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    I was inspired to try Wurm after watching one of Malena's videos as well. The old tutorial was daunting, however, and I gave up midway through. I decided to give it another try a year later, and am so glad I did as it has become my all time favorite game.
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    I had a half-baked idea watching these videos, it might have scratched that itch Bob has. The "Shipwrecked" optional new player tutorial: You are the survivor of a shipwreck. You wash up on a tiny little untouched island. Using the much improved tutorial system we have already our new player is guided through the usual wurm stuff, but also, opening a tunnel, building a forge, building a small 2x2 wooden shack, building an oven, making a well, learning to cook something vaguely nutritious etc. Finally you guide them through building a rowboat, after which the tutorial ends when they sail from the island back to "civilisation" - the freedom servers.
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    Everyone is invited to a public slaying on Release this coming Saturday, 10-19-19, starting at 3 p.m. Central US time (GMT -5). Slaying the Forest Giant will give the title "Giantslayer". When slain, every premium player in local will receive blood. Mixing Forest Giant blood with source salt will create a potion of Woodcutting. Loot will be rolled among all participating slayers that are listed on the Niarja Slayer's list. (To be fair to all, please limit one roll per real person, not per avatar. Attempting to use more than one avatar per person to roll more than once may result in disqualification.) LOCATION: J12 ingame map / Y21 X15 community map - West of Spawn Lake in the desert. Map: Hosted by: Togiodi, Alikin, Agentqwarty, Willow, Ultradude, and Earltetton
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    I just got caught up. love how he broke the tutorial and needed to redo an action because it didnt register he had completed a task. good insight into how confused a new player can be when thrown into the game. Also love how he immediately picked Xan then ran into the mob swarm that is the Northern 20% of the server. A good series so far and I think he does a great job of voicing the draw many of us have to wanting an untouched area to mold.
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    A wonderful series of videos by this new player to the game presented in a pleasant manner of discovery and enjoyment of the whole process. So many wrong choices made had taken him in the wrong direction from which he would have preferred. Clearly we can see this as experienced players but the game is really about learning over time to be able to make decisions more beneficial to our progress. Yet he preferred to go out on his own on this journey of discovery and accepted what would come along the way. That is the great thing about our fond game of Wurm, so many options open of directions to travel to fit each individuals desires and personalities. I hope that Bob(?) will continue to enjoy the game and find his home within it, be it near or far from the present moments passing. This open sharing of his experience is a very positive asset to the game, as well of course as the player himself. Hopefully we shall see more of his vids that bring us memories back to our own early days and enlighten other new players experiences as well. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    I feel a bit vindicated in my criticism of the new player experience, that overeager dumping of new players in heavily built areas, compared to the (imperfect) experience of server-wide poverty and desperation on the old Golden Valley server. Opening virgin servers all the time, while an obvious solution, brings problems down the line with the mid-late game population being separated from each other a degree too far. We should try and think of an alternative. In the intro to one of his subsequent videos he says "I expected to head out into the wilderness ... what I found was the medieval version of London...". What's sad is he is prime Wurm material, a builder at heart. I hope he overcomes his disillusion and sticks it out.
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    Loved the tutorials, really brings to life the new player experience. The only other thing Id say is REPAIR REPAIR REPAIR, seeing that 73 dmg on his pick and still mining with it frustrated me
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    I just noticed this video on Youtube, uploaded just 2 days ago. Wow, it was fun to watch someone new to Wurm try out the game.
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    What is it? The Camara Hub is a brand new deed, part of the Uncanny Legion Alliance, located West of Celebration. It was founded 15/10/2019. Population: 3. Who are we looking for? We are looking for people that would like to join so that we can be reasonably self-sustaining. We have close to nothing yet except some help from a deed of the Alliance located nearby so you have to want to start from scratch. I will put an emphasis on teamwork as the goal is to create a small tight-knit community rather than a big village. Interested? Send me a message through the forum or directly in game, ign: Minstaer. 20/10/2019 update We now have 3 members as things start to get going. We're still recruiting.
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    Bugfix: Rift resources will now decay slower. Resources for Jackal beacons and Rift Scouts will have their damage removed. If resources are missing the beacon will respawn them. Bugfix: To avoid confusion the Rift and Jackal points purchase option will no longer be available on Jackal. Note: The Jackal skill transfer is still disabled until further tweaks and testing.
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    I have to agree, despite the low number of players, new servers are great fun, much more fun than picking through other players ruins....imo anyway
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    This is so awesome, I feel like I could be friends with this guy if I were ever to meet him. He seems laid back, calm, and real.
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    Nice set of vids. Very well done. I watched the ones he posted after this one as well. (new one posted today where he finally made his own mine) It's interesting to see it all from a newbie's perspective, and obviously someone who likes this kind of game. It's also interesting to see some of the sticking points that new players experience & find mildly annoying. Just the little things. One that struck me is he comments on how the tutorial window keeps popping back to the left every time he clicks to continue, and he has to keep moving it back where he wants it each time. Something for the devs to consider, letting that window stay where the player puts it. The other thing I really like about this guy's vids is that he keeps them under an hour. Most are around 30 (ish) minutes or less and he cuts out the most tedious and/or irrelevant parts while he's figuring something out. I don't know about other people, but when I'm looking at vids of a game I'm thinking about trying, I'm looking for an overview of the game and I almost never click on the really long ones and when I do I generally skip through most of them. I noticed that most Wurm videos tend to be hours long (except some of the WU vids). When looking at a new (to me) game, I tend to click on the shortest ones first. (No offense to those who make the long vids. I think those vids are great for people who already know what Wurm is about. It's nice to see some short ones for those who are just window-shopping, so to speak)
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    I met a player of an antique game Who said: Twelve vast and empty servers Sit on the network. Near them, much the same, Defunct, a forgotten forum lies, whose murmurs Of dissent and derisive sneers Tell that its members truly read the signs Of coming doom and voiced their fears In mocking protests and futile whines. And on the splash screen appear these words: 'My name is Wurmonlinias, god of games: Log on to my network, ye Many, and have fun!' Nothing else remains. The endless roads, The houses and gardens, boats with amusing names - Have decayed and crumbled every one.
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    We have the names of every person who transferred while skill transfer was active, as well as the amount of times they did. That list is in the hands of the GM team, but there are several factors involved. This wasn't a widespread abuse, with a small handful of players crossing less than five times and only two crossing more, with seven being the most. This is also muddied by the misinformation that multiple crossings were needed for the skills to all transfer. Many of those who have crossed multiple times have already reached out to us to work out how to fix it, and we added several tools this update to facilitate doing so. At this point we do not feel anyone took massive advantage of the system, more just the result of players thinking they had to cross multiple times.
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    It's not worth selling it at this moment, really. Don't see any person still playing that would offer more then you have spend to get those affinity alone, when there was a window open. The regret of selling it, if you ever decide to play again in future could be always bigger.
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    Hi, could you try setting Sound Engine to Disabled in the settings (from the launcher)? Right now it's mostly a guess, but if that fixes it, we'll know better where to look. That disables sounds of course, but it should make for an easier fix if we figure out whether sound is the cause.
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    Will see you there! Thanks for the public kill
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    It would suck to see another of our few remaining good grinders leave Wurm, especially with all that’s going on at the moment. right now you won’t get what your looking for, But if Wurm was more stable, I would see this fetching 1200+ euro. if I’m being honest, this would perfectly replace Redhawk+Redeemed for me, And I’d love to have it. But I don’t have the spare funds atm. And 1200e is minimum of what I’d expect to get it at, so just keep that in mind. don’t let it go for to low if you decide to sell out. It’s a very good account just skill wise, more less affinity/tomes. If you do, don’t rush it and take something too low. anyway, hope to see you stay. Don’t talk much in-game, but have respected your skills/grinding for a good few years. Good luck mate with what you decide.
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    don't think i've shared this one entrance to workshop from highway.
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    lol, I was finding myself saying, "Oh, man, you need to read that paragraph" about the time he closed the window...
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    Omg, I didnt know there exist people with so much patience to actually read tutorial texts.
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    I'll start with suggesting ideas for boosters/buffs of the skills at 50/70/80/90/+... but keeping the edge of the end-game grind... You need to have a reason to go higher... else we'd all go to 50 and stop there, get bored and go play tetris instead. Come up with a reason for yourself to want higher skills, not to have it easy and comfortable at low level. Does that make any sense?
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    Give me a good reason me running a few alts ruined not only the community aspect, but the economy. Here's a shocking idea that I have no doubt you refused to think about: maybe those mundane tasks he's using alts for are things that people don't offer? Oh no, he's feeding his horses and tending farms using an alt. Big deal. Get over yourself. The only thing ruining the community are the people trying to find the next boogeyman to blame issues on. Look at this thread as example enough. Veteran players? Evil. Players self sufficient after long grinds? Evil. Multiboxing? Evil. Here's a hot thought. Maybe you people trying to find the next thing to lash out on are causing more damage than the people you're accusing.
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    Yep and when SOTG was introduced.
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    I'm playing WU. What are they developing exactly? There are no updates and content in game focused on buildnig is modest. Nearly are walls are lazy reskins with different texture/name slapped on them. T walls don't even have correct UVWs applied to them. I'd rather stay on Genesis and when some day it will shutdown I will just move on. There is plenty of games in this genre. Can't really imagine playing WO with 1x/1/x unfun torture and paying someone for it. Make unified cash shop for WO&WU and then you can have my money.
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    Please keep posts in English - this allows as many people to help as possible, and allows others to benefit from this thread later on.
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    I really don't see the point in releasing another Wurm version on Steam, instead of running with Wurm Unlimited and opening a number of official CC WU servers. It's just a mess. Merge all into one Wurm, and make premium and in-game money a matter for official CC servers. Develop one product, focus on one product, work towards a release of 2.0 instead, and develop a product that has a modern look and feel. Make the game into something players choose. As it is, WO is more or less enforced, it's the "real" game, that's the feeling players get. You've created a split, WU has become a competition against WO, though a lesser competitor, at least that's the impression and feeling I get from the devs. Instead of creating a better Wurm in total, it's become a matter of projecting "WU isn't good enough and WU players aren't good enough, it's not the real thing", the "Wurm aristocracy". Well, meanwhile MineCraft has sold 100 million copies, it's one game on many platforms, no competition among the platforms, Minecrafters on Android aren't better or worse than Minecrafters on Playstation, it's just one game. How many subscriptions for how many years would it take to cover 100 million copies sold of WU do you think? Where will the Minecraft kids go when they get bored by cubes? They should go to Wurm, but they won't, because they won't find what they look for in Wurm.
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    Awesome idea. If a few of my Alliance members in the early days who had fallen on hard times had a gift membership for a month or two, maybe they'd have never left. Or at least not for a good long while. +1.
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    If anyone takes a small convo like the one in the op this seriously, they are just looking for reasons to be offended or projecting deeper issues onto a scapegoat that deserves nothing further than being laughed at
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    How about the punishment for anybody who abused it?
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    How many people played the game 7 years ago and how many are now? You can play the game for your reasons, is a sandbox, any style of play is valid but in order to have the game stay alive there has to be enough players to sustain the operating expenses and the hired devs and make a profit. So the game is not going to retain enough players to achieve that if the people that come in feel weak and lost and are bombarded with: "hey bruh want sum 90ql rake 90coc is best in town bruh" sure they will buy it but it wont mean anything to them and stop playing in 1 week and forget they even tried wurm in a month. So you can play the hippie wurmian all you like, like i said is a valid style in a sandbox, but hippie don't pay the wurm bills. So please help think of a solution that would help retain new players without upsetting the old ones.
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    All that this does is buff old toons and increase the value of old accounts even more it does nothing for new accounts only old ones