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    Holy smokes! What a difference! My FPS goes up to 60 now, and stays between 50 and 60. And panning the camera around is so smooth. It used to stutter before, but it swivels like putting fresh grease on a pivot. Another interesting thing is that when I'm moving around, it looks almost like moving within a 3-d model, where the objects have more side-shading or something like that. And the animals move smoother too. I can even notice the breeze moving the grass, which I never noticed before! This really enhances the experience. We should make these instructions available somewhere for others too. Thanks, Viti!
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    Post slaying cleanup works status: Mine collapsed. Dirt rearranged. Fences dismantled. 11 tiles left to restore to tundra. Horse is hanging in there.
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    As a unique feature be nice to see that on the birthday every year of the toon creation in your mailbox your toon received a birthday present of some type of unique gift and as the toon ages the presents get better
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    https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Malokai Starting Bid: $400 us Increment: $10 us No Reserve No Buyout Sniper protection: 1hr
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    Since item sinks seem to be on the developer's minds, why not encourage players to remove items from the world, by allowing them to disassemble items for skillgain? From a "lore" perspective, you're disassembling something to learn more about it. I can see it working something like this: - Disassembling is performed with a tool, say, a hammer on a glowing hot metal item, a carving knife on a wood item, a chisel on a stone item, etc. That allows CoC to be used. - The action is much like the inverse of repairing: one long action, punctuated by QL reduction and skill ticks. - Higher QL items take longer to disassemble, and thus give more skill ticks. - Items, of course, give skill in the skill used to make them (so disassembling a longsword gives weaponsmithing). - Skillgain rate is exactly the same as imping (it needs to be worth doing). - Disassembling rare items could give more skill ticks (since they should take longer to reduce). I realize that the above might not actually result in removing items from the world if players reduce items to near-zero QL, and then stop to re-imp them. It -would- mean fewer items created for skilling grinds, however. If that's a problem, then the actions could be designed to only give skillgain on destruction of the item. Timer length/skill tick size would need to be long/big enough to be worth doing. Couple uncertainties: - I don't know how to involve the difficulty system on Freedom. - I'm not sure about leaving behind lumps/scrap/etc. One way or another, I think introducing that kind of item sink would be economically interesting. I could see people selling bulk 80+ QL blank weapons, for instance...
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    Apologies for the mess and for the fact I had to log off straight after the slay. I can see why he was left in the centre of the tundra for so long now undetected. I am glad you have it fixed up, I appreciate how tundras, and pockets of natural beauty are important to its locals. If you need any transmutation liquid for the remaining missing tundras let me know. I will mail it over with no fee. I have seen the loss of tundras on other servers with certain people campaigning for its removal. The sole reason apparently being that of things not spawning on it and instructing their minions to destroy it. Very sad indeed, anything I can do now I am back in-game from a crisis in RL, do let me know. Ps . Thank you to all who attended, supported and had patience for the public slaying, and best of luck to Bipolar in his hunting endeavours for more uniques. There is a great hunter in all of us.
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    Foggy morning - Kasumi Hi Everyone! It's been a rough few weeks with ups and downs, and we know everyone is feeling a little drained by it, but rest assured, we are working through these issues and coming up with plans to resolve each and every one. Some of these plans may take a little longer to get into effect than others, but there is a path! I myself have been bobbing along working on Archaeology on Independence, I'm keen for 90, I can taste it! (I'm leaving so many fragments behind I think I need a maid though). Now it's time to touch on what we've been up to, we've got some good news ahead to lets get to it But first... Patch Notes WU Beta! It's been a long time coming, but with a lot of changes with the new tutorial system, fishing and everything else in the past six months WU will be getting a huge update in the coming weeks. We are working on an internal build and will have a beta build up as soon as we can for all the modders and hosts to ensure everything will run smoothly. Laggy hidden bugs! With our ongoing work on fixing lag with server side polling tweaks, we have encountered a few instances where improving the lag has caused other bugs to come out of the woodworks. This is what resulted in the crash on Xanadu earlier this week. Improving the servers speed in saving to the database by avoiding unnecessary polling and querying in batches has unearthed some issues with server configuration. Todays restart is focused on addressing that configuration error before it causes more crashes. As for the independence issues, we believe this to be due to the disk replacement or new hardware and are currently investigating. We are also currently in the process of looking for a more permanent solution to the hosting issues we have been facing in the recent weeks. We do understand the lag can be quite frustrating so want a resolution quickly. Once we have a solid plan on the next steps we will share them, along with a detailed postmortem of the server issues we have been facing. Alongside the 5 hours sleep bonus, we'll also be giving out a 3 day premium code for all players to redeem! This code will be available after tomorrows restart (not todays) along with the 5 hours sleep bonus. Far far away With vast improvements in client performance, we continue to look at ways to improve the look and feel of the game, and one area inparticular is the long distance terrain being rather bare. As you can see below, Samool has gotten his ever talented mind on the task of improving the look of distant terrain and I have to say, it looks amazing. That's it from us this week, we hope you enjoy the sleep bonus and premium time as our way of saying thanks for putting up with the issues, hopefully soon we'll have a solution guaranteed to end it to share with you all. Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    thank you for the positive and helpful response loink
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    Selecting this is enough, it should now prefer to use the Nvidia card. So unless the setting in the control panel changed on its own, you should be all set! If you were in wurm while doing so, it might be wise to quit and start the game again, although I personally think a system restart (if the driver install did not do this already) would be a decent idea too before you try to log in again Let us know how it goes!
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    [23:15:25] The aged fat goblin leader is dead. R.I.P.
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    Just curiosity; does your laptop happen to have dual graphics cards? (eg. intel integrated + an nvidia card). If so, did you set it up to use the Nvidia card? Unless you specifically tell your computer to use the Nvidia card, it will use the integrated graphics with wurm which will be a major downgrade in performance. Just setting it to use the Nvidia card instead could help out tons. If you dont know how to set this, let me know. If you dont have dual graphics cards, then you can safely ignore this post, although it might help others with similar issues that search for solutions
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    For all you archaeologists, veterans and nostalgics: I dug into my old files and records and found some old community maps. Deliverance was born more than 7 years ago, on the 7th September 2011. The maps I uncovered nicely show the evolution of our lovely island over the years. Have fun! September 2011: November 2011: May 2012: December 2012: June 2013: December 2013: July 2014: June 2015: June 2016: April 2017: February 2019: (Unfortunately I could not find a map dated 2018. Maybe one of you can help.)
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    The House of Thunder of Thunderstorm Keep, the capital of Stormshield Alliance -- is recruiting! At the beginning of Xanadu we had a lot of neighbors, friends of old. Now we are the only ones left and it's quiet. Don't get us wrong! We like quiet, but sometimes the game is just boring if you don't have others to work together on projects or just chat. So we are opening our deed to three people! There are a few things we look for in people wanting to join: Players that have some Wurm experience under their belt (not much needed, but please not complete beginners) People that want to stay as part of a community rather than just stay here until they have enough funds to get their own deed Due to the configuration of our deed, some light form of roleplay is recommended in order to have fun (the nobility of the inner keep and the aspiring knights/ladies living in the outer keep (you)) English as preffered communication language EU/US location recommended Mature players that don't take things personal. Due to cultural differences it can be easy to get your feelings hurt, even when other people did not intend to offend anyone (include here bad jokes...) SOME form of neatness. As you probably will notice from the pictures, our deed is pretty clean of junk and stuff laying everywhere. We would like to keep it like that as much as possible ...onwards TO THE PICTURES! https://imgur.com/a/wNkAUs3 ...the plots Plot 1 The innermost plot, closest to the Inner Keep 12x4 tiles overall 46 tiles effective Plot 2 At the eastern side of the Keep, next to the Customs and Trading Center building 12x5 tiles overall 56 tiles effective Plot 3 At the southern part of the Keep, next to the South Gate, this plot has beautiful views on the keep and the surroundings 10x7 tiles overall 65 tiles effective ...the small print about deed rules no taking stuff that does not belong to you without asking please, no buildings higher than 2 stories (has to do with the light roleplay we were talking about earlier and the overall deed design) do not harvest Inspira's crops (she wants them to wither by themselves) How to contact us by replying here by messaging Thorakkanath here or in-game by messaging Inspira or VItrelle in-game through smoke signals or by shouting really loud We look forward to welcoming you to our Keep, Thorakkanath and Inspira, King and Queen of Thunderstorm Keep
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    MEGA SALE If an item is not priced make me an offer via pm or in this forum. Happy to negotiate with reasonable offers.
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    Rare Archaeology Statue of Drake 1 rare Drake fragment + 126 plain drake fragments ready to complete! Activate the rare fragment when combining with the plain fragments to transfer the rarity to your final Drake statue.  Make a magnificent statue to grace any deed! Your rare statue will be in a random metal and will glow when finished - I will provide instructions! A beautiful and fearsome Drake statue! - see below! Video of rare drake in lead courtesy of Slowmo (Screenshot from Lisabet's Statues thread) Make it your own! Fragments can be mailed COD or pickup available at Southport U18, Deliverance. *If you wish I can combine all fragments but the last one leaving you just the one fragment to attach if requested - just ask!* Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions! All the parts you need to create your rare drake - Have fun! Buyout: 50s No Sniper Protection Low Start Bid: 30s <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No Reserve
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    Can you please change ballista to aim like bow, when activated right now there like catapult impossible to hit a moving target and never used because they're useless
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    Full steel plate suit (8 pieces plus one helm) at 90ql. 3 helm types to choose from. Each piece's AoSP as shown below. Starting bid 7s Increments of 0.50s Buyout - 18s Sniper protection - 15m Will accept Euros for payment via Paypal - 1s = 1e Thanks for looking!
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    Going to put two lots of coal up for sale and see if there is any interest. Free delivery to coastal locations or pickup at Port Onody on Indy at M18. LOT A 2,000 coal of 72.54 ql Opening Bid 6s Buyout 10s Bid Increment 1s 1 hour snipe protection Lot B 1,000 coal of 90.34 ql Opening Bid 6s Buyout 10s Bid Increment 1s 1 hour snipe protection
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    Hey, Looking to auction this small deed on release comes with a trader, located at Q18 on release, as I now have a few other deeds I am spending my time working on. Laguna Isle - 1s upkeep. https://gyazo.com/ab0949dc240a65712302085ad358c6f7 https://gyazo.com/c87856719fe5eb1d26207b53c33b3a97 https://gyazo.com/4c496738c4a1ef8874d1a8e3add1cc88 https://gyazo.com/9dcce9f0523c1fa45ae3fd1f70288d3d Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increment: 1s Reserve: None Sniper Extension: 3hr
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    Auction ended. Thanks for looking, folks! Too bad it got ruined by some people, lets quote my friend: "who just like to see their own name". Id rather see no comments in this topic than a bunch of personal and poorly documented opinions. If you think it is too expensive - its not for you. If youre not bidding, step away. Simple as that. Now when thats said, before i put this frag up i actually did some research. I asked some highly respected people in the fragment business about pricing. I also did a quick forum search (which some of the commenters here clearly didnt), and found that the last rare unicorn fragment (not statue) got sold on buyout for 30s - that was in october 2018. It had a starting bid on 12s, but went fast on buyout, so i figured a starting bid on 15s would be more decent. There have been no other sales of rare unicorn statues as i can find (i might have missed it if it was more than 6 months old). Now, if you dont mind, ill order a close on this auction and i will call my dealer to get the remaining frags for this awesome statue for only 10c a pop. I guess i will be the lucky winner of a rare unicorn statue.
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    If it was whole statue, i might of even bid... like Muse does, she always includes everything and not with extra charge about same price. Hopefully someone buys it now that i give this free bump!
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    1x Banner coming, thank you for purchase! The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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    Horses are probably my favourite thing in this game. Ever. Just in game random names: WingHeart and HeartWing for my cart. My very first foal was called HappyHeart but as a noobie I was too dumb to care for her and she died but years later someone gifted me another HappyHeart five speeder (and someone also gifted me a HappyHeart on Golden Valley!) so I guess for just random names, those are my faves.
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    I'd say 150e to 300e, in this place there's people who won't buy from u unless u drop the price by 5 copper and then there's loaded peeps who don't give a ######. Good luck with the sale hopefully you catch the interest of the person willing to pay 300e
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    Despite not being able to make it, thank you for making it public. Some people still like to have community events, whereas others would prefer to keep it to the elite only.
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    gg host gg event, as always o7
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    I will Appreciate the feedback, I am not usually one to cause a stink, but there have been many attempts to "fix" the issue and all have failed.
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    To all the brave slayers - if at all possible, try to minimize the damage to the tundra. Thorakkanath, the owner of Thunderstorm, really loves his barren backyard
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    coast is juust out of local, pens not too far off though if you follow the road north from Thunderstorm harbour @Nordlys
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    Congrats on the find, great job as always. Do you know if the nearby water is in local?
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    +1, i have always wondered, why ballista is a thing because its useless i once tried to hit a player when he breach thru a door and i had a ballista aimed to that door and i was so excited that the dude doesnt expect what is gonna hit him! And i thought to my self, easy kill... oh boy how wrong i was. Ballista did next to nothing dmg and it is clumsy to use. I guess thats wogic... getting hit by massive ballista arrow and even a chicken can slap you harder. lol
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    Awesome! Ill be there and do a live stream on it again
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    Great work, Will do my best to make this one
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    Finding the gobo on the vast lands of xanadu is akin to finding a spawn horse roaming about indy somehwhere. Great sleuthing!! Bringing a tomahawk to the pow wow of the great feathered crown. Thanks for availing again. Have fun all, i'll be trapped in sermon group, my prayers will be with you instead.
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    Good luck too bad it’s not 70 meditating.
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    I just got a 5 speed jet black foal name Runfast. I think this is my favorite so far.
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    My favorite so far is my current riding horse, Swiftswift.
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    Just part of a "small" little project of mine - first finished building in a labyrinth in the making. Now to see how long it takes to design and build the rest of this deed.. (I expect it to take a year or two to finish at least)
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    I'll give the break down on the situation since I am the person who organised the Art from the start and got people working on it. So when we founded the PMK we contacted some outside sources who had done Romes previous work and some others who we heard may have a good hand at graphics. Internally within the kingdom we told people that if they wanted to submit a design, go ahead but we're looking for outside help also and the final concept will be voted, this is when Cyberhusky/Anyone contacted me. Anyone was part of the kingdom and was fairly active after having a break from JKC itself, we both use to get on back in the day and I had always called for him to come join us on Chaos, so when he stepped forward he contacted me on steam with original concept, which was a + without a rose and bleach white tabard and some basic design. At this point he was coming forward as a kingdom member "wanting to help" the group so I said great cool, i took that back to the guys in "Top Chat" and things got pointed/wanting altaring. The first thing was the Cross was quite plain so could we add something...So I went and brought a Stock image of a rose and gave that to Cyber, through steam me and cyber spent probably a few hours just altering the design, changing some stripes on the back (never got fixed) and adding "dirt" to the tabard/wagon itself so it wasn't so white - incorporating the rose on the flags, tall banners and wagons etc. Let's just say I probably at this point requested about 25 changes to Cyber, who Also helped me design the actual recruitment page art too and after hassling for so many changes which Anyone was really quick to do, we both worked out the final concept, I had no idea how to do graphic design and of course it makes sense to only have 1 person edit, but it was all the "Top Chats" feedback and we all pitched in the final design. Now at this point, it was 100% volunteer, want to make that crystal clear. After we had the concept and I submitted to Saroman, we got the graphics uploaded but some things didn't go quite right. Just minor glitches but again Anyone cleared these up really fast and we re-submitted a change. After all the hasle I personally felt i put Anyone through, with the constant changes I mentioned to Top Chat that we should Donate Cyber/Anyone some Silver (20 silver) once PMK sales started to thank him for his work because we were all really happy with it and he had made the changes fast/out of his own time, which I let him know, he said there was no need but thank you and sure when that happens that would be nice. Well, Cyber quit. Dropped off Chaos completely and we didn't really talk much. Then one day he popped up again like hey man about that donation, can I have it? I was pretty straight and I said hey man, we've just done x deed x resources and we don't have that donation right now, are you playing on chaos again? He was. He came back and he was playing in a different kingdom. I said to him, mate we don't have the Silver but you can take a PMK set, which he agreed to. I told him I wasn't very active right now but it's all made and who should I send it to, the rest will have to be delivered on freedom, nothing got replied. A few months go past. He's now in LOA. He pops up again and asks about his PMK set, I tell him yes it's ready when he is, he's on chaos so he can come get it anytime he wants. Fast forward a few more months, still not collected, so our friend Talor who i believe is mutual between us both pm's me and asks if he can give Cyber a PMK set and I said yes of course he is owed that and I've told him to come grab it anytime he wants, Talor tried to get that PMK set to Anyone but he as far as i know, failed to make arrangements with Talor and Talor could not deliver the PMK set based on this. Fast forward a few years, add salt, add WO PVP Drama and you got a salty person who has told @Egard(and Egard may add the screenshots) that he's pretty much pursing this because of his personal vendetta against me. Which is fair enough I suppose. So that's the back story to all of how we're here but I have a few questions to ask. 1. I own the Rose since I paid for the copyright to be used in Our art, how do you copyright something that I own? 2. If we magically were able to give the silver, what would have stopped him from chasing this today because of personal issues with me? Sounds like even if we paid him 500 euros, his "case" would still be valid to remove the art? 3. If he was thinking he was getting paid for his art work, why didn't he await the payment, as anybody would before giving it all to me to submit, not only submit but make amendments for me to resubmit to Art team? 4. Why wait almost 4 years to make a complaint - When clearly you were failing to make arrangements to collect your Donation. If this is the final choice (as it seems to be) then I am sorry to the players who purchased the Artwork who have been affected. Anyones vendetta doesn't just scope towards me, but instead hits out at all those who invested in the art and added it to their collection. It's very unfortunate that Anyone wouldn't help us deliver his Donation but at the same time as pointed above even if we did it seems like he could have withdrew this art at anytime he wanted. I suppose it's lucky he can't Copyright the Crusader theme so don't expect too much of a wild change as I'm sure we can muster up a Cross and still use my Stock rose as the basis - We will make a few designs and will probably allow you to vote for them. As @Egardsaid we will work close with the community to bring a great design and if @Saromanand @Retrogradecan contact me through a PM for advice, that would be great. I may edit this like 500 times because reasons. Some references I can muster up right now which were used in the case, timestamps do not represent when it was actually asked. ^ "hint: it's a joke haha ha ha ...ha"
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    I really like the render distance changes, absolute lovely! But I suggest to make the far-away trees look a bit more bigger/wider, because I think that distant forests should look a bit more dense.
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    [09:38:01] You are caring for: Unitywest, Halhappy, Rolf
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    https://imgur.com/a/TjNAxDA Deal?
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