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    Disseminating the positives (mostly) from the threads: WO, Steam WO and WU are all separate revenue streams with different target audiences. WO will remain on its current servers with all future features and updates intact. Steam WO will attract new players and may have some restrictions (e.g., one character per account, etc.) that we don't have on vanilla WO servers. Those on Steam WO who cannot live with those restrictions may be enticed to come to vanilla WO servers where there is more Freedom (e.g., multiple alts, multiboxing, etc.). Steam WO provides an opportunity for implementing and testing new PVP features/servers separately BEFORE they are brought to vanilla WO servers. A testbed if you will. WU sales are down and the challenge is to figure out how to manage it or abandon it going forward. Determine the financial benefit of continuing to support WU and make a decision. Currently, all three (WO, Steam WO and WU) are separate revenue streams and they bring in more money collectively thereby increasing development potential overall going forward. It's easy to get caught going down the rabbit hole on what-if scenarios, PVP and alleged broken promises, lack of support/updates for WU, etc. but dry your eyes and focus on the positives. Overall, I plan to continue playing well into the forseeable future on the vanilla WO servers. If you're de-stressing, enjoying yourself, making bank, etc. then what more can you ask for? It's a game. Just have fun!
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    The maps will be designed by ausimus with a mixture of random generation and refined by hand. Ausimus is responsible for the new elevation map, the test server maps and a lot of his work is available for Wu servers. Rest assured, it's in safe hands
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    Where the Hell is that door?
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    We are not 100% ruling out new servers being accessible by the non-Steam client at this point, but that would likely require some larger changes to the Freedom cluster. This will all become more clear towards the release and we'll share information as soon as it's certain - we're not keeping the details from you, we just aren't completely sure on it yet and we'd rather verify and confirm all the possibilities before announcing any more hypotheticals. Right now we're focused on making the game generally more approachable (while keeping the Wurm spirit) and the Steam part is second after that, which is why the details may seem to come slowly, but we'll let you know about the specifics as soon as we can. I realize all the vagueness can be frustrating, but keep in mind there's no decision we take without taking the current playerbase into account. While some changes are definitely aimed more at newer players, there's also a lot coming to Wurm that I think you'll all like, both veterans and newbies.
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    After months of working on making this the best I can, I've compiled my own notes on mission structures around Release and put them all into one handy map. It's finally at a stage where I'm happy to publicly share it. There are still a few noted on the map which are unconfirmed exact locations, but I have placed them as near as I remember them being and am in the process of visiting each of these sites (these particular ones have a purple marker). If anyone has any they would like to add to the map, or update the location of an existing marker please send me a PM here on the forum or in game (same username), or post in this thread and include any information you think may be helpful for people locating it! Also accepting structures which are currently on deed, in the event that the deed disbands and they become available for missions. Region borders are approximate and as accurate as I could get them, I will update if I feel necessary. Map link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/jwfz9g46dc1csni/Release Epic Map.png?dl=0 Searchable Directory: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MNWIFqabCr3ALEhNcIgvW-I6uAJG6Nrl7NbBKSc5kS8/edit?usp=sharing map last updated 15 November 2019.
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    When it comes to population, Indy and Xan are the two most populated servers. Out of those two, Xan still got the most unexplored land. Then there's Jackal, a temporairy server which resets every 6 months and where you really start with nothing. To get there you'll need to find a lodestone and use that to teleport to Jackal. More information on server status found here. As for major changes, We got a player event called Rifts and with the mats collected there you can create lodestones; which are needed to travel to Jackal. So, Jackal is one of the changes as well We also got a new cooking system We got a new Highway system We got wagoners now, making bulk deliveries on land easier if the receiving party is connected to the highway And we got a new fishing system, which was meant to make fishing a less AFK grind and somewhat more active. On top of that we got lots of minor changes in the rendering, we got woodcolours back, got new woodcolours which you can only get through archaeology, plus you need a journal for that. Then there are almanacs to write down your study of trees and bushes, so you know if / when to harvest those. And finally, the personal goals are removed from the game, instead of that we got a journal, showing us multiple goals we can / must / should (depending at your take at it) achieve and while doing so, are rewarded when having all of them done. So all in all, plenty of chances, but I'm sure you're getting used to them pretty fast, as the base game hasn't changed a bit. Thorin
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    The line for September is a whole pixel higher than August! A massive success this was, hyping us up for more content and a potentially revamped gameplay just to find ourselves on yet another server with all skills to regrind rather than being able to engage in the revamped gameplay which also didn't exist except for recycling mobs from a far better content update, and even that one is still treated as rather contentious. On a more serious note, it was said by staff that Jackal was "meant for new and old players alike", but as some players have observed, there are nothing but vets and the few odd returners on there. I think this graph puts any doubt about that observation to rest. The news of Jackal hasn't even remotely left the Wurm information sphere (I checked, please prove me wrong that this has appeared anywhere but on Wurm Online associated sites), I don't know how in the world they hoped to attract new players like that.
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    yeah i love playing wurm on twitter and facebook
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    "Slurp-slurp"? XD And thus endeth any attempt to take thee seriously. Back on topic: I strongly recommend hand-sculpting those Steam maps (And/or having a community contest. There are different tools to edit heightmaps and some pretty glorious stuff can be made before seeding them with mapgen. If said contest were held I'd gladly share a few tricks learned the hard way there to get cool stuff like mixed forests that feel natural). Reason to hand sculpt the maps: More coast, demand will be massive and rather key to player retention. Ditto on islands, but also proper valleys and hidden glens to cater to the smaller but still existent amount of hermits and inlanders. Also mountain paths to reach the tops of SOME (not all!) peaks. The new maps have to outright SHINE to be successful. Think I still got one buried in old backups that I'm particularly proud of, inde-sized one. There also has to be a mix of smoothed and roughed out areas, too much of either a boring or frustrating map doth make. On that note, PvP maps should have a ***relative*** "symmetry" and intentional choke points if you want some form of strategy to matter (and would also be conductive to developing new forms of gameplay). No offense, dev team, but tap into the community brain pool for those. We're better at map making that Code Club =P
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    Don't mind the guy, Samool. You'll always have a small group of people who REFUSE to use evil Steam, because Steam steals your data, hijacks your soul, changes your beer brand, indoctrinates your children into the Flat Earth Society, and turns your pets against you. And they'll make sure to make their voice loudly heard from Chrome/Chrome-based browsers while Googling stuff on a separate tab @Patreus: I'll simplify it for you. Why Steam? Because having your game on Steam is the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars of advertisement by simply having it there. If you want access to the new servers, install Steam. Your beers won't be changed in the middle of the night and your pets will still love you.
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    Lumps seem to change how they are listed based on if there's 1 or more. Lump, Iron (1) Iron Lumps (2+) For sorting, it would be really nice if it could be Lump, Iron (1) Lumps, Iron (2+) OR Iron Lump (1) Iron Lumps (2+) This would make sorting bsb's & crates to find all of your materials much easier. I think Lump, Iron would be better because it would group all of your metals together if you sorted by name.
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    Definitely +1 A simple email to the address of the mayor's account seems very reasonable. Maybe an option in our character's profile to enable/disable for those on the fence.
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    Jolly Rogue Sermons (On Hold) (Due to a series of unfortunate life events.) A'Hoy Mates, My name is Leander, and It would be my pleasure to invite all priest to join my alts Leonder & Edwardteach at my Monastery for a Sermon Group. The sermons will continue, and be continuous, as long as there are enough priest to get faith gains, or I run out of energy to do it. During my festival there will be the option to stay in the monastery or move to the community workshop, really just depends on the priests in attendance. My hope for the sermon group this time is to be self propagating, and something for the entire Wurm community so any new priest can join and be able get their priest goals. Location where I'm at My deed is named Jolly Rogue, it is located on Xanadu at S15 (Summons are available upon request). On the community map the coordinates are 3521, -7123 (Jolly Rouge Retreat). Sermons Sermons can be held every 31 minutes by a different priest in a queue list explained below. announce your sermon at the 1 min mark to allow those who left the monastery to work time to return in time to be a listener When done with your sermon update the queue in the local chat with the "/me chat command", in addition, post your faith gain with the "/me chat command." The "/me" gives you yellow text so it's easy to find. Example: [02:11:45] Leonder WL Sermon starts in 1 min [02:14:11] Leonder [02:13:35] Faith increased by 0.0459 to 68.5993 [02:15:13] Leonder WL @44 free free Dahlia free Khalifa free leonder (ALWAYS be sure to post your name at the end of the queue.) the @ is the Minutes on the hour of when to do the next sermon. use WL= White Light BL=Black Light at the beginning of the queue. (Since the removal of the BL PMGs there is less need for this however to keep things straight in large group i will continue the separation of the queues like this.) The Libila alter has been moved from the Monastery to a safer place for the BL followers to pray and sermon For a preacher to gain faith from preaching, you need at least 6 valid listeners. Sermons reset the prayer counter for the preacher if 6 valid listeners attended. Because of the 30 min alignment cool-down, sermons should fire off every 30 min, but never less than 30 since the previous. Every time a priest preaches, his max prayers for the day gets reset and he can pray another 5 times (every 20 min) for faith ticks. Cool-down is between your sermon is 3 hours. so have something to do it that time (and pray). More info on https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Sermon#Sermons The Rules see the village message board by the monastery door in-game Have fun be friendly. help your fellow priests out we're all here for the same reason. Do not log out please, if at all possible to ensure the max faith gains for others, there are benches to take a seat on and afk, However I do understand the strain keeping your PC running all the time so we won't hold it agents you if you do. No Sacrificing or Listening to confessions, they negate your valid listener status. but if you need to for whatever reason there are alters in the community workshop also this is a place for libila followers to hide from WL sermons to save alignment. Your spot will not be saved, NO Exceptions,If you log out while in the sermon queue for longer than 20 minutes you will lose your spot in the queue line and will have to wait for the next free spot. NO Exceptions! You Will be Poked a lot, If you are afk and it is your turn to sermon someone will pm you to remind you after that the queue will wait for no longer than 5 minutes before moving on to the next person you will lose your spot in the queue and will be put to the end. Talk to a Deacon, if You have any Questions, concerns, or disputes pm me Leander, Edwardteach, and Leonder or a Deacon of the monastery a trusted friend or a villager of Jolly Rogue. (deacon list can be found below) Wait your turn, if you have recently come back from extended AFK, or logged back from extended rest, DO NOT assume you will be next to preach, (unless you are returning from afk at your sermon time.) Look for the queue in local chat then ask if you may be added to any "free" spot or the end of the queue. Update the Queue Yourself, do this with a "queue correction" with your name in the free spot or at the end. DON'T expect others to do it for you. Monastery Dress Code, there is to be No heavy helms, shields, or weapons equipped while on monastery grounds, wearing armor to help channeling skill gains is ok, but this is the only exception (this is a place of peace, and I like to see people get into the role-playing spirit it just makes aesthetic more fun.) NO Animals there are to be no animals allowed inside the monastery yard. (they can be parked in the graveyard between the monastery and community workshop.) You Look Hungry, and Sickly Remember to keep up on your CCFP nutrition and hydration. (to keep from getting sick.) there are CCFP and filler meals in the larder DO NOT take them ONLY eat, please. Personal Space Keep some distance between you and other people, please, there are only 4 alters now so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Sermon Times, Sermons will be continuous as long as there are more than 7 people logged in, to continue (this may allow the sermons to be 24hr), however in some cases due to low body count, Sermons will shut down around 2:00am Eastern US (7:00am UTC) and will restart the following day when enough people log back on. Cooldown Tuesday, this is the designated day of rest for us it will be the day that everyone is able to shut down the priests and let their computer cool down and rest, so starting at roughly midnight Easter US (4:00am UTC) everyone will be able to shut down their priest or take them home for 24hrs the restart of the sermons will work exactly the same as sermon time rule above. First come First Serve, When relogging for the new day the queue order will be on a first come first serve basis. Deacons a few trusted people i have named as Deacons they are my representatives to handle problems that arise or settle disputes if i am unavailable. (the deacon list is posted here and on the village message board.) Things to do while not Preaching Beds: In the monastery in each room, you will find a wardrobe and a large chest to use if you wish I will attach a lock to them and allow you perms on the item to make sure your things are secure while your visiting. Meditation: There is a love tile on the raised area behind the monastery, a knowledge tile in the sand not far from that. (i am currently looking for the insanity tile) Crafting: I have a spot for crafting anything, as well as raw materials to do so. (i have had issues with this in the past, so if u craft something in the monastery out of mats i have provided then that crafted item stays in the monastery.) Cooking: cooking is very important, and is encouraged. (however, I do try to keep the larder filled with free ccfp food and fillers mostly provided by donations.) Farming: you're welcome to farm any of the upper fields on Jolly Rogue if you wish. Casting: there are BSBs and Spirit houses to practice casting dirt and courier. there is a station with things for mend casting and a couple of boxes with free creation ql items that can be for other types of casting. Archaeology: there are lots and lots of dead deeds around Jolly Rogue, feel free to go do some investigating. The Monastery Discord Server https://discord.gg/WQtXP9n Schedule Be sure to follow this post to keep up to date, and if there are any changes. Donations Donations are completely voluntary I'm not doing this for profit, they do however help me provide the community a facility for activities like this, and in the future the pirate festival and Impalong noted as the blue box on the calendar. anything can be donated, coin, raw materials, crafted items, and skills are the most valuable. Donating coin can be directly deposited into the settlement upkeep at the token. (this is what the coin will be used for anyway.) If you donate a large amount of something or a high ql something will receive an "Elder" benefactors credit here and at the monastery in-game. I am also gathering things for the pirate festival now. so donations of any kind will go to that, i am in search of prizes, bulk 75ish QL imping mats, and sacables Elders Thank you to the following people Deacons Trusted members of the Monastery.
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    I want to offer you a PanFilling and Baking service. All you have to do is to contact with me by forum PM to arrange the meeting. Then come and burn filled pans/stones - getting skills. Filling 1000 Pans cost 1.5 s If you don't have your own materials to use, I can find it for you: total cost, including mats, will be 2.5 s Filling 1000 Baking Stones cost 1.5 s I work at my new big kitchen at Exodus K_8 "Royal Kitchen" up to 10k Pans & 10k Baking Stones per cycle. Send me a forum PM if you are interested.
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    I gather they were discontinued as people were abusing the no/reduced decay feature, but we don't need them to have that feature. It's just super nice to give people seasonal, birthday, thank you and 'just because' gifts and fosters community - and the giftwrap was a nice presentation feature that encouraged that. Would be nice to have them to use for what they were originally intended.
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    Comfort in your cozy wood framed home hidden in the mountains. You think the world is always at peace and that your only danger is from rats and pigs. This is not the case. Do not hide. There is Evil in WurmOnline. There are army's and factions that would destroy all you have. They would take what you have built. They would slay your newly born horses and leave the carcasses as if they meant nothing. Sure you have seen nothing of this but it is there. Would you sit while your fellow Wurmians are killed and their homes are destroyed? Are you that kind of Wurm player. I think not. There is a peace on the land but that is the time to get ready and prepare. On the Elevation server there is an evil group known as the Blacklighters. They have no demands. They look for no peace. What they want is to destroy, steal and kill. Elevation has recently been reset. Its a new map. There are few homes and even fewer kingdoms. This is the time to build. Do not sit at ease, the Blacklighters are preparing to invade all of Wurm. Elevation is the first line of defense. Are you a solider. Are you fearless. Will you attack before you are attacked. Will you build defenses, seek out the Blacklighters and push them from the land. Or will you sit at home making oil from fat and olives. We need you now. Use the portal in your server. Come to Epic the pvp server then come to Elevation. Be a hero. Keep the blacklighters from invading your home servers. You are not allowed to travel with anything. No armr. No tools. No food. You come naked. We have left you a few tools when you arrive. Are you brave enough, or will you stay with the woman and children and tend to your Wemp. That's ok too. We will protect you.
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    Epic Pirate's Cove English Hello Pirates, our history goes back to 2013, when Gerugon founded a deed with the name Zwergenbucht (Dwarves Bay) on Desertion. This big Deed with at times more than 30 active players existed for about a year. At a later time, another Deed, the Zwergenwacht (Dwarves Watch), was founded by some members. After Gerugon left, Eviloknievel founded a deed for all people who have been abandoned. This deed, Toronum, existed for over 2 years and gave them a home. After a break, the survivors of the Zwergenbucht want to rise again. This time on freedom cluster! We want to make the oceans unsafe and gain wealth! Everyone is welcome, whether interested in PVP, PVE or just building. We are located at Xanadu with coordinates G8 on ingame map or at 650,-2270 on community map Xanadu Community Map If you are a new player, then you end the tutorial and go to the server Xanadu and select the starting city Glasshollow. Once there, you can use the in-game message service with the command "/tell Eviloknievel <your message>" to report to me or my lovely asisstant "/tell Jadegeier <your message>". Member count from September 2019: 5 active members (still three members of the old deed Zwergenbucht) German Hallo Piraten, unsere Geschichte reicht bis ins Jahr 2013 zurück, als Gerugon das Deed mit dem Namen Zwergenbucht auf Desertion gründete. Dieses große Deed mit zeitweise mehr als 30 aktiven Spielern bestand für circa ein Jahr. Zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt wurde ein weiteres Deed, die Zwergenwacht, von einigen Mitgliedern gegründet. Nachdem Gerugon aufgehört hat, gründete Eviloknievel für die Heimatlosen die Stadt Toronum als neues Zuhause. Diese Stadt existierte über 2 Jahre. Nach einer Pause wollen sich die Nachfahren der Zwergenbucht nun wieder erheben. Diesmal geht es auf Freedom! Wir wollen die Meere unsicher machen und Reichtum an uns reißen! Jeder ist willkommen, ob Interesse an PVP, PVE oder einfach nur bauen. Du findest uns auf Xanadu mit den Koordinaten G8 auf der Ingame Karte oder auf der Community Karte bei 650,-2270 Xanadu Community Map Mitgliederstand September 2019: 5 aktive Mitglieder Wenn ihr neue Spieler seid, dann beendet ihr das Tutorial und geht auf den Server Xanadu und wählt die Startstadt Glasshollow aus. Dort angekommen könnt ihr euch über den Ingame-Nachrichtendienst mit dem Befehl "/tell Eviloknievel <deine Nachricht>" bei mir oder meiner reizenden Asisstentin melden "/tell Jadegeier <deine Nachricht>". Alte Spieler der Zwergenbucht bzw. Zwergenwacht die noch irgendwo auf Desertion stehen können mich auch alternativ über das Wurm Online Forum erreichen. (Benutzername: Eviloknievel)
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    Hi, I have grown tired of hermit life, and instead of quitting (again), I would like to live in a somewhat active village. Let me know if you want more details.
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    I was thinking just today how uninspiring Sloping Sands is a place to land, now. No one coming through that portal and looking at the bleak emptiness around them is going tp feel inspired to stay. When I first joined the server back in 2014 there were at least some good looking player-made deeds within sight of the starter town that showed me what was possible and inspired me to go and start my own little deed. I think there's a lot of seasoned players im WO who still love their server homes and would put in time and resources to improving their starter towns if they were allowed to.
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    There are few names that stick out when it comes to building and decorating in WO... at much crazier level.. compared to the other.. why didn't staff ever try to lure these people to design starter towns? Why nobody ever writes articles about wurm.. anywhere.. never..it's really really rare to find a page online that mentions wurm online or shows recent screenshots. How does anybody think that the game is possible to find without the right presentation and good amount of links pointing to wurm's website.. etc.. If anything the game's free to try and play forever at 20.00 if that's all you want and need... As for the webshop or sub model.. if 1st one eventually starts to be used.. and finally provides a good amount of things.. people are craving all kinds of skins and decorations, easy money if such were offered, plenty of other non sub-model games make decent amount from shop items alone.
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    So true. I know many are turned off by the graphics alone which is so sad. They have no clue what they're missing. The depth of this game is amazing. I've barely even scratched the surface and have been playing for over 1200 hours
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    Sure thing Wurm is a very cool game, but it doesn't reveal it's potential to most new players.
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    map updated. Added: Mirror of Despair Songs Challenge Added structure types for Door to Lamentation and Sancrarium of Spirit Added structure type and adjusted location for Jumps Mantra and Secret Obelisk
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    It was definitely accessible at one point, a winding path up the side of the mountain and some bridges so shame about the bridge. Thanks for checking those locations for me, much appreciated! A+ for you
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    for example, less materals for arched walls This one uses the same mats as this ones well the last one uses iron fences too but same 20 mortar and 20 bricks as normal plain wall
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    If you have no "better" option sail to Release. Xana/Indy have usually most of the population, rest is just as good as any other server pretty much. Welcome back o7
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    Yes please. I carry around unopened gifts just for the nostalgia.
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    Ayreon - The Day That The World Breaks Down - The Source (2017) Recent discovery i just had to share .. Ayreon is a one man project, w many guest artists .. this track comes w commentary from project leader Arjen Anthony Lucassen
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    +1, at least during december please!
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    +1 Gave me a very reasonable deal and great delivery.
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    Numbers remain around 2k and bump a bit around xmas or gift events for being prem.. you'd think somebody could get the hint and make more of that... more events and gifting unique random items... to buy a new villa or or small island somewhere one day.. I honestly can not remember other number.. probably easy to lurk around theinternetarchive and that mrtg url... to check old records, sure there have been better times with the online numbers before WU was a thing. As for WO pulling people for whereever.. being wu or random places over the globe.. or flat earth.. whatever people believe in nowdays... the game just needs more events and reason/s for players to actively contribute in them, at the end of the day.. server's one reason to be is to have people doing stuff on it.. nobody should care if they get more of this or that pixel.. if it keeps the customers happy and brings more on the table.
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    pretty much how honest people clean up after events in mmos 'usually'
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    No, that is ME actually Though I did begrudgingly migrate to Steam "kicking and screaming the entire way" (Wurm Unlimited ended up being the carrot I could not resist) I still won't touch Windows 10.
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    was there even a bump for jackal? oof
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    +1 for pay to win looks/style...
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    Its So Beautiful Early morning and I am standing on the edge of the deed. It is higher then the surrounding woods and bay. I can see for miles. There are mountains beyond the forest; beyond the bay I see giant stone peaks. There is an owl hooting. The forest is wonderful. Tall trees and short fruit trees. I can see the waters of the ocean. A cabin sits across the bay- old and abandoned. An empty unlocked row boat sits beckoning. There's work to be done some digging, some cutting. I must start the hotel for travelers to rest and gain sleep bonus but this view holds me. I can see wild cows and horses on the sand next to the beach. They are eating and breeding. Its quiet now but soon an experienced Wurm player will return. He crafts and builds, knowledgeable in all areas. I suspect he is from a royal family but I will not ask thinking he is here at the edge of the world to get a new start and enjoy the peace. No rain this morning but I sense dew on the ground. Behind me my cart horses rustle they too know there is work to be done. Sadly I can not stand here all day: the sun creeps over the peeks; soon the fresh morning will be forgotten with the heat and activity of the day. Its time. My sore and callused hands know the work is about to begin but still I wish the morning would go one forever. The owl hoots.
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    Sadly, our beloved game was not able to keep a grip on (I will call him Bob). He has veered over to EQ (worse graphics than Wurm) and Star Citizen (much better graphics). Will he return? The more important question is, why did he not stay? He might be back, but if you watch all the videos (I have) you can listen to some of his critiques of Wurm and learn some things about the newbie experience that really should be addressed by the devs. Here are some of my observations and suggestions from what I heard. 1. When a new player chooses the portal after the tutorial, give them an option to arrive at the starter town of a map, but also give them another option to be spawned at a random location out in the middle of nowhere - something Bob really wanted to experience. The same code that determined a safe spot for the rifts of old might be good to use for locating a landing spot for a new player that wants to be a survivalist. 2. I think we veterans forget just how ridiculously long those newbie timers are. Bob mentioned the lengthy timers many times in his videos. Even though I tried to let him know in the comments that timers get shorter over time, I don't think he appreciated something he would not see for many months of game play. I think the baseline action timers in Wurm need to be at least 1/2 of what they are now with the fastest timers remaining as they are. Let's be honest, the return-on-investment for a new player in Wurm is pathetic to say the least. It took him 2-3 hours to mine just a few tiles. Come on, really? That worked in 2006 when the appearance of 3D was awe-inspiring, but it doesn't work today. I actually think that's about it. The devs have done a really good job with the newbie experience overall. Except for the cost of Wurm (always a peeve of mine) there are just a few pain-points to address, especially before moving to Steam.
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    I will be staying on WO. I think they should stay separate forever. First thing we would lose is alts. losing alts also means a loss of revenue for Wurm. I know I would not play my toons one at a time so I would just drop to one and probably consolidate down to just one deed while I am at it. I agree that new players would want some nice fresh servers to play on. Lets keep in mind though that 6 months after the steam launch all those pristine untouched lands will be no more so the cycle will continue of people complaining about untouched lands. There is one complaint that I cant wrap my head around is the people who keep wanting to consolidate servers. Why would you want to live on top of each other. I have no desire to have a lot of people in my local listening to emotes all day. You know all you server consolidators can get together and just plop your deeds on top of each other now and get the same results.
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    DeedPlanner 3.0.6 is released! This is quality of life update that adds many useful features like flexible GUI scaling and search boxes. This release also fixes many bugs, including ramp editing and loading issues on Linux and Mac standalone versions. Standalone (Windows/Linux) version: https://github.com/Warlander/DeedPlanner-3/releases/tag/v3.0.6 Web version: https://warlander.github.io/DeedPlanner-3-web/ Changelog: Added warnings when trying to edit openings/stairs/roofs on ground floor Added support for direct map loading from Dropbox and Google Drive Added GUI scaling option Added search box to all trees in GUI (grounds, floors, walls, objects) Added tile coordinates to height editing tooltips Added option to toggle GUI with F10 key Upgraded Unity version used for project from 2019.2.0f1 to 2019.2.9f1 Optimized heightmap handles rendering Made ramp editing tool make ramp from anchor to selected point immediately if respecting original slopes is turned off Renamed Pastebin loading to web loading Moved donation buttons to menu instead of being visible everywhere Fixed decoration ghost not being displayed on proper floor Fixed centered decorations and vegetation being allowed to be placed on non-ground floors Fixed being able to overwrite decorations when it's not allowed Fixed not being able to load non-compressed DP maps from web Fixed chance of ground corruption when spamming ground fill function Fixed being able to move camera around when typing in input fields Fixed ramp editing tool not resetting its state correctly if action is canceled Fixed ramp editing tool incorrectly using height at ramp end as height as ramp start Fixed timing issues when swapping walls, creating time window during which you can accidentally place walls behind the swapped wall Fixed wall memory leak when wall is refreshed (for example, during the slope change) Fixed camera focus issues when on menu tab Fixed program loading issues on non-Windows standalone versions
  43. 1 point
    Several of my players downloaded them and didn't get a fresh properties file. The trick seems to be to completely delete all of the mod, then add it back in.
  44. 1 point
    Enable PvP on freedom simple solution
  45. 1 point
    Loved the tutorials, really brings to life the new player experience. The only other thing Id say is REPAIR REPAIR REPAIR, seeing that 73 dmg on his pick and still mining with it frustrated me
  46. 1 point
    Omg, I didnt know there exist people with so much patience to actually read tutorial texts.
  47. 1 point
    +1 Last time I stopped, I stopped for five years because I logged in a couple of weeks too late to save my deed and it had been emptied. An email would've made it easy to put more money in until I was able to come back to it.
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    Reading this thread more and more i really get frustrated with people. First of all when will people learn that if downfall of Wurm comes they are the one to blame and not Wurm team. Heck it's only handfull of them against human nature. When will people who play this game learn that they have the power to shut it down and not the team. You love this game as you claim, ###### stick with it, sink with it if it needs, ###### the 80 euros you threw away, instead of trying to cash out and flee like a rat on a first wawe. Whining and demanding about how population is low and there are too much servers won't get you anywhere. I also think that seperating steam players is bad idea but pesimistic mentality of people is unbelievable lately. If you really love this game and want it to last, if you want players numbers to stop declining endure the hard times, stick with it and hope for better future otherwise we shall surely fail. It is us who can solve problem of declining playerbase by simply stop declining and having a little more faith in them not the dev team. Peace out
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    Looking for a horse with one of these names because i'm egotistical. 5 Speed, either normal horse or HH. Oblivion Oblivionchaser Oblivionfalcon Oblivionmaster Oblivionoblivion (if that's possible lol) Oblivionthunder Oblivionwarrior
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    WurmAPI create your own Wurm world WurmAPI is Java API that allows you to create and preview your own Wurm Unlimited world, before the game release. It is available here: https://github.com/codeclubab/WurmModServerApi . It will be extended with time, depending on needs. In case of any problems/bugs/suggestions, please leave feedback - we will try to deal with issues as soon as possible. Simple usage example: import com.wurmonline.mesh.FoliageAge;import com.wurmonline.mesh.GrassData;import com.wurmonline.mesh.Tiles.Tile;import com.wurmonline.mesh.TreeData;import com.wurmonline.wurmapi.api.MapData;import com.wurmonline.wurmapi.api.WurmAPI;import java.io.File;import java.io.IOException;import java.util.logging.Level;import java.util.logging.Logger;import javax.imageio.ImageIO;public class MapTest { public static void main(String[] args) { WurmAPI api; try { api = WurmAPI.create("Creative", 11); } catch (IOException ex) { Logger.getLogger(MapTest.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex); return; } MapData map = api.getMapData(); int halfWidth = map.getWidth() / 2; int halfHeight = map.getHeight() / 2; for (int i = 0; i < map.getWidth(); i++) { for (int i2 = 0; i2 < map.getHeight(); i2++) { int distToEdge = Math.min(halfWidth - Math.abs(i - halfWidth), halfHeight - Math.abs(i2 - halfHeight)); if (distToEdge > 10) { map.setRockHeight(i, i2, (short) (95)); map.setSurfaceTile(i, i2, Tile.TILE_GRASS, (short) (100)); map.setTree(i, i2, TreeData.TreeType.CEDAR, FoliageAge.OLD_ONE, GrassData.GrowthTreeStage.MEDIUM); } else { map.setRockHeight(i, i2, (short) (-200)); map.setSurfaceTile(i, i2, Tile.TILE_DIRT, (short) (-100)); } map.setCaveTile(i, i2, Tile.TILE_CAVE_WALL); } } map.saveChanges(); try { ImageIO.write(map.createMapDump(), "png", new File("map.png")); ImageIO.write(map.createTopographicDump(true, (short) 250), "png", new File("topography.png")); } catch (IOException ex) { Logger.getLogger(MapTest.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex); } api.close(); } }