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    Drastox best necromancer
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    Hi.. The shortcut between Newspring and Lormere is finally 100% completed, saving just about 5,000 tiles of highway travel and cutting wagoner deliveries both in time and distance by approximately half. The discussion about the need for this shortcut started around 1.5 year ago after the Newspring to mainland bridges were completed. I'm not the only one who thought this was an obvious must have. It took 6 weeks to complete thanx to the tremendous amount of help I received from many players, shaving off at least 3 weeks of work. The whole thing is 669 tiles in length including 300 x 2 tiles of regular road, 5 bridges and 4 deep piers totaling 162 x 2 tiles and 207 x 2 tiles of tunnel. There's also 2 other bridges built to bypass a deep valley as well as medium size peat expense. I want to say a huge thank you to those who have helped make this project become reality in such a short time, if I have forgotten someone, please don't be shy and remind me, I'm not known for having the best of memory. Nacciwa, Baloo, Popy, Vorash, Spirit, Queenie, Hummditty, Aroma, Gravitar and Bipolarbear. without all of you I'd still be at it for 3 to 4 weeks still. I've only included the name of the main characters of the players who contributed but most also had their alts pitching in. There is most possibly some who remained silent and helped in the background in some ways. Here are some screenshots of parts of the road, they are all taken at night but I plan on going back to take a few day ones as well. I plan on having a draw for a few rare items from those who helped with the project.
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    Hello, I'm Gofs, I finished and sold total 4 deeds 3 at Xana, and 1 at Pri, (one more coming soon) I think Wurm is beautiful, very impressive by possibilities game, where possible to create very nice deed's. For example build deeds not just for skill up, but with some general idea, like Pirates deed (at some island), or Monastyr deed (somewhere at mountains) I gonna put some examples of my works here :
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    Retrograde Posted September 8, 2017 in Valrei International. 035 Bulk Container Unit The bulk container unit is the next level in bsb technology (I did want to name it the bsb 2000). This unit not only has the capacity of 4 bsbs, but also has them as shelves inside, meaning you can store and sort based on any attribute you desire. This functionality does come at a price though, not only does it take 4 finished bulk storage bins to build, it also requires a minimum of 50 fine carpentry. It's also quite difficult to build, so get those parts high quality before you try! Rack for empty bsb The rack for empty bsb's also comes in with this update. With all the new racks and containers, many bsb's are left lying around, unfilled and unloved. We can't help much with the unloved, but we can provide a save place to store them without cluttering up the place (and also improving performance by not having to render them all!). The rack for empty bsbs' is easier to make than its bulk container unit partner, and will happily hold up to 30 bsbs until you need to use them. Additions and changes A new rack can be crafted for the storage of empty Bulk Storage Bins. This rack can hold 30 empty bulk storage bins. A new storage unit can be crafted which contains 4 bulk storage bins inside which can be filled. These units will require 50 fine carpentry to build. But but but Im still waiting for the Food Container Unit & Rack for empty fsb, why havnt we got that yet??? And many other wait for this too. Have we lost the maker of Bulk Container Unit & Rack for empty bsb? (I have no idea how the maker is, retros post didnt say) Or he just got busy with other stuff? I know you all are busy with making Wurm great for us all, for us that still is left here ? and making those Food Container Unit and Rack for empty fsb would help make wurm alot more beutiful for us all ? Please devs cant you please take the time and help us get those Food Container Unit & Rack for empty fsb too??? Waiting patiently ? Maiya
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    I have a pile of iron hatchets just sitting in a forge and would like to sell each for 20 copper. If you would like one please leave a note down below and Ill cod it to you when I return tonight Thank you
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    Thanks guys for helping me figure out what was wrong
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    Alignment, Favor and Faith are not included in 'skills'. Subtracting those from Yaga's total gives 4946 which is under the 5k goal. Thanks for helping resolve the issue
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    It was a cool time. So many mysteries in the world of Wurm. Plus back in the days there were more endgames than there are now. Experienced players were especially studying uniques and finding ways to dominate them or pen them, which was an amazing thing to do. But also pan fountains were something very unique to find on abandoned deeds. Wild PVP was quite active too, there was a lot raids going on between JK and BL.
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    i wish i were playing ten years ago.. really would have been happy to take part in the early days
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    Well, still on topic.
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    Bought horses from Glasshollow met up with Meldichoir grabbed 4 and meldichoir delivered 4 also great guys and service
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    annnnnd 10 years on and we are still asking what future updates will be like? i love old post resurrection
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    A new arrival! A brand new baby shipped over today from Tilda's 'A Zen Moment Stables' on Pristine! - well worth the trip! Little "OsioWest" is the cutest little buckskin colt - desperately needed here on Deliverance! Here we see him being introduced to his new skewbald buddy 'RunCoffee'.
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    I was very happy with my fishing spot today, got my fish sorted per type around me, a pile of catfish, one of smallmouth bass, herring, and a lonely salmon: When I got the 3rd salmon though, sadness: It seems "pile of salmon" doesn't have any graphics of its own... Can it have at least some generic fish model, the default pile is so ugly
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    when dragging from a bsb and dropping into an amphora rack you can put pretty much anything you want in them, otherwise not allowed dragging from ground or other containers including inventory: [23:20:23] Only amphora can be put into that rack.
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    Tar is great at preserving fossils, it's a travesty that we can't dig strange bones out of tar, please fix
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    So aside from being the naturally easiest way of fishing it looks like it is quite complicated compared to the skill needed to even succeed reliably. But then, yeah, stabbing your own feet. Hooray, derpling And then those funny things like catching that 20Gramm perch. Like for real, how exactly does one spear fish and catch a 20g fish. I really wanna see Rolf dot hat in a barrel with a 20gramm fish and a spear (that's like a 11cm perch). Why does this not even automatically catch as "chopped fish"? But hey logic gets even better from here on. I "catched" a small perch that was thrown back for being too small. This obvious little artifact of the pole fishing area really made me laugh. Too small? ok net fishing grants me fishes down to 0,01weight. So actually if this is a valid enough to keep, this means I just spear fished a fish below 10gramm. Yes now I wanna see Rolf spear fish for a 8gramm fish. And When i really just successfully thrusted a spear into such a poor tiny fellow, what's the point of throwing it back? That one surely won't make it to become big one day. Also why does my spear take such a huge amount of damage? is the character trying to stab earth or fish in the water? or is wurm water like stone?
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    Anyone know of player Jaybones or any of his alts and has seen him lately? CM Amath and I were sailing in the Inner Sea we stumbled upon his lost Cog (I think it was a Cog) that was named "LOST SHIP, PM Jaybones if found" I'd like to get a hold of him so I can share it's whereabouts!
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    Rename fishing net to Scoop net Let us get a real fishing nets from hemp or cotton made fishing net ropes. Let us use them for fishing surface fish on special fish tiles at the "top" fishes of seas and shores on lakes. Should grant a much better weight yield than the Scoop net to act as a better version than the scoop net. Gives a bit more use for the lurker in the deep spell.
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    Give the plate,chain, and even leather armor some love and make it look bad ass. Can I say that here?
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    We all learned something along the way. Only add whole numbers. Do not include alignment, faith and favor. Next update will include a % of completion.
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    I'm at work for another 45mins, will take em soon as I'm home! Thanks very much! Noobie friend definitely needed the armor hehe.
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    [15:29:46] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Thank you very much for the business!
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    I would like nets to be set on a tile and then leave them for a Wurm day to fill and then you go out and collect it, repair it's damage from use, and reset it again.
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    Ok the problem we are having is large items like forges etc seem to work fine, but pack 100 bricks into a contract and the contract will slow you down, the weight is still counting in inventory for the bricks. Forge oddly weighed 70kg in the contract. Seems when packing bulk items, say you pack 9 rock shards, then pack 9 more, the first 9 are bugging out and keeping the weight in ghosted, the rest are packing fine. When redeeming the contract the first 9 bugged out and when picked up into inventory nothing could be done with them.
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    I think you can see Rolf's vision now fulfilled, to retire from programming and managing the game while turning it over to other capable hands to continue its future. Still it remains his child who has just flown the nest while he keeps a watchful eye upon it. =Ayes=
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    This is such a obvious, yet brilliant idea that I've got to wonder why this hasn't been implemented yet.
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    As soon as I'm home from work they will be sent. ETA about 6 hrs from now. I'll reply again once sent. Thanks very much!
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    I really hope someone will answer this. I am quite curious of there are any plans for this, it would be logical that there are. Also on the side note Bulk Container Unit should have atleast 2 more bsb shelves to justify it's model size, effort put into making it and immobility penalty that bsb doesn't have with runed wagons
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    added new mod to first post which unleashes uniques from their specific location and lets them roam free.
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    All hypothetically and very optimistic but let's assume that after all those UI changes, advertising etc new players will come to Epic and some old ones will return. Then they gonna start to build deeds on Elevation, etc. And after that, new map of Elevation gonna be introduced, destroying their progress? No. New map of Elevation (smaller and not so flat), should be introduced before all changes, waiting for hypothetical : ) new players. So best time is to do this now, when population is low, to minimize damage done. Even if it fails. Someone could say, that why bother and waste precious devs time on creating new map. I bet, there are some people, outside of dev team, that could prepare such map.
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    Rolf initial vision at that time was home servers and wild servers both with full PVP like epic is nowadays. The big home server raid was quite shocking and cool at the same time.
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    Bdews server mod tools has a class called ServerThreadExecutor that can make your message display on the next server tick. Should work for you ServerThreadExecutor.INSTANCE.execute(() -> { // put your code here });
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    The thread seems to have derailed to the point nothing constructive is now being added, Both sides have had a chance to respond to the original issue. But now the thread has devolved into more staff bashing than anything positive being added. For that reason thread locked. Regards Shakys (Forum Moderator)
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    You have the perfect blueprint and most of the tools already in use to make a proper testing environment. Improve the server to handle players there all the time for official testing and their own personal testing. Implement a testing journal that honestly, clearly, and thoroughly documents the changes and what should be tested. Journal pages will indicate the rewards you can receive on the production server for completing them. Bugs found outside of the journal will possibly give better rewards or titles to encourage creativity. Rinse and repeat for each and every patch, no matter how large or small. Join the 21st century standard of game testing and production.
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    Greetings Wurmians! We’re back with another Valrei International, going over what we’ve been up to and have planned, so strap in and call me Susie! Devblog updates After last Valrei International mentioning the changes to development, Product Manager Budda posted a devblog with the changes planned. This means that we can work in better cycles and produce monthly updates reliably. It also means we can work better on showing you what’s coming each month and how it fits in with long term plans. We’re in the process of gearing up for all this, so once the ball gets rolling we’ll begin looking at sharing our plans for the future. Aside from that there will be a whole bunch of QoL updates and fixes. Our aim is to not reduce the amount pushed out each month, but package it into one larger update per month to reduce downtime and give you all more to chew on. Next update The first update under this new cycle is planned for the 30th of May, and will continue to be on the last Thursday of each month. This month will include the distant tree visual improvements showcased in previous editions of Valrei International and on Wurm Wednesday with bloodydrongo a.k.a. Emoo as well as normal and specular mapping on player armours. The update will also touch on a few aspects of the journal, including crediting past legendary creatures slain, colossi built, and guard towers! This means less big building projects, lucky you. Me, on cam! Our official Wurm Online devstreams are in the works! Our planned start date is 10pm (GMT) Saturday the 25th of May. This stream will be an introduction of all of us available (We expect the dev roster to vary depending on availability) but it will be hosted by yours truly, Retrograde! So tune in to us here We're also looking at adding some sweet wurm merch via Streamlabs store, including posters of the ingame maps! It's still in a experimental phase but expect to see it soon. HotA retirement With the introduction of the new HotA battlecamp system, we’ll be disabling the old HotA zone shortly after the update on the 30th. We’re pleased with how the new battlecamp system has gone and feel it creates more roaming oriented play as opposed to centralised focus on the HotA zone. We’ll give more info on the time exactly so anyone who wishes to occupy the current HotA zone can fight for it! Community Content Independence hits 10! It’s a day of big birthdays, with berris posting that the Independence server hits 10 years old on the 17th of June, along with Wurms 13th birthday on the 6th of June. Do we have anything planned? You’ll just have to wait and see… That’s it for us this edition, we’ll be back on the 29th with the Valrei International before the update, but you’ll also see us live before then! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Bumperty bump. There has been a lot going on down in the canal this week! Firstly, thanks to@Anarresfor taking time to prospect every vein (at the time) in the canal, so that the rest of us know exactly how long we'll be staring ourselves blind at them. Even took out a lead vein while doing it! @Ohanahas been busy mining out the walkway from the northern end, which now stretches beyond the canal's turning point. @Tildahas closed the old southern entrance, making it a lot less confusing to navigate. @Musehas been on a vein killing spree for the past few days, along with a few strongwall casts: @QueenRockshas also been slaying veins at both ends of the canal: Lastly, I've dropped a deed roughly at the midpoint of the canal (H15/J15) to fix some nasty old reinforcements that were sticking out into the waterway. It's also likely to be the location of a surface access tunnel (with highway connections), sometime soon. Thanks again everyone. It's surprising to see how fast the canal is progressing!
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    Merge Chaos with Epic, remove home servers, set the Chaos map as the new Elevation. Separe pvp world from pve, bring back the old days! Epic will be the only pvp cluster of WO and all the pvpers will be concentrate on a single map.
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    To achieve that, the game needs to start from basic, stop using Java , update graphics/mechanics OR lower the monthly price AND/OR let players be able to buy for 1 month instead of forcing me to buy for at least 2 months if not using PayPal. Wurm Online's future is uncertain and no sane (new) player will invest in 2 or 3 months if you look at the server satistics and how many players are online ( average of 100 on Xanadu ). WU destroyed WO, all those people who wanted to see and experience the endgame without paying monthly are chased away from WO and towns are all empty now. bad decisions that makes sure WO will never recover as it was.
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    - NPC's ... Why does no one talk about that? We need NPC's in Wurm... just like The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, random NPC's who can have their own house, can do some chores. - Each NPC can do chores ( about 3 chores?) , assigned by the player ( for example fishing, mining and woodcutting ) - The NPC does a fixed amount of jobs a day ( cutting 10 trees, 10x fishing, etc) - The big villages which are mostly abandonend will feel alive again like this - The empty houses could be housed by these NPC's - The NPC's could contribute to the village economy - Big and best organized villages attract more NPC villagers Its such a waste of those big villages and alliances which are getting drained right now.
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    I am so sick of having to boost this idea for a Wurm Classic server when it holds so much support but is not being acted on.
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    Ever seen the historic gypsy wagons. Even have wood burning stoves in them basicly would be a horse drawn camper. They had all kinds of wagons for different purposes back in a day. From kitchens to Blacksmiths. A miners wagon. Maybe a portable forge maybe a ini forge say 1/2 the current capacity. Maybe a flat bed wagon that has no canopy blocking view. Maybe a chariots or a 2 wheel buggy. BUt a veriety of horse drawn items. Also maybe a small Knarr more maneuverable and faster when rowed but will 1/ to 1/2 capacity. A class of boats between the small sail boat and rowboat and the large merchant ships.
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    Hi, i have a mod that creates an npc who improves items, but was wondering if there was a mod or if anyone could create a mod with specific npc types that craft but not imp. such as a cook etc. (they should come with tools but not mats)
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    The update went live on WU yesterday !! My 2 first conditioned unicorns born today ....the greenish sliiiiightly bigger than the alert
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    Located at Port Onody on Independence at M18 or 38x, 37y on player map. Offering a fine selection of bulk specialty products plus Pottery, Carpentry and Fine Carpentry items. Free delivery on bulk items to pve servers on orders of 10s or more. Else delivery charges of 1s apply. All deliveries include limited free tree cutting and chopping, at least 1 90+ ql guarenteed. COAL 0-59 4s per 1000 in stock 60-79 5s per 1000 in stock 80-84 6s per 1000 In stock 85-89 7.5s per 1000 Rebuilding 90, 10s per 1000 or 1s for 50, in stock LYE Is sold by the small barrel in 45 kg batches 70 ql 0.75s 75 ql 1s 80 ql 1.25s 85 ql 1.50s 90 ql 2.0s out of stock, PM me to get on waitlist FAVOR 0.30s per 1000 favor LOGS - may take a few days to collect. 100 ql full weight, 5c 97ql full weight, 4c 95ql full weight, 3c 2s per large crate of 90+ ql ROPES Any rope you need at 90+ ql for 5c. (Does not include halter ropes) Cordage available by large crates. 30ql 1s 50ql 1.5s RUGS Black Bear and mountain lion 20c each; wolf and brown bear 10c. TILE TRANSMUTATION 1 tile, 2s 4 tiles, 6s 10 tiles 12s 1 additional silver per tile for higher volumes. May require waiting till next harvest season. POTTERY: 30 ql 10c 50 ql 20c 70 ql 30c 80 ql 50c 90 ql 1s 92 ql 2s 93 ql 2.5s 94ql 3s 95 ql 4s FINE CARPENTRY: 85ql 50c 91ql 1s 92ql 1.5s 93ql 2s 94ql 2.5s 95ql 3s 97ql 4.5s 99ql 7s Need something else? Prices aren't working for you and you need to trade for what you want? PM me and lets work it out. Also available for large mortar or concrete orders.
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    I've seen your place. Your title is safe.