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    I'm creating this here, just to have a place to show early works in progress of my attempts to create a custom graphic pack for Wurm Unlimited, that will be using textures from the popular Minecraft texture pack: Sphax PureBDcraft. I've gotten the "ok" from the BDcraft team, that if I get the pack to a completed state, that I could have it posted on their forums for others to use it, (somewhat of a rule with their textures - others can use them for games, but they have to give credit, and they have to be distributed via their site). As of right now, I've only got fairly basic terrain textures (not even close to all of them) done so far, and then some other odds and ends here and there, mainly for experimenting with the complexity of how this will get... As I'm only working with textures as texture files, and not in a 3d editor to do it as it's seen in the game world or anything, some stuff that has complex models, like the furnace will take me much tinkering. Some of the stuff that you'd think is complex, really isn't, such as the log piles, I'm quite happy with how those turned out. I'll be posting more progress updates, and screenshots as I carry on with the project though - Credit to the Sphax PureBDcraft Team for the original textures Progress Updates and Screenshots: -Week prior of April 21, 2019: Latest post - Well it's about time that I did an alpha release of this graphic pack for people to give a try, and give feedback for. At present, I'm open to suggestions about all the textures, essentially consider everything to be a placeholder for now, as it's still an early alpha release. Just a heads up, that because this is an entire graphics.jar file, it is quite a hefty download, about 1.3gb. Also make sure that you backup your original graphics.jar file, unless you don't mind doing a reinstall of your game to replace it.
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    Some bridge - Yaga Greetings Wurmians! That's right, I'm back with another edition of the valrei international. We've been rather busy this week with the launch of wurm unlimited 1.9 to catch it up to wurm online, but there's still plenty to talk about, so let's get to it Wu live This week saw the launch of (and quickly, pesky bugs) and it's been huge. There's already been a few mods for the new content and seeing the servers buzzing with activity is awesome. I was playing on a server on Monday, and playing again today after the update made me realise just how big our visuals have come in the past six months, so a huge personal shout out to both Samool and Saroman, their continued work to see wurm look and feel better than ever has really impacted the game, and it's awesome to see. Far far away Speaking of visual improvements, samool has been doing some amazing things with distant rendering. Gone will be the days of bland green land, and instead, we will have this! Does anyone else like beavers? Cos dam! (seriously, who doesn't like beavers, otters or ferrets, they're the adorablest!) Coming soon One thing I have been working towards and talked about in many places is the start of our very own wurm dev streams! From general discussion, answering questions and playing the game, to specific streams about upcoming features I'm excited to say we're getting near the point we can start with this and see where it goes. If you have ideas for things you'd like to see, whether from how we play to segments we handle let us know below and we'll see about whether we can include it. We have no firm date to the start of this yet, but our goal is to start in the next month or two with weekend streams That’s it from us this week, we’re doing some behind the scenes changes to how we handle things approaching the switch to AWS, once we are closer to those changes we’ll lay out our plans for future works . There’s a lot going into it and some pretty awesome things, so stay tuned for that! Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the wurm team
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    Really is amazing in difference between graphics Now and way back when, great job! Here's a bit of contrast;
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    Maybe add a timer so we know who have the last bid?
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    What a cool video! Very entertaining and very professional - awesome work! Thanks for sharing, Malena!
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    Disclaimer to avoid confusion: This post was written in 2016 and is no longer accurate. Cedar containers no longer slow down the decay of their contents any more than other containers do. I wrote this based on my own in-game testing prior to being on the development team, and while the information was correct at the time, it no longer is, and has not been for quite a while. Conventional wisdom dictates that cedar items decay more slowly, but that cedar containers do nothing to slow down the decay of their contents. Turns out this is actually wrong, and cedar containers do, in fact, slow down the decay of their contents, in addition to cedar items themselves taking less damage. In fact, it stacks. A cedar item, or an item in a cedar container, decays more slowly. A cedar item inside a cedar container decays even more slowly. In fact, the more cedar containers are nested inside each other, the better the effect. For example, an item inside a cedar bucket, inside a cedar large barrel, inside a cedar raft, inside a cedar wagon takes quite significantly less damage than normal. For some background on this and where I got the idea, see here: Of course, the decay code is essentially a basilisk and scares the hell out of me, and empirical data is always a good idea, so I've run a couple tests over the past several days. If you don't care to read lots of numbers and rambling statements, feel free to skip to "Overall Conclusions" at the bottom of this post. Methodology: Removed hundreds of cooked meat from a food storage bin, then placed them in various off-deed, outdoor containers in a secure area. I then checked back a certain time later and noted how much decay was on the meat in each container, and how much (if any) had already completely been destroyed due to 100+ decay damage. Meat QL is not quite the same from test to test, so specific decay values can't really be compared between them. Container QL does not matter, but is listed anyway for the sake of completeness, and I've tried to use roughly equivalent QL of containers anyway. Damage is 0 when not specified. Also note: "Cedar count" below means how many containers in the chain are cedar. For example, meat inside a cedar bucket inside a firwood raft inside a cedar caravel would have a cedar count of 2. Test 1: Two barrels, one cedar and one fir, placed on the ground off-deed and outdoors. Each barrel contains one cedar bucket, three cotton satchels, and the rest of the barrel filled with meat. Initial meat QL not recorded but was likely 46.61QL. Meat left to ripen for approximately 2 or 3 days (not certain; all that's important is all the meat in this test decayed for the same amount of time). Please note that average damage of meat inside a container may be very misleading if some of the meat has already decayed away entirely, since those are not factored into the average; a container's meat stack may have significantly more decay than another even with lower average damage, if it has suffered more total loss of meat items, since the average is only the average damage of REMAINING meat in the stack. Results: Cedar Barrel (41.65 QL) 61 meat (Cedar count: 1, avg. 37.53 dmg): 7 - 0 dmg, 11 - 8.58 dmg, 9 - 17.97 dmg, 8 - 42.91 dmg, 17 - 57.94 dmg, 9 - 78.34 dmg, 0 destroyed Cedar Small Bucket (30.93 QL) 47 meat (Cedar count: 2, avg. 18.30 dmg): 13 - 0 dmg, 11 - 8.58 dmg, 8 - 25.74 dmg, 15 - 37.30 dmg, 0 destroyed Cotton Satchel (10.49 QL) 71 meat (Cedar count: 1, avg. 28.78 dmg): 8 - 0 dmg, 23 - 8.58 dmg, 13 - 17.97 dmg, 9 - 42.91 damage, 9 - 57.94 dmg, 0 destroyed Cotton Satchel (10.49 QL) 71 meat (Cedar count: 1, avg. 33.66 dmg): 9 - 0 dmg, 16 - 8.58 dmg, 9 - 17.97 dmg, 13 - 42.91 dmg, 17 - 57.94 dmg, 7 - 78.34 dmg, 0 destroyed Cotton Satchel (10.49 QL) 71 meat (Cedar count: 1, avg. 37.98 dmg): 9 - 0 dmg, 16 - 8.58 dmg, 6 - 17.97 dmg, 6 - 42.91 dmg, 23 - 57.94 dmg, 11 - 78.34 dmg, 0 destroyed Fir Barrel (42.37 QL) 43 meat (Cedar count: 0, avg. of remaining 39.13 dmg): 3 - 0 dmg, 11 - 8.58 dmg, 7 - 17.97 dmg, 8 - 28.43 dmg, 4 - 68.85 dmg, 10 - 96.03 dmg, 18 destroyed (29.5% loss) Cedar Small Bucket (31.70 QL) 47 meat (Cedar count: 1, avg. 30.95 dmg): 10 - 0 dmg, 12 - 8.58 dmg, 5 - 17.97 dmg, 4 - 42.91 dmg, 8 - 57.94 dmg, 8 - 78.34 dmg, 0 destroyed Cotton Satchel (10.49 QL) 56 meat (Cedar count: 0, avg. of remaining 37.20 dmg): 5 - 0 dmg, 15 - 8.58 dmg, 13 - 17.97 dmg, 6 - 28.43 dmg, 3 - 68.65 dmg, 14 - 96.03 dmg, 15 destroyed (21.1% loss) Cotton Satchel (10.49 QL) 57 meat (Cedar count: 0, avg. of remaining 38.36 dmg): 8 - 0 dmg, 13 - 8.58 dmg, 13 - 17.97 dmg, 3 - 28.43 dmg, 6 - 68.65 dmg, 14 - 96.03 dmg, 14 destroyed (19.7% loss) Cotton Satchel (10.49 QL) 49 meat (Cedar count: 0, avg. of remaining 35.59 dmg): 6 - 0 dmg, 12 - 8.58 dmg, 10 - 17.97 dmg, 7 - 28.43 dmg, 3 - 68.65 dmg, 11 - 96.03 dmg, 22 destroyed (31.0% loss) Tentative conclusions from test 1: Time between decay damage ticks is somewhat highly randomized. Higher sample size/more tests needed to determine if time between decay ticks is influenced by cedar. Damage due to a single decay tick is entirely deterministic, as only certain values were encountered. Damage amount definitely appears to depend on how many cedar containers "deep" an item is stored within (including, presumably, the item itself being cedar). For example, the same damage "steps" are encountered in the meat stack inside a cotton satchel inside a cedar barrel, as encountered in the meat stack inside a cedar bucket inside a fir barrel, because each has a single cedar container somewhere up the chain (cedar count: 1). Meanwhile, the meat stack inside the cedar bucket inside a cedar barrel (cedar count: 2) has different values from the rest. Cedar containers definitely slow decay. With a sample size of a few hundred meat, and the amount of consistency we see here, this is essentially certain. The only meat stacks with any totally-lost items are ones with a cedar count of 0. Multiple nested cedar containers certainly seem to slow decay further. Stacks with a cedar count greater of 2 seem to take less damage on average than stacks with a cedar count of 1, and the damage tick sizes are different in magnitude (see #2 above), but more testing is needed. These results were pretty encouraging, so I decided to do another test. Test 2: Testing to see results of more varied cedar container nesting. One fir barrel placed on the ground off-deed and outdoors, containing three cotton satchels filled with meat. A cedar wagon also parked nearby, containing: 85 meat and one cedar raft. Cedar raft inside wagon contains three cedar buckets and three cotton satchels, all filled with meat. Each barrel contains one cedar bucket, three cotton satchels, and the rest of the barrel filled with meat. Initial meat QL equal to 45.21. Meat left to ripen for approximately 3 days, 18 hours. Please note in this test that the starting meat QL is not the same as in the prior test, and it was left to decay for a longer period, so please do not compare numbers between the two tests! Don't do it! I mean it! Fir Barrel (42.37 QL, 2.0 dmg) Cotton Satchel (10.49 QL, 9.5 dmg) 35 meat (Cedar count: 0, avg. of remaining 37.52 dmg): 1 - 0 dmg, 2 - 8.85 dmg, 5 - 18.55 dmg, 7 - 29.42 dmg, 11 - 41.95 dmg, 8 - 57.19 dmg, 1 - 77.86 dmg, 36 destroyed (50.7% loss) Cotton Satchel (10.49 QL, 9.5 dmg) 39 meat (Cedar count: 0, avg. of remaining 39.36 dmg): 3 - 8.85 dmg, 6 - 18.55 dmg, 12 - 29.42 dmg, 4 - 41.95 dmg, 10 - 57.19 dmg, 1 - 70.78 dmg, 3 - 77.86 dmg, 32 destroyed (45.1% loss) Cotton Satchel (10.09 QL, 9.9 dmg) 31 meat (Cedar count: 0, avg. of remaining 33.54 dmg): 2 - 8.85 dmg, 4 - 18.55 dmg, 15 - 29.42 dmg, 7 - 41.95 dmg, 1 - 57.19 dmg, 2 - 77.86 dmg, 40 destroyed (56.3% loss) Cedar Wagon (40.482 QL, 7.54 dmg) 70 meat (Cedar count: 1, avg. of remaining 43.10 dmg): 2 - 0 dmg, 14 - 8.85 dmg, 11 - 18.55 dmg, 7 - 29.42 dmg, 3 - 41.95 dmg, 3 - 44.24 dmg, 11 - 60.10 dmg, 19 - 82.28 dmg, 15 destroyed (17.6% loss) Cedar Raft (16.72 QL) Cedar Bucket (30.93 QL) 47 meat (Cedar count: 3, avg. 17.95 dmg): 9 - 0 dmg, 12 - 8.85 dmg, 5 - 17.69 dmg, 4 - 18.55 dmg, 11 - 28.44 dmg, 6 - 40.81 dmg, 0 destroyed Cedar Bucket (31.82 QL) 47 meat (Cedar count: 3, avg. 20.15 dmg): 3 - 0 dmg, 12 - 8.85 dmg, 9 - 17.69 dmg, 6 - 18.55 dmg, 10 - 28.44 dmg, 7 - 40.81 dmg, 0 destroyed Cedar Bucket (31.70 QL) 47 meat (Cedar count: 3, avg. 18.11 dmg): 8 - 0 dmg, 10 - 8.85 dmg, 6 - 17.69 dmg, 6 - 18.55 dmg, 12 - 28.44 dmg, 5 - 40.81 dmg, 0 destroyed Cotton Satchel (10.49 QL) 71 meat (Cedar count: 2, avg. 23.96 dmg): 8 - 0 dmg, 22 - 8.85 dmg, 10 - 18.55 dmg, 6 - 26.54 dmg, 3 - 29.42 dmg, 9 - 38.59 dmg, 11 - 52.99 dmg, 2 - 71.81 dmg, 0 destroyed Cotton Satchel (10.49 QL) 71 meat (Cedar count: 2, avg. 33.68 dmg): 2 - 0 dmg, 11 - 8.85 dmg, 14 - 18.55 dmg, 5 - 26.54 dmg, 3 - 29.42 dmg, 17 - 38.59 dmg, 11 - 52.99 dmg, 8 - 71.81 dmg, 0 destroyed Cotton Satchel (10.49 QL) 71 meat (Cedar count: 2, avg. 25.94 dmg): 7 - 0 dmg, 15 - 8.85 dmg, 14 - 18.55 dmg, 4 - 26.54 dmg, 9 - 29.42 dmg, 10 - 38.59 dmg, 9 - 52.99 dmg, 3 - 71.81 dmg, 0 destroyed Tentative conclusions from test 2: Conclusions from test 1 seem to have held water. Higher cedar count definitely seems to matter, possibly without bound. Meat stacks with cedar count 0 suffered much more item loss than meat stacks with cedar count 1. Stacks with cedar count of 2 or 3 suffered no item loss, but every stack with cedar count 2 suffered greater total damage, and greater maximum damage on any single item, than every stack with cedar count 3. More testing may still be necessary to determine if time between decay ticks is affected by cedar count. That was a lot of numbers and words to type, so... let's finish this up, shall we? Overall conclusions: Cedar containers slow down the decay of their contents. The more cedar containers an item is nested in, going all the way up to the highest parent container, the more the decay of that item is slowed. For example, an item inside a cedar bucket, inside a willow raft, inside a cedar knarr (2 cedar containers), will decay more slowly than an item inside a cedar bucket in inventory, a birch knarr, etc. (1 cedar container). If you want to slow decay on an item but don't have a magical chest, you can't bank it, and you can't or don't want to put it in the inventory of yourself or a storage alt, your best bet is probably to nest as many cedar containers as possible ([[[[[Bucket] Large Barrel] Raft] Huge Tub] Vehicle]?), inside a building, on-deed. Amphorae also slow decay of contents, as confirmed by staff (see linked post above). According to WU code, the effect is the same in magnitude as it is for a cedar wooden container, and implemented the same way, so you can still benefit from nesting an amphora inside a cedar container or vice versa. I may test to verify this in the future. Cedar is, more than ever, the obvious choice for pretty much anything that serves as a container, whether it's a ship, a chest, a barrel, or anything else you can make out of wood. Almond milk, while vegan-friendly and not unhealthy, should not be construed as a nutritional replacement for animal milk, as the former is lacking in many important nutrients found in the latter, especially protein content. I am a very tired man.
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    Crafter fix Download Fixed placing issue with last update. Whoops, sorry about that. Thank you.
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    Getting this error with the newest Crafter release when I try to use the contract: [05:32:59 AM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Communicator: Metallumere- communication failed: java.lang.NullPointerException at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString(FloatingDecimal.java:1838) at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.parseFloat(FloatingDecimal.java:122) at java.lang.Float.parseFloat(Float.java:451) at com.wurmonline.server.questions.CrafterQuestionExtension.getFloatOrDefault(CrafterQuestionExtension.java:18) at com.wurmonline.server.questions.CrafterHireQuestion.answer(CrafterHireQuestion.java:74) at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Communicator.reallyHandle_CMD_BML_FORM(Communicator.java:3504) at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Communicator.reallyHandle(Communicator.java:2403) at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketConnection.tick(SocketConnection.java:618) at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketServer.tick(SocketServer.java:172) at com.wurmonline.server.Server.run(Server.java:2527) at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Timer.java:555) at java.util.TimerThread.run(Timer.java:505) No crafter appears.
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    Original vandle, he's been out of game for along time but not forgotten.
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    thanks i will try the new updated version and recreate that error for you with the buyer
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    I plan on posting it on the BDcraft forums, as it's their resources being used, it has to be hosted there, eventually when I feel that it's in a more completed state, I'll put it there, and provide a link here on the original post for those that are interested in playing with it
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    GM made 100ql weapons would kill pretty much anything 1 hit, maybe they finally fixed it so an actual 100ql is no longer broken in damage output. Basically anything that was an actual 100ql was broken, ql would never go down when repairing, damage output was off the chart. Players can't make anything an actual 100ql, they can imp up to like 99.999999999 and it will say 100ql but its obviously not.
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    Sounds like you've forgotten the dog fighting ring I ran on your Deli deed
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    Sure, I can understand that, but "cartoony" graphics have always had a charm for me, I honestly really like that aspect of WoW, is that it's cartoony looking, yet... in it's own way, it's majestic. At present, this would only be a graphic mod for WU, I doubt it will ever be available for WO, and even if it was... It would surely just be an option for players to choose from a drop down in the settings or a graphics pack on the launcher to pick instead, they very much would not force it on their players
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    Shocar, if Chaos isn't for you, there is plenty of open space in my area, and I''m happy to help you get set up fresh with some animals and food, etc.
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    I'll preface this by saying Epic players will immediately come -1 this thread... but it's something I've been thinking about and would like to see some discussion on. Make the Epic cluster (or at least the home servers) free to play. No skill caps, no resource caps, no PvP restrictions like non-prem accounts not being able to see local. This is going to provide use for a dead cluster, as I believe alot of people would be interested in playing the game if it was "free". Deeds/upkeep will obviously still cost silver. And while the F2P players might be thinking "but...but it's PvP" .... it's free. Meanwhile there's no impact to Freedom and freedom players' skills. People can skill on Epic all they want and the skills will not transfer to freedom. Same with all the items that would be made, etc. Benefits I see: 1. Influx of new players. Not necessarily subs, but new players. And that's a start for growing the population back. 2. It gives Epic some purpose for more than the 5 people playing there. 3. Epic skill curve + faster actions (like many of the WU players are accustomed to using for faster progression). 4. (My favorite) - people experience life on a PvP server and realize it isn't so bad, thus possibly bolstering the PvP population of Wurm. Discuss.
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    One thing I really appreciate about Wurm is that it does NOT look "cartooney" as most of those above textures do. Wurm has a more realistic and subtle look to its graphic designs which sets it apart from the more "popular" online games. WoW has a lot of beauty to it but it is a much different sort of a fantastical style more akin to these textures. If this is purely a mod that WU servers can install I have no problem with it but it should be kept far away from Wurm Online (which I am pretty confident it will anyway). =Ayes=
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    1.7 release is out Includes a fix for 1.9 version of Wurm Unlimited and a bunch of bugfixes
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    Do I like the new fishing system? In short, yes, very much. Speaking as someone who rarely bothered fishing the old way, I can't comment on what has been lost, but this system feels just about perfect. It provides a straightforward low-investment method of getting risk-free meat (net fishing), but also a rich, complex system with many variables (rod fishing), where you have to pay attention and learn to get the maximum benefit. Dare I say it? If you're getting bad results under the new system, you're doing it wrong. There, I said it. My experience I've been at it for a few weeks now and have gone from 10ish to 78 fishing skill. With a CoC rod, it took no more time to raise fishing than most other skills – digging would be comparable. Having continually refined my methods, I can now easily harvest 1,000 kg of fish in 90 minutes — that's more than 3,000 fillets! No exaggeration, this was today's result, putting fishing miles ahead of hunting as a reliable, risk-free, semi-afk source of meat for, say, pan-filling. And even at lower skill you can get very impressive yields from catfish. My gear: mainly 70–80ish ql, except for hooks, which I don't usually imp (so 20ish ql). To anyone frustrated about losing gear: (1) watch for damage and repair it periodically, replace lines when necessary; (2) use lower-tier reels until you skill up; and (3) pay attention to which kinds of fish snap your line — you don't have to try to hook/catch every nibbling fishy. Unless you have the requisite skill, hit ESC when the feistier fish bite in order to save your gear. In short, the new system has enough depth that there are pay-offs for players who take the time and effort to thoroughly suss it out, and also lesser rewards for less interested players. And to me, that seems a great fit with the overall Wurm ethos. NB A lot of the info you need to tweak your set-up is now available on the wiki (the table of fish properties is especially useful).
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    This look nice altough I would aim for something between "realistic" wurm look and World of Warcraft style. Your screenshots present more towards World of Warcraft style (kinda cartoonish).
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    Okey dokey guys, it's FINALLY FINISHED! Thank you all SO MUCH for all your ideas and help!
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    Yeah dunno, I disliked the fishing update the moment it kicked in, because I wondered "Why would you take a simple skill and make it overly convoluted and complicated with 0 intuitive aspects about it and force it on us? The rewards for this new convoluted system aren't great. They are the same. FISH. Damn fish. Maybe...maybe the occasional pearl. The skillgain isn't better. It's slower." Why would you make a skill that was pretty slow to grind anyway even slower now? It's boring. It's not for newbies. It's barely even for veterans. What's the payoff for fishing now? In my mind, good game design relevant to wurm implies effort = reward. Well I put a lot of effort in imping and creating everything for fishing only to be sorely disappointed. The skillgain isn't better at all. Fishing nets decay like crazy. My old fishing rod didn't stay rare when I upgraded it. It simply feels like a bad system forced simply because Tich passed away and CC wanted to honour her. While I admire and respect the sentiment, I don't understand how implementing such a big update to one of the most "relaxed" skills in the game actually is a better experience for everyone. Every player I asked so far told me they will never pick up fishing again, not even for priests except for the fishing goals or queuing up fishing actions using nets only because that seems closer to the old system. Dunno, seems simply like one of the most unwise skill decisions ever, made even sadder by the fact the devs will never revert to the old system which was fine. Simply put, the update that was made to make a skill "look cool" now , turned out to be an update that made players totally discouraged to even attempt to skill fishing anymore. It's ironic.
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    For me, I felt that my time and investment into the cluster and skills were ignored in heavy favor of being devalued for a broken system that no one wanted and hardly anyone enjoys. Other people that tried to get back into Epic tell me how sad it is someone just spams creation daily and now they're way stronger than the average account after years and years of epic pre-new skill system. That fast and spammy skilling is ok, if it was there from the start like on challenge. Instead it tells me my investment wasn't worth it, and gives me a lack of trust that any further time skilling on epic wouldn't just be thrown out the window in some other way. This is why I rather grind on freedom; I get my skills on both cluster, and where I grinded them won't ever change or be devalued. As for enjoying the epic environment, having to close the door behind me on my way out because there was no one else left to do it told me there was nothing to enjoy anymore. Doesn't mean I prefer freedom, doesn't mean I don't miss when epic was populated and fun, I'd love to get 2013 epic back but I don't think that is possible because after so many years too many people just simply moved on from the game entirely. I don't think adding full access to f2p is going to bring it back, the only thing that would is a time machine so someone can go back and force the devs to give epic more attention so people didn't leave in the first place
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    Retro already confirmed that shutting down an Epic is not an option, and won't happen. So it gonna last either someone's like it or not. On a side note, I find it amusing, like people that used to play here, explain that they play on freedom couse skills transfers only in one way. Thing is, if someone wants to play on Epic and is not interested in freedom environment, why he should care that skills do not transfer to freedom? You have nice curve here, faster timers and only real one sandbox, without artificial restrictions. In my opinion, transfer of skills from freedom to Epic should be ended. People could focus on one cluster, and would have their "backup" of skills on other cluster they don't play.
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    The new LOD changes are AHHHHH-MAZING and I can't express enough how grateful and excited I am that you guys are putting so much work into improving the game visually. But this is probably the right time and place to also give feedback. So while I think the new LOD is wonderful, it also changes a lot of how vast and large the world feels. Although the old LOD was made so for optimization purposes, IRONICALLY it had a side benefit of giving the illusion of DISTANCE and VASTNESS because you couldn't see the trees in the far distance. This made the view look EPIC and MAGESTIC, making you feel like you lived in a huge world with so much to explore. The new tree LOD shrinks the world and reveals just how small it is. ? So I took those screenshots and did some photoshop magic to see how I personally feel it should be balanced. In the process I realized that I don't mind the distant trees so much if they are on the ground level, but all the trees that were on the distant mountains bothered me a lot. So from my point of view, the perfect result would be if the LOD settings showed trees in the distance, but only under a certain height. In the animated GIF screenshots below, you can see in the first one that the mountain in the foreground still shows trees (and that still seems logical to me) but the mountains in the far distance do not anymore.
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    I'm thinking about possibility to create and write down custom music in Wurm. We can start from the simplest things, like a classic flute, where at one moment we can have only one note of a certain pitch and duration. Idea is the following: 1. create a flute (QL of the flute will determine the amount of available notes) 2. create a blank paper (QL of the paper determines how much notes can be recorded) 3. use a flute (the most tricky part, we will need smth like an editor where we can set up the sequence of notes specifying their pitch and duration) 4. after playing - record it (just like with almanac after studying the plants), on a paper, using a pen. 5. compose the recorded melodies in some sort of a music book. 6. Recorded melodies can be played by using a flute on a paper with notes (if the quality of the flute allows to reproduce all sounds recorded) it's a very draft idea, of course, but if this will seem to be interesting - we can work on details alltogether. Thanks!
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    @Jibberishor @MissWilc or @Alyeska but the idea to trap ping eternally @Pingpong
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    Pretty Please. Wurm was so much fun then. I miss Newtown Lag.
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    I am sure many people would like a DLC pack for a few euros with big map collection. Like 20-30 maps to choose from.
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    I know there have been a few people requesting a way to do this over the last few years, and I just had an idea on how to make it work, tried it out and it does. So if you want to run Wurm through Steam (with the overlay working perfectly), read on. Step 1: Install the Wurm Client of your choice: (stable) (unstable) (test) Step 2: Open up the javaws cache viewer: To do this, open up the command line (or terminal) and enter the following: javaws -viewer Note: if it comes back saying javaws is not recognized as a command, you will have to point it to your javaws.exe, normally found here: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin "C:/Program Files/Java/jre6/bin/javaws.exe" -viewer Step 3: With the cache viewer open, choose the Wurm Client install you want in Steam. Right click and select "Install Shortcuts" This will install a shortcut to run the client to your Desktop and Start Menu. Step 4: Open up Steam and add a new Non-Steam Game. Select Browse and find your javaws.exe (normally in C:/Program Files/Java/jre6/bin) (You can add a Non-Steam Game by going to the Games menu up top and selecting "Add a Non-Steam Game to my Library..." Right click this "game" you have just added, and select Properties. You will see three boxes straight up: the name, "Target" and "Start in". Change the name to whatever you like (I suggest "Wurm Online"). Go back to your Desktop, right click the new shortcut you just made, and select Properties. You will now see a window that has the Target and Start In locations for the shortcut. Copy them both over to the Steam window. When copying over the Target to the Steam window, make sure the first part (everything up to the end of "javaws.exe") is in quotation marks as shown in my image below. You can then choose a new icon if you want, and click close. NOTE: If it's not accepting the localfile stuff from the cache, you can change the Target for the Steam entry to: "C:/Program Files/Java/jre6/bin/javaws.exe" http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient.jnlp (Customized for the client you want, and the location of your javaws.exe). Doing it this way you need to set the Start In value to "C:/Program Files/Java/jre6/bin" or whatever your folder is Step 5: Select your game from your Steam list, and hit play. The client you chose will then start up, first looking on the web for any updates to the jnlp file and downloading if necessary, then starting the game as per normal, with the added bonus of the Steam overlay. Enjoy.