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    I hadn't logged in since writing this OP on (my) Saturday morning. When I logged on this evening, the shed was removed. It could have been the creator. That email feature will come in very handy. Glad to hear something of the sort is being worked on. Becket's doing well for the grumpy old man that he is. Thanks for the well wishes, you've always been a stand up guy, Arch.
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    My deed dropped less than 24 hours ago and some upstanding player came along and built a shed 3 tiles from where my token stood, just to steal a planted HOTA. Now, they've got the HOTA and I am left with a shed in the center of what was my deed so that I may not deed again. I've already put in a /support in, though I don't think it'll go anywhere. I've read here in the forums from others with similar thefts that have claimed that the team considers using a shed to circumvent anti-theft mechanics on PVE to be "fair game". Whatever. Another ridiculous decision in the long list of Wurm's ridiculous decisions... Standing here at the location my token once was, I am now over 3 hours in waiting for a response for my /support call. And when a GM finally does contact me, in the off chance that they're able to help and remove this shed from the center of my deed, the question begs to be answered: Do I really want to bother redeeding? Honestly, at this point, no. There are many reasons, including the ever-dwindling player base. No, I'm not rage quitting over a silly statue. But I am finally giving up, disappointed. How many are left playing this game? And out of those people, how many are not even giving a deed owner 24 hours to redeed before hawkishly building sheds inside of the deed to swoop down on valuables? And how many of them are leaving their sheds behind, as a big middle finger to the person they just stole from, blocking them from redeeding over their hard work? Please, I implore you (the remaining community) to take one thing from my post: This game is dying and doing scumbag things like tossing up (and then leaving) a shed in the middle of a village that has just disbanded, just so you can acquire a 5s item, is going to leave you with nobody left to play with. To all of those who I consider my friends, I will try to see you one, last time in-game. Some of you aren't very active so I don't know if I will get to visit everyone. For all of those that I've had good relations with, thank you for the 10+ years of fun gameplay and a great community. If any of you would like to keep in touch, feel free to add me on Steam. Send a private message if I won't recognize you by your Steam handle.
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    As_I_Decay, although I agree with your OP in many respects I have noticed that you have been off exploring new vistas in that other world that we escape to here from, which no doubt is where you have come across that last nail. There will always be people of self interest like this that will take advantage of any opportunities to enrich themselves at others expense. There really is no way to avoid them other than to be vigilant in your defense and elusive to these wolves pursuit. Then again, I further read that this mystery house has just as magically disappeared without not so much as a drop of stardust left behind. Possibly someone with a conscience tied to a shred of decency has read your post and realized that the impact upon you of what they have done is not worth the price paid in removing a place quiet retreat from someone who has had your many years of enjoyment within our Wurm other world homelands. At any rate, beyond all this you have a good long run of it here so I can appreciate a desire can grow to leave it all behind in the past yet taking those memories with you into the future. If this be so, feel no regret for what you leave behind as those who remain will remember you fondly for many diverse reasons, even if they only be for your challenging comments upon these forums. Follow your own visions in your younger years for all too soon they will be behind you where you can never return again. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    I'm on Xanadu skilling longswords so I rode up and dropped by, I can't find any shack that would block deeding unless you don't own one of the major ones. Either way, it's disappointing to see you go, but I do understand the frustration there. We are working on implementing an email alert system for deeds running low on upkeep but it doesnt help now I know. I wish you and your father well, and I hope you're both in well health.
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    We aren't looking at streamlining wurm, and Steam does not have say over having Steam only servers, it's a decision that's in discussion by us and I'll be working on addressing the whys in depth, but a lot of it boils down to the impact on the existing servers if they are required to adapt to Steams ToS.
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    Maybe make it impossible to loot a deed for a week after disband due to upkeep occurs. The decay still continues but it gives a person who accidently allow a deed to lapse a little more time to re-deed. If a person loves to scavenge old deeds they can still continue albeit after the seven days. Wurm gains new deed money, the ex-mayor gains by having a chance to retain their deed and the scavengers simply need to be able to tell the time and add 168 hours to the time of lapse.
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    Offer 2.5s on Rare Statuette of Vynora – Gold. COD to Neville if accept.
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    is it iron or steel? cod to Thedesmon with animal demise pls
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    I just noticed this video on Youtube, uploaded just 2 days ago. Wow, it was fun to watch someone new to Wurm try out the game.
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    Not sure if anybody keep reading suggestions here but, maybe somebody... Mushrooms: blue mushroom - increase moving speed on 1 km/h, decrease cast and attack speed on 50%, for 7 sec yellow mushroom - increase cast power on 10%, decrease moving speed on 50% from normal, for 7 sec green mushroom - increase power of hit 10%, reduce chance to hit on 10%, for 7 sec red mushroom - increase distance of cast / shoot / trow by 10%, and increase damage that you take for 20% for 7 sec black mushroom - give you immune to any kind of attacks for 3 sec, but disarm you for same time. Alchemy: Blue elixir - increase moving speed on 4 km/h, decrease cast and attack speed on 70%, for 15 sec / 50% effect if trowed Yellow elixir - increase cast power on 40%, decrease moving speed on 100% from normal, for 15 sec / 50% effect if trowed Green elixir - increase power of hit 40%, reduce chance to hit on 10%, + phantasm effect for 15 sec / 50% effect if trowed red elixir - increase distance of cast / shoot / trow 30%, and increase damage that you take for 30% for 30 sec / 50% effect if trowed black elixir - give you immune to any kind of attacks for 9 sec, but disarm you for same time. / 50% effect if trowed Get back skill of "Trowing", it will make 50% dmg of possible hit by trow, and 50% effective, and timmer in case if you trow elixir (will count as debuff). (example Yellow elixir will increase your spell power on 20% but will slow you down on 50%). trowing skill have 10 sec CD and have 5 sec of casting time. After 50 skill will interrupt cast or shot. after changing taking off and wear back armor have 10 seconds no bonuses from sets. (make sense about Rotting Gut with take off random part of armor) after changing weapon (that you hold) have 10 second effect >unarmed (means 70% less effectives of weapon) Priests > becoming a priest give you -50% P.dmg penalty, holding statuette in 2 hands give x2 power to casts. Battle spells, simple math: Ice shard make 4,5-9% dmg (up on channeling) (with statuette in hand + Yellow elixir) cast range 12 tiles, cast time 5 sec > 25,2% dmg per cast > mean 4 casts to kill target. Ice shard will slow down enemy for 3 second > 40%, Ice pillar - same but AoE (50% of target spell damage). Fire head make - 7-11% dmg (up on channeling) (with statuette in hand + Yellow elixir) cast range 12 tiles, cast time 5 sec > 31% dmg per cast + burn effect for 3% > mean kill target with 3 casts. Fire head will left some dota > (damage over time) will make small wounds ~1 dmg per tick each 3 sec for 9 sec (so +3 dmg totaly) fire pillar will make same but AoE (50% of target spell damage). Rotting gut make - 6-10% dmg (up on channeling) (with statuette in hand + Yellow elixir) cast range 12 tiles, cast time 5 sec > 28% dmg per cast > 4 casts to kill target. Rotting gut > will also take off random part of armor (back in inventory) Fungus Trap will make same AoE (50% of target spell damage). Armors: 1) Full set of cloth give them 300% favor regen. Dont give any weapon resistance. cant wear shield 2) guys in plate armor have +like 30% chance to block with shield, but work only whlie using all set, other way will just protect part where you have armor. Also make shield bash skill available for 100% up on shield skill (not separate skill like atm) Plate will have best resist against any weapon attack, but will have lowest defense against magic, like 10%-15% spell dmg reduction. 3) guys in chain have 25% bonus to dmg of 2h weapon, only while using all set. > gives 25-30% spell dmg reduction. 4) Guys in studded leather > 45% 2h weapon bonuse > only using full set, cant wear shield. 5) Leather armor > 30% dmg to archery dmg while using full set, cant wear shield, 20% mag dmg reduction. Weapons After 70 skill of : 1) Long sword you get skill - double hit 2) Short sword you get skill - bleeding wound (will make 2 dmg each 3 sec during 15 sec, or till will not healing with hc) 3) 2h sword you get skill - double hit 4) small axe you get skill - tricky hit - remove shield 5) large axe you get skill - tricky hit - remove shield 6) huge axe you get skill - tricky hit - remove shield 7) small maul you get skill - break finger (slow down attack speed or cast on 20%) 8 ) medium maul you get skill - break finger (slow down attack speed or cast on 20%) 9) large maul you get skill - break finger (slow down attack speed or cast on 20%) 10) staff you get skill - disarm 11) spear you get skill - pur dmg while trowing 12) halbert you get skill - unequip head armour 13) sickle you get skill - bleeding wound (will make 2 dmg each 3 sec during 15 sec, or till will not healing with hc) 14) 2h club you get skill - extra bash I think it's gonna provide more intersting fight system, by imagination and comining alchemy and each direction of pvp system can be pretty funny fight.
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    I live in Wichita Kansas. No one decides to live in Kansas USA. Its the state of the wizard of Oz. What annoys me here is the alarms. We have these alarms for tornados that sound like bombing sirens. That's not so bad but they test them, every week. Not just in my neighborhood but in the neighborhoods around me. So 2 or three times a week they test them. 6 years I've not have a real alarm yet. These things are loud. They just interrupted my game. I was about to hide in the bathtub or under the table. They start low wooooo then they grow slowly louder weeeee. !#$%!@#$% What annoys you where you live? Maybe my life is not so bad.
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    lol. Yes!! Although I'd say if yours only lasts for weeks on end, you're extremely lucky. Here, they go on for years on end. Funded, of course, by taxes that our lovely Cali politicians tell the hive-mind to vote for, and they obediently comply every election day. And of course, the hive-mind is convinced (by the politicians) that if they vote for them and the measures they're told to vote for, that they can actually stop our big ol' planet from changing. lol. Such colossal arrogance is just mind boggling. "Going Green" is just a political code-phrase for "give control of all power production to the government and take it out of the private sector." There's one "project" near me that's been going on for over 8 years now. It's practically a permanent fixture. A supposed "improvement" to the freeway section next to a huge shopping center that private businesses managed to complete within 1 year (about 10 years ago), and yet our state funded small section of freeway is still not completed. Just exactly what they're doing each day is a mystery though. I see workers there every day, for all these years, paid by the state. And yet, there is no progress. Very mysterious. So typical here in Cali. These kinds of "projects" are going on all over the place with none of them, seemingly, ever getting finished. I think they're just there for show, so the voters can "see their tax dollars at work." lol
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    Do not tamper with the master's (Bloodscythe) work!!! =Ayes=
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    It won't be scrapped. After this round we'll take a little time to adjust it based on feedback and such then launch it again.
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    Road works that last for weeks on end and congest all traffic in ciritcal areas. All the while debates about "being green" and doing more for the environment (with completely ludicrous measures) are dominating local politics. Maybe we'd have less emissions if a crapton of cars weren't stuck for a collective several hours per day because those bellends are all talk but can't manage to fund these maintenance projects properly. Also, just this morning when I got stuck in said traffic (but only because the traffic flow is badly managed across the board), people were (and always are) just shortcutting over a big parking lot running parallel to the road you had to wait half an hour on to get through this crap, expecting to be let back on said road after "sneaking" past two to three dozen of cars at the other end of the parking lot. I'm almost more upset with the people letting them back in, rather than letting them bloody starve right there.
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    Will the Steam chat system be separate from ours? I am -1 on sharing CA Help (but I know I can just shut that channel off until the initial excitement is over lol). But joint chat in others ways might be beneficial. Perhaps a new tab like WO-Freedom (with an ability to turn if off for those who don't want it) and being able to cross-game pm with friends. I know many of us use Discord to keep in touch with friends while they are playing other games, etc., but it would be nice to know in advance if the chats will be completely separate. Edit: A cross-game chat would also let the Steam people know this game exists here.
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    Such as all the slimy... errr. shiny silver sellers not being able to do RMT on Steam. All of a sudden all the people in the existing servers would not be able to sell those extra silvers for cash. And how then would they fuel their drug and alcohol fueled rants here on the forums? Be careful what you wish for people, you just might get it.
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    Vultures doesn't give a crap about the game, they just want to earn few silvers and turn it into money so they profit. Gone are the days of even some gentleman's code. "Deed it or lose it" mentality doesn't go very far anymore.. i mean.. who benefits if a player quits the game? There is no new players on sight, so you may rob a few players and make them quit the game, but there wont be others to rob soon. GG and WP is all i can say.
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    Just ranting, I'm bored, but would like to see this game succeed. The biggest issue I've always had with Wurm Online is the direction of the game almost never focuses on community and more on single player. There's no little things that keeps multiple people stay engaged in the game together. The only sponsored community thing Wurm Online has had is yearly Impalongs which I think is great. The Rifts are the only other thing that is recent that keeps people engaged which I think was a good idea, but that's become like a group of the same 10 people now. Killing uniques I don't really put in this category since most of the time you just have a bunch of alts sitting around waiting for rewards from the kill. Sermon groups are just people AFK in a room with nothing else really to do and is usually an alt you leave in the background window. Then there was the rare things like the huge Deed Maze the brothers spent a lot of work on that lasted about a month, but met some new people that I continued to talk to and played in game with after that was done. IMO, PvP has been the only constant form of community and excitement in Wurm Online, but that changes along with player drama and lack of new players to form new PMK's with, also game breaking bugs. So once you know everyone and been around or you're no longer welcomed and stuck with the current player base then that dies off for some people. PvP crowd seem the most passionate about this game IMO regardless of the player base in the entire game. Elevation reset made me upset from player's mentality of still not wanting to lose gear from going into fights all the time taking chances. That's not 100% WO's problem though, so I understand it I guess. Not like everyone likes sitting in front of a forge to play a video game. Always did hope they added mini games you can carry around or set on a table like I've posted in the past (chess, checkers, backgammon, dice, others). It's something to keep constant attention going on even though it's simple when working in a mine together pressing ONE KEY over and over again. Worked well with Ultima Online when I played waaaaaay long time ago. I'd log in just to challenge someone at a game we scheduled in game rooms we made on our tiny house property. Public auctions were a lot of fun too in UO which brought people working together. Simple and cheesy, but hey..something else to do while in game. All in all I see Steam further making this a single player game further splitting everyone up. If it wasn't for the guys that took me in at the beginning when I started years ago that were more advanced than me, but showed me the ropes I wouldn't be playing this game still.......well kind of not playing anymore past couple months.
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    Would be sorry to see you finally hang up the hammer mate
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    Ya it's a very different community now a days then years ago. I let my premium expire a while back for the first time in a long long time. I was thinking about coming back and resubbing but after reading all that is going on with Wurm Steam and the devs basically just leaving the faithful WU community out to dry with no final update to bring WU up to where WO is now was pretty much the final nail for me. Now the devs want to further divide the community with some new Steam version of WO? Nawww im done supporting these guys and WO, at least until they rethink things but I am pretty sure that wont happen as I am sure this is just a last ditch attempt to keep the game alive. I guess I can certainly understand that but I don't have to agree with or support how they are going about it. I will play WU and support the server admins of that version with the money WO would have got from me. Sorry to hear about your deed troubles, its just the nature of the players now unfortunately. Good luck!
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    I have found a village on Indy (not everyone is on forums), so this can be closed.
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    +1000000000 when the update was added and i saw it i yelled "WHAT THE *insert censored word here*" logged off and went into settings to figure out what was added to make that happen and turned it off and never looked back at it and the reactions that i gathered from a lot of people that day was pretty much the same and it would def be a deal breaker for quite a few people going forwards if that was a feature that was on by default when they entered and they saw the whole world constantly moving around in an unrealistic way like that Best to just have it off by default in general not just for the steam version with a note in the tutorial for it being an option that can be turned on if you want to experience motion sickness and being unable to play the game for more then 5-10 minutes
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    Hmm. I don't know. I mean it sounds logical looking at it from one direction. I guess it could just seem like dilution when looked at that way. I tend to look at it from another direction. I see it as them adding more diversity, more options, more choices, which I feel is needed since Wurm is such a niche game. More niches equals more players overall, (in the big picture) from the viewpoint of the core group that has their their fingers in all those pies. And since the average Wurmian seems to be happy with their chosen niche (currently WO vs WU, soon to add Steam WO), each in their own way, it seems like a good business model to me. The more the merrier.
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    And by that time there might not be a Wurm Online anymore. People talk about WO dying.. WU is not the problem here.. How are facebook pages gonna help? WO needs players not facebook followers to survive.
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    We have tinkered a bit for deeds to send out emails via the login server. Luckily instead of needing to configure each server to send emails we've adjusted it so the server can tell the login server to send it. This is currently in our testing phase but if it works we could see it come soon.
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    Jackal Rollover Points Not too long back there was a short window of opportunity during an update where people would cross over from Jackal to freedom and back and have their Jackal points and skills increased with each transfer. Fortunately, there was very little in the way of abuse during this matter and we collected the server records in order to correct this. As of today we now have the means to correct the unintended jackal point gains and skill gains incurred by those that transferred during this window and are in the process of finally doing so. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
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    We made you a discount because at the moment we have no priests We can't find the pendulum but we sent you the banner, sorry é.è
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    I think buried in your life story is the reason why this is actually a good idea. New releases of any kind, even re-release of old content on new servers give players the excuse they need to come back to a game or to create hype to encourage new people to try it. I can think of countless examples where this is the case. If you weren't already invested in your WU thing you would probably feel the same way.
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    I will be home tomorrow in the evening and I will cod them to you Neville, what about 3s? If it is ok, I will cod it tomorrow in the evening
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    yes, they try to denigrate my name since I'm not doing anything much, this post is totally unnecessary and the two were fighting for the place for days. nothing was stolen, it was who to catch first.
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    can we get a music folder we can add mp3 and such to it to get more music in game we want and maybe remove songs from game we do not want. not a question, just an idea... and set how often we want music to play
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    I thought they removed that from the server? Or did they bring it back I've not been on in a while. I would personally say try Sklo, if you like it you can always go to WO if you really want to... The community is great in both WU and WO but very different in both. I feel in WU everyone is more friendly (at least on Sklo). In WO people have their groups and if you step on their toes you'll have some problems. Never ran into that on Sklo. But this is also very rare on WO it's a great game and the community overall is amazing. I'm rambling. Play Sklo!
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    It really all depends on the server. Most are low pop but I've found that they run the full gamut from always-low-pop to always-high-pop and everything in between. There are a few that are always high population and very active. On Sklotopolis, for instance, it's always high pop. No matter when I log in, there's always tons of people and it feels way more populated than WO. The chat is very active and goes so fast I sometimes have a hard time keeping up reading it & getting anything else done. lol. And trade is very active as well. People are out and about doing things and/or helping others so you always see people in local, events always have a lot of people (one dragon slaying I went to there were over 80 people there not counting alts. Numbers are known because the raffles are one character per Steam account). Community projects generally have a lot of people joining in. And this is with 3 servers you can travel between like in WO so you would think the pop would feel less but doesn't. Other servers I play on or have played on, have medium population but with active communities as well, with active trade & chat, and I've found them to have a far more populated feel than WO in general. And of course a lot of them I've been on are very quiet and feel more like a wilderness experience (which has it's own appeal depending on my mood), but with friendly and helpful people, as you said.
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    I don't know how much you know about WO and WU, or what some of the differences are. With that said, the thing to know about WU is that every server is run by different people and so has different features and mods. It really all depends on how you like to play. Just think of WO as the base-line, with the WU servers being different in varying degrees on either side of the base-line. Some are faster and/or have more QoL things to make life easier. Some are as slow, or even slower and harder than WO. Some are older, more established servers that have been running for years. Some are newer. Some are vanilla with just a few minor changes. Most have mini-maps. Some have their own features like hunting servers, dungeons, monsters unique to their server, rideable/hitchable drakes and wargs, treasure chests, treasure maps, portals, recall runes, lycanthropy, earn money for killing mobs, some with free starter deeds, etc., etc. The list goes on & on. Some pve only, some pvp only, some have both. It really all depends on what kind of Wurm experience you're looking for.
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    I started out in WO, but decided to switch to WU because I couldn't afford to pay a monthly sub, and because I wanted to be able to make money by doing things I enjoy instead of just making bricks or digging dirt. A large majority of players in WO have already leveled up their skills so are not interested in purchasing items from new players since they would be of low quality. I also really enjoy the camaraderie that comes when all players are starting out on a pristine new server together. That is such a fun and fulfilling experience. It's also important for me to be able to make money doing what i truly love, instead of spending weeks grinding for a living doing tedious things like digging. There are so many more opportunities to earn a living in WU.
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    don't think i've shared this one entrance to workshop from highway.
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    Scenic view on Deli:
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    I just wanted to share some screens of my deed, Lorewood Gardens, on Xanadu. Been working hard to get it in nice shape, but still a lot of work to do! I've been having a lot of fun with some of the new items from the update, but also getting inspiration from the priest changes as well.
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    Imagine if a member of the Wurm staff could spare a few seconds of their precious time and make a comment here like "we are listening".
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    You man children are too serious and uptight over nothing Sad to see