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    Glass half empty or half full? I guess there are two sides to every story, so here goes: I met a player of an antique gameWho said: Twelve vast and unexplored landsSit on the network. In these, to keep the fort,a tight group of loyal knights firmly standswith conviction and hope, and a daring dreamof better things beyond the here and now.Despite some people who kick and screamthe loyal army will never give up, never bowto the whines and sneers in game or on forum. We keep our heads up in defiant decorum.'My name is Wurmonlinias, god of games:Log on to my network, ye many, and have fun!'We log on to build our houses, our gardens, our names -For we are here, and to all out there: Come, come come!
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    I started out in WO, but decided to switch to WU because I couldn't afford to pay a monthly sub, and because I wanted to be able to make money by doing things I enjoy instead of just making bricks or digging dirt. A large majority of players in WO have already leveled up their skills so are not interested in purchasing items from new players since they would be of low quality. I also really enjoy the camaraderie that comes when all players are starting out on a pristine new server together. That is such a fun and fulfilling experience. It's also important for me to be able to make money doing what i truly love, instead of spending weeks grinding for a living doing tedious things like digging. There are so many more opportunities to earn a living in WU.
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    As title, action on a planter rack that starts a leveling/bulk transfer-esque action that picks every single planter inside. Maybe one for planting too, seeing as it doesn't seem like we're getting a working keybind anytime soon lol
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    Everyone is invited to a public slaying on Release this coming Saturday, 10-19-19, starting at 3 p.m. Central US time (GMT -5). Slaying the Forest Giant will give the title "Giantslayer". When slain, every premium player in local will receive blood. Mixing Forest Giant blood with source salt will create a potion of Woodcutting. Loot will be rolled among all participating slayers that are listed on the Niarja Slayer's list. (To be fair to all, please limit one roll per real person, not per avatar. Attempting to use more than one avatar per person to roll more than once may result in disqualification.) LOCATION: J12 ingame map / Y21 X15 community map - West of Spawn Lake in the desert. Map: Hosted by: Togiodi, Alikin, Agentqwarty, Willow, Ultradude, and Earltetton
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    Thank you for the event today Forest Giant Pics
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    Virus Doc has made a great page here, easy to use. He has everything with good prices and good service. Thanks Virus.
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    [19:22:12] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Ty
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    Y not? disable care-for wetas keep branding, renaming, permissions, and the ability to reduce age with runes.
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    lol. You have no idea how much this fits in with my mood lately. Great song and catchy melody as well. I'll be looking up some more of their stuff. I like them.
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    I agree that this looks broken, Retro pls comment. Here some recent skill gains on Xanadu, also no CoC or SB: Just an idea: Might that be the faster timer? (other consideration: I was working on my spear set, all in "sweet spot" ql range ql65+. Gains vary between .0003 and .0016, often no WS gain at all). Anyway, I fail to see any "increased skill gain" on Jackal here.
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    [14:21:36] Weapon smithing increased by 0.0004 to 51.2357 no CoC on the tool for an example.. not SB either.. but those numbers are super low... i could see tick sizes that small at maybe 65-70 skill but at 51?!... please fix! and before ya'll are like "WS has always been slow and thats the way it is" posts, there's something about jackal's timers that make WS gains even slower on this server.
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    I wonder why anyone doubted From the beginning, the future possibility of an eventual merge or crossing from steam servers to Freedom/Epic has been mentioned, also, that the login server database would be used for all Wurm Online accounts. How should that work without new character names on steam?
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    Not often, but I did now!
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    If i shared this before and it got deleted due to its single expletive, i aplogise i couldn't recall. James Euringer is the lead singer of Mindless Self Indulgence, who are having a hiatus while he experiments with his new label. he married Chantel in 2008. Chantel is best known as the lead singer for the rock and `power pop` band `Morningwood` I love MSI with a passion, the harmonics of this song also resonate strongly with me.
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    don't think that's it chief
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    No, I don't think you're alone in not following, because I get the feeling a few others are replying to other things than what I've actually said. Not really sure how to explain things more clearly though. Yes, actually the numbers are more like ~3.43, so slightly less, but anyway. And, yes, that is true, WU doesn't cost anything in maintenance of servers and such things. Server hosts are paying for all upkeep of WU, and we are generating all income CC are making from WU at no cost at all (for CC that is, it does cost the hosts quite a bit of course). Having a game on Steam is a one time cost of $100. If there were no privately funded servers, there would be no income from WU, because players would have nowhere to go, and they would stop buying the game. But of course, there will always be WU servers running as long as the game exists on Steam, just look at the server list, there are more servers than players running - I counted to about 200 active on the server list at the time of writing. CC couldn't possibly scale up to that if there suddenly would be a rush of hundreds of thousands of players, not that it's very likely the way it looks now, but hey: "In the first week of Conan Exiles's early access release on Steam, it sold over 320,000 copies." (Wikipedia). Who knows when there will be a rush of players with a bit of advertisement and some graphical makeup. Btw, guess what, if WU sold 320,000 copies, that would be the same amount of income that CC would make from 9,333 premium accounts for ten years - and Conan Exiles did that in one week, not ten years, one week. How many premium accounts are currently paying for WO? Would be interesting to know. And will they still be paying for premium in ten years, every month, since their hearts are staying with WO 100%? Wouldn't make much difference, companies have to keep investing in their products or they will lose customers. The only real difference is that instead of selling the game to the same customers every month over and over, making a smaller number of players pay a vastly larger amount of money, with WU 3.5 times fewer sales have to be made and to new players all the time. So, the question is, is there a limited amount of players on the market? No, not really, Conan Exiles again sold one million copies in the first month. Funcom though is a company the market can trust to keep their promises, they have a long range of long lasting games. A company that just take the money and leave to other games, well, it won't keep the trust of the customers for long. One million copies in one month, that's 40 million euro, it should last a bit of time I think. Besides, they have a business model that makes old player keep paying for the game, by releasing expansions. WU could do that I'm sure, if there were expansions worth paying for of course. Maybe it's just me, but I can't follow what you are trying to say.
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    so i hope to see lots this year im super excited and cant wait lol.
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    We are looking forward to working together with new people on Celebration under the lead of @Fabricant. We have more deeds incoming and a growing community on our servers, let me know if you're interested to join!
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    Have anyone just tried to ... quest them to add wurm support? link above shows a click for such requests... you might have been asking at the wrong door the whole time. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/discover/255981/request-a-new-game/
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    Trick or Treat Ominous gravestones have appeared across the land. Treats (and tricks!) await brave adventurers that can defeat the monstrosities guarding them! Also a new spooky craftable helmet has been added Craftable from carved pumpkin + greathelm Provides same protection as a greathelm Keeps the material of the greathelm used to craft Improves using platesmithing Note: Client modlauncher + serverpacks mod is required to see the special halloween mobs.
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    Surely I'm not saying it hasn't developed in ten years, and that nothing has happened in terms of added content, but still WO is the same world with the same kingdoms, the same system of religion, a few deities have been added. You can't take one sentence out of context and expect it to have the same meaning. I'm also not saying that WU hasn't had contributions from WO, from where do you make such an assumption? Using WU as a testing ground is also not very professional, is it? Apparently, WU players are not seen as people with feelings and hearts in their game as well, clearly it's only the hearts of WO players that matters. While WU players aren't enough good business to count, even though we also have characters, deeds, alliances and friends. When someone claim to have a heart, then my point is that a heart has empathy for more than just himself and his own, otherwise it's only business, so it's not off topic. No, sorry, but WU won't die unless it's completely removed from Steam, in which case most WU players will move to other games instead. There are many other sandbox games with a greater momentum in development, for example, you can build far more advanced buildings in Conan Exiles, a game which is a one time price, and where you can run private servers and mod as you like. I've already invested a lot of time and heart into Wurm, but it's not the only game there is.
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    *nods, calmly* +1 towards consideration after the game doesn't get ported to steam. https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/products/geforce-now/supported-games/
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    Transfer rate delays are because we're increasing the amount that transfers as well as ironing out bugs. Once again though, I do need to reiterate it does not rely on your jackal skill, sleep bonus and coc on jackal do not affect the amount that transfers, it is based on doing actions on jackal vs doing actions on freedom. If skills are the main focus for you freedom will always be faster due to affinities, sleep bonus, coc and optimal skilling. It'll be going out in the monthly update with the QoL changes coming in it too. We're also looking at jackal points based on skills so crafters dont get the shaft(ers) but no timeframe on this
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    How about the punishment for anybody who abused it?
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    Will see you there! Thanks for the public kill
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    My plan this year: 1. First off. It's very simple. I'm not here to complain or cause drama. I'm here to imp and get skill. In the end, getting my skills up IS the reward. 2. That said, I showed up to the lunalong last year and I was working on BS items. I ended up getting my BS to 97 skill thanks to last year's lunalong and impalong. 3. This year, I'm shifting my focus to PAS as my skill is currently 94. I would like to get that skill up to where my BS is before I switch to Jewelry Smithing or Shield Smithing next. This means I do not plan on doing BS imps this year. 4. As my health continues to degrade and I'm fast approaching a 3rd liver transplant surgery, I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to attend this year's lunalong if by bad luck I end up in the hospital ER again. Otherwise, I will be there! 5. Any tips are greatly appreciated for my imping services but definitely not required. If things work out and I'm able to attend on the last day, I will do like I did last year and focus on getting people's rares up to 91QL. 6. I'll be bringing my two priests, Mylulv (Vynora; 100 faith) and Worldtender (Fo; 86 faith). Mylulv will just stand around as an extra body for larger sermon ticks and Worldtender will be in attendance until he reaches 100 faith. 7. If I have time to use my priests to perform some casts, I shall do so but if I'm too busy smithing like I was last year, it's too much multitasking for my taste and I'll probably just help when we're running behind on casting. P.S. I do prefer using a dedicated forge for myself that people can just fill up. That's just how I do things and it's how I did things last year. I focus on everything in one forge and usually I'm busy enough with items going in and coming out that I don't even need to look at the other forges. On rare occasion, I may have to in order to keep working but last year that seldom happened. I worked out of the same forge almost the entire event.
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    Just saw this-if I find myself down in that area, I will!
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    Update The livemap will show the difference between bridges, tunnels and normal surface highways soon. An interface has been added so staff can add points of interest to the new automated livemap. These markers will slowly be added over the next weeks. Since Novus is too crowded and no longer very newbie friendly, Liberty is the recommended server for new players now. Big open areas are waiting for them.
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    Hi, I would like to add our deed to the map please, its name is MorMegDel and I am the mayor. The location is 48x 45y and here is a little picture.
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    As much as I'd benefit from this personally, it feels like a change in the wrong direction. Herb-farming for Nahjo/Lib favour is already OP as it is, and this would make it even more so.
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    AJBlack Last Sunday at 10:19 AM Winner of Round #3 is @drewlar - Prize: Rare Mask of the Isles
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    AJBlack Last Sunday at 1:33 PM Round 2 Winner is @Anunnaki - Prize: Rare Mask of the Enlightened
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    keybinds for all emotes also.. somebody.. anybody.. add some /dance command... /dance1 /dance2 /dance3 #NoDLC
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    Someone from my village asked for tips getting fight skill up from very low skill on a PvE server. The following is copypaste from my tips. I am sure there's better guides, but hopefully this will still be useful for new players. The tips assumes using a huge axe, but most of it should be applicable for all weapons. It also assumes you skip the target dummy all together. If you want you can use it to get a little fight skill, but it's really not necessary as long as you can find the right targets (tips are from the new servers where there's plenty of targets). [00:49:15] <Dksprocket> 1-10 are the most tricky, but pretty easy when you find the right targets [00:50:06] <Dksprocket> it's all about finding the right targets when raising the skill [00:50:22] <Dksprocket> creatures and players have a combat rating [00:50:40] <Dksprocket> you need to fight stuff close to your own combat rating to gain skill [00:50:50] <Dksprocket> too high and gain is greatly reduced [00:51:49] <Dksprocket> at first good ones are wild cats and dogs even with bad gear [00:52:05] <Dksprocket> with fairly good gear also cave bugs, wolves and goblins (this list of creatures assumes the low ql gear available on the new servers, on the old servers you can fight tougher targets if you have what is considered reasonably good gear. Mountain lions are great since they're widely available near mountains) [00:53:04] <Dksprocket> some of the modifiers raises or lowers CR, so might change that [00:53:42] <Dksprocket> "slow" makes them much easier, "fierce", makes them quite a bit harder [00:53:53] <Dksprocket> and some doesn't change it at all [00:54:27] <Dksprocket> champions are of course much harder, but so are "green". Green are semi-champs so watch out [00:55:04] <Dksprocket> get huge axe skill to 20 asap, always "focus" each round after you hit since focus timer is slightly shorter than swing timer [00:55:21] <Low fs Guy> How do you focus? [00:56:11] <Dksprocket> Set skill updates to every skill update, then keep an eye on gain after each fight. It varies a lot and it's not very logical. Go for mobs that give at least 0.10 skill gain, preferably .15-.20 [00:56:51] <Dksprocket> Can focus by clicking the eye on the fight options or by keybinding it. Keybinding it is by far the easiest [00:57:02] <Dksprocket> Once you have enough weapon skill to aim for head always do so [00:57:34] <Dksprocket> You be able to focus for several rounds of fighting, but it varies a bit, so start trying 2+ rounds into the fight [00:58:59] <Dksprocket> Age of the creatures matters a *lot*, so keep an eye on how difficult they are to fight for you. It goes Young-Adolecent->Mature->Aged->Old->venerable [00:59:19] <Dksprocket> when trying a new creature out always go for mature or younger [00:59:52] <Dksprocket> Never fight on foot unless you're very sure you're going to win. Horseback is much better due to height advantage [01:00:02] <Low fs Guy> Bisonback? [01:00:11] <Dksprocket> you can ride bisons? o.O [01:00:13] <Low fs Guy> cowback? [01:00:22] <Low fs Guy> Whatever the pre-horse mount is [01:00:26] <Dksprocket> cows are ridiculoutsly slow [01:00:36] <Low fs Guy> Body control isn't quite high enough to ride horses [01:00:43] <Dksprocket> ah kk [01:00:57] <Low fs Guy> 20.55, need 21.00 [01:00:57] <Dksprocket> you can fight with cart [01:01:18] <Dksprocket> There's a penalty for fighting from cart, but it's not *too* bad [01:01:41] <Dksprocket> You can fight on foot next to cart, but it's risky since a head wound might make you unable to command cart (main reason for fighting from horse/cart is that you can always always get away from a losing fight) [01:01:48] <Low fs Guy> That's happened once. [01:01:53] <Low fs Guy> Luckily, I was on my deed. [01:02:36] <Dksprocket> A good way to test new creatures is to try to tank them on deed or keep an eye on how damage they do to templars [01:03:15] <Dksprocket> Huge axe is quite random due to the slow swing speed. Also some creatures will occasionally fire off 2-3 attacks in a row which will always land. Those can be really nasty [01:03:23] <Dksprocket> so always be ready to run [01:03:53] <Dksprocket> Keep an eye on health bars and get away if it looks dicey [01:04:34] <Dksprocket> once you start moving your defenses are lowered, so not unusual for them to get 1-2 hits in while you try to escape [01:04:57] <Dksprocket> Never fight with no stamina since it makes you unable to defend yourself [01:05:20] <Dksprocket> I think that's the most important [01:05:54] <Dksprocket> out of all that finding the right targets is by far the most important to raise skill For a more technical description of fighting in Wurm check the wiki's page: http://wurmpedia.com...ex.php/Fighting as well as the guides linked there. Please feel free to add more tips! Edit: some more tips I either forgot or mentioned by others in Freedom chat: If using axes, long sword (or some other weapons blades/axe) the cut trees until 20 weapon skill. Axes can be used for chopping. Swords even give some body control when cutting. This can be repeated for multiple weapon types and will give you nice woodcutting gains in the process. Helping templars give you a *little* fight skill as well as weapon skill/stance skill. It's sucky gains, but you might as well get it before you start to go hunting. It can helpful/motivational to think of fight skill as being equivalent to levels in traditional MMOs since you only gain skill on kills. Leading a cow and jumping on it for fight is useful for height advantage before 21 body control. Even with 1.00 taming skill you can tame bisons and use them to tank creatures. Will allow you to fight tougher creatures with low skill. They will steal some of the fs gain, but being able to kill tougher creatures will offset this. If you don't have 20 weapon skill (from woodcutting) starting out in aggressive stance might not be optimal. Try using normal if you have trouble. If you can't find targets at appropriate skill levels you can try easier targets barehand for getting some stance skill. Get a lot of cotton so you can heal yourself effectively. Healing even light wounds will reduce your downtime a lot. You can ride a cart out to a hunting spot and then park the cart and continue with horse/cow. The cart can then be used for loot and extra cotton. Horses are a game changer for fighting. The most effective grind for getting body control to 21 skill is archery grind on an archery target. If you don't like a (mostly) useless grind crafting skills are pretty good body control gains too (carpentry, smithing etc.). It will take you a bit longer, but you're left with skills that are very useful. This list will give you a *very* rough idea about fight skill levels for different creatures: http://wurmpedia.com/index.php/Animals However the actual difficulty of targets deviate strongly from the numbers listed. For example hell horses and unicorns are a lot easier than the list indicates (so great targets at appropriate levels).