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    I've suggested this many times to staff - uniques should just pop to the surface every 12 hours. If you need more than 12 hours to gather 15 fighters, there's something wrong. Give a shout in global chat and you'll have 30 people there in no time. That way it's just for whoever is online, and nearby - not the same groups over and over again. There's some points I think every player will have varying opinions on. Some like the open loot to all local, some don't. Some like the fact you can pen them for later usage, some don't. If you don't like how uniques can mine out of caves you should make a suggestion, but until then, putting them into a mine to keep them away from the public is just as much griefing as it coming back out and being killed by someone else. Noble talk but the whole public red dragon incident on deli still sits fresh in my mind. It's not sustainable to do public slayings eh?
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    To say that I was completely mind blown by the actions of Oblivionnreaver this past weekend would be putting it mildly. I understand that game mechanics may have allowed him to do it, but the fact that he would actually do it just ... seriously blows me away. That he would go out of his way to do something like this speaks volumes about who he truly is. I think that someone needs to step in and tell him that he crossed a line that never should have been. If I were to mine around the perimeter of someone else's deed I would expect to be banned for griefing or at least be given a warning, and told not to do it again. I would expect to be told that is not a respectable way to behave or to treat other players. Play nice in the sandbox. There are written down game rules that we are all expected to follow, but there are also common courtesy, common sense rules that we all are expected to live by as well. Like ask the locals in the area you choose to settle in if what you would like to do is encroaching on them or their plans or, If it looks like someone is living there and using the place, most of us won't bash the fences and steal their live stock just because we can, another good one is, Don't rob your friends blind just because they gave you access to their stuff. Yanno, FAIR GAME PLAY rules. To have the outer edge of our perimeter mined out to promote the release of the unique penned in it is crossing the line. The fact that he would even try doing that is incomprehensible to me and the fact that a group of players came here and helped him do that to us is confusing me. Is there some thing we did to you to make you dislike or disrespect us? I would NEVER do that to anyone. I honestly am confused. Some of you are people we considered friends so to have you help him do this is something I do not understand. We completely get that it is fair game on uniques when they are free and running around but once someone has it penned down it's no longer free for the taking. Move on, another one will spawn. Some times we catch them, sometimes you do, well done for you when you do. But for you to come here and take ours away from us by mining the area surrounding our deed, there is no simpler way to put it, that is straight up a d#%k move and is griefing us and should be dealt with as such. This greedy selfish inconsiderate act needs to be addressed. I think we need some clear rules in place to stop players from doing things like Oblivionnreaver did to us this past weekend. Keep the players as honest as you can by setting out clear guidelines as to what is exceptable behaviour and what is not. Removing the huge financial gain from the uniques drops will help lessen Oblivionnreaver's greedy lust for them, I vote to remove tomes from unique drops, add them to rifts as a rare random drop, perhaps then he can spend his time chasing those instead of griefing us. Change the way the hide and scale is divided between the players, only people who actually hit the drake get a piece, there is a limit to how many players can be fighting so less chance for lots of extra alts left standing in local getting a piece of the loot just for being close by, players must be premium for 3+ months at least and have a certain fight skill level for their hits to count. Changing if they can be penned is not the answer to this problem, it will just make it more impossible for them to be killed, it is hard to get 15+ players together at one time for the skills required to kill them in a short period of time. I also see problems with new players being killed by them and properties being damaged. Perhaps removing the twitter feeds and in game public announcements of them spawning and rework how they are spawned, so it's more of a random stumble on to them like other animals. In our group most of the players are just trying to make themselves a nice set of armour, yes we have some senior players who have their sets already made but the largest part of our group are players working on making their first set. Our group is not about greed and financial gain. Any money gained from the unique kills is divided evenly amongst the players who participate and assist in the capture of a unique. It is not going to one player who is exploiting the system. Our group is not an elite group, it is open to any player that is an active responsible member of the Deliverance community. We do not go to other servers to try to take their uniques away from them, nor would we try to take one away from another player who has found one or caught one on Deliverance before us. We WILL defend our rights to keep one we found first though and if we came upon players who had found a unique before us we would NEVER try to lure it away or take it from them. Again FAIR GAME PLAY. This is not something that should be overlooked or brushed aside, this kind of behaviour needs to be addressed.
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    I've said this many times before. You do not OWN a unique. You just don't. It spawns on the server randomly. If you find it and kill it, good for you, but that doesnt mean that if you pen it improperly and someone else takes it, that it was yours and was stolen, nope, it just means you don't know how to pen
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    Perhaps the way unique loot is handled should be randomly handed out to anyone logged into the server whether they hunt it or not or are slaying, land a hit, or are in local. This would take the money thing away, i know bad idea but, last couple public slaying i attended had so many dang alts there to get there 0.02kg of hide and blood potion, you couldn't land a hit if you wanted. After that i know why the slayings tend to be invite only. The best solution i think would be to make a new server with Valrei Pantheon based themes and quests and dungeon crawls where you might get loot of rare mobs like from rifts, etc. Would be more fun than the missions and may eliminate some of this fighting over unique's and penning them.
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    or just dont be a jerk on freedom , also problem solved, if you want to do that go to pvp server.
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    so you are saying it should just be a free for all grief fest because its a sandbox game!! SANDBOX!! most people on pve servers get along and dont do this kind of thing and like it that way. People that like to grief and play that style of game play pvp and we can see how those numbers are looking..
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    Public Letter - Retrograde 'Abuse of Power' Claims This is an open letter in response to a number of 'abuse of power' claims made against Retrograde our Community Relations Coordinator as a fair number of people have some very misguided ideas about what transpired in some specific situations. Rolf has been investigating these 'abuse of power' claims and has requested that I as Head Game Master investigate years worth of logs in detail for context on every issue that he indicated. After a very in depth review I have been asked to make known to the public the results of this investigation. 1 - Horse with good gear taken from one person and returned to its owner. Claim – Retrograde is accused of abusing his powers to take a horse from someone and return it to someone that he is friends with. Status – False Origin – In December of 2018 one or more of the servers had to undergo multiple restarts. These restarts were necessary but not planned and caused a player to lose a horse with a lot of high quality gear as they did not have a chance to secure, tame, or brand the horse during these restarts. By the time the player had managed to log back in someone else had obtained the horse and the gear on it. Following precedent in this situation, I retrieved and returned the horse, as it was lost by no fault of the player due to extenuating circumstances. Retrograde was not involved in the return of the horse to the player. 2 - Summer Hat Claim – Retrograde gave a Summer Hat to a friend of his. Status – True Origin – Game Masters, Developers, and Team Volunteers are given an item or a coupon for each years Christmas as an appreciation of their service to the community. These items must be approved by the Head Game Master after a review of their affect on the game or community to avoid any overpowered or improper items being allowed in. Retrograde's last Christmas wish was a Summer Hat which is a gift that Rolf handed out once in the past to Game Masters. Team Members are allowed to use their gifts or coupons as they wish, including giving them as gifts. I approved the Summer Hat for Retrograde's Christmas gift and after that he was allowed to do with it as he saw fit. 3 - Dragon Shoulder Pads Claim – Retrograde gave dragon shoulder pads to someone Status – True Origin – For the purposes of advertising and promotion within the Vynora Entertainment Network, Retrograde did in fact create a pair of dragon shoulder pads that were given away during a streaming event. I found no illicit activity involved in this matter as the event and giveaway were public and anyone interested in participating had a chance to win them. 4 - Finding creatures during unique hunts Claim – Retrograde used his powers to locate dragons for his friends. Status – False Origin – Mainly just coincidence. Myself, two Developers, and Retrograde had been monitoring some peculiar situations regarding unique creatures. I can see very clearly who tries to use any powers to interact with creatures and when. Retrograde used his access five times in the last 2 years and during each instance it was for official business and did not coincide with any hunts that he or his friends were involved in. 5 - Retrograde hired a friend as a Game Master Claim – Retrograde added a close friend as a Game Master and a Community Relations member. Status – False Origin – We have a team member who is connected to Retrograde who came up through the ranks and was given a green light for training as a Game Master. Retrograde has no authority to add Game Masters to the team. I added this team member to training on the recommendation of six of my most active Game Masters at the time. Their assessment was based on that members activity and positive record of good responses and quick responses and I agreed with their assessment. It is true that this team member is also part of Retrograde's community relations work. I have no issue with that at all, as we even have a Developer who is also a forum moderator. This is the bulk of the main points brought forward by those who feel Retrograde had at some point abused his powers to help his friends. Because of the nature of these claims Rolf asked me to look through years of logs and look for any irregularities. After a lot of sleepless nights reviewing line after line of logs and comparing to events and official business we have identified every single thing Retrograde has used his powers for on the live servers. Every item, every lamp, every brick, every teleport, and so on, I can point to an official action or event and have found absolutely no abuse of his access to create items or assistance for his friends. The single most important thing that must be maintained by all of us is that if we cannot be public and transparent about an action that we take, then we are doing something that we should not be doing. In one fashion or another, that has been a guiding principal to my actions as Head Game Master, and every team member from Rolf on down should always keep this idea in mind when we are working on anything. It is this very principal that allows me the freedom to post the results of this lengthy investigation for public consumption in the interest of quelling these false narratives about Retrograde. Retrograde himself, as our Community Relations Coordinator has been pushing me to be more transparent with our community, which has not been an easy battle with all the years I have spent protecting confidential information so that you could enjoy the game without us spoiling it for anyone. With very few exceptions, our Community Relations Coordinator has always done his best to keep me informed of his plans regarding promotion of Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited, especially when he needs certain items or creatures and has kept me appraised of his activities, usually to request permission to act, before I even review the logs. With transparency in mind, this is how our team is currently setup. Rolf is at the top of the food chain as CEO of Code Club AB, and then there is Budda who is our Project Manager here for Wurm Online and those are the only two with the authority to investigate me should any claims be brought to them. As Head Game Master it is then my job to oversee anything that is done on the live servers by any avatar from our players on up including our Community Relations Coordinator. This means that no one may use any powers without my knowledge or ability to review. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    Picture shows the damage these nets took in only a few days, while undergroud, on deed, in a house, inside a cart !! Even rock shards decay less ! This must be a bug, can't be intentional! (Lots of other fishing materials such as fishing lines and others also decay faster than many other items!)
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    yes lets make it like chaos so the whole game can have a population of 24... great idea
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    I saw nothing about sand mentioned. Aside from that, it is rather sad people will go to any length for minimum wage stuff in this game ?
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    I agree total jerk move , and should be considered griefing in my opinion. this isnt a pvp server.
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    I'd probably consider playing again if we had a new map. Chaos is old and stale, Elevation is just plain bad.
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    Please no, my various wives would find out about each other this way
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    1. Rugs that can be dyed. 2. The ability to dye canopy beds 3. Option to relocate deed token (Freedom only, long cooldown, must be within bounds of existing deed) 4. More slots/capacity on bookshelves (You can't fit very many books on them as it is now) 5. New statues of the gods, craftable with stonecutting (smaller than the arch statues, can substitute as an altar over QL 30) 6. More flower types. (And fuller-looking flowers in pots and planters, they look like sad dying stems.) 7. Better options for dye storage (The alchemist's cabinet is okay, but very limited and the decor on top is repetitive if you have several) 8. Dresses. (Not just for female toons. Let the guys rock a dress and let that chest hair really get it's moment in the spotlight!) 9. Wall decor - tapestries are cool, but there's not enough of them. This is where taxidermy would be awesome. 10. Tall kingdom banners that can be dyed (base freedom model) 11. Glass-making: Windows, glass bottles, wall mirrors 12. New healing cover made from honey+square of cloth (honey is antimicrobial, and these dressing are used in hospitals even now) 13. Recall to tower: Interaction with guard tower that teleports guards not active in combat back to the guard tower. This would remove guards from caves and bridges where they get stuck. 14. Diagonal fences for those less boxy edges. 15. Wagons with plain white cover that can be dyed. 16. Use dyes on clay pottery before firing to create a glaze for more decorative pottery pieces, such as those below. Maybe we can even stick a flower out of it (like those roses and lavender) 17. Now that we have some new critters running around, I'd like to suggest allowing them to be tamed. I'd love some gorillas to take care of. 18. Create spawns on former deed sites, especially where there are still fences and broken down buildings. I'd love to run into a skeleton or a ghost (whatever they're called) while doing some archaeology because it makes sense in those areas.
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    New: Head bobbing on movement animations was disabled Bugfix: Animations should no longer glitch to idle in certain cases Bugfix: Client will no longer stop responding when attempting to use the spyglass The post Client update: 19/FEB/19 Head bobbing and animation tweaks appeared first on Wurm Online.
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    Yup, alt using in pvp and in unique slayings should be looked into. That just causes drama that none of us needs.
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    I agree there Angelkaine, changing it to landing blow only gets loot might stop the myriad of alts.
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    Rewarding people who don't even make an effort to be present is ridiculous to me. Those present should be rewarded. Those who help kill it should get a chance of a drop. Hell, I'd make it that if you don't help kill it, you get nothing, thus stopping alt hoarding. Just look at how other games do it.
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    Nope. We'd more than likely petition the devs to change the mechanics before interfering in that kind of an issue.
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    Just make it so uniques can't enter caves?
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    It is not being a jerk, it is playing a sandbox game !!SANDBOX!!
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    Would do the same any day of the week. @Oblivionnreavertime you move to Chaos and get away from the whine on freedom!
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    I was murdered by a crocodile in the early days of my time on Chaos. I was young, scared, and ill equipped. Hell's Kitchen was not the greatest provider but they helped me immensely. Upon passing my corpse a strange woman cloaked approached on a sail boat, her name was Melpy. She greeted me pleasantly enough, but then asked an unsettling question. "Hey can I have your corpse? It is not butchered right?" she asked. I looked back at my bloated corpse, floating in the water, it was naked and showed signs that it have been severely mauled. I felt appalled by it. But I was not familiar with the culture of the Horde. "S-sure, it's yours." I muttered. The cloaked figured reached for her paddle, pulling the waterlogged flesh towards her, loaded it aboard and set sail. Some time later, I was passing through a murky swamp covered in mycelium and mushroom. The twisted trees seemed to bend towards you and stare as you move across what little road remained from the Jenn-Kellon empire. I noticed a small stone house, tucked away among the trees, it appeared to be some sort of hovel, covered in branch and mud to hide it. My curiosity was peaked naturally, and I decided to investigate. The air was tense, and the smell of rot seemed to emanate from the dwelling, thick fog began rolling in, making travel difficult. I peered into the window of the home, the smell was unbearable. Then I heard it. "Da-De" A tingle went up my spine, and then what reached through the window was a disgusting abomination that looked vaguely like me. I fell back. "DAAD DEE" it screeched. Arm trying to reach me. Through a second window, red piercing eyes, of what appeared to be a child smiling, at my shock by the incident. Its teeth sharp as a wolf's, skin paler than Seris and those eyes blazed red as a lava demons. I noticed above the door a sign that said "Melpy's Abode" I was terrified. I don't know what happened in that house, and what those were, but I was told by an elder that the Sea Witch Melpy commonly took the corpses of fallen Horde and raised them to have children which did her bidding. To this day I have fear.
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    Missed it, but still - thank you for the public slaying
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    polygamy, same sex marriage, IVF (new cooking tool - turkey baster), adoption, consummation so many things to consider but we still don't even have black people
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    can we just scrap the chaos map and give us an old-ele structured and sized (but new) map im gonna be honest, on the current iteration of chaos this is gonna be about as much fun as well.. i can't even think of anything the idea is good, but the map sucks for it, and the map already sucks for our current playerbase size
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    A little personal venting. It's this kind of stuff here that brings me to the verge of just quitting everything to do with Wurm. I do a lot. I don't ask for thanks. I don't even post what I do unless it affects players. Yet here we have a situation where Rolf himself investigated. The results are made transparent, and a former developer who has a knife sharpened for the rest of us is making unsubstantiated posts for the player base to read. We have members of that player base taking it to heart and continuing with the attacks on a staff member who has done nothing wrong. It's disgusting. I don't get paid for this anymore. I gave up my salary to make this game better, and stuff like this makes me wonder if the stress I'm feeling right now is still worth it. I'm still here. I'm still doing everything I did before. I want to still be here until the last player leaves, no matter how long that is and I want to keep the damn lights on for however long that is. This is my passion. I'm not in it for anything else but love. I'm a wee bit emotional right now, but you know what? Maybe that's what this thread needs. Some emotion. I wasn't even upset at the unnamed insinuation that I delete logs. I was more upset that Joelle is yet again being dragged through the mud for someone to stoke their ego and base.
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    Join me this coming Wurm Wednesday for a very special episode (20th Feb starting 7pm GMT10+) where we will be doing our first ever Wurm bar crawl on Indie! What will this all involve? Well I'm glad you asked! Meeting at k25 on Indie YOU are invited to come along on the journey of drunkenness and laughter as we experience a truly odd Wurm Adventure Tons of small fun giveaways over the course of the stream! Special guests on the stream to help keep you all entertained and hopefully keep Drongo in check! A HUGE giveaway of one charge of a Smoke of Sol, all you need to do to enter is be watching and have a Twitch account to type in the chat when the type word is given for the raffle! Premium drunken Drongo fun A super sekret major surprise announcement on the evening of ANOTHER major event Drongo readying his beer stein for heavy action! I do need your help though! I need deed holders on Indie, or travelers who are familiar or have bars, inns and taverns to post the co-ords on the map below of where some premium locations we can visit and perhaps a brief description of where specifically! I promise that myself and my fellow bar crawlers are well mannered (kinda) and we all tip well. So please make sure we visit your hard worked on drinking establishments and highlight them on the stream. Any other suggestions for the evening are welcome and I look forward to seeing you all soon. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VXUlm1dnPAy4mcp7-thzVoPcrJaN4Rv8/view This is where where you can catch the stream if you're not familiar:
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    Like the majority of my suggestions I've only just thought of it. It gets lonely sometimes in Wurm so what about a Companion System. I'm not expecting anything from this suggestion as it looks like alot of work. There could be a Love type skillset. Maybe certain items could have values that increase love by interacting with..so the creation of date sites and travel comes into play. You could have a trinket box etc for items you give to your companion. I heard there is still code for making babies in the Wurm code so what about children? They could have better stats etc for the higher your companion skills are. You could have to marry them off..dowry etc.. You could have to teach them, so there could be a whole set of skillsets there and you could send them to player made boarding schools..so more player buildings & travel.. It would bring back meaning to so much of Wurm
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    I would love to see rose hips, rose petals, rose oil, rose water, rose hip tea, and rose water desserts added to the game. The rose hips could be used to make tea. The rose petals could be used to make rose water and rose oil. The rose oil can be used in healing and the rose water can be used in cooking.
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    'We do not go to other servers to try to take their uniques away from them, nor would we try to take one away from another player who has found one or caught one on Deliverance before us. We WILL defend our rights to keep one we found first though and if we came upon players who had found a unique before us we would NEVER try to lure it away or take it from them. Again FAIR GAME PLAY.'
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    Everytime that there is money involved, there is those that seeks to get it by any means. I understand the toxic nature on pvp barely, but not in freedom. Greedyness is a lifestyle for some people and since the accused individual owns tons of stuff worth in the game already, i kind a find it sad that he has to stoop so low, but its in the mechanics, so there for, allowed. Fair or not, better public slaying, than private. Make it that uniques cannot be penned by any means, if you want it dead, gather a force and go kill it right away. Those that spawns from egg, could have some loyalty thingy going on for the deed holder and it could be penned by the deed owner only and it couldn't mine out itself. Getting an egg, seems pretty damn rare, so why not? Unless you can farm those dragon eggs, then obviously not.
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    Got 8 emails today. It appears system sends mail every time my toon is logged in, including when crossing servers.
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    I was seriously considering selling this priest but the offers and the PC on him are lower than I expected. I have put sooo much time and money on gem purchases that it just isnt worth selling him. This is no fault of anyone, its just too easy to level a priest now with the changes over the last couple years.
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    (Perhaps they are the newest japanese discovery, after creation of square pigs, for better storage purposes).
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    really juicy, green grapes in the north ?
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    Born yesterday evening - not a new colour, but very cute: A small straight 5-speed piebald pinto boy, a son for JollyFantasy (piebald pinto) and StrongRock (chestnut): "Hoped"
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    Highly recommend, best dyes i've ever seen.
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    What about trophy spouses? I wanna be a trophy spouse lol. But ya, I love this idea about marriage in wurm! I'd like to add the idea of a marriage ceremony must be done by someone high up on the path of love. Or maybe a high ranking priest? Imagine being married by a master priest of Libila....
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    Averaging around 20-24 people online all day. Come join us!
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    I'd almost forgotten about bumping this thread constantly xD Can't believe this hasn't been added honestly.
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    +1 This seems to me like the biggest 'bang for buck' QoL improvement the devs could make. Can it not be done simply by equating open distance to grab distance? It's a wonder to me that these values should be different.
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    I've come back to this thread at least a dozen times. Tich and I didn't always get along. I didn't like her coding style, and I thought she just didn't like me at all. We kept a professional working relationship, however. On some level we both knew our goals were aligned toward whatever was best for Wurm. Still, I find myself really not happy with things I said to her or about her over the years. I don't usually have regrets, but I do right now. I regret my stupid opinionated self and my assumptions. See, it wasn't until she shared her health situation with me that I realized none of the words we exchanged were personal. I've known for a few months - I think I said six, but I know it was shorter. I think that was the original time-frame, and I feel robbed that we didn't get longer. It's amazing what happens when you find out someone is not long for this world. All the little things disappear. I wish I had more time to talk and get to know her beyond Wurm. To know the person who brought so much to this game. That's what is making this hard for me. I don't usually have regrets as I said, but holy hell do I have so many right now. I didn't come back to active playing because of Halloween. I came back because I noticed she was gone from our chats and I had a feeling in my gut that she had left us. I hate that I was right, but at the same time I think I spent these last 5 days or so doing what she would've wanted. I dove back into this game and I wanted to experience all of the things she brought to us. I went back into cooking. I paid particular attention to every bridge out there. I even played with the thought of fishing, but I had to pass on that. I started looking back at what all of you have done with what she's given us. How silly of an idea to build in caves, but you all proved just how creative you could be. Whole cities, underground. No one is going to care about paving in mines. But how glorious you've made things look! And cooking, who cares? You all did, most of you. Sure there were bugs, but in the end it made Wurm better and more in depth. Farewell Tich. Sorry I was such a pain over the years, but thank you for keeping this game interesting and for putting so much of yourself into it. You truly inspire me to do whatever I can to see that it lives on... so that you, too, live on.
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    +1, I would also love if roses could be planted in flower pots or marble planters and it showing a single rose for decorative purposes