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    There hasn't been a new map for Wurm Online since 2015, when Elevation was reset. It's been over 4 years since there's been new land. Anyone who only heard of Wurm through Wurm Unlimited (for example, me) has never had the opportunity to experience a new map for the game. That gold rush sensation of exploring new land and claiming it as your own. Players on PvP want a new map. Players from Wurm Unlimited might be interested in trying Wurm Online with a new map. Who knows, maybe it's just the bombshell you want for the upcoming dev stream.
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    So epic and more specifically elevation the main epic pvp server will be completely left untouched with no attention for at least another year on top of the years already and potentially more, because of a potential but currently not thought of situation, is that correct? Why would anyone play on elevation now? There is no point to invest time and money into the server because there might be a change to the map sometime in the future but no guarantees. Can the people in charge of this game look at us with a straight face and explain to us why they think anyone should spend their money and time on the server that may or may not last? Or are people expected to ignore epic for the next 1+ years?
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    This mentality baffles me. There are only two reasons why you would make such a statement: 1 you dont care about pvp as developers and are hoping for a quiet death or 2 you just are too lazy to bother doing anything at all and you are hoping for it to just go away. Your players are loudly asking for a map reset. Look at this thread! Not even a single pvper here is against a map reset. Everyone is on board with this. You ygot a dead cluster, a pile of players asking for a new map, and an entire pvp community telling you how to fix this issue with little effort. 1) Release a new Elevation map 2) Turn off player Gods on Epic 3) Go play with new colored buckets. Hell, the pvp community will give you the damn map! Make a contest, have people.submit maps to you, and select one! Hell even if your reward was a sleep powder, your inbox would explode with the amount of submissions you'll get. Drop a map, flip a switch, and forget about the thing for a year. People will come back and bash each other's brains out for a while guaranteed. You could get this done in an afternoon. You just said work on it has not even started! You are holding the whole pvp community hostage because someone had a wild idea while scratching their bellybutton and watching tv that you don't even know you're going to implement! What's wrong with you people!?
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    If you dont understand what I am trying to say, then I guess you simply have not been reading what the playerbase has been asking about for the past year or two. But let me see if I can explain further. I know you are not aware, but waiting a year or more to solve an issue on a game is not acceptable. I know Wurm has been getting away with it for years but is not okay. Really. Its not. You can't expect your playerbase to just wait there in suspense paying premium while you get around to it. People will get bored and leave because there is nothing new coming. So your response to this is "we are working on something, guys, but we have other projects to work on first so we'll get around to it eventually." Do you think thats okay? The population of the whole Epic cluster has dropped down to -single digits- most of the day, and you think thats okay? I have no idea how you justify that to yourself. Yet here you are seeing your community pleading with you for a simple solution that will keep them busy until you "get around to it". Replace the elevation map and turn off player Gods on Epic. Bam! Instant happiness. But you rather come here and play dumb, like if its the first time you see it ever. You're either trolling the community, or you are really clueless. I don't know which is worse.
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    I will be sure to tell the Epic cluster players to bring their collectibles across to epic from their hiding spots on freedom. Perfect example of someone not knowing what they are talking about 10/10
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    This (the above) is the path to madness. Give the people of Epic a new Elevation map and then implement it. Make it small enough that people trip over each other. This will make combat happen. If you don't have the time ask the community to do it instead (thinking about the interesting effort TC made when they changed their designs, that was a solid community winning effort with lots of community involvement). If it turns out that 1 year from now you have an idea that leads to a new map two years from now then at least you will have a solid reason to have a conversation with your community about why a reset is needed, with good solid reasons. In the meantime you've given people a new map to play on, hopefully some engaging combat to enjoy and perhaps a much stronger community will happen as a result. The amount of work required to put a new map into place is trivial (this isn't supposition, I've done it multiple times). If you want to go a bit further to recreate the Epic 180 idea that's been bandied about most of that is easily accomplished with mods (I've written a bunch that get rid of things like altars, meditation rugs, hell horses etc so even that request is relatively small as well). I think people are most upset at the trivial things that they are requesting that are being made into these huge efforts when in reality the effort isn't huge. Unfortunately when WU came out it ripped open the curtain and made it possible to understand just how hard these kind of changes are. It's time to stop being the problem and instead start being an active and effective part of the solution.
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    to refuse doing something because of "no concrete ideas" i guess its done thanks for answering i give up
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    The only real reason I could see for needing a second reset later would be if the awesome secret plan is some kind of land control crap so as to start each kingdom on an even footing, problem is that epic has always had its charm for not being the land control game that chaos was and more focused on open field fun. If that isn't the case then you really are forcing people to not bother paying/playing for a year or more if they even come back after, I hope it isn't the case because land control is boring as bat excrement but you also need to give a little at some point if you care about anything at all.
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    I'm sorry but a hypothetical outcome for something that has never been seen to be needed before is not really going help placate anyone and only really shows the empty words to be stronger than ever.
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    you actually made my day thorin for president
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    I would love to see a map reset on epic, like a smaller map & I would also like to see the home servers being fixed like remove the fight skill being reduced for enemies on home servers & fix the buggy logout timers for enemies on home servers & also add the final drain back into the game deeds are to over powered
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    Probably the ones that refer to incidents and rulings that arent mentioned in the game rules so that others avoid repeating and being banned, it may look neater and give the impression of a nicer community but fair warning would seem the better option imo
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    I like this idea, most games offer this as a 10$ service ezpz why not people behave poorly regardless of what we call them, and shouldn't be a reason against this idea.
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    Age-confused White Dragon Hatchling has been caught and there will be a public slaying. Come everyone for the hide and blood and to remove a menace to peaceful folks. Chayra is the one who found it, and wanted to make it a public event. Thanks go to them. I helped to pen it and will arrange the slaying. Location is west of Vrock Landing G12 on game map. Close-up below Area marked as Boat parking is definitely inside local area and you should also (but I'm not guaranteeing) be able to park anywhere inside that bay and still receive hide/blood. Altars etc. area Has now 4 gold altars that can be blessed for deities as required. They are intentionally low ql to decay faster in case local population doesn't like them. Slaying area itself is surrounded by a fence with one red gate at southeast corner. Gate will be opened to everyone once Dragon Hatchling is teased out. Above altars to the east is small pen with few free horses. Age-confused you ask? Well while initially: [03:17:54] The venerable white dragon hatchling moves in to attack you. It must have found a fountain of youth in the cave we penned it in. Because a bit later: [19:24:06] The The young white dragon hatchling is in front of you very close. Below ground Edit: Well, today: [23:11:00] The The aged white dragon hatchling is ahead of you to the left pretty close by. Below ground Nevertheless, it shall be slain. We provide altars and saccables for volunteer priests to cast Summon soul. Thank you for Bloodscythe for offer of helping with Summons. Bone is reserved (and possibly skull). But as always every premium player in local at time of slay will get piece of hide and a blood. - Nestangol Mayor of Northwind Cove owner of Hermit's Rest
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    I Honestly wouldn't care about Epic being killed if it meant a truly rotating Challenge server came alive out of it. I'm going to echo this, and also removing moonmetals and SoTG
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    blablablablabla..................this is all so boring. You guys really dont get it. DEVS DONT CARE ABOUT EPIC. There will nothing happen.
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    It makes more sense when you realize the vast majority of what you said is because of people that aren't staff anymore Is there anyone that plays elevation that is against a server reset? The only anti-reset I can recall seeing are home server players against resetting/removing home servers, or against skill resets.
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    are all the players meant to have a photographic memory of gm hall to know what's missing that shouldn't be
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    I just want a new map for Elevation. The catch up mechanics on Epic work well enough.
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    This is pretty accurate actually, wurm has always and will always benefit from new lands as the entire point of the game is to establish claim and build, that goes for pve and pvp alike. There is no greater feeling then pulling up your boot straps, heading out and building an outpost, that transforms to a village, that transforms into a city. Exploration is also great, not knowing much about the map and making choices on where to strategically move and live have always been the fun parts of wurm.
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    All this talk about a new map, but what seems to be forgotten is that most of the PvP community actually lives safely at a PvE server and only gathers for "PvP" for a raid. The reason: they're shitting their armour for loosing all the fancy stuff they collected over the years when they're living on Chaos and their deeds getting raided while they're not there. The result? They talk at discord or teamspeak to gather 'round at 8PM May, 31st, sail to Chaos to raid a deed of an enemy kingdom at 9.30PM and sail back at 10.15 PM to their PvE deeds to make sure all they captured would be safe. That's similar to plaingy Battlefield or CoD, remaining at the spawn because spawnkilling is forbidden and only come out when you know you're going to win because the other team is down to one person. It's not PvP, I won't even call it semi-PvP. It's PvE with the occasional hunt. Then there's the global server issue, meaning that some players aren't on-line when other are, resulting in deeds being raided when their owners aren't there. And don't tell me, that doesn't happen, cos it does. No-one passes an opportunity like that. I'm pretty sure there are PMK's who're contacting their "enemies" to negotiate a time and place of a battle. I'm also pretty sure there are players who don't care about that and just gather a team to raid a deed while the owner is off life. Eventually resulting in that particular owner either quitting the game or moving to a PvE server to make sure his / her stuff is safe. Resulting in what I said before, "PvP" players moving to PvE servers to keep all their shiney stuff safe. Also meaning that doing a raid is almost a waste of time, because all you can loot are some resources and some "normal" weapons / armor. Not really something to get exited about. So, one reason PvP is dead? Because the PvP community committed suicide by deciding to do some things that made PvP boring, resulting in players leaving. Thorin
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    the fact that people (who dont even play) postalot on the forum doesn't make them a majority.
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    In the history of Wurm new land (i.e. a new server) has always brought people back into the game. That's no surprise as well, cause two core groups of people playing Wurm are - the builders making new deeds, new roads, new bridges, essentially bringing Wurm civilisation to wild lands and - the survival players that love to settle in the wild and try to survive without roads, highways, old deeds and guard towers everywhere. Of course the older a server gets, the less interesting Wurm becomes to these two core groups: the builders have built all they could build and the survival players don't struggle to survive any more because the wildness is tamed. Remaining are the other two core groups of Wurm players: the crafters/skillers and the merchants. And of course there's the problem: many people that have left the game would return to new lands while many people that have stayed in the game do not want new lands. Whatever the team does: some people won't like it. Would a new server boost PvE player numbers? My opinion is that yes, it would. Would a new server help to increase the PvP numbers? Personally I doubt it, esp. not when you talk about competitive PvP. In the history of Epic the home servers have always seen more players than Elevation has, that type of "PvP-light" on home servers has always been more popular than the competitive PvP found on Elevation. Thus when you really want to boost the numbers of PvP-players in Wurm you need to boost PvP-light. Of course some competitive PvP-players won't even call that PvP. Heck, when I played on Serenity I always thought the easiest way to "help" Epic would be to make new home server maps and to totally remove Elevation and all this HotA stuff from the game.
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    No to destroying the homeservers or account and item resets. Make your own WU server if that's what you want. I also don't think yes votes from people that don't currently play epic or don't even play Wurm Online at all should count. It's easy to ask for full resets if you have nothing to loose. I'm getting really depressed by this kind of threads, all wanting to destroy my Wurmian home. And please don't judge epic players based on all the crap you read on the forums. Most of us are just quietly enjoying the game, just as freedomers do. I hope the dev's keep in mind that it's not the ones that make the most noise that are the best customers.
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    My friend, the reason why it's a bad idea is because, in this game reputation have sense, other way people will do some not honorable actions, and then switch nicknames to new. That will cause Chaos in trusting, where everything is, not flat even now. Мiй друже, земляче ця iдея не зовсiм гiдна, тому що зараз репутацiя маэ великий сенс. Якщо люди будуть мати можливiсть змiнювати своi' никнейми, вони будуть нехтувати гiдними дiями та чинити хаос. Це пiдiрве ще бiльше довiру в цiй грi де вона дуже важна але навiдь зараз не в кращому станi I'd recommend you to join some Ru/Ua villages. Like mine at Pri D10-D11 we have there 3 villagers and another village at Indy where Gashek is Mayor there also 3 villagers! Always wellcome Я би рекомендував тобi приеднатися до однiэй з деревень з росiйскими та украi'нськими iгроками. Одна з таких знаходиться на Pristini D10-D11 (це моя) нас вже троэ а iнша знаходиться на Independence, там головний - Gashek i в них також 3 iгрока я впевнен що тобi будуть ради i там Пиши в iгрi
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    there's between 10 and 30 people on at random times during the day. take away 6 because there's a jk sermon circle, take away however many alts there are, take away the 3 rotab log bots, divide that by 4 because there's 4 servers yeah it's not populated by any means. neither is chaos but that's also dead from what i hear. i spent plenty of time roaming for kills and the only people i ever found were either at the starter towns, at a deed, or they were doing a mission where i knew where they had to go for it.
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    I don't mind a map reset and even an item reset.. but there are people that only played on epic that we will probably lose with a skill reset. But I can't not be curious about how it is to start from scratch on an alive pvp server if it would get 100+ people. My only concern is that only 20-30 people will be around longer than 1-2 months so nothing will be accomplished.
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    A complete reset in my honest opinion would be a great way to get everyone on board. New Lands, new accounts, no items. You can spawn in and enjoy the game at the base level again, with a higher skill gain than freedom, as is the norm. Starting over on a new map is really fun!
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    you were suppose to delete Elevation, not threads, god.
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    I honestly don't see you staying no matter what happens. I remember when you invited me to your deed on Serenity, said I fell for the oldest trick in the book, and then kicked me out. You said you were tired of playing and wished you could raid and steal from your own home server. I don't see how someone who thinks and acts like that would stay longer than a week or so on a new server when the core issues are still present within themselves.
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    NO! reseting items,accounts it going too far. We just need new maps that it.?
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    -1 No. Accounts have legacies, history, and reputations. Seeing Doctorchaos in local caries with it a certain level of fear. Seeing some names a level of distrust. And other names a level of respect.
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    Yes only a complete reset. I will not return for a elevation only map reset. I want accounts, items, servers, all reset. Return to natural state.
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    if you want to play on epic, play on epic. its faster to grind there. if you prefer to play on freedom and complain that epic is underpopulated, jokes on you. imo. the standard excuse of being able to sellout your freedom account and belongings is complete BS and we all know it.
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    i think i would speak for most people interested in a new elevation map, that IF it happens now and later down the road there has to be another new map due to mechanic changes and its reasonable, then no one would be against it the posts in here are mere proposals, and hell we are trying to take it small here since according to retro they cant spend any time on epic for now (which is unfortunate, but so be it) but if the staff team thinks there would be the possibility of a new map, even if it would mean that there may be another in 1-2 years, then present it to us and dont jsut say "wait it out for 1-2 more years guys" the publicity, the returning of old players, the amount of players wanting to try out the new map, hell landrush is a real thing, this could actually be something, please dont hesitate
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    @Retrograde I understand the hesitation to act upon something that you aren't 100% behind, and that design processes can bring up problems. But I feel like you're being obtuse acting like there are no ideas for Epic proposed by the community. If I had to guess, I'd say the dev team does not want to give up on implementing a vision of Epic of their own but want to delay until they get around to it. Pure conjecture on my part but what seems to be in the way mostly is their pride. To be more concrete: You are aware of Frank's "complete 180°" thread and the massive traction it has garnered. There is no way you aren't. And it would go perfectly with an Elevation reset to a smaller map. Might need some words about home servers still but it's a pretty solid direction that can be worked towards right now. But I can only guess that it's not what the devs want for Epic, based on the "damage control" you're putting out here. I'm a pure Freedomer but I think we had enough attention for a while; strip Epic "naked", give it a smaller map, let the people run with it for a while and when they get tired of it and cry 24/7 on the forums again, by that time the dev team may have their own vision of Epic more outlined. And if they actually remain content with it, all the better, I'll welcome the dev's creative forces for more immersive game experiences to be directed at Freedom again. (Hunting server/instances, stronger PvE mobs with camps, maybe found by tracking, it's all out there. I'm under the impression that the Epic cluster is the "pilot cluster" for creative ideas but I think Freedom's potential is being lowballed there. Also pure conjecture/just my 2 cents though.) It's a crappy situation for both sides but it just doesn't seem right to let them hang in there for another year with absolutely nothing. In the very least, you'd be giving them what they ask for. The dev team may have to give up on their own vision of Epic at this point, though. To the Epic players (at least the ones vocal here) I have to say this: To ask for a reset with the state the dev team is in about Epic right now will always include the risk of another reset down the line, one way or another. I think it's unreasonable to demand the guarantee that it cannot happen. This reset may very well be only a compromise, and the neglect so far has obviously bred resentment that may be a hurdle this compromise has to get over, but I don't see Epic getting anything else "right now" without putting the past aside and taking a small leap of faith on both sides.
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    a well made map suited for a population of 20 to 100 people(which is realistically what we have had for years now) that gives people freedom to move around (not seamlessly, but well enough) for battle camp contesting and other shenanigans would be perfect imo, current elevation and chaos aren't meant for these battle camps. I think the battle camps are a genius idea for encouraging off deed pvp but their implementation on the other servers seem to not fit well with the map size/structure of those servers though I do have two things I would like to see with it, that are relatively minor in terms of development time, I think. 1. tower construction time isn't on par with what it takes to destroy them, or even remotely close to what it used to be. bashing damage needs to be bumped up as 1 person can make a tower in like 8 minutes on epic and it still takes 30minutes for 10 people to take out one tower that is uncontested 2. deed disbanding via consecutive drains on non capitals would be amazing to have against war deeds (make it to where a capital can only be changed once every two weeks or something to prevent capital abuse?) idk im sure someone has a better idea or something for this thats all i've got left to say on this subject, I think this would be moving in the right direction for a variety of player types. just as many people said last time, continued minor tweaks and changes will be needed as the game progresses, but at least this gives us a foundation to work from on elevation for now
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    I agree. Name change should be a thing. Bad reputation? As much as i want it not to be like this; its the internet - everyone has a bad reputation until proven otherwise, unfortunately.
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    I thought it would be doors that cover 2 tiles entrances
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    Is this purely a hypothetical situation being a reason to delay doing something, or is there an actual idea in store that you know will require a new map, and if so, why can't a new map be designed with the thoughts in mind and go from there? Does that potential specific change mean home servers would have to reset too, should they be worried? The only thing relevant to just elevation that would require a new map would be related to land control, and the amazing tower influence update for elevation that has done nothing but add a constant lag doesn't give high expectations, and beyond that, the post above me says the rest
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    I swear ayes is worse than klaa
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    Very impressed with the thoughtfulness. I had a silly alt die on Xanadu, and it respawned at GH. I went to this shop to get it a horse, and right as I was heading to the chosen pen, it occurred to me that I had no rope! After grumbling to myself, foreseeing time to waste finding and sending rope, I noticed that all horses I was passing by had bridles! And my chosen horse had bridle too, yeeees It may seem like a small thing but man, it saves time and annoyance for others.
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    (first part navigation),(second part fight skill) List of people who can make cheap equip for FS grind Studded Leather set: !! RECOMMENDED BY GUIDE !! irbiska - ql80 1silver 20copper Zoranah - ql80 1silver 30copper Timothymarker - ql80 1silver 44copper Virusmd - 80 QL 1 silver 50 copper Tyrtix - ql80 1silver 80copper Ladyy - 75 QL 1silver Kain - 70 QL 1silver -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Chain mail set : Nomadikhan 80ql for 1.5s -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Plate set : Virusmd 80ql (iron )for 1.5s, (steel) 2.75s Gofs 70 QL (iron) for 1s, (steel) 2s -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Weapons: Velfor - 80 QL with ET, COC, Nim ~ 2.5-3s (up on power) Kain - 80 QL 80+ CoC/Nimb = 1s Zoranah - 80 QL weapon would be 30c, its 50c per cast up to 89, then 1s for 90-95 and 1.5s for over that. Virusmd 80 QL / 80 power casts (LT/Nim/CoC) > 2.5s, 90 QL / 90 Power casts (LT/Nim/COC) 3.8s -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Shields: Nomadikhan 75QL 40c Gofs 60 QL Free Will add more people in this list! Please feel free to add your prices to help NEW Players! Thank you!
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    yeah sure, see you in winter then we can talk i guess... its because its summer right? MEANWHILE - todays graph you can still access the MRTG logfiles which go a few years back, in this following links case its 2017 at the end as you can see, we lost nearly 1k players in the last 2 years and had almost triple the amount in 2013 Click
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    For those mentioning a new map, can I just input that one of the big problems people have with Chaos is the skill gap between players. I think everyone would be happy if we actually started completely fresh, in terms of stats and map, all of it; at the very least. It would be fun to fight each other low level again, before all the other garbage is tossed into account. Who doesn't want to build wood houses and throw carving knives again? (Keep in mind I would be making a sacrifice for that reset too, specifically items that I have had since epics start, and a character that crossed the portal on day 1.)
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    i dont even know why this is turning into a discussion of this kind if a dev wants to work on a project he is passionate about, why not let him do that? period. its not like he gets paid right?
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    Only an elevation map might do even worse than a full reset in terms of player retention.. I'm not sure what the idea or the plan is here, but i feel like we might as well just all go to a WU server and start from scratch, and wait for 2020 to come with pvp updates for epic.. because all other options are just temporary patches as long as we have the same mechanics in place. Might as well help @Sindusk to make his anti-cheat mod and work on an epic 180 server.
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    Hell have a contest, and have the top 1-3 setup so people can test on some random Wu server. Heck just host the file on google drive for the maps. Then people can point out issues and you don't need to even do anything because the makers of those maps can fix issues and resubmit it to the pool of testing. People can look at a map who are experienced and know if the map is crap or not to get it into the 1-3 for testing. Also don't need to care about the mining map cause you can respawn that if you decide to make it the server map.
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    To those who would not it doesn't concern me as they never will. To dispute the points made with some sort of rational response would be valid and welcomed. To attack the way in which they were broached and the composition of the style in which they were presented has no merit to be used as a justification for refuting them. The day you and others tailor your response style to my liking is the day that I would consider doing the same. Until then you only reinforce my points made by avoiding them with personal attacks as your *Like* minded attachers expose themselves. Not that I expect anything I just stated to change the minds of those who think otherwise. That then just leaves the fun of weaving through the forest of the trees with windy embellishments, though the crows do shriek in protest, shattering the silence of thoughtlessness. =Ayes= Added: I will admit though that both your post I quoted and mine here contribute nothing of worth to the topic at hand.