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    @Ehizellbob@LionIX DeedPlanner 3.0.5 is released! This is small bugfix release to fix few bugs that made its way to 3.0.4. Standalone (Windows/Linux) version: https://github.com/Warlander/DeedPlanner-3/releases/tag/v3.0.5 Web version: https://warlander.github.io/DeedPlanner-3-web/ Changelog: Fixed non-removable decorations Fixed some roofs having incorrect models after every model check Fixed minor memory leak on map loading
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    My favourite chore: going to check on my nanimals when I log in, horses and champs of all sort My least favourite: .. oh, dear, where should I start? Perhaps repairing the insane amount of decay on deed on almost anything that is not nailed down; by the time I finish everything, I have to start over, because first things repaired already took damage again.
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    Problem is, if you make the grind easier, make skillgains higher, etc... you will realize that the game becomes extremely boring as you have everything and have done everything. It is a core part of the game. The journey to the endgame if you will. This is apparent on many WU servers where there is an insane power creep as people can solo uniques and are basically gods. Even here on WO it has become apparent over the decades even with the 1x skillgain. Putting skillgains higher will just make this even quicker. Unless of course you plan on wiping the servers every now and then, which is also not a good idea. Removing priest restrictions won't solve much. I think the restrictions should be remade instead in new forms that aren't so restrictive, something akin to what Awakening does on WU where you need to have certain skills at certain levels to be able to become a priest, and they vary depending on the god. What needs to be improved upon is the MMO aspect, and giving us more to do. Dungeons, bosses, stronger enemies, dynamic events happening across the servers, quests (nothing like rifts) more customization for players, collectibles, unlockables, more RPG elements and the encouragement of roleplaying and roleplaying elements, and more. As for the subscription prices, i'm sorry but nobody is forcing you to use alts. I'd go as far as to create an account system that every normal MMO game has, where you are restricted to a certain number of characters that you can make, and cannot log them on at the same time. People using dozens of alts is what is killing this game. Nobody knows how many people online are alts, it ruins the economy when people can just log on a bunch of characters and do different work on each, eliminating the MMO aspect and social aspect of the game and the need to buy from others or hire others, use them to grief people, use them in sermons, and so on.
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    Instead of having the +5 to cast power go down based on the enchant currently on what's being enchanted, should just be +5 is active all the time and not have to dispel. Between spell dispel orders existing, dispel taking out runes/imbues/metallic liquid, not being able to choose what you're dispelling, and decorations that can't be picked up/loaded being unable to be dispelled due to not having a previous owner it's just a all around horrible feature that serves no reason other than to make enchanting suck more.
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    https://niarja.com/universes/Online/clusters/freedom/skills/TheLegend You have a total of 206 titles. Tomes: Green Cherry, White Cherry, Slime of Uttacha, Blood of Angels, Giant Walnut Tome of Incineration, Libram of the night, Smoke of Sol, Black Tome, White Tome, Blue Tome and Green Tome. Karma: You have 95428 karma, how would you like to spend it? Path: 15th Eidolon Path of Insanity Premium:[20:31:58] You have premium time until 11 Oct 2019 13:14:00 GMT Playtime: [20:31:58] You have played 671 days, 8 hours and 8 minutes. Currently a Fo Priest with 82 Faith. Account will come naked at G12 Release (May include a Black Drake Set for the right price!) PM me here on Forums for more info/questions. Make an Offer!
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    The community is growing daily and spreading out, currently 18 player deeds and plenty of room for more. There are usually 10-15 people online most of the time. The map is great fun to explore with beautiful scenery around every corner. I have limited play time but do not prefer easy mode servers. I am finding Zindaria has the perfect balance of making me work for things but also letting me feel I am making progress when I get my Wurm time in If you are looking for a fresh start come take a peak!
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    +1 I feel dispel should create a pop-up dialog or have a right-click context allowing you to select what you want to dispel from an item.
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    With new servers in the existing cluster. there would be no castles on those servers that people spent years to build. Yet if a new player prefers a more mature server then he has the CHOICE to go there because its all one big cluster. As for the early game "struggle", I can't blame anybody for buying some high ql tools early on, as the ~50% chance to create even the most basic of stuff, and the slow timers, aren't fun. I saw that again recently on Jackal, the early game struggle isn't going to catch on with a new crowd of players these days, especially not without such tools. A lot of tweaking will be necessary there (like upping those creation chances, cutting down a bit on the longest timers, etc. You'd still want higher skill to give an advantage for the sense of progression, but currently it's probably tilted too much in that direction). Also, how do you propose to maintain that "newb" experience on a fresh server? Keep releasing new clusters every X months? That's not sustainable. As for community, a separate cluster is exactly what would bypass the community aspect of the game, as it puts away the existing community as unimportant/irrelevant. It puts it away as a thing of the past, especially as new players are far more likely to find the steam version (as it's on steam) then the current version, and thus will mostly go to steam while the current WO community bleeds to death. With Steam forums they'd also have no reason to use these forums, so they'd have no reason to come here at all. The last time a separate freedom cluster was created at least the community wasn't as thinly spread as it is now, and the client was also the same so new players had a choice of where to go. Perhaps that would be a good middle ground? Let new characters on either client choose between the 2 clusters, just like back in the day with Release and Pristine before they were connected? That way the old servers wont bleed to death as they will get the same amount of exposure from a Steam release as any new server.
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    What's the point in having persistent wold/server then. At some point the new steam server cluster will become something that you just described is stopping the players of having optimal experience. You are still going to have that same market in a few months, market stall filled with unreasonably priced tools and many merchant on forum offering items on not resonable prices, even more ripoff. Open a new cluster gain then? Reset the old one? Why WU servers aren't successful then in filling this gap, i don't see 1000'sof players playing it
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    They're not really taking away the work us current players have done; the current servers will remain while steam will receive its own cluster. While yes, it's possible to still have a "newb" experience on the current clusters, it's nothing like the experience where everyone has fresh characters and servers. Currently, a new player spawns into any of the starter towns and is met with rows of Market Stalls usually filled with unreasonably priced items, or discovers one of the many COD merchants on the forums. They then pay for high ql/enchanted tools that bypass the early "struggle" of the game, while also bypassing one of the more important aspects of the game; the community. Or, they may be lucky and meet an established player who takes them into their deed, hands them anything they may ever need and tells them to do whatever they want. They likely quit shortly after as they don't really know what to do. A new cluster, among other changes (primarily to the premium services,) is what Wurm needs to really click with a new crowd of players. There's not much point to playing in a sandbox if everyone else has already spent years building castles...
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    The keybindings.txt file (if missing) generates fresh upon launching the client, but then rewrites with another (older, ugly) version when connecting to the servers. So, any binds added between launching the client and connecting are lost.
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    With all the things you guys have made dye-able, why can I not dye stills. When i light my stills i want them to emit a pink light so bright that all you see for the rest of your life, is pink.
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    +1 please have a window where we can select what we want to dispel.
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    Weekends.... Tomorrow will be the working day
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    Advertising is incredibly expensive, and Code Club can't even afford to hire a full staff of developers... Where's the ad money going to come from?
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    I have tried with vpn (tried a few locations including Sweden) and it doesn't help. Overall, it would be strange if vpn really did have any effect on this. Also thanks Finnn for trying to help.
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    They don't require it but you will easily increase the amount of silver they receive by a factor of 10 if not more if you put them in populated areas. A while back I had almost 30 traders and the ones in local of major towns and highways would spit out 20-30 silver per month, it wasn't even worth checking the ones in the forest (which is where I placed them before the change was implemented) as you'd be having a great month if there was more than 1 silver on them, usually 50 copper. I averaged about 7.5 silver per month per trader but it varied wildly as mentioned above, some were printing money others were a total waste of time
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    I don't want to be a buzzkill but some of these prices are insanely high.
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    And the problem is back. Still no changes of any kind in my end, but now I'm getting this Error opening connection to patch server every time I start the launcher.
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    Fists of fury handwraps for unarmed combat
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    I find the placing system rather unsatisfying. So many limits on number of decorations able to be placed on furntiure. Why make a huge table if can only place a few things on it? Bookshelves max at 11 items, but there's 12 compartments on it... wtf
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    I think it would be pretty silly to take away all the work your current player base has done to accommodate the "new" steam servers for wurm... The newbs will still have the newb experience if steam is successful for wo. Add a reasonable cash shop and go f2p and the old player base will be a minority, perhaps it won't matter we're more skilled?
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    @Rolf 1 pve and 1 pvp server like good old Wurm?
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    Due to the imperious and unfounded claims of this posthumus preposterousness we have sent out our undercover altitudes of Inside on the Outside Investigative Services to disparage these various clams (sp intended). The results are as follows..... Wurm Online launching on Epic Game Store! Notch remained securely within his V shaped tree refuge and would not come down for comment about any participation within this venture, although he was very generous in offering all the woodscraps we could carry at the base of his whittling tree. Tim Sweeney remains in hiding due to various Wurm players attempting to hunt him down for his non-delivery of various items and character sales. Show off your moves! The new owners of Code Club AB remain firm in their stance against dance due to religious objections of unseemly actions and torsotoe distortions. The new Elevation map will be lowered to meet the participants standards and renamed Onthelevel. We're gonna take you back to the past! Wurm Classic will be remade with a new flavor and new name (aforementioned). Although it would take players back to the origins of Wurm Online none will be able to log into it due to the old hardware being unavailable. The prizes will still be given out within that environment (non-transferable) should anyone wish to claim them. Retro Promoted to CEO of parent company Game Chest , major shareholder of Code Club's game Wurm Online! Upon receiving this news Retrograde immediately moved to a remote location within the interior of New Guinea to live with the one remaining cannibal tribe in the region and sent his tongue back to HQ to speak in his absence (or someone sent it back anyway). Before departure he drew up his will leaving all shares to benefit the Australian Emu Foundation (no connection to the player Emoo) in the hopes of returning them to flight in the near future. PvP(vE!) Purging is a self destructive method to attempt to control and loose weight and will not be tolerated by the parent company GCG AB. Although some Wurm players secretly followed this practice within the privacy of their own homes it must remain within those confines with no liability of consent or approval implied. The future of the unique mob All valuable items will be removed from them upon death by GM oversight and deposited within the GM trash heap for safe keeping. Due to this it is realized that the participation of players will be low so the overseeing GM will strike the final blow when necessary. Otherwise they will roam the servers freely passing through all objects above and below ground without doing any damage to them. They will wave with a cheery expression upon their faces and may cry out pleading if you attempt to attack them; thus, only the most heartless amongst us will seek to shorten their lives to prove their, what I don't know. There you have it Wurmaintes! The real news behind the news whose views are fews. Always on the outlook against your better judgement our undercover altitudes remain dedicated to dispelling the misspellings of the unfounded. Please don't litter and bury your corpses. =Ayes=
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    Horrible Idea, how to kill the steam idea 101 right here folks.
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    We will rage all we want. People have the right to be dissatisfied with your product and to express it. We are not required to nor should be expected to solve the problem for you. You have developers, so develop. Its what we pay for. That's a pretty dismissive attitude you got there and is not okay. All rage aside, it is quite asinine that 3hours of a single, recurring activity is the norm, especially when the rewards are so meager. 3.5 hours would be a pretty nasty raid in WoW and you get the equivalent of Scale Sets of gear here. In comparison here you get what? Rings and shoulder pads? Most of which dont even have a use? That's something that needs tweaking. A dragon slaying takes maybe 5 minutes at the most. Drops tomes and scale. Bones and parts. Time and effort invested is not at par with the rewards.
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    One of the risks we assessed was players leaving wurm online due to launching a new cluster for steam and the steam cluster failing. This would mean an overall loss, so we decided to speak with the existing playerbase to ensure that when we launch it it will be done with them feeling included and also addressing any issues raised. I know many have ideas for what could be different with this wurm edition but we are aiming at keeping the same core experience, qol changes would be to all servers, we aren't planning a ogwo server codebase and a steam wo server code base, they will simply use different clients to connect
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    Update -updated fishmonger mod -added cropmod from Wyvern mod - added leaderboard- right click skill or body on char screen to pull up leaderboard -added meditation mod- easier skill gain, meditation on any of the correct tile - higher bed ql will increase sleep bonus -now regain stamina in a vehicle on any slope Thanks again to all the creators of these mods!
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    Scissors + Square piece of cloth Small bandage 0.05kg Medium bandage 0.1kg Large bandage 0.2kg etc.. All specially prepared bandages cover wounds that would normally need twice the cotton. Gary idea: have bandages reduce the first aid timer. 25% maybe? Perhaps effect on potency compared to regular cotton items too. Bandage + Healing cover Treated bandage - bandage and treat with the same item! Bandage + Farmer's salve Salvation bandage - same effect as farmer's salve, just sounds neat. Can be used as salve or a bandage! Edit: another thought: Tin lump+large anvil (blacksmithing) First aid kit: Contains bandages, salves & healing covers in one neat box.
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    Start using it, ditch LT weapons and go hunting often, cotton will start to deplete There are tons of sails, sheets, squares items you could make in bulk to use or sell. Other than that.. have you thought about some new use that you could share?
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    Well if we look back at history, doesn't take much to recall that Rolf said all changes to Wurm would go to both WU and WO. While people may decide to try to change history, that was the reality he stated back when WU came out.
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    Yes... traders... Oh, nothing... Edit: Ah heck with it. I've never liked traders. Never thought they're good for much besides "abuse". Just some personal feelings.
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    This is a list of simple/easy adjustments/oversights/tweaks that shouldn't impact balance to the game. My other thread has more complicated adjustments/changes that might impact balance but would still be a great benefit to Wurm: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/172338-qol-improvements-harder-fixes/ Allow us to drag/drop a HotA statue from inventory into an inventory that is appropriately large enough; currently needs to be loaded instead. Allow the planting of HotA's direct from inventory; currently can "only be worked with while on the ground." Allow enchanted grass tiles to be cultivated directly to dirt like steppe/regular grass tiles; currently need to pack then cultivate unnecessarily. Allow lawn tiles to be cultivated directly to dirt like steppe/regular grass tiles; currently need to pack then cultivate unnecessarily. Allow the loading/hauling up of pillars; currently cannot get them to higher structure floors without making a bridge to that floor first; also cannot get them transported any reasonable distance. Allow minedoors on 2-3 tile wide mine entrances or create 2-3 tile versions of mine doors; currently you cannot secure multi-tile mine entrances. Allow branding hitched animals; currently you need to unhitch the animals which is a pain if you are branding animals on a wagon. Allow enchanting a tree/bush tile halt its age at the current state; it does virtually nothing on them currently. Allow the option to "smelt" items that are in inventory while EMBARKED; currently you need to annoyingly disembark for no reason. Allow removal of hitched animal gear with the "take" keybind; currently you can only manually drag it off of the animal. Allow animals to remain stationary when attempting to brand them like taming does; currently they can still just wander off, interrupting the branding action. Allow reading of a recipe to be instant, outside of being in a queued action set; currently you have to wait until you are finished with what you are doing/end what you are doing to read a recipe. Allow the loading/hauling up of trash heaps; currently cannot get them to higher structure floors without making a bridge to that floor first(or making them there); also cannot get them transported any reasonable distance. Allow planning of a structure with a trowel; currently only mallets/hammers work to plan a structure. Allow the volume of colorful carpets to be smaller; currently won't fit into even a storage rack shelf. Allow a huge oil barrel to be secured; currently cannot be. Allow the crafting recipes window to clear prior inputs between window closings; currently when you close that window and reopen it, it retains what you last wrote, unlike other input bars, which can be a pain to type something then find out you need to erase what was already there. Allow a ballista to be secured; currently cannot be. Allow dropping a small bedside table from inventory into an inventory that is appropriately large enough; currently needs to be loaded instead. Allow repairing of large anvils while in inventory; currently can "only be worked with while on the ground." Allow imping of large anvils while in inventory; currently can "only be worked with while on the ground." Allow the securing of fireplaces; currently cannot. Allow repairing of the "new" chair types(high chair, throne, chaise, paupers, fine high chair, lounge) while in a container or inventory; currently can "only be worked with while on the ground." Allow a decoration item on a tile that is maxed on tile decorations to be pushed/pulled; currently have to lower the decorations in order to push/pull a decoration item on a tile. Allow more than 1 throne to be planted per tile in a structure; these are not beds and shouldn't be subjected to that restriction. Allow altars to be hauled up/down in a structure; currently cannot get them to higher structure floors without making a bridge to that floor first(or making them there). Allow mailboxes to be hauled up/down in a structure; currently cannot get them to higher structure floors without making a bridge to that floor first(or making them there). Allow the volume of tall banners to be smaller; currently won't fit into any container. Allow altar interior volume to be increased; currently they cannot fit several items that may come in rare+ versions that players would sacrifice(slabs, felled trees, ect). Allow the wall listing in the crafting menu to separate by wall type; currently it does not and you have to scroll a lot to get to to the wall type you want. Allow the wall listing/fence listing menu to default be collapsed; currently you must do a lot of scrolling to get to the wall/fence type you want. Allow moving while PLANNING interior walls; currently if you are r-click planning multiple walls in a row you have to stop on each or risk being told you may not move while doing that action even though it is an instant action. Allow rotation of walls/floors to be instant; currently it is a timed action and unnecessary. Allow fountains of any kind to be able to be planted/secured; currently they cannot be. Allow the placement of wood floor boards onto packed dirt instead of cultivated dirt; it is the odd man out when it comes to all pavement types and is confusing to new players and unnecessary. Allow trim decoration addition/removal to be instant; currently it is a timed action and unnecessary. Allow unique skulls to be able to be planted; currently cannot. Allow trash heaps to be planted; currently cannot. Allow planting direct to corner tiles inside structures; currently the option only exists outside. Allow a "receive/return all" button of some sort in the mailbox menu to quickly allow the checking off of the entire column of items; currently for those that do a lot of mailing it can be a hassle to tick all the boxes. Allow the toggling of the friends tab and alliance tab via profile; currently they force open on login. Allow moving while performing bashing actions in PvE; currently unnecessarily restricted likely due to PvP code. Allow newly built gates to have a 1ql lock already built in, similar to how vehicles function(there is no need to generate a key for them as they function under the permissions system like anything else with a lock); currently they do not and can be confusing to new players when the build a fence and may not realize immediately they need to also make something to lock it with. Allow unhitching of specific animals from a vehicle via r-click menu; currently you unhitch all animals when you try to unhitch from a vehicle. Allow all relevant r-click options for objects/walls/ect to be used from the crafting menu icon(where you generally put your tool/item in); currently the available options are severely limited and while some might not use these functions it is odd and seemingly unnecessary to disallow allowed options for r-click on items in the 2 sides of the crafting window. Allow r-click disembarking on a tile while inside a structure; currently this only functions outside a structure so inside one you must r-click your current vehicle to get the disembark option. Allow the planting of flowers inside a structure; currently if you want to plant/replant grass inside a structure you must use thatch, which is an odd workaround but likely due to the code for rightly disallowing trees to be planted in a structure being used in relation to flower planting inside one as well; split them to allow flower planting! Allow the renaming of the current toolbelt loadout; would allow for quick access to various crafting toolbelts without the need to load each one to find the one you are searching for. Allow the CA Help tab to pop open when toggling it on via the /ca command; it would benefit players that accidentally got into the circumstance of toggling it off and closing it but need it. Allow the noting of previous account balance when sent mail is received that displays right before the new updated balance; currently you can't even know what your funds were at prior to someone receiving your mail. Allow the addition of the % to continue in the crafting menu and r-click menus; currently it is unknown what the % to continue is. Allow the pulling of all non-rare resources first from inventory BEFORE rare ones; currently the game pulls whatever it feels like and can pull materials you didn't want used in say building construction from inventory groups, backpacks ect. Allow the rotation of gates/fences; currently you cannot and have no control over the direction a gate swings open to. Allow all ladder floor openings to only require half the materials as they do currently; currently only the wooden floor opening requires half, the rest require the same as their full floor counterparts. Allow an event window message for entering Perimeters of deeds, in addition to the usual one for entering the deed proper; deed perimeters are a large mystery barrier that can cause confusion for new players and can take more time to sort out where they end than figuring out just someone's deed boundary. Remove the inventory of a dredge; it is unnecessary and somewhat confusing to new player as it is a relic of when dirt went into dredge inventory, not boat inventory. Remove "load cargo" on a vehicle itself when you are commanding it; there is a cute message sure but it is superfluous to have it there when it is never possible to load the vehicle into itself. Remove the name of the structure/fence owner from the list of players able to be added to the structure/fence permissions list; it's weird and unnecessary to have the owner's name there, they are owner... Remove the management of your profile from the manage>profile menu and place it directly in the r-click menu for inventory, body, hand, inventory group options ect; currently it is somewhat buried all the way in that manage menu when it is arguably the most important option for players to have readily available. Remove the /warnings from the /help listing; it is outdated and never used and can be confusing to players. Remove the /villageinvite from the /help listing; it is superfluous as right above it and more commonly known is already /vinvite. Remove the /toggleccfp from the /help listing and add an r-click toggle option on the health bar; all other health bar options are adjustable from the health bar menu. Remove the restriction on toggling CA Help via the /ca command; currently unnecessary and plain confusing to have such a restriction in. Remove logout timer for offdeed(60 seconds) on PvE, but leave the extended timer logout when recently in combat; unnecessary to have on PvE and is likely a PvP mechanic. Remove the bank movement timer on PvE; it is likely relating strictly to PvP and the use of "safe storage" for that but is unnecessary for PvE. Change /ignore description in the /help listing to be something like "makes you unable to hear the player in public channels and PM's. It also adds a mute vote if used by many people at the same time. Change the /release corpse command to be one word as /releasecorpse; it falls in line with the other /commands. Change the name of the "decorative fountain" into just the "fountain" and remove the crafting recipe for the "decorative fountain"; the decorative fountain currently serves no purpose and is confusing. Change the name of the "rock shard" to "stone shard" to fall in line with other shards, and be similar to what is most commonly created from it, the stone brick. Change the name of the vulnerability types to have a capitalized "V" on mouse-over in the status effects display; currently it is lowercased and doesn't fall in line with other status's. Change the title of the "Mission progress" to be "Mission Progress"(capitalized 'P') for the GUI mission progress display; currently it is a lowercase 'p' and looks odd/unfinished. Change the "Sleep" option in the Menu Bar to display how to turn on/off sleep bonus in its event message; currently have to find the command deep within the /help listing. Change wood left/right/T arched wall types to need 20 planks instead of 19; brings them in line with all other partial archway types needing same amount of material as regular wall types plus a beam or bar. Change the message when trying to drop gear onto a horse(or other applicable geared creature), from "you are not allowed to do that" to "you must tame, or brand the animal to your deed first"; currently you just get the former message and it is confusing to new players. Change the name of the "slab" to "stone slab" to fall in line with the other slab variants. Change creature cage ownership to be proximity based like anything else dropped on a deed; when you unload on a deed that does not allow loading/pickup, you lose the ability to load your own cages back into your vehicle. Provided a large popup for F2P accounts when attempting to cross to a PvP server regarding their inability to command a ship as character skills are capped to 20 on PvP not 30 like on Freedom. Removed stamina drain while mounted on anything in PvE; shouldn't really be gamebreaking to remove it, it is just an annoyance. Allow creation of objects while mounted; again does not break anything to add, it is just an annoyance and likely due to old code preventing. Allow addition of animal gear when on a wagon/cart; you currently can remove it, but not reapply it while mounted. Struck items have been added. Added a few more things as of 10/23/21.
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    Maybe creating a BROAD book of tips.. for all kinds of things... and using the system that tells you about stamina/swimming/hunger/etc.. Notifications from there seemed like the common in other games help / tutorial tips.. having a profile with selection what tips you'd like to receive and how/when... could be the key to satisfy everyone? Like going for woodcutting.. and telling you that skill + hq hatchet + better hatchet skill + not too old tree.. gives you your best odds to get better ql logs? Sure that's boring for old players with imbue and 90 skill, but for a new player who isn't a wiki crawling.. it could save bunch of minutes enjoying the game instead of reading the wiki in a separate browser... Reason I suggest this is.. because you'd also get the option to remind yourself any of the details at any point of time.. returning after 6month - 1-2-5 year break.. Journal as one time thing could work, but wont be useful after the starting days. Journal could get new unlocks based on account age or online time, prem months? - "problem".. alts will farm such in bulk.. why we can't have nice things.. What other *events* should trigger more things to chase in the game in the journal? Achievement system? Based on things you do/did.. could trigger new journal 'missions' to perform at any time.. or within a range of days/hours? Micro missions could possibly make some do weird stuff to get more sb or weird new unique decorations, etc.. think of what you're else want people to do other than being bored with everyday 'chores'. * Practice doll is one of the most useless items in the game.. If you could ride things.. you're way better off exploring and rope-ing non-aggressive creatures.. to train fighting sub skills on them + farming cotton etc.. The improvement and repairing of the p.d. is crazy. Not a bad idea to teach/force them to make it.. but it's really slow way to do it(maybe slowest)
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    Well, 2-4 hours one way seems overblown to me. I rarely need over 1.5h to reach a rift on another server, and most times less on Xanadu. But yes, it is an effort. I use the ship whereever possible, that allows me to do other stuff in the meantime. Driving a cart over longer distance indeed is a pain, even with hellies. Of course the rift fight proper widely requires full concentration and awareness. True that unless you are working self employed, working from home etc. it is impossible to play such events during worktime. But that is also the case for most other Wurm activities which also cannot that easily be interrupted. Edit: To elaborate, it is of course true that events like rifts are very demanding and time consuming. For working people with fix work hours they may be a thing for the weekends or holidays, or, if the fight proper is outside work hours, a matter of careful planning how to get to and from the rift site. It is like with everything in Wurm: If you can't make it, leave it. The game is not an obligation, and there will always be another rift.