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    I have a forest giant that is alive. I'd prefer it dead. Come tomorrow 19 hours from now if you want to participate and get some woodcutting bloods. Skull will be rolled off among fighters
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    In right click drop down menu as well as in target window the "disembark" action button is located directly under respectively beside the "attack" action button when driving or mounted. This can easily lead to fail clicks, disembarking/dismounting instead of attacking the chosen target in case e.g. of lags, with possibly fatal consequences. This positioning is against all and any principles of ergonomics. There should be at least one other action button, or blank space, between these two action choices.
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    Hi. I have a goblin leader. Said goblin leader, dubbed jim, will be executed 19 hours from now. All are welcome to join in on killing jim to get mining bloods, and the skull and hat will also be rolled off to fighters. Thanks.
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    Finally caught! Quite disappointing as I had been getting away with this for years, yet my rebellious spirit continues to defy this command. =Ayes=
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    Deliver and send woodchip you know where to!
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    Moving to Merchant Threads.
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    I'll be there! Thanks once again, Will, Katie, Niki! You guys are awesome. Can I bring chopped veggies for you all?
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    So as we all know, we got a whole bunch of new horse colors into the game, which is AWESOME. But something that concerns me a bit is how I see colors and breeds confused a lot in these horse related posts. It is not the color of a horse that will make a horse go faster or pull a heavy load, it is the blood within. The genetics. The breed. You can have a quick and nimble Arabian stallion that is colored black, brown or pinto. Just like you can have a slow and strong draft horse with those same exact colors. When I was watching Factional Fight Adam's car video, he talked about wishing for different qualities to be integrated into the colors. While I absolutely love the thought behind it and while I fully agree that it'd be great to have some variation in horse mechanics, I was wondering whether instead of matching functionalities to color, instead introduce new body shapes to represent those functionalities. Over the years, we've seen people request again and again for the game to have heavy built work horses to pull their carts - essentially what they're asking for is a cold blooded horse body shape. I on the other hand would love to see a beautiful hot blooded horse shape, such as what Arabians represent. So let's say we had three different shapes in the game: Hot, Warm and Cold. How could those be paired up with mechanics people have suggested? Hot blooded horse shape: - Has precise feet, is able to climb and descend steeper slopes - Is more agile and turns corners more nimbly and quickly while riding Warm blooded horse shape: This is the default that we have in the game now (an "all round" horse with no qualities that make it especially stand out) It would stay exactly the way it is right now. Cold blooded horse shape: - Is very strong and is able to pull carts and wagons more efficiently - Has more stamina. When ridden, is able to carry a rider with a heavy inventory without tiring out as much as the default horse. I've been thinking about this topic for years and have been meaning to play around with the horse mesh we have in the game to see if the shape can be changed easily. Same vertices, same texture mapping. Simply moving those vertices around a bit. Essentially, this is exactly how foals work. They use the same "base mesh" and texture mapping, they've just been reshaped a bit. So tonight I finally tried it. Behold: Hot blooded, Warm blooded (our default horse that I didn't change at all) and cold blooded horses in all of the colors:
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    Bump fog spiders are evil lag machines
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    [14:46:55] You cast Summon Worg. [14:46:55] Aged worg opens himself up to an easy attack. [14:46:55] You cut aged worg deadly hard in the chest and damage it. [14:46:55] Your weapon freezes aged worg.
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    Once again I recommend travel by teleportation due to the location. I'll be offering teleports to the kill location, as well as east of esteron at the coast once the slaying is over - as shown in the screenshot below. For those who wish to travel down rather than teleport, I'll be posting the location several hours before the slaying.
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    Happy Easter! This weekend the easter bunny will spawn on all our servers and drop some nice and shiny easter eggs. Good luck in the hunt for the easter eggs and happy easter
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    Cozy lil' building at Agria Gardens on Deliverance.
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    This will be fixed in the next update, I know its annoying but a fix is coming!
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    My whole alliance is pretty amazing. Specifically, I pick: Yuri (he keeps all tools, weapons and armors tip top, and levels or builds bridges over all my digging and mining mishaps without saying "I told you so".) Audrel (my awesome friend, always makes me laugh.) Robbycrusoe (just wow for deed and building design, his paints and bling, mushroom houses, rainbow pepperment unicorns, chocolate icecreams and pizzas, and keeping my champion pets fed.) I would add Warlock except I already have access to all his stuffs so I guess we are sharing a deed already
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    I plan on posting it on the BDcraft forums, as it's their resources being used, it has to be hosted there, eventually when I feel that it's in a more completed state, I'll put it there, and provide a link here on the original post for those that are interested in playing with it
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    [22:31:36] You try to cut Zaj. [22:31:40] You miss with the pickaxe.
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    Okey dokey guys, it's FINALLY FINISHED! Thank you all SO MUCH for all your ideas and help!
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    The new LOD changes are AHHHHH-MAZING and I can't express enough how grateful and excited I am that you guys are putting so much work into improving the game visually. But this is probably the right time and place to also give feedback. So while I think the new LOD is wonderful, it also changes a lot of how vast and large the world feels. Although the old LOD was made so for optimization purposes, IRONICALLY it had a side benefit of giving the illusion of DISTANCE and VASTNESS because you couldn't see the trees in the far distance. This made the view look EPIC and MAGESTIC, making you feel like you lived in a huge world with so much to explore. The new tree LOD shrinks the world and reveals just how small it is. ? So I took those screenshots and did some photoshop magic to see how I personally feel it should be balanced. In the process I realized that I don't mind the distant trees so much if they are on the ground level, but all the trees that were on the distant mountains bothered me a lot. So from my point of view, the perfect result would be if the LOD settings showed trees in the distance, but only under a certain height. In the animated GIF screenshots below, you can see in the first one that the mountain in the foreground still shows trees (and that still seems logical to me) but the mountains in the far distance do not anymore.
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    I recently updated my hardware and I am amazed how much better Wurm looks now . The beauties of the modern renderer with full graphics settings:
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    New release for 1.9 Beta -Fixed water renderer. https://github.com/encode32/CustomClientRender/releases/tag/0.0.3
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    If we do this I demand that their model changes based on their fat layers too. I want super fat boyes.