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    In the time I played with no one as sotg and everyone as sotg, even though I was a sotg supporter I agree. Unfortunately, the issue is how sotg was needed to compete with the ever increasing damage outputs we do. It's not body strength, not everyone is a beefcake and body strength was still put on a decreasing curve already. People blame true strike, but that's only one scapegoat. We've got moon metal weapons adding damage, we've got priest buffs adding damage, aggressive stance adding damage, weapon damage for med maul and polearms increases, and whatever else there might be. When we were playing pre-sotg days, aggressive didn't give more damage like it does now or at least not as reliably, we didn't have an abundance of moon metal, we didn't have increased weapon damages and very few were even challenging the longsword meta. If we reduce how much we lower damage taken, we need to reduce the damage given as well or everyone will just yeet themselves at each other with whatever meta huge weapon there is and people will die comically fast. Body strength is already curved down (and now some kind of cap too?), I got priest damage buff reduced with the priest overhaul, I think it's time the weapons themselves were overhauled to be more than just slash poke or smack at different speeds, and aggressive stance changed somehow. Otherwise I feel it's all a disaster created by temporary bandaids
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    I want to audibly talk trash to my enemy.
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    So you guys are assuming everyone in Wurm is an ######? Only reason I suggest this is because an alliance member disappeared recently and had I known he was low on upkeep I would've paid a bit to keep it up or had precautions to get his stuff to a safer place. I can understand that a lot of people would use a menu like this in a wrong way though.
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    Simple suggestion: Just a menu for deed holders to see upkeep of deeds in the alliance they are part of. Would make it easier to let alliance members know when a deed in their alliance is running low or about to disband. The menu could show the cost per month, upkeep left, and days left until disband.
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    From my understanding, no. There will be new JNLPs; assuming the fixed JNLP will be put in place of the old one at the web URL, which it obviously should and likely will, because why keep the broken JNLP there, your way will still work. Those who have the JNLP on their own machine will merely have to redownload it. (Unless that's just a shortcut at javaws and the web URL as a parameter aswell, would have to check what exactly it put on the desktop under Windows. I'll surely find out later anyway.) I reckon this is the last time they renew the certificate though and only do it as a fallback while all quirks of the native launcher are being hammered out.
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    I have thought something similar as well for the game, i just didnt want to waste my time suggesting it. but.. +1, would be cool if we could get "interactive" map where it shows the areas you and your allies have conquered as well.
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    I'd marry of @CIRAYto @sleepys Nice idea +1
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    You are just saying this because we recently raided/drained most of your deeds, and you're scared about being wiped off the map, so now working with TC to bash your own towers and convert some frontline deeds for protection of Sheer Panda. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but I don't think this suggested change should be implemented because the intention is not to help the overall PVP community, but rather to more easily protect your kingdom from WU without conceding deeds or land owned to TC. It's purely selfish.
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    Should be there, unless something's up IRL . I can do: Blacksmithing(99) Weaponsmithing(92) Chainsmithing(90) Shieldsmithing(90) Platesmithing(94) Jewelsmithing(73) Carpentry(90) Fine Carpentry(73) Masonry(82) Leatherworking(70) Would also bring my Vyn priest, Biff, with 90 channeling. A pair of beds would be nice too, if still available.
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    When using the Wurm map generator (below) you dont have to use it to generate the hightmaps, you can make one using any method you like and then import it. So what exactly is a highmap? Its literally just a greyscale image (16bit .png format) of your map. The darker the area, the lower the elevation. The whiter the higher. This means you can open up photoshop or even ms paint, create a black background of the map size you want and draw your map on to it in shades of grey and white. While this is possible, the results will be horrific as you wont really be able to visualize your elevations or get the same quality of gradation. However it is important to remember that you can always slap your hightmap into an image editor in order to make changes. For example if you want to uniformly increase the height of the entire map then just turn the image brightness up a bit. Its also useful for chopping and changing bits - say you like an island in one pic and a continent in another, you can cut and paste them into a single image. Its also important to realize that any image can be used - you only have to convert it to greyscale and export it as a 16bit png file (of the correct size). Once you know this, a world of possibilities open up. Any 3d terrain editing software that lets you export a hightmap to 16bit png (all of them) can be used. It will take a lot of playing around with because I generally find due to scaling differences, what looks nice in a 3d editor does not always translate to looking nice in game. For example a nicely proportioned mountain in your editor may translate into a slight bump in Wurm meaning all your mountains need to be exaggerated in the editor etc. Once your used to your own editor itl be easier. Fancy terrain editors like world-machine will generate things nicely but I tried to use it and it was just far to complex for my simple mind. For those of us sat in the mud with just rocks to play with, we have to resort to scapeing terrain by hand which again, basically all editors will let you do. The problem with this however is that try as you might, the result will be to 3d terrain as a 5 year olds finger paintings are to fine art (###### and child-like). Especially your coastlines. Your only hope is to basically start with alot of the work done for you. IE find a hightmap, or a picture you can convert into a hightmap. What I do these days is use this nifty tool to grab real world terrain data - https://terrain.party/ You just move the grid over an area you like and click download. You will get a zip with several hightmaps of different resolutions. You can use any of them but I find the "merged" one works well enough. The maps you get are tiny however (roughly 1000 pixel square) so you will need to scale it up to your map size before working on it (I use Gimp as its free). You can just scale it up and throw it straight into the Wurm map generator but you will more than likely need to tidy it up in a 3d editor first (often quite a lot of work required tbh). Sometimes it will come out very well but be prepared for it to come out nearly flat. In these cases theres not much you can do but use it as a flat canvas. This isnt too bad as it will at least provide the hardest part...the coast lines. Just be careful when editing not to over smooth the coast or youl loose all the nice sharp definition and the map will go back to looking child-like. Not sure what else to write, Q&A is prob best from here on
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    I don't make suggestions but I just thought I would put this idea out there. I am sure something like this has been suggested before. But here it goes: If two different want to work together to fight they can merge. Two account will get "married" to make the alliance with the two kingdom. You still have two separate kingdoms but the "Alliance role" is now the two kingdom together talking and permissions "alliance" would mean both kingdoms could do that. But the "kingdom" role/permission would be the said kingdom you are with. Then when you break/undo the alliance you either have a war to take over the other kingdom and fight.. or you just have peaceful break. When the two kingdoms ally together the towers of the kingdoms will be friendly. This would make pvp more like role playing. More like rl kingdoms back in the day. Or say people of two different kingdoms want to play together but they don't want to leave the kingdom they are part of if the two kingdoms are of with it they can ally together. Or if there are two smaller but upcoming kingdoms that want to fight not to low of numbers to fight they can Ally together till they get the number to fight alone. I can also see some changes that would need to be made if two kingdoms come together. Champhood would need to be that if you join two kingdoms together you are still only allowed 3 champs, because then kingdoms would be just joining together so they can have 6 Champs. Officers roles will be among both the kingdoms not having two of each. Because you would not want to have people creating kingdoms just to take advantage of have double of everything. Like let's say everyone wanted to take on one kingdom because that said kingdom is getting to big or "toxic behavior" that is making the server not fun. Two of the kingdoms could just Married/allied together and been able to enter deeds and help defends and fight. You wouldnt have to convert a the other kingdom deeds or bash towers. This would encourage more people to be involved hence they can make a kingdom with friends ally with someone for protection to get bigger before doing their own thing.. I don't know if I am making sense of my idea. But I think this would put a new aspect to the pvp side of things.
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    This week we'll be introducing a new, native launcher for Wurm Online. As is the case every couple of years, due to certificate renewal, the current JNLPs and shortcuts are going to break this week, but now in addition to the JNLP, we are releasing native executable files for Windows and Linux, with a Mac version following later in the month. As previously mentioned, this gives you a way to just install the game like you do with any other application, and not worry about installing the correct version of Java and such - the launcher will now detect and download the version you need. Downloads available here: https://www.wurmonline.com/wurm-online-downloads/ If you have any issues installing it, disable your antivirus for the time it's installing - it's common that newly released applications get marked as false positives and it should fix itself in a couple days. If you prefer to keep using JNLPs for now (we'll be removing them once we're sure the launcher works well, and the Mac builds are done), you need to clear the Java cache and download new JNLPs - you can find it in the link above. How to clear your Java cache:
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    lets face it - clothing options are almost non-existent. As well as a range of new cotton/wool options it would be nice to also see the introduction of new types like silk, linen etc, for ultra fine cloths and maybe other non clothing related stuff. Also cloth types that use leather. Yes this will all mostly be cosmetic but there could be a slight movement bonus to certain items or to certain ql. Maybe a skill gain bonus to "fine - upperclass, silk cloths" - but the really fine cloths should take dmg quite easily, requiring regular repair as opposed to lower quality "workmens" cotton cloths that would be much hardier. Workmens cloths maybe give a slight buff to action speed, but not too much due to their sturdiness. Linen sailors cloths could give a ship speed bonus. Fine furniture items that have pattern'd padded seats should require textile components when building - with option to use different kinds of textile for different ql of finished item
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    Hi Everyone! I deeply apologise for the late VI, the main reason being we've been able to get through huge chunks of long term projects such as project Frontier and Elevation reset. This means that news is light as the other works have been pacing along well! The delay allowed me to collect all the info on the Elevation update with the full locked in systems to share. So let's get to it! Save the date! The final details have been locked down for the Epic patch and Elevation reset! The date is set at going down some time on the 9th, and relaunching on the 11th with a new map. This will affect all of Epic so if you would like to play please do make sure to transfer your character to Freedom. We may even be able to organise something so Elevation goes out with some bangs! The locked in details are: We also have the ingame map that will be available. We'll be launching with a fog of war covering all of Elevation. Over time we may unveil certain areas, but for now everyone will be going in blind. Going native We're also working on a native launcher client to replace the jnlp client very soon. It will be entering team testing for any major issues then be available for all. This won't change anything beyond how the game is launched but will avoid any issues with getting wurm to launch with jnlp. Party time! Last week the 10th Anniversary for Independence event was launched, and it's been awesome. It's been tweaked based on feedback with some locations given a little more info and should be easier to find. I hope everyone enjoys the reward, because I personally think it's amazing! The event will run all July until the update on the 25th, so get to it! VEN streamer and well known drongo Emoo also went on this adventure across Independence, sharing some of his stories and memories, including this awesome glow up of dragonfang! Suggesting suggestive suggestions Another thing in the works is a guide for the suggestions forum detailing the purpose of the suggestions forum and how we as developers use it. Tips on how to post a good suggestion, how to support or counter a suggestion (hint: it's not a democracy with +1's and -1's deciding a winner) as well as answers to commonly suggested ideas. Expect to see this next week. Community stream Later today at 10pm GMT I will be streaming some adventures on another server (we may even have some goodies to give away) ! I haven't picked which server but I will let hint that we are looking for a place to found a developer deed, where we can play the game on stream while we talk (and show how bad we are at it). If you have any suggestions about which server we should check out leave a message below! In the future we'll be looking at streaming earlier in the evening for the Euro players, around 8pm GMT That's it from us this week, I'll see you all on stream today and we'll be working hard to get everything ready for the Epic update on the 9th. Until then though... Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    It should be left to the mayor of every deed who should be able to see that information: all alliance members/mayors, or only single players. And it should be turned off by default. Else +1
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    I have also not read all the words yet, but yes, online communities like forums and discords inflate the thoughts of certain people that are not the main members of a game’s community. The loudest people are not always the best reflection.
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    When i was doing it, the camera was positioned above and behind the character slightly over one shoulder, but still constrained to the player. Turning the camera angle would turn the player. The way you select things in the world is by using your cursor as a picker. It still worked fine in 3rd person. What you are describing sounds like some sort of bug where the camera and player became detached from the player model That gif of nightmare wurm that i posted somewhere shows how the third person was working, although with a ton of other unrelated bugs at the time, so just ignore that and look at the third person aspect bc i was swimming around and looking around with it Edit: sorry that the only gif i have of it includes the world render and ui render bugs, but this should give you some idea of how the 3rd person was working I personally feel like third person would immerse you in your character more because you would actually see it
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    Well done to all the team for the way you have carried out this improvement. The advance information, the way that you have been available throughout the changeover so help solve minor issues and to help allay fears is most appreciated. Cookies all round- the edible ones that is
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    I remember those issues too, but I don't know if denying an idea because of unforeseen issues is necessarily the best reasoning, because lets just find out what those issues are and fix them ya know?
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    After reading through seven pages of crap in this thread, I'm really wondering why I'm still playing WO. Yes, that's right, I'm considering leaving this game, it's UTTERLY TOXIC community, the staff and the money I invested in it. The reasons: 1) The community behaviour. We got PvP vs PvE groups, we got PvP vs PvP groups, we got PvP vs Staff groups, we got PvE vs Staff groups. What we don't have is a comUNITY. Even in this thread I see people fighting like cats and dogs over a staff decission; either being it an exploit or not doesn't matter. Fact is, it was close to an exploit and if a player is playing as long as that angry one we got here, that angry one also COULD have known that they were very close to breaking the rules. At that point you got three choices, either not doing it or continuing or contacting the staff and asking them if it's ok to do so. Reading through that angry's person's post I see a LOT of accusations towards a staff member. Not ONCE!!, I repeat, NOT ONCE!! I see that person saying that anyone of that group contacted a staff member to ask if there's a risk involved. While I can understand that people don't check the forum every 5 minutes while they're ingame, I can't understand why a staff member wasn't contacted. Because afaik there's always a GM, CA or other staff member online. Yet, instead of accepting as an adult (wo)man, the angry person kept on whining like that little girl hugging her my little pony in her bedroom. Perhaps that angry person should consider to grow up for a chance. And admit that (s)he made a mistake as well. 2) more community behaviour A while ago a good player and friend of mine at Xanadu got an IP ban after telling two staff members to "###### off". The reason for that, a certain player - coincidally the angry one in this topic - kept fueling his anger about some things, resulting in a flame war in a certain thread and eventually two staff members having to interfere. Yet, the person who was actually responsible for the flame war never got punished. But at the same time, freaks out when others in the sermon group are. Speaking of unjustice justice. I've seen several members here - and for some reason they're all PvP players, not sure if that's a coincidence - doing a lot of mud throwing at other members at the community. For some reason, that same group refuses to understand this game is a PvP and PvE game and you simply can't please both groups. So every time the staff comes up with a change that affects both, it's the PvP community yelling and whining, forgetting that what affects them, affects others as well. Including the other PvP players; which means it balances things eventually. However, because of all the toxic behaviour, Epic got drained the moment it was possible to move your char to freedom. Chaos isn't a PvP server anymore, because most of the players once living there are now living at Freedom and only gather for a raid. Makes me wonder if there's really PvP or if it has moved to the Forums instead. Either way, PvP kinda killed itself because of the behaviour of players and / or the loss of interest of others. And it won't be the last server it'll happen to. 3) even more community behaviour: A PvP player decides to volunteer to create the map. As soon as his name becomes public - I'm not sure if that was done on purpose or by accident - some of the other PvP players immediately accuse them that the kingdom he's in will have an advantage in fights because he knows the map. They never bother to inform if he's still going to play on epic. They never bother to inform is he's actually going to join the group if they're planning the raid. They just assume he'll do everything he got to make his kingdom the strongest on Epic. In my country we got a saying " Zoals de waard is, vertrouwt hij zijn gasten"; which more or less translates as "As the landlord is, he trusts his guests." I think the ones accusing a VOLUNTEER of cheating, should look at themselves. The fact THEY would do that, doesn't mean HE would do that. 4) and a lot more community behaviour: The moment a new player cuts down a tree, half the server is on fire. The moment a settled player cuts down a tree, the only comment you got is: Yeah well, I'm not living there anyway; ignoring the fact others actually are living there. The moment a new player digs at the side of the road, the other half of the server is on fire. The moment settled players dig at sides of the road, you hear no-one complain. Then there's alt abuse at rifts and unique slayings using the excuse that it's done because of the economics. Economics? My arse. It's done because of greed and nothing else. A dragon or drake set would give the seller 80-130 silver. That means they have to set up 81-131 deeds for one silver upkeep a month to run into negative costs. Considering those deeds usually last a few days, their costs are far less as that one silver. At the same time we got players deeding mountainsides to carve out tunnels for highway projects. Those deeds last several weeks or months, but the players doing the hard job never see an iron in return. All they got - if they're lucky - is other players helping them and supporting them with mats. If that doesn't happen they even have to buy the tools and mats themselves. So the elitist hunting groups are only formed because of the economics demanding they have to get a profit from all the deeds? Like I said before, my arse! And the countless alts waiting for a rift to close are just there because of the economics? Again, my arse! If I'd bring my entire family to a construction job and getting paid 20 euro's while sunbathing all day, while others were actually building a house for the same 20 euro's, it's called abuse and unfair. Yet, in WO this is economics? Like I said before, my arse! 5) "The game is dying" comment. The game isn't dying. It's being killed by the community. The things I mentioned above are just a tip of the iceberg. There's simply too much toxity between player and staff interest and the moment anyone even thinks about bringing the groups together, that person's ignored or being attacked at all sides. For a while I've been using the phrase "No matter what the Dev's do, whiners gonna whine" in CA- help and Freedom chat after some people complained about a change made to the game. I never realized how right that statement is. Even now there's tried hard to give the game better looks, players are complaining about lag, fps drop etc. accusing the dev's causing it. For some reason, no matter what is done, it's never good enough and problems are always caused by them (the staff / dev's), not me. I think I kinda mentioned that earlier with that certain angry angel in mind. Another thing related to that "the game is dying" comment, is that we won't get new players. Why should they? I mean, if a game is dying, why would you invest time and money in it, if you risk the game not being available anymore. After all, NO-ONE right of mind would enter an electronics shop to buy that q-led tv, knowing the shop is going bankrupt and the guarantee won't work after that. I know I won't. So, can things be changed? Perhaps, but it takes an effort I'm unsure members are willing to take. First of all should the staff ignore certain loudmouths for a change. It's always the same players having comments about what the staff plans and it's always the same players who're negative about it. I got the feeling they rather have all players still running around with the starter clothing and a sharp pointy stick, as where we are now. Second of all, the staff should listen to the people making intelligent comments; hoping the game would improve. I've seen Etherdrifter doing that several times, yet NOT ONE of the things he pointed out has ever been taken into account. However, the moment one of the loudmouths creates a post about things he or she didn't like, the change is reverted. I know there's a vocal minorty and a non-vocal majority. However, the moment a vocal minorty decides what the silent majority has to do or accept in a game, the game becomes elitist. Which is something that certainly isn't good for the game itself. Third: players should stop venting their anger about staff member behaviour in public. If you got a problem with a staff member, solve it in a PM, not in a non-related forum topic. In the end both you and the staff member got hurt and the only impression you leave behind is that you and a staff member are having a personal grief. Not to mention, it's not real good advertising about this game and its staff. Personally, I've had good experiences with the staff, although at some point I too got pretty pissed off when getting the "It's not beautiful enough" message when trying to get herritage for a tunnel. However a personal conversation with a staff member explaining why that rule is made and getting some hints and tips as how to achieve it being "more beautiful". The only reason things worked out, was because I decided to keep an open mind despite my anger, because that herritage was done for the benefit of the community; not for me. And on a side note, I never seen any iron in return from all the materials I invested in it. Perhaps I should set up a toll-booth or something? Fourth: Staff members are people too. They eat, they sleep, got ill, they fart and have to take bathroombreaks. However, too often I've seen that the moment a player files a support ticket, (s)he gets angry when a GM isn't responding within 10 minutes, while when that same player asks if someone is online and get the message (s)he isn't, replies with: OK, I'll wait a bit longer then. Using double standards doesn't help the game. Not when players doing it or when staff members are doing it. And usingthem has happened with both groups. Fifth: It's time the elitists in this game realize there's more as just them playing the game. When you get to the point where only a small group of players are hunting uniques, when a small group of players is doing the hard weapon imping at impalongs, when it's the same group of people organizing impalongs every year, when a small group of people have a market monopoly at a server, things are wrong. Very wrong. Still, nothing is done about it and I doubt it ever will because of all kinds of reasons. Being it the staff not willing to take action or players just accepting things as a given fact and not willing to resist, I dunno. What I do know is that it's lost the fun for me, knowing that I can visit an impalong during X-mas at the same spot as there was one last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. And the one before that. And so forth. No matter what, WO needs to change, but I got the feeling that the needed changes are either resisted by the staff or the player base. Or both. As a result of not willing to change, I've seen the playerbase plummet from 250 players at Xanadu when I started four years ago to 300-ish players in total over all WO servers recently. That's a dramatic decrease which will eventually end up in this game shutting down. The major reason for it is not the staff, but how the community behaves. And it's that behaviour that's making me wonder if I should play this game as well. I got my 4 accounts premmed up to somewhere in Januari. One of my deeds got 360 days of upkeep, the other one got 280 days. So I got plenty of time to decide what to do. But considering I just returned to play today and instead found the ###### in this thread, I really wonder what I'm doing here. More important, if I decide to quit playing, I'm pretty certain two other players may leave as well. One of those players has already peeked into Chronicles or Elyria and likes that game. It may be possible I just move my ###### to that game and have fun there. A shame, considering the time I've spend in this game and the things I've done for the community. But if parts of the community remain as ungrateful and selfish as they are now, there's no need for me to stay here any longer. And I advise some members here to look in the mirror and ask themselves if it's worth all the crap they're posting compared to the players they're chasing away. Thorin
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    The problem is that it doesn't do that and when you max out on committed memory doing literally anything not wurm on your pc will cause most of the clients to crash, and often crash the graphics drivers with it. I've given my pagefile its own dedicated ssd to get around this, not even joking
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    huge +1 make it a toggle for ally, specific player and non citizens in the deed settings. obviously turned off by default. It can help to maintain large amounts of deeds (some of us have more than one), allow people to colaborate on public use deeds (i don't have too much hope here)... and help to maintain old pal deeds around... waiting for them to come back to the game.
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    But then you are just stacking kingdom bonuses. I.E. Executioner, King, etc.
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    The alliance system did not work well last time, related exploits between gods and stuff, I do not remember the exact details but it pertained to MR and Horde. Might not be as relevant today with player gods. EDIT: I just remembered it had to do with Champions, specifically opposing religion champions in the other kingdom. Lib champ in Mol Rehan, if I remember correctly.
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    Update: got a message of AVG telling me the file is considered not being a virus. Seems that problem got solved pretty fast. Thorin PS: selfquoting used to be soooooo 1999.
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    Not any way specific to the client, but you can disable stacking on the Windows taskbar in general. https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-disable-taskbar-button-grouping-2626110 Extract it anywhere, run the launcher inside.
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    Oh this looks promising. I think i'll give this server a try Been looking into picking wurm up again. I started at sklotopolis but hatone has so many abandoned deeds and mutulated landscape I've been looking for a server where I can be part off from the start
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    Found my poor boat, of course I was wrong at it was on the north border, not south...
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    There's clay on top of the mountain Clay on top of the mountain There's clay on top of the mountain, and how did it get there? How did it get there? How did it get there? There's clay on top of the mountain Clay on top of the mountain There's clay on top of the mountain, and how did it get there?
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    This kind of thinking gets me furious. You're seriously telling me that you would want to be caped like that? The main selling point of this game to me is that with enough time invested I could do anything I want. And sorry to break it to you, it maybe looks like that on paper but this wouldn't increase trading ingame, it will either make people quit or prem up and grind bunch of alts untill we cover all we wanted and could with one account. The thing you suggest is utterly terrible game design because of which I only play wurm and no other games. Look where priest restriction brought us, nobody is buying enchants because everyone has priest alts. If I want to invest 10 years in this game and want to have more than 10 100 skills it's none ###### buisness to restrict me for sake of some economy. I want to be both carpetner and smith, both farmer and fighter so sod of with such restrictions(only restriction should be time to do it), can go play WOW if I wanted that.
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    You guys can lockpick all the stuff you want on Epic.
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    Please DEVs, there must be some fun things to do. I know in the past folks have complained about off deed lock picking of abandoned carts, boats, and such, old chests, etc. Folks sometimes do return before stuff decays. A simple solution would be be a few GM Managed Ports or IE Parking garages where players could leave vehicles if they believe they will return. This would should appease those players who might return. Wouldn't require any coding and might even work as a server project or some such. Salvaging is fun, it breaks up the mundane. WURM is great, it just needs more fun stuff to do from time to time.
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    We definitely need a way to loot abandoned stuff. My heart bleeds for the decaying rare carts with 50+ damage. They are definitely not even remembered by their owners anymore - for a long time. Bulks -strictly off deed on PVE- really should have an option to be salvaged
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    yes, cap the moonmetal and ql on chaos, and make them buy on freedom!
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    I would remind players in general that a "declining market" as touched upon here means cheaper prices for those who pay to play the game out of their own funds/income. I sort of doubt that they would complain about a "declining market". If this is the case then who would complain about this and come up with suggestions as to how to "improve" it? What does this "improvement" mean then? Perhaps to those who see this as a problem in the first place it would mean ways to increase the costs of the items that they sell? If the cost of these items is increased then they would make more silver to spend to supplement their expenses in and out of the game while the expense of playing the game is increased for those who pay from their available funds outside the game. Why would this situation be beneficial (a better "market") for new players who will pay for paying the game out of their own available funds? It would seem to me that a "declining market" would be more beneficial to draw them to the game, unless of course if they were lured into it by the prospect of making money from playing it to supplement their in game expenses or make an excess of funds to spend outside the game. Even those who do play the game to make money from playing it are never satisfied with the amount of money they can currently make so these diverse scenarios of doom are perpetuated to enforce the "necessity" to "improve the market" from its decline or else the game will never survive another 12 or so years as it has stumbled along doing in the past. Another supposed flaw of the game is allowing players to "grind" up their skills and then gradually develop self sufficiency so that they can supply themselves with these items and abilities and not need to purchase them from those whose focus is making money from playing the game. I would suppose that many players other than myself take this same approach to playing the game and yet we would be vilified as a detriment to the game because we do not participate in this "market" that others would like to capture as exclusive to themselves. Still, I/we purchase some items and services from other players simply because we don't want to spend time or are interested in "grinding" those skills up ourselves. In this respect player trade serves a useful and desired purpose since it is based upon a real demand for these services and not an artificial one perpetuated for the purpose of those who play the game to make money from playing it. I would suppose that there are many more players who purchase items and services than there are those who sell them. If this is the case then a "declining market" is a benefit to them because of lower prices paid for playing the game. Sure, players are not "forced" to purchase any items or services from others but just as in RL life these things make the game more enjoyable to play for those who purchase them. If a few of these "sellers" leave the game because of a "declining market" little impact upon it is had since others will soon replace them to supply these same goods and services to other players. Maybe we are even better off... =Ayes=
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    Maybe you are not wanting to see that your explanation model is confuse rather than I am confusing anything. Vets go away, stick, return everywhere in the gaming world, and are not always (to put it politely) happy with changes. That any aspect of the game gets more revealed, tricks and abbreviations being detected, is the fate of every game, maybe code analysis through WU eased it (in fact, Java code was always easier to analyse than, say, disassembling and analyzing C or C++ binaries), but blackbox tests already are sufficiently telling to reveal software behaviour. And maybe some vets got frustrated about faster and easier ways to grind. Others left or stayed for a large variety of reasons. My point with Niarja is not that I claim the data there being representative. I pointed at the aspect that my "ranking" in my modest WS skill is higher than my average skill, while e.g. my "ranking" in Mining and Carp, though over 80 and 90 respectively, is below. That indicates that not scores of players rushed towards "level 70 in 24 hours". That is all, and it demonstrates that a large number of players (the share of players registered at Niarja is not low so the data are telling something) is not overly impressed by such techniques, even if and insofar they exist. It seems you are infatuated with generalizations, be it by determining who is a vet and who not (fortunately I can say I am not so not affected by such verdict either way). I take Roccandil as serious (or less serious) as you and your somewhat tunnel vision towards the PvP aspect of the game and an alleged overwhelming majority of vets. Yes, Epic is somewhat easier in a couple of aspects, but a beast such as "the Epic player" does not exist. Some people in my region and alliance are former Epic players with a widely different view and perspective. No, I am not assuming, but you are. You cannot even determine where I live and work, where I did live and work for long time, and how many members of my family (not mentioning friends) are living and even citizens of the United States (I can assure you that the number is well double digit). I am very aware (you not as it seems) that "the people" of the US are holding extremely diverging views about everything (which is not different from Europe, China, India, or the other parts of the Americas). I know that many condemn or suspect the ways free speech is suppressed by corporate entities, that was not the question. My point was that nobody can claim to speak for "the people" (whichever) and being a citizen of whichever country has no superior meaning. Well, the forums have their rules. I consider them fairly liberal, and threads going very far in constant attacks on the team, bickering, picking on one another before they get locked or posts removed. So much I can say after about 18 months of Wurm and Wurm Online forum. There may be transgressions and exaggerations, by the team and the moderators, even overly sensitive reactions and overreactions. My point is that this is not censorship. This is a private forum with limited reach, and no obligation to publish everything. That is the crucial difference to real censorship, be it by state agencies or monopolistic corporate or institutional bodies. You may post every video banned here on your blog or home page, Youtube, Vimeo, Youkou or else, and even point to it here, and I doubt you will ever be banned or "censored" here. No moderation ever is stainless and flawless, especially not in heated debates. From what I observed here it seems that the moderation is sustaining quite a lot of heat. I cannot say whether they acted worse in the past, but I do not see that they are really curbing free speech.
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    Something that has always bothered me about Wurm is how lifeless and robotic animals are. It's curious that the Wurm team has gone to great lengths to make the game mechanics and environment as immersive and realistic as possible... and yet it feels like animals were forgotten in the immersion and realism department. 1. Audio We need the animal sounds restored with more sophisticated coding this time. (only x amount of sounds heard at a time to avoid audio spam) I will tirelessly continue to complain about how mute the animals are (cows mooing without vocal chords anyone?). I once made a video in which I inserted animal sounds to video footage see how much more immersive Wurm would feel. You can watch it on YouTube. Low hanging audio fruit: We already have a sound for when an animal dies/is branded. How about we reuse that same sound in the following instances to enhance immersion and improve usability. (just like we enjoy hearing that lovely crunchy sound upon harvesting a sprout): - Once the breeding process has been successfully completed - When an animal has given birth 2. Behavior (aka AI) For the purpose of making these following ideas easy for everyone to imagine, I'm going to use horses as an example, but obviously these things should work for all animals! a. Babies should follow mothers until they reach the adult stage: b. If you attack a baby that is within X tiles of the mother, the mother will start to attack you. (Hence, if you need to kill the baby off, it would be wise to lead it apart from it's mother) c) Stallions attack you, if you attack any mare or baby within X tiles of it's "line of sight". (Again, if you need to kill a horse, it's probably not a good idea to do it next to a stallion whose job it is to guard over his herd) d) Stallions will occasionally breed with a random "ripe" mare that happens to be within X tiles and in the same enclosure. (That's what would happen IRL right?) e) Keeping more than one stallion in the same enclosure will have them randomly start fighting once in a while. (Don't want fights? Keep stallions separate.) (on second thought, maybe not such a good idea after all) f) Upon slaughtering and butchering a mare that was pregnant, you receive both a horse hide + foal hide in the butchering results. (It would be kind of cool and creepy that there is some "evidence" of the pregnancy this way) g) Currently, mares have the chance to miscarry. Why not also have the chance to give birth to twin foals? (Logging on to the game to find that a mare has given birth is always a thrill. Why not add on to the chance of luck element) h) Horses that you "care for" have a chance of walking towards you if they are in the vicinity of X tiles. If the horse is behind a fence, it will walk up to the fence, giving the impression of it being bonded to you. The horse will only do this action once and not repeatedly, as to avoid it following you around, which would be annoying if that's not what you want. 3. Additional Textual information As mentioned in my earlier suggestion, it would be nice if we had some additional textual information about our animals. --------------------------------------- I'm sure you guys could come up with even more ideas. Please add on to the list!
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    I did not address you but those who may call it a ripoff if somebody demands a price which seems too high for them. It is the nature of trading that someone offers, someone else demands, and the offers usually be above the buyer's expectations. That is bit wierd in Wurm: I sometimes found ppl withdrawing, obviously offended, when they deemed the price too high, instead trying to haggle (which is much of the fun, even in real life, e.g. in Mideast and Asia, less among caucasians, especially in christian-protestant cultures). Lvl 90+ in WS, catapults, foraging/botanizing? Gimme a break. The world is more than FS and subskills. I also contradict the notion of vet players outnumbering new players by 4-5 to 1. That is not the case at least in my area and alliance where there is a ration between 30 to 40% of players with Wurm experience of under 3 years, me with about 19 months not being an exception. My impressions from rifts etc.match that impression. Anyway I always felt the churn rate being too high, I hope that HL does help at least somewhat, it is a step in the right direction certainly. I wrote about the ad and PR thing lately (Etherdrifter contradicted, albeit not convincingly imho): It is true that the game is practically invisible in the gaming world, and more PR outside the WO/WU bubble is certainly a need and a must. Yet, mind the amount of funding available for in best case, it is tiny, as the result would be, in best case, gain of some hundred, maybe thousand+ additional players year on year (which would be great btw., and the order of magnitude the game could absorb without troubles). So there must be a well chosen mix of guerilla marketing, targeting of the sandbox communities, many player and volunteer driven stuff. Whining about missing ads does not help, creativity is on demand. I always vomit about "dated UI". There is not much worse than "modern UIs". And yes, the UI needs some improvements. "Constant requests" read for me like the rant and whine bombardments which drive away so many forum readers, possibly even players. That is worse than the alleged evil censors.
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    I'll try to show up for some fun, missed the last few. Masonry 99 Stone cutting 94 Blacksmithing 95
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    Well, I see not few market activity, in trade chat as well as from allies and friends. It is true that the prices are going down, especially in the calm summer season. What else can be expected in a game with many high level players and a widely saturated demand? What I do not understand, is the expectation to make money ingame. I am here for playing, when I want to work and earn money I go elsewhere. I see trade as fun and a game element no less than other parts of the game. Rising productivity is as much chance as disadvantage. And btw., what does "accused of trying to get higher prices" mean? How foolish are people? When they feel the price being too high, just don't buy. When it is a friend, maybe pm and tell the prices recently paid.
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    bring back redneckgranny
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    NO to this. Affinities are basically now a nice surprise bonus that you get sometimes from playing the game. One of the few things that you now can't buy or maybe you can still "harvest" them by killing other players (which I hope they would remove too). The ability to sell them off like this (face it that is what many/most will do) just adds them to the pile of making money from playing the game opportunities. They should be kept as is as small surprise rewards for playing the game. You are given this special gift and then want to sell it off. A sad, sad suggestion... =Ayes=
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    If there was a wurm classic, I would personally like to join a petition to get Jenn Kellon Home back from Gold 2.
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    Cloth rags and standing on horses and no paperdoll
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    I'm not yet at the point I have any skills that high, but I'm definitely planning on popping across and pitching in where I can
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    Because of how Wurn works, the only way your idea would work is by lifting a certain area's rock layer above the water table, as rock is not just a state but an entire different zone. Everytime you cross a mine entrance you basicly 'zone' somewhere else. Being able to turn a single tile into rock would make a huge rock spike and would pretty much break the game easily. It could be exploited in so many ways. Wurm is a 2D world made to look 3D, so you cant have dirt below rock. In essesnce -1. This functionality already exists with the Wand of the Seas.
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