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    self entitled upper middle class snobs that think the world revolves around them when it clearly should revolve around poor bums like me
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    Entitled snowflakes, smug & trendy brothers-keepers, and the hive mind. Yes, I live in the People's Republic of California.
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    The new servers will be Steam only because we wish to keep them seperated at least for the foreseeable future. The existing Wurm players are not the target of the servers on Steam, while many may try it out, our focus is on a new market of players, with the current Wurm servers continuing, along with all updates and features.
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    its pretty easy to make statements like that when you dont pvp but having a medieval glue factory is pretty much required coz walking sucks, and is even encouraged by mechanics even before the breed change, ratio for animals on deed is 5 in pvp compared to pve's 15 so you can have 3x the horses in your glue factory
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    where would tc flee to after that?
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    There's a lot of things I too find pathetic, many stem from your attitude and while I didn't participate in the Elevation reset due to a lack of care for the proposed changes or ability to see a positive direction coming from them - faster horse breeding was certainly not one of them. Having horses in pvp is a must and they die first and fastest in battle, not having them cripples your chances to participate so if you find people wanting to engage in pvp pathetic then I'm not really sure how much weight the rest of your complaining holds.
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    Lumps seem to change how they are listed based on if there's 1 or more. Lump, Iron (1) Iron Lumps (2+) For sorting, it would be really nice if it could be Lump, Iron (1) Lumps, Iron (2+) OR Iron Lump (1) Iron Lumps (2+) This would make sorting bsb's & crates to find all of your materials much easier. I think Lump, Iron would be better because it would group all of your metals together if you sorted by name.
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    +1 If you can see the business sense of emailing before a character's premium runs out, and you already follow the practice, surely it makes equal sense for deeds.
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    if you don't like people talking bad about you don't do shady stuff lol, man up
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    I just came back on this thread to post my decision. I'm going to stay on the existing Wurm servers no matter what happens. I'm already invested into three characters and well established on Xanadu. I'm not going to worry about people selling accounts, the current state of trade chat and the markets, etc. I'm just going to stay focused on having fun in the best way I know possible and that is to continue doing what I'm doing despite all the bickering, politics, etc. I've realized that all this is doing is causing me stress and that's not why I come here to play the game. Therefore, I'm dispensing with all of it, I just don't care anymore. All I care about is that the game servers keep running and I can continue playing. Period. I could care less about the Steam version, state of PVP, etc. I just want to have fun so that's what I'm going to do. Perhaps others will come to the same realization. I went down the rabbit hole for a while in this thread but now I digress. I'm done with this discussion. Now that I understand that the company simply wishes to have multiple revenue streams with different target audiences, it doesn't bother me. In fact, it basically means one thing. I'm going to stick with my existing characters on the existing servers and ignore Steam and WU altogether because they don't apply to me. In fact, I think the restriction Steam may have on "multiboxing" will attract certain people to WO. People who want more freedom and less restrictions. Perhaps it will be a better way to bring players into WO but time will tell. WU didn't live up to that expectation but at least it provided a "cash injection" so to speak I guess. The dev team will have to figure out how to manage WO, Steam and WU so that it doesn't become too overbearing on existing staff resources (i.e., developers, etc.). I like the fact that the current Wurm servers are continuing along with all updates and features. It shows we're not *losing anything*.
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    Oh well.... the one issue I always had with Wurm was the lack of a reason to grind those skills. Sure, being creative with your deed and doing the one or other travel can be nice, but knowing you wont find anything exciting around the next corner is kind of meh... old deed ruins are the best you can hope for. Why should I grind fighting? To keep the mean trolls away from my deed? Spirit Templar and Tower guards can do that too, give me a dungeon to actually use all those skills in. The elusive unique that most of the time only goes to super dedicated hunting groups.... good luck trying to appeal to people with a real life and job, sure for those there is XIV and WoW or whatever then you could say... but if you want more people to play Wurm, it needs more than "here... put down a deed, build your house, up to that point its a survival game and from that point on you have a house it turns into a skill grind game". Grinding any skill to unlock whatever or have better food and so on is all good and nice but here I stand and ask myself what for... The core of Wurm used to be PvP and if you take that into consideration then sure, it all makes sense cause PvP takes that dedication but if you want Wurm to succeed in a PvE way, then it needs more content then the occasional rift or unique and the later will again go to dedicated hunting groups who will tell you "put more effort into it!". Simply slaping some "dungeon of sorts" somewhere is ofc not perfect either, people would flock to it, maybe even deed next to it just to be close and so on. For me it is hard to think up any reasonable PvE content, but what currently is in the game has never really appealed to me. One person, forgive me I forgot who, once proposed something like "gather a ton of mats to build some structure and that then spawns a unique of sorts" or something on a raid level, I think it was mentioned by the FF Brothers too .... maybe something like that would be a direction to throw thoughts at, it's nothing static you would deed close by or whatever and it could be anything, a temporary portal to a raid instance or island or whatever really. I have enjoyed my Wurm years greatly, then again I am not an average player either... Wurm is niché and trying to appeal to more people will be hard with the current content. Wurm is not bad as it is, it just needs more reasons to be played the way it is now... as soon as people fall into the skill grind hole with no real goal beyond that it becomes tedious. For me it is and remains my "Winter Season Game", but with the current news I am not sure I will return this season until those new servers are up. My char has been premed the entire time and still is, regardless if I play or not, I like Wurm.... yet I wish there was more to do, more reason to all this "building your character up" part of the game which takes a huge amount of time. But if you just slap on a new UI and some QoL changes, then sadly I don't see the new servers doing any better than what we have seen in the past - a short spike for the landrush fun (and I can't denie I would be part of that) but then it will slowly wittle down. (Actually I would argue the PvP server may do better on that end, at least it has some reason behind the grind.) Either people catch the grind bug and enjoy the pure skill grind with zero reasoning behind it on PvE or they don't and looking back, not many people did. (Not to mention a big reason for this to work was the RMT, people paid hefty prices for QL70+ tools on Release when it was not conected and so on - this time around there wont be any RMT, so that may produce a hit downwards as well, at least from the veteran side of view - not even considering the "restart from scratch" part. It may as well gives birth to a entire new sort of market, depending how coins will be acquired and then used again considering RMT is out the window.)
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    And that "something big" that's needed, that "drastic" change you think it will save Wurm is what, exactly? Adding new separate servers? As if they didn't do it before. May I remind you Pristine and Release used to be separate servers and you had to start over from scratch with a new avatar? You think that helped the game growing its playerbase in a way worth mentioning? Not at all; I was there day one, I know what exactly happened: those new separate servers had a peak in the first 2 months and that was all. When the first 2-months subscription was ended, many new players left Wurm (because they got bored, they didn't like the slow pace of the game, or whatnot). The total Wurm population quickly dropped down, more or less to the same level it used to be before introducing new servers. Those new servers ended up being populated mostly by alts created there from veterans, plus some new players who remained. The whole experiment was such a "drastic" change that they had to merge those 2 servers in the Freedom cluster after a few months they introduced them. The party was over, and guess what, NOTHING changed, other that we had two more low-populated servers. Complete nonsense. Not to mention you failed to even bullet it properly. (1) The "wilderness feel" you mention will last 2 weeks maximum. Why? because "new players can be destructive" (your own words). Newbies (and old players starting over) will make a mess in no time, with terraforms and "roads all over". Example: Celebration was mainly a newbie server when they opened it, and a huge area around starting town was a disaster, a huge mess. All that in a matter of few days. Soon, the mess spread out even in my secluded outpost there. But don't worry, today most areas are wilderness, simply because nobody lives there, and even if a deed was there in the past, everything collapsed a long time ago. You don't need a new server if you want to experience the "wilderness feel". On the contrary, a separate new server will cease to be wilderness very quickly, because you will have more people in less space, compared to the many, already empty, Freedom servers. (2) "People like coastal. Good luck on an old server": Nonsense "argument" again; Xanadu itself was yet another server that was not needed (not to mention Xanadu's many problems). Existing servers are full of empty coastal spots, not only in Xanadu but also in all other servers; and it couldn't be otherwise because ALL servers are pathetically low-populated. So who exactly takes over the coastal spots? The tiny playerbase that could fit in one server only? (3) "Clear rock layer": yet another nonsense. Have a tour around Wurm, man. Go to Deliverance and tell me how much of wasteland you will find still standing. I can recall 5 or 6 deeds on west coast, the rest is no man's land, I can easily find a spot and set a mining colony if I wanted to. There are a few old mines, most of them collapsed, and the rest is free for the taking. Pristine is full of thick rock layer you can mine and create your dream underground land. (4) The old-versus-new-players "argument" you tried is just silly. New servers will be full of old players playing a fresh toon; those will have a clear HUGE advantage against newbies. So the exact same issues with perimeters and whatnot will happen. I saw it happening myself on Pristine, back when it was a new separate server. (5) About the "market" argument you mention: Yeah, sure, none of the veterans will play on new servers; not even one of them. It will be a pure newbie community, so newbies will "have a shred of a chance at a market spot before the veterans take over". Seriously man, are you THAT naive? Veterans will be there day one and they will take over market quickly because their new alt will progress 100 times faster due to player's previous experience. That nonsense was already tried out on 2 separate servers in the past. And guess what, veterans playing new toons took over the market in a matter of one month, if not less. I was on Pristine with a new toon; I made ships way faster than newbies eventhough we all started from scratch, because I knew what to do and how to do it. Other veterans took over blacksmithing goods, farming, everything. The market was quickly saturated and the merge of the 2 new servers in the Freedom cluster was inevitable. Long before the merge, veterans already had complete control of the market on separate servers. New players really didn't stand any chance to "create their own market". And you know why? Because the market system needs an overhaul. New separate servers will never change that. (6) The Steam arguments doesn't really deserve any answer. Let me just point out Quality of Life doesn't need any new server; they introduced "QoL" changes in the past; some "purists" didn't like it, and the dust settled in a matter of days. (7) What you call "Wurm classic" is dying already, and new Steam separate servers will be the final nail on its coffin. If you can't see that you are blind. Steam is popular, despite the fact it sucks. Freedom servers will be even more deserted, forcing the remaining oldies to either quit playing, or moving to Steam servers - if they can stand the Steam crap, of course. Furthermore, none of you addressed the fact new servers will be on Steam only. Let's say new separate servers are needed (they aren't, but let's say I agree with you). Even then, why exactly new servers must be on Steam only? New players could just join the new servers via Steam if they want; others could join the new servers without Steam. Simple, and not restricting. Steam itself is a DRM galore, not to mention the bugs. Nevertheless, I have no problem with it, as long I have the freedom not to use it. If you guys like DRM, enjoy Steam as much you like, provided others still have the option to stay away of it. But Steam-only servers, if they succeed, will kill Freedom servers thus killing the freedom to play without Steam. You want new separate servers so desperately? It's a mistake but ok, go ahead and do it. Just NOT Steam-only servers. And don't tell me they need to be Steam servers for some technical reason, because Samool and Rolf already said they MIGHT connect them to the existing Freedom servers in the future, so it is possible to have a new separate cluster not depending on Steam from day one. They just don't want to do it; they want new servers to be Steam-only. I tried to guess why they insist on that in a previous post. I can see why they want Wurm on Steam. Sadly, Wurm is dying, and they hope Steam might save it because it's popular. "More audience, more people joining, more money for the company, Wurm is saved". It's not that simple, though. The best Steam can do is to increase Wurm playerbase for a few months, probably 2 or 4 months maximum. Then playerbase will inevitably drop again, because the "honeymoon" is over. And the question is how much it will drop. What will keep people playing Wurm is the gameplay, not Steam. Wurm is by nature a slow-paced game; I am perfectly fine with slow-paced gameplay, but most people aren't, thus you can never expect a huge playerbase. If I were to guess, I'd say Steam will not have a huge permanent change on Wurm playerbase. It will certainly increase the playerbase, but not too much in the long term. If that's enough to save Wurm, I don't know.
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    Unfortunatly this Bozo character and all of his alts think it is fun to steal from players right in front of them no matter the situation. I always wondered why he has so many alts, it is because he can be semi anon while he ganks peoples stuff. No it is not against the rules, but it is not something I condone. Glad I put him on ignore and will never talk to him again after the hota statue thefts. We would be much better off with out people like him in Wurm, ruins it for everyone.
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    Enable PvP on freedom simple solution
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    next time it will be real alarm but no one expect a thing, stupid reasons to test every week
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    Lmao dude yoinked your yoink Hahahaha
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    -- EDITED FOR CLARITY -- What's the status on Amazon? Are there still plans to move the network/server infrastructure to be hosted on Amazon servers along with the Steam integration? I'm just thinking the one big complaint people always have is lag. If you're anticipating a huge number of new players to the game, the existing infrastructure may not handle it so well at launch. Just wondering what the team's thoughts are around that? Personally for me though, coming from Canada, if I have lag I just connect to a VPN in Germany, then I connect to WO and my lag issues are non-existent. Most of the time it's network lag it seems at least in my case. It doesn't happen too often though. I'm biased because I'm a PVE focused player and I don't see PVP as a priority for me personally. However, others do and those people are selling their accounts and quitting the game now before even seeing the Steam release. I think getting the PVE launch right first and then focusing on the PVP aspect makes sense. Take lessons learned from PVE launch and apply to PVP launch. As for the idea of server merges, I don't think anyone likes the thought of losing their existing characters, deeds, items, skills, etc. so I'm *hoping* regardless of what happens, we don't lose what we've already invested tons of money and time into. A lot of us sunk a lot of EU/silvers into these things. From a player's perspective it's seen as a long-term investment into the game for continued fun and future gameplay so the last thing we want is to see all of that money and time spent go to waste. I noticed since the release of Jackal, it really killed Trade etc. on Xanadu. I'm still playing here on Xanadu but it's more dead now than it's ever been. I'm not into the whole Jackal thing and it bothers me that this seems to have taken away a sizeable portion of the Xanadu population away from playing on the server. Overall, it has had a negative impact it seems. What are the dev team's thoughts on this? Perhaps enabling Jackal for 6 months was too long? Finally, maybe this change in direction won't be such an issue in the future *IF* the game manages to attract more players after being migrated over to Amazon and/or Steam. We all hope it *rebounds* and the markets improve. It adds to the fun of the game. As the current server population is on the decline, existing players are losing interest and very worried about what the future holds. I'm one of those people who is going to try and stick with this through thick and thin but not if I'm going to lose my existing characters, skills and all of their belongings. I'm trying to stay positive and base my decisions on "What IS" instead of "What IFS". The community has become sort of toxic lately (due to "What IF" scenarios) and it's sad to see. Perhaps the dev team is striving for a better foundation moving forward but so far it seems to be at the expense of losing the entire existing customer base. I just hope the staff thinks things through! Cheers. -- EDIT FROM YESTERDAY -- I just spoke to someone and they cleared up the reason as to why everyone is selling their accounts. They believe they will all have to *start over* from scratch as there will be two parallel versions of the game (the current one and the steam one). They believe there will be a high possibility of the current one dying. In other words, the reward we get for years of loyalty is to *start over* from scratch regardless if you've been here for 12 years or 3 years, etc. This is my current understanding as to why people are so upset. So it seems to me a merge of the existing data (the current one) must make it into the new one on Steam or this game is going to die a very quick death. ***The person I spoke to said you guys need to should do a Q&A on this matter live on stream before it's too late.*** Might not be a bad idea... I started playing 4-5 years ago so naturally this has me pretty concerned I must say.
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    People do play the game. The game requires ONE mayor per deed. People may have different deeds with sleeping mayors. It has happened numerous times that a deed disbanded due to this and it would actually make business sense to let people know they have the option to renew before the whole deed is gone and they perhaps decide to, idk...go play another game?
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    I live in Wichita Kansas. No one decides to live in Kansas USA. Its the state of the wizard of Oz. What annoys me here is the alarms. We have these alarms for tornados that sound like bombing sirens. That's not so bad but they test them, every week. Not just in my neighborhood but in the neighborhoods around me. So 2 or three times a week they test them. 6 years I've not have a real alarm yet. These things are loud. They just interrupted my game. I was about to hide in the bathtub or under the table. They start low wooooo then they grow slowly louder weeeee. !#$%!@#$% What annoys you where you live? Maybe my life is not so bad.
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    Please email a mayor the week before deed upkeep runs out. Thanks.
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    I was thinking floating on water. I don't have enough imagination for floating on air.
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    5x bridles, saddles and saddle bags coming your way. [11:24:21] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you! I was worried this auction was a bust.
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    Here in the outskirts of Berlin, there is a football stadium with a lot of faithful fans. You can tell they're good supporters, because they spray paint their club name everywhere to remind everyone they're the best. Every other weekend or so, they play a game here. I don't follow their games, but I know when they play because there my entire neighborhood gets surrounded by hundreds of police officers, riot cars are parked everywhere, traffic grinds to a halt, drunk people start singing songs and all local public transport becomes useless because you can't fit in.
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    I live in upstate NY where we average 130 - 150 inches of snow per year. I've gotten 3 feet of snow overnight and still was expected to be to work on time.
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    easy, we just call it Wurm for short
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    Yeah... This happens sometimes. Someone nabbed a HotA from a member of our alliance when their deed dropped. They'd forgotten to pay the rent, they did not get their HotA back. Trick is to just move on; next time you see their name in local at a loot site, wall it in.
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    Here its every month the first monday at 12pm when they test the alarms, but its never full alarm, only partial and it last the exact 7 seconds. Couldn't care less
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    Those things could safe your life.
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    Diggy diggy hole has a 10 hour loop.
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    Bullet points? BULLET POINTS! People like the wilderness feel. Unless you go into deep Xanadu, ain't no such thing. Old terraforms, fences, roads all over. People like coastal. Good luck on an old server, specially if you wanted a blank slate. Clean rock layer. If the surface is a wasteland of old deeds, it's no better underground and newbies don't know the first thing about mining warnings. Don't wanna lose them on day 2. New players can be DESTRUCTIVE in their innocence, which would lead to: Old players hating their guts and making no small secret of it as new players start digging up their perimeters not knowing what a perimeter is. Let them create their own market. At least with a fresh server, the ones who catch on to mechanics faster will have a shred of a chance at a market spot before the veterans take over. It'll give CC time to figure out how to keep the RMT out of the Steam version and not risk running afoul of Steam policies. QoL which would make loud purists shriek to the heavens can be applied without "ruining" OGWO. Gives time to figure out how to handle that for when the merge finally happens. If SteW (what I just decided to call Steam Wurm), with the extra QoL and new maps became popular enough, there'd be the option of keeping it separate and calling OGWO "Wurm Classic", a place where the Doctrines of Wurm are followed to the letter while SteW'ers have all the fun.
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    new players want untouched land. Not this overly terraformed lands with old decaying buildings, fences etc. I for one would only start playing WO again if a new server comes up. I don't mind starting anew but I'm not a precious spoilt brat (Elkins words) that cannot see that we are at such a low pop that something big is needed, you put older vets in among st the newbs and the whole thing will fall flat on its face. I don't think they have a choice but to try something drastic...... Have a look at this guys filming of Wurm and what he found frustrating t, this is the sort of person we should be encouraging not worrying about older players who are so entrenched in their little houses they can't see the writing on the wall.....
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    A bit more information, since it seems necessary. It was a rare loom, it was Finndar's deed. What many don't know is I have become good friends with him, and I am still hoping he comes back. I have been gathering as much of his good stuff as possible to secure it in hopes he does. His LMC, tool chests, and some other stuff I know he valued are all secured. They will be stored in a new, high quality building on his old deed site (right next to mine). These are not items I would sell. And, lastly, I already have a rare loom.
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    somebody, anybody.. clip a candle in a skull and post the jpg/gif D : +1 --edit only other use is wasting them for fishing hooks or making cups that nobody uses, so.. I guess another better decoration for the creepy rooms with archaeology loot, libraries, dungeons, and such.... make it a JS item.. and allow some improvement.. with silver/gold(damm it.. dont make it electrum... sealed fate at this point.. nvm)
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    I don't know how much you know about WO and WU, or what some of the differences are. With that said, the thing to know about WU is that every server is run by different people and so has different features and mods. It really all depends on how you like to play. Just think of WO as the base-line, with the WU servers being different in varying degrees on either side of the base-line. Some are faster and/or have more QoL things to make life easier. Some are as slow, or even slower and harder than WO. Some are older, more established servers that have been running for years. Some are newer. Some are vanilla with just a few minor changes. Most have mini-maps. Some have their own features like hunting servers, dungeons, monsters unique to their server, rideable/hitchable drakes and wargs, treasure chests, treasure maps, portals, recall runes, lycanthropy, earn money for killing mobs, some with free starter deeds, etc., etc. The list goes on & on. Some pve only, some pvp only, some have both. It really all depends on what kind of Wurm experience you're looking for.
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    I agree, lots of super leveled vet accounts that should have died off when the original owner left the game but no... they were sold and now there are too many over-leveled accounts and their current owners are the ones opposing this steam thing now.
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    I get that, I actually do get that. My problem is less with "things have changed" -- there simply are not enough resource to cover every inch of Wurm, and the only chance for "new" money (which helps everyone) is the new Steam direction. I actually get that and I agree with that. It's more the games people play, pretending "we never meant that, we never said that." I still remember being lied to (yes, by you) about the cooking update, when devs were going to strip all the cooking recipes out of the WU version in an effort to appease WO players, and you said that was how it was planned a year in advance of the update. Ever since the first dev started putting a cooking update together, a year prior, the plan was never to gve WU the recipebooks. Then when the backlash got too fierce, and all the recipes got put back in, you said "Oh we were always going to give them to you, we always planned to." It just makes people trust Code Club less. Surely you can see that. Your job is to Code Club and not to the players, and I understand that. If Code Club does not stay healthy, we all go down. Code Club's overall health HAS to come first. I am pretty resigned to WU having to stand on its own in the future, but any tools you can give the modding community might make the breakup a lot less acrimonious, and more positive-focused. WU is finally back up to getting solid good reviews again: Overall Reviews: Mostly Positive (1,370 reviews) Things do CHANGE. This isn't 2015 anymore. Hopefully though they can always go in a generally POSITIVE direction, even if there are bumps along the road.
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    Well the neat thing about messing around with not giving updates to a game that's already on steam is that many of the same people who play that game will likely feel compelled to "warn" people about being abandoned etc. I can't think of a better way to kill a product launch before it even starts. Lots of examples of other companies making this mistake when launching a second product on Steam. Most later admit that it had a giant impact on the success of their new product. Please reconsider before you shoot yourself in the foot. ~Nappy
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    take care of your things more, I didn't break any rules of the game! If one day my deed decays it will rain people here to catch, I will denounce you for exposing me this way.
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    [19:00:17] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. [19:01:28] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sorry guys if I was so late but I was very busy in real. I made a little discount but if you should not need them anymore, feel free to not accept the mail Thank you both for the patience
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    [18:04:56] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you and sorry for the delay ?
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    We are kinda back, but the thread might not be fully updated, some prices might also be outdated, if you need something but feel like it's too expensive, feel free to make a REASONABLE offer! (we aren't still completely back, so be patient in case we take longer than usual to mail) Thanks!
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    I hope everyone is OK, you two are my favorite merchants. ?
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    QL 57 Compass w100 (2s) Please COD to CrazyDad