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    It might be worthwhile to actually articulate why it wont be changed or removed instead of just saying so. If you're adamant on keeping this in the game, explain why. Give us the hypothetical scenario where this is beneficial to keep the way it is. This is one of the very few goals in the game where the player doesn't actually have all the tools by which to accomplish it themselves. Goal to create some nails? I can use my pickaxe, find a vein, smelt the ore and craft the nails. Done. Goal to get to 70 prayer? It's going to be a long and boring road, but after being chained to an altar for long enough, it can be done. Goal to sacrifice a champion creature? It may take a while to find one, but there's plenty of them out there. I can kill it myself, bring it back to the altar, and get the rewards. Goal to hold 100 sermons? I can either make alts to hold the sermons to myself, or work with village mates and do a sermon rotation at the benefit of everyone involved. Now you look at the global spell goal. Lets say I make 10 alts just to pray and get the global spell charged. At a timer of 30 seconds and each prayer taking 30 seconds, this would require 3,000,000 (3 million) seconds of prayers to achieve spread across 10 alts (300,000 seconds each). That's 5,000 minutes praying total for each alt, roughly 83.3 hours or 3.5 days of consistent prayer. Again, this is me putting 10 alts and 3.5 days of pure time into getting this done. Let's say I spend a week doing this, 12 hours a day, on 10 alts online at all times. Then I go to sleep on the 6th or 7th day, and wake up the next morning to find that someone else had charged the rest of the spell and done the cast. The whole process gets reset to zero and everything I just did to get to my own goal is now gone. This is toxic and will simply turn players in the community against each other. I'll go ahead and just name Yellowfinger. How do people feel about him in general? Are you okay with encouraging that type of interaction? Rites were changed to the 24 hour window to avoid situations where stealing a cast would be frowned upon. However, as soon as that was done, this goal entered the fray and continued the trend of players frowning upon players casting global spells. Individual players have no control over this goal. If someone doesn't have an army of alts, they have even less control over this goal. I struggle to even call this a goal. As others have stated, it's a lottery. It's not a goal, it's a wash.
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    *I* got a cast of holy crop in pre-goal (2016-12-19 10:18:08 PM, feel free to confirm on niarja) Could I get that credited? Also, how about we run it that the Devs all get a 50% raise, but only one of them wins their salary per year, drawn from a rigged lottery with a high weight for rolf. That's fair right?
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    But that doesn't mean we cannot celebrate a bit for those who get through with this dreadful thing under this modus operandi. Congrats to Oisin Rabidscab Aramisii Sepalia Jeangraton Crocus For casting Ritual of the Sun and finishing Benediction or being a massive step closer to it.
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    Serendipity Bridge (Deli) in winter:
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    0.4kg legacy item [13:40:51] You have a moment of inspiration... [13:40:51] You improve the butchering knife a bit. [13:49:20] A heavy knife with a bent blade perfect for butchering. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump.
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    Tich Memorial Bridge at night (C18, Pristine), creator: Toecutter, Professional Bridge Maker and Master of Lovely Colours
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    Autumn rain with Haven, Jackal and a delicate Rainbow (Pristine)
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    Yes, because you can spend those several hours to begin with, wether it would be spent on prayer or not. Because the payoff depends primarily on being online, not doing the actual work. It's not that much of a complex concept unless you try to pigeonhole it into a "just try harder" argument.
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    Reading the topic, I was hoping for something else entirely, like you grew up and stopped trolling chats (xrumx).
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    A whole bunch of updates today, deeds added and removed after in game community feedback, thanks to Brocules and Grumpled for your help
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    I bought a wagon from this person. Quick responses, and was there ready to make the exchange when I arrived. Very friendly, also guided me to the exchange location. Would gladly do business again.
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    super nice person, very easy to talk to, quick to get back to me and arrange convenient pickup. Couldn't have asked for better. May your journey be smooth and the wind be always at your back.
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    Bloodscythe, you and I have spoken from time to time in discord and in game. I think we are very similar in playstyles. We wander, we do what we feel like at the time, we play both PVP and PVE on both Epic and Chaos. We've been on opposing sides as well as the same side. I still remember how you made my heart stop when I was sailing my alts to another server on Epic and you showed up with a boatload of your own and I didn't yet know we were in the same kingdom. When I feel like it's time to leave the game, I go play WU or other games such as Gloria Invictus, Fallout, ESO, Runescape, etc. Though I did leave for 2 years when WU came out, only coming here to put in upkeep in my Indy deed, when I made my own server which is still running today without a break except for June 2017 when I loaded a new 4k map. That is the same month I came back to WO and woke up on Chaos in a deserted village. I find I can never really leave as there is always some other mountain to climb, cave to explore, goal to achieve, friends to visit with, or battle to fight. The community is not what it once was, but there are enough individuals who are special to me that I still enjoy socializing with. You speak how I speak, you delineate the subject you are discussing. Today's world forces many to always be in a rush, hence tldr. But I think people who do so are robbing themselves. Your proposed project sounds wonderful. Perhaps that is the thing that could keep you from leaving for awhile. Myself, I would love to visit but would not commit to the time to see such a project through to completion. I'm sure the wanderlust in me would make me want to leave before much time had passed. My hope is that you remain in WO. I have enjoyed our conversations together and hope to have many more.
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    And here is the video of the fight. Retro picked the music.
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    I think you read too much in to the actions of others. Most people act and react without thought, its just their instinct. This includes the way they interact with other players, it can be effected by many things, their mood, RL events, how much sleep they've had etc etc etc. Sometimes people login and say nothing to anyone for hours, the next time they're contributing in Discord and in GL chat all the time. As always with Wurm, as in life, focus on what makes you happy and don't stress the rest of it.
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    This week we'll be introducing a new, native launcher for Wurm Online. As is the case every couple of years, due to certificate renewal, the current JNLPs and shortcuts are going to break this week, but now in addition to the JNLP, we are releasing native executable files for Windows and Linux, with a Mac version following later in the month. As previously mentioned, this gives you a way to just install the game like you do with any other application, and not worry about installing the correct version of Java and such - the launcher will now detect and download the version you need. Downloads available here: https://www.wurmonline.com/wurm-online-downloads/ If you have any issues installing it, disable your antivirus for the time it's installing - it's common that newly released applications get marked as false positives and it should fix itself in a couple days. If you prefer to keep using JNLPs for now (we'll be removing them once we're sure the launcher works well, and the Mac builds are done), you need to clear the Java cache and download new JNLPs - you can find it in the link above. How to clear your Java cache:
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    Asking 14s ***12s*** Free delivery to outer coast PvE
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    Auctioning a very rare GOLD Hota Statue of a Demon Free delivery to any PvE location I can reach with a knarr. Start Bid: 15S Min Increments: 1S Reserve: None Buyout: PM with Offer Sniper Protection: 2 Hours
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    Ok, so here's a very interesting idea. Wurm atm can only build on flat tiles, but how about we create foundation pillars that can create a surface to build on. The pillars will be created to your desired height (maybe some presets), you then add adjacent ones that will go to the same height. Now these will create a flat surface on the top to start adding floors. These foundation pillars will work like bridge supports where it calculates materials based on height etc. Now for getting up onto the building, you can maybe start using a ground floor building that connects to the pillars. Heck, what if you started by using a building and expand by using a new floor type with pillars that work in the same way as bridges. So you just make your first floor without pillars on a flat surface then add adjacent ones. The hardest part will planning it out. Do you have to create new tools? UI? Maybe use a surveying tool that you place on the first tile and then add in the direction you want? Just throwing this out there, would be a lot of work but will most likely revolutionise how we build buildings Cheers
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    They'd look like the arch wall options, but without the connecting portion at the top. Left only/right only options available. Intended purpose is to seamlessly join with arch walls on the floor above. I think it'd be nice to be able to build multistory arches, and was quite disappointed to learn that I couldn't!
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    Update on the veins: Last sadstone and tine are removed. We're off to start working at the 42ql iron now. And got joined by two great players helping us. Thorin
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    https://gyazo.com/8e2843bea661b869a11e75980112fa64 Now you see why people wanted all the physical damage reduction buffs removed on Epic
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    Please send to fairyshine 70ql barding, iron 40c 75ql barding, iron 50c 80ql barding, iron 65c and 74ql Cotton Barding AoSP 73 30c
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    Love reading your posts, keep it up. Hope you find that spark of fun and joy once again. Having said that, a bit of a break may be what is required. Don't be shy or feel bad if you feel you need to be away for awhile. All the best.
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    As no one wants to read a I'm quitting post (which they usually come back) this is not that type of thing. It's more to say the mood has changed where there is more biting and gnawing than usual. It is also to ofc express my thoughts and feelings about it in hopes for greater tolerance. I think about all the odd lovely quirky or sometimes obnoxious or arrogant behavior I tolerate in players and oddly some are the ones that criticize my manner of speech or thoughts. It's not even about a sensitivity issue as what i've more often seen is the very 'gruff tuff' players put in the same circumstance to not just chin up but instead will act as if a horror not seen in the common hour for centuries ever existed I can own that I'm more verbose than others and trim some back yet any more or silencing myself is to also remove me. This post was made to open a dialogue about a wider discussion on how we treat each and the climate of the game for better change and improvement. Given the responses it is clear my observation is correct there has in fact been a climate change to player interaction so this wasn't in vain. To one player, I try to hardly talk in order to accommodate their self expressed lack of interest in my conversations. Interaction is on an as needed basis of game function and activity to avoid non response or something dismissive that would leave me wondering. To pvp related conversation i'll relegate my thoughts to the sanctuary of my head only, as the candor about epic outcomes and fallout already resulted in some hurt feels and a condemnation/rejection of my expression in a very place free expression was to exist. I will forge forward with amending my words more and perhaps take on the two projects I mentioned earlier above. If the climate persists I'll revisit the notion of pulling out of the game. It is after all only a small number of naysayers and I am aware and have the support of friends made in game. This was also for the others in similar situations that didn't or don't have the same courage to speak up.
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    Notice the timestamps and that they are all about the same character. Seems to happen every time I cross a server border. Super annoying.
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    Archaeology wood for sale price per shaft / branch 5c cod, pegs, tenon 4c each cod If you do not see a wood on picture and looking for wood type please contact me in wurm or discord @brannor#9004 I also carry fruit tree type wood they are 2 c or 3 c depending on ql. Restocking will be posting new stock soon
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    Well no point sitting on the fence about it. It genuinely won't work. The least that should be done is trying to maximize the links when it's up and do it ASAP. I still see possible conflict when two groups form and either one cannot fully be incorporated into the other, but we can just hope this won't happen (often). It's actually rather difficult to get 10 priests on the spot, as I said myself, and as critics have rightfully said implying that the groups last time could have "worked together" (by ditching the whole concept and treading over the people here) Therefore, I call it quits. Can't bring myself to gouge the virtue out of this another time because it'll just end in more snipes, more frustration, and more time wasted for the people on the roster. I'll keep any eye on the rituals, some toons tied to altars to do at least some charging here and there, and notify people of when it's going on via forum so that they may have a chance of catching it or giving feedback when they are online, but not ingame. Going beyond that just excacerbates the conflict potential that the system already provides. Thanks for sticking around. You can still put yourself in the list for transparencies sake - so that even when I'm off and a ritual is up, people may contact the roster to get the maximum number of priests online, but the lists will henceforth fulfill no other function than that. In conclusion
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    First, through this thread, music posts, and more recently the commentary along with the song (which I really like as it gives window into what it is the player likes about it, etc) i've come to really get a sense of such a great open free spirit you are Amadee. Prior, I'd only know you by waving hello as i sailed passed your deed in my ever ending voyages. This has been great, and I celebrate your spirit and great music range, flavors, choices. I love this second song best "Prediction", as it really is so mello and well balanced never disturbing the vibe with a massive rift change. I'd be remiss not to include a wee bit of that it gives me nostalgia flashback... In the projects passed the cracked walkway and dirt grass lawn and torn screen cracked glass window thumps the reggae sound. After entering the dented chipped paint door with hand and foot print stains I see someone has the oven door open to heat the kitchen and dry their wet feet. snot nosed, sticky fingered kids run about bumping the walls, you, dog, and stereo in the other room. The sounds intensify, the incense in the air is heavy , so is the burnt resin on fingertips. The room is only lit by what filters through the rastafarian flag covering the one window and the tiny lights from the equalizer bar on the stereo. Hip knee bounce and slight head bop to the lyrics then refrain syncopation of instruments....... I'm a Buffalo Solier In the heart of America Stolen from Africa, brought to America Said he was fighting on arrival Fighting for survival Said he was a Buffalo Soldier Win the war for America Said he was a, woe yoy yo, woe woe yoy yoy Woe yoy yo yo, yo yo woy yo......
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    @ Gawain and Marlon . . . . . Thank you for your deed submissions ? Your deeds have been added to the map and will appear in the update for August 18. Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    It's the first time in more than 3 years that I check up on Wurm again, just to find this sad news! And to write this post is the only reason I actually logged into the forums. I've known Eir from when Wurm was still "Gold" - before the crash in whatever year it was, I don't remember, but it was before the Wild / Chaos Server - or whatever name it has nowadays. She's always been good, helpful and fair. She was a person to count on. I've no idea how old she was, but I hope she's lived a long and happy life!
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    +1 for Biscotti, so long as we get coffee beans for making coffee.
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    I'm not gonna tell you "Nah, man! You can't leave!!!" because I'm pretty guilty of being MIA myself. It's a hard thing, many people have left and, socially, things aren't the same. I understand where you're coming from and perhaps if these were your feelings a few years prior, I would have tried to talk you out of it. For what it's worth, I've always enjoyed your posts. I also consider you a friend, even though almost all of our interaction has been through the forums. I also admire the fact that you stay true to your personality, even if a few people are giving you hell for it. Don't let those ass holes break your spirit now, their voices are only loud because so many other voices have disappeared. If you do decide to leave (the forums too), make sure to send me a PM so that we can keep in touch in the future. You're a good man.
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    Should add some large and small mouse pads to the store. Might help me find my way without having to bring it up on the screen lol
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    Part of being a deep caring intimate person is getting hurt easily. You are certainly the deepest and most philosophical person I have ever met. And to many that kind of thing can be overwhelming (not to me) in a video game. And I believe that you are beautiful who you are. My own playstyle is somewhat similar to yours, I can never stay in the same place, I love travelling, exploring, meeting people, one of the things that motivates me to get very high in a skill is to help others and have a little thing to feel proud of. Solmark kind of took the words out of my mouth, people are unpredictable in times of pressure or from rl issues. And It's good to learn to not read too much into people's words. Especially when they're upset or caught off guard. One of the most important things I have learned is to keep the integrity of who I am intact with people who I speak to. Because if I find my behaviour and creative self is filtered, around them, then I am doing myself wrong. And the most important rule of all is to respect others boundaries and protect their feelings. Something I lacked when I knew you. (Hi Bloodscythe!) The atmosphere of the game has certainly grown dire, and hostility has massively increased. Stay pure in the midst of it, and you will have a good time, you are in more control of your emotions than you ever know. You just need to find a way, and stay close to those who appreciate your big boy heart.
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    Bloodscythe, I enjoyed reading your note and I too have enjoyed the lands of Wurm for a good few years. I am thinking about your recent experiences and have thought about what could have changed for you. In the early days we had many more players to interact with. This meant that if we did find someone who we simply did not get along with (for whatever reason) then it was relatively easy to find many others who we could strike up a long-lasting in-game friendship with. This would no doubt be a more positive experience and therefore something that we would remember fondly. In recent years- more specifically the last year according to your note- could it be that if you were unfortunate enough to meet a fellow player who caused you anguish or you were simply opposing types of character, it would be a lot more difficult to find another player who you could 'friend', team up with of join on adventures and builds? This again would cause your more negative recent experiences and maybe cause your opinion of the current player base to change downwards? Whether I am correct or simply getting it all wrong, I sincerely hope that you can stay in Wurm and enjoy the chance to simply do what you want and perhaps you will find a player who you can strike up a perfect in-game friendship with. All the best and think positive and I am sure you will be rewarded!
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    Thanks, all those have been added As for an Isometic view of the maps, not currerntly. since isometric views are not usable for maps with "real" coordinates, because they distort the landscape. They may look nice from an artistic point of view, but they will never give a precise map,especially in sloped (mountaineous) areas the places never are displayed where they really are; instead they are shifted considerably due to the isometric distortion.
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    Whant to Add my village Port ribe (see link) https://imgur.com/sQB7fkI thx for a wonderful job u guys do.
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    Can you guys see who is working to fill the pool vs who is casting it though? Can you guys see who is casting multiple times with different alts? You seem to think people are mad because someone is sitting there intentionally stealing the casts why because. No, the problem is a group who needs it works for it and then another group steals it without putting the effort. Or maybe 2 groups or more put in the effort but only 1 benefits. The goal does not reward effort. It rewards who can be online longer/who can be more lucky/who can have less of a life. Just like the rifts goal. This seems to be something the staff seems to be really fond of and your player base is telling you we hate it. Stop it!
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    Summary of the exchange so far, as I see it (with a touch of levity): 1. Concerned Players: [Thread after thread, page after page of evidence and explanation showing the current goal operates like a taxpayer-funded lottery, with the general player base as the taxpayers and the rite participants as the jackpot winners.] 2. Concerned Players: We don't want to be taxed and have our work redistributed at random. We don't want a lottery. We don't like gambling. We want an honest challenge that takes teamwork to overcome and rewards the team that overcame it. 3. Retrograde: Well, the lottery is won by only a few players and takes a team of taxpayers to fund; therefore, it is challenging and rewards teamwork. 4. Concerned Players: ? Umm... But that's not what words mean. You haven't actually addressed Point 2 at all. 5. Retrograde: All right, all right. So the problem is that not enough people have won the lottery yet to keep you rabble quiet. So we'll feed the lottery jackpot with new taxes. More taxes, more lotto draws, more winners! Everybody's happy! 6. Concerned Players: *Sigh* No, because the nature of a lottery means some people may still never win, regardless of the number of draws or how much they are taxed. Again, we don't want to gamble for our own collective work. We want a fair reward for a fair challenge that requires a group effort. 7. Retrograde: Ah, but you see, the lottery is a fair challenge because not everyone wins. And it is a group effort, because the entire player base is being taxed to fund it ... ... And on and on it goes. Maybe we can break out of this loop?
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    *nepotism. See the last RotS cast on Xan for reference. It's transparent on its subforum, it even had its own thread because the thing is so rare. Got nothing further to add without sounding like a broken record. But please do add the missions charging favor. One of my gripes with the current system is how dull the charging process itself is - hence my suggestion that was even linked above. I know a rework of that kind is not realistic (but only complaining all day isn't going to get us anywhere so I might aswell spitball something), but adding new ways of charging the deity pool in a meaningful way that isn't praying 24/7 would also alleviate a lot of the frustration, because it happens more as a side effect of normal gameplay rather than a mind numbing, concentrated effort to get the show running. Further ideas for that could be: -A fraction of favor gained from sacrificing items and animals could also go to the pool, with a daily cap per priest if needed. -Successful enchants tighten the gods grip on the world or something and grant favor. -There are actions certain gods do not like. But what if, one the other hand, there were actions they DO like and even followers can perform to contribute other than getting sore knees or ears. Anything to make the charging more pleasant and frequent as people go about their ways rather than being stuck to an altar. It would also foster the notion that it was a community effort and therefore open to cast for anyone. Doesn't address the systematic issues but it may move the mentality more towards one you describe.
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    Oh I thought you were trolling. I think the idea here is to make the goal more fair not make it easier or in your case harder. Making it require 90 channeling would be akin to having the non priest one suddenly have grind ws to 90 and it does not, it has imp a weap to 50ql. There are many skills much easier that you can take to 99. I don't think the request for a fairer system that doesn't have people fighting to be faster at being underhanded, or online at an unknown right time is unreasonable, I do think your idea is unreasonable.
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    With this being a high endgame goal, combined with 70 prayer, and huge amounts of work, it's pretty clear the journal is aimed at being completed over 1+ year. The crafter journal also includes goals such as 99 in a skill, improve a weapon to 70-90ql (I forget) and other high end goals, requiring high skills is part of this journal. The 70% that has something to look forward to are the other stages of the journal.
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    May I request the addition of settlement Terra Firma to the map please. 19Y, 29X vicinity. https://imgur.com/a/eqSXHYq
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    As an uninvolved third-party, the audacity of this request is positively hilarious to me.
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    will i be able to use more than one account at once, now that it is an executable?