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    Libila watches - Samool Greetings Wurmians! We’re back with another Valrei International, showing you all what’s been going on behind the scenes of the world of Wurm, so let’s get into it, ya ken? spec(tac)ular metals One thing coming in today's update is the addition of specular and normal maps to metal weapons, tools, and parts of transport and furniture! It adds further depth and realism to these surfaces, just check it out! I personally can't wait to see these after the update, I'm so keen! Journal Tweaks We’ve been making some tweaks to some journal goals and clearing up some others in today's update. We’re also introducing a progress percentage display, so you can keep track of those big ones! Tapdance deconstruction Tapdance is a horrible mess of construction, whats happened? Team Shark has happened, with the tapdance redesign firmly under way. VEN member Fabricant will be streaming this process as he goes, expect disaster of hilarious proportions. WU Beta That’s right, after 180+ days of waiting, Wurm Unlimited is getting brought up to speed with Wurm Online! It’s a big beta with a ton of behind the scenes changes, so the beta will be fairly long, between 2-4 weeks. We’ll also be pushing an update to the beta some time during this with some WU specific fixes as well as including the update due out today. Ongoing AWS work Keenan is still hard at work with the foundations of shifting to AWS, looking at dockers and uh, honestly, half of it goes over my head, but you can catch it all here as he keeps updating it! Whether you can follow it, or like me you smile and nod as Keenan excitedly tells you what big things it means, I hope you enjoy these type of devblogs, and I certainly will be encouraging more in the future! Crusaders artwork Last week we posted an announcement regarding the copyright issues we unfortunately faced regarding The Crusaders PMK designs. I’m super thrilled to say that they not only have replacements, but they have opened it up to public voting! There’s some amazing designs on offer, and they want to know your opinion. Not only that, but one lucky voter will win a set of the winning design! Hota rework We’re gearing up for the HotA rework to go live in a coming update (not today's) . For the initial release it will run alongside the existing HotA system. From there we’ll work with feedback and tweak if necessary to ensure it’s engaging and achievable. That’s it from us today, there will be an update in the next few hours with lots of goodies so you better not be too sleepy! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Per the new update/changes, we BL can cast it on freedom now. Let's meet Saturday at Tap Dance Market to get this done for people's jorunals. *Max Links a 100 channeling priest can have is 11, will be going with the highest channeling person availible to maximize participation. [14:44:47] <Nomadikhan> [14:44:39] You explain how Libila is in the waning crescent and needs you to do a lot more for her so that she may manifest her powers. It seems we BLer's must work harder to fully manifest Libila's powers. It is not able to be casted at this time. Praying and preaching is our duty. I'm sorry if I got anyone's hopes up, but it looks like this will be postponed!
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    Gud'afternoon Maiya, Friday, March 15th, 2019 at 00:55 GMT Skyefox is now checking.... Okay, back on January 17th, 2019 she requested the old link be removed and the new one be put up. She got a response next day from Wurmpedia Assistant "Sn00" saying he had fixed it. See Wurm Pedia Maintenance Forum Topic "[Completed] Albia Roads of Indy Map Link in the WurmPedia." From the modification history of WurmPedia page concerned "Astronomy and Geography", On Feb 1st, 2019 the link to the Albia Roads Map of Indy was removed by Mordoskull. So we are totally baffled and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Time for Skyefox to talk to the Pedia folks, again. Warmest regards, Hughmongus Co-Adminsitrator - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    I have always felt bad for developers because of this. There is not possible way for them to to test for every possible combination of things. Sometimes they dont show until they have a full server of test subjects. This is one reason why they ask for people to try the beta and use test.
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    I have no idea why but this map aint on wiki no more https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EbliOmfbWcK1zhD4t4iYU-Dc18eEr7ZB/edit please get it back htere ty in advance Maiya
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    Superlike the new shiny, can we please have a Bronze Statue of Tich added to the collection?
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    Independence somewhere. Totally forgot the name of the place. Was in awe of this build so much I had to turn round and grab a screenshot. The same day, I went to Dragon Fang mountain for the first time. Even in the fog it looked pretty daunting.
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    Welcome to Inner Sea Sanctuary Selfservice Market on Indy Jane Doe is waiting to serve you at her market stall. The market is at my dock so close to water for easy access with boat, but here is also easy access by foot or use of cart or wagon, on the nice highways leading here. In game map cords is L/M 14/15 or by use of web-map Inner Sea Sanctuary 27 x 36 y https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EbliOmfbWcK1zhD4t4iYU-Dc18eEr7ZB/edit Selfservice of bulksale: Buy key to the fsb/bsb you want from merchant Jane Doe then go to the fsb/bsb and load up your bought crops. FSB1 Garlic Ql:99,77 10k 6,5 Silver FSB2 Garlic Ql:99,77 10k 6,5 Silver FSB3 Onion Ql:99,34 9k 5,85 Silver FSB4 Potato Ql:99,95 11k 7,15 Silver FSB5 Potato Ql:100 5.5 3,58 Silver FSB6 Pumpkin Ql:100 8.4 5,46 Silver FSB7 Strawberry Ql:99,80 2,4 1,56 Silver FSB8 Lettuce Ql:99,82 9.7 6,31 Silver FSB9 Tomato Ql:100 8k 5,20 Silver FSB10 Tomato Ql:100 8k 5,20 Silver FSB11 PeaPod Ql:100 7.7 5 Silver FSB12 Carrot Ql:100 8k 5,20 Silver FSB13 Cucumber Ql:100 6.3 4,10 Silver FSB14 Cucumber Ql:100 6.3 4,10 Silver FSB15 Corn Ql:100 5,4 3,51 Silver FSB16 Corn Ql:99,98 11k 7,15 Silver FSB17 Rice Ql:100 10k 6,50 Silver FSB18 Rice Ql:100 10k 6,50 Silver FSB19 SugarBeet Ql:100 7,5 4,88 Silver FSB20 SugarBeet Ql:100 7.5 4,88 Silver FSB21 Cabbage Ql:99,94 5,9 3,84 Silver FSB22 Cabbage Ql:99,94 6k 3,90 Silver FSB23 Oat Ql:100 5.6 3,64 Silver FSB24 Wheat Ql:100 2.2 1,43 Silver FSB25 Barley Ql:100 6.9 4,49 Silver FSB26 Rye Ql:100 6,8 4,42 Silver FSB27 Rice Ql:99,98 7.8 5,10 Silver BSB1 Cotton Ql:100 1999 1,30 Silver BSB2 Cotton Ql:100 1999 1,30 Silver BSB3 Cotton Ql:100 1999 1,30 Silver BSB4 Cotton Ql:100 1.4 0,91 Silver BSB5 ReedPlants Ql:100 9,1 5,92 Silver BSB6 ReedPlants Ql: 100 5k 3,25 Silver BSB7 WempPlants Ql:99,99 10k 6,50 Silver BSB8 WempPlants Ql:99,99 9.9 6,44 Silver Welcome by and shop Maiya
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    Hello my fellow Wurmians. I will be streaming Sunday roughly around noon us eastcoast time. I will be having a few give aways during the stream. As long as i have a minium of 5 viewers will give away a silver and an archeology tool. The way the give away works i will ask viewers to type thier guess into the chat window. You can choose from: Gold Silver Copper Tin Lead Zinc and Iron. Once i close the Guessing will assemble an archeology tool and those who guess correctly will win one silver. If only one correct guess will also send the item to the winner. I will also have a Archeology Statuette, mask and statue to give away if more than ten viewers are on. These giveaway item are the generous donation of Slowmo. He has many statues, mask, and statuettes for sale ingame. I am fairly new to streaming but hope to help bring wurm online to more folks. So catch my streams here hope to see you all on Sunday. I often stream at random times throughout the week as well Happy Wurming my friends.
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    1. Rugs that can be dyed. 2. The ability to dye canopy beds 3. Option to relocate deed token (Freedom only, long cooldown, must be within bounds of existing deed) 4. More slots/capacity on bookshelves (You can't fit very many books on them as it is now) 5. New statues of the gods, craftable with stonecutting (smaller than the arch statues, can substitute as an altar over QL 30) 6. More flower types. (And fuller-looking flowers in pots and planters, they look like sad dying stems.) 7. Better options for dye storage (The alchemist's cabinet is okay, but very limited and the decor on top is repetitive if you have several) 8. Dresses. (Not just for female toons. Let the guys rock a dress and let that chest hair really get it's moment in the spotlight!) 9. Wall decor - tapestries are cool, but there's not enough of them. This is where taxidermy would be awesome. 10. Tall kingdom banners that can be dyed (base freedom model) 11. Glass-making: Windows, glass bottles, wall mirrors 12. New healing cover made from honey+square of cloth (honey is antimicrobial, and these dressing are used in hospitals even now) 13. Recall to tower: Interaction with guard tower that teleports guards not active in combat back to the guard tower. This would remove guards from caves and bridges where they get stuck. 14. Diagonal fences for those less boxy edges. 15. Wagons with plain white cover that can be dyed.
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    nah you don't even need event to be active and no skill loss should still be working, doesn't need to be on deed at all, i sometimes just do min 1 max 4000 to cover entire map and it works fine. Which server you on? I can pop in with a char and help test it. Edit: You can just message me the details and a discord link if you use it.
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    My favorite skill is waiting for what's next. Love the change to find in wiki that really takes you to the page. Fantastic help tool And blueberry pegs, all the cool dyes from archaeology, those are aces so that gets a vote Spear fishing if you turn the HUD off and stand there with a spear waiting to stick a fish
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    Dunno, why the extra step of hot burning items?? "You can create a campfire using just a wood scrap and.." - It would be much smoother if a kindling and scraps is enough to light up Forges and whatever you want to light up. Easier to understand for new players as well. This extra step of a campfire to get a burning item, then to click that item to light a forge is just overcomplicated overkill, imo... Bravo on the extra graphics, tho.
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    Client update with fixes is going out now, please run the client again in a couple minutes and try again. Make sure to paste here a full console log if it still happens.
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    Since item sinks seem to be on the developer's minds, why not encourage players to remove items from the world, by allowing them to disassemble items for skillgain? From a "lore" perspective, you're disassembling something to learn more about it. I can see it working something like this: - Disassembling is performed with a tool, say, a hammer on a glowing hot metal item, a carving knife on a wood item, a chisel on a stone item, etc. That allows CoC to be used. - The action is much like the inverse of repairing: one long action, punctuated by QL reduction and skill ticks. - Higher QL items take longer to disassemble, and thus give more skill ticks. - Items, of course, give skill in the skill used to make them (so disassembling a longsword gives weaponsmithing). - Skillgain rate is exactly the same as imping (it needs to be worth doing). - Disassembling rare items could give more skill ticks (since they should take longer to reduce). I realize that the above might not actually result in removing items from the world if players reduce items to near-zero QL, and then stop to re-imp them. It -would- mean fewer items created for skilling grinds, however. If that's a problem, then the actions could be designed to only give skillgain on destruction of the item. Timer length/skill tick size would need to be long/big enough to be worth doing. Couple uncertainties: - I don't know how to involve the difficulty system on Freedom. - I'm not sure about leaving behind lumps/scrap/etc. One way or another, I think introducing that kind of item sink would be economically interesting. I could see people selling bulk 80+ QL blank weapons, for instance...
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    Update released on 2019-03-04 - 15:44 GMT (March 3, 2019) This Week's update is a day late due to wanting to get some last minute changes in place: Elysian - Crystal Canal Area (48x, 52y; Q21) - added the road tunnel which parallels the underground ship canal - updated the roads to connect to the road tunnel Crystal Mountain South (47x, 36y; L20 & 21) - added a new guard tower icon and calling range indicator to the west side of the mountain - updated the roads along the south coast of the mountain - updated the geography of the south coast of the mountain Hermit Island (62x, 61y; T25) - removed roads that have decayed or been taken out - updated the roads on the southeast of the island - removed the steppe on the south central part of the island - it is now grass - updated the geography of the north and southeast coastlines - removed one guard tower icon from the centre of the island and added in 2 new ones with calling range indicators - removed the east guard tower which is no longer there - adjusted the positioning of the northern guard towers to their correct locations - repositioned the Mission Marker Hopes Barrow Highway Cat's Eyes - Added in any additional cat's eyed road found during our travels. They will be updated on/in the Albia Cat's Eyes Roads forum. As always, we have removed disbanded deeds and added those submitted to the Albia Roads Map of Indy forum. Wurm is waiting.... Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Because copyright laws demand as such. If someone owns the copyright and someone not the copyright owner submits it, if CCAB used it without the copyright holders permission, they would be liable in most countries. --- Obligatory haha get rekt TC as it is my duty. Now on to the serious stuff. I think this is pretty sad on so many levels. The TC design although not particularily my favorite wagon (Wagons were pretty terrible mind you) was a very sweet design. The tabards were exquisite and rather amazing, and the art overall well made and very identifying of The Crusaders. It was overall a very well thought design that spoke of the identity of a kingdom. Seeing it gone is very sad and a loss to the community as a whole. Regardless of who's at fault here and what was agreed upon, what promises were fulfilled or broken or what this drama consisted of, this is a prime example of what Chaos has become. This is a snowball that has been rolling downhill ever since the MR hacks/metagaming/whateveryoucallit hit Chaos. Since then kingdoms stopped being players and friends enjoying a videogame and became these bloodthristy animals that their goal is not only to win a game, but to devastate their opponent in whichever way they can. The whole pvp community on Chaos has devolved to this. People trying to get people banned, people trying to find to make the game unenjojable for others, or people trying to get opposing kingdom members kicked. Its a war of emotions and drama instead of a war of the battlefield with death tabs and disbanded deeds. Its atrocious. Its what we've brought upon ourselves. I am not going to point fingers at anyone because despite of what the groups themselves may think, they are both at fault on this, and its already spilling outside of Chaos, now affecting people who have nothing to do with it. Its despicabe that people who could otherwise be friends are doing these things to each other. Why? What's the point? To win? We need to stop doing these things to each other. Its just a game, homies. We're not children. Lets leave the hair pulling behind and go back to bashing each other's heads... in game.
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    Update released on 2019-02-17 - 15:44 GMT (February 17, 2019) This Week's update: West Indy (13x, 26y; I11) - removed the patch of steppe that was by the northeast corner of the sand patch at Mountain Hollow Reservoir - added new roads along the east side of the sand patch, and updated the roads east of the main highway - removed the guard tower icon from the west entrance to the road tunnel at 14x, 25y as the tower is no longer there - added in 2 new guard tower locations east of the sand patch (9x, 31y; K10) - added the new road south of The Western Wall constructed to accommodate a cat's eye highway connection Northwest Indy (8x, 19y; G9) - updated the roads along the coastline - updated a small portion of the coastline geography - added a new guard tower and calling range indicator (10x, 18y; G10) - updated the roads in the area and added in bridges - updated the geography along the coast line - added the expansion to the small island west of the coast - corrected the location of the guard tower at 11x, 18y and added a new one at 11x, 19y (9x, 14y; F9) - corrected the geography where a section of land was missing (10x, 11y; E10) - removed the guard tower icon as the tower is no longer there (13x, 8y; D11) - correctly positioned the guard tower and added the calling range indicator Northwest Islands (7x, 9y ;D9) - added 3 new guard towers and calling range indicators to the southern of the 2 islands - updated the central road network on the southern island - added bridges on the west coast of the southern island North Coast (17x, 8y; D12) - removed the guard tower icon as the tower is no longer there (19x, 7y; D12) - updated the geography and the roads in the area Samling Fjord - Trollvill Mountain (22x, 11y; E13) - added a new guard tower icon and calling range indicator Samling Fjord West (18x, 13y; F12) - updated the roads in the local area (including adding a new bridge) where changes had been done to accommodate a cat's eye network Central Samling Fjord (24x, 14y; F14) - added a new road tunnel (22x, 14y; F13) - updated the roads where the connection is to the west end of the road tunnel Central Indy (33x, 42y; N17) - updated the roads where some have been removed Highway Cat's Eyes - Added in any additional cat's eyed road found during our travels. They will be updated on/in the Albia Cat's Eyes Roads forum. As always, we have removed disbanded deeds and added those submitted to the Albia Roads Map of Indy forum. Wurm is waiting.... Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Got it ChampagneDragon Thanks
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    I for one, would ask you to dance if you were dressed in one.
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    I whant to add Notilla Harbour at (K-9 in-game map) cords 30y7x we got a vynorra colossus,guard tower, obelisk, merchant 2x will send 2 imgr pic to show https://imgur.com/B90qu1F https://imgur.com/HOo41mN we also got the highway to there.
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    Thank you for that suggestion Nirav. I think that is a lovely idea as do a few other who posted after you. Your request has been accepted and the change will be made to the map for this week's update. Regards, Skyefox Co-Administrator - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    50 sandwiches can be enough in 1 way. 100 for top and back. Good to leave some sandwiches in hat, where is camp. In a case. In a case. Maybe u will want to go back to slope for ur staff in corpse. Just in a case. Some mobs could wish to play with u on a slope.
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    "Please bring sideways sailing back."