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    Or, maybe it's about making mend more useful for what mend is meant to do, rather than waiting for the arbitrary limit of 20 dmg before you repair your unrepairables.
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    Proper etiquette for setting a table has the knife on the right side, with the blade facing towards the plate. The knife model will be facing away from the plate when placed on the right hand side, therefore we can conclude that wurmians are uncivilized brutes unworthy of using a napkin at the dinner table.
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    I'm pretty Sure that A used to be called Moonshine bay. I'm looking for the old Deli map that had a name on it. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/54396-deliverance-updated-map/&do=findComment&comment=582944 It used to be named Moonshine Bay after the deed, that first started/worked on the canal that connected the "Moonshine Bay" to "Mystic Lake". Which I finished up later, but before you could mine to all ships depth, so some one fixed up again later. So I still have 5 deeds in the Mystic Lake area, I vote for Moonshine Bay. For old times sake.
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    2 weeks ago I deeded the little lagoon area in the hopes of making a cool home in the mountain side. In doing this it left me with very little outdoor land to have grass tiles. It would be super useful to have a Feed Trough to put in the cave to keep my horses in there. I figure the Trough could work like a Chicken Coop. Where you put food and water in it (Of course you wouldn't be able to put horses or other big animals in it). Then for each 10ql the trough is, it gets a 1 tile radius for animals to feed from it. Example: 10ql - 1 tile Radius 20ql - 2 tile radius etc etc... The max you would get would be 100ql - 10 tile radius. Then you can further it by giving rare an additional +1, Supreme +2, and Fantastic +3. Meaning the theoretical max would be 13 tile radius. (All these numbers are just for an example) This would make it less difficult for players to keep and feed animals underground.
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    We have plates, cutlery and all kinds of things. Why not add napkins. Get that veneer of civilisation going and another cloth product.
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    Take heed and get off my deed, the newest hot track by Vanilla Ayes
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    says one spreading disease. napkins are sanitary.?
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    Even doing "linkers get credit for this goal also" doesn't solve the issue of Libila priests being unable to do it, and still has the potential for sniping. The games community is on rocky footing already with each other, that's no secret at all. This goal really just adds a few more stones under the feet of people. It's honestly a bit of a failing it was even put in as a task.
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    wow madnath so negative to things that make us go yay
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    This sounds like the start of a rap song...
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    Make it only that you could buy 30 and 40 caps, none above that and you would have slower skill gain than with premium. There could be like sleeping provides sleep bonus only for those who pays for premium also. I think it wouldn't hurt cashflow that bad nor in-game markets.
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    No matter of all the pros and cons of clouds and physical machines, I love how technical details are discussed here. Finally this forum is becoming a place where you can share your knowledge and learn new things. AWESOME! Another thought we already discussed once for a short moment is that Wurm could really benefit from working with docker containers, which would make Wurm even more cloud friendly at the same time. Having a great way to install MySQL or MariaDB database in the container, get some scripts which will automatically configure DB access when docker container is installed, add a webserver and other helpful things the server needs inside the container. This would make it possible to take any server which runs docker and just start a server on it within seconds. Would be not just a big benefit for WO but especially WU players who want to host a server and do not know much about the technical details behin could have an improved experience. Small warning, do not host a Wurm server on a system which has IO times below an SSD. Wurm doesn't need much IOPS but it needs very fast IO operations, since it is single threaded and as we analysed IO delays are the main cause for lag. Nowadays you should get about 3000MByte/s reads and 1000MByte/s writes which is what NVMe SSDs can give you. Plus the seek time of NVMe SSDs is around 0.02ms which is also at a factor of 10 faster than SSD seek times. So if you want to really improve the situation of hosting, choose a platform which comes close to those speeds and also take into account that this solution should be able to take it up with the next years of new technology. That's the speed at Sequential (Block Size=128KiB) Reads/Writes with multi Queues & Threads on my newest NVMe SSD. It is a beast, you never saw a Wurm server running that smooth.
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    Notchblood (Gold Buckskin) joins our family!
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    A young 5 speed appaloosa "Jollylady" to a wild appaloosa mare and Roheryn, the 5 speed appaloosa I received as a gift from KatsPurr's birthday stream.
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    Because copyright laws demand as such. If someone owns the copyright and someone not the copyright owner submits it, if CCAB used it without the copyright holders permission, they would be liable in most countries. --- Obligatory haha get rekt TC as it is my duty. Now on to the serious stuff. I think this is pretty sad on so many levels. The TC design although not particularily my favorite wagon (Wagons were pretty terrible mind you) was a very sweet design. The tabards were exquisite and rather amazing, and the art overall well made and very identifying of The Crusaders. It was overall a very well thought design that spoke of the identity of a kingdom. Seeing it gone is very sad and a loss to the community as a whole. Regardless of who's at fault here and what was agreed upon, what promises were fulfilled or broken or what this drama consisted of, this is a prime example of what Chaos has become. This is a snowball that has been rolling downhill ever since the MR hacks/metagaming/whateveryoucallit hit Chaos. Since then kingdoms stopped being players and friends enjoying a videogame and became these bloodthristy animals that their goal is not only to win a game, but to devastate their opponent in whichever way they can. The whole pvp community on Chaos has devolved to this. People trying to get people banned, people trying to find to make the game unenjojable for others, or people trying to get opposing kingdom members kicked. Its a war of emotions and drama instead of a war of the battlefield with death tabs and disbanded deeds. Its atrocious. Its what we've brought upon ourselves. I am not going to point fingers at anyone because despite of what the groups themselves may think, they are both at fault on this, and its already spilling outside of Chaos, now affecting people who have nothing to do with it. Its despicabe that people who could otherwise be friends are doing these things to each other. Why? What's the point? To win? We need to stop doing these things to each other. Its just a game, homies. We're not children. Lets leave the hair pulling behind and go back to bashing each other's heads... in game.
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    Many of the traits that are passed on through breeding seem to revolve around horses. I have a few suggestions for traits for not horses. Wooly - Sheep: chance at producing +1 wool when sheared Silky - Sheep: produces higher quality wool when sheared Productive - Sheep, Cows, Bison: ready to be milked again sooner Fertile - Cows, Sheep: Chance to produce twins Strong body - Cows, Sheep, Bison, Pigs: Produces +1 meat when butchered Negative traits (Can be removed with Genesis): Unproductive - Sheep, Cows, Bison: Take longer to be ready for milking again Bristly - Sheep: produces lower quality wool when sheared Bald Patches - Sheep: Takes twice as long between shearing Barren - Sheep, Cows, Bison: Doesn't produce milk
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    The circumstances of my life and the global, environmental, and political climate of the world pushed my subconscious to desire to (again) seek out the safety of Wurm's mantle. I live in a dank metropolis and can't currently move due to financial and health issues. I yearn to run through open, unrestricted, unpolluted fields (good luck being able to do that in our world), to encounter mystery and surprises, to travel. I want to live in a rural area and have a cozy tiny house, off grid, with a lush backyard and a chicken coop. Yes, that is one of my main dreams. Wurm offers this to me. It may be just "Java", but you, Wurm, give me serenity and beauty, my own crops, animals to care for, seas to cross. All of us here are seeking something, and there is no shame in any of it. Some of us are quite addicted, and addiction comes from some deep place, and I honor it. I honor it in you. How many of us here seek respite in an isolated deed and do not care to interact? No shame. I honor all of it. How many just want someone to chat with about stupid things while entertaining their DNA's yearning for "hunting and gathering"? It's all honorable. Some of us may be in a good place behind the screen. Others may not be. We're all here in this moment in time, and I like to pause and marvel at it. In my heart, I don't feel that we'll always have the internet (where the world is going and etc). But that we got together in this alternate universe and created and communicated with one another using something akin to telepathy - is nothing short of a wonder. Poignant post? I have that touch, I guess. May our Wurm remain green, its seas alive, its bounty available to everyone regardless of income, its kings and queens loyal to their subordinates, and its Impalongs plentiful. <3 Thank you Wurm Online <3
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    sunder+mend,,lava+mend, catapault+mend
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    This is funny. Gave me a good laugh imagining it. What Alyeska means is the reason Mend got fixed is because it was never intended to be used to lower quality. The way it was coded it reduced the intended purpose of it: to mend things with minimal ql loss. That is what Sunder is for. Sunder causes a big lump of damage you can repair and lower the quality of the item. There are other ways too you can use, like catapulting items, burning them (burnable ones) or dropping them in a lava tile. Depending on its nature there is much more you can do. Leaving mend the way it was just because it was convenient to lower item ql was a disservice to the spell.
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    fixed that for you
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    How about wood rings. I have recently started making the irl and realised it would (aaaaaaa) be a great addition to ingame crafting. Here's a pic https://m.imgur.com/gallery/VFBtzwU
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    yes good job to them but also on the other hand with the abundance of younger people at uni/collage who can code or people who make bots for a living if it reaches a point where a person really wants to macro something(grind slow skills to insanely high level) and have the money for it if they know that simple macro's dont really work anymore they would be tempted to purchase the service of those guys to make a bot for them right now there is no reason for it thats what im trying to say sure its a good thing when people get caught and banned but doing a knee jerk reaction of increasing the amount of events that interrupt legit players is not the way to go around doing it as for your last part 80-120 bucks can get you a simple macro made by 1 of those guys i mentioned before and it doesnt take a genius to know to sit on the goods you create and sell months later in any game where you can macro unless you are impatient and macro and sell at the same time and somehow keep having high stock at all times >.> anyway common knowledge if you play other mmo's is that most who bot are willing to invest a bit of money to get a decent macro made if none exist to bot in a game where the most simplest of macro's or simple ones are easily caught and the person is bombarded with ingame events to try and deter macro's(runescape being a good example why ingame events are not the good way to go) if you dont want cheating in a game make the game engaging enough where 99% of the player base wont exploit and bot to get accounts up there or make money but wurm ticks all the boxes for a game ripe for an army of bots to come around and destroy it and the only reason we dont get one? its to unknown so get better ingame detection of where clicks are done and wait periods or if possible(depending sometimes it is sometimes it isnt) detection of program interaction vs physical hardware sending keyclicks you say that all what i said is avoided because of that but to me it seams you did not read it or get it yes i know that we all bots and humans alike follow patterns that if you look at it long enough will see a repeat after all we only got as many pixels to click on as we can but there is still a big difference between a bot's way of doing things vs a human but like i said if they really want to tackle this it will be a loosing battle in the long run Anyway i just hope they wont go the way of old runescape and add in random events or more of these questions that pop up at random times while doing things as nothing says "guess il play something else" as getting forced to relog if you dont know the answer to something and you cant figure it out in time or guess wrong(imagine every time you went to the wurm forums they asked you to solve a complicated physics problem before reading every post) im happy they caught macro's i really am i just dont want them to keep jumping to quick not properly thought out actions like they have been doing lately(increasing frequency of random question/WU ban wave/deletion of tc art and not making a proper post stating the proper reason resulting in a drama vest/random unplanned event at new years that pissed off those who could not make it and a few others) things that affect the game or the players need to be figured out properly and not half assed like rolf used to do with random drunken friday midday patches(fat system determining dodge chance comes to mind)| it just worries me thats all really im seeing a pattern of the current staff doing stuff rolf did in the past until we all got worried and feared what might happen every friday i just dont want to go back to that /end late night rant
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    I'm doing a +1 on this idea mostly because of BM's picture
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    Hi guys and girls, below is the location of the rift that was reported today 6 March 2019
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    Hi, Rare hammer and rare mallet to Baloo please. Thanks in advance.
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    I think we've gone a bit off topic with Rhianna's message. Please can we keep it on topic on wooden rings. +1 because why not
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    Macroers induce Gaussian distribution properties in every action their bot performs to avoid all what you said. Gaussian distribution has this marvelous property you see: every naturally occurring phenomenon (eg a real person imping) that involves influence from many external factors tends to follow a Gaussian distribution pattern on the long run. The human intervention is always necessary and is the right way to counter cheating. The goal of the anti-cheating campaign was never to catch everyone. The goal is to prevent cheating from becoming a mainstream phenomenon. There will always be people with skills and knowledge that far surpasses those of the developers, but those are usually hobbists. It's the mainstream, vanilla, casual, lowly knowledgable highly greedy average wurmer that must not be able to macro and flood the market with his unethicly attained items. And to that there's a good job being done by the team.
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    yes, the best way to get support is ingame with a /support command
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    Yes! I posted some examples of possible new traits here as well:
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    A paid for deed should be decay free for everything that is repairable. Keep magic chests and alts for the non repairables that decay like food bits and pelts and raw materials and all that
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    This is quite depressing news. I myself did not have the opportunity to know Seleas, but you have my sincere condolences. As for some kind of memorial garden for the passing of our members, please contact Retrograde and discuss it with him and we will work on a way to memorialize our fallen brothers and sisters.
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    The letter K on the map looks nothing like a H.
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    No, the toxic players that love using alts won't be affected. Consider that when Wild/Elevation was premium only, people were literally paying alts prems to do the same garbage, you can ask your buddy Fev because he has first hand experience doing it. No restriction you put in will stop the toxic players. It might stop the casual alt, but not anyone that really wants to upset you. All it will do is affect legit new players/new to pvp players. The same way a new player on epic thinks its dead whether it is dead like current or even if there were 200 players per server, because they can't see local unless they pay for the game thanks to people that love to use alts. I'd support any method of blocking alt abuse, but not if it comes with more harm to the game.
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    While I think alt abuse is the big bad and isn't really adding to the game in any real way, 70 fs doesn't really stop anything, if I wanted to do alt things for example I already can pick from my selection of alts with 70+ fs, some even already being on insanity/hate. It's the same thing as being able to differentiate war deeds that need to get smashed and legit player homes. How can the game on its own know what is and isn't an alt easily? When I played on Wild/Chaos there were plenty of legit people without 70fs that wanted to help the kingdom. When I played Epic there were plenty of legit people without 70fs that wanted to help the kingdom. Do I think they should have gotten 70fs because it's so easy to get and helps so much? Yeah, I do so I suggested it to people, whether they did anything with it or not was up to them. However I wouldn't want to harm the game for those people just because a select few hypocrites are using alts for kicks because they know it upsets you/others.
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    who says its a bad play style? Is that your personal opinion? My personal opinion is that they should exist, in my opinion the game should stop being modified every time a player cries about something.
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    I think this has been open long enough, it's clear the discussion is long past the plans the crusaders have for their replacement. Saroman and myself will work with the crusaders to ensure their replacement graphics are in as soon as possible. It's disappointing it's come to this as I had hoped mediation would work, but in the end the best we can do from here is move on. We will be locking this thread and performing clean up from now. Thank you for your time.
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    Hi, I would love hatchet, 16 ql, 101 coc, 4 s COD to Arka tx
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    New floof! A little chestnut boy, Warpaddy, to Kisscloud (chestnut) and Mountaindance (chestnut).
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    A first foal from appaloosa mare HardHunting, but he takes after father StrongRock (chestnut). Little 5-speed chestnut boy "DogWing".
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    First foal from skewbald mare BalletWild, but she takes after dad Callbear (black silver). Little SwiftHop (black silver).
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    O kurw4! +1 So vivid i can taste the pixels.
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    Two new floofs today! First of all, my second gold buckskin and first 5 speed, Lightningfabiola! From old Goldwyn (gold buckskin) and Eastcloud (appaloosa). Secondly is something I really wasn't expecting! She's only a gold, but... PANDAS
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    EbonyRock (appaloosa) and HappyHill (black silver) present their latest daughter WarriorTaffy (black silver):
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    Born yesterday evening - not a new colour, but very cute: A small straight 5-speed piebald pinto boy, a son for JollyFantasy (piebald pinto) and StrongRock (chestnut): "Hoped"
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    between goals like "100k favor" "global spell" and "70 prayer" i assume this is the final in the priest journal. i'm interested in what the other journal's final one is going to be like now. global spells are extremely rare though, 23 got cast in the entirety of last year *before* they bugged out and could be cast non-stop. Doesn't really seem like something that you can work for, just something you can snipe from under other people. seems kind of out of place next to all the "work towards these over a few months" there's a "be in the right spot at the right time and have nerds curse you out for stealing it" Can't wait for the "ban yellowfinger" threads to pop up again lol
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    Well tbh one of the issues is that veteran players are weirdly caught in a middle. I assume system will be more fun to participate as new player as it seems like a thing you progress slowly over years. Veterans have that understandable urge to finish it in a couple of days I guess and one thing that prevents them for doing it is thorn in their eye understandably. After years of torment of playing a priest, playing slot machine, casting and shattering all over again who wouldn't want a glimpse of hope that it might be a little bit better with that reward... And who wouldn't want that reward right now instead of waiting couple more years. I personally don't like this goal for much reasons: I am Lib, so I don't even have a proper chance to do it on freedom. I am not social type that would want to bother with gathering enough priests to cast it at the right time when pool is available If have no idea when the pool is available and when it will be Burn 100k favour np, grind to 95 chan sure, cast 101+ enchant it will happen eventually, but find people to do it at the right occasion before someone else do it I would rather not really
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    Hi all. It's a lot of time i play wurm, and since my first toon on Release i had the lingering idea to found a dwarven-like place...only to find that i could not build into caves. Then xanadu came, i made a new toon and made my first, Rauros, a priest. After a lot of time (in wich i played and left the game) i returned and bam! now we can build underground: my wish could become true! I found a suitable site, and started my project... after near a year, it's half done but at least it start to show up as i wanted to. It was hard, but here is the results, i hope you like it, because in some time i may start to build a village and if someone want to share the place with me, i'd be happy to be the King under the Mountain. Just the entrance... a lot of time ago. First buildings: the gatehouse Make it bigger The Castle, inside The Castle first entrance Digging up the dock Private forge Outside Still mining... Underground lake Moria, a city, not a mine