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    definitely path of mcdonald, i swear
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    Assuming we get to keep Wurm meditation abilities - in my opinion Path of Love is most useful from all of them. You would: saves lots of time on eating (assuming refresh is like eating one meal, you use it during dinner period and then need to care only about breakfasts. Got other family members? Use it instead of breakfast instead) saves lots of time on tending the plants can get you out of potentially dangerous situations, and makes it trivial to get a raise/promotion/pretty much anything social related once per day. Not very good for things like politics and relationships through, as you would need to fill the gaps for the remaining 23 hours 57 minutes without supernatural aid healing bonus is a slight advantage, but 50% faster healing if you heal yourself is not as useful IRL as in the game. Much shorter colds/burns maybe, not much more recall home - big time saver if you resign from driving via car and use public transportation instead final breath - assuming you are the only one in the world having these meditation abilities, it's the second one which gets you out of the dangerous situations. Who wouldn't run if you suddenly shown some unnatural magic capabilities? In addition, nobody would believe you did something like that If we don't get to keep Wurm meditation abilities, I'm somewhere in a middle between Path of Knowledge and Path of Love, probably closer to Path of Knowledge. Let's compare Path of Love to other paths (Recall Home and Final Breath are everywhere, so I'm skipping them): Path of Knowledge Assuming "Get Info" gives any info you want about any person/animal - this is pretty much single target version of "Love Effect", with some advantages and drawbacks - it's much better for relationships as you can know other person stance towards you, but worse for escaping dangerous situations No skill loss - useless IRL unless we assume it means you never forget anything, in which case you can become walking Wikipedia. Won't give you much advantage on its own, through Intellect of the Enlightened - you learn/train 25% faster. Can be significant time advantage Path of Insanity First of all, its unique quirk is likely to get you into the mental facility for life Clean wound - almost useless IRL as it works only on very narrow spectrum of wounds (please correct me if I'm wrong) Fill - similar to refresh - no more dinners/breakfasts! Shield of the Gone - pretty much useless IRL Teleport - very likely to get you killed sooner or later if you use it Path of Power Trap Immunity - almost useless IRL Erupt/freeze - completely useless IRL Elemental Immunity - want to be a firefighter/record setting diver? Say no more! Potentially life saving in some situations Stamina of the Vibrant Light - useful mostly for physical work, so not very useful and will only get worse with time, but if you want to become and still can become good at stamina-dependent sport, you can be REALLY good at it Path of Hate Fear is the only useful ability here, pretty much worse version of Love Effect.
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    everything that epic, and pvp in general had as "content" has been butchered and shipped over to freedom already, tomes are on freedom and easier to get, moonmetal is on freedom, valrei creatures straight up don't spawn outside the occasional spawn of uttacha (i haven't seen a sol demon or son of nogump in the last year, seen them spawned by gm's on freedom more often) and i wouldn't call 100 drakespirits in the corner of the ocean content. there's nothing on epic you wouldn't see on freedom 90% of people will pick pve over pvp regardless of whether it's free or not, independence was premium only when it came out and it was pretty populated, when rolf made one of the home servers full pvp back in the day like 2/3 of the home server quit, people will pay just to avoid pvp. there's 0 tweaks needed to make pve more appealing because the majority of the playerbase avoids pvp like the plague.
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    For some reason the Rule Deer has a template ID of 0, which obviously isn't correct (0 is the templateid of inventory). I would recommend checking any mods that create a custom item named "yule reindeer", as its template id assignment is incorrect, or non existent, or the mod in general is not working properly.
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    [Project is now over. Free shards service has now ended.] ------ If you need sandstone shards and have a boat with crates, we got free shards for you. Bring crates or BSBs and just come scoop them up. Contact me to arrange pickup and to see if there are any available. We got a sizeable amount of veins we need to mine out, and would appreciate if someone comes empty our bsbs. Come get your free shards! Current Stock: Out of Stock For Now! BYOFB (Bring your own ****** box!) Please post in this thread once you've picked them up so others don't do the trip in vain
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    I had noticed that when trying to cast wisdom of vynora on my main I would get a message like "Vynora would never help an infidel like Morde!", when trying to cast on my Tosiek main. However, in the patch notes from December it says this: Creature enchant spells will no longer give “would never help the infidel” errors when attempting to cast on an allied player following a deity that doesn’t agree with yours. Instead, this error now only occurs when attempting to cast on enemy players This does not seem to agree with what is actually happening, is this a bug?
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    As the title states, I'm selling a: - 90QL Red Drake hide set with cap, fully dmg reduction runed Price: 85s drop a line below or pm me on the forums or ingame if you want to purchase this fine piece of armour. Edit: Drakeset is sold!
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    ok, ill send off a bunch 2morw
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    Congratulations to MacOofer who won the statue for 15s. [Please close - auction ended]
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    I managed to track it down.. it was Ausi's 'Craft more things' mod... removed it, and everything went back to normal, no items lost.
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    Hello! About a month ago, without changing anything to my toon or recipes, the timers for the buffs i got from my full house pizzas, decreased from around 5h from 1 bite to 50 minutes. At first i thought something was changed to the food system but it seems not everyone was affected. So to detail... I used to make full house pizzas, using 30 ingredients that were around 40-41ql that gave 5h buff from the first bite. After the change, exactly the same ingredients, even better ql pizza, only give 50min to 1h buff. I spoke to a friend of mine about it, he said for him there is no change. I asked him to make me a pizza using the same ingredients. He has higher hfc and used better ql ingredients and his pizza is 69 ql but it gives 17 hours buff from the first bite. I am adding some screenshots of the ingredients i used. I mention my hfc skill is now 60. Ingredients part 1 Ingredients part 2 Right now i have 2 identical pizzas in my larder, one that is 41.05ql, has 50% damage and gives me 2h(used to be over 5h before it got the damage) ming logic buff and that is 45.70ql, has no damage and gives me 50 min mind logic buff, both made by me using exactly the same ingredients, one before and one after the change.
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    We sorted it ourselves in the end. I've (touch wood) not had any go bad yet either but I do think that once a vulnerability is identified as a potential for foul play to occur that it should be addressed, such as a situation above. It is very sad that players are expected to put themselves at great risk to complete the type of transactions that are used as a unique selling point for the game. An "open economy" it's described as, however it neglects to mention the high risks of being scammed as past events have proven. Some absorb the blow but a large number of players don't and the sort of figures being past around in trades sometimes can have a very big impact on some players lives when things go sour so I think any step in reducing the possibility of scamming players (customers) should be taken, especially if it's something as minor as changing the drop mechanic of tomes to 3 x 1 charges instead of 1 x 3 charges for a much more user friendly distribution.
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    Like what? The only apeal to freedom would be posibility of pure pve and 100% security for your deed and items (but thats security isn't really neglectable on home servers), so is it really worth the price freedomers would pay. And also Epic has more content of it would become free why would someone pay for less content? I like the idea but I think there need to be tweaks to make freedom more appealing and give people more reasons to pay to play on freedom Vs playing on free on Epic. Otherwise it would be just another slap in the face to remaining veterans that invested years in their life on freedom and don't want to move and start over, which ironically is the situation many people from epic was and are still
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    @Oblivionnreaverhas one. Check with him
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    I wrote up the initial design and paid money to have this mod developed for my server based upon Ultima Online recall runes. After a period of time went by I asked that it be released to the public for everyone to use, same with treasure hunting maps etc. I've since learned the basics of modding, but this was way before that time. Recall runes work fine with the new update, though i need to check one thing to make sure they aren't applying a spell effect.
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    A little fun before the event. There were over 100 unique players at the event today! It was great to see everyone. Thank you for coming!
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    Connecting the highway, us and the horsey, and a sea view okay, also quite a bit of a mess of shards 'n stuff
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    Really? You considered trespassing? Well, think again!
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    If meditation is in essence, a knowing. the path of love would lead me to the path of knowledge which would lead me to the path of insanity.
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    All My farm animals are sleeping... so peaceful
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    No one is bashing devs here, I agree it's a great update. We just make fun of it! Just as people make fun of me when I do something silly ?
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    Yes. But they are unable to, hence they are red. I heard a nice idea that Northern apples should be green while southern red.
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    Hello SnOO and Wolfey, We've had another report concerning the Independence Road map link in the Wurmpedia, this one about it being missing completely. I've checked the history for the page and captured this: 15:24, 1 February 2019‎ Mordoskull (Talk | contribs)‎ m . . (16,018 bytes) (-239)‎ . . (Removed Independence map link to nowhere) Would you be so kind as to re-add the link listed below back into the maps list for Independence. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EbliOmfbWcK1zhD4t4iYU-Dc18eEr7ZB/ Thank you so much Regards, Skyefox Co-Administrator of the Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Oh haii dur, nice to see you foggy rifts are fun:
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    Sometimes a view can be everything you need...
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    A rather disturbing screenshot of a goblin coming out of me like the thing. And a fantastic Xanadu mountain range in the middle of nowhere.
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    Training drills for the troll army has begun, pm your local troll king for enlistment details.
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    Worked a bit on decorating my house - probably not quite done here yet, but it will have to do for tonight:
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    Confirmed! Just cooked a pizza, all used ingredients i chopped in my inventory (they were not fresh), i got 7h buff from a ql 50.71, 10.60kg pizza. Test to see if all fsbs are bugged or just some is pending, I will create a new fsb, chop the things and put them into the fsb before cooking, see what i get. Now, if a gm would acknowledge the bug and try to fix it, that would be great
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    @Ohana: as I said, I know about that part. What has changed recently is that chopped ingredients out of FSB ruin the affinity timer. Until recently stored chopped ingredients worked fine. Something has changed.
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    Reason for this is chopped veges and herbs from FSB as @Ohana said. I always chop when I do the cooking. Pepejot has them chopped in FSB. After chopping the ingredients without putting them in to FSB, straight into the pan, timers are back to normal. Issue seems to be with FSB, this didn't happen before. Fresh vs FSB stored might have been different, never used ingredients with "fresh" tag but chopped and stored in FSB used to work fine until recently.
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    Using flatten and level would be okay as long as producing a shared and changing the terrain still remain a not every 5 second results but still every once in a while like now.
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