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    This is a list of simple/easy adjustments/oversights/tweaks that shouldn't impact balance to the game. My other thread has more complicated adjustments/changes that might impact balance but would still be a great benefit to Wurm: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/172338-qol-improvements-harder-fixes/ Allow us to drag/drop a HotA statue from inventory into an inventory that is appropriately large enough; currently needs to be loaded instead. Allow the planting of HotA's direct from inventory; currently can "only be worked with while on the ground." Allow enchanted grass tiles to be cultivated directly to dirt like steppe/regular grass tiles; currently need to pack then cultivate unnecessarily. Allow lawn tiles to be cultivated directly to dirt like steppe/regular grass tiles; currently need to pack then cultivate unnecessarily. Allow the loading/hauling up of pillars; currently cannot get them to higher structure floors without making a bridge to that floor first; also cannot get them transported any reasonable distance. Allow minedoors on 2-3 tile wide mine entrances or create 2-3 tile versions of mine doors; currently you cannot secure multi-tile mine entrances. Allow branding hitched animals; currently you need to unhitch the animals which is a pain if you are branding animals on a wagon. Allow enchanting a tree/bush tile halt its age at the current state; it does virtually nothing on them currently. Allow the option to "smelt" items that are in inventory while EMBARKED; currently you need to annoyingly disembark for no reason. Allow removal of hitched animal gear with the "take" keybind; currently you can only manually drag it off of the animal. Allow animals to remain stationary when attempting to brand them like taming does; currently they can still just wander off, interrupting the branding action. Allow reading of a recipe to be instant, outside of being in a queued action set; currently you have to wait until you are finished with what you are doing/end what you are doing to read a recipe. Allow the loading/hauling up of trash heaps; currently cannot get them to higher structure floors without making a bridge to that floor first(or making them there); also cannot get them transported any reasonable distance. Allow planning of a structure with a trowel; currently only mallets/hammers work to plan a structure. Allow the volume of colorful carpets to be smaller; currently won't fit into even a storage rack shelf. Allow a huge oil barrel to be secured; currently cannot be. Allow the crafting recipes window to clear prior inputs between window closings; currently when you close that window and reopen it, it retains what you last wrote, unlike other input bars, which can be a pain to type something then find out you need to erase what was already there. Allow a ballista to be secured; currently cannot be. Allow dropping a small bedside table from inventory into an inventory that is appropriately large enough; currently needs to be loaded instead. Allow repairing of large anvils while in inventory; currently can "only be worked with while on the ground." Allow imping of large anvils while in inventory; currently can "only be worked with while on the ground." Allow the securing of fireplaces; currently cannot. Allow repairing of the "new" chair types(high chair, throne, chaise, paupers, fine high chair, lounge) while in a container or inventory; currently can "only be worked with while on the ground." Allow a decoration item on a tile that is maxed on tile decorations to be pushed/pulled; currently have to lower the decorations in order to push/pull a decoration item on a tile. Allow more than 1 throne to be planted per tile in a structure; these are not beds and shouldn't be subjected to that restriction. Allow altars to be hauled up/down in a structure; currently cannot get them to higher structure floors without making a bridge to that floor first(or making them there). Allow mailboxes to be hauled up/down in a structure; currently cannot get them to higher structure floors without making a bridge to that floor first(or making them there). Allow the volume of tall banners to be smaller; currently won't fit into any container. Allow altar interior volume to be increased; currently they cannot fit several items that may come in rare+ versions that players would sacrifice(slabs, felled trees, ect). Allow the wall listing in the crafting menu to separate by wall type; currently it does not and you have to scroll a lot to get to to the wall type you want. Allow the wall listing/fence listing menu to default be collapsed; currently you must do a lot of scrolling to get to the wall/fence type you want. Allow moving while PLANNING interior walls; currently if you are r-click planning multiple walls in a row you have to stop on each or risk being told you may not move while doing that action even though it is an instant action. Allow rotation of walls/floors to be instant; currently it is a timed action and unnecessary. Allow fountains of any kind to be able to be planted/secured; currently they cannot be. Allow the placement of wood floor boards onto packed dirt instead of cultivated dirt; it is the odd man out when it comes to all pavement types and is confusing to new players and unnecessary. Allow trim decoration addition/removal to be instant; currently it is a timed action and unnecessary. Allow unique skulls to be able to be planted; currently cannot. Allow trash heaps to be planted; currently cannot. Allow planting direct to corner tiles inside structures; currently the option only exists outside. Allow a "receive/return all" button of some sort in the mailbox menu to quickly allow the checking off of the entire column of items; currently for those that do a lot of mailing it can be a hassle to tick all the boxes. Allow the toggling of the friends tab and alliance tab via profile; currently they force open on login. Allow moving while performing bashing actions in PvE; currently unnecessarily restricted likely due to PvP code. Allow newly built gates to have a 1ql lock already built in, similar to how vehicles function(there is no need to generate a key for them as they function under the permissions system like anything else with a lock); currently they do not and can be confusing to new players when the build a fence and may not realize immediately they need to also make something to lock it with. Allow unhitching of specific animals from a vehicle via r-click menu; currently you unhitch all animals when you try to unhitch from a vehicle. Allow all relevant r-click options for objects/walls/ect to be used from the crafting menu icon(where you generally put your tool/item in); currently the available options are severely limited and while some might not use these functions it is odd and seemingly unnecessary to disallow allowed options for r-click on items in the 2 sides of the crafting window. Allow r-click disembarking on a tile while inside a structure; currently this only functions outside a structure so inside one you must r-click your current vehicle to get the disembark option. Allow the planting of flowers inside a structure; currently if you want to plant/replant grass inside a structure you must use thatch, which is an odd workaround but likely due to the code for rightly disallowing trees to be planted in a structure being used in relation to flower planting inside one as well; split them to allow flower planting! Allow the renaming of the current toolbelt loadout; would allow for quick access to various crafting toolbelts without the need to load each one to find the one you are searching for. Allow the CA Help tab to pop open when toggling it on via the /ca command; it would benefit players that accidentally got into the circumstance of toggling it off and closing it but need it. Allow the noting of previous account balance when sent mail is received that displays right before the new updated balance; currently you can't even know what your funds were at prior to someone receiving your mail. Allow the addition of the % to continue in the crafting menu and r-click menus; currently it is unknown what the % to continue is. Allow the pulling of all non-rare resources first from inventory BEFORE rare ones; currently the game pulls whatever it feels like and can pull materials you didn't want used in say building construction from inventory groups, backpacks ect. Allow the rotation of gates/fences; currently you cannot and have no control over the direction a gate swings open to. Allow all ladder floor openings to only require half the materials as they do currently; currently only the wooden floor opening requires half, the rest require the same as their full floor counterparts. Remove the inventory of a dredge; it is unnecessary and somewhat confusing to new player as it is a relic of when dirt went into dredge inventory, not boat inventory. Remove "load cargo" on a vehicle itself when you are commanding it; there is a cute message sure but it is superfluous to have it there when it is never possible to load the vehicle into itself. Remove the name of the structure/fence owner from the list of players able to be added to the structure/fence permissions list; it's weird and unnecessary to have the owner's name there, they are owner... Remove the management of your profile from the manage>profile menu and place it directly in the r-click menu for inventory, body, hand, inventory group options ect; currently it is somewhat buried all the way in that manage menu when it is arguably the most important option for players to have readily available. Remove the /warnings from the /help listing; it is outdated and never used and can be confusing to players. Remove the /villageinvite from the /help listing; it is superfluous as right above it and more commonly known is already /vinvite. Remove the /toggleccfp from the /help listing and add an r-click toggle option on the health bar; all other health bar options are adjustable from the health bar menu. Remove the restriction on toggling CA Help via the /ca command; currently unnecessary and plain confusing to have such a restriction in. Remove logout timer for offdeed(60 seconds) on PvE, but leave the extended timer logout when recently in combat; unnecessary to have on PvE and is likely a PvP mechanic. Remove the bank movement timer on PvE; it is likely relating strictly to PvP and the use of "safe storage" for that but is unnecessary for PvE. Change /ignore description in the /help listing to be something like "makes you unable to hear the player in public channels and PM's. It also adds a mute vote if used by many people at the same time. Change the /release corpse command to be one word as /releasecorpse; it falls in line iwth the other /commands. Change the name of the "decorative fountain" into just the "fountain" and remove the crafting recipe for the "decorative fountain"; the decorative fountain currently serves no purpose and is confusing. Change the name of the "rock shard" to "stone shard" to fall in line with other shards, and be similar to what is most commonly created from it, the stone brick. Change the name of the vulnerability types to have a capitalized "V" on mouse-over in the status effects display; currently it is lowercased and doesn't fall in line with other status's. Change the title of the "Mission progress" to be "Mission Progress"(capitalized 'P') for the GUI mission progress display; currently it is a lowercase 'p' and looks odd/unfinished. Change the "Sleep" option in the Menu Bar to display how to turn on/off sleep bonus in its event message; currently have to find the command deep within the /help listing. Change wood left/right/T arched wall types to need 20 planks instead of 19; brings them in line with all other partial archway types needing same amount of material as regular wall types plus a beam or bar. Change the message when trying to drop gear onto a horse(or other applicable geared creature), from "you are not allowed to do that" to "you must tame, or brand the animal to your deed first"; currently you just get the former message and it is confusing to new players. Change the name of the "slab" to "stone slab" to fall in line with the other slab variants. Struck items have been added.
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    Artist rendition of Peaceful Harbour, Celebration Hello everyone, Retro is on break so I figured I'd deliver the news this week. So without further adieu... Wurm Online launching on Epic Game Store! That's right everyone, the idea of launching on Steam has been scrapped and instead we're moving ahead with launching on the Epic Game Store. We're not allowed to disclose the figure we were offered by our good partner in business Tim Sweeney, though we can confirm we're now able to buy back the services of Notch on the dev team and move ahead with the webshop, new UI and some brand new features that have been widely requested! Such as expansion packs, DLC, cosmetics purchasable to give you Chaos friends an extra edge in battles and a lot more! Keep watching this space for more information on the progress of this move. Show off your moves! Thanks to our brand new partnership, you'll soon be able to unbox exclusive dance moves from Fortnite! Strut your stuff with the Saturday Night Fever! Do a rain danec with the Funky Wurm! And we're very proud to announce we've acquired exclusive rights to the Carlton dance! We'll have more information to share about this in the coming years, along with the New Elevation map. We're gonna take you back to the past! Along with Wurm EGS (name is work in progress) we're happy to announce the launch of Wurm Classic! Go back to the time of standing in boats and on horses, green shirt models. Sadly the goblin model will have to be changed over due to a potential copyright issue with the Troll brand of toys. We can also confirm the first 69 people to log in after purchase of the game will receive 45kg of goulasch in a barrel and a free (one time) feast from the starter town Julebord Retro Promoted to CEO of parent company Game Chest , major shareholder of Code Club's game Wurm Online! While we say goodbye to Retro from his community position, we're happy to announce him as the brand new CEO of Game Chest, becoming one of the two most powerful staff members in the game (right behind overlord Bloody Drongo, all hail) PvP(vE!) That's right, for a very limited time we will finally be able to have our own Purge! For a short time, all PvE servers will have full PvP rules and abilities enabled. These quasi-PvP servers will finally allow you to nuke your neighbours deed and murder them in cold blood for farting on your horse that one time. And for those feeling really brave, casting a rite of death will deal a severe head wound to all white light followers and priests, regardless of current health. The future of the unique mob Due to the continued drama behind the current unique system, we've contacted resident expert Oblivionnreaver to work on a brand new overhaul for the current system that will benefit everyone server wide, rather than one small group of people. As a temp fix, all uniques will be hand spawned by the current GM team under his deed. That means the only barrier in the way of reaching a unique now is crossing to the same server and breaking through his 104 cast NoLo ring. That's all the news for this week, though we're hoping to see Bloodscythe provide his brand new weekly feature, drunk weather report, very shortly. Expect to see that thread in Town Square soon. Until then... Keep grinding!
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    Remove the "s" from "bars": [21:04:41] You almost made it, but the fence bars is useless. Examine message for a rune on an item doesn't include a period at the end of the description: [12:51:00] A single brass rune of Jackal has been attached to it, so it will have a decent glow Collection message for potions needs an "s": [10:23:14] You get 15 potion. Should be "rack for empty bsbs" not "rack for empty bsb." Should be "bsbs" not "bsb": [20:11:29] Only empty bsb can be put into that rack.
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    [21:04:41] You almost made it, but the fence bars are useless. [20:11:29] Only an empty bsb can be put into that rack.
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    Update You can now analyse shards while they are on ground. Actions like digging, flattening, leveling, cultivating, creating of any item and some more actions can now be done while mounted. Fixed a sleep bonus bug where the QL of the bed was not added correctly. Owner of structures will now be displayed on examine. You can now plant catseyes by right clicking on the tile instead of the corner. Catseyes can now be planted without permissions on deeds. You can now harvest all planters in a rack at 30 gardening skill. You can now plant all planters in a rack at 50 gardening skill. Sowing, Farming, Harvesting and Cultivating can now be done in a bit bigger radius at higher skill levels. Note that for compensation the speed might be slower than doing it tile by tile. You can now plant multiple catseyes at once by activating a container with catseyes in it and right clicking on a tile corner.
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    Best news of the year and I didn't even write it. Regards Retrograde Ceo
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    We will rage all we want. People have the right to be dissatisfied with your product and to express it. We are not required to nor should be expected to solve the problem for you. You have developers, so develop. Its what we pay for. That's a pretty dismissive attitude you got there and is not okay. All rage aside, it is quite asinine that 3hours of a single, recurring activity is the norm, especially when the rewards are so meager. 3.5 hours would be a pretty nasty raid in WoW and you get the equivalent of Scale Sets of gear here. In comparison here you get what? Rings and shoulder pads? Most of which dont even have a use? That's something that needs tweaking. A dragon slaying takes maybe 5 minutes at the most. Drops tomes and scale. Bones and parts. Time and effort invested is not at par with the rewards.
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    Opinion: WU doesn't offer credibility since it's user operated. That's WO Steam's strong point. WU servers are player made. They can go poof in a week, or they are run by shady individuals or you can get unfair treatment and noone would care to know. WU servers, they are not for serious investment so eventually they don't attract players. Opinion: Don't take away the "massive" aspect of the game. @Legios posted a graph with the WU players. It shows very small numbers. If it says something, it's that the amount of people who want to "minecraft" their way through wurm are very small. Wurm's more complex and deep. It's not a game designed for LAN with your buddies. Wurm works best in an open persistent world with a lot of people. It encourages trading which brings life into it's economy, one of it's attractions. Small servers such as WU don't have this beautiful aspec that WO has (or once had). This doesn't mean though that theres a batziliion of players in Steam waiting for an open world persistant MMO to arrive. But it surelly means that going "minecraft" means competing with WU for a customer base of 500. Don't go there. Opinion: Old players should not be your primary target group. Most of us that have been through a lot in this game. Some of us are toxic, some others are here just to make money out of the game and so on. Old players have nothing to provide in this new venture. Quite the contrary, they can drive new players of steam out of compentition because they know every quirk of the game, they can skill much faster and so on. Dear old players, @Ayes, @Brash_Endeavors, @Amadee and the rest. If WO Steam suceeds, there's no need for new players to join "our" cluster. They will simply join the WO Steam and as it will bring revenue devs will focus their work there. Soon you'll be playing single player on a multiplayer context. Inevitability is what will make our accounts and efforts of the last ... 10 years, insignificant. Deal with it, Knock Knock, who's there ? Reality ! And Reality says : Nothing stays forever. Opinion: Wurm skilling should be a bit easier to accomodate for the generation useless (Millenials, Next Gen and the rest of instant gratifiation junkies). Suggestion: Skilling should be free, premium should get a class specialization, read bellow. @MrGARYproposed a good solution. Here's one different from me. Once premium for the first time, a player will pick a specialization, e.g. builder, crafter, smith that contains a couple skills (4-5). One of those skills can be designated as master skill and get a 3x gain. The rest of the skills of the specialization group will get a 2x bonus. The bonus will last as long as the player will stay premium. An account that has gone premium once, will get the 20 cap while non-premium as it works now, to prevent people skilling up accounts and keeping them without prem and fully useful. This will help people build professions and seek others for their services on their professions too. This will also make the game more approachable to millenials and the rest of the next gen lazy people while maintaining the hard grind identity for those that wish to push more skills. Suggestion: Don't generate random noise maps, they don't have variety. Make realistic map and climate. What makes trading bloom is that not all areas are able to accomodate all materials. You shouldnt be able to plant cedar next to the water, nor have sand up on the mountains. Very high altitude should not have that much plantation. Higher quality ore's should be common on mainland with high altitude mountains while low quality in low altitudes. And so on, you get the idea. Spoiled brats should not have everything available next to their stone double door, cause if they do it's like playing single player, on the same server with 1000 other people seperated by a couple of fences. Independence was a bad example of a server. You could be next to the water, have huge plains for crops and a very steep moutain next to you with all the ore available. That's not realistic. And let's not talk about that huge dirt layer Suggestion: Hoarding materials shouldn't be easy. Hoarding materials makes trading and player interactions not work. Containers should go back to how they used to work in 2014 and prior. Decay is good, we should embrace it. Overal, my opinion is that you should treat this as a new and seperate project. Something completelly different as it targets a new breed of gamers. If you ask people on a game con what's wurm online, nobody will probably have a clue. So nothing to lose. Also ignore most of the established player suggestions. All they want is a way to keep their hard-earned highly skilled characters, or prepare the ground on the new "world" to get there easily and much faster than every new player.
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    I'm a bit confused why so many people talk about this like moving to the steam cluster is mandatory, suggesting how to make their move there easier or even threatening to leave for good if they have to pack up their stuff. The current servers aren't going anywhere like they haven't for years, why should you? I for one will just look forward to the eventual merge and welcome the influx of people, possibly by helping them settle around my neighborhood. And if they won't come, nothing has changed for me anyway.
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    Hello and welcome to Dragon Beard Markets, your friendliest one stop shopping experience in wurm online! Here at D.B.M. there are really only a few things i do not do *yet. Those services are mainly Chain Smithing and over 70q Jewelry Smithing. Other then that you can find almost any Tool, Weapon, Shield, Armor, Custom Cast, and many other services right here on this thread! With my constant service expansions, it seems my old Dragon Beard Markets thread is getting to large to successfully update to a single post anymore as a result i am trying this new format out, basically breaking the thread into multiple posts. Update 4/13/2020: My Vynora Priest now has his Benediction, as a result ive now added a rate for 95+ Power Vynora Spells! Each section below lists the relevant spells that can now be cast to 95+! Most of my work these days are custom jobs, as a result im moving away from keeping pre-casted items in stock and going to custom orders. Since that's typically what I do anyway turn around time for any custom item its almost always a couple hours to a day tops unless there is a large job Q. As a result many pre-casted items are going on sale as of today! All Pre-casted items in the: "Tools, Meditation Rugs and Toolbelts" category are 50% off listed prices. "Pelts and Whetstones" UNDER 100q are 50% off listed prices. 100q stones and pelts are 25% off listed price. "Weapons and Shields" are 25% off listed prices. My Relevant Skills: Customer Bonuses! ALL customers who post a review will be entered in the monthly drawing for a chance to win 3 Silver NOW 4 Silver in store credit, or 2 Silver NOW 3 Silver in Coin! You, the customer keep this thread alive with your feedback. I try not to artificially bump it myself. Shatter Insurance: I will replace standard material Weapons, Tools, Shields, and Armor pieces I can produce up to 90q at no cost to you, as long as said item being casted on is 80q or better. I may replace lower Q items at my discretion but its not implied. Sadly rare+ items cannot be replaced except with a standard tool, nor will I replace any cast not from the current order. NO ONE ELSE OFFERS THIS TO MY KNOWLEDGE No extra cost to you if I turn your item rare+ during imp! I never queue imp actions and only use the best rare+ 95q+ tools to imp with. To maximize the chances of your item turning rare+ I pay COD on all orders! (With very few exception). 10% off purchases of any 5 or tools or more. (excluding items already on special and new suits of armor witch already contain a suit discount over per piece). 10% off re-imps for all Weapons, Shields, Suits of Armor and Bows that were made by Dragon Beard Markets. (Signature of VirusMD or Tulemees) You never pay for an overcast on custom casts! If you ask for 80-84 range, and get 100 you pay the 80-84 rate! All non Gold/Silver/Electrum crafting for Weapons, Shields, Bows, and Suits of armor is free if your item is being imped by Dragon Beard Markets! All Imps are rounded up to the next material imp (greater q than of 80.01 and done). All weapon work come with a free demise cast of choice. Mends are now free all the time! (see spoiler) To place any orders please try to PM me first @ "VirusMD" or my alt "Tulemees" if neither are available please leave your request here or Forum DM me @VirusMD. There are NO other authorized points of contact for Dragon Beard Markets. Payment Options: Silver Coins, Drake Hide bits, Labor/Materials Trade.
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    Managing settlement roles on Chaos is currently bugged, where if you try to edit an existing role or add a new role it won't let you and instead displays the following:
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    As there are no other games like WurmOnline. I think the potential is there to raise the player base. Sadly there is no way to do this except through advertisement. WO players are a unique set of players. They are not the hack and slash or the revving engine kind. WO players are more cerebral they think more about things. Its not enough to kill and be killed one must think long term. They build society's. I would suggest to any and all that can. Advertise in areas that match the profile of the kind of player that would enjoy Wurm Online. Personally I think these players watch more world news. They watch more science programs. They are interested in history. Anyone who has the ability should look into spreading WO. It is after all a world we do not wish to see vanish.
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    Difficult to tell the reason of the crashes without any details - please paste in your console.log file (main Wurm directory, after running the new launcher - it's always there, regardless of crashes) and list your hardware specs (processor, graphics card, system).
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    I think it would be pretty silly to take away all the work your current player base has done to accommodate the "new" steam servers for wurm... The newbs will still have the newb experience if steam is successful for wo. Add a reasonable cash shop and go f2p and the old player base will be a minority, perhaps it won't matter we're more skilled?
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    That picture is from Otherlands server. I probably just didn't add in that tabard yet. If I get some free time in the future I will add them.
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    'Eh, people are happy to pay subscriptions as long as they enjoy the game. Simple as that. I do agree that they ought to rethink some of the benefits of premium, but as is WO shouldn't struggle to gather a new audience on steam even with how niche it is.
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    I get your point, but I think exactly the opposite. I think people will not mind paying a one-time fee as opposed to purchasing a subscription on a game that is free to download. Don't get me wrong, I want WOS to succeed. But I do not believe it can be successful without a serious look at the business model. They will have ONE chance to get this right.
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    Please fix this urgently. It's a very pressing problem for me.
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    Idk but I wish she'd come on over...
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    i for one welcome our new loot box overlords
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    Favourite : Standing around doing nothing. Least Favourite : Doing something. I don't know if it counts but it's the unfortunate truth LOL
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    Ehh... 2--4 hours to reach the rift, 2--4 hours to get home. So that's a 4--8 hour investment already for me on Xanadu, without the rift even being included. In all honesty, I think something needs doing with this as (worst case scenario) this kind of event is a 12 hour session, something only the unemployed, or students wanting to fail their course, are going to have time for. Not to mention, during that time, if you are driving? 0 character progress is being made.
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    I would be happy with different names for picked and ones that can be picked so i can sort them by name atleast.
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    I prefer less carpal inducing gameplay over balance to be honest. And if herbs are OP, they need to be tweaked, simple as that. And don't hit me with the "less afk gameplay" cudgel. That pretense needs to stop, I get why 3 minute timers in fishing were too cheesy but that's as far as I'd go. Wurm grind and farming (of anything) is mostly waiting for timers, making us fidget around in between them isn't fun. If It's a click or several to fill the queue, that's cool, but planter racks are a great example of Wurm at its worst.
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    +1 This would be great! Would make replanting/harvesting these so much easier:
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    The truth of it is, WU (and Steam) will exist long after WO. WO just sold for it's first time, but it's not the last. When this 'Game Chest' company (that no one's ever heard of) goes belly up in a couple of years, another publisher will absorb it. One of these companies will eventually say "no more, the overhead isn't worth the return" and the game will be taken offline. The only Wurm you guys will have left to turn to is WU, because there is no "overhead"; no staff to pay, no servers to maintain, etc. That version will continue to be sold, no matter which publishing company owns it.
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    Skill transfer when we nail down a conversion rate that feels right to us. It is not based on your jackal skill at all so don't worry
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    Agreed. You typed it faster than I could
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    You pay 7 silver once and once you're done, you'll get that 7 silver back. It's free by technicallity, basically just "give me this so you don't run off with my merchant and screw me over"
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    I think if you plan to provide a Steam experience for WO but plan to add a subscription that is the SAME COST as the current WO, you will not see ANY net growth in the game. The truth is, though Rolf thought it was necessary to do for financial reasons, the rate increase we had several years back created a serious issue with promoting WO. I hope Rolf and the team realizes that in 2019, NOBODY is going to want to pay PER TOON the current price PLUS pay for coins to maintain a DEED. It's not going to happen because WO with it's 1-toon-per-sub model is NOT competitive with other MMOs, especially those that offer MULTIPLE TOONS with a FLAT RATE per month. Multiple toons are MANDATORY to get the full WO experience and everyone knows I speak the truth. WO is an awesome game and 99% of those who play WANT, NEED, and WILL play multiple toons to get the WHOLE experience. New gamers to WO are NOT going to understand or tolerate paying $15-20 a month for a game without AAA graphics. Heck, even WITH AAA graphics, they wont pay. My humble suggestion that I BEG you will consider: Offer WO on Steam free-to-play with the option to subscribe, BUT, lower the PER-TOON cost to $5USD per toon. That way, a person can enjoy WURM ONLINE for $10 a month with a crafter and a priest. Then, offer good SHOP items and you will have a SUCCESSFUL and BOUNTIFUL launch on Steam. Otherwise, it will be more of the same.
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    In a sense, Rolf has not one but two "target markets" to make happy. One -- and decidedly the most important one -- is the current playerbase. These are the players who never dropped out, the ones who continued to put money into the game for 15 years, who have maintained multiple subscriptions (sometimes dozens) and multiple megadeeds (sometimes dozens) without protest even when subs were hiked. These are the ones who often buy high level characters from other players, who invested heavily into the old "trader" system, the ones who think nothing of buying $100-$200 in silver from the cash shop, the ones who love "end game" content, the ones who have spent YEARS perfecting the perfect deed and have ZERO interest in starting over. This group must never be betrayed, because if they leave the whole thing not only can, but WILL collapse. This is why Rolf will NEVER have a server wipe, and probably never force-merge servers. It would be seen as a deep betrayal, and the ones who kept Wurm afloat for years would eventually walk away because who knows what will happen next? On the other hand, the needs and interests of this group are not necessarily identical to the interests and needs of "new blood." One person who wanted to force all new players into the existing server system, noted how great this would be for the "market." Yes, if you have a high level crafter, this IS the ideal result for you, and has always been the ideal result of new players. But a handful of high level crafters can easily meet the needs of a vast market, and the result is newer players never get the chance to sell their own wares, and except for a few who can grind hours on end, can never develop their own markets. That only makes sense -- who wants to spend 30c on a 40Q item, when a 90Q item costs half that and can be made 3X faster by the master craftsman? No matter how low the new crafters cut their prices, the master craftsmen can always go lower. New players do not want to "admire and be inspired" by the older playersbase's constructions and towns and massive monuments to themselves -- they want a chance to make their OWN monuments, from a pristine environment with challenges and rewards suited to their own efforts. This is why I think the "showcase tutorial" with fancy buildings and 100 glittering sparkle signs was such a failure. Wurm is not about being impressed by someone light years ahead of you, who will always be so -- it's about making your OWN world. It's about HANDS ON experiencing the world. It's about living in a dangerous world, maybe finding a wild horse (not given a 5-speed by an existing player), carefully crafting and improving a sword they made with their own hands (not getting a 99Q admantine 2hander with LT enchants). Not every one wants to actually make their own sword and armor -- but they all want to make their own stories. Not live in a highend world created by others a decade earlier. This is only one of many reasons why a "fresh start server" -- uncontaminated by veterans jumping in a boat with their gold and builders and sailing over to terraform it all in the first two weeks -- is necessary. Every time in the past the game has howled for "MOAR ADVERTISING!!!" what they really meant was they needed fresh blood with pockets of fresh money to keep the traditional Wurm market economy churning for the high end crafters. This market economy is actually a deeply flawed system -- its super duper fun for those on top, and much much less fun for those on the bottom. The ones on top will never be satisfied and always want more and more. In their generosity, they will often give crates of high level tools armor and enchanted weapons FREE to new players thinking this will encourage them to stay, when all it really does is spoil the game for the newer players. If Rolf limits the Steam version of Wurm to nothing more than an advertising gimmick, giving them a "free client" that they essentially have had access to anyway for more than 15 years, and a "demo" where they can see only a landscape littlered with what other people have done, as they already had access to for the past 15 years, then a Steam launch is simply going to be a failure. I think Pristine and Release (quarantined, fresh start only servers) actually were a successful model -- maybe in fact one of the last successful risk Rolf ever took. Wurm's population numbers actually went up without immediately declining again a month later. I think the current server system, players, characters, deeds, communities, should always be maintained, respected, and cherished -- but the future of new blood is not in that current system. Yes the ideal end result is to eventually meld the two communities together into one big giant community, just as happened eventually with Pristing/Release. If that is done looking primarily at the needs and wants of the current player base, however, it will fail. But if it is done WITHOUT considering the needs of the current player base, it will fail much more spectacularly, much faster, and Wurm will indeed be pushed further into a death spiral. Good luck with that, Rolf! I mean that with utter sincerity. You HAVE to move forward, the game always needs to take new risks -- but the least misstep could be fatal. You have always done well at taking risks however -- sometimes even changes I personally hated. Sometimes you make massive mistakes and fall flat, but you always get up again, and you always move forward.
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    That is rather different though, you either have to host or join another players server with all the worries those entail.
  40. 1 point
    This post was meant to start a community discussion. Nothing is set in stone, which is why it may seem like Retro and Rolf aren’t “on the same page.” There is no page written yet; this is simply the drawing board. (At least from my understanding.)
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    You would need to add terms that prohibited players from making transactions with money outside of the steam wallet. You would also need to moderate those transactions. You can read more about that from this post.
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    Eve, Elder Scrolls, Black Desert kinda does, LOTRO, as well as a number of non-Steam ones of course, such as WoW, AO etc, Freemium is still a widely used model for many MMO games.
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    As anyone who knows me will attest, I simply cannot resist a new server, so there's that, which will feed into my intrinsic bias toward injecting new, fresh ideas and players into Wurm. We already have a major change to the client, with the new launcher with embedded java, making it a lot easier to get Wurm up and running, this also makes it a lot easier for a lot of people to try Wurm without additional technical overheads, such as installing JRE/JDK and maintaining that themselves, now the launcher does that all for the player. That fits neatly in with the entire steam experience, where updates are pushed out to the players thru the Steam Client. There will have to be some work done making the present client Linux compliant, since for some it is still a struggle to get that running, as is, without some technical knowledge, and of course not ever Linux Distro has the same libraries installed as standard, leading to dependency hell for some players. (Note that my experience of the Linux Client has been relatively smooth, due to having enough technical knowledge to work around the initial issues i encountered, but it's still not perfect). I wholeheartedly agree that a new server/cluster would be one of the best ways of introducing the game to a wider audience, I love that new server smell, and as already mentioned, it will hopefully reduce some of the embedded/entitled attitudes of some Wurm players who really ought to know better by now, but simply cannot resist any change that might impact their profit driven focus on the 'market'. I'm totally up for providing whatever in game assistance is required, whether that be formal or informal help in the CA Help system, on any new server, a new server or cluster will not impact my commitment to giving back what so many past and present players have given me, knowledge based on my own Wurm experiences, I simply think that is part of my game, fun and helping others find their way. While I know that Epic in particular is one of @Rolfmajor projects, as a player who spent a lot of time there as a PvE player, ( I make no apology for being a Freedumber, and carebear, Epic was one of the highlights of Wurm for me). It provided me with a lot of fun, and I am aware of my nostalgia for keeping it all, but rationally, it's not working now, and frankly it needs a top down total rework going forward, an issue that I am aware has been discussed already. So if this Steam based way forward goes ahead, may I suggest that any potential Epic plans are for an entirely new Epic, not merely moving the servers and assets to the Steam Client, but an entirely new reworked system, And retire Epic as it is now with full honours for what it has taught us, as a base for moving forward. The timeline is ambitious, but in my view, entirely possible, I'll look forward to more discussions over then next few months. Finally, I admire you revealing something this ambitious to what is frankly a conservative playerbase, we generally fear and fight change, and everyone will want to put their view forward as being the only true way, it's not of course, it's only their way, but regardless, we're a pretty fractious bunch, so, don't just give in to the loudest, the quietest also have something to say.
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    Yeah, although because we lose almost every player who don't want to pay as soon as they hit this ceiling we should consider simply slowing down skillgain instead. We'll see. Also I like the idea of letting people start at 10 or 15 or so.
  45. 1 point
    Wurm is currently free to play. The steam server will have the same limitations, or thereabouts. By free to play it means free to download and install. This is aimed at further promoting the mmo in steam, not shifting players from here over
  46. 1 point
    Current servers will remain as is. Steam server would only merge with existing servers if it doesn't go well, otherwise they will remain totally separate No plans to phase out existing launcher
  47. 1 point
    Hmm no not really a revamp. It would mean opening a new server with the same code as before and releasing the game client for free on Steam. If we need more servers because a lot of players come we would start new ones. The existing servers will remain. I don't know the difference between a dream and a plan. Thinking about something becomes a plan I think, especially when you ask around and find out if there are any showstoppers or big problems with the idea. It's not like we need to plan a lot more once we've discussed this thoroughly. Then it's more "should we do it or not" and take the obvious steps.
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    This is an aweful way to resolve what simply could be resolved and one in a more courteous manner. Given that there is a mine on deed for players and three other public mines off deed, as well as the player creating a relocated mine to replace the one he wanted closed next to him , it then seems the only problem is someone created something and angry that their work is personally altered. The player next to the mine and the other settling there are ok with this. I did this without charge and gave freely of my time and only because this new player seemed eager in wurm, loved the game, i saw them industriously working about quietly as i was helping another try to learn the game of wurm at haven's landing. @Ayes Not that it matters in material to the issue but how would i know to contact you as you suggest i could have? Am I to know the signature of zen is a character of yours? It was actually asked around about to try to find who zen was just as side note. No one in ca help, no one in the area could tell the local players for they didn't know. Lets not lose sight of the forest for the trees here. Intent is to help a new player in hopes they feel encouraged and stay and play. What is not good is to have forum rant postings over things that can be resolved, done so amicably as we are friends yes ayes?, instead of having a public complaint without first trying to discuss via pm, instead making wurm look like an uninviting place. no one was hurt in this process or inconvenienced to my knowing other than the person who made the mine that is not living there. I understand and can empathize with your feelings. I took all reasonable precautions and more so in due diligence. There is no net loss of public mines nor is this an official public mine but is replaced non the less merely having it's entrance moved some 15 or so tiles i believe is what the player is doing. Wurm has long had a great community, lets keep it that way and continue to be constructively supportive of one another.. Part of a sandbox game is that many play in it with their own dreams and goals. Despite advising otherwise, the player had other ideas and has a right to those. This is not our best work by far. certainly not mine yet to receive what amounts to a shame post about a good deed attempt is quite something to think about going forward. I'm sure the area community of players there will use the land as they see fit and adjust and work out problems in their own way, i entrust that to them. This does curtail enthusiasm to offer help again, for even due diligence could not appease one. Truly be well all, though imperfect I try to leave wurm each day a better place than I arrived. People have been good to me I'd like to continue paying it forward. I won't comment any further on this, for me i have nothing more i can offer or add.
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    1s haircut sounds good. Add a barber chair to starter town too and have to travel to starter town for haircut. lol
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    Sometimes you've driven your cart/horse straight through a wall, or things just aren't where they should be, and you need to completely relaunch the client. A simple command to forcefully disconnect and reconnect would make it a lot easier to deal with.