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    Finally!! I reached 100 Huge Axe today. It took a good amount of time since i relied on a decent creature population and respawn. Definitly underestimated it, especially between 99,90-100. I decided to go for the 100 around 6 months ago at skill 35. Since then i did nothing else and i mean literally nothing else in wurm then switching between the servers and fight 6-10h every day. With all the travelling around i met alot of great and interesting people, made new friends and saw many beautiful deeds out there! No creatures were harmed or killed during this grind...eh wait what? After checking the achievment window it seems that i killed around 56000 creatures in 6 months ( not sure how accurate this ingame function is though, a number of creatures arent counted on kill like sheeps etc.). Here is a screenshot of all the rare/supreme coins i gathered with all the fighting: I would also like to thank some people here: - Thanks to Simyaci and Cenotaph for improving my weapons, very reliable and perfect pricing! - Thanks to Pankivtanke for giving me information about the creature population on Pristine whenever i asked - Thanks to Zaj for shipping me over to a RoS server last minute to get my precious sleep bonus! - Thanks to all Locals who sold me some sleep powder when i was hunting and ran out of sleep bonus or helped me out when my horse died again (yea i went trough a bunch xD) I need a little break now from fighting. See you ingame o/ Warjack
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    "Make" All players will now require 12+ months of premium time to play! I'll pass this along, it's likely a Rolf decision
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    Congrats! Now we all others have a little chance to find a living mob out in the wild
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    I have found a better place, and moved there, because there are rare metals under the rock and i will need them to survive in this place. It's far, very far from any civilization, but luckily, or maybe thanks to that, the rift creatures left me do some work, and i was able to build a beacon wich shed, praised the gods, the Light of Freedom onto these battered lands. After i've made a large enough flat area, i've built the frame for a small fort, as i don't have time and strength to build something larger. When there are rift beasts around that sniffs me, i flee in the mine and keep digging the rock, i know there's iron nearby but is taking a bit of time to get to the main vein, and the basic armor i made in the first days is falling apart, i need to repair it. Once i will have walled the area outside the mine, i will be able to rake some fields and plant some cotton because bandages are paramount to stay alive here. Well, this land is very beautyful when the light of freedom shines on it, and i bet we soon will fight against the jackals and push them back into their fortress.
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    worst patch, boars are friends
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    would it be okay to leave specific statues with messages?
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    remove templars and tower guards, removes all challenge from the game when people just walk champion rift digs to their 10s/m deeds and it gets dunked, or use tower guards to tank while they grind combat skills on it increase starting skills to 10-15 or so, so you dont sit there failing to make kindling multiple spawn towns so everyones not all clumped together
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    It's a week since we got all stranded here... poor souls, we pushed ourselves in the portal opened by the lodestone and ended up in that moon that we could only see in the sky from the lush lands of Wurm. We could not believe, or knew, what we would have found on the other side. The only luck we had was the light gave us from the Wurm benevolent gods, Fo, Magranon and Vynora be praised for their glorious beacon, who made that corrupted land nearly as nice as the one we came from. What we didn't knew was we lost any and all of our knowledge and skills, and all the marvelous equipment and stuff we had to fight the daemons that plagued our world from this very land. For the first days we had to rely on the most crude tools, until we were able to mine some iron and get a decent pickaxe and hammer. There are strange creatures and trees here, and all that is not under the gods like is corrupted, destroyed, and then there are the rift creatures, that roams the land and makes kibble from us. After few days i was able to make a small boat and started gathering some stuff. I felt the urge to move from where everyone, clueless, seems to gather and work like ants, ignoring the creatures that lurks outside the light and wait to feast on us. I've scouted what most said it was a lake, and it's not: it goes straight into the ocean, and the land is vaste, maybe is an island large as Independence, or even Xanadu, anyway is big. And again, attracted by the frontier, i've put all the stuff i got into my boat and rowed to a place in the middle of the enemies. I dug a small cave with my pick, and hid inside there, with a horse and a ram, some food and few construction materials, to start a new place and then, finally, push away the jackals from the land and make it mine. There is a crocodile and a few of the rift hounds outside the mine, i can peek at them from the wood: they smell me but cannot tell where i am. Most of my lowly tools are still outside, on the boat... what did i do? Am i so sure i can stay alive out here?
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    Jackal Change: Trade chat will now be split between Jackal and other Freedom servers Jackal Change: Rift points gained for completing a rift scout area has been increased. Jackal Bugfix: Corrected jackal influence examine message Jackal Bugfix: Non premium players will now be blocked from attempting to use the lodestone Jackal Bugfix: Players can now ascend to priesthood at Freedom beacons. Jackal Bugfix: Rift scouts will no longer count towards rift creature cap Jackal Bugfix: Rift mobs should no longer get stuck on deed borders Bugfix: Tweaked spawn table to stop wild boar overpopulation Bugfix: Corrected lamps appearing unlit.
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    Have some ideas about the title but not 100% sure yet, feel free to add some suggestions! Got no title when reaching 100 so i assume being first, would be great if a dev could confirm that though
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    Huge Grats man! Amazed you actually made it up there!
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    Oh man I had no idea you were grinding so hard! Gratz!
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    Grats! What's the next weapon ?
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    so you're the reason i find hundreds of corpses everywhere i go
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    Good news with the latest patch, now rift beasts will enter deeds so if you hire a Spirit Templar they will take the aggro while you fight them. =Ayes=
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    Damn. I was hoping for a five year prem bundle.
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    Starting everyone around 15-20 skill seems like a sensible base. It gets rid of the irritating early fails, and lets you be a bit more useful on day 1. Given you have to be premium to set foot on the server at all, call this the difference between being a free player for your first little bit of skilling on normal freedom.
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    Was really glad to see you guys left us GL-Freedom, but our trade chat needs to be seperate. No trade between Jackal and Freedom is possible and we have seperate skills on Jackal so seeing regular trade chat is useless to us out on Jackal. We need our own trade chat out there. Not the highest priority as most us living out there are just working together and getting established at this point. But hopefully you can do that after dealing with the more pressing issues in a week or two.
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    We're looking into this at the moment, it should be doable
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    Unintentional and a bug. Wait for fix.
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    I went ahead and grouped all your points in few categories, my comments will be inlined like this text: When talking about "sandbox MMO's", I mean MMO's with core concepts similar to Wurm - land ownership, no exclusive/on-demand instances etc.
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    A pelt can be acquired with venturing into the corruption quite easily, you may need to head a little further than just the edges though, so do expect danger. Play it simple and smart, many have boats that they use to travel around and find untouched areas
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    Fail to make kindling. Repeatedly. For me, the draw is the variety and range of stuff to do, where it all feels a little different. Too many MMOs everything feels basically the same, just different pictures.
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    When You know your just having to much fun with decoration and doing crazy things . My diggers want to dig a peat tile. My miner want to open my tunnel !!!
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    Maybe someone should go over to the tar/clay pit, dig around a bit and look in that BSB...
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    Here be leprechauns... (sorry, couldn't resist! Those rainbows are just too beautiful )
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    Autumn rain with Haven, Jackal and a delicate Rainbow (Pristine)
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    Serendipity Bridge (Deli) in winter:
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    Rare statue of Tich - made from tin out of frags.
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    I had a nice view when leaving Deliverance
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    +1 to name changes, with some limitations. I've read all the arguments for and against, in this and in many other threads on the subject over the years. As I've said many times before, with characters being passed around like street corner hookers, it pretty much negates any of the arguments against it which would otherwise be valid imo. Since the name of a character in Wurm means exactly zilch for being able to tell who is actually playing the character, I see no compelling reason to not be able to change the name.
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    Secrets revealed: the arcane watcher!
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    Contemplative tower guard watching the misty mountains as the fog rolls in:
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    Magic! Fort Allery on Deliverance
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    Total solar eclipse (by Jackal):
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    My friend, the reason why it's a bad idea is because, in this game reputation have sense, other way people will do some not honorable actions, and then switch nicknames to new. That will cause Chaos in trusting, where everything is, not flat even now. Мiй друже, земляче ця iдея не зовсiм гiдна, тому що зараз репутацiя маэ великий сенс. Якщо люди будуть мати можливiсть змiнювати своi' никнейми, вони будуть нехтувати гiдними дiями та чинити хаос. Це пiдiрве ще бiльше довiру в цiй грi де вона дуже важна але навiдь зараз не в кращому станi I'd recommend you to join some Ru/Ua villages. Like mine at Pri D10-D11 we have there 3 villagers and another village at Indy where Gashek is Mayor there also 3 villagers! Always wellcome Я би рекомендував тобi приеднатися до однiэй з деревень з росiйскими та украi'нськими iгроками. Одна з таких знаходиться на Pristini D10-D11 (це моя) нас вже троэ а iнша знаходиться на Independence, там головний - Gashek i в них також 3 iгрока я впевнен що тобi будуть ради i там Пиши в iгрi
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    Current status of the TOC workforce. there will be no more "Thirsty Thursdays".
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    The Drunken Beaver Pub
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    South entrance to San Fazenda. All buildings within the Forbidden City walls have been built and work will now continue on the docks. looking forward to seeing the vision of a multi level boat house done at some point.
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    When is Christmas coming, Mum ? http://
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