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    I agree, lots of super leveled vet accounts that should have died off when the original owner left the game but no... they were sold and now there are too many over-leveled accounts and their current owners are the ones opposing this steam thing now.
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    It would be awesome if the firemaking skill gave you a better estimate of how long something is fueled for. Or better yet some sort of fuel box we can add to forges, stills, ovens, etc and can dump my wood scrap into. Just a QOL thing I've pretty much wanted my entire time playing Wurm, limited though it may be.
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    The exact skill transfer is still under discussion - it clearly had some bugs the first time around.
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    That's getting a little too lazy. Imping should be more than simply batch-select click?
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    The last time noobs crawled all over my area they cut down all of the fruit trees I'd meticulously planted for public use. 'Public use' however does not include cutting all of them down to get their woodcutting skill from 1 to 10. I was more than a bit hacked off. Especially since said noobs didn't even stick around. They usually just would come in, decimate an area, then log off, never to be seen again. The only thing that remained was their destruction. A new server is perfect for that special kind of destructive learn as you go experience Wurm noobs need.
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    @Dranana1even with balancer.. to spread the load of new players around all servers.. you'll have friends trying the game... that pop on different ones... creating some mess for them from the start... Even if groups weren't a thing... we'd have the issue of masses of noobs running around and cutting all oak forests, walnut plantations, etc stuff that usually matter for some people.. managed offdeed forests/fields/lanscapes .... possibly quickly.. gone.. as they are most likely terraformed.. and PERFECT spot for new nooby crawlings to settle. As fun as that might sound... it will stress out the current players or rub them the wrong way, more than 1 way... it's much safer to give them a new map to explore and experience the game.. create some mess and learn from it. Typical current wurm online/unlimited player is just 'odd' with many reservations for the actions they could do in a sandbox game, some are ToS banned practices, other are just inpolite to do and possibly open to create a ticket about... All I mean is.. you can't expect new people to start acting 'normal' in a game with such long history, there's some culture that goes with it. Add the part that world itself do not heal or recover on it's own.. terraforming at least... anything else that could spread.. eventually does recover. I hope for a quick fill up of the steam server and also a quick merge, that will be the best case, than new players with some experience now... will be able to move around the old cluster, or.. even quit the testing new grounds and straight up join WO skipping steam(just learning about wo's existence from steam). Old players starting over at steam release to steal all possible sales... is going to be a thing.... several of current long timers.... will move 50:50 or 80:20 to steam and operate from there... as long business is better, whoever breathes on that... it's a common sense to use the opportunity.
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    Jackal is a hard pill to swallow with its total loss of *all* positive progress that has been made there as stated (wiped after aprox 6 months). Any objections to this or "compensations" expected for playing there just prove the point that the game is about retaining your progress in its various offered opportunities. In this respect many come to the conclusion that they are just wasting their time there since it contributes so little to their main game; thus they abandon it to its fate and return home seemingly disappointed with the experience. Better to just make a Jackal style "Hunting Server" and let players portal there through the current Jackal Lodestone system, returning home the same way after time spent there. Not going into any details about it here but I would say that it would be a much better option for the current players and even those to come. It could even be a feature exclusive to the original WO and not available to the coming Steam version, which would be another draw for players into the current servers. =Ayes=
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    Have you ever wanted to freeze to death, or contract waterborne diseases? Now you can! Things that keep you warm: Summer, daytime, fires (fireplace/campfire/forge/etc.), being indoors, wearing warm clothing, eating hot food and drinking tea Things that make you cold: Winter, night, strong winds, rain, swimming, high altitudes and standing on snow tiles Drinking sea water or lake water may give you disease status. This can be avoided by boiling the water. Water from wells and fountains is safe and does not require boiling. Other safe options are wine, milk, fruit juices, etc. Each crop has a growing season. These seasons are longer closer to sea level, and if you have north/south mode enabled, then growing seasons are much longer in the south. There are several configurable options, including being able to enable/disable the temperature, drinking water & crop growth features independently. Latest release (download survival.zip): https://github.com/modsandstuff/survival/releases/latest (Requires Ago's server mod loader)
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    Welcome To the 2nd Lunalong Greetings friends, I would like to cordially invite you all to the second Luna-a-long. Hosted by Dracaa (myself) on my deed named Kappa, on the Xanadu server, at coordinate Q-15. This is my second time hosting an impalong. I've been working on this since last year. With work in real life only slowing me down. I'm proud to say though, my impalong is almost ready. It will be this November 8th to the 17th. I hope to have the maze finished and ready to explore, there will be a few small events, and all the imping madness you've come to expect from events like this. So why name kappa? Why a Lunar Festival? But what is a Luna-a-long? Rules The Entrance The Deed Kappa is a lovely lakeside deed very well equipped to handle many participants there are merchants, hotel rooms, a cathedral for sermons, direct sea access via a canal. the impalong building is a three-story building with plenty of equipment and containers full of mats ready to help your imping. The Imping Facilities A quaint three-story building filled to bursting with forges, kilns, alters, coffins, shelves and other storage units for priest and participants alike. Materials on hand Materials still needed Events Staff Impers Token Special Thanks for all those who helped so far. Brattygirlsback Gerpriest Ekcin Shrimpiie Pics of the fun Thank you all for coming and hope to see you next year for the 2020 Lunalong
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    So, I've started playing again and still have one problem. What to do with all the booze I was making and have begun to make again. I decided to make a little tavern and place some kegs set up for anyone to access and fill them with different booze every day. I've placed beer steins around for you to use and there are beds if you need. There are also some enchanted pens, leading enabled, if you need to park a mount. My deed is located: And here is what the building looks like so you can spot it easily. Most of what I will leave out is fairly low quality 70ish. I do have some 90+ stuff I'm more than happy to break out for those that stop by when I am around. Figured this was as good a way as any to get rid of the silly amount of booze I've built up and a chance to meet some new people. So if you are in the area or passing by feel free to stop by and get sloshed. Look forward to drinking with anyone that stops by!
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    I am asking again for new content for those of us who like to just make our fake world nicer. Could you please look at making flower seeds, and better flower tiles and fields of sunflowers, tiles where you can grow a flower garden with no trees popping up. And, I was looking at the stone arched walls, if you could fill them with large stained glass windows, they could look very medieval grand, like in great dining halls. Stained glass windows in general, would be nice. Then the walls of houses now, very rough, it would be nice to be able to plaster them, maybe make them a color, or just white. window boxes, gate arches of flowers, rose bushes with roses, not sticks with red dots. A new gardening skill where you can plant gardens or house boarders. Please please please look into this type of content.
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    Meh, if it's on the toolbelt anyway, it's basically just pressing a number before using your improve hotkey, that doesn't add much gameplay wise. Imo Wurm is less about active gameplay that needs to be poorly emulated with needless clickery and button pushing and more about strategizing what to do with your time to achieve your goals, because anything substantial takes its sweet time. I think letting us use that time more efficiently can only be a step up from there. Though it should probably be a seperate action like IMPROVE_AUTO as a command to retain control over which tool you want to use, in case you have multiple of one kind.
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    As Finnn and Belrindor mentioned, having these new Steam WO servers isolated for some time will restrict all the newbie chaos and naive destruction to them. So for that I am happy to have all the newbies toddling along there until they learn that their actions have consequences on others enjoyment of the game too. The broadness of the Steam younger audience will have a lot to do with this I would imagine. =Ayes=
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    For what it's worth, if you add wooden things to a (lit) forge, they will fuel it when they're consumed (destroyed from fire damage).
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    Could be a great new use for lead veins .....
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    This is pretty much my view too. PvP will never be equal, and that's half the fun. Not knowing what you'll come up against. Surviving a fight against the odds. And like you said, removing advantages for veterans could backfire and encourage them to leave. Having objectives to work towards that make us stronger in PvP is a positive thing, if only because it gives us something to do the rest of the time. It's the cookie-cutter angle you referred to that I was really getting at; you just phrased it better. Right now players seem to be going leather/chain, long spear, and Fo/Mag priest. The thing with priests not being able to imp is actually irrelevant (and therefore not a disadvantage) if the priest doesn't have to imp because they're supported by the same player's crafter. So a player can buy a decent crafting account, priest up, and then use it for PvP with massive advantages over a straight crafting account, and insofar as I can tell, literally no disadvantages. When I talk about balance, I don't mean balance in the sense that we want to make everything equal. I mean in the sense that advantages ought to be well thought through and proportionate. So fine, you can priest an account and get all the advantages of heals and refreshes. But there should be an effective cost in doing this to that particular toon. For example, restricting priests to cloth armour only would maintain a level of risk that offsets the advantage of spells. I'm not saying this ought to be done, merely giving an example of how balance might be maintained. Personally I would like to see a wide variety of "builds", tactics and gear used in viable ways, rather than the cookie-cutter situation we currently appear to be in.
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    Somehow there is a mismatch in the directory structure: The error message says "No such file or directory" for WurmLauncher under /home/USERNAME/Desktop/archive . The program is somehow run from /home/USERNAME/Desktop/archive/WurmLauncher/WurmLauncher for some reason. Therefore, it does not find the executable under /home/USERNAME/Desktop/archive and displays an error message. Maybe KDE has created an icon with wrong parameters. So the client seems to be wrongly installed. As noted, it is possible to uncompress and place the directory wurm-laucher with the executable file WurmLauncher anywhere, I would suggest /home/USERNAME/wurm or where ever. Then one can try to start it from a terminal window. Any previously installed icons should better be removed or at least ignored. Edit: Pandalet, when his terminal messages are in Russian, what can he do than display the output? And if anybody with better Russian than me could directly contact the user and assist, it might be more helpful.
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    Thank you kindly, I unfortunately forgot to leave my character name, so my alt has received the goods. It will take one day for my bank to transfer, sorry about that! Really appreciate the service, and thanks for the Pizza!
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    The moment this game became Spells online was the day pvp died.
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    The priests with good pvp spells will in almost every case beat a non priest even with much lower skills...
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    I still think that is currently wrong - you are essentially useless unless a priest now - I left the pvp servers after Sindusks changes not only because it remains unbalanced mainly due to the power anyone with tomes has under it but also due to having to be a priest. Being 1 hit by 5 people with true-strike is also a turn off. Fights used to last and be fun, the pvp game hasn't been fun for quite a while now.
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    Priest restrictions is a terrible, unfun mechanic, no one thinks its good or that it adds anything to the game. Which makes you wonder why is it in the game? The answer is obvious- the more accounts people are forced to make, the more money devs get. There is a reason why basically every WU server gets rid of the dumb priest restrictions. The advantage of being a priest in PvP is absolutely huge. So you are forced to choose between being useless in PvP or being useless in PvE. The way to balance it is what every WU server owner has already figured out- let everyone become priests. You shouldnt be doomed to being useless in PvP just because you want to actually be able to play the game. I know some people who quit out of boredom after becoming priests because they could barely do anything if they werent out PvPing.
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    Whether or not Wurm should look realistic is just down to opinion and taste. -- Mine is for keeping Wurm as realistic looking as possible, but who cares what I think. There will be players that will appreciate your contribution and use it long term, so I wish you well in producing what appears to be shaping up as a quality extension. Good job!
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    I really don't see the point in releasing another Wurm version on Steam, instead of running with Wurm Unlimited and opening a number of official CC WU servers. It's just a mess. Merge all into one Wurm, and make premium and in-game money a matter for official CC servers. Develop one product, focus on one product, work towards a release of 2.0 instead, and develop a product that has a modern look and feel. Make the game into something players choose. As it is, WO is more or less enforced, it's the "real" game, that's the feeling players get. You've created a split, WU has become a competition against WO, though a lesser competitor, at least that's the impression and feeling I get from the devs. Instead of creating a better Wurm in total, it's become a matter of projecting "WU isn't good enough and WU players aren't good enough, it's not the real thing", the "Wurm aristocracy". Well, meanwhile MineCraft has sold 100 million copies, it's one game on many platforms, no competition among the platforms, Minecrafters on Android aren't better or worse than Minecrafters on Playstation, it's just one game. How many subscriptions for how many years would it take to cover 100 million copies sold of WU do you think? Where will the Minecraft kids go when they get bored by cubes? They should go to Wurm, but they won't, because they won't find what they look for in Wurm.
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    1.) AFAIK not everyone used the transfer, and even among those that did a few were still complaining about the raw deal they were handed, and rightfully so. When I say "epic players who complain about it", that includes those that resentfully took the rescue line to freedom rather than quitting for good. Again, I don't blame them at all 2.) I don't know, but you're insinuating they did. Which just further bolsters the sentiment that this isn't a desirable situation. 3-5.) should it just not be discussed because nothing came of a similar scenario last time? I seriously struggle to understand what you're even trying to get at here. All I asked is where Gary gets the idea from that Freedomers universally or generally condoned Epic players getting only a once in a lifetime rescue from a dying/dead cluster without any attempt to make said cluster appealing in any way, with a two way transfer for instance.
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    This would only change things for a very specific subset of crafters (Tool/Weapon Makers). This would improve their market, in that it would cause more sales; but goods would be massively devalued unless of insane quality because they could never be imped higher. So, in reality, it would just make the market much more "top heavy" than it already is. It does not fix the problem it sets out to resolve as no-one would EVER buy 50QL items when 90QL ones are on offer.
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    "Seek offence and you shall find it"
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    How about servers for servers then? These types of people work hard in various professions and are often underappreciated. Even here you are overlooking their contributions to make life more enjoyable for everyone. A smile and kind word in response warms the heart much more than the cold feel of coins. Still, I can't agree that "no one" should be left out. Always better off with a few "some ones" excluded but who is to say who? Here at the heart of your suggestion is the implied dilemma, with all seriousness aside. =Ayes=
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    Moved to Wood Scraps. Suggestions is a place for serious suggestions only, please.
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    this a thousand times this
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    These things can take time to sort out.
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    Servers are coming back up with the skill transfer temporarily disabled until a fix.
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    The skill gain is pretty terrible. What i got in Jackal in a month I could get in a couple hours on freedom =/
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    Economy is too top heavy and bloated, nothing can change it much now and they are not going to delete stuff from people.
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    There will be a Mac client as well.
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    Even better, simply "bulk storage bins" instead of acronym some players have to google. Please keep them coming, I will fix all game-breaking grammar bugs in one large chunk.
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    Bulk separated updated again - v1.2 Crates can now sort by QL Sorting for crates and/or other bulk containers can be disabled from config if needed Sorting status will be show in name for bulk containers that can sort by ql (sorted/unsorted) Most code rewritten for better compatibility with other mods and future vanilla updates Special thanks for @TheThingG for code and ideas contribution https://github.com/bdew-wurm/bulkseparated/releases/tag/1.2
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    I've made an updated version with some changes, it's based on what neko released around March 2018 since it's the last version i had on hand. It includes some fixes and additions. Fixed items not stacking correctly when putting damaged items into bulk container Made moving item from bulk container to normal container be not limited by player inventory space Added toggle sorting action Added fast bulk-to-bulk transfer Changed bulk items to always use singular name (makes grouping saner) https://github.com/bdew-wurm/bulkseparated/releases/tag/bdew-1.0
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    Looks like the GitHub from Neko is gone completely. Here's the newest version of bulk items separated for those looking for it, now that it's gone. @Elsathis version will also fix your issue (not retroactively, though. just prevents it from happening in the future). Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1obeJmEXbNRER5fWhTihONbq5km_13v5l I'll probably end up putting most of the mods up on my GitHub soon to make sure their sources are easily accessible and it'll be easier for mod maintenance in the community.
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    ((yep I have returned, with a indirect sequel of One Man Outpost. Have been toying with this idea in my head for awhile now and decided to start a new story here. Enjoy. One man outpost is still on here if you wish to read that. Fair warning it is a slow hard start but does pick up in later chapters)) The sounds of hoves on cobblestone echoed lightly in the small town of Kess. It was not a large town, a few dozen homes, Inn smithy surrounding farm lands. Much like that of any other small town. Mostly single story houses with a few larger estate homes showing in the center part of town, with the Inn itself at the center of town. The clopping sounds came from a horse trotting in, Black as a moonless night, stood out from many of the Blood Bay and brown colored horses. The rider of this midnight steed stoo out even more. Wearing a combination of Studded leather and chain with a Bear on his head. The man looked more like a wildling then a man. The last few weeks people have gotten use to the sight of this man every morning. Longish blackish hair. Paleish skin and the dull yellow eyes. Carrying a wooden round shield with a longsword at his hip and a long dagger at his other hip. Even within the Freedom Isles one should never travel without some kind of a weapon. For these lands can be just as dangerous as the lands of the North, were this lone traveler hails from. War as sprung in the North lands for almost two hundred years, A more religious war between Whitelighters and Black Lighters, But when the Mol Rehan entered the fray for the resource rich lands, It became worse then ever. Spies and traitors dotted the once simple war torn land scape and now became a war of Sabotage and espionage. This man the Lone Rider once fought on either side..first the Black Light then the White light. Not because he was reilgious. He was once long ago..but now has turned from that life and sought solitude. Which only brought a second great war between the Black light and White light. Respective the Horde of the summoned and the kingom of Jenn Kellon. Now it is Chaos, no one to trust..this Lone Rider left his home and traveled to one of the more peaceful and quiet Freedom Isles as they are more commonly known as. He does not known the name of this land and truth be told, he does not care. It is quiet and he can finally have some peace..Or so he thought..for this Lone Rider is not just a Northman, But Corvan..A dark legend of his former people. Stopping in front of the Inn within the town of Kess, Corvan hopped down and tied up his horse near the water trough and patted him on the side gently. "good boy..drink..rest.." speaking quietly, and still his voice sounded rough like rock on rock. Entering into the Inn Corvan approached the man behind the bar, for this Inn also served as the local tavern, and so would see plenty of business. Behind the counter was a large burly balding older man. Turning and seeing the lone figure. "ahh Corvan..usual morning breakfast is it?" Corvan only nodded as he took his seat at the bar counter. Setting the shield down against the bar and at his feet, he then leaned on the bar top on his forearms running his left hand through his hair pushing it out of his face. The pale yellow eyes showing in the morning shadow of the Inn along with a scar from his cheek down his neck disappearing into his tunic. "So..Corvan..you have come here for weeks now..same food..same drink and leave..same time twice a day..have you found a home..or a place to build? If not..can offer you some work here" Asked the Inn keeper. "No Vicktor..I will make my home..I have found a place..south end of the land" Vicktor the Inn keeper nodded and chuckled. "Least you will be close..capable fighters are hard to come by in these lands" Corvan only smiled but said nothing as Victor continued on. "Layla dear..bring the stew..bread cheese and a flagon of mead"A young woman came out of the back with a large cup filled to the brim with the honeyed drink. In her twenties with long redish hair to her mid back in a common brown dress that hugged to her curves well. She looked thin ish but was feed well enough and the dress also showed off her ample assets. Winking a bit at Corvan before setting it down and hurrying back to the back kitchen to prepare the rest of his meal. Corvan only smiled lightly and shook his head. "She likes you..you know.."said Vicktor quietly. "I can tell Victor..but..best she finds someone else..for her sake." Victor looked at Corvan with a puzzled look, many a man had sought his daughters affection but she had turned them down..and here is a man she liked..and yet he denies her affections? Thought Victor, but shrugged it off. Man has a right o his privacy. A few minutes later the rest of his meal came out and Corvan thanked Layla quietly before digging into his morning meal. Barely a few minutes into it when a sudden ruckus occured outside, several sets of hoves pounding on the cobblestone as well as the shouts and laughter of several men. The look on Victor's face and Corvan knew instantly that this was going to be a bit more interesting then normal. Within seconds the group of men entered the Inn and continued with their loud conversation as Corvan returned to his meal to mind his own business. Corvan could hear at least four or five sets of foot steps and looking back for a second confirmed this..five men dressed in various states of leather armor carrying short swords and one with a axe. Probably a couble of knives as well. "Thugs.."Corvan spoke to himself, luckily no one heard him as he returned once more to his meal. Vicktor looked to the one in front and nodded. " Callius..that time of the month is it." Vicktor stated more then asked and the man known as Callius only smiled and then spoke. "Which is why we come to you first! you know the drill..monthly payments some supplies now and again and all is well. All the protection you will ever need! "With a slight sigh Vicktor leaned down to grab a small pouch of coin and set it down in front of Callius. With a smile he took it and tossed it too one of the men to his right, who caught it and packed it away. Just as Callius turned to walk out, he stopped and noticed Corvan, who was ignoring him completely. "Who is this? A new customer Vicktor? For shame..you did not introduce us to your new friend..and tell him that their is a entrance fee into this town that is under our protection." Vicktor could only close his eyes and shake his head, he had a feeling this was going to turn out very bad the moment he heard them arrive. Corvan only continued to eat and drink ignoring the man. Callius looked down at him and glared before using his hand to gently move the plate out of reach and over the back of the counter and onto the floor were it crashed. Looking at the empty spot skill, Corvan sat their for a few seconds still not looking at him. "Now..that i have your attention Outsider..One silver coin..pay up or get beaten up and thrown out of town." Callius stated as the men started to draw their weapons. "Callius..please..no trouble." Vicktor begged but Callius only hushed him with a glare. When he looked back to Corvan, he was staring into a pair of Pale yellow eyes with a look of pure anger and hatred. Callius only laughed. "aww..we upset him..tell you what..fifty copper now and fifty tomorrow." Callius went to pat Corvan on the head like a scolded child, and the moment his hand touched Corvan's head, the situation turned deadly. Like a bolt of lighting Corvan stood up and grabbed Callius by his head and slammed it so hard into the bar counter Callius head broke the wood and got stuck for a few seconds before his body fell to the floor with a crash. Drawing out his dagger, Corvan then turned to the nearest of the other four men, a tall lanky man with a short sword and drove the dagger into his chest, by now the other three had realized what happened and drew their weapons as well and turned to attack Corvan all at once. Leaving his dagger in the mans chest, Corvan caught the hands of the man wielding the axe trying to cut Corvan down the Center, Turning into the man, Corvans shoulder bashed into the mans chest sending him flying to the ground gasping for air and using the axe to catch a short sword turning the blade and then locking the two weapons together, whichthen allowed Corvan to yank the weapon from his hand and then driving the butt of the axe into the mans face causing his nose to break and the man to fall. Hearing a scream Corvan turned to see the last one standing currently swinging at him in a wide left to right arch which Corvan swung the axe and hit the blade away with the head of the axe before spinning with it keeping with his Momentum and driving the axe into the man's neck just above the shoulder. Leaving it in the man's neck as he fell to the ground gurgling loudly as blood filled his lungs. Turning now to see the former axe wielder getting to his feet with a Knife in his hand, Corvan drew his sword which sang loudly as the metal drew out and shined with a dark tint. In a instant Corvan drove the blade into the man's chest and out his back leaving it there and turned to the man with a broken nose screaming in pain. Without waiting Corvan grabbed the dagger from the chest of the man he stabbed only half a minute before and turned to use it on the man who saw him coming and tried to get up and run. Corvan dropped on top of him and repeatedly drove the dagger into his chest before stopping after several deep strokes. Breathing deeply Corvan felt he had finished his work when he then felt a knife drive into his shoulder. Grunting in pain and rolling away before getting to his feet quickly grunting from the knife in his upper back. Callius had woken up and managed to his feet with a knife. "Now..you die.."Corvan Growled as he reached behind him to pull the knife from his upper shoulder, luckily it was within reach. His own blood dripping as Callius looked on in horror before he tried to run for the door. Corvan turned and tackled him through the door breaking it open and landing on top of Callius before driiving the knife into his chest several times, and for good measure once into his skull, leaving it there. Walking back in spottly covered in blood and dripping his own out his upper back, the look on Vicktor's face said the entire story. Pale and terrified he heard the door to the kitchen open to see a terried Layla. Reaching down to one of the dead men, he grabbed the pouch that Vicktor had given to Callius and tossed it back to him as well as a few silver coins. "For food..and the mess.." Vicktor could only stare for a few more moments before his ability to talk returned. "Who..the hell are you? I have never seen someone fight five men off so easily.." Corvan only shook his head and turned for the door. "No one you need to worry about Vicktor..they started it..I just finished it..Besides..this is me being nice."he took one look at Layla and saw she was still terrified. "You have nothing to fear of me child..either of you..ill be back to clean up this mess..after i see the healer." With that Corvan left the Inn more annoyed now. "Such a decent morning..wasted.."As he turned and headed for the Healers home.
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    ((Working my best to keep up with this story, hoping to have better luck then my last one! Time frame wise anyways)) Holding is right hand over to his left shoulder as he started to calm down and feeling the deep wound in his shoulder. "Kid was tougher then he looked..just a bit.."Corvan told himself as he walked his way towards the Healers house in town. "Just another for the books..didn't expect to get stabbed here..home of farmers...guess even the Isle's have troubles.."Corvan grunted as he walked up to the door of the Healer's house which read closed. With a grunt Corvan pounded on the door twice and after a minute of waiting and hearing nothing, he growled and beat the door harder shaking it on its hinges. From inside a voice called out "WE ARE CLOSED..COME BACK IN A HOUR!!" It was a female voice,Not sing song like he had gotten use to but a bit more huskily..as from a older woman. This time with a grunt he kicked the door hard shaking it further and a rush of footsteps came with a pound as the locks were turned and door yanked open to reveal a middle aged woman who was only to Corvan's chest and he was tall for a man. He looked down at her and she only glared back "What!" she barked"Deaf or something?!" Pulling his hand away from his should to show the dark red blood on it. Her eyes softened slightly at the sight and shook her head. "Alright get in get in.." Turning back inside Corvan followed the woman and then past her into the house as she closed the door. "Over on the table..take off your Leather..let me have a look..Bar brawl?" "this early..Only one i know to cause this trouble is Callius..Lucky your alive." She stated as she moved off into another room. Removing his leather tunic and the chain sleeves with a thunk onto the table next to him, The healer woman returned a minute later with a bowl of water and a satchel at her hip that was not there before. Getting a better look now..she was half his height, slim build with blackish hair that was unkept and down to her shoulders. She was middle aged. Thirties he would guess by the lines starting to show on her face. She was not unattractive but the years had worn on her from hard winters. The Healer did not look at Corvan when she walked back in but when she did, she stopped in her tracks for several heart beats taking in the unusual sight before her. Corvan stood half naked, just his leather trouser pants on, his entire torso showed a history of fighting, Small scars to large scars, Bite marks of spiders and arrow wounds scarred over, His back was the same story, Deep scarred lines from swords and spears and axes half covered in drying blood from the deep stabbing wound on his upper left back shoulder area. After the initial shock wore off, she continued to her work. "Alright sit down..Going to clean it..really clean it and then stitch it up..have not had time to prepare anything for the pain so..you are on your own.." Glancing down his back and sides "but..don't think it will bother you..sir..what is your name?" He half looked to her over his wounded shoulder "Corvan.." A light bulb went off in her mind. "Ahh the Northerner..well..that explains the scars then..which cuts out that conversation part..probably had some broken bones to..though you seem to move well enough.." Corvan said nothing for a few moments as the woman took the hot water to his back cleaning the blood. "Our healers..were priests..spells were more effective.." "Ahh..makes sense..I suppose..I know nothing of this priest stuff..or magic..just herbs and plants.." He looked to her once more as best he could "Name?" Without looking as she finished whiping away the last of dried blood. "Shyla..pleasure Corvan.."She said with barely any tone. After a moment she reached into her satchel and pulled out a bottle full of clear liquid. "This is going to hurt.."And with that uncorked the bottle and poured a good measurement of it into the wound directly. One could hear the sizzling for a few seconds as the liquid did its work, Corvan barely flinched from it. "As i expected...you Northerners are a tough bunch..so how did this come about.."With a sigh Corvan went on "A man named Callius entered Vicktor's Tavern..i minded my own business..but he felt he had to assert himself..he touched me..I slammed his head into the counter..killed the four men with him..and then he stabbed me in the back and tried to run..I killed him with his own dagger.."Corvan spoke with even tone. Death was common for him and doing it was just as common for him. Shyla was taken a back for a moment. "Callius did this? and he is dead? You are a dangerous man..Callius was a well known fighter..and a brigand.. he has been pushing himself and his men as protection for this town..and those who don't pay..get roughed up..most of our old guards were either killed or bought..or run off." Corvan said nothing at this for a few moments. "Well..now you can get back to your old ways.." Shyla only chuckled. "Callius was only the muscle..once he does not show up to his Master..someone will come looking for him and his men." By now Shyla was stitching up the wound in his back, Corvan honestly barely felt it, that liquid had burned and then numbed that part of his body. "I will handle that part..do not worry..how much for this." Shyla shook her head "Nothing..getting rid of Callius..consider us even..Man was evil..had his eye on Victkor's daughter..even tried to take her once..Never seen Vicktor look so angry..honestly..the poor lad was only following Callius's orders..Only time i ever seen Callius come to a deal." Corvan actually chuckled at these words. "I know he is a fighter..he chooses not to..less he has no other choice..Vicktor is a good man.."With those words Corvan stood up the moment she was finished and redressed himself. "Thanks..though I have a feeling we will be seeing more of each other Shyla."Corvan grumbled slightly as the stiffness started to come from the wound. "Well..you know were the door is.."she replied before started to clean up the mess she had made as well as the mess Corvan had made. After Corvan had finished with the Healer's house he returned to the Inn, were Vicktor and his daughter were starting to clean up the mess. Vicktor stared at Corvan for several long moments while his daughter quickly rushed away. "Shyla told me enough..I will take care of the bodies..just clean the blood.."Corvan reached into his pocket of his pants and pulled out a small coin purse tossing it to Vicktor "for new furniture..someone comes asking..send someone to find me..South coast..Oak tree on a hill by its self..That is were I am.." Before Vicktor could even reply Corvan started to pick up the bodies one at a time and move them outside to his wagon and horse. Hitching their horses to one another and then to his cart, Corvan road off with a train of horses and bodies in tow..time to stage..some fun.. If anyone had seen Corvan leaving, they would see a small smile on his face. Hours later near past mid day a traveling merchant who frequented the town of Kess entered the tavern and spoke with Vicktor. A large fat stocky balding man of a Merchant sat on a stool drinking ale as he talked to Vicktor "I swear Vicktor..five men dead and their horses..Callius that brigand..his head removed and on some kind of wooden spike..Looks like Callius's men finally picked the wrong fight with a group of travelers..it is a damn bloody mess I tell ya..but good ridiance i say..Id like to buy those men a keg of your vodka! They earned it ridding us of those men. "cheers went up in the Tavern, tankards swished in the air and down the contents went. Vicktor smiled but in his mind, he knew what happened..and he would await Marcus..Callius's Master..as well as a former resident of Kess..much does that young man have to explain..as does Vicktor to Marcus. (vintage Corvan at work..for those who read One man outpost..but whos is this Marcus..why does he have a explination and why was his own underling strong arming his home town? Stay tuned!))
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    It checks your temperature every 15 seconds. Each body part (e.g. right foot) has its own temperature which ticks down if you are in cold conditions. Once that temperature reaches zero, that's when you start taking damage. The wounds are light/very light coldburn wounds with some random variation.
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    Yep and when SOTG was introduced.
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    Thing is, that when you get some advantage in PVP (being a priest), it should go at a cost of some disadvantage in PVP. In Wurm, you get advantage in PVP at a cost of disadvantage in PVE really. Slower body stats gain doesn't count, couse people mostly priest up strong accounts anyway, and also, after recent pvp changes, I heard that body strength were nerfed in some way? Priests should be removed or should be just specialized units at some PVP costs. - healer - got heals and protective buffs, but after each heal casted, got his normal and magical damage output lowered for certain amount of time - elemental - got range damage dealing spells and damage increasing buffs, but after each dmg spell casted, got his healing abilities lowered dramatically for certain amount of time etc. just a general idea
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    One reason i chose to switch to Wurm Unlimited was because it is a lot more enjoyable to play on a server where everyone is starting out on the same level. I enjoy being able to make money doing things I enjoy, and if I were to play on a server where most people have already leveled their skills, then I would be stuck grinding bricks or something to make a living, and that would take away from the roleplay for me personally and the whole reason I play Wurm, which is to just live a natural life caring for my farm and animals, cooking, hunting a bit, etc..
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    Please for the god add the mod that auto selects tools to imp with f they are tool-belt equipped!!!!!