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    So this suggestion is helping players, developers and GMs alike. Currently no vehicle is bashable. And that causes a bunch of problems. For the journal you need to make a small cart, a large cart, a wagon and a boat. What to do with them once you complete the goal if you already have all you need? NOTHING. You cannot bash them, and vehicles decay REALLY slowly. That is: Stupid, considering it's yours - you should do whatever you want with it unnecesarily adds to the (already large) database of items on each server creating unnecesary clutter bad, WHEN players leave (notice I said when and not if) mayors are left with carts/wagons/boats/... on deed that they cannot move So, this is a two part suggestion here: allow owners to bash their own vehicles (freedom only for example if you feel it's a problem for pvp; idk about pvp ramifications, and code exists to split this exists) allow mayors to bash and/or perm override to become owners of the vehicles of other people that have not logged in a given amount of time (i'd say 3 months, just like merchants and just like sped up decay on homes in the wilderness) Like I said, QoL for players is better control over their items (suggestion 1) and deeds (suggestion 2); QoL improvement for Devs (less pointless, useless calculations of decay for pointless, useless items in the databases) and QoL improvement for GMs and Players (not needing to write tickets about moving vehicles of others parked on or right in front of their deeds - and GMs not having to move stuff all the time) Thor
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    Apologies for the mess and for the fact I had to log off straight after the slay. I can see why he was left in the centre of the tundra for so long now undetected. I am glad you have it fixed up, I appreciate how tundras, and pockets of natural beauty are important to its locals. If you need any transmutation liquid for the remaining missing tundras let me know. I will mail it over with no fee. I have seen the loss of tundras on other servers with certain people campaigning for its removal. The sole reason apparently being that of things not spawning on it and instructing their minions to destroy it. Very sad indeed, anything I can do now I am back in-game from a crisis in RL, do let me know. Ps . Thank you to all who attended, supported and had patience for the public slaying, and best of luck to Bipolar in his hunting endeavours for more uniques. There is a great hunter in all of us.
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    As a unique feature be nice to see that on the birthday every year of the toon creation in your mailbox your toon received a birthday present of some type of unique gift and as the toon ages the presents get better
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    Auctioning this beauty behalf of Neowyn! https://imgur.com/a/g5jmxTZ https://imgur.com/a/XAwI0SL [20:14:14] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from oakenwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 60.70144, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Neowyn, has been etched in the stern. [20:14:14] A adamantine rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase vehicle speed (10%) [20:14:14] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Neow.n'. Start Bid: 50s Buyout: 70s Min Increment: 0.5s No Sniper Protection No Reserve
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    It is probably better to send Rolf coins by buying silver through the Wurm shop. Rolf then gets real life coins he can actually use, and you get the silver coins to make (almost) all your Wurm wishes come true.
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    Notchblood (Gold Buckskin) joins our family!
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    Not 1 iron more. No decay on deeds is part of the benefits that they provide and are paid for with deed upkeep. Any further reduction of overlooked or not bothered to deal with deed decay issues should be resolved as being already part of the deal. This has actually been the process over the years as gradually more items on deeds have become included in the *no on deed decay* family. A poll question such as this just shows a lack of knowledge and experience in the long history of the evolution of the game. =Ayes=
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    The House of Thunder of Thunderstorm Keep, the capital of Stormshield Alliance -- is recruiting! At the beginning of Xanadu we had a lot of neighbors, friends of old. Now we are the only ones left and it's quiet. Don't get us wrong! We like quiet, but sometimes the game is just boring if you don't have others to work together on projects or just chat. So we are opening our deed to three people! There are a few things we look for in people wanting to join: Players that have some Wurm experience under their belt (not much needed, but please not complete beginners) People that want to stay as part of a community rather than just stay here until they have enough funds to get their own deed Due to the configuration of our deed, some light form of roleplay is recommended in order to have fun (the nobility of the inner keep and the aspiring knights/ladies living in the outer keep (you)) English as preffered communication language EU/US location recommended Mature players that don't take things personal. Due to cultural differences it can be easy to get your feelings hurt, even when other people did not intend to offend anyone (include here bad jokes...) SOME form of neatness. As you probably will notice from the pictures, our deed is pretty clean of junk and stuff laying everywhere. We would like to keep it like that as much as possible ...onwards TO THE PICTURES! https://imgur.com/a/wNkAUs3 ...the plots Plot 1 The innermost plot, closest to the Inner Keep 12x4 tiles overall 46 tiles effective Plot 2 At the eastern side of the Keep, next to the Customs and Trading Center building 12x5 tiles overall 56 tiles effective Plot 3 At the southern part of the Keep, next to the South Gate, this plot has beautiful views on the keep and the surroundings 10x7 tiles overall 65 tiles effective ...the small print about deed rules no taking stuff that does not belong to you without asking please, no buildings higher than 2 stories (has to do with the light roleplay we were talking about earlier and the overall deed design) do not harvest Inspira's crops (she wants them to wither by themselves) How to contact us by replying here by messaging Thorakkanath here or in-game by messaging Inspira or VItrelle in-game through smoke signals or by shouting really loud We look forward to welcoming you to our Keep, Thorakkanath and Inspira, King and Queen of Thunderstorm Keep
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    Can you please change ballista to aim like bow, when activated right now there like catapult impossible to hit a moving target and never used because they're useless
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    It would be neat to have some sort of visual indicator in bulk containers showing visually how much space is left and also the unit space left. Something like this: (The color is hideous, but you get the idea)
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    Would be easier to just send him a real letter, and way cheaper.
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    I can't like the photo twice so will just post it again. Wow so pretty!
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    Hellhorse: Aged fat Unlimitedpot
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    White 5-speed male, named 'Ice':
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    This ancient, beautiful relic has been lying in ruins under Pristine for what seems like an eternity, long before I arrived on Pristine. A couple of years ago myself and Blarster started fixing this canal up after finding it in ruins, but real-life got in the way and the project died off again. I also should have made this post long, long ago. The original tunnelers clearly put a lot of work into it, so It seems a shame to let such a useful canal be forgotten and lost to decay. Current Status: Open - Not fully reinforced. Knarrs, sailing and rowing boats only. Roughly two-thirds of canal walls are reinforced Lots of veins to be mined out of the way (see below) Canal ceiling needs raising Canal floor needs lowering for larger boats Walkway started from south side. Incomplete One or two surface access tunnels to be fitted along the canal, connecting to its walkway Midway between Oasis Motel and Pierpoint is messy old collapses and reinforcements which need fixing Northern entrance is now nice and shiny Map (Enlarged version here) Obstructing Veins All veins are listed from north to south. Anyone is welcome to come and chip away at them and you can do whatever you like with the ores you've mined. The only exception is deeded veins, unless the deed owner has given permission to mine/take them, for obvious reasons. Note: I've been gone a few weeks, so the the list below is outdated. In the meantime check out Anarres vein list. Will update the OP soon. Thank You! A special thank you to all those who have helped so far: @Anarres- busting veins @Ayesfor shedding light on the canal's history Blarster - Support beams, terraforming, tunneling, concrete, busting veins, crates, bsbs @Explora- busting veins. Canal history @Fotb- busting veins @JDBooker- Deed permissions, founder of the original project, original planning, mining and construction @Jospicy - busting veins @Jugurtha - Tunneling, concrete. Also gave me a kick in the butt to get the project restarted @LionIX- busting veins @Muse- busting veins, strongwall casts @Ohana- Terraforming, tunneling, busting veins and strongwall casts @QueenRocks- busting veins @Tilda- busting veins, concrete, crates, bsbs, original tunnel work, strongwall casts , canal history and lots of other supplies! @Tuga - tunneling, busting veins @WurmholeTunneling, deed permissions and providing an alternative route if needed! Please let me know if I have missed anyone out, including those who worked on the original tunnel. If you've mined any of the veins (even a bit) feel free to post or PM me, you're doing us all a huge favour by aiding their removal! Lastly, If anyone would like to help with getting the canal finished, please drop a post here or PM me ingame (Syncaidius), or via discord (Syncaidius#0785). Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
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    No, it's not April Fool's! Map Dumps have arrived! The long-awaited updated map dumps are finally here, and what a fantastic start to 2019 they are! These files include isometric, topographical, and flat terrain maps per server. The highway maps will come later on as they require a different method to generate, so stay tuned! Check them out to view or download here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6J_aGQ6URL8UURFN2VadWxtSWs Happy New Year! The Wurm Team
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    Considering all the hate the Epic Cluster seems to receive, and people demanding that the cluster have something unique to it, which we are well past the mechanics of uniqueness (everyone now can get tomes, moonmetal, and the lot.) Why do we not just make it unique by making it simple? Why not just take what the game used to be, no moonmetal, tomes, valeri, default gods, etc. (meditation?) Make that the new server with the current armor changes, and balances people like of which can be picked and chosen. The goal being a more vanilla style of game play. This should appease everyone, a fresh map, fresh game, mixed with a refreshing change to what is considered the "end game" content. Let me know what you think, provide feedback, and feel free to criticize. EDIT: This can also be used as a great ground floor for new balance updates, such as the Dual Wielding that Xallo suggested, the clean slate nature encourages experimentation. Epic 180° A Return to Normalcy
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    Wanted to let Deli folks know that I am working on this Canal. I hope to get it fancied up enough to apply for heritage status. I have opened either entrances up at 3 wide. A lot of work to be done still. The entrances fancied up, a cart access put in on the north in case a highway wants to be hooked up later. Canal History: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/63111-ne-canal-open-for-all-boats/ Canal Location on in Game map: J25 Community map: 1905, 801 There is a deed north of the Canal. That I wanted to talk to. I hate doing work so close to a deed with out talking to the players. But I've been here for 2 weeks and have not seen them. Deed: Aquanimity Founder: Tyz https://twitter.com/WO_Deliverance/status/1035710763950923777
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    Beta is upon us, and slacker @Retrogradedidn't bother making a post about it, so i will Patch notes: https://steamcommunity.com/games/366220/announcements/detail/1808664240331141730 Priest rework notes: https://steamcommunity.com/games/366220/announcements/detail/1808664240331136851 List of changed classes (unofficial): https://gist.github.com/bdew/32543b3ca739da3241862898fa822dab Updates for mods that have issues with the new version: HotS Fixes - https://github.com/bdew-wurm/hotsfixes/releases/download/v0.4-beta19/hotsfixes-0.4-beta19.zip BetterDig - https://github.com/bdew-wurm/betterdig/releases/download/v0.9-beta19/betterdig-0.9-beta19.zip Minipets - https://github.com/bdew-wurm/minipets/releases/download/v1.5-beta19/minipets-1.5-beta1.9.zip Taxidermy - https://github.com/bdew-wurm/taxidermy/releases/download/v1.8-beta19/taxidermy-1.8-beta19.zip Ago's Spellmod - https://github.com/bdew-wurm/WurmServerModLauncher/releases/download/1.9-update-1/spellmod-0.43-SNAPSHOT.zip (unofficial) Ago's Bag of Holding - https://github.com/bdew-wurm/WurmServerModLauncher/releases/download/1.9-update-1/bagofholding-0.43-SNAPSHOT.zip (unofficial)
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    The inconspicuous leader of goblin folk has been found and buried alive in the tundras of Xanadu. One of the members of the ever increasing team of public slay enthusiasts located the leader and we all had a good ol shindig penning. Great job Bipolarbear in locating the rascal.
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    Auctioning one Supreme Bone. Can be used on any finished item that fits in your inventory to make it supreme. Note: It does not work on rift loot, hota statues or stills. Starting Bid: 30 Silvers / Euros Reserve: None Min. Increments: 1 S Buyout: Offer via PM Sniper Protection: 3 Hours Can be paid both in Silvers (CoD to you for the Silver) or Euros via verified PayPal. If you wish to use PayPal to pay, payment must be made before I send the bone, and it must be made via friends & family.
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    Since item sinks seem to be on the developer's minds, why not encourage players to remove items from the world, by allowing them to disassemble items for skillgain? From a "lore" perspective, you're disassembling something to learn more about it. I can see it working something like this: - Disassembling is performed with a tool, say, a hammer on a glowing hot metal item, a carving knife on a wood item, a chisel on a stone item, etc. That allows CoC to be used. - The action is much like the inverse of repairing: one long action, punctuated by QL reduction and skill ticks. - Higher QL items take longer to disassemble, and thus give more skill ticks. - Items, of course, give skill in the skill used to make them (so disassembling a longsword gives weaponsmithing). - Skillgain rate is exactly the same as imping (it needs to be worth doing). - Disassembling rare items could give more skill ticks (since they should take longer to reduce). I realize that the above might not actually result in removing items from the world if players reduce items to near-zero QL, and then stop to re-imp them. It -would- mean fewer items created for skilling grinds, however. If that's a problem, then the actions could be designed to only give skillgain on destruction of the item. Timer length/skill tick size would need to be long/big enough to be worth doing. Couple uncertainties: - I don't know how to involve the difficulty system on Freedom. - I'm not sure about leaving behind lumps/scrap/etc. One way or another, I think introducing that kind of item sink would be economically interesting. I could see people selling bulk 80+ QL blank weapons, for instance...
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    Yaay! A straight 5-speed appaloosa boy! Little "NorthCopper" a son for (bizarrely) HappyNanook (black silver) and StrongRock (chestnut). A lovely surprise!
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    Added: Loch Ness Removed: Scorpion Harbour Almenly Fields Hollow Point
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    Oh ya. That's more like it. Turned on Core and the shadows setting works now. Thanks, Samool. I can have some lunch in the shade of a tree now. Awesome!
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    I moved away from another town to Amish Estates and I'm loving it! Aniceset is very helpful, the village has everything you need not only to start out as a new player but also to keep skilling as an "older" player. The place is surrounded by beautiful nature, the canal/water is down the village and is not lacking anything when it comes to beautify and relaxing scenery. I am an active player thats online daily so if you have any questions regarding joining Amish Estates, feel free to PM me in game (Berms) or send me a message here!
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    Wait, what? We have wishing wells ingame? Lol. Would someone care to explain for those of us who never heard of it, how it works? What does it do? Asume i know nothing like Jon Snow
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    +1 .. hopefully not derailing from op too much, but i got an idea... how about if we could apply tar or something sticky flammable stuff and light it up to destroy wooden stuff you own. I wish more varieties to get rid of stuff other than bashing, its dull.. but if nothing else... then at least that
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    Naah, everyone needs to feel fabulous sometimes! oh and +1, because why not, all those little and meaningless things could turn the tides in this game! / slavery
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    More specific info for those that don't speak nerd or know how to read code well - Assume you had a 100 cast well, a 100 QL copper five coin, and it is night time. Assuming the QL and cast of the coin and well are all kept at 100, five copper is the minimum amount that can be used to give a chance at sending the email. Bump these down to 50QL, and your minimum coinage value goes up to twenty copper. It is always still a chance, and cutting it closer to these minimums reduces that chance. IE using higher value than necessary can help ensure the email will be sent. Pretty straightforward standard wurm stuff, it operates about the way I'd think anyone would expect it to.
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    I believe this was started by Jdbooker it went under several of his deeds on the way and had surface access at Dragons Keep. I sailed through it once in a gale in my knarr when it was one tile wide with collapses along the way. Not a fun experience and then tiles started collapsing on deed and could not be reopened so it became unusable.
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    Our deed is called Thunderstorm Keep and is built on the side of a mountain. I got a Jet Black called Thundermountain ?
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    A gold horse called babe - unfortunately only a 3 speed ?
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    Holy smokes! What a difference! My FPS goes up to 60 now, and stays between 50 and 60. And panning the camera around is so smooth. It used to stutter before, but it swivels like putting fresh grease on a pivot. Another interesting thing is that when I'm moving around, it looks almost like moving within a 3-d model, where the objects have more side-shading or something like that. And the animals move smoother too. I can even notice the breeze moving the grass, which I never noticed before! This really enhances the experience. We should make these instructions available somewhere for others too. Thanks, Viti!
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    Independence somewhere. Totally forgot the name of the place. Was in awe of this build so much I had to turn round and grab a screenshot. The same day, I went to Dragon Fang mountain for the first time. Even in the fog it looked pretty daunting.
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    It would be nice if the devs did anything besides yellow potions, more holiday events, etc but I'm not convinced we'll ever see it. +1
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    I made another gold buckskin! A 5 speed girl, she'll only have speed traits when I get her genesised. Her name is Northlily, and her parents are Goldwyn (gold bucksking) and Huntingcloud (appaloosa).
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    Little "SilverHunting", a son for HeartDance (black) and CallBear (black silver):
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    New floof! A little chestnut boy, Warpaddy, to Kisscloud (chestnut) and Mountaindance (chestnut).
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    When you are lost, go up the pyramid and see North, South, East and West...I think Icbash and friends made this on Release.
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    between goals like "100k favor" "global spell" and "70 prayer" i assume this is the final in the priest journal. i'm interested in what the other journal's final one is going to be like now. global spells are extremely rare though, 23 got cast in the entirety of last year *before* they bugged out and could be cast non-stop. Doesn't really seem like something that you can work for, just something you can snipe from under other people. seems kind of out of place next to all the "work towards these over a few months" there's a "be in the right spot at the right time and have nerds curse you out for stealing it" Can't wait for the "ban yellowfinger" threads to pop up again lol
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    If linking gives credit, they could link to a Lib template priest and get credit.
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    It also may be worth noting that Libila-template priests cannot complete this goal on PvE servers.
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    I might have cheated a bit. But this next one is genuine: I give you affordable player housing
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    Step right up interior designers of Wurm! We have finally conquered gravity, and now items can be placed on surfaces! (I'll never fully explain how exciting this is to anyone who doesn't know wurm) To celebrate, we want you to put your things on tables, and really show them off and win prizes while you're at it! Simply post your decorated dwellings in this thread, and if you'd like to be showcased during an upcoming Wurm Wednesday stream with Emoo, leave the name of the server, deed and house too! Out of the entrants, we'll be picking five winners: 1st: 2 supreme archaeology statues of winners choosing 2nd: 2 rare archaeology statues of winners choosing 3rd: 1 rare archaeology statue of winners choosing 4th-5th: Rare table or shelf of winners choosing
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    I have a horse named Goldennotch - which sort of reminds me of either a Harry Potter Quiddich ball, and a shiny Game Developer :-)
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    That poor poor foal when he catches the cactus
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    I have a new foal named "Cactuschaser" .. which I find quite amusing