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    I will be sure to tell the Epic cluster players to bring their collectibles across to epic from their hiding spots on freedom. Perfect example of someone not knowing what they are talking about 10/10
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    I'm sorry but a hypothetical outcome for something that has never been seen to be needed before is not really going help placate anyone and only really shows the empty words to be stronger than ever.
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    you actually made my day thorin for president
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    I like this idea, most games offer this as a 10$ service ezpz why not people behave poorly regardless of what we call them, and shouldn't be a reason against this idea.
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    Age-confused White Dragon Hatchling has been caught and there will be a public slaying. Come everyone for the hide and blood and to remove a menace to peaceful folks. Chayra is the one who found it, and wanted to make it a public event. Thanks go to them. I helped to pen it and will arrange the slaying. Location is west of Vrock Landing G12 on game map. Close-up below Area marked as Boat parking is definitely inside local area and you should also (but I'm not guaranteeing) be able to park anywhere inside that bay and still receive hide/blood. Altars etc. area Has now 4 gold altars that can be blessed for deities as required. They are intentionally low ql to decay faster in case local population doesn't like them. Slaying area itself is surrounded by a fence with one red gate at southeast corner. Gate will be opened to everyone once Dragon Hatchling is teased out. Above altars to the east is small pen with few free horses. Age-confused you ask? Well while initially: [03:17:54] The venerable white dragon hatchling moves in to attack you. It must have found a fountain of youth in the cave we penned it in. Because a bit later: [19:24:06] The The young white dragon hatchling is in front of you very close. Below ground Edit: Well, today: [23:11:00] The The aged white dragon hatchling is ahead of you to the left pretty close by. Below ground Nevertheless, it shall be slain. We provide altars and saccables for volunteer priests to cast Summon soul. Thank you for Bloodscythe for offer of helping with Summons. Bone is reserved (and possibly skull). But as always every premium player in local at time of slay will get piece of hide and a blood. - Nestangol Mayor of Northwind Cove owner of Hermit's Rest
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    I just want a new map for Elevation. The catch up mechanics on Epic work well enough.
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    This is pretty accurate actually, wurm has always and will always benefit from new lands as the entire point of the game is to establish claim and build, that goes for pve and pvp alike. There is no greater feeling then pulling up your boot straps, heading out and building an outpost, that transforms to a village, that transforms into a city. Exploration is also great, not knowing much about the map and making choices on where to strategically move and live have always been the fun parts of wurm.
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    the fact that people (who dont even play) postalot on the forum doesn't make them a majority.
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    My friend, the reason why it's a bad idea is because, in this game reputation have sense, other way people will do some not honorable actions, and then switch nicknames to new. That will cause Chaos in trusting, where everything is, not flat even now. Мiй друже, земляче ця iдея не зовсiм гiдна, тому що зараз репутацiя маэ великий сенс. Якщо люди будуть мати можливiсть змiнювати своi' никнейми, вони будуть нехтувати гiдними дiями та чинити хаос. Це пiдiрве ще бiльше довiру в цiй грi де вона дуже важна але навiдь зараз не в кращому станi I'd recommend you to join some Ru/Ua villages. Like mine at Pri D10-D11 we have there 3 villagers and another village at Indy where Gashek is Mayor there also 3 villagers! Always wellcome Я би рекомендував тобi приеднатися до однiэй з деревень з росiйскими та украi'нськими iгроками. Одна з таких знаходиться на Pristini D10-D11 (це моя) нас вже троэ а iнша знаходиться на Independence, там головний - Gashek i в них також 3 iгрока я впевнен що тобi будуть ради i там Пиши в iгрi
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    I don't mind a map reset and even an item reset.. but there are people that only played on epic that we will probably lose with a skill reset. But I can't not be curious about how it is to start from scratch on an alive pvp server if it would get 100+ people. My only concern is that only 20-30 people will be around longer than 1-2 months so nothing will be accomplished.
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    A complete reset in my honest opinion would be a great way to get everyone on board. New Lands, new accounts, no items. You can spawn in and enjoy the game at the base level again, with a higher skill gain than freedom, as is the norm. Starting over on a new map is really fun!
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    you were suppose to delete Elevation, not threads, god.
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    Yes only a complete reset. I will not return for a elevation only map reset. I want accounts, items, servers, all reset. Return to natural state.
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    if you want to play on epic, play on epic. its faster to grind there. if you prefer to play on freedom and complain that epic is underpopulated, jokes on you. imo. the standard excuse of being able to sellout your freedom account and belongings is complete BS and we all know it.
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    I swear ayes is worse than klaa
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    Very impressed with the thoughtfulness. I had a silly alt die on Xanadu, and it respawned at GH. I went to this shop to get it a horse, and right as I was heading to the chosen pen, it occurred to me that I had no rope! After grumbling to myself, foreseeing time to waste finding and sending rope, I noticed that all horses I was passing by had bridles! And my chosen horse had bridle too, yeeees It may seem like a small thing but man, it saves time and annoyance for others.
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    That's a hefty account and I thought Haxd was good.
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    it leaves the fact that just like in WoW, and before OSRS became a thing, community projects of earlier content states in both games gathered more players than their current counterpart which is the same in wurm pvp currently there is a project underway in WU which its only bottleneck is the anti cheat system, to lay that off to more income or staff of both blizzard and jagex is not realistic either though if a community server with volunteer modders and GM's can do it, which was also the case for desolation 3 (the most popular WU pvp server to date), then i would expect a 10 year old company to do it in a heart beat, who was responsible for the port to steam and a standalone version for private servers, dont be silly
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    oh dont get me wrong, if this anti-cheat works out pvp is done in retail, there is no doubt about that the problem is that it will never work out 100% right after all, whats the big deal with us presenting obvious solutions to a problem thats been creeping up for years? sad part is that there are still people in denial
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    Only an elevation map might do even worse than a full reset in terms of player retention.. I'm not sure what the idea or the plan is here, but i feel like we might as well just all go to a WU server and start from scratch, and wait for 2020 to come with pvp updates for epic.. because all other options are just temporary patches as long as we have the same mechanics in place. Might as well help @Sindusk to make his anti-cheat mod and work on an epic 180 server.
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    Yes, you are right. But do you think the devs will disregard the will of these people? Or use it as an excuse to do nothing? Which is it?
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    Are you seriously going to sit here and tell me that it is better to have 10 players on declining/dead servers who will eventually just leave, over a potential revival of any size greater than 10? Lmao don't do stocks bud.
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    guys dont worry 2 click map reset is gonna come... in 6 months....
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    if the devs gave us a temporary challenge map for until epic gets fixed i would reprem just to play on the challenge map lol
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    nah, i just found it easier to view when it was like this
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    See ya in 2-3 years when ya "catch up" to even my account. If you reset Epic, or just do away with it entirely, what takes its place should be 1 map, no pmks, and do away with 90% of the features introduced during epics span. You could even make it 1 map, wild size, 4 islands, 3 smaller ones on the sides, put a zone around them that make them home servers with the natural debuff. Enemies are allowed to build on said islands.
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    A lot of the stuff you listed isn't actually useless. Acid Protection: I'll agree not exactly helpful Bear Paws: Extremely useful to level up weaponless fighting. Cleanse: I haven't tested it's function yet Forest Giant Strength: If you're a Fo you should be applying this, anyone can use it now for a fairly decent strength boost based on power. Morning Fog: Dude, milking cmon! Willowspine: Cheap combat enhancer, use it! Break Altar: I agree not useful for PvE Locate Artefact: Again I agree useless. Nolocate: Useful for uniques & stalkers Purge: Spars/duels Sixth sense: Probably useless, haven't used it really Tangle Weave: The most important spell you have during Rifts that no one uses, USE IT! Interrupt those AOEs!
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    The tile with the bonfire could even be given the same damage mechanic as a lava tile for as long as it's kept burning. Should be easy enough to code (as if I would actually know)
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    Epic should be a PVP cluster. That's not what it is right now. And just because 10 guys play freedom on BLH doesn't mean that 100 others should be neglected who have quit epic because of 1. map, 2. skillsystem 3. priests 4. meditation 5 . etc ... There is no PVP on epic right now. Nobody to fight against. Nobody to fight with. If you wanna play PVE go to freedumb and stop giving yourself a "center of the universe" status. Your 10 players should suffer, not the 100+ that have suffered.
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    Hell have a contest, and have the top 1-3 setup so people can test on some random Wu server. Heck just host the file on google drive for the maps. Then people can point out issues and you don't need to even do anything because the makers of those maps can fix issues and resubmit it to the pool of testing. People can look at a map who are experienced and know if the map is crap or not to get it into the 1-3 for testing. Also don't need to care about the mining map cause you can respawn that if you decide to make it the server map.
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    since thats all i am doing according to you, how come so many people agree with my posts?
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    I would like to propose the idea of making large and extra large mine doors. Reg Size doors - No change Large doors - only placeable on slope of 91-180, requires 2x materials of Reg Doors. Extra Large Doors - Only placeable on a slope of 181-270, requires 3x materials of Reg Doors. Simple enough, I think.
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    well, if you cant even do that simple of a thing by just thinking ahead, cause all you give us is a "maybe a reset is required", i think this is doomed anyway we arent trying to denounce you or anything, we are here cause we care, just so thats clear if however all you can do is say "we dont have any plans towards pvp at all, but if we do, we might need a reset like 1-2 years down the road" yeah, good luck i guess i would be a little careful, after all you guys probably have some more insight on where and how the money goes and even from the outside its looking bad.... you cant possibly takes us worrying for the game and its well being for granted, once that is over, are you even going to care anymore?
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    Or, just three texture sizes, and it automatically chooses the right one based on your above criteria of height ranges in effort to reduce stretching.
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    100% support this. The more things that we are able to dye, the better. Dye all the things!
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    To those who would not it doesn't concern me as they never will. To dispute the points made with some sort of rational response would be valid and welcomed. To attack the way in which they were broached and the composition of the style in which they were presented has no merit to be used as a justification for refuting them. The day you and others tailor your response style to my liking is the day that I would consider doing the same. Until then you only reinforce my points made by avoiding them with personal attacks as your *Like* minded attachers expose themselves. Not that I expect anything I just stated to change the minds of those who think otherwise. That then just leaves the fun of weaving through the forest of the trees with windy embellishments, though the crows do shriek in protest, shattering the silence of thoughtlessness. =Ayes= Added: I will admit though that both your post I quoted and mine here contribute nothing of worth to the topic at hand.
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    thats not what i or anybody else said a new map is part of it, yes but just like @Mclovinhas suggested, while you cant work on pvp for the moment, you can at least give us that new map so we can start to build deeds and such i am pretty sure if you think a little bit or go back to your notes you gathered through all these feedback threads you will see fast enough that the majority of pvp'ers is rooting for 2011-2013 as a game state
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    Yes Also have it leave 1 ash for each log that was put in it.
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    Some Wurm addicts never recover. The best we can hope for is to manage our needs so that the cravings do not get so strong as to overwhelm us. PVE dependants have numerous therapies available, from anger management (self-defence/fight skill), through manual labour (digging/mining) to arts and crafts. For PVP addicts the situation is more bleak. There are PMK support groups that can help to deal with the mental Chaos - and Epic holds a portal drop-in clinic for those in need of a quick fix. Unfortunately there is no long-term solution currently, but rest assured you are not alone, we are all here to offer our continued support.
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    Holy necromancy! And also +1
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    Did you know that repeated behaviour like complaining, makes neurons in your brain reach out to each other and fuse together so that the next time you complain, you brain doesn’t have to work as hard to complain again. “Neurons that fire together, wire together” That means, over a prolonged period of time, you won’t even recognise it in yourself that you are complaining. Did you also know that prolonged complaining damages your hippocampus which is an area of your brain responsible for strategic thinking and intelligent thought? Furthermore did you know that prolonged exposure to other people complaining is also just as detrimental to yourself? Sort of like how second hand smoke is detrimental to those around it too. Food for thought. My advice, for what it’s worth, is to either enjoy the product you are choosing to purchase or choose not to purchase the product. Wasn’t it Einstein who was credited for the saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Side note: Let me know if you’re in the market for a Wand of the seas, a ton of mats to help your own island village (inc a heap of slate bricks and dirt), PVP toons (Chaos or Epic), Drake armour sets and a heap of other stuff inc a deed on Release once all that stuff is sold (if there is even a market left lol)
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    I just wonder.. How does every pvp thread turn into a ###### show? It's amazing.. truly is!
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    It depends on what you value as discussion. If you wish to contribute to the discussion about pvp issues you are always welcome to. If you consider a laughing face "contributing" then I would advise spending more time working on your posts
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    Remove all PvP from Wurm, problem solved.
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    Valrei rework has progressed and I'll chase up some public stuff with that from budda some time over the next week, might not be time to show it all yet but I'll see if we can provide some insight. First of the combat reworks came with the uttacha, with others being looked at, these will be expanded upon as time goes on too. As you can see from this the main priorities are: Fix broken systems Balance systems Add content unique to epic We also have a few more epic centric plans not listed there, but they'll be waiting for the major reworks to come out before beginning those and I'll share them all when we move with them.