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    I hadn't logged in since writing this OP on (my) Saturday morning. When I logged on this evening, the shed was removed. It could have been the creator. That email feature will come in very handy. Glad to hear something of the sort is being worked on. Becket's doing well for the grumpy old man that he is. Thanks for the well wishes, you've always been a stand up guy, Arch.
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    My deed dropped less than 24 hours ago and some upstanding player came along and built a shed 3 tiles from where my token stood, just to steal a planted HOTA. Now, they've got the HOTA and I am left with a shed in the center of what was my deed so that I may not deed again. I've already put in a /support in, though I don't think it'll go anywhere. I've read here in the forums from others with similar thefts that have claimed that the team considers using a shed to circumvent anti-theft mechanics on PVE to be "fair game". Whatever. Another ridiculous decision in the long list of Wurm's ridiculous decisions... Standing here at the location my token once was, I am now over 3 hours in waiting for a response for my /support call. And when a GM finally does contact me, in the off chance that they're able to help and remove this shed from the center of my deed, the question begs to be answered: Do I really want to bother redeeding? Honestly, at this point, no. There are many reasons, including the ever-dwindling player base. No, I'm not rage quitting over a silly statue. But I am finally giving up, disappointed. How many are left playing this game? And out of those people, how many are not even giving a deed owner 24 hours to redeed before hawkishly building sheds inside of the deed to swoop down on valuables? And how many of them are leaving their sheds behind, as a big middle finger to the person they just stole from, blocking them from redeeding over their hard work? Please, I implore you (the remaining community) to take one thing from my post: This game is dying and doing scumbag things like tossing up (and then leaving) a shed in the middle of a village that has just disbanded, just so you can acquire a 5s item, is going to leave you with nobody left to play with. To all of those who I consider my friends, I will try to see you one, last time in-game. Some of you aren't very active so I don't know if I will get to visit everyone. For all of those that I've had good relations with, thank you for the 10+ years of fun gameplay and a great community. If any of you would like to keep in touch, feel free to add me on Steam. Send a private message if I won't recognize you by your Steam handle.
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    I think many of us have been in a similar situation. Forced to wait before deeding or re-deeding for no reason, other than another player's throwaway forgotten action. ...and yet there is the vulture in all of us, the zeal of chasing after loot can affect (otherwise wonderful) players in unexpected and unpleasant ways. I think it is time to take that deep breath and reflect on all that player cannot take away from you - your friends, your reputation, your experiences, and your future friends and experiences. These things are in your hands, and I would say - don't be so quick to write off the game you love because of some unlovable action on the part of someone you don't even know. Surely they should not hold that much power over your future happiness... I for one would be immensely sorry at even the risk you might leave, you're one of the nicest players I have ever met, kind, helpful almost to a fault, good company and interesting to talk with. I think if this anonymous person ever got the chance to get to know you he would never have done anything against you. Personally I would give him, and the game, another chance Take Care.
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    Sadly, our beloved game was not able to keep a grip on (I will call him Bob). He has veered over to EQ (worse graphics than Wurm) and Star Citizen (much better graphics). Will he return? The more important question is, why did he not stay? He might be back, but if you watch all the videos (I have) you can listen to some of his critiques of Wurm and learn some things about the newbie experience that really should be addressed by the devs. Here are some of my observations and suggestions from what I heard. 1. When a new player chooses the portal after the tutorial, give them an option to arrive at the starter town of a map, but also give them another option to be spawned at a random location out in the middle of nowhere - something Bob really wanted to experience. The same code that determined a safe spot for the rifts of old might be good to use for locating a landing spot for a new player that wants to be a survivalist. 2. I think we veterans forget just how ridiculously long those newbie timers are. Bob mentioned the lengthy timers many times in his videos. Even though I tried to let him know in the comments that timers get shorter over time, I don't think he appreciated something he would not see for many months of game play. I think the baseline action timers in Wurm need to be at least 1/2 of what they are now with the fastest timers remaining as they are. Let's be honest, the return-on-investment for a new player in Wurm is pathetic to say the least. It took him 2-3 hours to mine just a few tiles. Come on, really? That worked in 2006 when the appearance of 3D was awe-inspiring, but it doesn't work today. I actually think that's about it. The devs have done a really good job with the newbie experience overall. Except for the cost of Wurm (always a peeve of mine) there are just a few pain-points to address, especially before moving to Steam.
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    Yes, I noticed too. Quite disappointing is the lack of his quirky yet tolerant experiences being so soothingly presented. Again I agree with you here. Few can tolerate this creepingly slow blue slug sneering at them as it passes before (under) their eyes in a promise of never ending torment should they make the valiant effort to defeat and deflate it's impact with hours/years of game play. There with nothing better to do with my time would I have been gone as well..... =Ayes=
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    As_I_Decay, although I agree with your OP in many respects I have noticed that you have been off exploring new vistas in that other world that we escape to here from, which no doubt is where you have come across that last nail. There will always be people of self interest like this that will take advantage of any opportunities to enrich themselves at others expense. There really is no way to avoid them other than to be vigilant in your defense and elusive to these wolves pursuit. Then again, I further read that this mystery house has just as magically disappeared without not so much as a drop of stardust left behind. Possibly someone with a conscience tied to a shred of decency has read your post and realized that the impact upon you of what they have done is not worth the price paid in removing a place quiet retreat from someone who has had your many years of enjoyment within our Wurm other world homelands. At any rate, beyond all this you have a good long run of it here so I can appreciate a desire can grow to leave it all behind in the past yet taking those memories with you into the future. If this be so, feel no regret for what you leave behind as those who remain will remember you fondly for many diverse reasons, even if they only be for your challenging comments upon these forums. Follow your own visions in your younger years for all too soon they will be behind you where you can never return again. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    Dragon Farmer on the moon. He has an appetite for Wurm, apparently.
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    I'm on Xanadu skilling longswords so I rode up and dropped by, I can't find any shack that would block deeding unless you don't own one of the major ones. Either way, it's disappointing to see you go, but I do understand the frustration there. We are working on implementing an email alert system for deeds running low on upkeep but it doesnt help now I know. I wish you and your father well, and I hope you're both in well health.
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    We aren't looking at streamlining wurm, and Steam does not have say over having Steam only servers, it's a decision that's in discussion by us and I'll be working on addressing the whys in depth, but a lot of it boils down to the impact on the existing servers if they are required to adapt to Steams ToS.
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    Maybe make it impossible to loot a deed for a week after disband due to upkeep occurs. The decay still continues but it gives a person who accidently allow a deed to lapse a little more time to re-deed. If a person loves to scavenge old deeds they can still continue albeit after the seven days. Wurm gains new deed money, the ex-mayor gains by having a chance to retain their deed and the scavengers simply need to be able to tell the time and add 168 hours to the time of lapse.
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    Offer 2.5s on Rare Statuette of Vynora – Gold. COD to Neville if accept.
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    is it iron or steel? cod to Thedesmon with animal demise pls
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    Could you COD that pendulum with LitD and one of the HotS banners to crimsonearth please! No rush, just whenever you're next about.
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    can we get a music folder we can add mp3 and such to it to get more music in game we want and maybe remove songs from game we do not want. not a question, just an idea... and set how often we want music to play
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    Hello Wurmians. An unfinished Rare Jackal Lodestone is ready to shine in your deed and with your signature. So make your offer and good luck Item: unfinished jackal lodestone. Starting bid: 1 silver. Increment: 1 silver. Buyout: none. Sniper protection: 1 hour. No reserve. Additional informations: the item is not mailable but you can carry it on your inventary; the actual weight is about 28 kg.
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    Not sure if anybody keep reading suggestions here but, maybe somebody... Mushrooms: blue mushroom - increase moving speed on 1 km/h, decrease cast and attack speed on 50%, for 7 sec yellow mushroom - increase cast power on 10%, decrease moving speed on 50% from normal, for 7 sec green mushroom - increase power of hit 10%, reduce chance to hit on 10%, for 7 sec red mushroom - increase distance of cast / shoot / trow by 10%, and increase damage that you take for 20% for 7 sec black mushroom - give you immune to any kind of attacks for 3 sec, but disarm you for same time. Alchemy: Blue elixir - increase moving speed on 4 km/h, decrease cast and attack speed on 70%, for 15 sec / 50% effect if trowed Yellow elixir - increase cast power on 40%, decrease moving speed on 100% from normal, for 15 sec / 50% effect if trowed Green elixir - increase power of hit 40%, reduce chance to hit on 10%, + phantasm effect for 15 sec / 50% effect if trowed red elixir - increase distance of cast / shoot / trow 30%, and increase damage that you take for 30% for 30 sec / 50% effect if trowed black elixir - give you immune to any kind of attacks for 9 sec, but disarm you for same time. / 50% effect if trowed Get back skill of "Trowing", it will make 50% dmg of possible hit by trow, and 50% effective, and timmer in case if you trow elixir (will count as debuff). (example Yellow elixir will increase your spell power on 20% but will slow you down on 50%). trowing skill have 10 sec CD and have 5 sec of casting time. After 50 skill will interrupt cast or shot. after changing taking off and wear back armor have 10 seconds no bonuses from sets. (make sense about Rotting Gut with take off random part of armor) after changing weapon (that you hold) have 10 second effect >unarmed (means 70% less effectives of weapon) Priests > becoming a priest give you -50% P.dmg penalty, holding statuette in 2 hands give x2 power to casts. Battle spells, simple math: Ice shard make 4,5-9% dmg (up on channeling) (with statuette in hand + Yellow elixir) cast range 12 tiles, cast time 5 sec > 25,2% dmg per cast > mean 4 casts to kill target. Ice shard will slow down enemy for 3 second > 40%, Ice pillar - same but AoE (50% of target spell damage). Fire head make - 7-11% dmg (up on channeling) (with statuette in hand + Yellow elixir) cast range 12 tiles, cast time 5 sec > 31% dmg per cast + burn effect for 3% > mean kill target with 3 casts. Fire head will left some dota > (damage over time) will make small wounds ~1 dmg per tick each 3 sec for 9 sec (so +3 dmg totaly) fire pillar will make same but AoE (50% of target spell damage). Rotting gut make - 6-10% dmg (up on channeling) (with statuette in hand + Yellow elixir) cast range 12 tiles, cast time 5 sec > 28% dmg per cast > 4 casts to kill target. Rotting gut > will also take off random part of armor (back in inventory) Fungus Trap will make same AoE (50% of target spell damage). Armors: 1) Full set of cloth give them 300% favor regen. Dont give any weapon resistance. cant wear shield 2) guys in plate armor have +like 30% chance to block with shield, but work only whlie using all set, other way will just protect part where you have armor. Also make shield bash skill available for 100% up on shield skill (not separate skill like atm) Plate will have best resist against any weapon attack, but will have lowest defense against magic, like 10%-15% spell dmg reduction. 3) guys in chain have 25% bonus to dmg of 2h weapon, only while using all set. > gives 25-30% spell dmg reduction. 4) Guys in studded leather > 45% 2h weapon bonuse > only using full set, cant wear shield. 5) Leather armor > 30% dmg to archery dmg while using full set, cant wear shield, 20% mag dmg reduction. Weapons After 70 skill of : 1) Long sword you get skill - double hit 2) Short sword you get skill - bleeding wound (will make 2 dmg each 3 sec during 15 sec, or till will not healing with hc) 3) 2h sword you get skill - double hit 4) small axe you get skill - tricky hit - remove shield 5) large axe you get skill - tricky hit - remove shield 6) huge axe you get skill - tricky hit - remove shield 7) small maul you get skill - break finger (slow down attack speed or cast on 20%) 8 ) medium maul you get skill - break finger (slow down attack speed or cast on 20%) 9) large maul you get skill - break finger (slow down attack speed or cast on 20%) 10) staff you get skill - disarm 11) spear you get skill - pur dmg while trowing 12) halbert you get skill - unequip head armour 13) sickle you get skill - bleeding wound (will make 2 dmg each 3 sec during 15 sec, or till will not healing with hc) 14) 2h club you get skill - extra bash I think it's gonna provide more intersting fight system, by imagination and comining alchemy and each direction of pvp system can be pretty funny fight.
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    hi, I know this is a known issue but it seems to be "unusual". When crossing a border in a corbita we get glitches every time we cross, have to disembark and embark again to carry on going and this happens 100% of the time. However crossing on my own in a sailing boat was fine, when crossing in a knarr with 1 other person it was also fine. This only seems to happen when using the corbita with more than one person on. We can replicate this every time by crossing the border on an edge and not a corner with a course plotted. I know this has been a bug for a while but I have never seen it this bad before and to be so specific to one boat type (I think as I have no Cob or caravel to test with) ~Morl
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    Forum appears to have swallowed my comment from yesterday. Could I have the LitW pendulum (assuming that one is findable), the gold lump and the Steel Lump w61 c69 CoD to crimsonearth please. If you'll do the dual-cast iron lump for 20c and the c85 grooming brush for 30c, I'll have those too, but no worries if not.
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    Will the Steam chat system be separate from ours? I am -1 on sharing CA Help (but I know I can just shut that channel off until the initial excitement is over lol). But joint chat in others ways might be beneficial. Perhaps a new tab like WO-Freedom (with an ability to turn if off for those who don't want it) and being able to cross-game pm with friends. I know many of us use Discord to keep in touch with friends while they are playing other games, etc., but it would be nice to know in advance if the chats will be completely separate. Edit: A cross-game chat would also let the Steam people know this game exists here.
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    That's one sure way to deal with same .... several times a day. "great advice"
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    Such as all the slimy... errr. shiny silver sellers not being able to do RMT on Steam. All of a sudden all the people in the existing servers would not be able to sell those extra silvers for cash. And how then would they fuel their drug and alcohol fueled rants here on the forums? Be careful what you wish for people, you just might get it.
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    I wouldn't be against helping chip in if people wanted to pool together to get this man a new hota if that's what it'd take to keep you in the game. As much as I understand the rules allow it, the deed dropped and such, it's still lame you lost something. I don't know you at all, but it'd be better for us all to keep people in the game so I'm happy to work with anyone who'd like to if you'd maybe consider staying. I'm ill sorry if I cannot into English
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    Vultures doesn't give a crap about the game, they just want to earn few silvers and turn it into money so they profit. Gone are the days of even some gentleman's code. "Deed it or lose it" mentality doesn't go very far anymore.. i mean.. who benefits if a player quits the game? There is no new players on sight, so you may rob a few players and make them quit the game, but there wont be others to rob soon. GG and WP is all i can say.
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    Ya it's a very different community now a days then years ago. I let my premium expire a while back for the first time in a long long time. I was thinking about coming back and resubbing but after reading all that is going on with Wurm Steam and the devs basically just leaving the faithful WU community out to dry with no final update to bring WU up to where WO is now was pretty much the final nail for me. Now the devs want to further divide the community with some new Steam version of WO? Nawww im done supporting these guys and WO, at least until they rethink things but I am pretty sure that wont happen as I am sure this is just a last ditch attempt to keep the game alive. I guess I can certainly understand that but I don't have to agree with or support how they are going about it. I will play WU and support the server admins of that version with the money WO would have got from me. Sorry to hear about your deed troubles, its just the nature of the players now unfortunately. Good luck!
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    I have found a village on Indy (not everyone is on forums), so this can be closed.
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    Please email a mayor the week before deed upkeep runs out. Thanks.
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    And by that time there might not be a Wurm Online anymore. People talk about WO dying.. WU is not the problem here.. How are facebook pages gonna help? WO needs players not facebook followers to survive.
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    Jackal Rollover Points Not too long back there was a short window of opportunity during an update where people would cross over from Jackal to freedom and back and have their Jackal points and skills increased with each transfer. Fortunately, there was very little in the way of abuse during this matter and we collected the server records in order to correct this. As of today we now have the means to correct the unintended jackal point gains and skill gains incurred by those that transferred during this window and are in the process of finally doing so. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    We made you a discount because at the moment we have no priests We can't find the pendulum but we sent you the banner, sorry é.è
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    I will be home tomorrow in the evening and I will cod them to you Neville, what about 3s? If it is ok, I will cod it tomorrow in the evening
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    Haha this is great! Always nice to see there are still people coming to the game. I like the way he explains things, his patience and his reaction to stuff.. “Timbeeeerr”
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    It really all depends on the server. Most are low pop but I've found that they run the full gamut from always-low-pop to always-high-pop and everything in between. There are a few that are always high population and very active. On Sklotopolis, for instance, it's always high pop. No matter when I log in, there's always tons of people and it feels way more populated than WO. The chat is very active and goes so fast I sometimes have a hard time keeping up reading it & getting anything else done. lol. And trade is very active as well. People are out and about doing things and/or helping others so you always see people in local, events always have a lot of people (one dragon slaying I went to there were over 80 people there not counting alts. Numbers are known because the raffles are one character per Steam account). Community projects generally have a lot of people joining in. And this is with 3 servers you can travel between like in WO so you would think the pop would feel less but doesn't. Other servers I play on or have played on, have medium population but with active communities as well, with active trade & chat, and I've found them to have a far more populated feel than WO in general. And of course a lot of them I've been on are very quiet and feel more like a wilderness experience (which has it's own appeal depending on my mood), but with friendly and helpful people, as you said.
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    If you can afford the subscription then play in WO. I think the most important part of the game is the community and the camaraderie you can find, and in WO there are still a good number of people that will welcome you. Even if you play casually and don't skill much, there are things you will enjoy doing if it's inside a community, like farming or cooking. If you go into WO hoping you will be able to pay your sub while playing, then it's better for you to go WU. It is doable to sub like that, but to do it comfortably you will have to depend on the goodwill and generosity of people to give you good deals, which generally won't happen often (i'm talking from experience here, i still thank my benefactors for the opportunity to play). On the other hand, WU is not bad either. There are a bunch of good servers out there with different settings to match your desired playstyle. If you don't want the grind then there are servers with elevated rates out there. Want vanilla? there is that too. The server i'm playing right now has vanilla rates but modded kingdoms, religions and new monsters, if you are into it you can check it out, it's called Awakening. Another thing to take into account, like the person before me said, is that WU servers tend to be on the more undevelopped side, so depending on the server you will have a hard time procuring high-end tools with enchantments on them, as opposed to WO, so you might want to check that out if you are more of a power player.
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    I started out in WO, but decided to switch to WU because I couldn't afford to pay a monthly sub, and because I wanted to be able to make money by doing things I enjoy instead of just making bricks or digging dirt. A large majority of players in WO have already leveled up their skills so are not interested in purchasing items from new players since they would be of low quality. I also really enjoy the camaraderie that comes when all players are starting out on a pristine new server together. That is such a fun and fulfilling experience. It's also important for me to be able to make money doing what i truly love, instead of spending weeks grinding for a living doing tedious things like digging. There are so many more opportunities to earn a living in WU.
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    don't think i've shared this one entrance to workshop from highway.
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    Nice set of vids. Very well done. I watched the ones he posted after this one as well. (new one posted today where he finally made his own mine) It's interesting to see it all from a newbie's perspective, and obviously someone who likes this kind of game. It's also interesting to see some of the sticking points that new players experience & find mildly annoying. Just the little things. One that struck me is he comments on how the tutorial window keeps popping back to the left every time he clicks to continue, and he has to keep moving it back where he wants it each time. Something for the devs to consider, letting that window stay where the player puts it. The other thing I really like about this guy's vids is that he keeps them under an hour. Most are around 30 (ish) minutes or less and he cuts out the most tedious and/or irrelevant parts while he's figuring something out. I don't know about other people, but when I'm looking at vids of a game I'm thinking about trying, I'm looking for an overview of the game and I almost never click on the really long ones and when I do I generally skip through most of them. I noticed that most Wurm videos tend to be hours long (except some of the WU vids). When looking at a new (to me) game, I tend to click on the shortest ones first. (No offense to those who make the long vids. I think those vids are great for people who already know what Wurm is about. It's nice to see some short ones for those who are just window-shopping, so to speak)
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    +1 Would reduce some drama, so it’s quite important.
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    If the persons deed disbands. There goes a decent chance of them coming back.
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    I just wanted to share some screens of my deed, Lorewood Gardens, on Xanadu. Been working hard to get it in nice shape, but still a lot of work to do! I've been having a lot of fun with some of the new items from the update, but also getting inspiration from the priest changes as well.