n bits will be publicly rolled as well. Location is close enough to coastline to park boats of alts as well to stock up on ointments of stonecutting. Location is Exodus O8 on ingame map