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    Player gods suck and should have never been added. Horde of the Summoned is full of heretics that have forsaken Glorious Libila to instead worship whitelight pretender gods that are just player accounts that get passed around more than your mom. Retro remove them or I will remove your pee-pee.
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    [11:54:09] The frying pan will not fit in the head. [11:54:18] The small barrel will not fit in the legs. pls fix so i can walk around looking like an idiot
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    It went something along the lines of "the reward is powerful enough to justify the incredibly tough requirements." In one respect, I agree that the reward for completing the journal tier is outrageously strong, and the requirements should be tough. I think most people here also agree with that sentiment. The problem arises when the actual completion isn't tough, but instead a combination of luck and reliance on others not to ###### you over. It creates a competitive and toxic dynamic between players who have the same goal. I would wholeheartedly agree with changing the goal from casting the spell directly to obtaining the reward from a rite X amount of times. For what it's worth, the argument that it would be too hard to change is inaccurate. It would be a few lines change to switch the goal over to some new requirement. The technical challenge comes from making sure existing players who completed the goal don't lose that journal tier when the requirement changes. This would require a database edit or something to flag a player who has one achievement to automatically obtain another.
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    So I was being my usual amazing self when I noticed an odd marking on my rock face, exhibit A; At first I was sure vandals had broken in and graffitied my rock face but then, whilst trying to capture a photo for evidence, the markings moved! All became clear! It was a sign from Libila, she has chosen me! I am the one!! Unless science wants to say otherwise?
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    You know something went terribly wrong when the spiders are taller than the trees...
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    At present, completing the 'Participate in a Rite' journal goal is linked to a massive reward but – for the vast majority of players – completing it has nothing to do with effort and everything to do with dumb luck. Below is another idea for mitigating this randomness and giving players greater control over their goal progression. First mentioned (to my knowledge) about two weeks ago in another thread: Suggestion: Expand the 'Cast a Global Spell' journal goal to include prayer (and possibly sermon) contributions to the deity favour pool. Once a character has contributed a total of 10k deity favour (10% of the total req'd) to successfully performed rites, the goal requirements are satisfied. The point is threefold: To ensure a link between effort/difficulty and reward (which does not actually exist at present) To give casual players who cannot always be online at just the right time a reasonable chance at completing the goal To give Ritual of the Sun and Rite of Death casting priests a reasonable chance at completing the goal
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    +1 to all points, and remove from freedom and remove pee pee for good measure as well
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    I have been working with @Yagaover the past few days to provide a new Exodus Community Map Service. @Yagaand @Substr have developed a system which they implemented for the Deliverance server which I have now updated for Exodus EXODUS COMMUNITY MAP LINK Features 1. Map coordinates The map offers a common type of map grid (as an optional overlay), using the same denotation as the in-game map (for example "E 24"). However, to place and find locations in a much more detailed way the new map is based on "tile coordinates" (x, y), making it possible to narrow down locations to a single tile on the server! This allows us to place deeds and landmarks much more precisely than before. (Map coordinates are explained in the next post.) 2. Zoom The map provides various zoom levels, allowing to zoom in from a view of the entire server to close-ups of single deeds. 3. Layers Deeds, Tunnels, Canals, Bridges etc. are actually map layers which can be toggled on and off. You can also choose among two map types (Terrain, Topographical). 4. Finding settlements The map offers an easy-to-use search function for deeds. 5. Selecting locations and copy coordinates You are able to select any point on the map and save the coordinates for future use. Colours and Symbols Map Information This new map has been reproduced based on the previous map maintained by @NESGameproand as such some elements may not be 100% accurate since we are using a completely different system. To this point, if you notice anything missing or in the wrong place in terms of settlements (deeds), highways, tunnels, canals and landmarks, please post in the thread below using the Adding Data guidelines provided. Adding Data Please post in this thread to report new or changed data. (Do not send PMs, neither on the forum nor in-game! Do not use Discord to add data either!) Please use tile coordinates (x, y) to report new map data. (Hover your mouse pointer over the location you wish to report, click once to see the coordinates in the "Selected" field, copy the coordinates.) Deeds: Please report the settlement name and the coordinates of the settlement token. Example: "Serendipity Bay [1650, 1384]" Highways: Please report the coordinates of all points describing the highway (start, "corners", end). Please use this format: "[305,1453], [305,1415], [226,1415], [226,1383], [156,1383]" Tunnels, Canals, Bridges: Like highways. These elements can also be given a name. Other: You can also report clay and tar resources, guard towers, and special named landmarks (like names of lakes and mountains, as long as agreed among the local community.) THANKS! I'd like to thank @Yagafor answering the million and one questions I threw at him, and for him to agreeing to host the actual map and input files. Also, I'd like to thank all the previous Exodus Community Map editors, without which this new map wouldn't have been possible. EXODUS COMMUNITY MAP LINK [Updated the Map links to the secure versions]
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    Why have you still not removed or jerk-proofed the rite journal goal? Time and again, rites have been sniped from those of us trying to organize group casts for everyone's benefit. Time and again, this sniping has been pointed out and alternative goal mechanics have been suggested. So ... Why do you continue to heavily reward PvP-style sniping and punish PvE-style cooperation among PvE players? To put it bluntly, from a player's perspective this is starting to feel like a mindf*ck. This is not a suggestion thread; we have plenty of those already. Please limit discussion to answering these questions. Non-devs, feel free to offer your own theories about the rationale at play here. First post below reserved for summary of answers and/or theories.
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    All stuff has been sold. Heading to Jackal for the foreseeable future.
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    If you have "mixed forests" then all forests quickly look the same, and things get boring fast. Areas with a certain type of tree, have a unique feel. Pine and birch feel much more open and "airy" than Olive and Chestnut groves which tend to be dark and even a little foreboding, Oaks and willows are massive trees but also have larger open areas between trees. Maple have a spectacular look in the fall, and cherry trees look amazing in the spring. You really feel like you are passing through "new" areas unlike the "mixed forest" where every area looks like any other area. My one pet peeve is servers with too many thorn trees, and I would probably suggest reserving those for only tiny areas.
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    There isn't anything broken, it's just twitters anti-spam feature. It would have been the same message posted within 24 hours, so it got omitted as spam.
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    Yes. the settlement--> info was working today when took the camps. I took the camp 50ish minutes after you had taken it yesterday. so just twitted broken .
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    I really like this. This is very much in my grandaughter's writing & singing style, which I'm overly fond of for obvious reasons. I'll def be looking up some more of this guy's stuff.
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    Just bought 2 9-slot toolbelts, trade was nice and easy. I recommend this leatherworker ^^
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    [21:02:52] Xsamuraizx neutralizes Battle Camp Archer. [21:08:01] Xsamuraizx has claimed Battle Camp Archer for Wurm University! [21:52:37] Kassadin neutralizes Battle Camp Archer. [21:58:09] Kassadin has claimed Battle Camp Archer for Apocalypse Order! ?
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    This is the best suggestion since to removal of retro's bits. +1
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    I'd much rather see a fairer system in play. I've said before that the number of points needed for a rite should be flexible to give priests of lesser used gods a fair chance. Maybe it could use a number of priests and followers for the month as a snapshot per server and have the number set? Maybe it changes each week based on the amount of followers and priests on the server? Maybe missions could count towards the favour pool? Either way, certains gods are shafted and it shows. If a change is made to how the rite is casted to make it fairer for everyone, gods of lower follower count need to be looked at also.
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    I think 10k is too low you can do that fairly fast but I'm down with the basic concept
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    Id rather see it change to something like 'contribute to 20% of the rite pool' or something similar, you could argue that its just a different name for getting 70 prayer but its no different to the 100 gems you get from getting to 70 prayer, or the sac 10k items and spend 100k favor being pretty much the same, they are all interconnected anyway and then they will all rely on your actual effort to the cause and not pure luck in timing irrespective of that effort.
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    Even a small window like 2 hours, or even just 1, would solve the congestion caused by competing groups and the stolen opportunity by snipes. It still fails to address the systematic issues of timezones and life schedules, but having missed a cast you were totally offline for is, presumably, disappointing, but not as aggravating as the direct, confrontional competition as has been displayed during the...what, 3, 4 last casts on Xanadu? People told me "But you gotta respect the people who are online!", so obviously it's "worse". And even those who are online aren't always respected with the proposed "impromptu organization", this was proven over and over again. I have little hope that even such a little change will hit us though. I think we just have to struggle through it with brute, inefficient force until the interest and therefore competition dies down. Which is a shame because even the charging process itself is so "meh" that I'll barely ever want to touch an altar again after this is over. The (one) incentive is there but it's like rolling through barbwire to reach a golden trophy.
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    ALIEN WEAPONRY - Whispers (Official Video) | Napalm Records
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    How To Use The Map 1. Navigating the map You can zoom and pan (move) the map using your mouse. Zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse wheel or using the "+/-" buttons in the upper left corner. Pan the map by holding the left mouse button while moving your mouse. 2. Map coordinates The map is based on "tile coordinates". According to Wurmpedia "a tile is a 4 meter by 4 meter square on the ground, which pretty much makes up the world of Wurm". The Exodus server is a square of 2048 x 2048 tiles (corresponding to roughly 8 x 8 kilometers). On the official map dump image as provided by Code Club AB each pixel corresponds to a map tile. Map tiles are described by 2 coordinates (x, y), each counting from 0 to 2047. This coordinate system (unlike the "classical" Cartesian system) has its origin in the upper left corner: For example, the upper left corner of the map has the coordinates (0,0), the upper right corner is at (2047, 0). While you move your mouse pointer over the map the coordinates of the current map point are displayed in the sidebar (field "Current"): This is how you determine the precise coordinates for any map point you may want to work with. You can also select a point on the map (to save its coordinates) by a single left-click. A small crosshair symbol will appear and the coordinates will be shown in the field "Selected". The contents of that field can be copied to the clipboard in the usual way (by selecting and pressing Ctrl-C). Clicking on the same location again (on the crosshair symbol) will remove the marker. 3. Layers Most information on the map is provided as a layer that can be turned on and off. You see a list of available layers in the sidebar. By clicking the little checkboxes you can toggle that type of map information on and off: The letters in parentheses are the hotkeys to quickly toggle a layer: Press "D" to toggle deeds Press "H" to toggle highways Press "B" to toggle bridges Press "T" to toggle tunnels and canals Press "R" to toggle resources (clay, tar...) Press "S" to toggle special places (mission structures...) Press "G" to toggle the map grid. The "map grid" is an overlay showing grid cells that use the same notation as the in-game map. This can be very helpful when trying to describe the location of an area for another player when in-game. 4. Map types In correspondence with the various map dump types released by Code Club AB, you can choose between a pure terrain map and a topographic map: 5. Find a settlement or special place If you want to find a particular settlement or a special place, just use the Search function in the sidebar. You can either enter a name or use the drop-down list: 6. Loading the map with coordinates You can load the map by adding location coordinates to the URL (web address) like this: http://exodus.yaga.host#<x>,<y> (Replace <x> and <y> by valid location coordinates). The map will load and be centered on the given location (if the coordinates are valid). In addition, every time you select a location by left-clicking on a point on the map the URL shown in the address field will change to show the selected coordinates. Thus, you are able to share a view of a certain map area by just copying the address shown in the address field of your browser. MAP UPDATE - JANUARY 2020 When activating the coordinate grid (press "G") you can now also see the "map regions" as used in mission descriptions. There are 9 regions: northwest, north, northeast, center west, center, center east, southwest, south, southeast Map regions are shown by dashed black lines and slightly colored area overlays. Deed Info We've also added a new experimental function: we can now display special deed info when the mouse pointer hovers over a deed symbol. (This can be useful to inform about special resources, like mailboxes, Epic portals, market stalls etc.) As an example, if you mouse over Hunters Port https://exodus.yaga.host/#1161,1951 You can see that there is a POK tile and a Mailbox, but you can request any (sensible) information for your deed - please contact me (Solmark) if you would like to use this special feature for your deed!
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    As far as I'm concerned, this thread has already succeeded. Flubb, you've gone above and beyond what any player should have had to do in order to prove irrefutably that the current rite mechanics are anathema to open, pro-community cooperation. You single-handedly provided a large part, if not the majority, of the server favour for recent rites on Xanadu. Thanks to this thread and the efforts of your Flubbregation, the devs have now had it demonstrated to them that pre-planned open-invite organized casts are futile. I call that a job well done. None of us on the roster was ever owed anything, so in my opinion however you want to move forward is up to you. But from a practical standpoint, I no longer see any sense in pre-scheduled casts.
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    As it currently is, rotating with that option goes off the servers response for which direction you're facing, instead of the movement from the client side, leading to an extremely jumpy camera on higher ping. Should really be based off the direction you're moving client side. https://i.gyazo.com/13c1c79b194c1ad9bd253380e918f0e8.mp4 for example, alternating between holding down a and d
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    This can ultimately only work for the driver though, so the option will have to work differently for passengers and drivers...possibly quite substantially so. Sounds like it's more finecky to implement than it lets on at first glance. But if it's doable with reasonable effort, why not at least for drivers. The passengers are probably just alts these days anyway
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    That's the problem though, you have to be there at the exact right moment or sol which is bad design. Its not a matter of work harder you could be the one charging it all the time for others and still never get it.
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    +1 to ramps, Wurm needs to be more accessible
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    Some may be able to tell, although I sample across a wide spanse of genre, I like songs with blues overtones or some underground industrial back beat most. This one is a sneaker in that the lyrics, song, impact comes at you far later then you like wow...reminds me of that delayed wut tha on the dragon.
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    something that grew on me for at first not enough meat on the bone in range with falsetto being weak/off but baritone is on to be true grit blues flavor. Very blues in lyrics as well, so to make it work better for me, closed my eyes and imagined a husky chaka khan buck rack top tipped type with a power mane and small ankles singing this with better tenor. has good bones otherwise and some sultry to be in that entry mellow box of 1/2 into some whisky neat. or it evoked dim light furtive play running finger along the shin bone to knee cap with occasional smirk, butterfly lash blink on the ankle, and small bite on tip of big toe chill time. last glance summer chance windows all open hookah all sprawl works too.
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    As far as lead goes, all weapons, tools and armor can be made of any metal, including lead. So there are more uses than just the few you mentioned.
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    It really sounds like there being a maximum number of links is the current main problem that forces the community to fight each other in regards to rites, and based on what I saw the two casting groups may have casted together as one otherwise. The mechanic forces tearing apart of community instead of working together.
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    And/or add a new stair type, ramps!
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    Rare statue of Tich - made from tin out of frags.
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    Soon, friend. Japan has got our backs as it always has. https://www.livescience.com/66071-human-animal-hybrid-embryos.html
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    Hmm my favourite impalong?... For me, now, my favourite would have to be any that I don't run myself I can enjoy the banter, cause a little mischief and even get some of my own tools imped without feeling guilty of taking others time up. Yes the impalongs are quite different these days to my own, the perms.. buildings (multi story) were all things we couldnt even imagine having back then. But the one thing that I will always carry in my heart from the times I did host them, and being a guest at the ones in recent years is the fantastic community we have here. The hosts work tirelessly all year preparing for the event, gathering materials, building areas for the workers..they give up so much time for the feeling of helping others. I fully appreciate what it takes to commit to hosting and I applaud all of you that step up and welcome everyone through your doors. From the day the community arrive on that first morning, excitement and anticipation of the fun days ahead to the sad farewells on the very last day.. makes it all worthwhile. I have met some amazing people during my time hosting Impalongs and made some wonderful memories along the way. May the history of Impalongs continue for many years to come and I wish every single person who takes the job on, the best of times and enjoy them all!
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    He have been doing it for years, checking in when the cast was available and doing it instantly for its own gain, screwing the community plans. So yes, some actions are within the rules... but that doesn't means repeating the same pattern over and over is... GMs added a rule for that kind of toxic behavior and then restricted it with some examples, people have complained about it for a while, now it's time to act and not just change the game mechanism since it's doing nothing (because others mechanisms were added to make the cast essentials).
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    Instructions unclear, removed seals holding the gates of hell back. Seek shelter
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    Hi Everyone, As previously promised, I've taken the time to write a postmortem of the stability issues Independence has had, along with our future plans for server hosting. Independence began to lag considerably some time before February 7th. We had done a maintenance restart as scheduled and had hoped this would fix the issue. It did not. Later in the day we restarted only Independence in an attempt to fix the lag. During this restart I rebooted the server that Independence runs on and upgraded packages. This didn’t resolve the lag either, which I was beginning to suspect was hardware-related. By February 8th, we had a fairly good idea that a drive in the RAID was failing, so we began to move Independence to spare hardware. That hardware was our old Bridges test server, for those interested. It wasn’t new by any means, but it did have fewer cycles on it and the drives were fresher. Independence lived here for about two weeks while we worked on restoring the previous hardware. In the end. Hetzner replaced the failed drive as well as the entire hardware, leaving just one of the older drives with all the data. I restored the RAID and we upgraded the operating system as well as all packages. I had done this on a test server already, but the intention was to make Independence the first server to get this treatment in quite some time. You may have recalled that we were planning a very long downtime in the future. This was to do the same to all other servers and get things back up to date. Well, more on that in a bit. In the end, Independence is still experiencing lag and we’re quite aware of it. I believe this to be hardware related once again, and we will monitor as it continues. The sad part is that all of these issues overshadowed the fine work Samool did to reduce lag across all servers. We can move Independence back to the spare hardware should it become needed, though I am trying to isolate the problem. If it becomes unplayable though, we’ll do the move. While Independence was taking up all my time, Xanadu wanted some attention as well. You may recall a few crashes experienced. Well, these were long-standing and known crashes that we were unable to trace before. Thanks to the scrutiny and diagnostics tools we’ve had running to single out lag hot spots, we were able to trace the crashes back and fix them. Finally. One of these issues actually took Celebration down back in January. All of this was completely unrelated to the issues Independence was facing, and yet it made our stability look pretty awful. Budda and I were working on solutions in the background, not just for our stability issues but for a number of other problems as well. Hetzner has not been the most reliable host for many here, with network slowdowns and hiccups. Even router outages and emergency work that left us helpless as people were unable to play. Working with Rolf, we developed a plan to move from Hetzner and onto a more stable infrastructure with Amazon Web Services. This move is in its early stages. I am in the process of writing the code for the infrastructure and I am planning on standing up our test instances there first. If all goes well, I can begin writing the live server infrastructure and we can write up a future plan on the move and the required downtime to make this happen. This is what I meant by that extended downtime in the future - instead of patching up old hardware, we will be moving to new instances in a reliable cloud environment. For those concerned, we plan on using the Frankfurt, EU location so the servers won’t be “moving” all that far. I’ve had a lot of experience with AWS and I am very excited for what this means. While we maintain backups right now, all of this will become more secure and easier to manage. We can allocate more resources to a specific server if it becomes needed, or scale back and save money if a server becomes less populated. It means flexibility and stability for Wurm now and into the future, especially with the option to purchase reserved resources. I’m excited and I ask for everyone to have patience while we work through this transition. If anyone is curious, I can detail the infrastructure a bit once I’ve ironed out the details. Until then, happy Wurming!
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    ***THIS IS NOT A THREAD ON "HOW TO SAVE WURM"*** ***I AM WELL AWARE THAT THESE SPELLS MAY BE USEFUL ON PvP SERVERS, THIS IS NOT AN ANALYSIS ON PvP SPELL UTILITY, IT IS A LOOK AT PvE SPELL UTILITY*** First things first; well done to the devs. The current situation is MUCH better than the way things used to be; priest QoL is much higher, and the goals have given us something to do when we're between projects. Yes, it's annoying to have to log on my free alt to cut a tree down that has grown on my lawn, but at least I can unblock my own tunnel now. Now onto the slightly bad news; there are a fair few "stub" spells that still have 0 use in PvE, save to take up spell slots. This list is shorter than it used to be; so there is good progress here. If this list were reduced further, I doubt anyone would complain. The following Fo spells have no use on PvE: Acid Protection (99% useless on PvE, I think there is one mob that uses acid attacks) Bear Paws (100% useless on PvE) Cleanse (99% useless on PvE once you grind gardening past 10) Forest Giant Strength (99% useless on PvE unless you need a very short term boost to strength) Morning Fog (99% useless on PvE, only really useful for very early channel grind) Ward (100% useless on PvE) Willowspine (100% useless on PvE) There are also these spells, which are useless for everyone on PvE: Break Altar (100% useless on PvE) Locate Artefact (100% useless on PvE) Nolocate (99% useless on PvE, unless you do not want anyone to be able to find you ever) Purge (100% useless on PvE) Sixth Sense (100% useless on PvE) Tangle Weave (100% useless on PvE) So, for Fo, 13/36 spells are either completely useless, or barely useful to the point that they're not worth wasting the favor on, at least on PvE servers. This is leaving out spells which are situationally useful (things you might cast a lot for a short time, then not cast again for over 6 months). I suspect that this is the second largest number (since a lot of Lib's spells just don't work on PvE due to mechanic conflicts), but it is still a strong case for modification in the name of balance. The buff spells (Bear Paws, Forest Giant Strength, Morning Fog, and Willowspine) are just lackluster; they're not something you bother casting because their effect is negligable and short lived. Buffing their impact, as well as extending their duration, on a PvE server would go a long way to making them something you'd want to cast. Acid Protection, Purge and Tangle Weave generally fall under useless, because mobs that use acid on PvE are rare (I think it's only one?), no mobs use buff spells (that I know of), and tangleweave just doesn't do much to mob cast times. Adding in some extra mobs (acid damage sounds like a good one for a man eating plant...), allowing some mobs to buff others (wolf howls to increase the damage of all younger wolves nearby for example), and drastically increasing the impact tangleweave has on spellcasting mobs would render these spells as something you might want to cast. Cleanse I've gone over again and again; it needs more utility than 9 grass. ONE flower and 30 gardening can do that much faster. Ward and Sixth Sense are really factional spells; giving them a different effect for PvE is really the only way to go. A simple utility, such as allowing ward to be cast on a player to give them the animal truce passive, is a good way to go. Locate Artefact and Break Altar are spells designed for PvP, and really belong to PvP.
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    bl is at a huge disadvantage as a kingdom with no light of fo priests scorn just isn't on par and requires not only your friendlies to be in the right position, but also your enemies on top of that, scorn doens't heal a good amount of wounds, and when it does it doesn't prioritize the most wounded target, often ending up with a fight where you have a guy at 10% hp and the scorn heals a dude at ###### 97% hp with 3 1dmg wounds instead lol tldr, scorn sucks compared to lof and the most obvious solution in my mind is not to try and balance scorn to be super healing effective because it also does damage, but to instead add LoF to a player god allowing BL to have it as well
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    All those titles are taken already. Robust -> Strongman -> Atlas.
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    Thanks for the feedback Firestarter. I just want to say I do appreciate all the tireless work the staff do to keep the integrity of Wurm Online as successful as it is. However small this game might be, it's very interesting to me, someone who works in the industry to see all the content this game adds all the time. I might not always see eye to eye with everything as a player but I thoroughly enjoy playing the game because of what you guys do to make it possible. Sincerely. I apologize in advance if I've upset any staff that was never my intention. Have to respectfully say your wrong here. I've been offered several staff named items in the past for other items like scale or drake sets while trying to sell. Generally I turned it down cause I probably wanted silver for it at the time or they only offered that item for it. I'm not aware of any rules preventing sale of said items. They might not appear on the forums but I've seen a few pop up in trade chat and in private. I'm sorry to again talk about the economy yet again. I know a lot of you don't like me talking about it all the time. It's the darnedest thing really. I'm interested in economics! I know we've talked about this before with the Epic item transfer drama. I know you made you case back then that you don't think it's a issue. I get it. Some of us actually do care about the trading aspect of the game. This game is a sandbox at the end of the day. I used to play this game as a merchant once upon a time. I haven't sold anything in a very long time. I decided to step back and focus on the game in recent times. It was the open freedom about Wurm that drew me back into the game that I could do something like being a merchant. However the economy is in ruins because of the lack of proper item sinks. Which are desperately needed. There is no development in this department of the game at all. Plenty of things have been suggested that would infact remove the excess rares/supremes. I doubt it'll ever improve so I buy silver instead of earning it now. So I mean what I said has some merit as it devalues player crafting, maybe not by a lot but it does. What's the point when you guys can get a fantastic 99ql sailboat for free or whatever? These items are extremely useful in pvp encounters and yes I would say 'overpowered staff item.' Feel free to disagree. When I was a staff member I didn't sign up to get any reward, I used to be a board mod - I also never got any rewards. I was happy to aid Rolf & Crew to better the game once upon a time. Maybe I just don't really understand why you think it's okay to have fantastic items when players hardly have one. Most of the player base; however I can't speak for everyone here but, a lot of us are extremely grateful for the staff's hard work. I'm constantly constantly commenting you guys for stuff. However this might sound blunt but there is a thing called salary if you think you deserve a reward. You're entitled to your opinion I guess. Thanks for the post, sorry if you think I came off as complaining or rude. Words sometimes difficult to express emotion for me.
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    I WANNA COMPLAIN TOO! Joking, it's a cool event this one accoding to me However the alt way seems to be the best way which is a terrible thing in this game. Fix any alt abuse thank you.