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    Hi, I would like to see a modification to the online shop for buying premium. It would be very nice to be able to buy premium for someone as a gift directly from the shop rather than having to buy silver and give it to them which spoils it a little. Suggested mechanics Add checkbox as_gift if checkbox == TRUE show textbox recipient_name if as_gift == TRUE and recipient_name.value == NULL show error message and stop if recipient_name != valid_username show error message and stop All other behaviour should be unaffected and the payment receiving callback should then process the credit on the account indicated by recipient_name. Most of the code for checking for valid usernames should already be existing in place so a simple function call on_submit should be enough without any real hard work being done. Thanks ~Morl
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    Make wurm like old days Failed action - lost material No imbue No tomes No player gods And bring back body strenght give u more DR like long time ago Thanks
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    I could see both sides of it, maybe its because im used to the WO system rather then the WU system that I think it fits better. Atleast in some situations the harder you struggle the more you learn, if you are given a handicap from superior tools or equipment then technically it should make things easier for you and you wont have learned as much in the end. But thats just my view of it and probably the view of the devs when they made the original skilling system. Its a good system though: High ql tools = more mats/shorter timer,higher ql items harvested/made Lower ql tools = more skills/longer timer, lower ql items harvested/made On WU you start with horrible tools and horrible skills, but you can easily be boosted by a older player giving you high ql tools making your timers near non existent and your early farming way faster then a new player who didnt get the same aid. But on WO the tool you start with is technically already the best tool for you to gain skills with, there is no way another player can boost you other then give you enchanted items but this goes for both clients (although on WU the speed enchant also increases the skill gain even futher). Its kind of a loophole where the futher into the game you are the easier you can gain skill on WU (aside from the ticks getting lower) while its supposed to be the opposite, making it harder for you the futher you go. Thats how you make sure that when someone is training their skills they arent able to farm for the market at the sametime, its 1 or the other not both at once.
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    Economy is too top heavy and bloated, nothing can change it much now and they are not going to delete stuff from people.
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    There will be a Mac client as well.
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    Because even after almost 5 years, WU on Steam has no mac support. Just Windows Linux & SteamOS.
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    Not everything here but have to start from somewhere. Taking payments also in € verified paypal only. List of items: Ships sailing boat 90c None mail rares rare battering ram 5s rare small catapult 5s rare open fireplace 1s Other rares rare steel fork 1,5s rare longbow 2s rare measuring jug 1,5s rare spindle 90ql coc70 2s Supreme leather clove 90ql 4s Mix items witchs hat x4 1s per pottery valentines x 2 90c per normal champagne 60c per Banners and flags DD,JK,TC and some others 1s per tall banners 1,5s few kingdom wagons 5-8s per pm for details. seryll plate set 40s Bulk materials and many many items really cheap pm for details.
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    Rude person alert... (sniped him; first time I've run into someone like this in a very long time in Wurm Online) [00:02:24] <Xrumx> hi [00:02:30] <Xrumx> wanna imp my saddle [00:02:55] <Xrumx> its 40ql lol [00:03:52] <Xrumx> i have rare coins [00:04:15] <Neville> i don't imp saddles [00:04:19] <Neville> i just have some for sale [00:04:30] <Xrumx> ffs why do you have them for sale if you dont imp them [00:05:11] <Neville> because i'm not a leatherworker? i got them over time, kept the best ones now selling the overstock that i don't need [00:05:27] <Xrumx> quit harassing me [00:06:04] <Neville> i'm not you asked me...
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    Bump and a recommend - Sleepys sourced and made some excellent bits and pieces for me, always swiftly sent and reasonably priced.
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    No strings were harmed. [14:01:28] Cloth tailoring increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 [16:49:58] Your title is now Fateweaver. Do i get to choose title or somebody else beat me to it ?
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    I was wondering how much longer it was going to take you! Congrats
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    Lol! Well I love cookies but i wont bite Tell him “hi” back
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    +1 this would be a very nice option. Often there are players facing a hardship but enjoy the game and others enjoy having them around. Other times, players stand out as amazing individuals and this would be a nice way to spontaneously say thank you in a way that can say more than words in conviction..for those times when you care to send the very best..send a free month or two subscription.
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    Cat Chamber (Shrine) 452, 242 Strengths door (pylon) and Shames Shrine (shrine) 476, 1510 Cherrys rest (pylon) 309, 1588
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    Highway adjustment. Following the same route the following sections should be tunnels. 1643, 1597 to 1643, 1586 1643, 1550 to 1643, 1502 1647, 1406 to 1656, 1326 1656, 1315 to 1655, 1267
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    It's a neat idea, would be nice way for people to add premium time as prizes to things like competitions. Would be good if it rolled out with the mysterious cash shop coming when? +1
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    If this is the case then im all for it. Worked years for my skills and put a lot of time and money into it so yeah a total restart would be ridiculous for old players. Also I use Mac so if it will only be steam it means I can't play. Using bootcamp is not that ideal. And although there might not be many, there are more Mac users who might want to play Wurm. I do think the new server should be on steam AND should be able to acces through the existing client. It could only attract more people that don't like Steam for example. Hope wurm can be saved!
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    Well that sounded a bit too specific
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    I assumed everyone was kidding so I was kidding, while I was the only one kidding?
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    Well, we only go by the WO rules stated in the forums, so nothing draconian really, with the exception of a limited number of client mods which are permitted. It's a PvP server, so the players feel that for instance ESP and such mods are not very funny to play against. So, let's say we have a dishonest player then, in this scenario it is not a hacker but someone who will google for mods to install. He installs Ago's client mod launcher and the ESP mod. Our server will say that he have to install our client mod. He can then look for a hacked version of our mod or install our mod. If he installs a hacked version, who has hacked it? Note that this is a small server with a small player base. With a client mod that updates on a regular basis, the hash will also update on a regular basis, and so the hacked version will only work if it's been hacked from the most recent version. Realistically, who would hack the client mod like that and publish as fast as a new version comes? It has to be some maniacal individual with a grudge, someone who want to put down the server for some reason. I'm sure there are other more efficient ways to do that without having to spend that amount of time, just go to the server and social engineer your way in and poison the community. In such a situation, the server has larger things to worry about than a hacked client mod. Anyway, if we exclude the extreme situation, and think of the normal cheater as simply someone who enjoys cheating by installing some client mods, he will most likely not find any hacked version of our custom client mod. In the case that we implement the hashing algorithm and send as bytecode directly from the server to the client. In such a case, the hacker has to read the network communication or RAM to extract the bytecode, it's another layer of complexity which requires a higher skill. Add to that, that the sent hashing-algorithm is sent randomly, you never know which algorithm you'll get, only the server knows that. It can be extended a bit more, with further complexity that requires more skill of the hacker. There's no money involved, and no political agenda, the hacker just really either want to break the system for personal reasons, or really dislikes the server. This situation is just not likely enough to worry too much about.
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    Niarja is the backup in case Wurm Online backup fails. Good point
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    The question isn't whether it's easy to hack such a model, the question is, will it prevent the target group from using unwanted client mods? Any system can be hacked, nobody refutes that, but there are more factors involved than that. Most players have no idea how to write a client mod. The few who can write client mods, what motivates them to hack a system, and would they openly spread such a hacked client mod or keep it in secret for themselves? Will such a anti-cheat solution intimidate cheaters from going to such a server? Unless they are programmers and know how to hack a client mod, I think most will be intimidated, yes. It also tells the players what is ok and what isn't, very clearly. Using some client mod that isn't permitted, you can always say you just didn't know it was, but hacking a client mod that is made to prevent specific client mods, how do you talk your way out of that? I've implemented a simple anti-cheat client mod solution for my server, we're testing it out to see that it's working alright. We don't block players from playing or joining if they have restricted client mods installed, instead they get a warning message, a staff channel on Discord is notified, and they get a "heavy conscience" in their inventory which only can be removed by either a CM or by removing forbidden mods. It updates itself regularly from the server, and generates hashes from the installed mods that are sent to the server for confirmation. This is experimental at the moment, but a hashing algorithm will be sent from the server as java bytecode and is loaded at runtime into the client to generate the hashes, which will make it a bit more difficult to hack. This isn't meant to be absolutely secure, it's meant as one layer of security towards the target group, and it's a feature that's been requested by a majority of the players.
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    I have played this game for about 7 years now (not that it makes my point more valid or anything) but during that time I have tryid Epic/freedom/unlimited servers and have started over many times where my first account was on epic. Trying the diffrent skilling systems I have to say old Epic was the best mix of them all for me, the times 2 and curve really helped with crafting and catching up in pvp. The worst one would be unlimited's system for me as it doesnt feel like it goes with wurms initial idea, it feels weird for example that high ql tools gives you more skills then lower ql as that should technically make things easier for you and therefore give you less experiance in working with that tool. While in combat its the otherway around where high ql weapons kills your enemies faster giving you less ticks while in the original wurm more damage = larger ticks of skills. So according to me it goes Old Epic system - Freedom Hardcore System - Wurm Unlimited System(new epic system). That being said the idea of letting ppl start with 10-15 skills isnt half bad, my advice would be to let ppl choose a few proffessions as they enter the game, like maybe give them a small quiz where they answer 10 questions and depeding on their answers they starts with 10+ in certain skills (not all of them, you most still feel the grind of starting with something completly new aswell). So for example if the question was: When you entered adulthood you often earned a few coins helping the local...... Smith (10+ smithing) Farmer (10+ farming) Tailor (10+ tailoring) Carpenter (10+ carpenter) (Then doing similiar with fighting related skills like archery, sword, axe and so on) I also do not think they server should merge if they go well, ppl wont take it well if they see ppl coming over with 10 years + experiance into the community/world they built up from scratch on steam. Otherwise im really excited to start on the new server and see how the steam community will behave as I like to help small communitys grow.
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    And don't drink and play wurm, you wind up naked on deed with no recollection of where you are, your favourite horse is a corpse and you find your corpse on another serve#umwronline
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    -Climbs up on her soapbox and gently leans on Neville- Oh No I Got this Bro The Game is only Freaking as expensive as you make it. I have only spent REAL $ in this game one time and it was last Christmas as a CHRISTMAS present to myself and that was so I didn't have to Botanize / Forage or WORK for my Premium for the month. You Can Enjoy this game by Free to Play if you attempt to. I have JUST BARELY hit my 1 year mark. and in a year i have spent less that $50USD I have only went maybe 2 days if that without Premium and it was because I wasn't playing those 2 days because I was out of town. There are people who Will Pay For SERVICES Such as: - Enchanting Grass - Priests services like casting - Smithy Services - Masonry= Make Bricks...... I'd suggest Slate.. Marble or just Stone bricks Pottery Bricks...(few buy these) Mortar <- OMG there ya go can't build a brick building without those Clay......... Go Dig you got a Freaking Shovel Right?? PLANKS and SHAFTS <- YES People BUY THESE 1k of Nails? Who cares about Quality? of freaking nails as long as it not like 1 QL Stop being Whiny Crybabies who just want everything handed to you... Find your Niche in the game or go play freaking something like Bubblepop or Farmville... We can understand if you dont' have the maturity to play a challenging game. I have SERIOUSLY known FREE TO PLAY players who have Worked their butts off to enjoy the game and SUPPORT themselve Relief and Put food on the table for their family because $20 USD = 3 Months of FOOD for 2 people where they live! Get OVER YOURSELF and Not being handed everything on a silver platter.. BTW There are VILLAGES who will let you Live in their Village just to have other people to Have fun and talk to There are people who will hire farmers to rake and plant so they can just harvest There are people who will hire you to build....... JUST USE your imagiination There is a Nche Find it
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    That is false. New players add excitement to a game just by being there, a sense of the game world being alive and dynamic, the worldscape changing every day, and they encourage yet more players to join into the game. They give veteran players a feeling of purpose -- someone to teach the ropes, lend a hand, explain a game mechanic. Someone even to laugh at, with the same goodwill that you might laugh at a puppy tripping over its own ears. They are in a sense, NEW CONTENT for old players. They are new friends and new villagers and sometimes new customers. Not all players have much extra spendable money, but the ones who DO have money are more likely to spend money -- and to spend larger amounts of money -- on a game that feels alive and vibrant, where they have other people to chat with, new people to meet, new situations happening every day. New players do not cost the game money. The servers were designed to easily run with 10x the current population, adding another 500-900 new players does not add much to the overhead of that. Empty towns, decaying deeds, vanishing friends list ALL COST THE GAME MONEY. No one wants to spend money on a game that feels like it might fold before year's end. Bustling towns, new kids bouncing off the walls, exploring, asking questions, give the game a sense of a FUTURE. People who can invest more into the game, are much more likely to do so if the game doesn't feel dead. Guess what -- Wurm feels dead. New blood and new faces are what is going to change that. New players are not freeloaders -- even the ones who never spend a dime on the game. If a thousand new people joined the game, and half of them NEVER spend a cent, the game is still a hundred times better off than it was before. People who discover a new game, are also more likely to discuss it with excitement and passion to family and to friends and people who they know enjoy gaming. They act as free advertising. They cost nothing. but they add a lot of value.
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    Economy too top heavy, over saturated high level accounts and all skill roles have been filled x10 for many years. New players have no stake in wurm, simple as that. Account trading is a big percentage of this problem, high level accounts should have died / leave with the original creator. Sorry you spend 200-500 Silver on a character you didnt make bud.
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    LOL what a bunch of victims we have here, you pay what you want to pay for the alts, deeds ,services of others, premium accounts, or whatever cause that is what you want to do, nobody make you buy or pay for anything in Wurm, this is a very good game at a very fair price, so what if the OWNERS of this want to go to stream, it is their choice to do that,, you should be grateful that they wanted to make you part of the update ,asking for your input (most places would not have care about the customer service Rolf and the crew just have shown to you) they would have just made the changes and moved on not caring about you as a customer would think), if you want to show support to the Dev team and all of the great people at Wurm please do so, but to complain is very childish, so now let all of the haters full my box with messages so I can delete them, cause people here is making my head hurt with your foolishness, but I will say what ever the Wurm team does I will forever support them, cause of all of the good years I have had in this game
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    Yeah worth considering for sure.
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    Elder Scrolls Online is on steam, you pay for box AND a subscription. Final Fantasy 11 is now on steam, also requires a subscription. I think there are a lot more. This page seems to suggest they planned this a few years back. I would rather see NO level 20 cap or "required" subscription, and instead have many "preferred member subscriber" perks and XP boosters to people on a "gold subscription" type plan, such as 5 sleep powders per week (well worth the subscription cost to the ambitious) In other words you could play F2P the whole way through, and still own a deed but on a fresh start server this is hard to buy & maintain without purchasing shop silver even with a subscription. Since Wurm is already a grind, most people who are ABLE to afford a subscription, would want a subscription ... and shop silver too! But the non subscribers could eventually get to all the same content if they were brutally stubborn and had unlimited time to play ... Also some Steam players might wonder why they had to pay a subscription while WU players (also on steam) didn't. The way to do this, is paint WO-Steam as a better, modern experience over the 'old school' WU experience, which I expect Code Club to underline by gradually choking off future content updates to WU. I mean, we all know they've been planning to do that anyway. WU players can complain they were deceived but they are still going to do it. I think Code Club meant it at the time they promised it, but it is too tempting now to pretend "we never meant that, exactly." WU is helped out somewhat by modders who can try to fix and update where they can. Doesn;t make it right but I would not have been shocked 6 months ago if you told me the WU updates were going to trickle to a stop by the end of the year. I mean, they already have pretty much. WO-Steam might cause some WU-Steam players to migrate back to the MMO. WU is nice but there are usually only 3-15 people on a server, especially since anyone can start a fresh server whenever they want, so population is spread much thinner than in WO. A lot of people want the "community" of a large official server.
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    By slowed down skillgain rolf means post 20. I.e. You can still gain skill without prem but if you buy prem it's faster
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    As anyone who knows me will attest, I simply cannot resist a new server, so there's that, which will feed into my intrinsic bias toward injecting new, fresh ideas and players into Wurm. We already have a major change to the client, with the new launcher with embedded java, making it a lot easier to get Wurm up and running, this also makes it a lot easier for a lot of people to try Wurm without additional technical overheads, such as installing JRE/JDK and maintaining that themselves, now the launcher does that all for the player. That fits neatly in with the entire steam experience, where updates are pushed out to the players thru the Steam Client. There will have to be some work done making the present client Linux compliant, since for some it is still a struggle to get that running, as is, without some technical knowledge, and of course not ever Linux Distro has the same libraries installed as standard, leading to dependency hell for some players. (Note that my experience of the Linux Client has been relatively smooth, due to having enough technical knowledge to work around the initial issues i encountered, but it's still not perfect). I wholeheartedly agree that a new server/cluster would be one of the best ways of introducing the game to a wider audience, I love that new server smell, and as already mentioned, it will hopefully reduce some of the embedded/entitled attitudes of some Wurm players who really ought to know better by now, but simply cannot resist any change that might impact their profit driven focus on the 'market'. I'm totally up for providing whatever in game assistance is required, whether that be formal or informal help in the CA Help system, on any new server, a new server or cluster will not impact my commitment to giving back what so many past and present players have given me, knowledge based on my own Wurm experiences, I simply think that is part of my game, fun and helping others find their way. While I know that Epic in particular is one of @Rolfmajor projects, as a player who spent a lot of time there as a PvE player, ( I make no apology for being a Freedumber, and carebear, Epic was one of the highlights of Wurm for me). It provided me with a lot of fun, and I am aware of my nostalgia for keeping it all, but rationally, it's not working now, and frankly it needs a top down total rework going forward, an issue that I am aware has been discussed already. So if this Steam based way forward goes ahead, may I suggest that any potential Epic plans are for an entirely new Epic, not merely moving the servers and assets to the Steam Client, but an entirely new reworked system, And retire Epic as it is now with full honours for what it has taught us, as a base for moving forward. The timeline is ambitious, but in my view, entirely possible, I'll look forward to more discussions over then next few months. Finally, I admire you revealing something this ambitious to what is frankly a conservative playerbase, we generally fear and fight change, and everyone will want to put their view forward as being the only true way, it's not of course, it's only their way, but regardless, we're a pretty fractious bunch, so, don't just give in to the loudest, the quietest also have something to say.
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    Yeah, although because we lose almost every player who don't want to pay as soon as they hit this ceiling we should consider simply slowing down skillgain instead. We'll see. Also I like the idea of letting people start at 10 or 15 or so.
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    Eh I dont know if Im buying it, think I'll just wait back and watch. I dont like starting over, Im not into cosmetic skin things, and I'm not sure I am into skilling on an epic like system for minimal transfer... Id rather just skill on my toon where Im at with resources I already have. I didn't care for epic the whole 3 hours I played there, so far this isn't sounding very interesting to me I think perhaps I was expecting something different from this new world. I do like the rift points idea, to save and get what I want.
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    lol indeed. Will follow, won't touch. Have to go inflate my car tyres with mashed potato now, bbl
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    ----- Server Update ----- Items Decoration Bodybag Sword in the stone Guard Token A workaround for guards not being able to be hired because of not enough upkeep. It adds 20 silver to village upkeep. Destroyed after use. It can only be used once a week. Dye Kit Able to dye 1 piece of dragon armor. 7 uses per kit. Thanks bdew! Potion of Cure Disease It is able to cure any disease whether it be a trait or an actual disease. Destroyed after use. Scroll of Gear Binding Makes any armor or weapon no-drop, but not able to decay and indestructible (can still take damage). Destroyed after use. Taming Stick It is able to tame most creatures without fail. Destroyed after use. Will be added to traders in the future. Scrolls of Village Bonus Increase the named faith bonus (healing, war, enchanting) in your village by a random small amount. Destroyed after use. Will be added to traders in the future. Other Stuff Manage ships and carts now show the current location with a new button. Video HERE Calling guards in any other channel besides local will still call the guards. Increased fighting skill gain.